Echtes casting mit teeny ohne kondom in berliner hotel german teen

Echtes casting mit teeny ohne kondom in berliner hotel german teen
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We left off in chapter 2, with Mistress demonstrating my absolute obedience to Her, by sucking a log of shit right out of Her ass, with Her male client looking on.

I begin to choke on the log of shit that is now completely draped over my tongue hardcore sex and sucking on a train extending all the way down my throat!

" Focus, slut! No choking! Control yourself. You know what'll happen if You puke it up!" You pull my face in closer with Your hand, and hold me there.

Your shit is smeared all over my face. I cant breathe, temporarily, while You hold me tight up against Your cheeks!. I feel Your sphincter opening wide, as You push out a huge amount of Your chocolate into my mouth, accompanied by several, rather muted (!) farts.

For some reason it makes my asshole relax more for Your client, who is starting to fuck me with abandon.

I can tell he will be coming soon. Im starting to learn these things. I am truly becoming an excellent cock whore for You, I feel. I wriggle my ass seductively, like You've trained me, and reach around and fondle his balls to completion. You pull my face away from Your ass. " Now, Brad. I want You to pull out and get Your cock in this slaves mouth. She will finish you off there. Dont worry about the shit. She'll give you a thorough clensing afterwards.

And, if you dont mind, she needs a good faceful of cum to remind her of her place. I'll take over with my hand at that point." He grunts his acknowledgement. He slaps me on my ass as he pulls out. Mistress grabs me by my hair and spins me around so that his engorged member is right in my face! " Lets take our time with this, Brad. Put my little whore to work on You. Her cocksucking skills are quite excellent.

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Here, let me guide you in." Mistress Diana rachel steele son blackmails mom intfucking his cock and slaps me in the face with it several times! " This is your world now, my little slut. Not just toilet service, but being whored out for the delicious little slut that you've become, as well! You have proved your skills admirably as my cock whore, and I intend to use them to my advantage!

Think of all the money your going to bring in for me You will be a prized pet in my stable! Now get those lips and tongue working. Perform for me!" I immediately obey. I put forth my best cock pleasuring techniques that I have learned from You. Nibbling, licking, sucking, the way You like to see me. I no longer gag anymore. I dont care if I dont like being fucked by cocks and then having to suck them clean, after.

I dont care that I wont only be Your personal servant and toilet. I can see how much my performance pleases You, and can imagine how much money I can make for You.

And being the true submissive slut that I am, giving You pleasure is truly my biggest turn-on. I am working hard on him now. I am caressing his cock and balls with my hands. You have moved back, and are now whipping my ass and thighs viciously with one of Your canes, in time with my sucking strokes on his cock.

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I am getting worked up into quite a frenzy. Pleasuring The Cock is the main thing on my mind.

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His eyes start to roll back. He is lunging furiously now into my mouth. His hands hold me in place at the back of my head.

He is smacking me furiously with his balls! And then he starts to cum spurts of hot semen blast down my throat! He pulls out midway thru and finishes himself off, all over my face! An incredible amount of cum, this guy had stored up! My face is covered. I am so humiliated! But also happy that i've pleased You. That is more important to me than anything.

" You are a finely trained little slut, do you know that? I havent cum so fully in a long time!

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Congratulations Diana. You've trained her well! I will definitely be coming back for this one. Do you ever rent them out for a full weekend? I have 2 or 3 friends that would love to spend some time with this little whore. She's quite pretty, and very seductive, isnt she?" " Yes she is that, indeed. I saw her potential quite early on. Thats why i've kept her. And as long as she continues to improve, I will keep her longer. Isnt that right, my little cunt?" Mistress glared at me.

" Yes Mistress, I will always work very hard to improve my skills, and give You reason to keep me. I promise!" " Such a sweatheart, isnt she?" Mistress smiled as She spoke.

" A cutie, indeed!" Brad agreed " Now, you thank brad for letting you work on his cock." She said to me.

" Yes, thankyou Brad, for giving me the opportunity to service you and improve my skills for my Mistress. I hope you come back soon, for more of me." I couldnt believe I was saying this.

I hate sucking cocks and being fucked hard by them. But it doesnt matter anymore. Its always going to be only Your pleasure that matters, from now on.

I am so fully Yours! " Now, my pretty little asscunt. Get over here and clean all the shit off my ass. Thoroughly! Then you will tend to Brad. A complete cleansing, please! When you are finished, you will go clean yourself up, and wait for me in your cage! The night is still Young!"