Cute amateur girl sucking a large white dick in hardcore action

Cute amateur girl sucking a large white dick in hardcore action
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DISCLAIMER: If you are offended by any of the tags, please do not i need some cock batting practice pink kitty further. This story contains sensitive themes which may be triggering to certain individuals. This story is compliant with the rules set by this website's staff. This is a work of FICTION.

It does not reflect or imitate any real life individuals or real life events. Any similarities to any individual is purely coincidental. There are four previous chapters to this story, which you can find on my profile page by clicking my name at the top. Obviously there will be details and story developments that you will be unaware of or confused about if you have not read them.

Comments are more than welcome and appreciated! I hope you enjoy the following installment of my series. Thank you for reading. CHAPTER FIVE "How much for a blowjob?" Reads the email. Emmy looks down at her phone, unsure of how to respond. She curls up on the couch, holding her phone against her bent knees, her left index finger between her teeth as she anxiously contemplates.

"Do you wanna play?" Her brother Danny asks as he looks back from the floor and hands her a controller to his video game system. "Not right now." Emmy replies despondently. Her brother looks a bit disappointed. "I'll play, buddy." Ray says as he enters his living room from the kitchen. Emmy settles on a response. She begins to write back to the stranger who inquired about her ad on the escorts section of an adult personals site.

"Make an offer." She replies. Since posting her ad she has gotten many potential buyers, but she's been too apprehensive and nervous to respond. A moment passes. "Can I call you?" The danny d cock with virgin teens responds back.

Emmy's hand shakes slightly and her blood runs cold with nervousness and excitement. All week she has been anxious about selling herself to strange men. She feels scared. She bites her lip a little, thinking about the possibility of something happening to her. At least with Mr. Butler she knew him. She takes a moment and ultimately decides to email him her number.

"Yeah! Ha ha!" Danny shouts. "You got me." Ray sighs playfully. He can hear the faint vibrating of a phone. He looks back and sees his daughter Emmy leaving down the hall. Since she arrived he has noticed that she seems distracted and anxious. Emmy enters Ray's small bathroom, pacing nervously as she awaits the call. Her phone vibrates, she looks down and sees an unknown number. She takes a deep breath. "Hi." She answers meekly. "Hello?

I'm the guy answering your ad." His voice responds. "Yeah. Hi." She says awkwardly. "So, how much?" He asks abruptly. "Umm. I don't know." She answers with her index finger back between her teeth. "Well," the man chuckles, "usually rates are listed." "I-I know, I'm sorry." She stammers a bit, feeling the butterflies in her stomach. "You're new to this, aren't you? Your ad doesn't look like the other ones." "Uh, yeah. I haven't done this before." She says casually in a lighthearted tone, feeling a bit embarrassed.

She isn't familiar with the terminology or the process in general. "Ha ha, that's all right. I like your picture. You look hot. Are you legit? I don't want to waste my time." "Yeah. I'm for real." "You sound nervous." She nervously giggles a bit. "I am." "Understandable. You don't know me. But I don't know you either." A moment of awkward silence passes.

"So how much?" Emmy thinks for a moment, unsure of what to say. She wants to make the most money but her submissive and meek nature makes her feel uncomfortable about it. Outside, Ray quietly sneaks up to the door and presses his ear against it. "Well?" He sounds a little agitated. "Eighty." She blurts out. "Fifty." He responds confidently. "Uh.

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Sure." She replies passively. "It's only going to be quick. We're going to do it in my car. I'm nervous about this, too. I have a family. You get in, suck my dick, leave. That's it." Emmy leans against the door, feeling more and more excited and turned on.

She can't help it. Her sexual nature keeps clouding her judgment. "OK." She says quietly. Ray is on the other side of the door, curiously pondering who she's talking to and what she's talking about.

He can only partially make any of it out and assumes it's just one of her friends. He does wonder, though, why she has to be so secretive about it. "Where can I pick you up?" The man asks. "Um. On the corner of Alexandria and Columbia." Emmy figures that she could have him pick her up just down the street from her father's place. "Near the convenience store there?" "Yeah, I'll be there." "I'll pick you up at nine, is that good?

I'll be driving a dark blue minivan." "OK." Emmy answers, her hand shaking a little. "Don't flake out on me." The man says playfully. "I won't." Emmy forces a playful giggle.

"Oh, and you're gonna swallow right?" He asks. "Yeah. I'll swallow." Emmy answers quietly. "Good. See you then." The man hangs up. Emmy turns to stare into the mirror, taking a deep breath. On the other side of the door, Ray leaves quietly back down the hall, having been unable to decipher most of what Emmy was saying.

Emmy enters deep contemplation, thinking hard about actually going through with it. She ignored all the other inquiries she's gotten throughout the week but something about this one really turns on her dirty side.

As usual she feels deeply conflicted about her decisions but ultimately she can't help but be a submissive, horny slut. It turns her on too much. She loves pleasing men.

She also thinks about the long term goal of earning enough cash to get out of her situation. She finds herself backed against the wall with her busty amateur brunette handjobcum on more on down her pink pajama pants, fingering herself as she squirms and quietly moans. She thinks about her past experiences, with Keith, with Tyler, with Mr. Butler, and her friend's father Brian, and it sends her into a euphoric, perverted trance.

She breathes harder, feeling her pussy tingle, the waves of arousal shooting through her body as she fingers herself. Her mind swirls with memories of pleasure, pain, abuse, fear, satisfaction, the desire to be controlled and used by a dominant older man.

She squirms as she plays with herself faster and harder, her free hand rubbing her tits. Her stiffened nipples poke through her tight tank top. She snaps out of her trance and stares into the mirror.

The familiar guilt washes over her. She takes a final deep breath before shaking it off and splashing her face with cold water. She rejoins her father and brother in the living room, sitting back down on the couch. "Play with meee." Her brother pleads as he looks back, holding a controller up to her.

"Fine." Emmy sighs. She and her brother play his video game while she keeps an eye on the clock, feeling eager and excited. Through the next few minutes of inane banter between she and her brother and small talk between father and daughter, Ray decides to prod Emmy about her despondent mood. "You seem tense lately, Em. Something bothering you?" He asks casually. "Hmm?" She turns her head from the screen briefly. "No." She shakes her head back to face the television. "Just asking. I don't know. You seem a bit anxious today is all." Ray says, desperately wanting to know more and more about his daughter ever since he's been back.

"I'm fine." She replies. "I win!" Danny gleefully exclaims, smiling back to Emmy. She reciprocates. Ray shifts on the couch, looking down. "If you ever want to talk about any-" "Oh yeah, Doctors adventure sienna west ralph long the damage is done brazzers going to my friend's for a little bit at nine." Emmy interrupts him.

Ray looks to her as she gets up, a look of disappointment on his face. "I thought it would be me, you, and your thai hooker with a great body striptease small tits tonight." "I'll be back by ten.

Then we can watch that scary movie Danny wants us to watch." She collects her bag. "I definitely don't want to miss him pissing his pants." She smirks down to her brother, and he scowls back. "OK." Ray sighs in a defeated tone. Emmy heads back to the bathroom to get ready. Staring into the mirror, she takes a deep breath before carefully doing her make up. She puts on a little subtle blush, curls her long lashes, puts the usual black eyeliner and shadow on, fading as it approaches her plucked eyebrows.

She carefully puts on some light pink sparkly lip gloss, thinking about her lips being on some stranger's cock soon. She does up her hair, brushing it, and making it just right, still sporting the same style since her makeover a week prior. She teases it up on the top to give her soft, black hair a bigger look. Her side swept bangs float over the right side of her pretty face. Emmy strips out of her night wear and puts on her dark grey low-rise skinny jeans, so tight she has to slowly shimmy them up her long thin legs.

The studded belt squeezes her waist, making her firm, small, tight teenage butt pop. She adjusts her black padded bra, making sure her breasts look their best. She slips on a tight white t-shirt, just barely covering her midriff. She continues fidgeting into the mirror, vainly making everything perfect. When she's done she takes one final deep breath as she stares into the mirror, the adrenaline pumping through her as she thinks about what's going to happen.

She's cautiously excited. After spraying a bit of perfume on herself, Emmy exits the bathroom. "You're just too good." Ray says to Danny as he sits next to him on the floor, having lost again. Emmy walks past, heading to the door to put on her black high-heel suede boots. Ray looks over to her, noticing how dolled up she is. "Need a ride?" "Nope." She replies as she finishes putting on her boots, which cover her calves.

"I'm getting picked up." "Here, take this." Ray says as he gets up and fishes out his wallet. "Dad." "Just take it, in case you need it." He says as he hands her a twenty dollar bill. "Thanks." She forces a slight smile as she takes it, feeling a bit of guilt as she knows he doesn't earn much and because of what she's leaving to do.

Emmy puts on her tight black leather jacket, zipping it up. The white fur collar surrounds her neck. Her hands go behind her neck to move her hair out from the jacket, it flows down her petite backside.

"Bye." She looks back at Ray, reaching to open the door. "Wait!" Ray says as he walks back to the couch. "Almost forgot your phone." He says as he hands it to her. "Oops." She forces a giggle. Ray curiously looks at her, again noting how distracted and anxious she seems today.

"Hurry back so we can get the movie started." Danny shouts. "I will." Emmy looks at him. She heads for pretty brunette maya kendrick hooking up with her friends stepdad door. "Call me if you need anything." Ray hurriedly says as she leaves hastily. "Yeah, bye." Emmy barely sex mobikama org mallu sex storys her head back as she continues walking away.

The door shuts and Ray sighs. Out of curiosity he steps to the side and peeks through the blinds of his second-floor window. He sees Emmy walking away from the building, but taking a left down the sidewalk.

A confused and concerned look dons his face as he remembers her saying she was getting picked up. "Hey, uh." Ray begins as he turns around. "I gotta go get something out of my car.

I'll be right back, all right?" He says to Danny before promptly leaving. He rushes down the stairs and jogs to the sidewalk, looking in the direction that Emmy left. He sees her walking toward the convenience store down the street.

There's a feeling he just can't shake so he keeps looking. Emmy walks to where she's supposed to be picked up. She stands patiently with her arms folded.

Finally she sees a minivan pull up to the convenience store. Her heart thumps, her blood runs cold with adrenaline, her mind races with doubt. She gulps and takes a deep breath before feeling compelled to approach the vehicle. She looks in cautiously, seeing an adult male figure in the driver's seat. He looks back, then waves her in. Her small hand rests on the handle for a brief moment before she finally opens it and gets in.

Down the street, Ray continues to observe. He thinks that it must be her friend, but why not get picked up at Ray's building? He shakes it off and decides he's just being overly watchful. He heads back to his apartment. "Hey." Emmy says as she settles into the stranger's car, trying to mask her fretful tone. "You look even better in person. Wow." The man smiles as he looks over to her. "Thanks." She gives him a flirtatious smile. He wears a baseball cap which obscures his face. He looks like a normal forty-year-old dad, of average stature.

He wears a zip-up hooded sweatshirt and jeans. "Gettin' cold out there, huh?" He asks casually as he begins to drive off. "Yeah." Emmy says quietly, playing with her hair and fixing it up a bit, perhaps out of nervousness. She shuts her eyes for a moment and takes a deep breath, her stomach shaking from the butterflies as she gazes out the window.

"Nice car." She remarks, breaking the tension. "Oh, thanks. Yeah, it's the latest model. Good vehicle." He replies, looking ahead. "So, uhh. I have a place we can go to where no one will catch us." He adds casually. He, too, is nervous and anxious about the situation. The car stops at a light. His left hand makes it down to his crotch as he leans back into the seat. "Mhm." Emmy responds, then notices what he's doing. She subtly bites her lip. "You're so fuckin' hot." He says in a horny, breathy tone as his right hand leaves the wheel to stroke the back of her head, near her neck.

Emmy arches into his stroking, moaning faintly. She looks up at him submissively, breathing heavier as she feels her pussy tingle. His hand now gropes her chest, slowly moving down to her crotch and thigh. He rubs her over her jeans slowly. Her head moves back against the seat, she squirms against his touch. They're interrupted by a car horn. He swiftly takes his hand away and back to the wheel. "Oops." He chuckles as he notices the green light.

Emmy giggles. She's turned on by his assertiveness. Her hand goes to his crotch, rubbing his semi-erect bulge. He looks over to her with a brief aroused look, his mouth open.

"I'm so turned on right now." Emmy purrs in a very horny tone as she feels his crotch while her other hand rubs her pussy over her jeans. Suddenly she's reminded of when Mr. Butler jerked her head down to his crotch last week and how oddly turned on that made her. She shifts in the seat, her head going down to his lap. His right hand moves out of the way to allow it. "Oh my god." He says under his breath in amazement. Emmy moans softly as she kisses his bulge, running her lips along the outline.

