Lustful gorgeous chick gives wet blowjob hardcore teen

Lustful gorgeous chick gives wet blowjob hardcore teen
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Hi, it's Chris and Steven again, and we're going to start up from where we left off the last time. Be sure to read 'First gay experience with my friend' first if you haven't done so! That night as I lay in bed I couldn't stop thinking about what happened. I had the covers off and I was masturbating rigorously, thinking about having Stevens cute little toes wrapped around my cock while staring at my own sexy feet by the light of a street lamp coming in through the window.

I remembered the sensation of his hot cum splashing onto my feet and with a twinge of regret I wished I had licked it off, despite always having reservations about tasting cum. Images of that moment and thoughts of what we might do in the future were strong in my mind and I soon came for the third time that day, the previous time being in the shower earlier before.

Before walking into the shower, I had stood naked before the mirror and sat down, sniffing my own feet, the scent of his cum still present, making me rock hard instantly. It was a fun night, but nowhere near as fun as it would have been with Steven. The next rebecca has stunning blue eyes and a tight twat was surprisingly normal.

Throughout the day we behaved normally around each other, as if nothing had happened. Although for one split moment when no one was looking he gave my ass a quick squeeze. I almost lost control and had to stop myself from getting a solid boner in the school yard for all to see. I glanced around and asked him under my breath "Can you come to my house later?" "Of course" is all he said. Concentrating in class was a real task, one which I quickly gave up on.

My thoughts were solely focused on the clock reaching 3:15 so that I could run home and be alone with Steven. Sure enough, the time finally rolls around. I split off from my friend, whom I usually walk home with, telling him I've got stuff to do and that I wouldn't be able to come out for a while.

Steven had to walk home in a different direction. Within a few minutes I'm at home, and I change into my generic casual clothes, eagerly awaiting a chap at the door.

I glanced at the clock on the living room wall. 3:25. hurry up man! I pleaded to thin air. I sat there and watched some stupid shitty cartoon, not really paying much attention, when finally the door knocks. I leap up and bound over to the door like rap story xxxx daughter father daft dog running to greet its owner. I open the door and Steven is standing there with an eager grin. "Come in!" I said, restraining myself from simply dragging him by his jacket and throwing him in.

He had changed into his casual wear too, wasting sexy immature amateur gf suck big cock and swallow cum seconds I thought to myself with bemused irritation. I closed the door and after he kicked off his shoes at the door, as per custom, we stood there looking at each other for a moment. I felt myself getting hard already. "Let's go upstairs" I said simply, and Steven responded with a breathy laugh of approval.

We both jogged upstairs and headed straight into my room. He had already seem my room a thousand times, coming to play video games or just to hang out. The only minor differences now were that the curtains were closed, ensuring there was no way anybody could see us, and that I had made my bed, whereas it was usually left in a crumpled state. I sat down on the edge of the bed and Steven closed the door behind us, his erection proudly pitching a tent already.

"My mum doesn't get back till half four, since she usually gets stuck in traffic" I said, glancing at the digital clock on my bedside cabinet, which informed us that we had a whole hour to spend together. Steven walked over and sat beside me, and right away we leaned in and kissed passionately as if we had done this a thousand times. Deep down I knew it was considered strange for teenage boys to be kissing like this, but that didn't matter, because it just felt so good and so right.

I moved my hand and gently rub his crotch through his trousers, feeling his hardness, and he returned the favor. It was more sensual than sexual, at least that's how it felt at that particular moment. It seemed amazing to me just how naturally the act of french kissing came to me, despite having zero experience with it. I assumed that it was something that people just instinctively knew how to do - or that I was lucky!

After a few moments of exciting stimulation, both of our juicy tongues and our cocks, Steven asked eagerly "What do you want to do now?" I felt like I was being invited into a sweet shop, in which I could try anything for free. I wanted to explore all over his body, to delicately tickle his ass cheeks, to feel the searing heat of his asshole envelop my finger as I had tried with myself a few times.

I wanted to feel his sexy toes wriggle around in my mouth again, I wanted to suck on his warm, hard cock and bring him to orgasm with my tongue. "Umm, I dunno" I replied truthfully, wishing I could just try everything all at once. "Remember you said that I could look at your mums shoes sometime?" Steven asked. "Aye" I replied, nodding. "Do you want to do that?" he asked in an excited tone.

"Sure, OK then" I said. I was eager to let Steven take deep sniffs of the confines of my mums stinky shoes, to see if he could handle it. There was a particular pair that she wore to work azhotporn com a bathing japanese splash girl with huge tits were especially nasty.

I leapt up and Steven followed me into my mums room.

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I always felt slightly. I don't know, strange, or small, walking in here, probably because I was crossing a line with my perverted nastiness.

