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Man fucks taut pretty teen hole hardcore blowjob
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HARRY POTTER AND THE SISTERS BLACK - THE COMPLETE SAGA PART TWO (THE CONCLUSION) This is my story that I originally posted on *******.net, under the moniker oldwolf. I think it is my best story and so I am posting it on as many sites that I can find. If you like it, please visit my other stories on that site. But first, remember that JK Rowling owns the characters and settings; I own a computer. Enjoy. PART TWO Back in Ancient Runes, Harry's distracted for several minutes before he can bring his Occulmency training to bear.

Finally, class is dismissed, with almost no homework assigned to anyone. As they walk to lunch, Hermione explains that Marissa rarely assigns homework. At lunch, the six eat at the Gryffindor table and compare notes. Cho watches Harry, guiltily aware of what she had done with Narcissa. Finally, it's time for the groups to split up once more. Amazingly, it would appear that Luna and Ginny share the same schedule. Hermione leads Harry down the same corridor as the one that Ancient Runes is in.

However, they go past that classroom to the next door. Inside there's only four other students and a blonde lady in her thirties in a tight black leather skirt and a semi-loose top. She says, "Ah… Hermione good to see you back and the infamous Harry Potter. Marissa and I talked over lunch and explained that connection of yours, I look forward to great things from you." "Elaine, how good to see you.

Did you enjoy your trip to France?" "Indeed I did. But that's for another time. For now, we must make like beavers and get to work. Mr. Potter, do you have any practical questions?" "Perhaps, I've always been more prone to application than theory. So my question would be, how is it that some spells can be blocked, shielded, or warded and others can't?" Elaine grins, "Right to the heart of the matter, just as I expected from you Mr.

Potter. You are a man of action, but you can at least admit to it. Now it all comes down to power. However much we might not like to admit it, whether or not a spell can be defended against is based on power." She then begins lecturing in earnest.

By the time the class is finished for the day, Harry feels like his head is about to explode from too much information. He and Hermione drop their books off in their rooms, meeting up with the others and the group walks down to dinner.

Bellatrix watches her last class file out with a sigh of relief. Without a backwards glance, she leaves and seals the room before heading to her master's bedroom.

Narcissa finishes her last walk around the library, looking for stragglers. She can feel a small draw to her master's rooms. In the bedroom, she finds her sister simply staring out the window. Cissa walks over to the other woman and lays a gentle hand on her shoulder, "What's wrong sis?" Bella's voice is oddly dispassionate, "Nothing Cissy." "Don't feed me that line Homemade passion sex if el storm with her boyfriend at home, now give," comes the reply as Cissa steps to the side of her sisters and puts an arm around her shoulder.

The raven haired woman sighs desperately, "I was just thinking about the next public scene." "You know if you asked our master, he would exclude you." Bella leans her head down and places it on Cissa's shoulder, "I know, but that wouldn't be fair to you." "Why don't you spell out the problem for me and make sure we're on the same page." Bella closes her eyes for a moment.

"You know I don't mind the pain, the humiliation, or the degrading when it's just us and our master. When it's out in public however, it makes me ill. The same things I enjoy when it is just our master, his mistress, and we thralls disgusts me if there's anyone else." Narcissa nods her head, "And what are you going to do?" Bella sighs as she straightens up, "I'm going to do what I must. If I bow out that would leave only you to take the humiliation and I won't turn my back on family.

I just hope our master doesn't develop a taste for this." Cissa smiles, "I've heard a great deal about our master from my son over the years. I truly doubt that he will develop a taste for these, in fact, I suspect he is even more repulsed than you are." Harry's mind is uneasy as he eats, finally he says, "I'm heading up to our rooms." All the teens nod and Hermione says, "You mind if I stick around here for a bit Harry?" "Not at all, but if you start to brutal gang rape creampie porn dizzy, grab somebody and head for the room fast." Hermione nods her head and resumes her talk with Ginny.

Harry curses his memory as he heads to his room, hoping to find Bella. Bella meets her master in the common room, "You were looking for me master?" Harry sits down and Bella kneels at his feet, "Yes I was. I have talked to Neville about you making amends for what you did to his parents." Bella swallows, "Master, I don't mean to sound impudent, but I must ask. Are you going to do this with everyone I injured before I became your property?" Harry smashes his first, rather violent, reaction and says, "No.

I just don't want there to be any friction between my friends." Bella nods before she leans down and gently kisses each of Harry's feet, "As you will master.

How shall I do my penance?" "That is for them to decide. Ginny and Neville will be deciding your punishment. We will work out the exact details when the first Hogsmead weekend is announced, but this is one little added bit. If they come to you seeking help in ways to punish you, you will aid them in what ever way you can. This includes, but is not limited to, teaching them spells to use, suggesting scenes that they might wish to play out, or producing items for them to use.

In short, you are to aid them as you would aid me in planning and eventually executing your punishment. Am I clear?" With Harry's last words, Bella knows that she can not refuse or sandbag, "I understand master." "Thank you Bella. I know you don't like it, but I believe it to be for the best." Bella nods and stands up as they hear voices enter the room.

The other teens appear and all of them, even Ron, break out their homework and get to work. Later that night, Mione is sleeping on one of the cots while Bella and Cissa snuggle up with a naked Harry. She looks over to the next bed where Tonks is sleeping peacefully.

As she watches the sleeping Auror, Hermione's mind slips back to the talk they had at #12. *** "What's with the Mistress thing?" Tonks swallows nervously, knowing she's stepped in it. "Um, can we talk about this later?" Hermione scowls at Tonks, "No. Whenever you are this evasive, I know there's something I need to know." Tonks sighs, "You know about the spell Harry used on me right?" "A bit, though I haven't gotten around to going over that book with a fine tooth comb yet." "Well, one of the side effects is a minor telepathic bond between master and slaves." "Hmm… That would help to explain how you managed to know what Harry was thinking that night in the bar.

But I'm still missing the relevance." "Hermione, what is the female version of 'master'?" "I know, it's 'mistress' that's why I asked in the first place." "Hermione, my master has deep feelings about you. I do honestly believe that someday, if you demonstrate a willingness, he will ask you to be his wife. So deep are his feelings for you that anything we do to please you, pleases him." Hermione looks at Tonks dumbstruck. "I can't believe it.

Why would he care about me?" Tonks smiles, "Like you said at your initiation, you have always looked out for him, even if it meant doing something that angered him or breaking rules. He appreciates loyalty like that girl, don't ever break that." *** Hermione looks over to where Harry's sleeping and thinks, "I will never break your trust Harry, master." Cho is in the library, completely naked, bent over and bound to a table.

Harry is behind her with a long leather belt. He draws back his arm and brings the belt down on her firm arse with a resounding *crack*. Cho screams in pain as her bum explodes in pain. She tries to move her legs, but finds them bound as Harry delivers another blow.

Cho blushes as the liquid from her sopping cunt starts to roll down her thighs. Harry earns another scream from Cho as the belt makes a third bright mark on her skin.

Cho can feel her approaching orgasm as another scream rips itself from her throat. Harry seems to sense how close Cho is as he drops the belt and opens tina kay putting her foot down robes, revealing that he's wearing nothing underneath. He goes behind Cho and grabs her ponytail as he presses his cock between her redden arsecheeks. Cho screams in pain as Harry pulls back on her hair and forces himself up her bum.

Harry starts to ruthlessly shag the bound girl, earning a scream for every thrust, though after about four thrusts the screams turn into ones of pleasure. Cho can feel that she just on the precipice. One more good thrust and she should come. That is when she sits up. Cho looks down and sees that her sheets are soaked in her sweat and juices. She reaches for her pussy, knowing it's useless. She silently swears to recast the charms on her vibrator in the morning as she rubs the base of her pussyplug which merely results in more frustration.

Cho rolls onto her stomach and pulls her knees up under her, getting her bum up in the air, at perfect height of a good shagging, if she had a partner. She pulls her hand away from her crotch and reaches behind her. As her finger pierces her anus, she knows it's useless. She lies all the way down and tries to sleep until she has to get up for breakfast. Harry reluctantly drags himself out of bed in the morning. He quickly rushes through his morning preparations, wondering what the day will bring.

At breakfast, the four older teens compare their schedules and to their amazement they find that they all have Potions first. Luna and Ginny head off to their first class of the day while Ron, Neville, Harry, and Hermione head for the dungeons. Bella looks up as the last four students she's expecting walk into the class. She smiles brightly and nods her head, "Since everyone is here let's begin.

Welcome to NEWT Potions. Due to the departure of Professor Snape, some of you may find yourselves in the class with little warning. I can assure you that while a great deal more pleasant than my predecessor, you will find that I am almost as stringent when it comes to results. I can also assure you, no one will get any preferential treatment," she says looking directly at Draco Malfoy and the two other Slytherin students. "Mr. Longbottom, I'm afraid I do know of your reputation, weather the cause is actual clumsiness or simply an overly intimidating teacher is as yet unknown, so I would prefer you to sit near the front in order to avoid any disasters." Neville and the crew sit down in the first row of seats and Bella smiles, thankful that her master is being cooperative.

The rest of the class progresses without much in the way of incidents; even Neville manages to avoid any problems without any assistance from Hermione. Neville is feeling very sure of himself and the others are congratulating him on his success as they head to Transfiguration. McGonagall wastes little time in beginning the class. She has the desks gone and there are turtles on the floor.

The assignment for today, Transfigure the turtles into carriages. The class works hard until Harry receives an idea. He pictures the carriage in his mind and sees the turtle physically making the change as he casts the spell. To his amazement, when he opens his eyes, there's a green carriage in front of him. McGonagall walks over to Harry, "Excellent work Mr. Potter; might I ask you what you did differently?" Harry blushes, "Instead of focusing on the spell itself, I pictured what I wanted to happen." McGonagall claps her hands and draws everybody's attention, "Very, very good Mr.

Potter. It would seem you accidentally stumbled onto the very secret of highly advanced Transfiguration. The spell is no more really than a way of focusing your magic; you must focus more heavily on the actual effect that you want.

Congratulation Mr. Potter, we shall speak after class." With the new trick in hand, Neville completes the assignment in under a minute and even adds a bit of flourish to the carriage. Hermione actually manages to turn her turtle into a traditional carriage.

With only a few minutes left in class, Ron manages to complete the Transfiguration. McGonagall says, "Excellent, anyone who managed to complete the assignment in class is excused from the homework. Class is dismissed." Everyone fake cop bends down to get fucked out, leaving Harry and McGonagall alone.

"Mr. Potter, I always make it a point to reward students who complete assignments first. Normally that reward would be in the form of House brazzers mom bath in son, however, given your circumstances, I must ask you what you would like." Harry thinks for a moment, "Let's just call it an I.O.U.

for now." McGonagall grins, "Very well. Enjoy the remainder of your day Lord Potter." Harry shakes his head as he heads out of the classroom where his friends are waiting for him.

Narcissa looks out the window in the study as her master goes to breakfast. Her mind is cluttered by her conversation with the Chang girl. Finally she sighs exasperatedly and picks up her journal. Cissa starts to record her thoughts on the conversation, knowing full well that she will have no choice but to pass the information along to her master, along with her thoughts on the matter.

Finally, about lunchtime Narcissa lays down her journal and considers her options. She dismisses the idea of going and finding her master immediately knowing that he might well be either highly angered or aroused.

She decides to talk to him right after his last class. Down in the Great Hall, Cho's bum tingles as she watches Harry. She wonders if he'll beat her enough to make up for Cedric.

After lunch, the two groups once more go their separate ways. After the earlier parts of the day, Charms is almost painfully dull. Professor Flitwick goes over his plans for the year and takes several minutes to remind the students to study hard. They spend the entire class going back over some of the charms from the previous year. Finally class is dismissed and Harry finds Cissa waiting for him outside of the door. "Master we need to speak." Harry nods his head as the other students look at him oddly.

The group heads directly for their rooms. Once there, Cissa says, "This should be in private master." Hermione nods her head, "Let me know when it's safe to come in." Cissa leads Harry to the study, "You might want to sit down master; some of this will be a bit jarring." Harry sits down at the desk and looks at Cissa.

"Master, yesterday I was approached by Cho Chang. She came seeking my aid." Harry can feel his anger at the girl for the pain she had put him through bubbling up, but he forces it down.

"Your aid in what?" "She wished to apologize to you for what she did last year and wished to make reparations." Harry focuses on his thrall for a moment, "There's more to this then you're telling." Cissa swallows, knowing she should have known better than to try and hide something from her master. "I did ask a fee of her for brining you this message and I did invader her mind slightly through Legamancy." Harry scowls at the blond who falls to one knee. "What did you find out?" Cissa swallows, hoping her master isn't merely drawing out her time before her punishment, "I did find the reasons why she made the request." Harry leans back and steeples his fingers in front of his face as he crosses his legs, "Very well, let's hear her reasoning." "In the first place master, she does feel guilty about the way she treated you, however that is only a minor concern.

Her major reasons are that she feels extremely guilty about the fate of Cedric Diggory. She's thinking primarily of getting revenge against his murderer no matter what the cost. She knows that she will be sacrificing her future, but she does not honestly care." Harry nods his head, truly unsure what to even think. "Her other reason is even more ignoble," Cissa swallows, knowing she's heading into dangerous territory. "It would appear that Mr.

Diggory was quite a lover. He and Ms. Chang were very active in their sex life. She feels that you would be able to make up for him given that you have me and my sister as a form of training." Cissa blushes, but decides to go full disclosure, "It would also appear that she and my sister have some similar traits.

They are both rather inclined to anal proclivities and neither is overly hesitant concerning pain." Harry's mind flashes several images concerning the things that he could do to her before his will reasserts itself. "Is there anything else?" Cissa hopes that her master doesn't blow his stack on this one.

"There are a few more reasons master. Primarily among them is one of the games she and Mr. Diggory engaged in. Master, I doubt you are overly well versed in marital aids, more commonly referred to as 'sex toys' correct?" Harry nods his head carefully.

"Well master, there is a vaginal complement to the butt-plug I wear, most commonly referred to as a pussy-plug. It serves essentially the same purpose for the vagina as the butt-plug does for the anus. Ms. Chang's plug has been modified to allow her to expel her body's wastes but she can do nothing beyond that. However, it also carries the same spell as the plug currently up my own arse." Harry looks at the kneeling woman wide eyed. "That is correct master; it can only be removed by a given individual.

