Asians for one black cock interracial and big dick

Asians for one black cock interracial and big dick
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This weekend has been amazing!

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Having Amy over and sharing Jack with her was awesome. God, we must've fucked in every room in the house! It was so nice to be able to be filled up with a massive dog cock, then have a sexy teen girl lick his cum aaliyah hadid gets fucked on the couch by her stepsis bf my pussy.

And then, to be able to watch her get fucked, and drink Jack's cum right out of her honeypot? My GOD! It was so hot. But, unfortunately, it had to end. Sunday morning, her mom called and said that they were going to dinner at a relative's house, and Amy had to go with them, and she was to head home right away. After a little bargaining, she convinced her mom to at least let her shower there, so all she had to do when she got home was change.

We had big butt blondie girlfriend jessie rogers anal try out naked since Friday night when our sexcapades began, so she didn't have to worry about wearing cum stained clothes home. She grabbed me by the hand and led me back to the master bath attached to my mom's room, and turned on the massaging shower head in the shower stall. When she had the temperature where she wanted it, she wrapped her arms around me, grabbing my round little butt, and planting a deep, soulful kiss on my lips.

As we explored each other's mouths with our tongues, she pulled me into the shower with her. In the shower, she began kneading my ass with one hand, while rubbing my tits with the other. I could only let her kiss me and explore my body, and held on to her shoulders, lavishing in the feelings she was imparting on me and the hot water spraying on my breasts. She pushed me up against the wall, and began kissing my neck and moved her hand between my legs, rubbing my pussy lips. As she started exploring my moistening slit, she began kissing her way down my chest, then to my tits.

When she got to my breasts, she ran her tongue around my left nipple. Once it was painfully erect, she playfully nipped it with her teeth, and sucked it into her lips. When I moaned my approval, she started alternating between my nipples. The feeling was amazing, the combination of the hot water drumming on my rack, her sucking and biting my nipples, and sliding her middle finger up and down my slit.

"Mmm… that feels so nice," I moaned. When she slipped her finger into my hot canal, I came almost immediately. "Oh, god…Amy! I'm cumming!" When she felt my pussy grip her finger, she put another finger in, and it doubled the intensity of my orgasm.

After my pussy stopped clenching her fingers, she started licking and kissing her way down my stomach, stopping to swirl her tongue around my bellybutton, then continuing down my lower stomach to my mound. When she got to my mound, she began lovingly kissing my bare flesh, giving me goose bumps in spite of the hot water spraying my body.

Finally she pressed her lips to my clit, and started sucking on my throbbing nubbin. "Mmm…fuck…Amy…that…fuuuck…shit…fuck…eat me! Lick my clit! Fuuuck…" I am in ecstasy as her tongue explores my girly folds. She kisses my pussy lips, sucking them into mouth, lightly biting them. The small hints of pain only build my ardor as I feel my orgasm building.

Then she does something that blows my mind: she replaces the fingers fucking my pussy with her tongue and pushes them into my ass. The sudden violation hurts, but at the same time is filling, and feels amazing! "FUCK! Finger my ass! God! It hurts&…don't stop…feels…so good…fuck o fuck o fuck…I'm cum…cum…CUMMING!!!!!" My orgasm rips through me, and I double over, clutching Amy's head, using her to help keep my balance.

Wave after wave of my orgasm rolls over me, and my legs buckle. I slide down the wall, settling down in the shower's spray, pretty babe giving blowjob in fake taxi Amy sits next to me to hold me. We sit there while I'm recovering, and Amy lovingly holds me. When the water starts getting cold, we get up and finish showering.

When we get done, we towel each other off, and Amy starts getting ready. "Don't you want me to repay the favor?" "No, Jess. I was repaying you." "What do you mean? "Well, if I hadn't come over Friday, I would have never discovered how awesome being fucked by a dog is.

AND I found that I love the taste of pussy. I don't know if it makes me a lesbian or what, but anytime you want me to help dog sit, give me a call." She finishes getting dressed, gives me a sweet, lover's kiss, and heads home.

I spend the next few hours cleaning up the house (mainly washing sheets) and getting ready for Leanne to pick up Jack.

The poor boy follows me around the house as I'm getting things ready.

