Le cheval de mon ami encule ma femme

Le cheval de mon ami encule ma femme
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The Break Down A work of fiction By Nikki The October night was inky black, made even more so by the solid curtain of clouds that covered the Oregon sky and the heavy rain that had been falling from them and beating against the windshield for hours now as I drove west down I 84.

It wouldn't be long now, only another 30 to 40 minutes and I would be driving into my garage at Errol Heights. My son had drifted off to sleep some time ago, safely strapped into his car seat surrounded with all his favorite toys so all I had to distract me was the FM radio that I had finally found a decent station on. I was drumming my fingers on the steering wheel, listening to "dock of the bay" when the steering wheel almost pulled from my grasp and a huge Ka-bang resounded through the little mini-van.

Weaving dangerously close to the guardrail, I finally got the little beast slowed down and under control just as the green sign announcing that the Troutdale exit was one mile ahead. From the racket coming from the right front of my little dodge, I knew that the damm tire had popped, and silently cussed myself for not having new tires put on before I took this trip. I had been through this drill before and was not looking forward to changing a tire on the side of this busy freeway so I decided to limp it along until I got to the Troutdale off ramp, at least there maybe I wouldn't get run over by some semi-truck thundering out of the darkness.

The ramp finally appeared and I pulled from the freeway and stopped about halfway up the ramp. I went through my mental checklist and set the brake, shut the van off, and flipped the flashers on before steeling myself and stepping out into the wind driven rain. I had just popped the back hatch open when I saw the reflections of multicolored lights and turned around to see a state patrol car pulling in behind me.

The door opened and a large shadow appeared as the patrolman stepped out into the weather and closed his door. All I could see as he approached me was his outline because his 6 kgillion candlepower flashlight was continuously sweeping over me and the rest of my van. As he finally stepped before me and lowered his flashlight I found myself looking into the dark eyes of one of the most handsome black men that I had ever seen.

Even through the floppy rain suit draped over him I could see that his shoulders were massive and I wondered to myself if that big chest was covered in hair or not. My daydream was cut short when his strong voice asked what my problem was and I told him that my front tire had gone flat.

He slipped down the right side, flicking his light through my van as he went with me in tow. When his light locked on my sons sleeping brown face I could clearly see his little eyes clinch tight before the beam of light moved on.

The cop turned and asked simply "yours?" and I said yes, causing his eyebrows to curl a bit and his eyes to quickly sweep my body. His entire demeanor instantly changed towards me now that he knew that I had enjoyed a black mans company at least big dick teen girls and brunette bikini babe xxx local working girl. As he surveyed the destroyed tire and mangled rim.

He asked if I had triple A or some other club that he could call for me and when I told him that I had planned on doing it myself, his face cracked a beautiful smile and told me that he could take some time and help me if I wanted. Deciding in microseconds to give him my best blonde act I told him that I had never changed a tire before but had read the owners manual and thought that I could handle it if he needed to leave. My line had hooked him, and he smiled again at me, cocked his head and spoke into a hot asian girl show her fucking hardcore part teenxxxnetworkcom microphone under his rain jacket.

As I listened to him tell his dispatcher that he was taking his dinner break at Troutdale, I took the time to step back a bit and give him a good looking over. He was a striking man of about 6'2", lean but completely buff in every place that I could glimpse. By the time he signed off with his dispatcher, I had decided that I had stumbled across a black version of Adonis.

He followed me back to the rear hatch and I showed him where the tire things were stowed in their little compartment and he quickly went to work.

It was obvious that the front tire was no match for him because in record time he had changed the bad one for good and even put my wheel cover back on. While he was effortlessly spinning the nuts off and on the tires I had stood beside him watching him work and chatting. He had asked where I was coming from and when I told him we had visited my son's grandma, he asked where my husband was. I knew he was pumping me for info and I told him that my sons father and I weren't married and that he didn't even live in the area anymore.

I could tell that he welcomed this little bit of info because he began asking more questions about me personally like where I worked, what I did, etc. So by the time he finally stowed my jack back in it's place and closed the hatch, he knew about me and I knew that he was single, been on the job for three years, loved his job but hated this shift.

I had followed him back to his car and he motioned me inside as he slipped from his rain jacket before getting in. The inside of his cruiser was so nice and warm but almost as soon as I closed the door with my soaking wet i love that fucking pre cum holly heart pornstars nice ass on, the windows began to fog up.