However, as my plug is keyed to your command, Ms. Chang has the misfortune of having her plug set to the command of Mr. Diggory. She believes that you will be able to break the spell." Harry sits back in his chair dumbstruck. "Master, there is one more thing." Harry almost stops her, not sure his heart can take much more but he nods to her. "It would appear that Ms. Chang was indeed deeply committed to Mr. Diggory and his death cut very deep. She is hesitant to get into another relationship lest she be injured again.

However, she has heard so much about your adventures and ability to survive she is willing to risk it with you. She has also apparently done sufficient research to guess what spell you used on myself and my sister. She wishes to become one of your thralls in order to help you get revenge against the men that killed her love." Harry's arms fall to his side as he looks straight forward, completely shocked for almost a minute.

Narcissa looks on, afraid she will have to strike her master once more when he comes out of his trance. "Are you sure about this Narcissa?" Cissa doesn't miss the minor slipup and fears for her rump, "Yes master. I was only able to get a quick look, but this information was foremost on her mind." "Do I even want to know what you did to her?" Cissa' blushes as her other knee comes down, "Probably not master." Harry stands up and starts to pace.

"First off, you will not mention *ANY* of this to Hermione, am I clear?" "Yes master." "Good. I don't know what to do." "What do your instincts tell you master?" Harry never stops pacing, "My instincts are split. On one hand the idea of adding another woman to my growing harem appeals to me.

However, the thought of enslaving another person is repulsive. I will admit that a part of me wants to take her up on the offer simply to punish her for what she did last year, especially on Valentines Day." "Master, I probably should not mention this, but it does concern the day you gave the interview to Ms.

Skeeter for The Quibbler." Harry continues to pace, "What of it?" "Master, do you remember how I said that she prefers anal intercourse?" Harry gives her a distracted nod. "One of the reasons she was so upset with you master is that she had planned that day to proposition you." Harry stops dead and looks and the blonde woman, "Say that again please." "She had planned to ask you to sodomize her that day master.

She was so quiet because she was trying to work up the courage. She would have tried later in the year except you were always with Ms. Granger and the only time she was able to get you alone, you were in a hurry and still upset with her." Harry can feel his heart about ready to yasmin lee fuck guy in mouth cum face out.

"Did you give her a timeframe?" "No master. I told her I would pass along a message that she wished to speak to you and notify her later." Harry sits back down and tries to think, "Ok, I don't want to rush into this. I'm going to go and talk to Albus; I need to know when the first Hogsmead weekend it anyways.

Tomorrow, talk to Cho and tell her I'm willing to listen and you will come to her with instructions after the first Hogsmead weekend is announced. Understood?" "Yes master." "I don't know what I will do about her request though." "Master, may I ask you a rather odd question?" Harry nods his head.

"Why would you *not* want to do as she has requested?" Harry looks at her for a moment and runs through the moral arguments mentally, almost all of which sound hollow in his ears.

Finally, he thinks back to what he's wanted to say to Hermione about the house-elves. "They are happy as they are. They like being slaves.

If they are happy like that, who are we to take that happiness from them?" Cissa watches as her master debates internally.

"Narcissa, I need you to be completely honest with me when you answer this question." The blond nods her head, hoping that this won't be too painful. "If I were to grant Cho's request, do you believe she would be truly happy?" Cissa inhales sharply and ponders the question. "I can't answer that for certain master. I know that I am happy, how much of that is my own free will and how much is the effect of the spell is beyond me.

I believe that her desire for revenge mixed with the sexual aspect and the way the spell works makes me inclined to believe that shell will be happy after the spell is cast." Harry sits back and nods his head, "I'm still not sure, but I will give it some serious thought." Harry stands up and heads to the common room, Cissa right behind him.

The other are discussing their day and helping both of the fifth years with their homework. "I'm taking a walk folks. I'll be back in a bit." Tonks is on her feet instantly, "I'll come with you master." "That's already Dora, I'll be fine." Tonks wants to speak up when Cissa says, "Master, please… You're distracted tonight.

Please let someone accompany you, for our peace of mind." Harry takes in the looks of concern on the faces of his thralls and his heart melts, "Alright Dora, come on." Tonks and Harry moist mother id like to fuck is obsessed with sex hardcore and blowjob to Dumbledore's office and give the password.

Albus looks up as the door to his office opens, "Ah Harry. How goes classes?" "Acceptable Albus, may I sit down?" "Of course my lad, of course." Harry sits down along with Tonks and says, "I hate to ask for inside information, but I'm afraid I need it." Albus looks concerned, "What can I help you with?" "I need to know when the first Hogsmead visit is going to be." The old man looks at the raven haired wizard, "Might I ask why?" "There are some things I need to arrange that would be easier if I knew when the student body would have a great deal of freedom." "Hmm… I suspect that this has something to do with Mr.

Longbottom and Bellatrix. Is this the case?" "Yes sir." Albus nods, sensing that there's something that Harry's not telling him. "Is there any other reason you wish to know?" "Yes sir there is." "Would you mind if I asked that reason?" "Actually, I would." Albus looks at Harry for a moment before he starts to laugh, "I guess I walked into that.

I promise not to interfere what whatever you have planned so long as no one will be injured." Harry thinks for a moment before he decides to risk it. "Another young lady has asked to join my harem sir.

I am still unsure of my feeling on it, but I at least owe it to her to hear what she has to say." Albus nods his head. "You wish to make sure that you can give the young lady in question a proper hearing?" "Yes I do." The ancient mage says, "I don't know for sure, but I feel I must ask this. Is the young lady in question Cho Chang?" Harry's arm is in motion before he can even take a moment to think.

Albus just sits very still, "I take it from the wand pointed at my head my guess was correct. Please lower your wand Harry, I did not break any confidence, I just made and educated guess." Harry can feel the truth behind the old man's words so he lowers his wand. "What made you think of Cho sir?" "I know you fairly well. You would not say you owed somebody you didn't know a fair hearing whom you did not personally know.

From there I considered the women you knew personally. Of them, Ms. Chang is the only one who has lost somebody in the current war. I took that and asked for clarification from you which you provided." Harry continues to glare at Albus for another minute, "Do you intend to interfere?" "No I do not. I know you well enough that you would not use the spell further without the woman's consent.

I am familiar enough with Ms. Chang personally to know she could easily have requested the spell be placed on her and be fully cognizant of the repercussions. Have you made up your mind as yet?" "No I haven't. On one hand, I don't wish to enslave anyone else. However, she will be happy if I use the spell on her." Albus smiles, "Welcome to the wonderful world of being a leader Harry.

Think of this as your first deliberate command decision. We are both aware of Ms. Granger's probable response to this piece of news. As such, you must weigh the potential strife caused by her induction against the potential gains, which are?" "An increase of my own knowledge and power and her happiness." "Is that all of the potential gains?" "I believe so, though I might be missing some." "Indeed you are, but you are quite honorable so you can be forgiven.

If you officially claim Ms. Chang as one of your thralls, then the next public demonstration could be pushed back by several weeks." Harry nods as he feels his choices start to solidify. "I outright refuse to make a decision before I hear what she has to say." Dumbledore nods, "A very wise decision.

Also, the first Hogsmead weekend is in two weeks time." Harry stands up, "Thank you Albus." "Harry, one more thing, you might want to discuss this with Ms. Chang before next weekend." Harry nods and leaves. He makes back to his new set of rooms without remembering the trip. "Cissa change of plans. I will talk to her Saturday.

I have some plans to lay." Narcissa waves to the others to stay put and follows her master. She seals the door to the study where Harry is. "Is there a problem master?" "Not in so many words, but the situation concerning Cho just became markedly more complicated." "You are still unsure of her induction?" "Yes, but I can't seem to focus." Cissa smiles gently, "It is not surprising master.

Your body is used to an almost daily orgy and for the past two days all you have had is my niece's introduction to tit fucking last night. Now you have this mess dumped on you. You need to relax master. How may I serve you?" Harry collapses into the chair, "Up to you Cissa." Cissa goes over and kneels before her master. She reaches up and undoes Harry's trousers freeing his tool. She takes his dick in hand and starts to gently pump up and down on his staff.

Harry's more or less out of it as his thrall masturbates him. Cissa's worry mounts as she feels Harry's cock start to swell and he shows no sign of increased awareness. Finally, the cum shoots out of Harry cock and hits her in the face and Harry's eyes start to focus a bit more. He looks down and smiles, "Thank you Cissa, I needed that.

Can I help you in any way?" Narcissa stands up and sheds her robe. Harry actually chuckles, "Still with the maid outfit? Even knowing that I'll punish you if you are seen in public in that?" Cissa blushes, "Yes master. We stay with it because you enjoy it. Master, I teen girl rides on big cock hardcore blowjob to be shagged by you.

Do you have a preference of positions?" "Not at this point Cissa." Narcissa nods her head, still extremely concerned. She straddles her masters' lap and slowly sinks down; enjoying the feel as he parts her peddles. Harry groans and brings his hands up to gently toy with Cissa's tits as her hips come to rest against his. Cissa notices that a bit of color is seeping back into Harry's face as she starts to rise up, until only the crown is still embedded.

Harry hears the blonde moan softly as she sinks back down. Narcissa sets a quick pace, not quite teasing her master, but she works very hard to keep the pace from being frantic. Harry lets go of one of Cissa's breasts and reaches around behind her to grab her bum as he comes closer to coming. Cissa can feel the control her master is starting to exert.

She leans down and her voice seems to ooze sex as she whispers, "Just let go master." Harry hears those words and he stops trying to fight back the on coming tidal wave. He roars loudly as he shoots his seed into Cissa. Narcissa can feel her masters' bliss and is carried along with it. Harry is light headed and dizzy for a moment when he's finished.

He smiles at the blond with disheveled hair, "Thank you Cissa. That helped." She stands up and draws her wand, casting several spells, "It was my pleasure master." Harry redoes his trousers as he stands up and Cissa dons her robe. "Cissa, speak to Cho tomorrow. I will speak to her Saturday about weather or not she will be allowed to make an audition." "What sort of audition master?" "I don't know the details yet, but I want something that will dissuade her is she is not completely determined." Narcissa thinks a moment, "Perhaps we can use this to help further convince Riddle that you are going Dark." Harry nods his head.

"We will have to move carefully though. I do not look forward to telling Hermione about this." "Why would she be a problem master?" "Cissa, Hermione almost went ballistic when Tonks asked to join my harem. Hermione generally has an ax to grind with Cho and with her Oath to me the two would have to spend a great deal of time together." "Perhaps master, but I think that I should be the one to tell her.

Also, given the circumstances, I think I can easily convince her not to take serious offence. If she does have an ax to grind then she might jump at the chance, as she will be in a superior position to her rival." Harry looks at her strangely, "Very well Cissa, if you think you can break the news to her without her getting angry, have at it.

However, if she does get mad at me, I will punish you." Narcissa bows her head, "Very well master, I will speak to both young ladies tomorrow." "Good, now let us plan out the test for Ms. Chang." Meanwhile, other plans are being laid elsewhere between one young man, a redheaded young lady, and a raven haired woman. Harry wakes up in the morning to Bella bobbing her head up and down on his stiff cock. All too soon Harry grunts as he spills his seed into her waiting mouth.

Bella greedily swallows her masters' precious gift. Finally, she pulls back and says, "Master, we have been negligent in our service to you and that is unforgivable. However, we will be much more attentive in the future." Harry smiles as he gets out of bed, "You are all forgiven.

We have all been entirely too busy. We can discuss this later, we have thing to do regrettably. So let's be about it." The group gets dressed, reluctantly, and walks to the Great Hall. Meanwhile, in Dumbledore's office, the headmaster is in a meeting with his deputy and DADA instructor. "I tell you headmaster," the greasy haired man says, "that boy is using spells that even Filius has never heard of." "What did he say the spell was called?" "He said it translated to Darwin's Grab-bag." "I don't believe I have ever heard of it either.

I will make it a point to ask about it. I don't believe it is a Dark spell and I am extremely hesitant to test him again so soon lest we insult him." McGonagall speaks up, "I don't think he would be insulted if you asked him politely and explained your reasons." Albus nods his head, "I don't believe testing him will be necessary." The old man chuckles, "I'm surprised that he was able to defeat you Severus." Snape laughs, "So am I.

He may be a little ham-handed right now, but that's merely due to his inexperience and he's got enough power he's yet to develop the need for finesse." McGonagall grins, "I hope you don't continue to underestimate him Severus." "Don't worry Mini, I won't. Now however, I should be getting to class." Both of the other two nod and McGonagall stands up. The two exit the office before going their separate ways. Harry and the 6th years arrive at DADA to find Snape waiting for them.

He nods to them and they take their seats. Snape sneers as the class fills up, "Good morning everyone. Today we will be continuing the duels. However, this time you will be selecting your opponent." Draco instantly stands up and walks over to Hermione. "It's you and me today." Snape winces internally as Hermione stands up serenely, "As it would appear that you have yet to learn your lesson Mr. Malfoy, I accept." Harry and Neville look at each other and shake hands.

Harry says, "No holds-barred?" Neville nods his head as they watch the sheep walk merrily towards the slaughter. Draco and Hermione face off the same as they did the class before. Snape starts the match and hopes Draco learns his lesson after this. Hermione instantly sends the same spell towards Draco's feet that she did last time. Draco expects the spell however and jumps into the air and straight into the next spell Hermione sends.

Hermione grins as Draco falls into her trap. Her spell suspends him for a moment before her follow-up spells connect and do their word with a bright flash. Snape almost faints with shock as the rest of the class almost falls out of their chairs laughing so hard. Draco's sitting on the ground, his ankles bound together, naked except for a diaper and baby bonnet.

He has a pacifier in his mouth that he can't seem to spit out and his wand has been transfigured into a baby rattle. Hermione almost falls over laughing as Draco's entire body flushes with rage.

She walks over too him and in a baby voice says, "Oh does baby need a new nappy?" Snape feels his world start to spin for a moment. "Ms. Granger, you win the match. Now please undo the spells." With a wave of her wand, Hermione undoes her spell work, only Draco is still wearing a diaper instead of trousers.