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"I know boy, but if your dick is in me Leanne gets here, I won't get to watch you again." His large brown eyes express the same longing in my loins. "Why did I have to get horny and fuck a dog?" I ask myself. A couple hours later, the doorbell rings, and I am greeted by Leanne. "Hi Jessie! Where's my big puppy at?" she calls out. Jack happily runs to the door and jumps on Leanne, licking all over her face. "Seems like someone had a VERY good time!

I hope he wasn't too hard on you." "Not at all. We had a lovely time. He just liked to cuddle. Spent all weekend on top of me," I told her with a smile. She gave me a funny look, like she knew something. Was there something on my face giving me away? "Well, if he wasn't any trouble. Could you help me carry his stuff back to the house?

Todd had to leave for business after we got home." "Sure." I texted my mom to let her know where I was if she got home while I was helping take Jack home. Leanne leashed Jack, and I grabbed his bag of stunning perfect body teen playing on cam masturbation and fingering and we headed next-door to her house.

"Jack has been such a blessing. He keeps me company while Todd is gone on business. He is the perfect guy to fill the void while he's gone," she offers.

Fill the void? What did she mean by that? When we get to her house, I set the bag of food down in her kitchen. "I'm gonna cook some dinner.

You mind eating with me? I hate eating alone after Todd leaves." "Yeah, sounds good." "I'm gonna change real quick, just wait here." She walks down the hall, slipping off her shirt as she goes. I can't help but feel a little nervous, thinking about what she said about Jack filling the void, and I keep seeing visions of Leanne with Jack's large cock plunging into her pussy.

No… Not Leanne. She doesn't seem like the kind of person into that, but then again, I wasn't until last Friday. "Jessie." I turn around, and I am frozen by the sight. Leanne is standing before me, bare. I am taken aback hairy asian sluts acquires drilled japanese and hardcore her beauty. She is 38 years old, easily six feet tall, with voluptuous D cup breasts, long, raven hair, burning blue eyes, smooth creamy skin, and her pubic hair is shaved down to a small landing strip, that seems to pull my eyes to her pussy.

"There was a longing look when you said Jack was on top of you all weekend. And truth be told, I always wanted to share my secret with Todd, but I was too scared. But, I know you've already figured out what I love about Jack." I can't move as she walks towards me, and runs her hand under my jaw. I look up into her eyes, and I can see the lust burning there. Slowly she bends down to kiss me, lightly pressing her lips to mine.

I welcome her kiss, extending my tongue, excited as her lips part and suck my tongue into her mouth. We make out for a few minutes, and our kiss is broken by Leanne uttering a small, shocked scream as Jack sticks his nose between her legs. "Looks like someone feels left out. I think we should let him join us," Leanne muses. "Uh huh…" I mutter, still in shock about what is unfolding.

Leanne grabs Jack's collar and my hand and leads us back to her bedroom. When we get to the bedroom, Leanne sits on the edge of her bed, with her legs parted. Jack immediately begins lapping at her pussy.

"Mmm, men can't eat a cunt like a dog can. Take your clothes off dear. How can we enjoy him and each other with those clothes on?" I pull my t shirt over my head. I didn't put on a bra after my shower with Amy, and I can feel Leanne's eyes drinking my young body in as she leers at me. When I push my shorts down, I suddenly feel less sexy as I reveal a pair of plain cotton panties.

"Bring that little ass over here Jessie," she tells me as she lays back on the bed. When I get to the bed, she invites me up. "Straddle my face. No, like a 69. I want you to watch Jack eat me while I play with you." I put my knees on either side of her head, and lower my panty covered pussy, and I can't take my eyes of Jack's tongue as he hungrily laps at her engorged cunt lips. When Leanne places her mouth on the dampening crotch of my panties, I gasp.

She draws in a sharp breath, and the cool air moving over my lips, I am enthralled. Her hands come up and start kneading my ass through the thin fabric. "Oh god, Leanne, that feels awesome," I moan as my hips begin to grind my covered pussy against her mouth.

My own lusts begin taking over, and I lean forward and suck Leanne's engorged clit into my mouth and start sharing her juicy cunt with Jack. It was such a turn on, licking Leanne's cunt, my tongue intertwining with Jack's, sharing her delicious girl juices. Leanne was bucking like a mad-woman, torn between driving her clit into my mouth and pushing her cunt onto Jack's large, probing tongue.

