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Stepmom cory sucks a big cock after dinner and sydney busts her threesome and cumshot
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Max woke up to find his bed empty, making him wonder for a moment if the night before had all just been a dream, he glanced at the alarm clock on his night stand to see it was nearly noon. It wasn't unusual for him to indulge by sleeping in on the weekends, but certainly not this late. He got up, going into his bathroom to take a shower, before shaving and doing the rest of his morning grooming rituals.

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He slid on a pair of cargo shorts and a shirt before walking quietly down the hall to Jazz's room to see if she was still in bed, to his surprise she wasn't. It was typical for her to sleep in this late, which made it even more of a sup rise when he walked into the kitchen to find her making bacon and scrambled eggs for him.

"Well good morning early bird, little early for you isn't it?" Max said as he sat down at the kitchen table. Jazz smiled as she sat his plate down in front of him, "Good morning to you too sleepy head, I had to run some errands this morning, I heard the shower running when I got back so I thought I would make you some breakfast." "It's good, thank you baby" Max said as he took another bite of his scrambled eggs.

"No problem." Jazz said as she started to wash up, "Oh by the way, someone called while you were in the shower, something about a shoot today." "Shit!" Max said as he pushed his chair back "What?" Jazz asked as she turned to look at him, "I completely forgot about that, I gotta go get my stuff ready to go. I'm so sorry babygirl." Max said as he quickly kissed Jazz's cheek before he ran downstairs to get his equipment. Jazz came down a minute later handing Max a bacon and egg sandwich, "I'll load your gear in the jeep, you eat." she said as she grabbed a couple of his bags before amateur babe doggystyled by tow truck driver could reply.

He couldn't help but grin as he watched her walk away, he had to admire her spirit, that was for sure. Max grabbed the last bag, throwing it over his shoulder as he took a bite of the sandwich Jazz had made for him before heading outside. Jazz was about to come back in to get the last of the equipment as Max came outside, he put his bag in the jeep with the rest of his gear.

He took another bite of the sand which as Jazz open her mouth to protest that he should be eating instead. Max grinned playfully, "I know you too well babygirl." "Yeah, yeah, yeah." Jazz said rolling her eyes as she gave her dad a hug goodbye. "I'm probably not gonna be home for the rest of the day," Max said as he kissed the top of Jazz's head. wild oriental titty fuck and oral japanese and hardcore, call me if you're gonna be late." Jazz said giving Max a kiss on the cheek before he climbed into his jeep "Sure thing, babygirl." Max said as he started the jeep up and began to back out of his parking spot, giving her a quick wave before driving away.

Jazz smiled to herself as she went back in to finish cleaning up the kitchen. After Jazz finished cleaning the kitchen, she moved on to doing a few other various chores around the house trying to keep herself busy in an attempt to take her mind of the clock. Jazz had just finished folding a load of laundry, when she looked up at the clock, a smile spreading across her face.

Jazz went into her room, pulling a shopping bag out from under her bed. She began setting out the various bath products that she had bought especially for that night, pausing to pop the lid off one of the bottles to inhale the sweet aroma.

Jazz set the bag with the other two shopping bags from the day and headed to her bathroom, her arms full with bath products.

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Jazz turned on the water waiting for it to get hot before pouring in a cap full of bubble bath, watching the mounds of fluffy bubbles form as the bath tub filled with water, shutting the water off once the bath was full enough.

Jazz stood peeling off her t-shirt, tossing it aside before unhooking her bra and letting it slide down her arms to the floor, her nipples stiffening as the cool air of the bathroom hit her skin, sending a shiver down her spine, a soft moan escaping her lips. She undid the button of her tight hip huggers, wriggling out of them as she pushed them down her hips.

Jazz stepped out of her jeans, as she hooked her thumbs under the waistband of her panties, pulling them down and off. Jazz stepped into the bath, slowly lowering herself down into the hot water, taking a few moments to just enjoy the relaxing heat before lathering up a soft sea sponge with body wash.

She slowly swirled the sponge over her skin, as she thought about the night before and the night to come. Jazz closed her eyes as moved the sponge over and around her breasts, imagining her father caressing and holding her firm breasts in his hands like he had the night before, making goosebumps form on her skin despite the fact that the bathwater was still quite warm.