I had never been in a police car and as the light flicked on when he opened his door I surveyed the numerous radios and he even had a computer hanging off of the dashboard. He reached under the seat and pulled a large box of wet wipes out and used two or three to clean his hands while I thanked him for helping me. He told me that it was OK, that it was part of his job but I knew that to be a lie.

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He had taken his dinner break to change my tire and I wanted to make it up to him. I told him that I knew that he had used his personal time to help me and I wanted to make it up to him by cooking him dinner. He said that I didn't need to do that and I told him that I insisted and asked him when his shift was over. He glanced at the car clock and said that he was nearly done with the exception of turning his cruiser over to his relief. I offered to give him my address but he again just smiled and turned the computer screen towards me and showed me that all my information was clearly displayed right there then said that he had my info and could be there in less than an hour if shift change went smoothly.

His interracially fucked babe gets cuminmouth european fetish were boring into me and I could feel the heat building between us more and more with each passing second.

With nothing left to say, I reached for the door handle then leaned across and kissed him quickly before slipping from the car and closing the door. I had seen the total surprise on his face as I kissed him and had purposely kept it very short.

I wanted him to want more, so as I walked away, illuminated by his headlights I wiggled my ass with each step towards my door where I gave him a little smile and wave before slamming my door and heading on home.

As soon as I arrived I put my still sleeping son to bed then jumped in the shower to freshen up before Randal arrived. Slipping back into a loose sweatshirt and sweat pants made me feel absolutely wicked without underwear of any kind and I could already feel the wetness begin to build between my legs at the mere thought of his strong hand touching me there.

I had just opened a bottle of wine as the doorbell rang and I opened it to find a smiling Randal looking down at me. I invited him in and led him back to the kitchen, working my ass for him the entire way. As we stopped by the counter I turned and saw his eyes quickly flick up from my butt and glimpsed a smoldering heat in his eyes as I offered him some wine. As I handed him his wine our fingertips touched and I could feel an electric energy arc between us, I knew that I was rushing things a lot, but I had wanted this hot bodied beauty loves a huge cock in her pussy from the second I had looked into his dark passionate eyes there on the freeway.

I took a sip of my wine then stepped closer to him and asked if he would care to try that kiss again. Without a single word one strong arm wrapped about my waist and pulled me to him as his other hand rid itself of the wine.

Our lips met and the warmth between my legs exploded into an inferno before our first long kiss ended. As we came up for air I could feel his hand slip under the waistband of my sweats and his fingers begin to trace a line over my ass.

Our lips met again and I couldn't help but moan into his mouth as his large powerful hand gripped my ass cheek I slipped my hand between us and felt his rigid cock fighting to release itself from the tan trousers. Giving his hard cock a playful squeeze brought a low moan from deep within his powerful chest. The moment that our second long kiss ended I gripped his free hand and led him down the hallway and into my bedroom before turning back to him and cupping his hardness and kissing him deeply again.

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He lifted the sweatshirt from me letting a low whistle escape his lips as my breasts and erect nipples came into his view. As his head bent down and his lips sucked in a nipple making me whimper, my hand slid his zipper down and gripped his hot pulsing manhood.

My entire body shivered as I felt his huge thick cock.

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Randal had pulled my sweat pants down over my hips and another hand slipped between my legs and gently traced a path down my quivering slit again making me whimper with delight. I began tugging at his clothes and with his help we were both nude in moments and we fell to the mattress together. He pulled me to his chest and drove his tongue into my mouth as our hands explored each other's bodies.

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He slipped a finger into my sopping hole and I felt my hips begin to buck against his hand as I gripped his pulsing cock and stroked his thick nine-inch plus tool forcing a massive quantity of his slick pre-cum from his swollen cock head which I began to rub up and down his thick shaft. Our kiss broke off and I slipped down his broad hairy chest and forced my lips over his massive cock head and savored my first taste of this man. His pre-cum flowed from his wonderful cock in a steady stream and I greedily sucked it down as I listened to his moans of pleasure for my efforts.

His strong arms pulled me around until I straddled his face and he buried his tongue in my quivering sex, making my hips involuntarily buck against his mouth. After just moments he lifted my pussy from his mouth and told me how incredibly hot and juicy my pussy was, then drove his wide tongue back into me like a smaller version of his cock. Over and over he did this until suddenly I exploded on top of him, flooding his mouth with my fuck juice. I could take no more and I pulled myself from his mouth and rolled onto my back and begged him to fuck me with his beautiful cock.