"You're so fucking sexy." His voice nearly trembles. He rarely experiences things like this given his average suburban family life. His right hand leaves the wheel to stroke her soft, thick hair. He slowly runs his hand through it, stroking it, gripping it a little and pressing her head against his crotch.

He breathes heavier, keeping his eye on the road, occasionally looking down at the magnificent sight. His hand wanders down her back, feeling the fur of her jacket collar and the leather. Emmy continues planting kisses on his bulge. The man takes a deep breath. "We're here." He says. Emmy rises from his lap. The car pulls up behind a small abandoned building and parks. Emmy looks around curiously. "Don't worry, we won't be caught." He says casually before moving his seat back a bit to have more room.

He turns on the overhead light. He relaxes into the seat and begins to unzip his jeans. Emmy looks at him, still a bit of doubt and nervousness in her mind. He gets his dick out and holds it, looking at her. Emmy assures herself that he just seems like a normal guy, a husband, a father; just looking for some relief. Which is the truth but she's probably right to be cautious about strange men.

"Come on, get that pretty mouth on my cock." He commands, so turned on by her. Too late to turn back now. Emmy moves closer to him, turns in the seat, and slowly lowers her head to his lap.

His semi-erect cock enters her mouth, pushing past her pouty pink lips. He lets out a prolonged sigh, relaxing into the seat. His hands move her hair out of the way. He grips the back of her head with his right hand, guiding her up and down. Emmy moans softly, always turned on when she feels a man's hand on the back of her head. She bobs up and down dutifully, feeling his hardening cock on her tongue.

Her mouth salivates over it. He breathes harder as he feels his cock begin to throb in her wet, eager mouth. He strokes her hair slowly. "Take it. Take it." He groans quietly under his breath.

Emmy uses the right suction, opening wide for his now fully erect cock. The slurping noises become louder. His left hand moves her hair back, holding it above her head.

His right rubs up and down her back sensually, eventually moving to her ass and giving it a nice squeeze. He slaps her ass. "You like that?" He asks between clenched teeth, breathing harder. Emmy moans softly. "Yeah. Naughty girl." He groans as he bucks his hips into her mouth.

Emmy continues sucking, faster and faster; going about halfway down his throbbing cock, which is about seven inches. His right hand grips the back of her neck, pushing her down hard. Emmy feels his cock poke the back of her throat.

"Take that dick." He groans aggressively. He lets her up for air. She pants a little over his cock while stroking it. She goes back down, stroking his cock in unison with her mouth. His cock glistens with precum and her saliva. She goes faster, moaning as she eagerly works his dick. "Keep going. I'm gonna cum." He whispers. She feels his body breathing harder, his hips moving into her rhythmically.

"Uhhh. Uhhh." He begins to groan. "I'm gonna cum." He barely utters as he holds his breath. Emmy slows down as his cock begins to erupt in her mouth. She continues to slowly bob up and down, making sure to suck up every last drop. He pants above her, stroking her hair as he looks down.

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Emmy feels his warm load shoot down her throat. His breathing slows down as she continues to gently suck his cock, moaning softly as she does.

"Oh fuck." He sighs as she finishes sucking. She kisses the tip of his cock before rising up from his lap. "That was amazing." He hangs his head back against the seat, recovering from his orgasm. "Fuckin' got every last drop. My cock is clean as a whistle." He smirks as he looks down to put his cock back in his jeans. Emmy giggles playfully as she sits upright in the seat, fixing her hair and wiping her lips.

"Glad you liked it." She smiles. "Oh fuck yeah. Phew." He exhales. They both laugh slightly. "Here." He says as he takes out his wallet.

"Eighty like you wanted." "Thanks." Emmy smiles as she takes the cash. "You certainly earned it." He says as she puts the money in skinny british girl loves getting fucked by two purse. He moves his seat forward and starts the car. "I'll drive you back to where I picked you up, all right?" "Mhm." Soon after, the car pulls up in front of the convenience where he picked her up.

"Do you, uh, do more?" He asks. "I was thinking maybe we could do more, y'know. Of course I would pay you for more. You're certainly worth it." "Umm. Sure. Just email me whenever and maybe we can work something out." Emmy replies as she collects her purse. "Yeah, I'll do that." The man looks over to her. "Bye!" He says louder as she gets out, staring at her tight ass. "See ya!" She turns to him, smiling. Emmy slams the door and he drives off.

She begins walking down the street toward her father's place. What happened was almost a blur to her. It's as if she was on auto-pilot. It begins to bother her slightly that she did it. She feels cheap and used, but she can't help but feel satisfied from it. She walks slowly in silence, her arms folded, looking down as the repetitive clicking from her heels on the sidewalk fill the air.

Emmy arrives outside of her father's building. She stands outside, taking a moment, but also knowing she wasn't gone for as long as she said she would be. She takes out her julia boin oppai rare story english subtitles to check the time and to read texts. The main door to the building opens behind her.

Two young men walk out. Emmy notices but doesn't look, just steps aside. "Hey baby girl, how you doin'? You just move in?" One of the young men asks in a flirtatious manner as they approach.

Emmy looks up from her phone. "Oh, uh, me? No. I don't live here." "Mmm mmm." The bold young man looks her up and down. "Damn, you fine as hell. You got a boyfriend, chica?" He grins as he stares. Emmy notices he's a muscular guy, probably in his mid-late twenties, and obviously a latino from his skin tone and accent.

He wears a white wife beater tank top and baggy jeans. "Uh." Emmy stammers a bit uncomfortably.

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"No." She replies somewhat meekly, smiling a bit as she looks down. "Yo, can you believe this girl doesn't have a man?" He asks playfully as he turns to his smaller friend. "Shit, son. That's a tragedy. What's your name, baby girl?" He turns back to her, putting on a charming smile.

"Emmy." She smiles up at him submissively. "Emmy. I like that." He grins and allows a moment to pass. "I'm Gabriel. Nice to meet you." He grabs her hand and holds it in place as he lowers his head to kiss it. Emmy blushes, caught off guard. He steps closer, Emmy begins to feel a bit uncomfortable and intimidated.

"Come party with us tonight, mami. We'll show you a good time." He says in a low tone as his left hand caresses her shoulder, stroking her hair a little. He puts his arm around her.

Emmy resists, stammering as she finds the courage to talk back. His grip on her tightens a bit. "Playing hard to get, huh?" He asks playfully, smiling down at her. The main door opens behind them. "Back off." A stern voice interrupts. Gabriel and his friend look back, so does Emmy. "Thought you said you didn't have a boyfriend, chica?" Gabriel asks as he takes his arm off her.

"I'm her father, so fuck off. She's not interested." Ray gets closer. He heard the chatter from his window, and saw Emmy being visibly uncomfortable as he approached the main door. "Yo, relax, esé. She ain't your little girl anymore." Gabriel says boldly, staring back at Ray. Emmy backs up, her heart pounding. Ray steps to the younger man. "I'm not your esé, motherfucker. Keep walkin'." He retorts confidently, pointing toward the sidewalk.

"Yo, watch who you're talkin' to, puto." Gabriel becomes visibly enraged, approaching Ray. "Try me. I'll break your fuckin' jaw." Ray responds in equal measure. This kind of confrontation isn't new to Ray given his criminal past.

That was a long time ago but he can still be tough. He would do anything to protect his children. The two men are about to come to blows as Emmy watches, frightened. "Yo, chill. Chill. Come on, man." Gabriel's friend comes between them, putting his arm in front of him. "Come on, let's just go. It's not worth it." Gabriel and Ray stare into each others eyes for a moment.

"You're lucky, puto." Gabriel says as he backs off, pointing at Ray. "Dad, let's go inside. Please." Emmy meekly suggests, her voice trembling a bit as she approaches her father.

Ray shakes his head as he watches them leave. "You OK?" He relaxes as he looks down at Emmy. "I'm fine." Emmy sighs. "Fuckin' creeps. I'm sorry that happened, Em. Come on." He says as his right hand rests on her back, leading her to the door. He opens it for her, looking back one final time at the two young hispanic men as they walk away.

Emmy and Ray enter his apartment. "What was that?" Danny asks curiously, having heard the commotion. "Nothing." Ray shrugs it off casually as Emmy unzips her leather jacket. She takes a deep breath and exhales in relief, reflecting in her mind about what just happened.

It's been an eventful thirty minutes since she left. Ray looks at her as she stares off in deep contemplation, a bit worried about her. "So, uh, let's start up that movie." He says to Danny. Emmy leaves to get back into her nightwear. Inside the bathroom she touches herself again, thinking about what she did.

She also thinks about Gabriel's aggressiveness, he scared her but it also turned her on. Emmy shakes it off and tells herself to forget about everything for now. While watching the movie, Ray looks over at his two children and feels content.

He's finally getting his family back and getting to make up for the years he was gone. He looks at Emmy, and Danny between them on the couch, thinking about how grown up she is now.

During the scary scenes of the movie he loves that Danny takes comfort in the security of his big sister's shoulder. And he feels proud of Emmy for being a good sibling to him.

He thinks about how she seems to have been a surrogate mother to him the past handful of years. A smile comes across his face. The movie comes to an end. Ray looks over to the other side of the couch, noticing Danny has fallen asleep on Emmy's shoulder.

He smiles, Emmy smiles back. They quietly laugh. "Danny." She shrugs her right shoulder. He wakes up. "Come on, let's go to bed." They both get up. Emmy leads him to Ray's bedroom, they're taking his bed while he sleeps on the couch.

"Good night." Emmy says as she turns to leave. "You're not going to bed now?" Danny asks. "No. Why, are you scared from the movie?" She smirks back at him. "No." He replies indignantly. "Yeah you are." She continues to tease. "It's only a movie, dummy." Emmy says in an empathetic tone as she approaches him. "I'll be back soon, OK?" She says softly down to him before tucking him in. Emmy rejoins her father. "Beer?" He asks up to her as she enters the room.

"I thought you didn't drink." Emmy says in a hot blonde teen and a black cock agitated and disappointed tone.

"Nothing wrong with a few beers here and there. It's not like I'm doing drugs or anything." He says casually as he gets up. "But I'm not old enough." "Doesn't matter. You're mature. Just don't tell Chris the cop." He says with conviction. Emmy smiles a little, feeling good about being treated as an adult for once. Ray comes back with two bottles and hands her one after opening it for her.

They watch television for a few moments in awkward silence. "So, uh. You know, you're a really good sister, Em." "What do you mean?" Emmy asks after drinking. "Oh, nothing. Just been noticing how good you are with him. I'm proud of you." He looks over at her. "Thanks.

I guess." She responds. "We're close. I look out for him." "I know. And he loves you for it, I can tell." Ray continues. "I know it was hard when I left, especially with your mother being the way she is." "We stuck by each other closely I guess." Emmy looks down. "He's still very, I don't know. Kid-like sometimes. Like he doesn't act his age." "Nah." Ray shrugs it off. "He'll be fine." They continue talking while drinking, the television acting as background noise.

"Listen, uh, about earlier." Ray begins, breaking another brief moment of silence. "I didn't want you to see me like that. That's not who I am. Not anymore." He says in a remorseful tone. "It's OK." Emmy replies back to him. "You'll understand some day when you have kids of your own. Especially if you have a daughter. There's a lot of predatory guys out there, Em." He frankly states. "I know." Emmy nods slightly. She knows all too well. "So, uh, anyway." Ray begins, thinking about questioning her about getting picked up down the street rather than getting picked up at his place earlier.

"My boss at work needs a new babysitter. I told him I'd ask you." He decides not to inquire. "Said he'd pay you good." "Um. OK, when?" Emmy asks curiously.

In her mind she feels a bit guilty knowing she's been prostituting herself and her dad has gotten her a babysitting job. "Wednesday. I'll give him your number." He replies. "OK." Emmy finishes drinking her beer. "I think I'm gonna go to bed." She yawns and kharlie stone brunette spinner fucks on hal her arms up in the air.

"Oh yeah, wait a second. I almost forgot." Ray says excitedly before rising from the couch. He walks over to his jacket and fishes in the pocket.

Emmy looks on curiously, feeling a bit disappointed as she notices the empty bottles of beer on the table. He sits back down with a small jewelry box in his hand. Emmy looks a bit anxious and uncomfortable. Even if they've gotten closer recently she's still damaged from his absence all those years. "Don't worry, I'm not proposing." He chuckles. Emmy smiles slightly.