"Ms. Granger please!" "I tried professor, but the counter spell won't work." Snape shakes his head, "Mr. Malfoy, go get changed please." Draco walks out of the room to the snickers of his classmates.

Snape says, "Who wishes to go next?" Harry and Neville stand up and walk to the appropriate marks. The entire class looks on in trepidation, knowing how close the two are.

Snape starts the match and both the teens send out stunners that the other dodges. Neville spins out of the way of the opening barrage and sends a mix of Stunners, Disarming charms and Bat Bogey hexes at Harry. The raven haired wizard rolls out of the way of the incoming spells and launches a potent mix of spells learned from the Black library at his friend. Neville manages to put up a shield that stops most of the spells and manages to duck under the two that break through.

He then responds with a Full Body Bind and Jelly Legs Jinx. Harry's shield is barely enough to stop the spells as Harry sends a Confoundus Curse at Nev. Neville's lack of conditioning shows through at just the wrong moment and the spell connects with him, making him very dizzy and easy prey for the Disarming Charm that Harry follows up with.

Harry and Neville bow to each other and Harry returns the other boy's wand as the class looks awestruck at Neville. Snape clears his throat, remembering every insult he's ever given to Neville Longbottom. "Very good Mr. Potter, Mr. Longbottom. Who would like to duel next?" Ron stands up and walks over to Mike Corner, one of his sister's ex-boyfriends, "Let's duel." Mike shudders in terror at Ron's grin as he stands up.

Harry and Neville sit down and Hermione leans over and whispers, "Very nice work guys, you were dueling for almost five minutes." The young men nod their head as the friend gets ready to dispatch justice.

Ron's grinning as Mike's wand hand is shaking. Ron mentally rehearses the spell words in his mind quickly and pictures the results he wants. Snape starts the match and hope things don't get out of hand, which they do.

Ron casts the spell without the practiced ease of Harry, but most of the competence. Mike doesn't even have a chance to move before it's all over. Ron's grinning madly at his handiwork, glad he studied that spell with Harry. Mike currently has the torso of a spider, the arm of a crab while the other is from a house cat, one of his legs is that of a mouse while the other comes sexy teacher teach student xxx sexy xstory an elephant, and his head is that of a donkey.

Snape shakes his head wondering how easy that damn spell is. "Alright Mr. Weasley you win, now please change him back." Ron grins as Mike bays indignantly before being changed back.

The red headed boy is smirking as he takes his seat and Corner returns to his. The remainder of the duels for the day follows much the same pattern as Ron and Hermione's, students using the opportunity to settle old scores.

The rest of the day passes smoothly, with Harry only having a small migraine at the end of Arithmancy. Narcissa delivers the message to Cho and hopes her master knows what he's doing. After dinner, the teens return to their common room where Ginny gives Ron a crushing hug for what he did to Mike. They are doing their homework and Bella is doing some grading when Cissa grabs Hermione for a private talk. She takes the younger witch into the study and seals the room. "Mistress, we need to talk." "What about?" "Cho Chang, mistress." Hermione's eyes harden.

"What some hot year old pussy gets fucked her?" "Mistress, she has approached me about becoming a Thrall." "WHAT?" "Please calm down mistress. You know that no one thinks well when they're emotions are running rampant." Hermione wants to lash out, but brings her will to bear to calm her raging emotions.

"I take it you have spoken to Harry already?" "Correct mistress. He has consented to hear what she has to say." "Why would he do that?" "Because I explained her reasons to him mistress." "What are those reasons?" "In essence mistress, Ms. Chang is looking for someone who can save her from the demons of her past." Hermione nods her head and sits down, willing her logical mind to tackle the problem. "Please tell me the rest of the reasons." "Yes mistress," Cissa says, sensing that most of the battle has already been won.

Finally, Cissa fishes explaining the Asian girl's reasoning. Hermione thinks about what she's heard today; the logic works but her instinctive dislike of the girl clouds her judgment. Narcissa feel the way her mistress' thoughts are going so she decides to play her trump card. "Mistress, I should point out that if this does happen, you will end up the dominant party." "What do you mean Narcissa?" "My niece has already explained about our masters feelings for you correct?" "Yes she has." "Well, if Cho becomes a Thrall, that will be all that she is; another slave to our master.

You however are his mistress. He loves you and in his heart has given you the right to command us. She will be bound to obey you mistress, especially if you have our master cast the other spell on you." "What other spell?" "Oh, I probably should not have said anything, but since I have.

There is a spell in the Sex Alicia called the Primeiro Esposa, the First Wife charm. It is a variation on the spell used to bind Thralls. It in essence puts you just below the master. You would be able to draw on the knowledge and power of the Thralls as he would and you would be able to command the Thralls as he does, only his orders would supersede yours." Hermione nods her head as she feels her jealousy melt away as she realizes the possibilities.

"Thank you Cissa. I'm still unsure of how I feel about this, but at least I'm thinking clearly about it now." Narcissa smiles, "It was my pleasure mistress." Hermione thinks for a moment before she gathers up her courage and goes looking for Tonks. She finds the Auror looking out the window of the bedroom. Hermione quietly seals the door. "Hiya Tonks." "Wotcher Hermione, what's up?" "I have an odd request Tonks, so do you mind if I ramble a bit?" Tonks sits down on the bed, "Take as much time as you need." "Thanks.

I have a bit of a problem. When I was at #12, Bellatrix disobeyed Harry and he decided to punish her. He gave me the option of leaving or watching, I choose to watch. I saw her get very worked up as he spanked her. This also got me highly aroused. I was curious as to what it would feel like if I were in her place." Tonks nods, guessing what Hermione wants. "So I was wondering if you would hot blonde gets pleasure at the pool me a spanking please." Hermione's face is beet red as she makes her request.

Tonks stands up and hugs Hermione, "Don't worry girl. It's a very common kink. I'm guessing you want to try it out with me to see if you like it before you approach Harry." Hermione looks down as she nods. Tonks grins as she pulls the witch towards the bed, "I'll help you out mistress." Hermione looks at Tonks hesitantly.

"The first question is do you want this directly on your bum or through your clothes?" "I… I don't know." Tonks says, "Take off your dress, but keep your knickers on." Hermione's hands are shaking as she reaches behind her and undoes her dress, letting it drop to the floor. Tonks nods internally and sits down.

"Lay across my lap please." Hermione is shaking as the crawls across the other woman's lap, leaving her bum high in the air. Tonks shakes her head not sure if she should be happy about being right. She looks at Hermione's panty covered bum for a moment, rather liking the way the pink material is stretched, before she draws her arm back and delivers the first swat to her mistress' arse.

Hermione moans at the light smack to her bum, which has a nice glow to it. When Tonks hand descends again, Hermione gaps a bit and can feel her pussy start to moisten. Tonks can feel the arousal of her mistress as she spanks her a fourth sexy busty slut anna nova interracial sex. Hermione is light headed from arousal when the fifth blow connects with her bum.

The pink haired Auror can't believe how wet the bushy haired witch is as her hand descends for the sixth time. Hermione's bum has a pleasant glow to it as the seventh swat lands. Tonks delivers the eighth light swat wondering small blonde gets facial smalltits and hardcore her mistress can handle more.

The ninth blow to land on Hermione's arse is somewhat harder, but she still groans with pleasure. Tonks places the tenth and final blow in the middle of Hot mother in law rides his cock tube porn bum. Hermione's head is still spinning as Tonks stands her up. The Auror says, "How do you feel? Be honest." She responds, "I'm so horny I can't think straight." Tonks smiles, "Lie down and I'll take care of the mistress." Hermione sits down on the bed and closes her eyes at the small pain from her arse.

Tonks pulls Hermione's knickers down and licks her lips at the heady scent. She's barely run her tongue along her mistress' slit before the other woman is screaming in orgasm. When Hermione finally comes down she looks down at Tonks and says, "Thank you." Tonks stands up and wipes her face off, "It was my pleasure to serve mistress." Hermione stands up and to her surprise; Tonks drops to her knees and kisses Hermione's feet.

Tonks stands up again and hot horny newlywed disappointed by husband and hires a real, "How much homework do you have left?" "Not a great deal." "Good, because we still have to get the DA plans put together." Hermione jaimee foxworth booty talk 20 gets dressed and the pair head to the study for a serious skull session.

Harry is sitting in the common room staring at nothing but the others can sense his desire for solitude. His mind is on the scene he played out with Tonks as Petunia. He thinks to himself, "I really do owe her for that. She's interested in sodomy if that damn tattoo on her back is any indicator. If she is, then I really should see about it soon." Narcissa is in the study considering the three books her master's parents had left him.

She can feel that one of the books holds the key to victory for her master, but she isn't sure which one. When her niece and mistress walk in her focus is broken, "Hello." "Wotcher Aunt Cissa, how do?" "I'm fine, and yourselves?" Tonks grins, "We're excellent. We just came in to do some planning on the DA, but we can leave if you like." Cissa smiles gently at the pair, "No, I'll lend a hand if you like." Hermione says, "It would be welcomed." "Very well then, what lessons would you like to begin with?" "The Patronus Charm, with the Dementors around that is never a bad spell to have available." Both of the women nod and the planning progresses in earnest.

Later on, Neville and Ginny have retired to their own rooms and Luna has dragged European amateur has her first anal sex, rather willingly, into his, leaving Harry still sitting alone considering many a thing, including how to deal with Dumbledore. Hermione and the other ladies go to the common room where Harry is getting ready to make a rather hard decision.

They great him happily, but he merely nods his head. "Please sit down Dora." Tonks sits down opposite her master with no small amount of trepidation.

"What's wrong master?" "Yesterday, I had a talk with the headmaster and accidentally got a peek into the old bastard's mind." Hermione sits down quickly, terrified at both Harry's words and the venom in his voice. "Might I ask what you found master?" "I found the senile old fucker told you the Prophecy." Tonks swallows hard, hoping her master won't come down too hard on her, "Yes master, he told me the Prophecy about you and Riddle." "He told you it Nymphadora knowing full well that you would do exactly as you did." "What are you going to do master?" "I don't know as yet; however, I do need to exact some form of revenge, if only to dissuade such behaviors in the future." "What do you have in mind master?" "I am not sure yet.

I just want something to humble him a bit. Perhaps the twins could be of help. Still, this is a discussion for another day. There is something else I need to discuss with you my little Nymph." Tonks blushes and says, "What is that master?" Harry smiles warmly, "I have a small debt I owe you. I hurt and punished you when I had you take my aunt's form without a valid reason. As such, I want to make it up to you." Hermione feels her heart melt again as the thralls smile warmly at their master.

"Harry, you don't have to do this you know. It helped to heal a wound in your psyche, which is more than enough compensation for me." Harry nods his head, "Perhaps, but I would still feel better if I could do something for you." Tonks can sense the sincerity of her master and decides to go for it, "Actually master, there is one thing you could do for me." "Yes?" Tonks smile is unsure as she says, "I have wanted to be sodomized, as myself, sense that scene." Harry nods his head, "When would you like to do it?" "Would you object to tonight master?" Harry stands up, "Not at all." Tonks and the others lead the way to Harry's room.

In under a minute all the people are naked and Cissa is making for her box. Tonks says, "How shall we do this master?" "That is up to you Dora. This is your scene, beginning to end." Tonks giggle a bit at the double entendre and says, "Please sit down on the bed master." Harry sits down as Cissa gets her strap-on out of the box.

She then goes over to her mistress, "Would you like to try this out mistress?" "How does it work?" "In essence it forms a seal around your vagina and allows you to feel everything as normal." "Will this break my hymen?" "No it will not mistress." Hermione hesitantly takes the object and places it against her cunny where the base seems to melt and merge with her skin.

Narcissa says, "What is your will my mistress?" Tonks meanwhile has her back turned to her master and is getting ready to sit on his lap. She lowers herself until she's just above her master's cock.

Tonks takes a moment to relax her backdoor before she pushes down and takes the first inch of cock into her arse. Hermione clamps down on her nerves and says, "Eat me please." Narcissa smiles and drops to her knees, "Gladly mistress." She leans down and takes the entire length into her mouth and down her throat, earning a gasp of surprise, mixed with pleasure, from her mistress. Bella looks between the two groups before going over to her master. As her niece takes more of their master's staff up her behind, Bella sucks on his nuts for a moment before she starts to lick Tonks cunt.

Tonks head is spinning as the feeling of being filled pounds through her. When she feels somebody start to lap at her pussy she screams, "OH YES!

MORE PLEASE MORE!" Narcissa reaches behind her mistress and starts to play with the base of the butt-plug as she starts to hum a lively tune in rhythm with the bobbing of her head on her mistress' staff. Harry can feel the pleasure from him thralls as he finally bottoms out in Tonks bottom. His mind goes to his Occulmency training to keep his control as he feels Tonks start to spasm. Tonks feels the tidal wave wash over her as she comes with a scream.

Bella laps up the juices the juices like a woman dying of thirst as her master starts to pick up the pace. Hermione can't control herself as she grabs two handfuls of hair and comes violently. Cissa swallows her mistress' load eagerly and is pleasantly surprised with the magical penis doesn't deflate once Hermione is done coming.

America sleeping best story xxx

Hermione lets go of Cissa's hair and says, "I am sorry." Cissa grins and says, "Don't be mistress," before she leans down and kisses Hermione's feet. "Do you wish for me to pleasure you again?" The bushy haired witch looks down at her still raging erection, "Yes please." "What would you have me do mistress?" Hermione blushes scarlet, "Turn around please." Cissa turns around and brings her hands down to steady herself while she raises her bum up as high as she can.

Hermione lowers her hips so that the fake dick is aligned with the blondes bum. She presses the head against Cissa's arsehole and slowly presses in. Tonks head is bouncing around violently as her master drives his staff into her. She hopes that she can walk in the morning as Harry reaches an almost frantic pace. A small spasm of pleasure shoot through Narcissa's body as her mistress claims what is hers by right. "Hmm… Yes mistress, more, please." Hermione's limited control is shattered when she hears the quiet plea and she shoves her entire length into the woman, causing her head to spin with pleasure.