Jazz dropped the sponge as she began to tweak and pinch her nipples, as she began to moan softly from her own ministrations, her pussy pulsing each time she pinched and twisted her nipples. Jazz's right hand went to her pussy, her fingers immediately zeroing in on her throbbing clit, while still pinching and twisting with her left hand, going back and forth from one nipple to the other.

Her moans filled the bathroom, reverberating off the walls of the bathrooms, her back arching as an orgasm crashed over her like a strong ocean wave. Jazz smiled as she splashed water over herself, rinsing the suds from her skin, as she basked in afterglow of her orgasm.

Jazz finished her bath by shaving, making sure that every inch of her skin was completely silky smooth before getting out of the tub and toweling herself dry. Jazz heard Max's jeep pull up as she stepped out of her bathroom, he was earlier than she had anticipated, she knew she still had a few minutes before he finished unloading his equipment. Max walked upstairs thinking he would get to surprise Jazz by being home from the shoot earlier than he had anticipated, but he was the one surprised to see Jazz sitting on the counter top directly across from the stairs, waiting for him in a pair of sexy black stilettos and a black satin robe.

"Welcome home Daddy." "And what a welcome it is," Max said with a devilish grin as he crossed the kitchen floor, Jazz spreading her legs as Max came to stand between them, leaning down to kiss her, their tongues intertwining as she wrapped her arms around his neck. "You know, I could get used to this," Max said as he broke the kiss, "And you haven't even unwrapped your present yet," Czech public redhead xxx fake soldier gets used as a fuck toy murmured "My present?" Max said quickly looking around the kitchen, Jazz smiled nervously as butterflies began to flutter in the pit of her hot blonde gets pleasure at the pool, her confident bravado beginning to wear thin as she slid down off the counter to take Max's hand leading him to his bedroom.

Jazz turned to face Max, taking a deep breath to steady herself as she slipped the end of her robe's belt into his hand. Max looked down at the scrap of fabric in his hand, then back to Jazz's face, "What's this babygirl?" Jazz smiled sheepishly, "It's your present," Jazz looked to the floor for a moment, "I know it's silly, I jus." Max pulled Jazz close as he bent down to kiss her lips, catching her off guard.

Max broke the quick kiss to look into Jazz's eyes, "Relax, you don't have to be so self conscious with me, I'm not going to judge you." "I know, I just." Jazz blushed as she trailed off feeling flustered "Just what, tell me." Max said as he sat on the bed, pulling her into his lap. Jazz closed her eyes her, resting her head against Max's shoulder, "I just wanted to make this special so I could make you happy, to make up for the fact that I've never done any of this before and I don't know what I'm doing." "Open your eyes, babygirl" Max said as he cradled her in his arms Jazz bit her lower lip, a nervous habit, before reluctantly opening her eyes.

"I want you to look me in the eyes, so you know that every word I'm about to say is true, Understood?" "I understand" Jazz said in little more than a whisper. "Good.

You don't need to do anything special to make up for anything, you're learning, and that's okay, I can teach you, if that's what you want. Is it? " Jazz nodded before murmuring, "Yes, I want that very much." "Good girl," Max said before flashing a wicked smile, "So, now tell me what you had in mind for tonight." Jazz looked away nervously as she bit her lower lip, unsure of what to say, as she suddenly felt unnerved and slightly embarrassed.

"Tell me." Max said in a firm tone that denoted his words were not a request. Jazz took a deep breath summoning her courage, "I wanted to have sex for the first time." she whispered as a flush spread across her cheeks. Jazz felt ridiculous, it was easier to get undressed in front of him than saying the words out loud. Max gently stroked her hair as he murmured, "Good girl, I know that wasn't easy for you, it's going to get easier though.

Have you been thinking about it a lot then?" Jazz nodded, "Well I thought about last night and what would happen tonight while I took a bath earlier." "Is that all you did while you were in the bath?" Max asked with a slight smirk as he watched her reaction. "Well, umm not exactly" she said with a sheepish grin. "Say it." Max said as he watched her squirm again. "I. I masturbated while I was in the bath tub." Jazz said as the color rose in her cheeks.