"Here, it's a gift." He hands it to her. Emmy opens it. "It's, uh, it's just a little something." "Dad. You really shouldn't have." Emmy says as she holds the silver necklace and looks at it.

"I can afford it, don't worry." He assures her, hoping she'll like it. "I love it, dad. Thanks." She smiles, tilting her head up to him.

She puts it on around her neck. "It's a locket. Go on, open it." She looks down and holds the heart-shaped locket in her hand, opening it carefully. On the inside is an old picture of her and Ray, smiling happily into the camera.

The other half of the inside reads 'I love you, Em.' Ray gulps nervously. "You like it?" He asks as she gazes at it. He thought about getting this after the first day he got back from prison and saw the broken heart tattoo above her ass. The tattoo is of a drawing she made him when she was a little girl, except the heart was in one piece. He got it tattooed on his chest shortly after. He hopes to mend it back together, slowly if need be.

"Em?" He quietly says, a concerned expression forming on his face as he notices her sob a little. "I love it." She says as she looks back up at him, tears in her eyes. "I love you, dad." She smiles, her voice trembling.

"Oh, baby." He rushes over to her, fighting back tears himself. "I love you so much." He wraps his arms around her and kisses her on the head. They stay there for a moment, then slowly release. "Are you OK?" He asks down at her in a concerned tone. Emmy nods. "Yeah." She sniffs. "Thanks. I'll wear it forever." She smiles. "Think I'm gonna go to bed now." "OK, baby." He says quietly. They both stand up.

He hugs her once more, holding her head against his chest. "Good night, sweetie. Thank you so much for doing this tonight. You amateur teen pussy juice share with your mommy me so happy." He smiles down at her. "Night, dad." She smiles back. Emmy goes to the bathroom and resists the urge to weep from her guilt and overwhelming emotion.

She buries her face in a towel, wanting to scream and cry her eyes out. She can barely look at herself in the mirror. She regrets agreeing to stay at his place tonight. Uncomfortable with real emotion, Emmy is typically guarded. She obviously has unresolved issues about her dad, what happened when he was gone, and her hyper-sexuality. She wishes she could just hate her dad so she won't have to think about how devastated he would be if he knew how sexually active she is.

After taking a deep breath and splashing water on her face, she tries to forget about everything and just go to bed. She climbs in next to her sleeping brother, gently kissing him on the forehead. "Whoa. This is awesome." Danny remarks excitedly as they enter the suite. "Sure is." Mr. Howard nods, looking around the suite with a satisfied smile. His daughter, Kelly, yawns as she enters. "This is really cool, thanks for bringing us, Mr. Howard." Emmy looks over to her friend's father, who she had sex with just a week ago.

She smiles as she observes the nice suite, noting the nice furniture, catered food, and bar area. "My pleasure." He replies, giving her a smirk. "Check out the view, Em." Danny turns his head back to his big sister as he holds onto the railing. Emmy walks to the open area, past the three rows of seats in Mr.

Howard's luxury box, joining her little brother. "Wow." She smiles, overlooking the lower seats of the arena. She and Danny observe people finding their seats, filling up the venue. "Feel free to treat yourselves." Mr. Howard says to them. His daughter, Emmy's friend, isn't impressed as she grew up with a well-off family and has been here before.

"Move." Kelly commands her own little brother, same age as Danny, as she makes way to the front row of the box. "Behave yourselves while I get our other guests, OK?" Mr. Howard says to his kids. This is his annual rental of a luxury suite for the home opener game of the local professional ice hockey team.

He usually rents out the corporate box just for his employees but this year he brought his kids, his daughter's friend Emmy, along with Emmy's brother who is a big fan of the team. It's also about him wanting to impress Emmy and have an excuse to be around her, given what they've been doing lately. He hasn't been able to get his mind off her. Mr. Howard returns with his ten employees, most of them guys, filling out the fifteen person suite. The group commiserates in the lounge area, having drinks, eating food from the buffet.

Mr. Howard approaches Emmy as soon as he sees her without Kelly or her brother Danny, standing near the refrigerator.

"I'm really glad you came." He says quietly down to her, putting his hand on her arm briefly. "Thanks for inviting us." She smiles back, giving him sunny leyon new xxx story flirtatious look as they stare into each others eyes for a moment.

Emmy remembers the great sex they had a week prior. "I was thinking maybe we could get away somewhere at intermission and have some fun." Mr. Howard, or Brian as he's told Emmy to call him, says down to her.

He has insatiable lust for his daughter's hot friend. "Would this fun involve me being on my knees?" She asks in a flirtatious manner, smiling up at him and tilting her head, biting her lip as she looks down at his crotch, then looking back up to him. He grins back, already getting so turned on by her. Emmy looks the same as she did two nights prior when she got dolled up to suck off that stranger for cash; wearing the same outfit and wearing the same hairstyle and make up.

The other guys that Brian invited, his employees, have definitely noticed Emmy, but also Brian's equally hot blonde daughter. "Come on, it's starting soon." Danny interrupts them, tugging on his sister's arm.

Everyone settles into their seats, with Brian, Emmy, Kelly, and the two boys taking the front row. The two rows of five behind them are filled by Brian's employees. The boys, Danny especially, really enjoy the game. Emmy and Kelly sit together, not nearly as into it.

They both are still recovering from their Sunday afternoon hangover. Emmy, as she usually does on a weekend, drank her stress away. The pair of teen girls spend more time on their phones and chatting away than caring about the game. During the first period, Brian subtly touches Emmy as they sit next to each other. She looks back, smiling up at him, then reciprocates with her own sly touch, rubbing his leg for a second.

They go back and forth every few minutes, upping the ante on one another. Brian gets bolder, moving his hand behind her and slowly rubbing her lower back, taking advantage of his distracted daughter. Emmy smiles up at him, biting her lip slowly. She gets very turned on by his boldness and confidence, and also feeling an urge to please him after treating her and her brother like this.

They rarely get to do such things. Suddenly, the crowd erupts with a roar and the goal horn is played. The upper deck above them and the lower seats below them cheer wildly for the first goal of the season. The employees rise to their feet, as do the boys, Kelly, and Brian. Emmy makes a swift decision to one-up Brian, and pretends to have accidentally dropped her phone on the ground. She teensloveanal anal princess dakota skye fucked by huge cock large cock beautiful gets on her knees, almost right in front of him as he stands.

He looks down, trying not to notice it too much. Emmy reaches for her phone and then rises, her hand subtly running up Brian's leg as she rises to her feet. Brian reaches over to his daughter and gives her a high-five, then gives a high-five to the boys as they cheer, then turning back to his employees as they all celebrate.

Finally, he leans into Emmy. "Good one." He says quietly into her ear. They both act like nothing happened. Nearing the end of the period, Brian texts Emmy his plan for them to sneak off together. "Kelly, come here." Brian orders cheerleader lyra law gets fucked by big cock in locker room daughter.

They stand around in the lounge area of the private box as the intermission begins. "Take this and get the boys some merch, some hats or something." He hands his daughter some bills. Kelly sighs. "Fine, come on." She says to the two boys. "Uh, I have to go to the restroom so I'll just stay up here." Emmy interjects as she stands not far off. "Um. OK." Kelly says, expecting Emmy to join her on the trip.

As Kelly leaves, Emmy and Brian give each other a knowing look. Emmy casually sneaks to the private bathroom of the suite. She awaits Brian patiently, fixing herself up in the mirror for him. Her heart pounds with excitement and anticipation. She's momentarily interrupted by a fleeting thought of her dad and the tender moment she shared with him two days prior.

She grasps the necklace he gave her, holding onto the silver locket. She takes it off and puts it in her purse. Brian edges closer to the restroom, waiting for the right moment. The rest of the group disperses around the suite, some of them leaving to other parts of the arena. As soon as no one is looking, he swiftly heads down the short hall to his suite's private bathroom.

"Don't think anyone saw me." He says quietly as he shuts the door. As soon as he turns around, Emmy eagerly approaches him with a kiss.

They passionately make out for a moment, Emmy moaning softly as she leans up to him, feeling his arms hold her. "I've been so looking forward to pleasing you, daddy." Emmy smiles up to him, saying in her horny, soft voice. She got so turned on when he entered, feeling such a strong urge to please him.

She's very attracted to his age, his demeanor, and the fact that he's very successful. It doesn't hurt that he's also been somewhat of a father figure to her in recent years. Plus, he fucks her really well. "Yeah, I know you have. You're a good girl." Brian grins down, his hands on her hips holding her against him.

He hasn't hesitated to manipulate her obvious daddy issues ever since she surprised him with a blowjob that one night. He looks her up and down, almost shaking from how pent up he's been. "You're so fucking hot, baby." He says quietly before aggressively picking her up, both hands holding onto the back of her thighs.

Emmy wraps her arms around his neck. They gaze into each others eyes as he carries her over to the sink and sits her on it. She loves being held by him. Her thin legs wrap around his torso as he feels her tits over her tight leather jacket, then eagerly burying his face into them. She moans softly into his ear, he breathes harder as he feels his crotch ignite. They kiss more, her head a bit higher than his as she sits on the counter top. "I wanna suck your cock, daddy." Emmy purrs in-between smooching.

Her legs quiver a bit from how turned on she is, feeling her pussy tingle. "You belong on your knees in front of daddy, hmm?" He whispers in a baby voice up to her, cupping her pretty face with his hands. Emmy nods, pouting submissively. Brian jerks her off the counter and holds her tightly against him, his hands going down to grab her tight ass as they kiss once more.

He rotates, still holding onto her as his back now faces the counter. "Get on your knees, ariella ferrera gonna be drilled by johnny sins He demands.

Emmy can't collapse to her knees fast enough. Brian hastily undoes his belt and drops his pants. She takes his half-hard cock into her mouth, feeling his meat push open her pink lips.

She looks up at him submissively for a moment. He loves the sight of his cock in her mouth. Emmy focuses on his cock, working it in her mouth dutifully. Her eager mouth salivates over it. Her right hand cups his balls, slowly rubbing them. Her left grips the shaft as her mouth moves back-and-forth. She sucks on his cock, moaning softly as she feels herself get wet.

Emmy feels his now throbbing cock on her tongue, filling her mouth over and over. It's a bit above average and not too thick, but far from skinny. The wet plunging sounds of his cock filling her mouth and the slurping noises get louder. "You're so fucking good at sucking my cock." Brian groans quietly above her, stroking her thick hair slowly. Her deep eyes look up at him submissively as she slows down, moaning softly as she feels his hand on the back of her head. "Yeah, take it." He says dominantly as he pushes her head back down.

Emmy's hands now rest on each thigh. He begins to buck his hips into her, pumping his cock down her throat. He groans between his clenched teeth. Emmy feels his cock poke the back of her little throat. He stops and allows her to come up for air. She arches back further, her face tilting up to him. "You like that, baby?" He whispers down. "I love your cock, daddy." She moans, gazing up at him. She licks the underside of the tip as she jacks it with her hands, still looking up to him submissively.

Her other hand rubs his balls as she runs her lips over the glistening tip, jacking his cock faster. "You want daddy's load down your throat, baby?" He says quietly, his knees shaking a bit from the surge of pleasure, and breathing harder.

Emmy moans submissively as she nods slightly with the tip of his cock between her wet lips. She gives it a few more sucks, working his shaft up and down with both hand and mouth. "Yeah. Yeah. I'm gonna cum." He says under his breath. She gets deeper, and takes his cock all the way in her mouth and down her throat. "Ahh." He exhales as his body tenses up, beginning to feel his cock pump into her throat.

Emmy forces herself on his cock, her nose pressed against his pubis. She cups his balls gently. "F. Fuuuck." His voice trembles as he looks down. Emmy feels his pulsating cock shoot a big load directly down her throat. She expertly takes his cock and his load with ease. Brian hangs his head back, panting a bit. He looks back down to see and feel Emmy slowly coming up his cock, her lips wrapped around it firmly.

His wet, sensitive cock gently pops out of her mouth. Emmy continues to lick and suck slowly, her eyes gazing up at him as she does. He looks down in amazement, the great orgasm subsiding. She plants several wet kisses along the tip, then gently kisses each of his balls.

"Oh my god, baby." He sighs above her, looking down as she smiles up at him. Brian picks his pants up and buckles his belt. Emmy zips him up slowly and carefully, then he takes her hands and holds onto them, helping her up off her knees.

He wraps his arms around her and holds her tight. "I hope I did good for you, daddy." Emmy says submissively as she buries the side of her face into his chest, desperately seeking his affection and approval. "Oh, baby. You're incredible." Brian whispers as he strokes her hair slowly, holding her head against his chest. He can't believe how enamored he is with her. "I love you, baby." He says before kissing her on the forehead.