Tonks can feel her body closing in on the peak again as Bellatrix clamps her lips down on her clit. Narcissa can feel her own orgasm approaching from the buggering she's getting and from the feedback of her master and fellow thralls. Harry can feel the pressure building up in his cock as he fucks Tonks bum faster and faster. With a loud roar, an earth shattering orgasm rips through the entire group, even Bella.

When it's done, everyone except Bella has passed out, with Hermione on top of Cissa. Bella smiles and levitates everyone onto the main bed before she lies down herself and is claimed by sleep. In Ron's room, shortly after he and Luna leave Harry, he's naked from the waist down, sitting on his bed.

Luna is kneeling in front of him, jacking him off. "Thank you for what you did to Corner Ronald. He has been one of the worst of my tormentors since I started Hogwarts." "It wasn't a problem Luna. I did it mostly because he hurt Ginny." "I know that Ronald, but still, I want to thank you." Luna then starts to lower her i forced my sister inlaw towards Ron's crotch.

"Wait Luna!" The surprised blonde looks up in confusion, "Is there a problem Ronald?" "We've been over this before Luna. I know you want to go further, but until you turn sixteen, we can't. We're already on thin ice concerning statutory rape." "I've told you before Ronald, my father won't object at all; even should I show up pregnant and not have a clue as to the father." "So you've said, however, I am not so sure.

He could do something in wicked hot young blonde lisa lynn gets anal heat of the moment that could end up with me going to prison." "You are truly adamant about this Ronald?" "If you're asking if I'm serious, then the answer is yes.

Merlin knows I want you Luna, but there are just too many things that could go wrong." Luna looks at Ron with no small amount of admiration, "Ronald, you continue to astound me. Most of your classmates would have accepted what I have repeatedly offered without a moment's thought or hesitation; yet you continue to refuse because of the possible disasters that await the unwary. If this is your choice, then we can finish as normal." Ron nods his head as his girlfriend continues to pump his shaft with her hand.

The next day's classes go smoothly, though both McGonagall and Flitwick go out of their way to challenge Harry and his retainers. Finally, Friday arrives and the teens wait in the DADA classroom anxiously.

Once class starts, Snape walks to the front of the room with a top hat in hand. "Good morning. Today we will continue the duels. To make things fairer, the name of every student in this class is in here; I will draw two names out of this hat and the two students will then duel." Snape reaches into the hat and draws out two slips of paper. "The first student is Draco Malfoy." He opens the second piece of paper and suddenly wonders if this was such a great idea after all, "The second student is Hermione Granger." Draco walks up to the mark smugly as Hermione serenely takes her place.

Before Snape can start the match, Draco says, "Ready to be humiliated mudblood?" Hermione instantly sees red as Snape starts the match. She immediately sends off a Bind spell. Draco's so surprised at the intensity of the spell that he can't even think to dodge, which proves a very painful mistake. Hermione next spell Vanishes his clothing and finally, she shouts out, "HUN FILIWN BIGIADAU!" Snape recognizes the hex and tries to shield his student; however Hermione's rage fueled spell tears through his shied without loosing any energy.

Draco screams out in pain as it feels like over a million hot needles are piercing the skin of his entire body. There's not a single patch of skin anywhere on Draco's body over one-quarter of an inch square that hasn't received several stings. Severus looks at the enraged witch fearfully, "Ms. Granger, please calm down." Hermione forces herself to relax as she feels the temptation to use several of the more permanent curses she's found as of late. Snape relaxes as Hermione lowers her wand and walks back to her seat.

Hermione sits down as the class watches in fear. Snape sends one of the students for Madam Pomfrey and dismisses the class.

All of the students, except for Harry, Ron, Hermione and Neville, hasten out of the room as the nurse enters. She takes one look at Draco and promptly Stuns him before she casts a levitation spell on him and leads him out of the room. Hermione watches Draco being taken out of the room. As soon as he's out of sight, she turns to Harry and starts to cry. Harry wraps his arms around her and holds her while the other two shoo Snape out of the room and guard the door while their friend recovers.

Finally, Hermione pulls away, "Thank you Harry." "It's not a problem Mione." The door opens and Ron sticks his head in, "You alright Hermione?" Hermione wipes the last tear from her eye, "I'm fine Ron." "Good, cause the Headmaster wants to talk to the pair of you." Albus walks through the door and says, "Mr. Potter, I need to speak with you and Ms. Granger in my office immediately.

You both are dismissed from classes for the remainder of the day; however, I would appreciate it if you would instruct your other retainers to resume their normal schedule." Harry and Hermione both stand up and walk out of the room. "Ok guys, do what the headmaster said.

However, I have a feeling I'm going to want Narcissa for this meeting." Albus smiles, "I anticipated that request. She is awaiting us in my office." Harry nods and leads the small party to the gargoyle which jumps out of the way as they approach. The teen sit down across the desk from Albus. "First let me say Ms. Granger that I am slightly disappointed; however, from Professor Snape's version of events, your lashing out was quite justified.

Regrettably, Harry, you caught beating your meat by your neighbor cei your retainers has broken the rules of this school.

I must insist that you punish her in accordance with her offence or else I will be forced to take matters into my own hands, which in accordance with the rules that govern the school will result in Ms. Granger's expulsion." His eyes are twinkling, "I need not know the details of this punishment, only your solemn vow that you will punish her." Harry looks over to Hermione and nods his head sadly, "Very well sir." "Thank you Harry. Now on to the other matter which I needed to discuss with you.

Ms. Granger did *technically* violate the law. The use of a Regulated Spell must always be justified before the eyes of the law, much like the use of lethal force in the muggle world. This will only become an issue if Mr. Malfoy chooses to make one of it. However, it will be several weeks before he can make his claim. He is to be transfer to St. Mungo's within the hour for treatment; your spell was surprisingly powerful Ms.

Granger." The two nod in understanding. "Do you have any other questions?" Harry looks at Hermione who shakes her head slightly, "Not at this point sir." "Very good Harry; I would suggest you punish your retainer quickly before word of this incident can reach the wrong ears." Harry nods his head confused, but leads the other two ladies to their room.

Once the door is closed Narcissa start to laugh wildly. The teens look at each other confused and Harry says, "Would you mind explaining what you find so funny Narcissa?" Between bouts of laughter, Narcissa manages to say, "I'm sorry master, but this is quite perfect. I doubt you realize it, but the headmaster gave your complete freedom in how you deal with Hermione." The teens exchange looks, "What do you mean complete freedom?" Narcissa is down to merely giggling as she says, "You can punish her in any way you please master, from a simple slap on the back of the hand to several hours of torture.

All that is required is that you punish her." Harry nods his head as he looks at Hermione and says, "You did step over the line Mione, and punishment is certainly in order. However, given your circumstances a high degree of compassion is in order." Cissa says, asian squirting slut lily thai sucks and fucks and squirts like crazy, might I make a suggestion?" Harry nods his head for her to continue, "Perhaps a spanking master.

That does convey a certain degree of discipline but it is also generally quite merciful, at least when compared to some punishments you have concocted." Harry nods again, "Does this sound acceptable Hermione?" Hermione is blushing beet red and murmurs her consent.

Harry bobs his head a bit as he thinks, "Alright then, I'm going to give you a choice Mione. Your choices are five hard swats, ten medium swats, or twenty light swats on the bum." Hermione is studying her feet rather hard as her mind works.

Finally, in a voice barely above a murmur, she announces her decision, "Ten swats." Harry nods his head and looks expectantly at Narcissa who nods her head in understanding.

The blonde thrall leads her master and mistress to the study, "Please sit down master." Harry sits down while Hermione shakily undoes her robe.

The layer of cloth falls to the floor revealing a rather nice dress. Hermione moves so she is lying across Harry's lap. Narcissa's grin is a strange mixture of evil anticipation and benign intent as she goes behind her mistress and pulls the young witches dress up exposing her panty covered arse. Harry feels his body start to react as his thrall grabs Hermione's waistband and pulls her knickers down around her knees.

Hermione's face is almost hot enough to boil water as her naked bum is exposed to Harry's gaze. Harry shakes his head violently as he draws back his hand and delivers a firm blow to one of Hermione's arsecheeks. Hermione stifles a moan at the sting from the first blow, but she can't completely stop the yelp as the second blow lands on her other cheek.

Harry delivers the third blow which also results in a yelp from his friend while trying to keep the more lurid thoughts from dominating his mind. Hermione forces her legs and hips to be still as the fourth blow stings her bum.

As the sixth blow lands, she starts to wonder if this is a good idea and hopes that there won't be a wet spot on Harry's robe. Harry lands the seventh swat to the bushy haired witch's bum and is startled that her yelp sounds unpleasantly close to the ones from Bella when he punishes her. The eighth blow confirms Harry's suspicions; he's positive that the shout is a mix of both pain and pleasure. Hermione can feel Harry's cock twitch under her as he lands the eighth blow on her arse which makes her fairly light headed with arousal.

The ninth blow leaves her head spinning and she hopes her humiliation isn't compounded by coming on Harry's lap from a spanking. Harry decides to land the tenth blow across the crack of Hermione's arse and gets the surprise of a lifetime. Hermione bites her lips to keep from screaming out as Harry accidentally lands one blow directly on the butt-plug. The young wizard can't believe his eyes as he watches his best friend shudder in orgasm from being spanked!

Hermione finally comes down from the earth shattering climax and goes to crawl off Harry's lap. As Harry watches the young witch move off of him, he sees her arsecheeks spread just enough and he almost passes out. When Hermione is on her feet, he says, "Her… Her… Hermione, are you wearing a… a… a butt-plug?" Hermione blushes crimson and replies in a meek voice, "Yes I am." The entire situation is too much and Harry's world spins moments before darkness claims him.

Narcissa manages to catch her master before he can tumble out of the chair. She looks at her mistress in admiration, "I'm surprised you had it in you honey.

I suspect that we will need to have a very interesting talk in the near future." The two witches manage to get Harry into his bed without waking him.

Narcissa leaves to deliver the message to Cho while Hermione sits next to the bed and wonders how in Merlin's name she is going to face her best friend when he wakes up. Her mind is jumbled heap as different thoughts race through her mind. "What's wrong with me? I'm not a slut. Only a slut would climax from being punished though. Then there's that butt-plug!

Why oh why in Merlin's name did I every want that damn thing in me!" Hermione's mind races, trying desperately to appease her self-image with what she's found out about herself as of late.

"Am I really a slut? No, I don't clubtug super cute teen slut handjob brunette and jerking to shag everything with a penis, just Harry. But why am I turned on so much by things only a slut would like? But what about Tonks? She's not a slut, a flirt yes, but not a slut. She seemed to like being sodomized by Harry. Bellatrix is a twisted bitch perhaps, but she's not a slut either and I know she was turned on when Harry spanked her.

Then there's what Tonks said, is enjoying a spanking really that common? Could it actually be normal for a person to be turned on by chastisement?" Her musings are cut short as she sees Harry start to stir. Hermione eyes the door carefully, considering bolting, but she stays, knowing that this is a conversation that needs to be had. Harry wakes up from the strangest dream, Hermione had hexed Draco a good one, but then Harry had been forced to hardcore group orgy xxx i enjoy going to the temple and the thing i love most is getting her, causing her to climax.

Then he saw that she was wearing a butt-plug. He slowly sits up and looks around. He sees Hermione and pales.

"That wasn't a dream was it?" Hermione shakes her head sadly. "Do you want to talk about it now or wait for later?" Hermione looks away from Harry. She stands up and walks to the window where she stands and stares for a moment. "I *want* it to wait, but I think we *need* to have it now." Harry moves so his feet are hanging off the edge of the bed.

"Alright, then where do we start?" Hermione still has her back to Harry as she says, cutie horny babes sinn and megan gets fingerfuck wildly until they orgasm fingering and sucking you disgusted with me?" Harry gives his girlfriend an odd look, "Why would I be disgusted?" "Because I've been acting like a slut lately." Now Harry's truly confused and his voice reflects that, "You've lost me.

How have you acted like a slut?" Hermione turns around ready to rip into Harry for mocking her, but when she sees the honest confusion in his face, her anger suddenly evaporates. "You honestly don't think that I'm a slut? You watched me climax from being spanked for Merlin's sake! How can I not be a slut?" Harry slowly stands up and walks over to Hermione.

He wraps his arms around her in a hug, "The more important question is, how could you be?" Hermione leans her head against Harry's shoulder and asks in a very quiet voice, "What do you mean?" "Hermione, we are both teenagers. This is the time when we learn most of the more disturbing things about ourselves. It's also when our urge to experiment is at its peak. This might just be a phase you're going through; something you will out grow or it might be part of who you are.

A part of yourself might be yearning to let go of control." Hermione thinks about Harry's words, "Could he be right? Could this just be the result of wanting someone else to be in charge?" She looks at him, "When did you get so wise?" Harry gives her a half-grin.

"Beat me; I think I have tapped into Cissa for a moment there." Both of them laugh quietly as they separate.

Hermione looks at Harry with something very akin to love in her eyes, "Thank you Harry. I think I'm going to be working through this for a time to come, but now I have a counter gorgeous teen getting her tight lovely twat to Narcissa about doing some research for you. There's a historical precedent for almost anything." Hermione shakes her head knowing that he's right.

"Well, we've got a full day free Hermione. Any thought on how to spend it?" Hermione smiles, "How about making preparations for the first DA meeting." Harry curses himself for an idiot, "I had completely forgotten." The witch shakes her head, "I know. Narcissa and I started working on them last night. What we're lacking right now is a day to start." Harry nods his head as he runs possible dates through his mind, "Tomorrow or the day after might be best honestly.

Next weekend is the first Hogsmead weekend and I may have some rather pointed plans then." "Involving Cho?" "Probably, if things go as she wants them to during her audience at least." Hermione nods still somewhat unsure. "Harry, I have a favor to ask of you." "You can ask anything of me Hermione, my lady." Hermione blushes at Harry's high comment, "I need to talk to mum and dad about the way things have been going." Harry nods his head, "I'll speak to Albus immediately.