"Good girl" Max said kissing her forehead before continuing, "From now on, you're not allowed to masturbate without my permission, if you need to then you have to ask me first. Understood?" Jazz was surprised by what he had said, but she nodded, "I understand Daddy." "So are you nervous?" Max asked as he gently stroked her hair Jazz nodded, "A little bit," "It's only natural. You're tense too, I can feel the knots in your shoulders.

Do you want me to give you a massage, it will help you relax." Jazz smiled, it had been a while since she had had one of Max's massages, "I'd like that." "Okay, lay on your stomach," Max said as Jazz scooted off his lap onto the bed, slipping her robe off before she turned to lay on her stomach. Max kicked his shoes off as he took off his shirt, tossing it aside as he crawled onto the bed kneeling beside Jazz, "Ready?" "Yes" Jazz said as she felt her father's strong hands going to work on her tense muscles, starting at the shoulders and sell sis for money cash working his way down to her lower back, using the heel of his palm to rub small circles down her back.

Max could already feel the tension beginning to melt away as he continued to work his hands down to her lower back. When Max felt Jazz's muscles completely relax, he bent down gently kissing her soft skin along her shoulders, moving closer to her neck until Jazz turned her head towards him to kiss him, yielding herself to him as she parted her lips, she moaned softly as she felt his tongue press against hers.

Jazz turned over, never breaking the lip lock with Max as they kissed each other hungrily, as if this would be the last time their lips would meet. Jazz reached down unbuttoning his pants, Max pulled her hands away, pinning her arms down on the bed. "Uh uh, not yet, I'm going to make you work for it a little bit first." Max said with a devious grin.

Jazz bottom lip jutted out slightly as she looked up into her father's eyes, hoping that just maybe the old 'puppy dog eyes' routine would work. Max chuckled seeing Jazz's face, "Sorry babygirl, that trick doesn't work on me.

Now let's see how long you can last, remember, you can't cum until I give you permission, understood?" Jazz nodded,"I understand Daddy." Max grinned as he sucked Jazz's right nipple into his mouth, his hand cupping her left breast, rolling her hard nipples between his fingers. Jazz son fuk mom quick before him dad come home softly as she clutched at the blanket trying to fight the overwhelming urge to reach down to rub her throbbing clit as Max's tongue flicked across her nipple before giving it a playful bite, making her arch her back and writhe on the bed.

Jazz's moans and gasps began to get louder as Max switched breasts, his tongue now lavishing attention to Jazz's left nipple, as he pinched her right nipple hard between his fingers, the sharp contrast in sensations of his tongue lovingly messaging her left nipple, and his fingers painfully thrilling round ass babe is getting a thick sausage intrusion into her tight hole with her right nipple driving her wild, making her pussy pulse and throb with an intensity she had never experienced before.

Just when she was beginning to think she wouldn't be able to take this, Max backed off, slowly kissing his way down her abdomen, giving Jazz time to recover, pulling her back from the brink of orgasm. Jazz was both relieved and frustrated, relieved that she didn't cum without permission, but frustrated that she had been that close to the brink without feeling an intense orgasm crashing over her.

Jazz didn't have long to think about her precarious position, as Max flicked his tongue across her throbbing clit unexpectedly, Jazz gasped as a shudder worked it's way down her body.

Max chuckled to himself as he bent his head down, wriggling his tongue inside Jazz's wet pussy, lapping up her sweet juices as he felt Jazz's back blowjob from amateur blonde wife in hot amateur porn 2 tube porn, a low moan escaping her lips.

"Please," Jazz moaned over and over again as her mind was sent reeling, as she did everything she could to focus on controlling herself, desperately not wanting to disappoint him by cumming before he gave her permission to. "Tell me, tell me what you want. Say it babygirl." Max said as he lifted his head, his breath hot against her skin as he spoke.

"Please Daddy, I need marika japan girl blowjob ends in a creampie cum, please let me cum." Jazz said half moaning frantically, a desperate edge to her voice as she spoke. "Cum babygirl, cum for me, my little slut." Max moaned, his cock throbbing in the confinement of his pants as he bent down, again sliding his tongue into her pussy.

That was all it took, Jazz grasped the blanket, her knuckles turning white as her orgasm crashed over her, her back arching as she screamed out her orgasm. Max could feel her muscles contracting and clenching as he lapped up her sweet juices, as if it were the finest of wines until her orgasm subsided.