He loves how much of a slut she is, how needy and submissive she is. Emmy moans softly as he holds her. "We should get back, the second period is starting soon." He says, releasing his hold and pushing her shoulders back slightly. "Yeah." Emmy nods up at him, so satisfied from what they did. Brian goes to the door and holds it open slightly, looking down the short hall way and into the suite to see if his daughter is back. Emmy looks into the mirror and fixes herself up.

"Shit." Brian says to himself as his daughter and the boys enter his field of view as he was just about to leave. His heart pounds. Emmy looks on curiously, also worried about getting caught. Brian waits patiently for the right opportunity.

He sees his daughter looking around the suite, probably looking for him. As soon as she turns her back, he leaves down the hall. He enters the main lounge area, as calm and collected as he can be.

"I didn't see you." Kelly says as she notices her dad standing there. "Yeah, I uhh, I went to go see someone down at the lower seats." He responds casually. The two continue talking. Hidden behind Brian was Danny, who saw him come out of the short hall that leads to the private restroom. Shortly after, Emmy appears from the short hall.

She walks past Danny, not noticing him. "Hey." He says, startling her a bit. "Oh, hey." She says casually, smiling down at him.

"You scared me." Danny looks up at her, being a bit confused by seeing his big sister come out of the same hall as Mr. Howard. "So, whatcha get?" Emmy inquires, her nerves a bit rattled, hoping no one suspects anything, especially her brother. "Umm. A hat, a puck, and I got you this." He holds up a stuffed miniature version of the team's mascot.

"Aw, thanks." Emmy smiles as she holds the stuffed animal. "Did you say thank you to Mr. Howard?" Danny shakes his head. "Come on." Emmy leads him to the man who just dropped a load down her throat.

She looks down at her brother as Brian notices their presence. "Thanks for buying me this stuff and for inviting us." Danny smiles up at him graciously. "Oh, uh, you're welcome, bud." Brian smiles back down. Danny joins Kelly and her brother at the seats. Emmy walks past Brian, both of them smirking at each other. They all sit back down as the second period is moments away from starting. "Hey, uh. Hey, Emmy." Jason meekly enters Emmy's periphery as she stands in front of her locker, chatting with her best friend Kelly.

Last period has just ended. "Hey. Jason." Emmy replies uncomfortably, her body language giving off a dismissive vibe. She barely notices him at first, turning to face him as Kelly gives off the same dismissive vibe. They're not used to lesser guys talking to them. Jason awkwardly stares for a brief moment. "Oh, um. Yeah, I was just wondering when you want to get started on that presentation for global history class." He utters in a rushed fashion, his stomach rumbling with nervousness.

Emmy is his object of intense infatuation, and being paired with her for the project by their teacher is both a blessing and a curse. He gets to i know you love it when i flash you my panties time with her but he also has to endure the nerve wracking experience of talking to her.

"Um." Emmy's mind races with something to say to him, fully aware he's infatuated with her. Kelly looks down, trying not to laugh.

"Well, I don't know." Emmy's eyes shift to the side uncomfortably. She was hoping Jason would just do all the work, because after all he's been doing a lot of her work throughout the year gorgeous mila fingers her orgasmic pink slit far.

"I was just thinking that since, y-you know, it's due tomorrow that we could get together and, uh. And finish it." Jason continues nervously, not able to look her in the face, giving off obviously awkward body language as he fidgets. "I, uh, I thought you had it." Emmy forces a smile up to him. Kelly continues to watch the awkward scene from beside her friend, subtly giggling.

"I do, I did. I, uh, well, there's part of the project that requires us both to work on it." Jason says in slight trepidation. He's not good socially, especially with girls he likes. He's a nerd and she's a hot popular girl, and he's well aware of this. "So, if you're free, I was wondering if we could go to my house." He concentrates on sounding confident, although it's mostly a futile effort.

"Um." Emmy thinks of an excuse or diversion. She turns to Kelly, hoping for her to bail her out. "I have my dad's car today, so I can drive you home." Jason utters as he notices Emmy stammer.

"Yeah, you should go, Emmy." Kelly speaks up, looking at her uncomfortable friend. "I can't have you over anyways, my parents are having their anniversary tonight." She begins to walk away, leaving Emmy behind. "Have fun." Kelly smiles over her shoulder back at Emmy. Emmy stares back at her in disbelief, perturbed that she blatantly lied and left her hanging with him.

She sighs and decides to just give in. "Sure." Jason smiles, but is conscious enough not to smile too much. "Awesome." He says as he turns. "So, shall we?" He motions with his arm down the long hall way. Emmy awkwardly smiles up at him through the corner of her eye as she begins walking ahead.

She stares down at her phone as they walk together. He tries to talk to her about some new movie and she just nods along, not really listening. She keeps a decent distance, subtly looking around for people noticing them together. "Bitch." Emmy texts Kelly, who replies in kind with a sarcastic smiley face. "My car is just across the street." Jason says as they exit through the main entrance, his nerves having calmed somewhat.

Emmy follows him with her arms crossed. They walk past a group of Emmy's friends, spearheaded by a playfully snickering Kelly. Emmy feels embarrassed. The group observes the two entering the car, one of the guys making a faux cat call sound loudly enough for Emmy to hear as she enters.

The group laughs and Emmy gives them a very brief middle finger before slamming the door shut. Jason hears it as well.

He may be socially aloof but he knows when he's being mocked. He stares ahead as he puts the keys into the ignition. Emmy tantalizing and wild japanese sex hardcore and blowjob over at him, noticing his dejected expression.

"They're just assholes." She says in a sympathetic tone, hoping to quell what he must be feeling. "All right, let's go." He shakes it off and begins to drive. He's used to being mocked. Of course it's strange that she would ever be with him. But out of survival he's become accustomed to letting things roll off his back, or at least trying to. Emmy continues to look over at him, feeling sorry.

She pities him. It's not that she doesn't like him, just that he's not her type at all and due to typical teenage immaturity and peer pressure, she cannot associate with him. They sit there in silence for a moment. "Hey, uh, were you in a car at this stop light about a week and a half ago?" Jason asks timidly as he drives, remembering the scene he witnessed. "Hmm?" Emmy fails to hear the question. "A-at this stop light almost two weeks ago, after school when I walked with you down the hall.

I thought I saw you in a car when I was crossing the street." He focuses on making sure she hears him. "Oh, uh." Emmy remembers the event, being jerked down to Mr. Butler's lap as he panicked upon seeing Jason. "Nope. Must have been someone else." She lies casually. "Yeah, probably." Jason responds. They arrive at Jason's home. It's a modest two-story house.

Emmy follows him inside. "Hi, honey." A voice can be heard from across the house as the two teens enter. "Hi, mom." Jason says meekly, hoping to avoid any embarrassment from his doting mother. "Can you go out and rake the leaves before your father gets home?" The slightly shrill voice gets louder as Jason's mother walks toward the vestibule. The older woman with grey hair appears in view, noticing that Jason has a friend with him. "Can I do it later? We have to work on something for school." Jason responds.

"Are you going to introduce me to your friend here?" His mother asks as she smiles at Emmy. It's rare that Jason has a friend over, and even more rare that he brings a girl over. In fact, this is the first time his mother has seen him with a girl. "Oh, uh, this is Emmy." Jason says awkwardly. "Hi." Emmy smiles politely. "Hi, dear. How are you?" His mother says ecstatically. She notices how pretty her son's friend is.

Thankfully Emmy is looking a bit more subdued today, otherwise Jason's conservative mother would think he's brought home a whore. "Um, I'm good." Emmy says shyly. "Come on." Jason says quietly as he motions for her to follow him to the stairs.

"Do you kids want something to drink? I can bring up some fruit punch. Or cookies. Is your friend staying for dinner?" His nebbish mother asks. "No thanks, mom." Jason says in an agitated tone as he rushes up the stairs with Emmy behind him. They enter his room. Emmy looks around it, noting how organized it is. "I like your house." Emmy says to him politely as he shuts the door behind her, his face a bit red from embarrassment. She recognized how clean and sterile his house is, with antique furniture everywhere.

He's obviously the child of older parents. "Th-thanks." He says quietly, concentrating on not shaking from having her in his room.

"Uh." He watches as she sits on his bed. He's thought seachfilipina julievee martinez showering on hidden cam this image for years. Emmy notices him staring. "Sorry about, uh, about my mom." He forces a playful chuckle. "She seems nice." Emmy says politely. "So, um, this is my room." Jason stands there awkwardly, taking a deep breath.

"Cool room." Emmy tries to sound sincere, looking at her surroundings. She notices the book shelf, the science fiction and video game posters, and figurines neatly standing on his long desk.

"So. So I guess we should get started." He says as he sits at his computer desk. His stubby finger goes to boot it up, shaking a little. Having Emmy in his room is almost a sensory overload for him.

"Oh yeah, I need to be somewhere at six, so can you drive me home at like five? I need to get ready." Emmy says as she takes out her phone. She goes through her old texts to confirm the time. "Sure." Jason agrees obediently. "Thanks." Emmy says softly in the same bubbly tone she uses when she wants something. The same tone she uses when she gets him to do a paper for her. Throughout the next hour and change the two work on the presentation for their history class project.

Jason can hardly concentrate as she kneels beside him at his desk, looking at whatever is on his computer screen. He smells her sweet scent. The verbal exchange is mostly awkward. His mind races with things to talk to her about. As expected, Emmy's contribution is minimal and he does most of the work as she looks down at her phone. Out of boredom and tedium, Emmy flirts with him slightly for her own amusement.

She accidentally touches his hand, puts her hand on his leg. "You're so smart, Jason." Emmy says softly, smiling up at him and tilting her head. They've just finished the project. "Uh, thanks." He responds bashfully. Emmy stands up. "So, we're done?" "Uh, yeah." He says as he quickly ponders the idea of showing her something. "Before we go, d-do you wanna see this video I made?

It's quick." He blurts out as he rolls his chair back and turns to her. "Sure." Emmy smiles. "Just let me get it, it's uh, it's." Japanese school girl boobs sucking storys is interrupted by Emmy suddenly sitting on his lap.

"Right. Here." He finishes as he's in awe of what's happening. Her little tight ass is near his crotch. His heart thumps and he has to stop himself from breathing heavily. "Is this it?" Emmy asks curiously as she nonchalantly sits on his lap, though she knows what she's doing to him.

She watches the screen as he stares at her ass, his body frozen in place. "Cool." Emmy giggles softly as she watches his video, some video game related thing that she hardly understands. Jason's social clumsiness clouds his judgment, that's the only explanation for him thinking it would be a good idea to have her watch his nerdy video. She gets up and turns to him, looking down. "Come heather hartzell salotti fingered spanked fucked creampied tube porn, let's go." She pleads playfully like a child, pouting down to him.

It takes him a moment to respond. "Yeah." He nods awkwardly, his mouth dry. He's not very socially perceptive but he can tell that she's been completely uninterested in him for years, which is why feeling her touch and her flirty behavior confuses him.

They depart. "Hey, um. Can I ask you something?" Emmy turns to Jason as he stops the car in front of Emmy's home, the condo belonged to her uncle Chris. "Sure, yeah, of course." Jason responds, finding it hard to maintain eye contact with her. "I need a drive to where I'm going at six. I was wondering if you could drive me?" Emmy asks sweetly, tilting her head. "I won't take that long to get ready. You can come up and wait with me." "Uh, sure.

Yeah, I can do that." Jason blurts out. Of course he would say yes. "Thanks." Emmy smiles. "You're the best." She knows she can play him like a fiddle. They make their way up to the condo. Chris is at work so Emmy lets herself in. Jason looks around as he enters.

He assumes it's her parents place, or her father's. It looks like what it is - the condo of a single police sergeant. It's mostly barren and somewhat messy. "You can stay in my room if you want." Emmy looks over her shoulder back at him as she walks past.

"Uh, sure." Jason utters quietly. His mind races with something to say about her place, just to make any conversation but he's clearly flustered. He follows her to her room. "Nice room." He remarks quietly, noticing the pink, black, and purple color scheme that permeates the bedroom. "Thanks." Emmy politely smiles back to him as she goes to her dresser. She gathers some things and heads back out. Jason lingers in the doorway, frozen in place awkwardly. "Sorry." Jason says meekly as he steps out of her way.

They laugh it off awkwardly. "You can sit on my bed if you want." Emmy says kindly, recognizing how nervous he is. Jason sits down, his hands feeling her soft, furry pink comforter. Emmy enters the bathroom.

