Hung shemale gets probed by a doctor

Hung shemale gets probed by a doctor
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It had been two months since Jacob had been with Nick in the Library, when Nick had told Jacob he loved him. Jacob had felt like such an ass, he had strong feelings for Nick, although he didn't know how to describe them.

Jacob had tried many times to talk to Nick about it, and to have sex with him again. Ever time Nick denied him. It was a Friday evening, Jacob had decided to go to Nick's house to talk to him about this, and tell him, or try to tell him rap rap hi londen cm he feels.

Jacob just couldn't stand not being with him. They weren't fucking every time they were with each other before their library encounter, but they had seen each other, been with each other on a daily basis. On top of that Jacob couldn't stand it any more he felt horny as hell. He wanted to ride Nick's cock and Nick to ride his. Jacob walked into Nick's house, he found no one there, only hearing faint voices coming from Nick's room.

Jacob decided to walk up to Nick's room, as he did he heard the moaning of a girl. He thought Nick had someone in there, he wanted to find out, a fire kindling inside of him. He walked up the last few steps very slowly, Nick's rooming being at the edge of the first step. Jacob saw that the door was partial open and peeked inside.

He saw Nick sitting on his bed, with a friend Micheal. Micheal was as tall and lean as Nick, with a light black skin tone and dreads. They we're watching porn. "Doesn't that look like her?" Nick asked Micheal as they watched the porn. "Hmmm.

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a little I guess." Micheal replied, while twirling one of his dreads, tightening it. Jacob, claimed down, and sat on the edge of the steps, looking into room. He watched both of them, observing every little movement.

Nick had started to rub his thigh, brushing his hand against his cock, which was hard. Micheal had leaned back watching the video, his eyes peered over Nick from time to time, noticing him touching himself. A bulge pooping out of his crotch. As Nick started to move his hand closer to his cock, Micheal slapped his arm.

"Hey stop playing with yourself." Micheal said calmly focused on the porno. "What, I can't help, your not getting a boner?" Nick said laughing, pointing at Micheal's crotch. "Yeah, but its not like we can jack off." Micheal said "Yeah we can. We can right now, there's nothing wrong with jerking off a hard on." Nick said, to make his pointNick stood up and undid his belt, opening his jeans and sliding the zipper down, took off his jeans, french teen ass fingering in the shower before getting banged them down to his ankles.

Leaving only his black briefs, with his cock wanting to come out. Nick sat down and pulled his cock out from his briefs, waving it in the air at Micheal. Jacob let out a soft sigh, wanting Nick, fondling him in his mind while he wore the black underwear.

Jacob started to rub his cock, easily feeling his rod in his cotton shorts. Micheal had followed suite wanting to relive himself of his boner. Undoing his pants letting them slide to the ground with his boxers.

He sat back down on the bed, leaning back as he jerked his cock off. Jacob let out a gasp, covering his mouth in time so the two wouldn't hear. Micheal's cock was very long and thick. Jacob thought that he and Nick had large cocks Nick's being 7 inches with a large girth, and his own being 8 inches and thinner with a girth about 5 inches. Micheal's cock was cut, with a patch of thick wiry pubes behind it, a large what appeared to be 10 inches, with a girth that seemed to be 50% bigger than Jacob's.

Micheal had spit into his hand, and begun to jerk off his monster of a cock. While Nick rubbed perfect sexy hot body nice tits great down, moving his foreskin over his head.

Nick had removed his briefs completely letting his hairy balls hang out. Jacob wanted to join in. From his spot he pulled down his shorts and boxers to his ankles. His cock sticking straight up covered in precum. He played with himself, rubbing his shaft and massaging his balls, even fingering his ass, as he watched the two jerk off.

Then something happened Jacob wasn't excepting. As Nick jerked off he had started fingering his ass as well. Micheal had seen this, giving birth to and idea. Micheal reached into his jeans and pulled out a condom, and placed it on is cock. "Wow what are you doing man?" Nick said as he stopped jerking off, watching Micheal put the condom on his large cock.

"What, every one knows your bi dude. Your telling me you don't want to ride my dick." Micheal said teasing Nick, but also serious.

Nick stared at Micheal's cock, his ass hungry for it.

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Nick stood up and walked over to his desk pulling out a jar of Vaseline. "Yes!" Micheal said pumping his fist into the air, as if in victory, trying to make light of the situation.

His face return to a plain look after no response from Nick. Nick scooted over to Micheal on his chair, the Vaseline in one hand, his cock in the other jerking it off. He opened the jar and took a big lump of it into both hands. Nick started to lather Micheal's cock with the Vaseline, applying a enough to cover most of his friend's cock, which used most of the remaining jar.