Max crawled up Jazz's body, glowing in the low light with the sheen of a fine layer of sweat covering her body, to lay beside her, pulling her close he gently stroked her hair. "You were so amazing, I'm so proud of you babygirl." Max whispered as he gently kissed Jazz's lips, as they lay together for a few moments giving Jazz time to recover and catch her breath. "That was better than I could have ever imagined, and we haven't even had sex yet." Jazz murmured as she basked in the afterglow of her orgasm.

"Are you ready to change that?" Max said as his eyes wandered over her face. "Yes." Jazz said without any hesitation as she smiled up at him, "May I undo your pants now?" she said with a mischievous grin that made Max laugh "By all means," he said as she reached down, undoing his fly honey moon sex vedifull sex stories she reached in to pull out his throbbing cock as he pushed his pants down his hips and off.

Jazz used her finger to wipe away the precum his cock had began to leak, bringing it to her mouth to suck clean. Max grinned as he watched her, "Why don't you have a taste straight from the tap babygirl?" Jazz's eye lit up as he said it, and he definitely didn't have to ask her twice, as she scooted down to get in the best position before leaning down to take his cock into her all too eager mouth.

Max moaned as he watched her going down on his cock, what she lacked in technique, she more than made up for with gorgeous teenie likes riding on thick shafts. It didn't take long for Max to have to reluctantly pull her off, wanting to save his load for the time being. "Okay baby, are you ready?" Max said as Jazz crawled back up the bed to lay down, pulling her knees up as she spread her legs open, giving Max an amazing view of her smooth shaven cunt.

Jazz nodded, "I'm ready, Daddy." Max crawled in between Jazz's legs, reaching up to rub her clit in small circles "It's going to hurt a little at first, but it will feel good soon, I promise.

Babygirl, I want you to rub your clit, focus on that and how good it feels, okay." Jazz nodded taking over rubbing her clit, as Max guided the head of his cock to the entrance of her wet pussy.

Max held still for a moment until Jazz started to moan softly, rubbing her clit faster before with one thrust he pushed into her, feeling only a slight resistance for a moment as he entered her tight pussy, eliciting a sharp gasp from Jazz as she squeezed her eyes tightly shut. Max held still watching Jazz's face closely, giving her a minute to relax and allowing her pussy to acclimate to the girth of his cock inside of her. Jazz opened her eyes slowly to look into her father's eyes, seeing the love and concern for her making her heart race.

"I'm okay, I'm ready" Jazz murmured, Max bent down to kiss her as he slowly eased himself out a little ways before thrusting back in, careful until he built a slow rhythm, gradually gaining momentum until Jazz began to moan as he fucked her.

Max began to relax as Jazz's moans filled the room, Max began to gradually pull back more before thrusting his cock back into her.

Max couldn't help but marvel at how tight her little pussy was, her muscles squeezing his cock with each thrust. "Oh fuck, fuck me Daddy." Jazz moaned as she reached up to tweak her nipple, an orgasm slowly building "You like that, huh you little slut?" Max moaned as he watched her "Yes, oh fuck yes!

I need to cum, please Daddy." Jazz practically screamed as she continue to play with her nipples, going one to the other. Max began fucking her harder, his cock throbbing inside of her as he watched her playing with her nipples, "You need to cum?

You can cum. but only when I do." Jazz moaned, as she grasped the blanket, determined to hold back and keep from cumming until he did. Max watched her closely, seeing how doggedly she tried to keep from cumming, to do as he had said to please him.

He knew she probably busty milf with vibrator and orgasm on webcam last long no matter how hard she tried, but luckily for her she didn't have to wait any longer, as Max's cock exploded deep inside Jazz's pussy. Jazz screamed as she let herself go feeling his cum filling her, her muscles contracting around his cock as her orgasm hit, milking his cock of every drop of cum that he had to give as Jazz shuddered through another intense orgasm.

They lay together in each others arms as they tried to catch their breath, "So was it what you thought it would be?" Max said in a breathy whisper "No" Jazz said with a straight face before breaking into a grin, "It was way better." Max kissed her as they lay in each others arms until they fell asleep together for the second momentous night in a row.

----------------------------------------------------- Thanks to all of those who left comments of encouragement on the last Max & Jazz story, I appreciate it, and I hope you enjoyed this one as well.