Jason relaxes a bit and breathes in, taking in the nice smell of her room. He looks around at the clothes scattered about, the makeup products near her dresser mirror, the posters of bands and singers on her wall.

He can't help but think about how this is his ultimate fantasy - to be in her room. He runs his hand over her soft comforter, then looks at her pillow.

He picks it up and sniffs it creepily. He looks ahead to an open drawer of her dresser. He leans forward and takes a peak. His heart flutters as he notices that it must be her panty drawer. He touches a pink lace bra that's hanging off the side. Jason tanned nympho kristen scott teases and rides dudes big hard cock a pair of the panties, his hand shaking as he feels the soft cotton. He can't resist the urge to shove the pink panties in his face.

He breathes in heavily, his breath shaking as he exhales. Suddenly he hears the bathroom door open. He puts the panties back in the drawer in a startled panic, sitting back down on the bed.

"Forgot something." Emmy says casually as she re-enters the room, dressed in only stranger interracial bisexual couples and shemale sex storys white towel, held up to cover her breasts and barely covering her private parts. Jason's heart races from the panic of almost getting caught smelling her panties and seeing her in only a towel.

Emmy grabs something from her dresser and heads back to the bathroom. Shortly after he hears the shower turn on, Jason goes back to rummaging through her underwear drawer. He makes sure not to leave any drool on them. He wants to take his dick out and jack off with them but resists the temptation. Standing up, he looks around for other things to check out.

He slowly opens her closet door as his heart pounds in excitement. He sees all the different jackets and boots he's seen her wear. His hands run through them. He rubs his cock over his pants as he thinks about her. Just then he hears the shower stop so he sits back down out of fear and guilt.

He takes a deep breath as he hears the sound of a blow dryer. Emmy gets ready in the bathroom, doing her hair and makeup. She makes sure her hair is perfect. It's soft, thick, teased up at the top a bit, bangs with pink highlights swept over the left side of her face. It's black but shiny in the light, straight and running down her slim back. She dolls up her face, putting on light foundation to accentuate her nice and smooth alabaster skin and a very faintly pink blush highlights her angular cheeks.

She delicately curls her long eyelashes, just below her already thinly plucked eyebrows. Black eyeliner is carefully applied, slightly upturned wings sticking out from each outward side.

She also applies a faint silver eye shadow with a bit of glitter. Her sexy big brown eyes are perfectly showcased. She paints her full lips a shiny light pink. She spends many minutes making sure she looks perfectly dolled up. Emmy checks the time and realizes she's ahead of schedule. She thinks to herself for a moment, thinking about where she's going and what she's going to do.

The familiar light of sex flickers in her head and she gets aroused. She starts thinking about how she's been teasing Jason. "What if I go all the way and blow his mind?" She ponders as she looks into the mirror. "I do feel bad about using him. It would be so amazing to him, like it would seriously make his day, his year actually." She gets lost in her thoughts.

Her familiar naughty smirk comes across her face as she looks into the mirror. Jason sits on the bed patiently, looking down at his erection that causes a bulge in his loose-fitting cargo pants.

He hears the bathroom door open and sits up, trying to place his hands in a casual position over his bulge. Emmy walks into his field of view, entering the room dressed in only her bra and panties. "Uh, uh." Jason stammers, looking away because he doesn't want to stare.

"Relax." Emmy giggles as she casually enters and goes to her drawer. "Sorry, uh, sh-should I leave?" Jason stammers in his dry voice, not wanting to make her upset or uncomfortable. "I'm getting dressed. You can watch if you want." Emmy replies casually with her back to him. "Uh. OK." Jason quietly says as he stares at her tight ass. She bends over to get clothes from her bottom drawer.

Her tight, firm ass is right in front of him. Her black lace panties barely cover it. Emmy begins to put on a pair of tight stonewashed jeans with a few rips going down the thighs. She shimmies the tight jeans up her thin legs. As she pulls them up to her waist, barely getting them over her butt, Jason can see her tits jiggle in the reflection of the mirror.

He stares at them, loving how firm and busty they look trapped in her tight black lace bra. Emmy smirks a little, loving that she's teasing him. She turns around. "Do you know where the Marquette Hotel is downtown?" She asks casually as she begins to slip on a small t-shirt.

"Uh, uh, yeah. I think so." Jason answers as he watches her put it on. "It's only, like, ten minutes away." She says as she begins to walk toward her closet, her busty chest pulling her tight white t-shirt forward, leaving her midriff exposed.

You can see the outline of her bra underneath the thin fabric. Jason wonders if he should look back as she leaves his view, but then notices he can see her still in the reflection of the mirror.

His mind races with confusion. He watches her put on one of her tight black leather jackets, one with silver zippers on the cuffs, lapel and pockets. It barely covers her midriff. She zips it up halfway to display her chest. She walks back into Jason's view as she lifts her hair out from under her jacket. "What time is it." She ponders out loud as she grabs her phone. Emmy bites her lip slightly, wondering if she has the time to do anything else with Jason, who remains there awkwardly as his mind fails to comprehend what's going on because it's so outrageous to him that he's in her room watching her get dressed.

"He'll probably cum quickly." She thinks to herself as she looks back at him, finding his dumbfounded expression amusing. "Do you want a blowjob?" Emmy asks casually. "Uh, uh. What?" Jason stammers nervously.

It's so unreal to him that he's not even sure if he just heard what she said. "Do you. Want. A blowjob?" Emmy says slowly, smirking down to him playfully.

Jason starts to breathe heavily, almost hyperventilating. He fidgets manically. Emmy is freaked out a bit as she observes his behavior. "So you don't want one? OK, well can we go then?" Emmy begins to walk out of the room. "No!" Jason blurts out as he comes to his senses. "No, I, uh. Yeah, I want. I want one." His dry voice stammers nervously. Emmy turns back around, grinning slightly. She knows he's been obsessed with her for years.

She gets on her knees in front of him as he sits on her pink bed. "You can't tell anyone about this, OK?" She looks up at him. Jason stares back down, his face blushing. "Y-yeah, of course." He utters nervously.

"You've thought about this before, huh?" Emmy asks playfully up to him, smirking as her hand begins to rub the bulge in his pants.

Jason nods nervously as he stares, leaning back a bit. "Just relax." Emmy says softly as her hands run up his thighs and she situates herself between his knees.

She touches his bulge again, running her little soft hand along the outline. She begins to undo his belt. He looks on in amazement. It feels like his brain is melting. Emmy jerks his pants off as he sits up a bit to allow her to do so. "Wow, you're really excited." She giggles playfully as she notices the rock hard bulge in his underwear.

Emmy bats her eyelashes up to him as she lowers her head, then plants a slow kiss on the bulge. "Oh my god." Jason barely utters in his breathy voice. "Do you have a lot of cum for me, Jason?" Emmy asks softly before running her small tit teens big cock naughty teen gals share a boypatron lips along the outline of the bulge.

Jason shakes and breathes heavily. "Yeah." His dry voice nervously blurts out. This is his ultimate fantasy come to life. Emmy slips off his underwear slowly. His hard cock flops out. It's about average size, pink, and already about to blow judging by the swollen head and bulging vein.

"Nice cock." Emmy casually says as she smiles down at it. "Th. Thanks." Jason awkwardly says as his elbows hold him up on the bed. He stares down intently, in total disbelief and amazement that this is happening. He's a slightly chubby nerd who hasn't done anything with a girl, let alone the girl he fantasizes the most about.

Emmy lowers her head and takes his cock in her mouth, precum already covering the tip. Jason's head thrashes around as he feels the sensation. He breathes hard, his legs jerk. "Aahhh." He groans as his hands grip the soft pink comforter. Emmy bobs up and down, slurping on his throbbing cock.

He feels her tongue, her soft wet lips, the warmth of being inside her pretty mouth. He feels her hair gently caress his leg as she goes down all the way.

As soon as he hears her moaning softly as she sucks, that's enough for him. "I'm gonna. I'm." His mind begins to melt with a sensory overload. The sight of Emmy, the smell of her and her room, realizing what's happening, it's too much for him to last. "Aahh!" He groans loudly as he begins to erupt in her mouth. Emmy slows down, pushing his balls up gently with her hand, jacking his cock with her other hand, sucking on the tip with her lips and lapping over it with her tongue.

Jason's legs jerk and he fitness rooms fit big tits lesbian babes have hot and sweaty sex, his eyes rolling back as he feels his cock shoot gob after gob of built-up cum into Emmy's mouth. She takes it all, none of it escapes her mouth. "Aahhh." Jason exhales quietly, feeling the sensation surge through his body.

His face burns up. Emmy continues to slowly suck on his throbbing cock. Jason calms down a bit as the feeling subsides. He gazes down as Emmy continues to suck on his cock, looking up at him submissively. Finally his cock exits her mouth and she kisses the tip. "Did you like that?" Emmy asks in her bubbly tone, smiling up to him. "Yeah." Jason quietly nods, his mouth agape.

That was his first blowjob, his first time being brought to orgasm with a girl. "OK, so. Let's go." Emmy stands up, checking the time on her cumming while fucked first time skinny cindy smashed by playmate. Jason gets up after her and pulls up his underwear and pants.

He's speechless. "That was a one time thing, OK? And you can't tell anyone." Emmy looks back at him. He nods. "Um, go down to your car and I'll be out in a minute." She orders. Jason leaves, his mind slowly escaping the foggy dream-like state it was in. Emmy goes back to teen movie theater and police man fucks first time fun sized chums take a hot bathroom to touch herself up again.

She smiles, feeling satisfied that she made him cum so quickly and so hard. After taking some mouthwash she touches her pussy over her jeans, not realizing how wet that made her. She makes sure to put on some perfume. Emmy makes sure she's perfect before putting on her high heel boots and exiting her uncle's condo. Jason sits in his car, feeling incredible after what just happened. But he's also confused and a bit disoriented. "Did that really just happen?" He thinks to himself.

Good thing he agreed to give her a ride because he initially hesitated due to not wanting to upset his mother. He sees Emmy approach the car, her purse on her shoulder.

He stares at her in disbelief. He can't believe she just blew him. "Hey." Emmy smiles as she gets in. "W. Where are we going?" Jason asks, his mind in a haze. "The Marquette Hotel downtown." Emmy looks to him.

"Oh. Right." Jason says as he starts up the car. The ride is mostly quiet, with Emmy making casual drugged drunk chloroform passed out talk as if nothing happened. On the way, Emmy checks her phone and reads her upcoming client's email again.

She's about to meet her second client. Emmy has mostly been ignoring the many inquiries she's been receiving, but this one intrigued her enough to take the chance. Plus, he's paying her very well. She's nervous, but excited. She wants to do a good job so she makes sure to know and understand everything he requested.

As they get closer to the hotel, Emmy nervously stares out the window as the familiar anxiety washes over her. She's become more comfortable with prostituting herself, but the uncertainty and potential danger of it all makes her feel uneasy.

"Are you OK?" Jason looks over to her as the car stops in front of the hotel, noticing the tip of Emmy's left index finger between her teeth, her pink lips sparkling in the sunlight.

She stares ahead in deep contemplation, then takes a deep breath. "Yeah." Emmy smiles, looking at him. She looks at the hotel, then back at Jason. "Thanks for driving me.

And thanks for helping me with school. You're a good friend, Jason." She smiles at him. "Oh, uh, th-thanks. You too." Jason responds awkwardly, wanting to ask her about what they did and what it means but failing to do so.

Emmy leans in, her hand on his shoulder, then pecks him on the cheek. "Bye!" She says in her bubbly tone as she exits. "See ya." Jason says back, then watches her leave. It doesn't cross his mind to wonder why she's walking into a nice hotel on a Tuesday evening. He drives home and thinks about what happened.

Emmy enters the hotel, her eyes wandering around and noticing how upscale it is. Her heels click on the pristine floors as she approaches the front desk.

The clerk looks up as Emmy stands there somewhat awkwardly for a moment. "Hello, how may I help you?" The woman asks. "Um, I'm here to see Mr. Barbaro in room 203. He said to ask about the guest notice he left at the front desk." Emmy says timidly, butterflies causing turmoil in her petite tummy. She's nervous and feels like she doesn't belong here. "Mr. Barbaro, let's see here." The clerk looks down and rummages through some well-kept notes.

"Are you Ms. Hayley Cox?" That's the alias Emmy gave to him. "Yes." Emmy nods. The clerk looks back down. "OK, it all checks out. The elevator is on your left. Mr. Barbaro is on the seventh floor." She smiles back up to Emmy.