But don't misunderstand, I'm not in any way attracted to my mum, I merely like the look of her mom doter xxxmom full 2019 and shoes, and whenever I looked at them I always had a picture of some pretty female feet with me, taken from some magazine.

I would fantasize that the socks and shoes belonged to the woman in the image. Steven didn't think that way though, and had no problem envisioning my mothers feet, who was in her early thirties at the time, being inside her shoes. The room as always had a slight flowery scent, the result of the perfume she wore. I opened her closet and knelt down on the carpeted floor, within reach of the neat rows of her many pairs of shoes.

"There they are" I said. "Cool" he said with a smile, kneeling down beside me. My mum always did have smelly feet. Being a single mum, she worked hard to support me, working two jobs that required her to stand quite often. Whenever she came back home the first thing she'd do is take a quick shower, no doubt to get rid of the nasty, sweaty stink.

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I took out a pair of shoes that I knew were smelly, but not too smelly, as she didn't wear them the most often. They were a casual pair of dark blue converse trainers that she sometimes wore about the house, or to go out for shopping or whatever.

The insoles had clearly defined toe and heel prints, which were all black and grimy. "Try these" I said, handing one over to him. He lifted the shoe to his face and put his nose into the opening, taking a deep inhalation.

I took the other one and sniffed the musty, dirty, slightly sour aroma, enjoying it immensely. "Mmm, it's good" he said with a sigh. My cock was twitching and throbbing, apparently pleased that my new lover was enjoying it. After a few moments of mutual nasal indulgence, I reached over and pulled out another pair, this time a pair of red flats that she wore on more social occasions, such sexy slut strips and cums on camera going out with her friends.

The insole was especially worn down with years of her feet rubbing and sweating all over them, the slightly squashed toe prints especially defined. I handed one to him and we both began sniffing. His mouth turned into a grimace but that didn't stop him from sniffing deeply, his nose jammed right inside the shoe. The smell was especially sharp and vinegary and pungent, like the smell had been festering in a pool of nasty foot sweat.

I had found that before I could never sniff them for long periods of time, only in short bursts, as the stink was overwhelming, but the added thrill of Steven being there made them somehow more bearable. Steven pulled his trousers and pants down to his knees, but I told him take them off completely, and as he did so I pulled mines off too. Throwing them to my side, I pulled off my T-shirt also, revealing my slim, hairless body, kept trim with plenty of outdoor activities.

Steven took his T-shirt off too, throwing it on top of his discarded trousers, his equally healthy body now bare. Our hard cocks stood at attention, pointing at each other, straining to be together. Now all we wore were a pair of generic white sports socks, slightly damp and grey around the toes as we had also worn them to school. I took hold of his left ankle and held his socked toes up to my nose.

I shuffled on my ass closer to him, and held up my socked foot for him to enjoy. We are both less that a few inches away from each other now. I hook my left leg around his back, and he does the same with his right, our opposite legs bent in a position that allows us to sniff each others foot with comfort. As my nose is buried inside his socked toes, taking deep, lustful sniffs, I reach down with my hand and gingerly touch his cock for the first time proper. To finally feel the warmth and smoothness of his hard little cock with my fingers after fantasizing about it non-stop was an amazing moment that I'll never forget.

Steven reached down and started stroking my cock too, sending an electrifying sensation down my spine. Now here we are, sniffing each others feet, stroking each others cocks as if in a blissful dream.

Image someone walking in and seeing that! His foot smelt heavenly, not too strong, but certainly present, a deep, rich aroma of salty sweat and flesh, tinged with a slight dirty cheesiness that would no doubt send a non-foot fetishist to the bathroom in a hurry. We peeled off each others socks and now indulged in our beautiful feet, my nostrils flaring against his sweaty bare toes, flecked with tiny bits of grimy sock fluff, the smell now intensified somewhat as if turned up in volume.

We both start to moan and sigh as we start to lose ourselves in the moment, deep in pleasure as we sensually bdsm xxx tied up sub beauty gets masters full attention in dungeon each others cocks with soft strokes and squeezes, our ticklish balls delicately rubbed and fondled, every part of our sacred privates presented for the other to please.

I start to lightly kiss and lick parts of the sole, but I was more intently focused on inhaling his wonderful stink. In between sniffs and moans I say "You know what we should do. sniff. we should make our feet really stinky.

sniff. you know, not wash them and just make them really sweaty. sniff." "Mmm yeah. sniff. we can sniff each others stinky feet. sniff. I'll rub my sweaty feet all over your face and cock. sniff. and you can cum on my stinky toes and I'll lick it off. sniff." he said, writhing in ecstasy. His words promising pleasures to come combined with the stimulation overload of mutual foot sniffing and masturbation brought me close to the edge, taking me almost by surprise as my cum starts it's delightful journey at the base of my cock.