As he rubbed the Vaseline onto Micheal, Nick was amazed by how hot the cock felt. It felt as if Micheal was sunbathing all day face up, his cock storing the heat. Nick got off the chair and kicked it back to his desk. He stood over Micheal's cock his ass rubbing against it. Micheal grabbed Nick by his hips and guided him. Nick grind his teeth as he felt the head of Micheal's cock enter him, he slowly slide down the entire shaft, till he sat in Micheal's lap. "Oh fuck. God damn it.your dick's so big.

ARGH!" Nick moaned as he met Micheal's lap, tears running down his cheeks as he impaled himself. Micheal just leaned back moaning to himself as he felt Nick's ass stellar peach is presenting her gaped slim crack in close range his cock, the pressure felt like bliss, trying to push it out. Nick's ass expanded around his friend quickly, as the raging hot rod, felt like it had begun to melt Nick's asshole.

"Ah yeah, that's it, move faster Nick." Micheal groaned as he felt Nick start to move up and down his cock. Micheal using his hands, pushed Nick up and down his rod, sliding himself in and out with ease. Nick on the other hand felt equal pain and pleasure and he felt Micheal's cock moving through him, feeling like its going to split his asshole apart.

Micheal felt like a change in teen with red panties tight pussy masturbates, he pushed Nick so he was on the ground., sliding with him his cock still in Nick.

He rocked his hips pounding his manhood into Nick. Micheal leaned up on his hands and continued to fuck his best friend, riding him like a dog on the floor.

"How do you like, my dick Nick? Your my friend, but I, uh, always knew you were a fag." Micheal said as he thrust his hips, his cock raging inside of Nick making him moan. Micheal began to speed up, his balls banging into Nick, on the edge of cumming. "Take your condom off, and cum inside of me." Nick said moaning. Micheal quickly pulled his cock out with a pop, removed his condom and reinserted himself.

"Ah, fuck, god, your ass feels so good." Micheal exclaimed as he rammed his cock back into Nick, cumming filling Nick's ass up, as Micheal's seed swam out of the slit of his cock and into Nick. Micheal moaned as he emptied himself, removing his cock after his was sure every last drop was in Nick.

Sitting on the floor his legs bent to the side as his pants held him at his ankles. His cock had been buried so far into Nick that when he came it was so far in Nick that it didn't seep out. Nick turned around facing Micheal went to his groin, he sucked on his monster cock, taking it all the way till his nose touched Micheal's pubes. "Yeah, uh suck my cock!" Micheal said as he Nick eat his manhood, sucking off all of Micheal's sperm and Vaseline from the condom.

Micheal had grabbed Nick by his head for support and thrust his hips, jamming his cock down Nick's throat. "Uh yeah, uh how do you like the taste of, ah, huh, my cock?" Micheal asked as he stopped face fucking Nick, who was gagging.

Nick had spit a glob of Micheal's cum onto his cock jerking him off. Nick didn't respond so Micheal slapped his head lightly.

"Yes, I like how your dick taste in my mouth." Nick said, he jerked off Micheal's a girl lose virginity sex first time quickly, milking out the final reserve of his seed. While Nick jerked off Micheal cock, he licked at his head with his tongue, massaging Micheal's large balls at the same time.

"Uh fuck, I'm going, cum again, argh." Micheal said as he felt his cum going through his cock. Nick jerked off Micheal's cock moving his hand up and down the shaft rapidly, Nick glided his tongue up the shaft as he felt it throb. Micheal's cock shot streams of sperm onto Nick's face as he felt Nick glide his tongue up and down his shaft. Micheal's cock completely empty, laid against his chest softening.

Micheal breathing heavily looked at Nick's face it was covered in his sperm, on his cheeks, lips and nose. Nick turned Micheal around so his ass was facing him. Nick started rubbing his cock in between his ass cheeks. "Wow! What are you doing?" Micheal said as he felt Nick's cock rubbing between his ass cheeks.

"Shut up." Nick said as he pushed Micheal forward, and continued to use Micheal's ass to massage his cock. Micheal did nothing, as Nick used him. Nick spit a stream of saliva onto his cock, squeezing Micheal's ass together like a pair of breast.

Nick's cock began to surge, his sperm ready to shoot out. Nick removed his cock and jerked it off, spurting out globs of sperm onto Micheal's ass. "Uh yeah." Nick moaned as he shoot sperm onto Micheal, rubbing his head on Micheal's ass. Spanking him with his rod. In the heat of the moment Nick shoved his cock into Micheal's ass, his pubes and balls rubbing into Micheal. "Fucking.Ohhhhhh." Micheal moaned as he felt Nick's seed pummel onto his prostate. Nick just laid on top of Micheal till his cock got softer.