"Thanks." Emmy smiles back, then heads for the elevator. She enters the elevator with a middle-aged couple, probably wealthy. Emmy stands there patiently as she takes a subtle deep breath. She can feel the sideways looks from the man, who is no doubt checking her out. Emmy thinks about what people assume about her, what she's here for. She wonders about how obvious or not obvious it is that she's a whore. She both loves and hates the shame she feels.

She gets off on her floor and begins her long walk down the hall, noticing the paintings and chandelier lighting in the lobby by the elevators. Everything is so clean and expensive looking, definitely not something Emmy is used to. She walks down the quiet hall, thinking about what he expects of her. As her heels click on the marble floor, she thinks about who he is and what he looks like.

Aside from what he's paying her to do, it's all a mystery. Finally, she arrives at her destination. She stares at the 203 room number as she takes a slow deep breath.

Her nervous hand knocks softly. The door opens. "Hello!" A man smiles as he stands in front of Emmy. "Hi!" She gleefully romantic sex kissing and boobs pressing, smiling back up to him. "Come in, come in." The man steps aside for her.

Emmy walks in, looking ahead down the short hall of his room. He shuts the door and walks ahead of her. Emmy follows him into the main area. "So, you have any trouble getting here?" The man asks casually. "Nope." Emmy shakes her head. She notices the lounge-like area on one side and his bedroom area on the other, with nice furniture and decorum sprinkled throughout. She puts her purse onto a chair.

"Nice room." She smiles slightly, feeling a bit anxious still. "I know you're new to this, but you can relax. I won't bite." He says in a lighthearted and reassuring tone, smiling across the room at her.

"Well I'm not so sure about that going by your email." Emmy playfully retorts. He laughs as he approaches her. "I'm Jack, by the way." He extends his hand. "Hayley, obviously." Emmy replies, looking down a bit as she shakes his hand. "Sorry that I'm a bit nervous." She says bashfully.

"Oh, don't worry about it." Jack says casually. "Here, let me show you the view." He says as he steps to her side and places his right hand on her lower back, beginning to guide her toward the window side of his room. "It's great." Emmy says as she smiles, looking out. "Yeah, usually most rooms in the city here have terrible views but I was fortunate enough to get this one. You can see Abbotsford park over there. And the sea port over there." He points out, his hand rising up a bit on Emmy's back.

"Sun's going down soon so we'll probably get to see the sunset." He holds her a bit closer, his hand going to her hip and pulling her in.

"So, care for a drink before we begin? I just got this really nice Talk to me while you jerk it He asks as he looks down to her.

"Sure." Emmy smiles back. She kind of likes his smooth, confident voice. He guides her toward the lounge area of his room, toward a table with a bottle of wine and two glasses on it.

Emmy sits in a standard feminine position, with her legs crossed. "So. How was school today?" Jack asks with a smirk as he pours a glass. Emmy giggles a bit, blushing. "It was. Fine." She nods up to him, smiling.

"You mentioned something about getting ready after school to come here is all." Jack hands her a glass of wine. He sits down with his own glass.

"Yep, I'm still in school." Emmy nods awkwardly. "Can't finish quick enough, huh?" Jack asks before taking a swig of his wine. "Yeah." Emmy forces a slight laugh. She notices how he drinks and tries to emulate.

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She swirls the glass slowly, smells, then drinks a little bit. Jack watches, smiling, thinking she probably doesn't come from the same background he does and lives a different lifestyle. "Do you like it?" He asks. "Yeah, it's great." Emmy smiles. "Probably shouldn't be giving a minor alcohol brutally hot japanese riding on my dick I think that's the least of my worries here." Jack chuckles slightly as he smiles at her.

"I mean, you're still in high school. I'm such a dirty old man." He says in a self-deprecating tone as he shakes his head and takes another drink. "I don't mind." Emmy says quietly in an aroused tone, shooting him a flirtatious smile. She drinks more. "Yeah?" Jack's voice gets deeper. "You like dirty old men?" He asks playfully, his hand covering hers on the table and using his thumb to slowly caress her smooth skin.

"I've been with a few." Emmy replies softly. "You're so sexy, Hayley." Jack says. Emmy looks down, blushing a bit and smiling. "You look incredible. Even better than your pictures." He continues confidently. "How about me? Am I better or worse than what your were expecting?" He asks playfully, taking his hand away and drinking more. "Definitely better." Emmy smiles, nodding slightly. Jack does look better than what she thought he might look like.

He's around fifty, approximately six feet tall, of regular stature, has a slight tan, and short hair that's mostly grey. For a man of his age he looks good. He's dressed in a light blue dress shirt with the top buttons undone, tucked into black khaki pants. "Well that's good. I'm glad to here it.

I may not be like the hot young guys at your school but I'm way more experienced." He confidently states as he peers into her eyes. "That's what matters." Emmy speaks softly as she smiles, tilting her head. "So, tell me more about these experiences you have with older guys." Jack takes another swig, intrigued and turned on by her. "Um. I don't know what to say." Emmy giggles playfully.

"I've just been with a few." "I like a girl who likes older guys. I mean, of course I do." Jack chuckles. Emmy grins as she drinks. "You mentioned you like being submissive in your email.

Tell me more." He demands confidently before finishing off his glass of wine. "Well, um. I guess I just like pleasing a dominant man. An older dominant man." Emmy smiles, feeling herself get a bit aroused. "I love making him feel like I'm his. Like I'm his play thing. I love. Rough sex." She blushes a bit, feeling him stare at her as he smirks approvingly. "I love being manhandled by aggressive guys." Emmy squirms a bit in her seat, uncrossing her legs.

A moment of silence passes. "Well," Jack begins as he gets up, "sounds like we're very compatible. We're going to have a really fun time, Hayley." He smiles down to her, extending his hand. Emmy smiles back, grabbing his hand and standing to her feet. He guides her back to the window view.

They stand parallel to the window. Jack puts his hands on Emmy's hips and looks down at her. They stare into each others eyes for a moment, then Emmy looks down, breaking contact.

They both smile. Jack's hands rise up her body, feeling her torso, her chest, and up to her neck slowly.

He feels the leather of her tight jacket. His hands rise up further to cup each side of her pretty head. He tilts her head up and stares back into her eyes. "I know this is your first time doing this but you don't have to be nervous, OK? I'm gonna take care of you." He says softly into her eyes.

Emmy gazes back submissively, relaxing into his touch and soothing, confident voice. Jack kisses her softly on the forehead. "So pretty." He smiles slightly before stroking her bangs to the side with the back of his hand. Emmy's little hand goes up to gently grasp his hand as he strokes her hair. "You remember everything in my email?" He asks. "Yes." Emmy replies softly up to him. "You gonna do a good job of making me happy?" He asks confidently, smirking a bit.

"Yes." Emmy smiles and nods. "I'm very good at what I do. I promise." She says confidently. Emmy knows her sexual prowess but her timid and submissive nature typically gets in the way of being confident about it. "I really want to make you happy." She purrs up at him softly and submissively. His hands have gone back down to hold onto her petite torso. Emmy's arms go up to wrap around his neck.

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"Good girl." Jack smirks down to her. His head leans down to kiss her. They lock lips slowly and sensually for a brief moment. Emmy leans into him further and his hands go behind her. "You're so fuckin' hot." He says in a horny tone as his hands squeeze her tight ass. Emmy leans up to kiss him more, moaning softly into his mouth. Her little hands go to his chest, feeling him breathe harder. He relinquishes his hold and they cease kissing.

He rotates her and steps behind her, pointing her toward the view of the window. Jack holds her from behind firmly, her ass grinding against his crotch.

He kisses her neck softly. Emmy moans as she feels her pussy tingle with arousal. His hands eagerly feel her firm chest. They both breathe harder. His right hand goes further south to rub the inside of her leg over her jeans while his left continues to paw at her perky tits. Emmy squirms against his body as his hand gets closer to her pussy. Jack stops suddenly, his hands going up to her shoulders. He kisses the back of her head, feeling her thick soft hair against his lips and smelling her intoxicating aroma.

"There's the sunset." Jack says playfully as he kisses her neck again. Emmy looks out the window and notices it, smiling. He begins to whisper in her ear. "Let's get started. I left something for you in an envelope on the bathroom counter-top. Go get ready for me, sweetie." Emmy turns around and leans into him with her hands on his chest. "I can't wait to be your toy." She bites her lip up at him, then smiles.

Jack smirks back confidently. Emmy departs for the bathroom as Jack watches her tight ass leave his view. He smiles to himself. She's exactly the kind of young slut he can't get enough of. He drinks some more wine, feeling his heart beat faster as he thinks about her. Jack loves young whores who love to please dominant older men like himself.

He moves back to the window to close the curtains. Emmy enters the large, nice bathroom. She notices the envelop on the counter-top next to the sink. Inside is her payment. She takes out the money and counts it. One thousand in full. She smirks up to the mirror, feeling so dirty and turned on. She takes no time in undressing down to her bra and panties.

The high heel knee-high boots are left on, as per his request. She takes her makeup out to make any slight fixes.

She wants to be flawless for him. After tweaking her hair and makeup to perfection, she super sexy blonde girl fucked by photographers facial and cum in the mounth brunette italian a deep breath and remembers everything he requested. It's going to get a bit rough but she wants it. It's not going to be so bad after all, considering she's attracted to him.

The familiar slutty smirk appears on her face as she thinks about what she's going to do. She exits the bathroom, excited for what's to come. Jack looks her up and down from across the room, his eyes transfixed on her petite, supple body with slight curves in all the right places, a flat stomach, perky man tape gagged by woman and maid gets punished babi is immensely sexual and always up to tits.

a slight thigh gap. Emmy stands straight, her legs together, looking down with a guilty look on her face. Her high heel boots make her posture pop her tight butt out a little. "Come here." Jack says quietly. Emmy shakes her head, pouting and making a sad face up to him. "Come here." He says louder, a serious expression on his face. Emmy stands still, playing the part. "Come here, bitch!" Jack growls angrily as he begins to stomp his feet toward her. Emmy cowers against the wall in fear.

Jack lunges for her head, grabbing her. Emmy whimpers helplessly in his clutches. "Dirty whore." Jack says as he grabs the back of her neck hard. "You better do what you're told." He says sternly as he grips the back of her neck, forcing her to look up at him.

He raises his hand, as if to slap her. Emmy yelps and cowers, her face flinching. Jack grins sadistically.

"I'm not gonna hurt ya." He lowers his hand. Emmy looks back up at him cautiously. "Shh." Jack begins to stroke her hair gently with the hand he was going to slap her with. A more calm expression comes across Emmy's pretty face. "Are you my pretty girl?" Jack asks in a soothing tone down to her. Emmy nods nervously, her big eyes giving a scared look up at him.

He strokes her head for another moment as he looks into her eyes. A smile begins to form on his face. Pretty attractive girlie receives group fucked hard smiles back, playing the part well for him.

Jack's smile vanishes quickly and Emmy is soon thrust against the wall by her throat. His hand wraps around her thin neck, holding her in place but being careful not to choke her too much.

It's far from the first time she's been choked, and at least she knows she won't die this time. "Stupid fuckin' whore." Jack hisses aggressively in her face as he holds her throat. Emmy's little hands try to pry his grip off. He applies more pressure, choking her for a brief moment. "Come here." He says aggressively as he lets go. He grabs a fistful of her thick hair and drags her across the room. Emmy whimpers but doesn't scream. It was noted that she cannot scream.

Last thing Jack wants is people thinking he's abusing some poor girl in his room. "Sit down and shut up." He demands as he pushes her down to a chair that's in front of the bed. Emmy watches as he leaves to the other side of the room and comes back with some rope in his hand. "I'm gonna have some fun with you." Jack smirks slightly as he leers down at her. "Please no." Emmy begs innocently, looking up at him with puppy dog eyes. "No?" Jack says indignantly. "I thought since you like being such a filthy fucking whore that one more cock wouldn't hurt." He leans down and grabs one of her wrists.

Emmy resists and yanks her arm away. Jack gets in her face and raises his hand to her. "Do you want to get beat? Huh?" He intensely stares into her scared eyes.

Emmy shakes her head nervously. Jack grabs her wrist once again and takes it to her backside as he moves to the back of the wooden chair. He grabs her other wrist and begins tying them together. He moves back to face Emmy and gets more rope.

He starts to wrap the thin white rope around her body, bounding her to the back of the chair. He makes two loops, one under her breasts, and one over. It squeezes her breasts outward more, which he likes.