I pushed Stevens hand away and shuffled back, stopping everything, afraid that I might have misjudged and would start leaking out cum automatically. Fortunately as I had intended, my feelings of orgasm die down and my cock starts twitching and throbbing, as if angry that I had interrupted it's plans. Steven had a slight look of confusion in his eyes, as if suddenly snapped out of a trance.

"What. were you about to cum?" he said breathily. "Aye." Do you want to cum on my feet or something?" he said, lifting both his legs into the air, presenting both his incredibly sexy soles to me at cock level, assuming I had merely stopped to shoot my load in a different position. "No. wait" I said, quickly reaching back into the closet.

I take out a black pump shoe, one of two pairs of work shoes that my mum wore the most often, always with sheer nylons worn in accordance with the workplaces dress code. The soles were scruffy and well-worn, fading grey with years of use. "This is the smelliest one" I said with a grin. "Want to try it?" I said, wondering if it would finally breach his tolerance levels. I knew cartoon xxx urdzaban ma vidios experience that this was not a shoe to handle lightly.

"Uhh, OK, sure" he said, taking it, his cock straining for more stimulation. I watch eagerly as he brings it up to his face and takes a tentative little sniff. "Phwoar" he said, grimacing disgustedly, turning his heard away. "You're right, it's fucking disgusting" he said with a frown. "You don't like it?" I asked.

"No, I like it, it's just, you know, it's strange. I don't know" he said with a slight laugh. "It's like it's really good but also really, really bad". "Trust me, I know exactly what you mean" I said, taking the other shoe for myself and having a little sniff. I flinched disgustedly. The smell was off the charts, a truly horrifying stink that could peel the paint off walls. A cloying, rotten cheesiness and an unbearably sour, vinegary stench that would make even the most hardcore foot fetishist think twice.

Used against a poor, unwilling subject, it could be classified as a weapon of nasal torture. I had always been fascinated by them, as if they were some challenge that I one day hoped to overcome and finally be able to smell without immediately feeling sick.

I knew that to have a shoe that smelled like this was truly a gift, but I could never properly appreciate it fully. I urged Steven to continue sniffing it, daring him to hold out until he could enjoy it properly, despite being highly reluctant to do it myself! He took another sniff. "Ugh." he said, shaking his head. "Keep going" I said, taking a couple of light sniffs my self, almost coughing, my eyes watering slightly already. "Mmmm!" he groaned, shaking his head again, like a reluctant child being asked to perform an unpleasant chore, and russian blogger vlad saveliev and hot moscow prostitute savelyev and dogstyle some ways it was precisely that.

Despite this, he kept taking sniff, timid sniffs. Watching his face contort with disgust made me feel young brunette amateur cfnm babe fucks stripper at party strange kind of lust that I hadn't encountered before, a kind of appreciation of the fact that someone was willing to degrade themselves by sniffing this god-awful shoe along with me, determination to fall in love with the demonic stench attempting to overcome the stomach churning stench.

I could see in his eyes and by the throbbing of his raging hard-on that he was enjoying this immensely, but his face and his voice kept suggesting that he was going to collapse under the awesome, mighty stink, defeated. Not wishing to see him meet this humiliating fate, but wanting to help him overcome and enjoy it, I succumbed to my overwhelming lust and leaned down, finally putting his beautiful cock in my mouth where I had dreamed of having it for what felt like an eternity.

Steven gasped, taken by surprise, and moaned and groaned loader than ever, occasionally thrusting involuntarily as I blindly sucked and licked all over his dick.

Save for knowing of the word 'blowjob' and that it somehow involved the mouth, I really didn't know how exactly I was supposed to do this, but judging by Stevens reaction I was doing it right.

Penny pax and maddy oreilly sucking off a black gloryhole cock noticed with pleasure that he began sniffing at my mothers disgusting foot odor more rapidly, deeper, occasionally taking in massive inhalations as if were the finest drug in the world. His gasps of pleasure and moans of disgust became a confusing cacophony of noises as he lost all self-control and gave into the primal, animalistic sensations of ecstasy.

Soon I settled into a rhythm of bobbing my head up and down as I simultaneously sucked his shaft skin in a masturbatory motion, fitting his entire cock in my mouth, my tongue licking up and down and swirling around in a mad frenzy. The feelings of his penis in my mouth were intensely pleasant, both physically and psychologically, the extreme warmth of his cock radiating and heating the inside of my mouth, my mind reeling with exciting in the realization of just what I was actually doing.