Nick stood up, his cock half erect, sweating, pulled up his briefs. Jacob was watching the two the whole time,jerking off. He felt the urge to cum but he had no where to go. He had to cum though, so he pulled his cock straight up and went down on himself. His cock was long enough that he could get his mouth past the head. As he sucked himself off he jerked the shaft. He moaned quietly to himself as he came shooting his own cum into his own mouth.

He swallowed all of his cum, swiveling his tongue around his head cleaning it. His cock semi hard, he pulled up his shorts and boxers, and continued to watch the two. "Uh, *huff*, that was good, ha ha, sorry about that at the end." Nick said as he gripped his cock through his briefs, a wet patch forming from his cum.

Micheal stood up and pulled up his pants and shorts, pushing his cock up against his stomach. "That's okay, I'm just surprised you took my cock." Micheal said laughing, rubbing his piece, settling it. "I was at this party once with this, girl, she was high as hell. Any way, she was grinding on me and shit, then she wanted to go into the bed room.

We get there and she pulls down my pants and screams." Micheal said as both of the boys laugh. "Man your tight as hell though, I thought you did that with Jacob." Micheal said "Nah man, I fucked him like a bitch a few times.

Your dick is just huge!" Nick said laughing This had hurt Jacob, he felt his eyes swell a little, telling himself that Nick only said this because he was with Micheal. The two had buckled their pants back on and put on shoes.

"Hey lets go get something to eat." Micheal suggested and he walked out of the room Nick right behind him. "Jacob?!"Micheal exclaimed as he saw Jacob siting on the steps. Before anyone could react Jacob ran. "What? Jacob's here?!" Nick said as he saw his leg running past the corner steps.

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Nick quickly followed Jacob pushing Micheal to the side. The two ran out of the house Jacob a good couple yards ahead of Nick, running towards the end of the street.

"Jacob! Goddamn it! I just want to talk to you." Nick said howling at him. Both boys were rapidly reaching the end of the street. Jacob saw that the road was busy as usual, but he figured he was fast enough he could past the cars.

"Jacob stop it! you!" Nick screamed as they neared the street, the flash of cars' headlights, in their eyes as they turned. Nick in a attempt to catch up with Jacob had a final speed burst, just a few feet behind him they reached the street and passed the cars. Jacob was right he was fast enough to past them, but Nick wasn't. Jacob heard a grunt as a car passed, he looked behind him and Nick was gone. He had thought that Nick gave up, that was until he saw a car to the side of the street, traffic was slowing when it passed it looking at the scene.

Jacob his adrenaline still high, was confused he walked over to the car. As he did he saw a man standing outside of it. When their eyes meet, the man got into the car and drove off down another street quickly. Jacob saw a body laying to the side of street, its head resting on the curve. It was too dark to tell from afar. He walked closer and hot brunette girl masturbates her shaved twat for money that the person's right arm was bent in a awkward way, and their left leg was appeared twisted at the ankle.

Jacob got closer and closer to the body, being able to make out the details of the clothes, black jeans and a black shirt, a slim, lean body, and long hair. It was Nick. "Nick!" Jacob screamed he ran over to his side, his hair was matted together at the back of his head, blood soaking the patch of hair that touched the curve. "Oh, god what the hell! Why did you have to chase me you dumb ass?!" Jacob groaned as he felt Nick's neck, he was still alive with a faint pulse.

Jacob quickly got out his phone and called 911, they appeared moments later, the hospital only down the street. Two people came out of the ambulance and placing Nick on a gurney.

They rushed him into the vehicle, placing an oxygen mask on him. Setting up his vitals. They let Jacob ride in the ambulance with them. "What happened?" asked one of the paramedics, Jacob cleared his eyes quickly having started crying from his revelation of Nick's injury. "Uh, we were running down the street. I had played a prank on him, and he chased me." Jacob said, trying to be as convincing as possible. "I didn't see it happen, I just saw a car near the sidewalk when I turned around.

He drove off when I walked over, and I saw him.on the ground." The trip to the hospital had taken a mere two minutes. The paramedics rushed Nick into the ER, the EMT guided Jacob to the waiting room, where he called Nick's mother from Nick's cell.

She was stuck in the Caribbean, not being able to return as there was a storm. She called the head nurse of the ER, and registered Nick. The doctor came out a two hours later. "Are you Jacob, young man?" He asked "Yes, sir." Jacob replied. "Mr. *******'s mother instructed us to update you and you will do the same for her. He has a minor concision, a fracture in his ankle and his arm." the doctor said earnestly, Jacob was shaking.

"Okay I'll call his mother." Jacob said as he sexy czech yo teens show their bodies out the cell phone. "When you finish if you'd like you can go see, although he'll be out of it for a while. Ask the attendant and he'll guide you." the doctor said Jacob called Nick's mother and went to his room, dreading how he looks.