Jack wastes no time in getting more rope and tying each of her ankles to each front leg of the chair. He smiles down at her, admiring his work. Emmy looks back up to him with fretful eyes. "You have anything to say before I shut you up for good?" He asks down to her as he holds a long cloth in his hand. "Please don't hurt me." Emmy pleads softly, looking up at him in desperation. Jack chuckles as he walks behind her.

"I'm not going to hurt you. Yet." He says as he grabs the cloth at both ends and puts it in Emmy's mouth, then wrapping it around her head. He kisses her on the back of the head, just like he did before near the window.

He walks back in front and stares down at Emmy as she's tied and gagged helplessly. He gets closer, loving the sight of her as he feels his cock twitch in his pants. He stares down at her as Emmy looks up, batting her long lashes up to him helplessly. His right hand cups her chin, tilting her head up to him. "Such a sexy teenage slut." He says quietly.

Jack leans down and gets inches away from her face. "I'm going to have a lot of fun with you. I'm going to plug every fuckhole you have whether you want it or not." Emmy whimpers into the cloth gag. Jack grins. "Shh. You're a worthless whore and this is what worthless whores do." He says in a soothing tone as he gently strokes her head with his hand.

Both of his hands slowly travel down her neck, caressing her shoulders, and down to her perky chest. His finger tips delicately caress her cleavage. Jack stares intently at her body as his hands wander. He takes a rougher, harsher feel of her tits, squeezing them a little. Emmy whimpers helplessly as she feels his touch. His hands slowly move over her slim torso, then down to her hips. "Such a hot young body made for fucking." He says quietly as he watches his hands gently rub her thighs.

"What I want to know is. Who got to have this tight body first?" He looks back up at her, grinning. His hands move closer to her pussy, softly caressing the inside of her smooth thigh. He continues to stare into her eyes. "Was it an uncle? Hmm?" He grins as his hands move away from her pussy and further down her slim thighs.

Emmy whimpers. "There's got to be a reason why you're such a submissive slut seeking the approval and affection of dominant older men." He leers into her eyes. His hands leave her body as he walks around to the back of the chair. Jack begins to stroke her hair slowly. "Who fucked you up? Hmm?" He inquires into her ear as he bends down.

"Was it daddy?" He grins at her side. Emmy whimpers. His hands go to her front, going down her chest slowly. She feels his warm breath on her neck. His hands paw at her perky tits again. Emmy squirms helplessly at his touch. Jack's left arm rises up to her neck and he wraps his hand around her throat, while his right slowly travels down her torso and near her pussy.

His face leans over hers, staring down at her as she looks back up at him. His right hand begins to tease her pussy, rubbing over the black lace panties slowly. "Now this is mine, isn't it?" He asks down to her. Emmy whimpers affirmatively, nodding as much as she can under the constraint of his hand.

"Good girl." He says softly before lowering his face to kiss her on the forehead gently. Emmy looks up at his upside down face. "You're just a stupid, worthless, fucked up, teenage whore who lives to get used, huh?" He says down to her as his hand rubs over her pussy harder and taylor luxx is a cute latina who meets a. Emmy moans helplessly, her pleading and submissive eyes staring back at him.

Jack is now rock hard in his pants. His hands leave Emmy's petite, tight body and he begins to undo her constraints. He takes off Emmy's gag and she pants a little, her voice shaking.

She's never been tied up before. Feeling his touch and begg com xxx sexy story way he talked to her really turned her on.

Her wet pussy throbs. Jack unties her wrists, body, and ankles. Emmy sits there obediently. "Time to punish you for being a bad girl." Jack says down to her. Emmy pouts up at him in a sad expression. He grabs the back of her neck again and yanks her off the chair. He harshly whips her to an upright position and grips her hair hard. She winces in pain. His other hand goes up to her mouth and pinches her lips together. "You're a fucking stupid whore selling yourself to strangers." He hisses angrily into her face as she stares back helplessly.

He stares at her pink, sparkling lips. His hand moves down to her throat and he kisses her aggressively. She whimpers and moans into his mouth. Jack lets go and sits on the bed. "Come here and bend over daddy's lap so I can spank my fucked up little girl." He says as he rolls up his sleeves.

Emmy does what she's told, in a submissive trance. Emmy's face winces in anticipation. Jack's right arm holds her down over his knee. He winds up his left arm. "This is what you get for being a bad girl." His left hand comes cracking down onto her tight, supple ass. Emmy shrieks in pain. "Shut up, bitch." Jack hisses aggressively.

He spanks her again. Emmy squeals quietly. He spanks her over and over on each cheek. "This is my ass now, huh slut?" Jack rubs her tight ass, loving the sight of his hand prints. "Yes, daddy." Emmy whimpers in a helpless, high-pitch tone. "Good girl." Jack says approvingly. "Come sit on daddy's lap." He orders. Emmy gets up and sits on his lap. Jack holds her on his lap by her thin legs, and one hand on her lower back.

"You want to get used now, slut?" He asks softly into her eyes. Emmy pouts and nods her head slowly. "You going to earn your money, whore?" Emmy nods submissively.

Jack grins. "Good girl. I'm gonna use your tight little body." He rubs her leg slowly. His left arm goes under her legs and he stands up while holding her, then tosses her onto the bed. Jack leaves Emmy for a moment to collect something from the other side of the large room. He returns carrying a small black velvet bag, walking slowly to the side of the bed.

"Do you want to know what's in this bag, little girl?" He asks quietly as he stares down at her. Emmy looks to her side, then slowly up at him with an innocently youthful look back. "Something that's going to make you shiver. Something that's going to make you feel like the dirty little whore you are." Jack continues. His left hand slowly places itself on the side of her pretty head.

"You excited to get used, baby?" He asks as his hand inches toward her face, his thumb gently penetrating her mouth. Emmy slowly sucks his thumb a little as she looks up at him and affirms with a horny moan. A devilish smile lights up Jack's face for a moment, then he looks at the head board. "You know. You're such a filthy little girl that I don't think you should be allowed to move.

I want you to lie there powerless." His hand leaves Emmy and harshly grabs one of her wrists, yanking it above her and toward one of the rails of the head board.

Jack takes out some standard sex shop handcuffs and begins applying them to her wrist. Emmy looks on helplessly as she becomes attached to the head board. Jack grabs her other wrist and does the same, aggressively pulling her up toward the head board. After he's finished he grins down at her. "Please." Emmy begs softly. "What was that?" Jack responds indignantly, lowering himself to her, getting in her face.

"Huh?" He hisses aggressively as he stares into her eyes. His left hand goes to the back of her neck, tugging on her hair.

"I thought you liked being a naughty little slut?" He leers into her. His right hand slaps her face, although fairly lightly. "Huh?!" He gets louder. Emmy whimpers nervously as her big eyes stare back at him. "Don't worry I'm going to make my little fuck toy feel like the worthless whore she is." Jack grins. He stands back up and takes a moment to stare at her helpless body, admiring her petite teenage frame, so smooth, supple, tight.

He quickly steps back to grab her panties, then harshly stuffs them into Emmy's mouth. "Can't have my little whore screaming." Jack grins as Emmy looks back at him with helpless, submissive eyes. "I have more tools to use on you, bitch." Jack says as he grabs the bag. Emmy watches him pull out two phallic-like toys, both vibrators.

Her eyes widen as she looks at them. One is larger than the other, but not obscenely gigantic. The other is smaller and of a different shape, with curvature and small ribs running along the sides; this one curves upright and has a large, smooth head with the rest being thinner. The larger one is straight and more of a standard dildo shape.

Jack walks to the end of the bed, near her legs, and gets on top. He turns both vibrators on. Emmy's legs tense up in anticipation, she's already so aroused and turned on.

The vibrators slowly caress up each of her thighs. Emmy moans softly as she feels the sensation, and also the degradation of having her own panties filling her mouth.

She feels that one has a much warmer touch, it must generate heat as a function. The quiet whirring noise fills the room. Jack slowly moves them up her thighs, then back down. He gets closer and closer to her pussy, which aches to be played with. Emmy squirms, her breathing getting heavier. She's never used toys before. Jack stares at her teenage busty milf does handjob titjob and blowjob, admiring how tight, pink, smooth and delicious it looks.

The larger dildo brushes over her clit slowly, then the smaller curved one with the heat function touches near her labia. Emmy's legs open up as she breathes harder. Jack continues to tease her, slowly caressing around her pussy but always pulling away before penetrating. Emmy nubile films cum deep in her tight pussy as much as she can while faye reagan eye on the balls restrained and gagged, whimpering in desperation for some relief.

Jack looks up at her, grinning. "You think you deserve to feel good, slut? Huh?" He says quietly. Emmy whimpers, feeling the shivers shoot up from her legs and pussy. Jack gets closer to her on the bed, his hand slowly going up her torso to rub her tits, then back down slowly.

His left hand begins to slowly rub over her clit in a circular motion while his right hand takes one of the vibrators and rubs it on her smooth skin, down her thigh and going under toward her tight ass. Emmy moans softly, wanting so badly to be filled. After a minute of more sensual caressing and teasing, Jack stops completely. "How badly do you want it, little girl?" He asks quietly in a perverse tone. Emmy whimpers as she looks down at him helplessly. "What was that?

I can't hear you." Jack teases. Emmy squirms and muffled yelping comes out of her. Jack grins as his hands go under her thighs to grab her ass. Taking the smaller, heated vibrator he slowly moves it near her pussy, rubbing over her labia.

Jack slowly inserts it inside her small, tight pussy. Emmy takes a deep breath as she feels it enter her. The curve and ribs perfectly fill her tight hole. Jack slowly moves it in, then out some more, then back in. He rotates it a bit as he begins to fuck her with the vibrator. Emmy moans softly, her legs squirming aimlessly. Jack takes the other vibrator, which has a more aggressive vibration, and begins to slowly rub it over her clit.

He uses both to please her. He hits the right spot with the inserted curved vibrator while picking up the pace in his circular rubbing of her clit.

Emmy writhes in pleasure on the bed, groaning under her panties. Her eyes shut and her brain begins to melt. Her pussy throbs around the feeling of the vibrator. The warmth of it juxtaposed with the cooler touch of the vibrator on her clit only adds to the sensation. "Take it, whore. Take it." Jack groans himself as he watches her orgasm.

Emmy bucks into the vibrators, her body thrashing as much as it can under restraints. She breathes hard, whimpering and moaning as Jack continues the onslaught on her pussy. Emmy continues to orgasm, so much so that tears begin to form in her eyes. Her body trembles. Jack stops suddenly, unable to take it anymore as he feels his cock press against his pants.

Emmy looks down, feeling a bit light-headed. Her panting voice trembles. Jack stands up and hastily pulls off his clothes, stripping down to just his socks. His rod stands at full attention, throbbing to get inside her. It's larger than average but not freakish, with average girth, which is perfect for Emmy's tight slit. He gets back on the bed and grabs his cock, rubbing it up and down the outside of her pussy.

"You ready for the real thing, my little fuck toy?" He asks aggressively. Emmy moans softly as she looks down at him helplessly. Jack thrusts into her pussy hard. He begins pounding her ferociously, rocking the bed back and forth. Emmy groans loudly, her eyes rolling back as porn wap story free play this site story feels his cock fill her.

Her orgasm continues. Jack stares down at her, so turned on and focused. Both of them breathe heavily. He groans as he pounds into her deep. "Sexy little whore." He utters through his breathing. The grey hair of his chest fills Emmy's view. He has a fairly toned body. Jack slows down and relaxes into more methodical pumping, while his left hand goes under her to grab her ass. His right hand pulls the panties out of her mouth. Emmy pants and moans softly, louder this time. His right hand moves behind her neck and tugs on her hair.

Their bodies mash against each other as he pumps a bit faster. "You like that, slut?" "Yeah." Emmy moans softly. Jack stops and plunges inside her, panting slightly.

He pulls out and gets off the bed. Emmy pants from her intense orgasm. He quickly takes her cuffs off. "Come here, slut." He says as he aggressively grabs her legs and slides her over to him, then yanks her to her feet. He sits down on the edge of the bed. "On your knees and suck my dick, bitch." He pulls her down by her arm.

Emmy falls to her knees, being completely manhandled like a toy and loving it. Jack looks down as he feels Emmy's mouth on his throbbing cock. "Yeah, suck that cock you little whore." Jack says as he grabs her hair away from her face and holds it above her head, pushing her head down on his cock further.

Emmy moans softly, turned on by feeling his cock fill her mouth. She slurps up and down, eagerly pleasing the same cock that just ravaged her tight teen pussy. Jack's grip on her head tightens as he feels the waves of pleasure from her great blowjob.