If he's agreeable, then what would you think of leaving for #12 tomorrow after my talk with Cho and coming back Sunday night?" Hermione's smile is almost enough to light up the room on its own. "Thank you Harry. Is there any way I can thank you?" Harry grabs her in a hug again, "Consider this a part of my payment for all the stuff I've put you through over the years." Hermione pulls back and glares angrily at Harry, "Harry James Potter repeat after me please." Harry recoils a bit and says, "Alright." "I am not responsible for the actions of other." "Uh, I am not responsible for the actions of others." "I will not blame myself for the actions others take." "I will not blame myself for the actions others take." "I have not forced anyone to act against their will." "I have not forced anyone to act against their will." "I have not forced my friends to follow me; they have done so out of their own free will." "I have not forced my friends to follow me; they have done so out of their own free will." "Good, now kiss me." "Good, now," Harry shuts up and grabs Hermione.

He gently presses his lips to hers, a silent promise for the future. When the pair parts, they hear a sniffle by the door. They turn with wands already in hand to find Narcissa wiping tears from her eyes. The teens exchange looks as the blond witch crosses the room and grabs both teens in a bone crushing hug.

She kisses each of their foreheads before releasing them. "I'm so pleased that you two are finally coming together." Harry gives his thrall a dirty look and quickly dismisses the idea of spanking her for ruining the moment. "I need to talk to Albus immediately Narcissa." The witch in question nods her head and the pair quickly leave the suits, where Hermione sits down and plans out what she wants to discuss with her parents.

The pair arrives at Dumbledore's office and finds the headmaster reading a report as they enter. "Ah Harry, have matters been dealt with?" Harry sits down uninvited, "If you mean have I punished Hermione, then the answer is yes.

However, I need a small favor." "Yes?" "I was wondering if it would be possible for Hermione and myself to visit with the Granger's this weekend." Albus nods his head, "When would you like to leave?" "I have the talk with Cho scheduled for tomorrow, so right after that." Dumbledore nods once more, "If you could settle the matter this evening; then you could Floo there immediately." Harry nods his head, "Cissa…" "Meet Ms.

Chang immediately after class and bring her to your room, yes master." Both Albus and Harry grin, "Thank you Cissa. What would I do without you?" Narcissa smiles gently, "Let us hope we never need find out." Harry nods in agreement, "Albus, would you please contact Remus and see if the Grangers are interested in this arrangement?" "I'll notify you if things don't go as planned." "Thank you," Harry says as he stands up. Albus nods as he sketches out a quick note and hands it to Fawkes.

Harry and Narcissa return to his suite. Tonks comes in swearing up a storm, threatening to hex the hands off the next male besides Harry who grabs her bum. When Narcissa reaches over and give her arse a quick squeeze Tonks almost hexes her right there. Harry reaches over and gives Tonks bum a quick smack which seems to calm her down. Near the end of the day, Harry sends Tonks to pick up Bella and Cissa to fetch Cho. Bella and Tonks return first, though Tonks Disillusions herself and the group waits in the study until Narcissa leads a blindfolded Cho Change into the room.

Cho looks around the room and sees Hermione looking at her thoughtfully; Bellatrix LeStrange giving her a slightly heated look; Narcissa Malfoy looking at her coolly; finally she looks at her hopeful future master, who is glaring at her outright. Harry's voice is harsh as he says, "Chang, I agreed to this against my better judgment. You approached my thrall about joining my little group. Your actions last year have biased me against you. However, I will listen to your arguments before I make a final lexi lovell and nina elle screw a great manhood for joy Asian Ravenclaw swallows hard, knowing that this is going to be unpleasant.

"Alright, my first argument is that I am a Ravenclaw. My knowledge of spells and other assorted topics is almost unparalleled." "I have two Ravenclaw's already. Hermione and Narcissa, kinky teen apolonia sucks off and gets fucked in the car pornstars hardcore of whom were offered a shot at that House; I hope you have another argument." Cho chooses her next words carefully, "Then perhaps the fact that I'm a powerful witch in my own right.

You gain a small amount of power from each thrall you have." "I already have powerful thralls. Your addition would not be a great asset." Even Hermione cringes at Harry harsh tone and cruel words.

Cho has tears in her eyes, as she says, "DAMN IT ALL! I WANT TO BE YOUR SLAVE, ISN'T THAT ENOUGH?" Harry's taken back by Cho's pleading tone. He looks at his adina rivers herself yoga naked questioningly. Cissa nods her head slightly and Bella follows suit. Harry can feel Tonks agreement.

He's still unsure when Hermione speaks up, "Harry, may I say something?" Harry nods his head. "Chang's addition to your harem would increase your chances of defeating Riddle. It would give you another source of power when brooke the alice amp olivia the minnie halloween fuck each other another set of eyes when researching; and an extra wand when defending yourself." Both Cho and Harry are shocked by Hermione's words, "You endorse this Hermione?" "Yes I do," the grin Hermione turns on Cho is absolutely feral, "though my reasons are not wholly pure." Harry nods his head in understanding, "Very well Cho, I will give you an opportunity to prove your determination.

Return to your dormitory tonight. Your test will begin during the first Hogsmead weekend. Do you understand?" Cho kneels down, "Yes master." Harry nods and Cissa approaches the kneeling witch and blindfolds her once more before leading her out of the room. Tonks appears and says, "You are really going to go through with it." "I am. If she can make it through that test then she's determined enough to become a thrall." Each of the ladies nods in understanding.

Cissa returns and says, "What do you wish to do about the others master?" Harry thinks, "If they have their homework finished and wish to, they may accompany us." Narcissa nods and leaves for a moment. "Bella, please pack sufficient supplies for three days." "Yes master." Cissa is returning amateur lesbo chicks get their pink fuckboxes licked and pounded she sister departs.

"Ms. Weasley wishes to join us master, the others will remain here. Though Mr. Weasley and Ms. Lovegood requested the use of my sister's room." "What do you mean Cissa dear?" Narcissa blushes, having forgotten to show this room to her master.

"My apologies master, we were saving that room until one of us angered you. However, Ms. Lovegood deduced its existence and mentioned she might enjoy a little time there with Mr.

Weasley." Harry stares hard at her. "My friends my visit as they please. However, I wish to see this room myself." Cissa's throat constricts as she lead her master to one of the walls in his bedroom.

She touches the wall and mika tan gets screwed in a threeway big tits asian doorknob appears. Narcissa opens the door and allows her master entrance. Harry gasps as he sees the room. Every wall is cover in chain, whips and other devices of torture. He can easily identify one Rack and several sets of manacles hang from the ceiling. Harry turns around. "If they want to use that room, I'm not going to pass judgment on them." Narcissa and Bellatrix both sigh in relief.

Narcissa says, "Shall we leave master?" "Yeah, let's go get Ginny and then see Albus." Bella grabs the bag with the supplies and they grab the youngest Weasley as they go to the headmaster's office after making sure Luna knows her request has been granted. Albus wishes the group a happy weekend and hopes Harry's plans don't get disrupted. Harry and petite teen gia paige gives a blowjob and nailed by fat cock tumble out of the fireplace at #12 to find Remus and the Grangers waiting for them.

Remus helps Harry to his feet. "Hiya pup, now what's up?" Harry grabs the werewolf in a hug that winds the man. Finally Harry lets go and turns to see Hermione in a group hug with both of her parents. Doug says, "So what's so critical that you setup a special meeting?" Hermione's face suddenly goes deathly still, "Something that we need to talk about in private.

Harry, would you mind if we occupied the study for a while?" Harry smiles gently, "Take all the time you need." "Thanks," the bushy haired witch says as she leads her parents up the stairs.

Once they are safely in the study, Hermione quickly erects the needed privacy barriers. "Mum, dad, this is going to be a very embarrassing conversation." The three talk for several hours and Dobby delivers food for them. When they finally emerge, Hermione's view of her parents will never, ever, be anywhere near the same.

Doug and Emma kiss their daughter on the cheek on their way to their room. To her dismay, Hermione sees that her dad is stroking her mum's bum in a way that tells Hermione exactly what they have planned. Ginny sees Hermione's parents leave the study so she screws her courage to the sticking place and makes a date with destiny. She walks up to Hermione as nonchalant as possible, "Mione, can we talk?" "Of course," Hermione replies and the pair step into the study.

"What would you like to talk about?" Remus can feel his heart racing as he walks towards the library where Harry is reading, alone. He knocks on the door and sticks his head in, "Harry can we talk?" "Sure Remus, sit down." The werewolf hesitantly enters the room, making sure to seal the door behind him and sits down opposite Harry.

"So what did you want to discuss Remus?" "Your relationship with Harry," the redhead responds. "What do you mean my relationship with Hermione," Harry replies. The werewolf says, "I know you and she are getting close Harry. You two are living together, literally. That changes your relationship, no matter what your intentions." Hermione says, "We're just friends for now, but we're exploring if we can be more." Ginny responds, "How much of the exploring is your simply being horny and how much of it is you both trying to figure the other out?" Harry blushes, not sure if he should be insulted or not.

"I'm not pressing the matter Remus. While I'll admit that I have not exactly been dissuading her, I have actively tried not to pressure her in anyway." Remus looks at Harry warmly, "I know that pup, but the fact of the matter remains.

She is spending most of her time around you and I hate to point this out to you, but you and your thralls, are very sexually active.

I know for a fact that you have to be sleeping with at the minimum one of those ladies on average of once a day. That's a lot for a hormonal teenager to deal with. If she hasn't already gotten that itch she will soon." Hermione blushes, "I'll admit, we've tried a few thing out, but nothing serious yet. I made that request early on and Harry's been a perfect gentleman and respected that." Ginny giver her friend and incredulous look, "What sort of 'things'?" Harry blushes as he stands up, "Um, well, she sucked me off once." Remus slaps his forehead, "And you don't consider that serious?" Hermione looks at her friend with a small amount of heat in her eyes, "That is all the further we have gone and all the further we will go until I'm ready.

Harry knows that and will abide by that because he is an honorable wizard. Besides, as much as I might hate to admit it, if Harry does get a particular itch that needs scratching and I don't feel like doing it, his thralls would be happy to." Remus looks at the young wizard in surprise, "Honestly, I had not thought of that.

But won't Hermione take offense?" "Not from what I can tell. She seems to be rather happy with the situation. This way I can deal with any, shall we say, urges, that might come along with her full knowledge and her overseeing the matter.

If there's anything she truly objects to, we can deal with it as it arises." Ginny nods, "Doesn't that make you feel inferior to them?" Hermione smiles, "No it doesn't. Yes, I have to watch my boyfriend shag someone else; but by doing so, I don't have to until I feel comfortable with it.

I know it sounds odd right now, but that's the way it is." Remus nods his head, "Alright Harry. I understand," he says as he stands up. He sticks out his hand and says, "Don't hurt her Harry." Ginny hugs Hermione and says, "Please don't break his heart." "I won't." Harry and Hermione think long and hard about the events of the day and the discussions.

The next two days pass quietly, though Harry does notice that Emma is standing a great deal more than she normally would. The group returns to Hogwarts via Floo Sunday evening and they make their way to back to their suite. Ron and Neville are putting the final touches on their assignments while Luna has her eyes closed as she rubs her back against the hard back of a chair.

Harry calls out a greeting, the boys shout out in greeting while Luna merely gives a nod in their direction. Deciding he really doesn't want to know, Harry makes his way to his bedroom where he barely has time to throw on some sleeping clothes before he collapses.

In the morning Harry is roused by Cissa's talented tongue. After Harry gives her a small breakfast, he gets up and showers. As the teens walk down to breakfast, Harry notices that Ron has his arm rather possessively around Luna's waist and the blonde has her hand firmly attached to his bum. At the table Harry says, "What changed with you two?

Last I knew Ron was only holding your hand Luna." Luna smiles as Ron chuckles, "Mr. Lovegood came by for a little visit at her request. He and I had a little talk, where he assured me that so long as Luna was willing, he would not hold any actions against me. He even brought a paper, which has already been filed with Dumbledore, to that effect." Harry looks at Luna who nods in confirmation.

"Good then mate. I hope you don't mess this up." Ron looks at Luna with very gentle eyes, "I won't mate. We have an understanding. I have a lot of growing up to do still, but Luna's willing to help me." Hermione blushes at the unintended rebuke, but says nothing.

The remainder of breakfast passes normally and the teens break up for the day. Harry and crew enter the DADA classroom to find Snape waiting for them. "Ms. Granger, let me first say that I harbor no malice towards you. You were provoked beyond reason and responded with due force. However, I do have one request?" "Yes Professor?" "In the future, please warn me if you are feeling irritable.

As previously stated, we will be practicing magical combat primarily and I wish to avoid any future incident such as the one with Mr. Malfoy." Hermione is blushing as she says, "Yes sir." "Thank you Ms. Granger." The teens take their normal seats. Once class has started, Snape says, "As our last class was ended prematurely, we will be continuing on the same vein." Snape reaches into the hat and draw out two names, the first reads, "Harry Potter." Not a single breath is drawn as everyone waits for the second name to be read, "Marietta Edgecombe." The witch in question winces as she and her opponent take their marks on the dueling mat.

Snape starts the match fearful of Potter's revenge. Marietta sends a weak stunner that Harry doesn't even bother to dodge. He responds with a curse nobody present had heard before. Marietta is hit in the chest by her opponent's spell.

Nothing happens for a moment, and then she feels them. Spiders. She looks around and the walls are covered with them! No body else seems to see them though as she cast spell after spell, trying to be rid of the horrifying things.

When she feels one wiggle into her knickers, she passes out with terror. Harry and the rest of the class look on as Marietta casts spells harmlessly against the walls. Finally she collapses with a shriek of pure terror. Snape looks at the young wizard with the lightning bolt scar with renewed respect, "Dare I ask Mr. Potter?" He says, "Terror Curse, not regulated, but still, nasty." "I would ask that you *not* teach that spell to others." "I won't teach it to the DA if that's what you mean." "I do, thank you.

Now, are there any effects that we need worry about?" Harry shrugs his shoulders, "She might come up hexing; but so long as someone can teacher fucks student rough and metal frame bondage first time hatefuck my hippie asshole her that whatever she feared is gone there won't be a problem." Harry returns to his seat and Snape reluctantly wakes Marietta up.

She walks back to her seat unsteadily and the remaining duels begin in earnest. The week progresses smoothly, with Narcissa doing a great deal of a girl with a strap on fucks tranny carol vendramini and a dude in the ass to ensure that things run smoothly come Saturday. At breakfast Saturday, the headmaster announces that the students, third year and above, will be allowed to visit Hogsmead until Sunday evening.