It didn't take long for Stevens orgasm to build up after what was up till now a half hour of sexual stimulation. Without asking my permission (but already having it!), Steven grunted and bucked, his sweaty body no longer under his control, his every breath bombarded with a delicious feety stink, the air punctuated by loud YEAHS!

and FUCKS! and OH MY GOD! I felt his cock swell and he came hard, his hot cum shooting out at the speed of a cannonball, thick rope after rope after rope squirting into my juicy wet mouth and down my throat as I relentlessly continued sucking and bobbing. I gagged to avoid choking, swallowing half of it involuntarily without even tasting it, feeling it take its slimy path down into my stomach.

Steven must have came non stop for at least twenty seconds, before finally pulling out and laying down on his back, panting like crazy. I watched him as I swirled his cum in my mouth, tasting it, acquainting my palate with this new thick and sticky bodily fluid.

Hey, I'm an honest guy, and this story is 100% true, no details spared. So I'll tell you the truth. I found it to be an unpleasant taste. Still do, in fact. Strange for someone who is clearly gay I know, but that's just how it is. It's too weird and salty and it tastes bitter after a while to me.

Steven doesn't mind though. I still love to let him cum in my mouth all the time and I just spit it out. Maybe, just maybe, if he's a very good boy, I'll swallow it for him if he asks nicely enough! "Hmm." I said simply. I quickly got up without word and went to the bathroom, my hard cock bouncing along, and I spat it into the sink and washed it away.

"Blargh" I said to myself. I walked back into my mums wrong and sat down next to him. I looked at the digital clock next to my mums bed. 3:35 was about the time.

"What did it taste like?" he asked, curious. "Really, really salty. Not very nice" I said with a frown, shrugging. He laughed. "Oh well, I guess I won't like it either" he said sadly. "I probably shouldn't do it huh?" "Fuck you!" I said, mock angrily, punching him playfully on the shoulder.

"Suck my dick right now or you'll never get to sniff my feet again!" I said, laughing. "Oh shit!

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Well in that case." he said with a smile, lunging head first towards my rock hard dick and putting it into his mouth. "Woah.uhh.

oh yeah, that's fucking amazing" I said as I felt his mouth manipulate my penis is several different ways. Now I knew why he was groaning so loud. If you've never had a blowjob before and you're reading this, well, how do I describe it?

It's really, REALLY good. You can feel the warmth and wetness envelop your cock which is just delightful and so exciting, and the sucking and licking motions kind of feels like your being gently wanked except it's more. hmm, I don't know what the word is really!

Not even Steven who is sucking on my cock right this very second can think of the word! Well, maybe your mind would describe it differently when you experience it.

Just trust me when I tell you that it was pretty fucking awesome. I sat there cross legged, against the foot of the bed, with Steven sitting on his knees with his head in my lap. I held my mums reeking shoe up to my nose and found that eventually it became more bearable with the invaluable help of Stevens blowjob. The feelings in my body were incredible as Steven soon developed his own personal method of licking my head and bulge and using his teeth to lightly scrape my skin, which I wished I had thought of.

Oh well, theirs always next time right? I used my free hand to rub and tickle Stevens ass checks. His buttocks felt so soft and squeezable and perfect and you just want to bury your face in them! He moaned with approval. I avoided his anus for now, feeling the time for that was not now, and Steven didn't raise a complaint about that. And so, sure enough, I orgasmed, the most amazing orgasm in my life at that point. Image all the orgasms you've ever given yourself by hand and times it by 100 and you'd be mature italian milf amateur prostitution sting takes pervert off the streets there.

To cum inside his mouth was such a perfect sensation, that makes all the shit in the world feel like nothing. (Take note, if you're thinking about committing suicide, you're probably not getting enough blowjobs!) Ha, I'm making my blowjob seem more spiritual than sexy, right?

Well it was, in a way, but more importantly it was FUCKING INCREDIBLE! My cock swelled and surged in a manner that you could never even come close to simulating on your own, and I came so hard that my balls ached a little afterwards.

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In fact, when I jerked off later that day after Steven had gone home, almost no cum came out, probably because there was none left! Anyway, the rest of the story is essentially us getting dressed and cleaning up any evidence of what happened, and making secret plans to meet again soon. I told him to wear my pair of socks, so that when he got home he could sniff them to think of me, and I kept his for the same purpose. We kissed for a while, the smell of cum still strong on Stevens breath, before he eventually went home for his dinner.

And that's the end of that day! Keep an eye on my profile because the next pinay ofw kuwait story scandal aisha filipina maid will be on it's way! The next time we meet up is at his house and we experiment anally, and remember, it's all 100% true!

PS. No, I didn't forget! In case your wondering, Steven did like the taste of my cum, to my surprise, and swallowed it all, opening his mouth and wriggling his tongue around to show me. He's a cum bucket so he is, a complete bitch really.

He can't get enough of cum! He thinks it's the most delicious flavor in the world (he even once ate a bowl of ice-cream that I came in!) Anyway, see you next time!