He hangs his head back as he exhales deeply. He feels his shaft getting worked over by her soft lips and warm, wet mouth. He forces her all the way down, feeling his cock throb at the back of her throat. Emmy tries her best not to gag as his cock slides down her throat. He lets her up and grins down at her as she pants. "Get down and suck my balls." He demands as he lays back and relaxes. Emmy does as she's told and goes down further to lick and suck his balls gently with her soft, wet lips.

Her hand jerks his cock slowly in an overhand grip as she tugs on each testicle with her lips, then licking them all over as she shakes her head. Jack groans. Emmy whimpers submissively as she pleases him, worshiping his ball sack.

"Lick my ass, slut." Jack orders as his legs go up in the air and his knees bend. Emmy doesn't miss a beat and goes down to his asshole, whimpering and moaning as she tongues his ass in and out.

Jack groans out in pleasure as he feels her mouth on his hole, rimming and tonguing. After a wet kiss is planted on his ass hole he decides he's had enough. "Stop. Get up." He says as he sits up on the bed. Jack stands up and swiftly gets behind Emmy.

"Bend over." He demands. Emmy hesitates for a second. "Bend over!" Jack yells before he grabs the back of her neck and shoves her down to the bed, then spanks her ass hard. Emmy yelps out in pain. "When I tell you to do something you better do it, you stupid little bitch." He hisses aggressively before spanking her again.

"Ow!" Emmy whimpers helplessly. "I'm not finished with you yet, slut." Jack grins as he grabs her thighs and shoves her further onto the bed. "Put your ass up into the sultry teen is gaping narrow pussy in close range and getting off He demands.

She puts her knees together, bending them, collapsing onto her face and shoulders in a lazy doggy style position. Jack sensually rubs over her ass cheeks as she sticks her ass out. His thumb rubs over her tight little ass hole. "Mmm, that's a nice little hole for daddy to pound." Jack says deviously. "Please don't, daddy." Emmy whimpers softly as she looks back at him, the right side of her face pressed against the bed and turning to look back.

Jack spits on her ass hole aggressively and begins to stick his thumb inside, rotating slowly. He takes a bottle of lube from the nearby bedside table. He begins applying a little bit to her hole and his throbbing cock, already wet from her mouth and pussy. Emmy bites her lip as she anticipates the pounding she's going to get.

She's only ever done anal a few times. Jack grabs her hips and props her ass up further as he kneels on the bed. He guides the tip of his cock toward her little hole. "Ready, bitch?" He quietly utters as the tip of his cock begins to penetrate. Emmy whimpers helplessly.

Jack slowly slips the tip of his cock in, already loving how tight it feels around him. Emmy whimpers softly as she feels it go in. "Yeah. Take it." Jack exhales in an aroused tone as he moves in closer to her and grips her tight ass cheeks. Most of his cock disappears into her tight hole. Jack breathes harder as he slowly pumps in and out. Emmy grips the bed sheets, moaning out as she feels the pain begin to subside.

Jack's hands roughly rub and squeeze her ass cheeks. His right hand winds back to come crashing down with a thunderous slap on her petite, tight ass. Emmy helplessly cries out in pain.

Jack loves it. He spreads his legs a bit and begins to lower himself onto her back, plunging inside her deeper. Emmy grips the sheets, arching her head back and whimpering, her eyes slamming shut.

Jack's left hand grabs the back of her neck hard as he continues to pump into her petite body. His face inches away from her ear, he begins to groan aggressively. His left hand pulls back on her hair, forcing her to rise her head.

He methodically pumps into Emmy's tight ass, accenting each hard thrust with a dominant groan into her ear. He slams down into her hard, causing her ass to collapse onto the bed. She whimpers out in pain. He picks up the pace, feeling his cock throb inside her firm hole. The bed creaks. He grips her hair, then covers her mouth with his right hand. "Dirty fucking slut." He hisses aggressively into her ear. Emmy whimpers are muffled. She can feel his increasing breath.

"Stupid worthless whore." He barely utters through his breathing, feeling the cum build up in his balls. "What happened to you, huh? You get raped? Huh?!" He aggressively bellows into her ear. "Well I'm glad for whatever happened that made you a fucked up whore who gets used by old men for money." He pants more. Emmy's eyes roll back as he pounds into her harder and faster. His right hand now moves to her neck and begins choking her. He begins groaning and growling between his teeth as his cock begins to erupt inside her ass.

He slows down as he pumps his cum into her. The grip on her hair and throat loosen. He pants on top of her, the surging orgasm shooting up from his loins. He begins slowly petting her hair, still deep inside her. "You OK?" He says through his panting, kissing her on the head. "Mhmm." Emmy whimpers as she pants as well.

"That was so good, baby." Jack says quietly as he kisses her on the head, then kisses her neck softly while petting her head. He slowly pulls out and gets off the bed. Emmy lays there, her body feeling freshly used. Her mind slowly comes out of her trance.

That might have been the best sex she's ever had. A few minutes later they've both cleaned themselves up. "I'll call you a car service and put it on my account." Jack says to her as she exits the bathroom, fully clothed. "Thanks." Emmy smiles, her body still recovering. The anal was a bit rough but it felt good to be used, it felt good to please him.

And the orgasm she had prior to that was unlike any she had before. "No problem." Jack casually smiles back. Afterwards he opens up the curtains and takes a deep breath. Emmy walks up to his side as he stares out the tall windows. "That was great." His head turns to her. "Did you like it?" "Yeah. I never had an orgasm like that before I don't think." Emmy stares out the window at the lit up city.

"Really?" Jack chuckles. "You were amazing. I'm going to give you my card so maybe we can do this again some time." He takes out his wallet. "OK." Emmy nods as she receives the card. "You should consider going professional. I know an agency that will take care of you. You should be making high class escort money and be taken care of as such. I know you're new, but take this card and ask for Annie." He hands her another card. "Don't worry, it's very safe.

A lot safer and secure than what you're doing now. You're too good for those shady websites." "Um, OK, thanks." Emmy smiles as she takes the card and puts it in her purse. "The car is waiting so you should get going." Jack says as he leads her to the door.

"Well, um, bye!" Emmy smiles up at him. "Take care, sweetheart. It was nice seeing you. You're amazing, Hayley." Jack smiles down at her as his arms wrap around her petite frame. He kisses her on the head as he hugs her.

"Bye." Emmy smiles back up to him before leaving. She exits his room and begins the long walk down the hotel hall. She feels a mixture of emotions, ranging from confidence and shame. She feels good about the sex itself and the compliments, as well as the referral to a professional high-end escort agency. However, she cannot help but feel used and dirty. Emmy enters her uncle's home, where she's been staying, trying to forget her feelings of guilt as she quietly shuts the door.

"Hey." She speaks casually as she walks past the nearby kitchen where Chris, her protective uncle, sits. She notices a glass of liquor on the table in front of him as he sits in contemplation, arms folded.

It's atypical of him as he rarely drinks. "Hi." Chris responds quietly, looking ahead, a very stern look on his face. "Where were you?" His voice speaks louder, breaking his far-away stare and turning to look at her.

Emmy stops in her tracks, turning to him. "Oh, uh, I was at my friend's." She replies nonchalantly. He normally doesn't ask her such a thing.

"Oh." He says as he nods slightly, his hand running over the whiskers around his mouth before he drinks from the glass. Emmy stands there for a moment, feeling a certain vibe from him, then continues down the hall.

Emmy returns a few moments later and opens the refrigerator to grab a drink as Chris continues to stir, clenching his fist on the table. "Wait." His voice utters as she begins to leave his view. Emmy stops, turning back. Chris gets up, staring at her. "Sit." Chris takes a few steps toward the nearby window as Emmy dutifully sits, her heart sinking a little.

She ponders what's going on, what his tone means. Emmy stares at her uncle's back as he gazes out the window for a moment. He takes a deep breath then turns around to face his curious niece. Their eyes meet, his glare meets her uneasy expression. Chris begins to finally break the silence. "Who am I?" He asks. "Uh." Emmy responds in a confused tone. "Who am I to you?" Chris repeats calmly. "Uh," Emmy giggles slightly in a nervous way, "my uncle?" "Your uncle who has done nothing but try to help you, to be teens get bent over and fucked by neighbor for you, to be the one constant in your life that you could always rely on." Chris says, his voice getting notably more unhinged as he leans over the wooden chair across from her, gripping the top as he stares down at her.

Emmy's heart sinks further, her mind racing with possible explanations. "And what do I do?" Emmy hesitates under the tension. "Uh," "What do I do?!" Chris nearly shouts, his eyes widening and his breathing increasing. "You're a police sergeant." Emmy utters hastily, flinching at his outburst. "And as a police sergeant it's my job to stop crime, is it not?" Chris continues. "Is it not?" He emphasizes.

"Yeah." Emmy replies meekly. "So you can imagine what it's like to discover that your teenage niece is prostituting herself online." His stern voice bellows intensely as he holds his stare. Emmy's heart sinks further, inhaling in shock, almost like a faint sobbing. Her mouth opens as if to say something but no words come out.

"I'm not, I don't, I." She stammers. cfnm strippers turn classy girls into sluts teens fuck strippers and sucking strippers make me sick." Chris utters plainly, maintaining his stern glare. Emmy gasps slightly, her eyes being the window into how devastating those words sound.

"Why?" Chris asks in a calmer tone. "Just. Why?" He reiterates, sounding a bit more hurt. "I. I don't know, I just." Emmy tries to explain herself. "Do you have any idea what it is you're doing? Do you have any idea at all how dangerous it is?" Sharing a tough schlong hardcore and blowjob interrogation continues.

"I know, but I only did it a few times." Emmy continues in desperation. "Only a few times?" Chris says in a bewildered tone as he stands up straight, his right thumb and index finger going over his eyes as he shakes his head. "I'm sorry. I fucked up. I'm sorry." Emmy's voice pleads, her fragile voice nearly trembling from the cavalcade of emotions. Chris stops shaking his head and folds his arms, looking down at her.

"You're a whore." He says softly, his eyes glossy from filling up with tears. Emmy gasps again, feeling crushed by that statement. "All I've done to try and help you and you just keep fucking up." He raises his voice again. "I tried for so long to believe you were just going through a phase but I can't deny the truth anymore. You're a skank. You're an embarrassment to me." Emmy's eyes begin to water. "Fuck you." She finally utters after a tense moment of silence.

She feels betrayed and wildly misunderstood. "Fuck me?" Chris says indignantly, stepping back and unfolding his arms. Emmy gets up angrily. "You're not my dad. You don't own me.

You can't tell me what to do." Her voice surges with emotion. "You don't know what it's like to be me, to go through the things I go through." She begins to ramble emotionally, pouring her heart out as she sobs.

"You're a piece of shit and I can't believe you said that to me." Tears begin to roll down from her eyes. "I'm leaving." She begins to march away, toward her room to grab her things. Chris grabs her arm angrily. "No you're not." He says in a domineering tone. "Don't touch me!" Emmy violently jerks her arm away. "You know what? Fine, leave, go be a gutter slut for all I care!" Chris yells before slapping her across the face. A wave of regret instantly washes over his face as he realizes what he did.

Emmy looks back at him, shaking as her left hand covers where he hit her. He watches her eyes flow with tears, her beautiful breast fucked by bf and guys red, he can see how hurt she is. What was once an innocent, loving, trusting look from his niece is now one of betrayal, distrust.

How things have changed since she was a sweet little girl. Emmy breaks her distressed stare and quickly heads to her room. Chris hangs his head back with his right hand on his forehead, sighing deeply as he thinks about what he just did. Emmy quickly gathers her bag and puts her boots back on, barely seeing through her watery eyes.

She sniffs and sobs frantically as she collects the cash she's accumulated from selling herself. She quickly heads back down the hall, toward the door. Emmy turns around to face Chris. "I hate you." She says coldly. He was once one of the few, if not the only, reliable older male figures in her life and now he's just another man who hit her. Chris's heart sinks as he hears those words, her sharp stare piercing his normally strong demeanor.

"Emmy, I'm so sorry." He looks at her from across the room, in disbelief at what just happened. He let his anger get the better of him. Emmy turns back around, slamming the door behind her as she leaves. Chris remains, shaking his head to himself as he ruminates on his regret and general feeling of tattooed college slut is the better fuck at himself for how he handled the situation.

Emmy walks along the quiet sidewalk, the still and cool air filling her nostrils as she sniffs and sobs. She folds her arms, her face red from crying. Her image disappears into the night as she continues her directionless trek, not knowing where to go or who to rely on. She just wants to get away from it all.