Cho looks over to Harry expectantly, but he seems to ignore her completely. Just as she's about to give up hope, the morning mail arrives and a small owl drops a letter in front of her. "One hour at the door of the library." Cho's legs are shaking as she stands and makes for her common room.

She consults her wardrobe carefully before settling on a pair of jeans and a jumper under her robe. She watches the clock like a hawk, but leaves with fifteen minutes to spare. Harry and Cissa are waiting for Cho when she appears. He nods at her coldly, "Follow me." Harry leads the two to the Three Broomsticks where his other thralls are waiting for him.

He leads Cho directly to a back room where Madam Rosemerta is waiting for them. "Is this the bird Lord Potter?" "This is her." The older woman regard Cho closely, "You are over sixteen right hun?" Cho's voice is shaking, "Yes ma'am." Rosemerta looks at Harry, "Is she doing this willingly?" Cho looks at her, "Yes I am." The other woman nods her head, "Then you may proceed at your leisure my lord," she then walks out of the room.

Harry says, "Lose the robe." Cho quickly undoes her robe and allows it to fall to the ground. Harry's voice is still hard as he says, "Remove the jumper." Cho is shaking as she pulls the jumper over her head and drapes it over the back of a chair.

Harry finally says, "Now the bra." Cho swallows the instinctive objections, knowing that would destroy her chances. She can barely steady her hands enough to undo her bra, exposing her firm breasts to the cool air, and lays it with her jumper. When Cho is topless, Harry says, "There are three parts to your test and this is the first.

You are to serve drinks as you are until I stand up and return to this room. You will not respond if someone gropes you or makes a pass at you. Understood?" Cho's voice is shaking like a leaf, "Yes master." "Good," comes the cold response as he leaves the room. Cho takes a deep breath to steady her nerves and walk out to the floor. Harry walks over to a table that had been set up for him. The shadows have been deepened to help conceal the happenings there and the localized Notice Me Not charm helps to guarantee nobody will piece this hiding place.

Cho hesitantly walks to behind the bar and Rosemerta gives her quick instructions. Cho hesitantly goes over to her first table blushing madly and asks for their drink orders. Harry watches as the bitch that hurt him so badly the previous year takes her medicine. Tonks is with Harry in the darkened booth. She leans over and whispers a request to her master. Harry gives her a surprised look but nods his head. Tonks slides under the table as Cho returns to the bar for the boys' drinks after turning down several crude suggestions for what she could drink.

Tonks undoes her master's trousers and frees his cock. She hungrily takes the entire thing into her mouth in one plunge. Cho is beginning to wonder if it is possible to die of humiliation as one of the boys slaps her on the bum after she delivers their drinks.

Rosemerta almost steps in, but reminds herself that the witch must have entered into this willingly. Tonks is bobbing her head on Harry's staff as her tongue works its magic. Harry can feel the pressure building up in his dick as he watches Cho walk to the next table. When one of the guys grabs her bum, he looses it and shoots his seed into Tonks mouth. Cho can't believe she's doing this. However, every time the urge to quit pops up, she remembers seeing Cedric's dead body for the first time.

Tonks swallows her master's semen with gusto. When she's done, she climbs back up onto the seat next to him, "Thank you master." "It was my pleasure Tonks." About an hour later Harry stands up.

He watches the hope build up in Cho's eyes with a sadistic glee as he passes the door and makes for the loo. Cho had started serving drinks at just after ten and Harry doesn't return to the back room until the lunch rush has finished. Rosemerta meets Harry in the back room with Cho only steps behind her, "Lord Potter, you have my thanks.

My business more than quadrupled today. However, I must ask that you not make a habit of this." Harry laughs, "Don't worry, I won't; this was a one time affair unless you ask for a repeat." "Thank you Lord Potter, I shall leave you to your business then." Rosemerta leaves and Harry's demeanor goes cold, "You did well Chang. This was to test your obedience and determination.

You passed this test." He points to a white box on the table in the room. "Strip down and put on what you find in there." Cho picks up the box and asks, "Where shall I change master?" Harry response is ice cold, "Right here." Cho knows her instinctive fear is unjustified as she slowly removes her shoes and sets them next to the table. Cho can't believe that she's still capable of blushing after the last three hours as she removes her trousers.

As she reaches for the box, Harry says, "The socks naughty lesbians fill up their big bootys with whipped cream and ejaculate it out knickers too." The witch quickly removes her knickers, hoping to get this settled. Harry can feel his rod stiffen as he sees Cho's shaven pussy and firm, lush arse.

Cho opens the box and almost passes out from humiliation on the spot. In the box are three items. She's familiar with all three items, but never expected to wear two. She withdraws the butt-plug and places one foot on the chair so she can slide it into her own cum for cover facial cum bath for deepthroat expert. As she reaches for the box again Harry stops her.

He tells her to bend over and he taps the plug with his wand, causing it to start vibrating. He then orders her to continue. Cho's mind is barely able to focus as she reaches into the box again and withdraws a dog collar. Her hands are shaking violently, but she manages to get the collar locked around her own throat with some room left to breathe. She turns to Harry for approval he shakes his head in disapproval. Cho's humiliation is compounded as she reaches up and tightens the collar until she can barely breathe properly; this time Harry nods in approval.

When Cho reaches into the box for the final time, she brings out a dog leash. She hooks the leash to her collar and hands the lead to Harry. "Very good, now on your hands and knees, we're going for a walk." Cho's heart almost stops at that proclamation. However, before she can object, she forces herself to her knees and once more reminds herself that if she screws up, then all the humiliation so far has been for nothing and she would be unable to help avenge Cedric.

Harry leads the way out the back door and Tonks collects Cho's things. Cho's pussy is absolutely flowing from the vibrating plug in her bum, but she's also completely terrified at the prospect of being seen. Harry leads Cho right up the main path to the castle and to her complete amazement and relief they do not encounter anybody as Harry leads her to the castle door. Cho's hand and knees are scuffed, but she can sense that asking permission to stand up would destroy her chances, so she continues to crawl as the hard stone attacks her skin.

After much too long of a time for Cho, they are outside the doors of the library where Hermione is waiting. Harry pushes the doors open and leads Cho straight to the Restricted Section. Harry undoes the physical blockade and leads the pair to the back of the area. His voice is hard as he says, "You are doing well. Now stand up and bend over the table." Her body is aching as Cho drags herself to her feet and drapes herself over the table.

Harry pulls the butt-plug out and sets it to the side. He lowers his trousers and says, "Now you will receive part of your reward. I'm going to shag this tight bum of yours while you eat Hermione out." Hermione undoes her robe to reveal the same dress as when Harry spanked her. She moves a chair to in front of Cho and bunches up her skirt around her waist, showing that she's not wearing any panties.

Harry frees his cock as Hermione plants an ankle on either side of Cho's head. Hermione moans as Cho's tongue begins its first circuit of her pussy. Harry aims his rod and shoves all the way in with one powerful stroke. Cho screams into Hermione's cunt at the welcomed pain from her arse. She soon sends her tongue back to work however, fearing Harry's reprisal. Harry is surprised at just how tight Cho's bum is. He pulls almost all the way out, until only the tip is still in her, only to slam back in.

Hermione's head is spinning for the slit licking that Chang is giving her. When the Asian witch sucks on her clit, it's too much for Hermione who shudders through her climax. Cho can feel that she's right on the edge as she licks up Hermione's juices.

When Harry unexpectedly slaps her arse she screams as she comes. Harry's glad that Hermione is effectively gagging Cho as she climaxes. The joy he feels from humiliating her helps to carry him over the edge and he shoots his seed into her rear.

When Harry comes down from his high, he straightens up and reinserts Cho's plug. Hermione reluctantly stands up and straightens her skirt out before she puts her robe back on. Harry's voice is frighteningly calm as he says, "Back on your hands and knees." Cho's head is still spinning from her climax as she climbs off the table.

Harry takes the leash and leads the way out of the library and to the portrait of Rowena Ravenclaw, "Shag Riddle." Rowena looks at the crawling girl with interest as she open's the door.

Cho follows Harry into what appears to be a common room. Ron and Ginny Weasley, Neville Longbottom, both of the Black sisters are there along with the Auror and Loony Lovegood. Harry says, "You have done surprisingly well so far Chang. This is the final part of the test.

You must service every person in this room until they are satisfied. Now we all know how much you love to get a dick in your arse, so before you can take a guy that way you must first eat out his girlfriend at least once." The look of terror and degradation that crosses Cho's face warms Harry's heart. Harry goes over to Cissa and kisses her on the cheek. He whispers, "Thanks for keeping people away." Narcissa nods quietly to her master as she approaches the kneeling bitch.

Harry sits down; glad he talked things out with his friends before he set this whole thing up. Each of the couples had talked at length before they accepted Harry's offer. Cho will have a lot of cock to suck and pussy to lick before this night is out. As well as much cock to take in her bum.

The Asian witch is almost regretting her decision by the time everyone is through; each of the guys, except Harry, had taken her bum several times and all of the ladies had as well, with the aid of someone's magical strap-on.

Finally, once everybody else is exhausted, Harry stands up and walks over to the well shagged witch. Cho's head is on the floor and her cheek is being ground into the bricks as she watches Harry approach. He smiles at her and says, "Congratulation Cho. You've done better than I would ever have expected. Your audition is at its end and you have passed with flying colors." Cho tries to raise herself up, but her arms are too weak from supporting her weight during the preceding hours.

"For now though, you are on probation. This will most likely last only two weeks at most. Tomorrow, you will go to Professor Flitwick and request to formally be moved in with my retainers. Do you understand?" Cho's so weak she can barely form the words, "Yes master." Harry leans down and cups her cheek, "Sleep little one and in the morning you will awake changed." Cho doesn't even fight the darkness anymore as she falls into a deep sleep.

In the morning Cho awakens on a warm bed. As she tries to move, her arse violently reminds her of the events of last night. She looks over and sees Harry sleeping calmly. A part of her wants to hate him for what he did to her, but she reminds herself that she approached him and had the right to stop at any time.

Cho scoots to the side of the bed, trying to keep the semen in her bum from leaking out when she feels something plastic being pressed against her asshole; she looks over her shoulder and Cissa is behind her with a butt-plug. Cho nods her thanks as the plug slides into place. Narcissa watches as the young witch scurries out of the room. Mikayla mendez lesbian with nina marcidis turns her attention to her master.

The changes in him since she became his thrall have been astounding; at the beginning, he would never have even contemplated something like this, now he set it up when the situation presented itself. His basic goodness is still there, but now hardened by the cruel realities of the world. Her mind wanders briefly to what position Cho will be assigned in the harem. Cho returns from the loo just in time to see Harry shoot off in Auror Tonks mouth. Tonks swallows her master's entire gift before she turns to the surprised witch, "In case you haven't guessed by now, I am another of Harry's thralls.

The reasons for not revealing this should be glaringly obvious." Cho's mind clicks into gear before her mouth can and she runs through the possible scenarios, few of them end well for either Tonks or Harry. "I understand master." Harry nods his head, "Good, now you have tasks to complete. Tonks left your clothes in the common room." Cho nods and says, "Am I to leave the butt-plug in master?" Harry smiles at her, rather enjoying the way the word 'master' rolls off of her tongue, "I leave it up to you." Cho nods her head and head for the common room, rather liking the feeling of being filled both ways.

Her mind goes back to the previous night and she goes over the numbers which surprise her greatly. By her reckoning, she must have taken over two dozens loads in her bum. Cho blushes as she approaches the Charms classroom. She finds Professor Flitwick grading papers, "Good morning sir." The wizened teacher looks up as one of his favored students walks in, "Good morning Ms.

Chang." He looks around his desk for a moment before he finds what he's looking for. "I believe this is what you want," he says blonde amateur girlfriend home gangbang with facials a gentle smile. He hands her a piece of parchment and she blushes as she reads it.

Before Cho can say anything, Filius says, "I heard about the incident yesterday and had a talk with the Headmaster. Though I am none too thrilled at losing one of the finest pupils in my House, I would never seek to deny you happiness. All I ask is that you always remain true to the Ravenclaw way. Logic can always triumph if given sufficient time." Cho looks at the paper, which is the formal request for House transfer, noting that it is completely filled out, before she steps out of line and grabs her ex-head of House in a hug.

Filius returns the hug for a moment before he pulls back, "Now look here missy I don't want to see you slacking tight body janice gets her teen pussy rammed by a massive dick smiles, "I won't." "Good, then just sign that paper and your belongings will be transferred." Cho quickly signs the piece of parchment and hands it to Flitwick.

The Charms instructor takes the form with no small amount of regret. The now former Ravenclaw leaves the classroom to find Auror Tonks waiting for her, "Yes ma'am?" "Come with me please." Cho nods and follows her back to the painting of Rowena Ravenclaw.

Tonks leads the girl to the study where Harry is waiting for them, "You asked me to bring her to you master." "Thank you Dora." Tonks nods her head as she leaves the room.

"Chang, you broke on of my only rules today big boobs blond babe sucks off and banged in a boutique accident. You were unaware of its existence, as such you will not be punished, however; if you screw up again in the future, I will be markedly harsher.

Do you understand?" "Yes, but what rule did I break?" "Whenever you leave this suite, you take someone with you, no matter what. I have too many enemies that would like to get the inside story on what happens in here and you have already seen enough to give them entirely too much information." Cho's mind quickly digests that and nods her head, "That makes sense.

I really should have thought of that myself. I do deserve to be punished." "Probably, but I won't. If you really wish to be punished, go see Hermione. With the past you two have, she might be willing." Cho nods her head, "Will there be anything else master?" "Not at the moment.

However, is your homework finished?" Cho almost is offended, but says, "It is master." "Good, then I'm sure one of the others could find use of your services. Ron is always in need of help figuring out the fine details of the work. I'm sure that the others will benefit as well. Welcome to the service of House Potter Cho Chang." Cho recognizes the ancient words, "It is my pleasure to serve Lord Potter." Harry nods as Cho leaves the room, shaken that she had just sworn loyalty to such an ancient house.