Randal quickly rolled onto me and said that those were the words he had been wanting to hear ever since he had seen me in his headlights. I didn't need to guide his fat cock head to the entrance of my womb, with one roll of his strong hips I felt his beautiful cock press against my pussy lips and stretch my hole wide open as he drove himself several inches into me. My hands gripped his back as I felt my womb surrender to this mans huge cock.

With each thrust of his massive black cock more and more of my pussy was stretched to its ultimate limit making me moan and shudder with its every movement within me.

I felt a huge orgasm erupt from deep within my very bones and flood my vision with multicolored specks as wave after wave of electric jolts flashed through my cock hungry flesh. Randal's huge balls finally began a rhythmic smacking as they struck my ass with each powerful thrust of his cock into my hole. His massive size took my breath away each time his hard, pulsing cock would force itself fully into me. My body was on fire as every nerve cell fired in unison white adorable cutie with dark male interracial hardcore his hard passionate fucking.

His soft chest hair rubbing against my erect nipples continually sent little electric tingles rippling up my spine and bouncing around in my head. I felt another climax building between my wide spread legs and begged Randal to fuck me harder with his wonderful black cock. His firm thrusts became even more powerful as my body began convulsing on his blackness yet again.

Huge undulating waves of pleasure coursed though my nervous system making my entire body spasm beneath his steady onslaught of pure animal sex.

With his voice, thick with lust, he moaned into my ear just how much he was enjoying my tight white pussy milking his cock and I whimpered back to him that I loved the feel of his thick black snake working its magic inside me. Another mega climax gripped me and Sunny leone jabardasti xxx story 2019 katrina kaif clutched him to my breast with clutching arms and thin white legs wrapped tightly around his back as I mewed into his ear.

With a small roar that rapidly grew to a load moan he began thrusting his manhood to the very center of my being as I felt his huge cock deposit load after load of its thick fertile seed directly into my womb with each powerful pulse of his incredible black cock.

As he emptied the contents of his heavy balls into me, I felt the pressure build as I was filled beyond capacity and his thick semen began spewing from my stretched pussy, splattering us both with his seed as he continued to pound himself against me until his final spurt had been placed deeply within my core.

But this strong and virile man was not yet done with me; he pulled his semi hard cock from my womb and presented it to my hungry mouth as his sperm coated balls coated the valley between my breasts. He told me to suck his cock and to suck it hard because he needed to cum again in my beautiful white mouth.

Thick globs of his semen still oozed from his cock head as he slipped it between my lips and I got my first taste of his pungent seed. My hands went to his hips and I pulled more of his manhood into me, feeling his thickness stretch my cheeks and greedily sucking his spent cock back to its glory. He fell into my cadence and began rolling his hips into my hungry mouth, fucking my tiny mouth as he had my pussy. Glancing up his chest I could see the pleasure that I was giving him written across his entire face.

His cock quickly expanded within my mouth forcing my jaws open even wider as he continued to stuff his glistening black cock to the very back of my throat with each roll of his hips. He released the headboard with one hand and tightly gripped my head while he moaned and told me that he was going to seed my sweet little mouth.

A small explosion erupted between my jaws as his mammoth cock began to pulse on my tongue and thick streams of his fertile sperm flooded my mouth. After only two or three of his powerful ejaculations I found it impossible to swallow the huge amount of sperm filling every nook of my mouth and thick streams sprayed from the corners of my mouth and ran freely over my chin and down my neck. He suddenly pulled his cock from me just as I was about to choke on his never ending flood of semen.

He continued to spray his thick streams of baby juice onto my face, filling my eye sockets and coating my cheeks and even hair with his massive ropes of semen.

Unable to see, I merely opened my mouth and re admitted his cock when his massive explosions began to ebb and he had again pressed his cock head against my lips. Even then I was forced to swallow several times as his massive black cock continued to eject its seed in a steady stream, which quickly filled my cheeks again. I scooped his wonderful warm sticky sperm from my eye sockets and watched his smiling face as he milked the last thick drools of his cream into my mouth.

Finally empty he slipped his softening cock from my lips and rubbed it back and forth across my cheeks as he told me that I had thoroughly repaid him for his roadside assistance and that he hoped that I would break down in his quadrant every night because he could get used to this.

After a brief rest we showered and flopped back into my soiled bed where I instantly feel asleep in his powerful arms, upon waking the next morning, I sadly found him absent from my bed and feeling dejected, I drifted into my bathroom while thinking of sandra de marco and claudia rossi hot sexxy the wonderfully nasty things I would have loved to do this morning with him.

There I found his cell number written upon my mirror and this message "Our motto is protect and serve, I will if you will, yes or no?" I have been proudly serving my black master ever since.