"Uhh…so nice…mmm…mmm…uhh…ahh.ahhh…AHHH!!!" she screamed into my panties as she came, her body rolling obscenely as waves of pleasure passed through her body, sinking her nails through the fabric of my underwear. When my panties tore around her fingernails, she worked her fingers into one of the holes, and tore them in half up to the waistband, then started ripping the crotch apart, exposing my clean shaven pussy lips to her.

"Baby, you pussy is so sexy," she mewed, before sinking her tongue as deep into my core as she could. Compared to any of the 69s that me and Amy shared this weekend, this was by far the hottest. I rolled my hips away from Leanne, putting my clit in front of Leanne's talented mouth.

As Leanne began sucking my clit, Jack mounted us, jumping up between Leanne's thighs. When he did, I was perfectly aligned with his throbbing sexxxx pront sex full sex stories action storys. When he started thrusting forward, I grabbed his cock, and guided it into my mouth. I was surprised at the taste of his glistening cock: salty, slightly tangy, but all in all, satisfying.

"Suck him, baby. Suck his giant dog dick while I eat you out," Leanne moaned, her dirty talk turning me on even more, before diving back into my cunt.

He was driving his cock deep into my mouth, and down into my throat. I gagged at first, as I had never deep throated a dick (or given a blow job for that matter), but after a minute, my throat relaxed, and his cock sank into my throat till his knot was resting on my lips. I wrapped my hand around his massive knot, and started jerking it. I wanted his seed so BAD!

I was sucking on his cock, swallowing, using my throat muscles to massage the tool in my throat. "Suck him off, Jess! Make him cum! Swallow that doggy cum!" Leanne shouted at me. So I started jerking his knot in earnest. I felt his knot begin to swell, and doubled down on my efforts. When it felt like it was about to burst, I felt it throb as he begin to spray his cum down my throat.

I pulled his dick out of my throat, so that I could taste his seed. God, it tasted so good! I swallowed almost all of it, but kept part of it in my mouth. I crawled out from under Jack, and went to Leanne's face and kissed her deeply, letting my mouthful of dog cum run into her mouth.

She swallowed his cum greedily, almost sucking it out of my mouth. "I've never drank Jack's cum before," she told me. "It tasted amazing. I'm glad you shared it with me, Jess." She was lovingly stroking my face as she stared into my eyes. Still looking into her eyes, I turned around, and backed under Jack, who was still between Leanne's thighs. When I got in place, I reached behind me and grabbed his still hard cock, and guided it into the dripping opening. When the tip of his cock found my hole, he thrusted into me.

My breath was taken from me as his massive tool stretched my young cunt. I stared into Leanne's eyes as Jack tore up my little pussy. I was totally lost in the moment, and I wanted her to see it. As Jack's dick stretched and entered me, I was thrusting back into him, trying to get him and his knot into me.

"Fuck…Leanne…so…big" I moaned to her, my eyes never leaving hers. "Shit…he's stretching me…at my cervix…feels so…fuckin…good…" "I know, baby.

Let his cock fill you up. Take his knot, let him fill your womb with his seed." Jack was driving his cock into me at an unforgiving pace, and soon I felt his knot being pushed through my pussy lips. "Knot…going into…pussy…God… pushing my…G-spot… god o god o god… so good…Fuck…gonna cum…gonna…gonna…CUMMING!!!!" My body locked up, my pussy quivering around Jack's member, clamping down around his knot, fueling my orgasm.

Then I felt his cock throb, as he shot his load deep into my clutching pussy. I felt like I was melting as jet after jet of dog cum sprayed my inner walls. The feeling is indescribable! Jack's Great Dane cock spraying in me, my pussy gripping at his cock, and staring deep into the eyes of Leanne. I couldn't imagine how this could possibly get any better. "So, looks like you showed Jess your secret," I heard my mom say from behind us.

"I always hoped you would share him with me first." "I know, Tiffany, but she was too hot, and I think she helped herself over hot big tit mom teases her black hunk weekend." "And I think Amy was getting some too. I think we need to have a little get together and 'talk' about erotic facial for wicked playgirl hardcore blowjob few things…"