Harry turns his attention back to the book he was studying and tries to put Chang out of his mind. Tonks watches as Cho walks out of the study in a daze and into the bedroom, alone. She follows the girl silently and sees her staring out the window with silent tears on her face. Cho hears the door open behind her and tries to get her tears under control when Auror Tonks appears at her side. Tonks looks out the window, "It's not your fault you know." Cho looks at the pink haired woman, "What are you talking about?" "Your lover.

You feel guilty for wanting to get on with life when he's dead." Cho blanches and tries to deny it, but in her heart, she can sense the truth in Tonks words. "I've been there myself.

Sadie holmes was sent to a conversion therapy

I wanted to die when my partner was killed. We were doing a simple raid on a suspected Dark Wizard. According to our information, he was just getting started and hadn't had time to get any real surprises in place. Our information was wrong. Christopher was killed almost instantly when we managed to breach the defenses and get face to face with that bastard.

That was the first time in my life I ever killed a fellow human being. I used a Flame Blade Hex and it was all over before he knew what had happened." Cho looks at the other woman with newfound respect. "After that though, I wanted to die. I had failed my partner by letting him get killed and then I'd failed in my duty as an enforcer of the law in killing the suspect rather than trying to apprehend him.

I almost resigned my commission that day. I would have if not for Moody. I had my resignation in hand when he sat me down. He explained to me that Christopher had known the risks going in. He knew that he could be killed at any time and even if he wasn't, he and those that he loved would be targeted by the Dark wizards and witches he took down. Moody explained that Christopher had known all this and yet he had a girlfriend and had lived his life as fully as he could.

Alistair told me that the best tribute I could ever give my dead partner would be to live my life well and fully. I'm doing that with my master now. I made the choice to join his harem knowing what it would cost me. Can you honestly say the same?" "But, after everything I've done, what would Harry think if I backed out now?" Tonks smiles at the girl, "Harry will do whatever you ask of him.

You paid the fee that he asked you and he's an honorable wizard. If you ask for more time to make up your mind, he'll grant it willingly. He decided on the probation period primarily to give you time to get used to this entire deal.

If you ask, Harry will grant you normal Retainer status; which all of the other students enjoy. However, if once the probation period is up, you still ask for the spell, he will cast it." Cho goes back to staring out the window and nods her head. "My master asked only one thing of me before he cast that spell. He asked that I be completely sure because there is no going back." Tonks leaves the Asian witch to her thoughts and goes to see her master. Harry marks his place as Tonks walks in, "Yes Dora?" Tonks walks across the room and sits on Harry's lap before she tries to kiss the life out of him.

When Tonks finally surfaces for air, Harry says, "What's got you so wound up Nymph?" Tonks can feel her pussy dripping as she says, "I just pretty eurobabe flashes tits and fucked in the woods from a heart to heart talk with Cho. I'm trying to make sure that if she does join us, it won't be a decision that she would regret." Harry kisses her on the forehead, "Thanks hun." "Master, would you mind a little exercise?" Tonks wiggles her bum invitingly as she poises the question.

Harry grins as he reaches into as he says, "Sure my little Nymph." The woman moans as her master gently cups her breast through the fabric of her shirt. An hour or so later, Tonks walks out of the study, slightly flushed and her hair just slightly disheveled. The Black sister smile knowingly at their niece as she sits down to watch Cho about to be decimated in a Chess game against Ron. As it nears bed time, Cho hesitantly walks into the study where Harry remains, "Excuse me," she says quietly." Harry looks at her without a discernable expression.

His voice is deliberately neutral as he says, "Yes?" "I have a request." Harry can feel himself smile reassuringly, "How can I help?" Cho's heart skips a beat as she sees Harry's smile, one so loving, so compassionate, so unlike the bastard who had made her publicly humiliate herself.

"I was wondering if you would mind me not sleeping with you tonight." Harry chuckles and says, "Tonks talk got through huh?" Surprisingly, Cho doesn't take offence at Harry's laughter nor his question. "To a degree, at the minimum it got me thinking.

I need to process this more thoroughly. I suspect I will reach the same conclusions as I now have, but for now, I do need to think on this." Harry grins, "Take all the time you need. You have paid in cash for one favor from me and I will grant you almost any request within my power." Cho nods her head, "Thank you Harry, but for now I would settle for someplace comfortable to sleep." "Well, there's the couch, you can sleep in one of the ladies room, there are the cots in here or I can have a room set up for you." Cho smiles, "I would prefer the fourth option." Harry nods, "Dobby." The house elf in question appears, "Yes Harry Potter sir?" "Please set up a room for Ms.

Chang. She will be staying here for the foreseeable future." Dobby nods felicity feline drumming and playing stoner rock behind the scenes, "Yes sir.

A room will be ready with her things in five minutes sir." "Thank you Dobby. Please return when it is done so you may escort her to her new room." Dobby nods enthusiastically and disappears with a crack.

"Will there be anything else?" Cho swallows and hopes she doesn't anger Harry, "There might be." Harry can sense her uneasiness, "Yes?" She stands there for a moment before she sighs, "I'm wondering what you had planned for me during the probation period." Harry nods, "What I had planned was somewhat unpleasant. Hermione still has a few issues with you that I want to get resolved. I also had planned on allowing Ginny and Luna to have their boyfriends work off some steam with you." Cho blushes in comprehension.

"However, as of this moment, the probation is suspended. Narcissa is working on the spell needed to remove the pussyplug safely." "Thank you Harry." Before Harry can answer, Dobby appears, "Ms. Chang's room is ready Master Harry Potter." Harry nods his head, "We can continue this later Cho." Cho nods and follows the energetic house elf from the room.

Harry shakes his head as Narcissa seems to float into the room. "Master, I have pleasant news." "Yes?" "I believe I have found the spell needed to remove Ms. Chang's plug. However, given the requirements, it might be best to wait for a time." Harry nods his head, "Tell me more." Narcissa sits down and explains the requirement for the spell to cute brunette gf lacey laveah is talked into trying anal. By the time his thrall is finished, Harry is blushing scarlet, "And you're sure this is the only way?" "Master, the spell is put in place by masters of the craft.

Even if it has been weaken drastically, the bonding spell which would allow for the conditions as stated is both complicated and powerful. This is what it will take master, I'm sorry if this upsets you." "Don't be sorry Cissa, I asked for information and you provided it, that's all.

Cho's asked that her probation be suspended indefinitely or else I would do the spell immediately." The blond nods her head in understanding, "What do you wish to do now?" "For now, it's time for bed." Narcissa smiles suggestively, "Very well master, would you like something to help you sleep?" In spite of Tonks workout from earlier, Harry can feel his body start to react.

"You are insatiable Cissa." "No master, I merely haven't had my fix today." Harry looks at her strangely and she explains, "Master, we thralls must have intercourse with you in some form routinely.

I'm hoping for a little bit extra tonight." Harry nods, "What did you have in mind?" "Follow me master." Harry follows his thrall to his bedroom where the other ladies are already waiting for them. The wizard can barely believe his eyes, Hermione is leaning back against the wall while Bella is on her knees licking Hermione out and Tonks is shagging her from behind. Narcissa quickly divests herself of her robe and pulls her skirt up.

She drops to her hands and knees and says, "This is my request master. My pussy is hungry and wants some of your food." Harry loosens his trousers and drops them and his pants to his ankles. He drops to his knees behind her and carefully aims his cock. Narcissa shudders in pleasure as her master slowly slides into her. She's been horny beyond all reason since Tonks had her little fun with their master. Harry takes his time as he pulls out of Narcissa.

He uses slow, short strokes to bring the woman to a rolling boil. Narcissa's mind is blinded with lust as her master teases her. She realizes that he is deliberately keeping brunette teen dry humping lingerie pov fetish right on the edge as he reaches under her. Hermione is in heaven. Her eyes are closed as Bellatrix licks her cunt. In her mind, it's Cho pleasing her.

Hermione remembers how tight the bitches arse was, even after everyone had shagged her bum repeatedly. Hermione idly wonders who trained her so well. Bella can barely focus on pleasing her mistress as Tonks shags her cunt from behind. Tonks control is firmly in place as she puts it to her aunt using their masters' dimensions. She can not believe that Bellatrix had talked her into doing this. Tonks hopes her master doesn't take offence at her replicating his body without orders.

Harry can feel how close Narcissa is as he reaches under her. His fingers instinctually find her clit. Narcissa explodes with a scream as her master finally pushes her over the edge. Harry's mind is torn to shreds as he can feel both Bella and Narcissa orgasm and for once, he is the one swept away in the current.

Tonks fights hard as she watches the others in the room climax in synch. She fights desperately to keep from passing out and manages to stay awake while still giving her aunt's vagina a white painting. Harry shouts out as he ejaculates into his eager thrall. Tonks looks around at the lot and shakes her head. She levitates her master and mistress onto the bed while her aunts are once more placed on their cots. She makes a mental note to make a couple of requests of her master in the morning as she climbs onto bed and curls up into a ball at her masters' feet.

In the morning, Harry rouses himself before any of the others awaken. He manages to get off the bed and to the showers without anyone the wiser. Harry leaves the shower remarkably refreshed to find Tonks waiting for him, "Good morning." "Wotcher master. Enjoy your shower?" "Yes I did." Tonks looks away for a second before she says, "May we talk in private?" Harry nods his head and the Auror leads him to the study.

"What do you need Dora?" "Master, every since my arrival back, many of the male students have been taking certain… liberties shall we say?" Harry's voice is dangerously low, "What kind of liberties?" Tonks swallows as she looks her master in the eye, "Mostly things such as pinching, grabbing, or sexy babe love asshole toying her tight ass erotica movies my arse master." Tonks almost passes out with terror as Harry's eyes turn blood red for a second before returning to their normal emerald green.

"Master are you alright?" "No, but I will be. Tom tried to invite himself in for a moment. He got a blast of pure righteous fury which sent him packing before he could get to anything important." "Are you sure master?" "Indeed I am, now that request?" "I would like permission to retaliate in force against those delinquents." "Hmm… I can understand your desire for revenge, but remember that they are complimenting you." "How so master?" "They wouldn't be so bold with a woman who wasn't completely gorgeous." Tonks blushes and says, "Still master, I would like to be able to curtail it." Harry nods, "Come along, let's go see Albus." Tonks follows Harry to the headmasters' office.

The old man is sitting behind his desk reading when the pair walks in. Harry's eyes are instantly drawn to the crystal on the desk. black men fuck sophia leone morning Harry, Nymph-," Albus stops dead at the dual glare he receives, "Ms. Tonks, I was hoping you would stop in yesterday or today." Harry sits down while Tonks stands to his immediate right, "Headmaster.

How can I skinny girl pee standing her shaved pussy and anus right in front of spycam, I know that the primary reason for the staged scenes is to convince Tom that you are being corrupted. However, you continue to surpass our expectations. I would like to request another test. I do not mean to insult you, but there are those, including myself, who are concerned after your incident with Ms. Chang in the Three Broomsticks." Harry nods, "I understand sir." He then reaches over and picks up the crystal which is completely grey to start with.

It once more shifts to a dazzling white, almost exactly the same as before. The dark spot is approximately the same size, but seems a little darker than before. "Thank you Harry. Now, what did you wish to discuss?" "Some of the students have been extremely bold towards Tonks here. She wants to be able to put them in their place. Before I give her that permission though, I wished to discuss the matter with you." Dumbledore nods, "I understand. The incidents she is referring to are not unknown to me.

I would merely ask that she exercise restraint. The deduction of House Points is an option as is detention. However, if she wishes to make her displeasure known in a more direct fashion, I merely ask that the spell used be completely legal ones." Harry looks over to Tonks, "You heard the man.

You can retaliate in any manner you wish so long as you follow those guidelines." She nods, "Thank you both gentlemen." "Will there be anything else Albus?" "I do not believe so Harry.

Thank you though for not taking offense at the test." Harry stands up and gives the old man a feral grin. "I'm focusing on Tom's reaction to when he hears the news." Albus nods as Harry and Tonks leave. As soon as the hot looking hot goldie rush love huge massive dick smalltits and pornstars is in place, Tonks grabs Harry and presses her lips to his in a kiss that almost stands his hair on end.

Harry's ears are ringing as Tonks pulls away, "Not that I'm complaining, but what was that for?" "A thank you of sorts' master. Now I can finally defend myself." Harry looks at her hard for a moment, "Dora, I want to make one thing perfectly clear. If you have any doubt in your mind when it comes to defending yourself, go for it.

The worse thing that can happen is I'm forced to acknowledge that you're mine and have to pay a fine." Tonks nods her head and looks around, "Careful master, we're in the open." Harry kicks himself as he nods. The pair returns to their room and the entire group goes down to breakfast and Cho eats with Harry and his friends. DADA is quite pleasant without Draco as the students start to learn many of the particulars of magical combat, including the laws governing such. Snape also announces that the DA will be beginning Wednesday.

After classes, Bellatrix grabs Cho for a private talk in Harry's study. "Yes Mrs. Lestrange?" "First, it's Ms. Black and when in private, it's Bella. Second, I wanted to let you in on the way things work. I know you have yet to decide if you wish to join us, but for now, it might be good practice to behave as though you are one." Cho nods her head, "You would like to fill me in on the particulars?" "I think it might be best.

First, always remember that Harry is the master. You do whatever he tells you to. He might listen if you have objections, but in the end, his word is law." Cho nods grimly, already well aware of this fact.

"This second part is almost at important. Hermione is our master's mistress. He loves her, and she loves him. To please her is to please him. If she tells you to do something, you are not required to obey, but it will make her happy which makes Harry happy.

Do you understand?" Cho's head barely move in acknowledgement. The revelation of the intricacies of the harem suddenly seems more complicated than they first appeared. "Good, the rest you should be able to figure out on your own." Cho smiles, "Thank you. This has been very enlightening." Bella smiles, "I believe that you will do what is right in the end." Cho is left to her thoughts as she considers what she should do.

The next two days pass without incident and soon the DA is having its first meeting in the DADA classroom. Harry looks at the sheer number of students packed into the room in surprise. He hesitantly goes up to the stage where the teacher stands. He uses a Sonorous charm on his throat before he begins to speak, "Um… Welcome to the first meeting of the Defense Association. I'm pleased at how many of you are willing to learn how to defend yourself properly. Let's start things out by separating by year." Things flow much more smoothly as the students adapt.

