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Sanny leone hot xxx story com
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"That was good, I had a little one," She tells me groaning. "Just a little one," I ask wondering what else I should have done. "Yes, it was basic fucking and it was good enough. Do you want me to clean my asshole for you in case you want to fuck me again if we have time," Wilma asks quietly. "Yeah, clean is good," I answer not really knowing which would be better. I watch her stagger up and slowly walk back to the bathroom where I can assume she cleans herself.

I sit on the bed and think it wasn't that bad, some spanking and choking sure but I didn't do anything really extreme to her. I watch her exit the bathroom and approach me again before sister brother xxx on force to her knees in front of me and cleaning me off with a wet cloth.

"Mr. Stuart wants it clean so I make it clean," Wilma tells herself as she cleans me. Yeah I'm pretty sure she's crazy but she didn't try to cut me or anything so I think I win there. I back up onto the bed and start to lie down when she says something that catches me off guard.

"Would you like to secure and gag me before you sleep," She asks as plain as she can," Mistress likes me to sleep on the floor when I've been fucking." I get up from the bed and while I don't really understand what we're doing I follow her instruction as we 'secure' her. Her arms are bound behind her back, I gag her mouth, and she pointed out the leg restraints that go around her knees keeping them apart about a foot.

I take her to the bathroom and have her relieve herself before I attempt that and I have to wipe her front first, which is odd as hell but she moans lightly as I do it. Once the leg restraints are on I watch Wilma lie uncomfortably on her side and close her eyes to sleep on the floor as I move to the bed and lay down under the covers.

I must be laying there and have slept an hour when I hear it, whimpering. I shake my sleep off and hear it continue coming from where else, the floor. I lean over the bed and see Wilma lying on her stomach rubbing her hips against the carpeted floor. She's still bound and when I set my feet on the floor to stand up her head turns towards me to look.

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I can barely make out her face in the light but it's one of I guess confusion and I start to help her up almost on auto pilot till she's standing. I sit her on the bed and roll her onto her back and arms. Wilma doesn't seem like she's in pain but when I pull her legs up and press them against her chest exposing her pussy her eyes are wide in either anticipation or fear, I'm not sure which.

Gently I use my fingers and I start to rub her clit in slow circles getting a moan for my touch. She's a little wet and I'm spreading the wetness around her clit before switching to my thumb to rub the little bump. With my thumb over her clit I take my middle finger on the same hand and press inside her pussy.

Wilma's pussy is tighter than her ass and where she moaned when I was in her now she's bucking against my finger and shaking as much as she can. I keep rubbing stunning japanese babe haruka kaede is drilled uncensored clit and fingering her as she squirms not able to move at all.

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I add a second finger and speed up which has what I can only guess is a gagged wailing as Wilma starts thrashing around. I feel her clamp down on my fingers and I move them as much as possible as she orgasms around them.

I slow and let her settle down before I move myself over her positioning my cock head above her pussy.

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Soon as she feels it Wilma's eyes go wide and she starts shaking her head vigorously no. I back up and she calms down when I put it against her asshole. I reenter her for the third time tonight but I don't like being told no when I'm supposed to be the one in charge. I have to lube up my cock with some of her cum before I can get back inside but as soon as I'm in I have her legs by her shoulders and I'm hammering into Wilma's asshole with no remorse.

Now Wilma is grunting as I'm above her hammering down, her eyes shut as I take no prisoners on her body. I look at her very small almost flat breasts for the first time and note the hard nipples, I use a hand to grip one and when she opens her eyes Lesbian teenie experiences with anal toys lesbians erotica pinch it lightly causing her to shift her weight against me.

I am still upset about being denied the tightest pussy ever and lean back off of her undoing the leg restraints and with the bar keeping them apart and toss it to the floor. I am on my knees with her ass on my lap when I grab nipple in each finger and pull them towards me as I thrust into her.

I am going hard and fast as she is almost screaming into her gag and it feels tight when we're both surprised and she squirts, actually squirts, from her pussy and tries to force me out. I don't let her and releasing her tits and grabbing her hips fuck her for one thing, my orgasm. Wilma is moaning but spent as I hammer her till I cum hard again into her asshole.

I'm grunting and grinding into her as I pinch her nipple and she moans. When I'm finally done cumming I pull out and roll her onto her side and undo her arms and point to the bathroom.

I watch her walk very submissively to the bathroom as she goes to clean herself up. I wait for her to return and when I see the rag I stop her. "Mouth only, now clean it up," I tell Wilma who drops the rag and crawls onto the bed. She doesn't waste time licking and sucking me clean and when she's done I watch her start to head to the floor when I grab her arm to stop her. "Why did you tell me no? If I'm in charge why do I not get to fuck your pussy," I ask a bit more aggressive than I normally am.

"I'm not on protection sir. If you were to fuck my pussy I would carry your child and I want to carry my brother's child first," She says and I must have not heard her right. "Wait you want Desmond's baby? Your brother's baby," I ask and she nods.

"Yes sir, he saved me and made me feel like a family. I want his first. It's the only thing Mistress Katy doesn't force on me.

My small freedom," Wilma says quietly starting to pull away," Sir I should be on the floor." "No, I don't get pussy then I get to have a warm bed.

You will stay up here and you will behave yourself and maybe if I want more of your ass I'll have it right here waiting for me," I tell her and watch as she nods. We curl up under the blankets and Julia boin oppai rare story english subtitles can tell she's not used to having someone near her as she is balled up and turned away from me.

I roll her to face me and pull her next to my chest which surprises me as she cuddles up like a lost kitten before we both fall asleep. Guy: Saturday Morning "Okay Desmond explain to me again why you let him go all sorts of apeshit on the target," I ask as we're riding back to the hotel.

It's been a long night. First I get woken up from the couch at Claire's house aka base of communications to find that Desmond has dropped off his target at the hospital.

Apparently he thought he got spotted after leaving and had to drive around in the target's car before he found out that the people following him thought he was some MMA guy and we chasing him for his autograph. When he finally contacts me to let me know what happened I have Isaac drive me to him for a pick up while Ben is on watch at Claire's home and prepping the second half of phase one. Thankfully we're all in the car when he tells me that they switched rolls and now Stuart has been out of contact for hours when I should be there to check on him and see how he's doing.

"Guy he was chomping at the bit the whole time we were in the car. I was focused but he was constantly trying to talk or just get up and move. It was a good hit sir," Desmond tells me as we head into the hotel.

"Well he's not used to violence like this. We needed to bring him along gently and talk him down afterwards if he wasn't right with it," I explain as we take the elevator up to our rooms.

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The three of us are walking down the hall and I stop at Stuart's room and knock on the door but there is no answer. I knock again louder and still no answer, not even when I call to him through the door.

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Now I'm worried and debating kicking the door in or bribing the maid when I hear a voice from down the hall. "Guy, sir? Is everything alright," Stuart asks dressed in his jeans with no shoes or shirt. "Stuart why aren't you in your room? Why did you stay in Wilma's room," I ask becoming very concerned," Stuart did she flip out?

Did she cut anyone? Did she try to rape you?"