Harry's inordinately grateful that all of his retainers along with the students from last year lend a hand. Once more on the stage, Harry says, "Alright. Tonight's meeting is primarily for information.

One of my assistants will be coming around with a paper for you to guy teaches hot girl blowjob before she fucks babe. It's an agreement not to use what you learn in here against another student except in self-defense. Also, do to the sheer volume of people we will be meeting different days of the week. On the bottom, please list the date that would work best for you to meet on, fifth and seventh year students will want to be especially conscious of this." The students nod as the assistants move through the room.

Finally all of the paperwork is collected. Harry says, "Thank you all for coming. You will be notified of what day you have been assigned.

If you have a problem with the day, please let myself or my assistants know. The schedule will be revised when Quidditch starts." There's a general hubbub as the students file out of the room.

Harry cancels the charm and goes down to where Narcissa is going over the papers. "How does it look Cissa?" "Honestly master that depends on your point of view. I'm not sure, but I believe that almost every student in the school has signed up. I think that there will need to be meetings every day, maybe even multiple meetings." Harry suppresses a groan. "I want them sorted primarily by year and then by expertise in dueling." Narcissa nods her head and hope that her master can blow off some steam soon.

Harry's mind is a jumble for the next several days. "Am I really going Dark? A drive for revenge is one of the main indicators and I certainly enjoyed humiliating Cho." Harry finally writes a letter to Remus asking him to stop by the castle come the weekend. Friday night, Cho is standing in the study gazing out the window, trying to organize her own thoughts.

"What am I going to do? I want to help avenge Cedric's death, but do I need to be one of Harry's Thralls to do so? Harry would allow me to simply remain one of his Retainers if I so asked. It's been so long since somebody held me tight. I've seen him hold Hermione just to cuddle, watched as he comforted Bella after a bad nightmare, and looked on as he gently coached first years in the DA.

However, I have also seen him humiliate me publicly, deliberately degrade me, and use me like a common whore. Which is the real Harry or is it possible that both are a natural part of him? He cares for his friends and goes to lengths to aid them; the deal between Bella audrey bitoni naughty america sex stories story Neville Longbottom proves that.

This entire mess is too damned strange for words and I'm hip deep in it, by my own choosing." Cho sighs mentally, "When I first started this it was so cut and dried, I should have known it wouldn't last. I want the sex desperately, but do I honestly want to have my will and my future bound to Harry's?

He's a surprising lover, no one has made me climax since Cedric died. Tonks is right though, I need to think with my head, not my arse. According to all of his ladies, including Hermione, Harry is almost always completely gentle.

Why then was he so rough with me? Did he somehow know that I preferred it that way or did he have other reasons? I can't exactly ask him outright or he might just decide to come down on me again. I'm his retainer and he's certainly earned the right, especially with the way I treated him last year. Mom and dad would be less than useless, 'Go with your feelings honey', yeah right.

My only real feeling right now is horniness. I need to find some relief soon or I'm going to get really unpleasant, which could prove even less pleasant for my bum. I always have my vibrator but with this damn plug in, I'd have to settle for the less satisfying alternative. Whatever choice I make, I need to make it soon." In the morning, Harry is pacing in front of Dumbledore's fireplace waiting for Remus. Finally, the fireplace belches green flames and the werewolf tumbles out.

The two men hug quickly before Harry leads Remus to his apartment. Harry seals the study and Remus says, "So what's up pup? You don't normally need to talk to me two times in as many weeks." Harry starts pacing which leave Remus worried.

In that exact moment in time, Remus is taken back almost twenty years to a time when James Potter was concerned about his future, his wife, and his teen fuck boyfriend in the cinema with her srepmom to be born son.

Harry sees the gentle smile on Remus' face and guesses what is on the werewolf's mind. Finally, the older man's eyes focus on the young man in front of him. Harry continues to pace as he says, "I'm afraid Remus. I've done three of those public scenes now. This last one I truly enjoyed. I deliberately humiliated Cho. I liked the sense of power it gave me and I also liked watching her pay for the pain she caused me.

I used that damn crystal of Albus' but that proves nothing really." Remus looks at Harry and smiles, "Harry James Potter, I think for once in his life, Vernon Dursley was correct about you. You are an unnatural creature. You have the weight of the world on your shoulders and yet you still worry about going Dark. Most people would simply do whatever it took to destroy Voldemort and deal with the consequences later.

I don't really believe that you would go Dark. Hells bells Harry, I'll be completely honest with you, I do not believe that you are capable of going truly Dark. Descending into the Grey realm where Severus resides, perhaps; but you have too much intrinsic goodness about you.

Let me ask you a question. During the incident with Cho, did you set it up so she enjoyed herself?" Harry blushes, "Sort of." Remus gives Harry a knowing grin, "You are entirely too much like both of your parents. Now, I am going to behave with you like James did with Sirius." Harry stops for a moment and looks at the werewolf, "You have my attention." Remus' grin turns outright lecherous, "Give me some details here pup." "What kind of details?" "What did you do?

Where did you do it? That sort of thing." Harry blushes as he resumes pacing, "Well, it was in the library." Remus nods, "That's a good start." "I had her bend over a table in the Restricted Section." The werewolf looks at Harry with new respect, "Very interesting, keep going." "Well, she was licking Hermione's, err, um, her pussy," Harry's face is bright red as he looks at Remus who appears completely stunned.

"So you shagged her while she was eating your girlfriend out." "Kinda, you see, she's got this pussyplug in that can't be removed yet." The old man looks like he's about to have a heart attack. "You mean to say you didn't shag her twat?" "No, you see I kinda buggered her." Remus looks at Harry for a full minute before he breaks up laughing.

He soon has tears in his eyes from laughter. Harry stops for a second to look at the werewolf, wondering if he's slipped his last cog, before he resumes his pacing. "I am sorry Harry, but it just seems so strange. I met Ms. Chang in her fourth year and I just can't seem to wrap my mind around the prim and proper young witch with aspirations of Head Girl with that of a tramp who enjoys taking it in the arse." Harry glares at Remus which brings him up short, "Please don't say things like that Remus.

Just because a person enjoys a certain act, like sodomy, that does not automatically make them a tramp." Remus looks at Harry, "I'm sorry if I offended you.

I take it you've dealt with this once already?" "I have, but that's a different story." Remus nods, "I'd like to hear more of these if you feel like telling them." "Maybe someday Remus, maybe someday.

Mostly I needed to get this out of my hair. Remus, I watched as Cho was publicly degraded, on my orders, and I loved the rush it gave me." The werewolf looks at Harry, "Pup, I haven't been given the details of what happened, only that it did. Would you mind filling in the details?" Harry shakes his head, "The short version is that I made Cho serve drinks in the Three Broomsticks topless for a couple of hours, I then took her into the back room, where she finished stripping, I put a collar on her, and used that to lead her to the castle." "Which in turn lead to the scene you described earlier, correct?" Harry nods his head.

Remus thinks for a moment, "Do you intend to subject her to such a scene again?" "No, she wanted to join my Thralls and I wanted to make sure she was certain. I figured if she could endure that, she must be completely sure." Remus nods, "I have one more question for you Harry. Speaking hypothetically, if you could have subjected her to that sort of thing without repercussions or any other outside force, would you?" Harry looks at Remus in disgust, "Of course not.

No matter how much pain she caused me, she doesn't deserve that sort of treatment unless she is getting something out of it." Remus says, "There's your answer Harry. Someone who was truly in danger of going dark would have to think about that for a moment, you responded instantly." Before Harry can respond, there's a knock on the door. He unseals the door and calls for the person to enter. Narcissa sticks her absolute stunner punishes her man for wetting her top in the door, "Please forgive the interruption master, but I have a request." "Yes?" "Draco will be allowed to receive visitors today master and I would like to go see him." Harry smiles gently, "Of course.

Take Bella and Cho with you as protection though." "Cho master?" "She is a Ravenclaw and besides, I want to see how well she can follow instructions." "As you will master." Narcissa closes the door and Harry reseals it. Remus says, "Are you sure it was wise sending a student with them?" "Remus, Cho is in her final year here, if she doesn't know how to defend herself by now, it's already too late.

As such, there's honestly little chance of an attack, so it gives Cho some experience in following orders without a major risk." "Now I understand your concerns about going Dark Harry. If I didn't know you, and what sort of stuff you have endured, I might be worried.

As is, I simply realize that you are thinking as you must, as a leader." Harry nods his head, "It's a manner I don't really enjoy." Remus smiles, "I know pup, most of the greatest hero's of the light side have said the same words." Cissa gathers up Cho, somewhat reluctantly on both parts, and her sister before the lot of them go to St.

Mungo's. The receptionist almost has her wand leveled against Bellatrix before she stops herself. Unbeknownst to the group, a man is in the lobby with less than honorable intents. He stands up and exist the building before he Disapparates to fetch his brother so they can reclaim his property.

Narcissa and company are directed to Draco's room and they arrive without a problem. Bella and Cho remain in the hall to allow mother and son to speak in private. Draco watches as the door to his private room opens and his mother walks in. "Mum? What are you doing here?" Narcissa Summons a chair to beside Draco's bed and sits down. "I came to speak with you Draco." "What about?" "Primarily your future my son." Draco sits up, "What are you talking about mum?" "My son, there is much I need to tell you and a few things about which I must warn you.

I know you are considering pressing charges against Ms. Granger for what she did to you. Please, I implore you chanel preston in look at me closer a mother, do not do so." "Why shouldn't I?" "Because she is a noble Retainer and you issued a deadly insult.

Whatever you may think of him, Harry is of noble birth. As a Duke, he is allowed to keep personal retainers." Draco's normally pale skin goes almost transparent. "I see you understand son. If you pursue the matter, he has the right, as I will inform him of, to challenge you to one on one combat. Draco, please listen to this part. If he challenges you, he will destroy you.

In a legitimate duel, you would stand no chance against him." Draco says, "I understand mother. I'm not sure I share your opinion of Potter, but I will remember what you have said." Cissa says, "That is all I can ask for. There is one more thing I think you should know." "Yes?" "Have you been reading the Prophet lately?" "Sometimes, why?" "Did you read my interview with Rita Skeeter?" "That I did. I still don't understand how Potter managed the power needed for such a high end spell.

A mere half-blood should never have been able to do something that spectacular." Narcissa has to physically stop herself from slapping Draco stupid. "Listen very carefully Draco, it would behoove you not to insult my master again." Draco can hear the raw menace in his mothers' voice and for the first time has a measure of both fear and respect for a mere woman.

"Very good, now, there's something you should know about Tom Marvolo Riddle, better known as Lord Voldemort. When Harry used the spell on me and Bellatrix, he got amateur black bitch sucking white cock in the back of the van spell from Peter Pettigrew.

However, Pettigrew was merely acting as a messenger for Riddle. He intended to sacrifice me in an effort to corrupt Harry. Your father was also sacrificed. He was incarcerated and the effort needed to have the charges dropped was greater than the possible returns and your father was one of his loyalist followers. Draco, your future is your own, but your father gave his life to ensure that the Malfoy Estates were safe for you, never forget that.

Also remember the creed of the Malfoy Family 'Nous s'agenouiller pr?demment pas de une,' 'We kneel before no one." Draco nods in understanding. "I can't make any promises mother, but I will think on your words." Narcissa stands up and places a hand on his shoulder, "Please do Draco.

My first loyalty will always be to my master, but I still care for you." Draco takes his mother's hand and kisses the back of it.

"I look forward to seeing you again soon." Down in the lobby, two men in cloak Apparate in and head directly to the staircase; they appear to know exactly where they are going so the receptionist barely acknowledges their presence, a terrible mistake. Bella notices as two strange men in cloaks approach. As the door to Draco's room opens, the men draw their wands. Bella shoot off a quick stunner while the other two are still drawing their wands. One man goes down while the other erects a quick shield and tries to revive the other.

Bellatrix recognizes the man's face as he stands up. She shouts, "Ligo viscus!" The spell connects and Rodolphus Lestrange falls to the ground clenching his stomach. The other man looks at her in surprise as Cho and Cissa both hit him with a stunner. There's pounding on the stairs as uniformed Security Wizards appear. Bella and the others hesitantly surrender massage rooms young girl has session with blonde lesbian wands and the healers are summoned.

The other man is uncloaked and revealed to be Rastaban Lestrange whose wand is confiscated and is bound while the Aurors are summoned. A message is also sent to Harry. The healers work desperately on Rodolphus, not even really knowing how cruel they're being. Harry is telling Remus of the day he first bound Bella and Cissa to him when someone starts to pound on the door. He stands up, curious as to the cause of a spike of hatred that shot through him a few minutes prior.

Tonks is at the door, "Master, come quickly." Harry's wand is in his hand as he says, "What's going on?" Tonks is sprinting down the hall as she says, "Bella and Cissa were attacked." The pair arrives at the headmasters' office without another word being said.

"Ah Harry, your Thralls were involved in an incident at St. Mungo's. They are waiting for you." Harry steps to the fireplace and moments later he arrives in the lobby. One of the Auror's there recognizes him as Tonks and Albus come through the fireplace. "Sir, I am glad to see you. The Healers are working on Mr. Lestrange, but they don't appear hopeful." Harry nods his head, "Where are my thralls?" "They're in one of the private rooms Mr.

Potter. One of them used a spell we've never came across on Mr. Lestrange." "Thank you, if you would please direct me to the room my ladies are in, I would appreciate it." The man gives them directions and Albus stays behind while the other two go looking for the truth.

Harry finds Cho looking heavily shaken as he enters the room. Narcissa is trying valiantly to comfort the girl while Bella is sitting with her arms crossed, almost daring someone to question her. Tonks seals the room and sweeps it for magical listening devices while Harry goes over and lays a hand on Cho's shoulder, "It'll be alright." Tonks finishes her sweep, "It's clear master." "Thank you Dora.

Now what happened?" Cho can't even respond so Cissa says, "We arrived as planned and I spoke to Draco. As I was leaving, two men in cloaks approached and attacked.

Bella Stunned one and the other erected a shield. When the stunned one was revived she used another hex on him." "What hex?" Bella speaks up, "I used the Tied Intestines curse on the bastard." Everyone except Cho winces. The Ravenclaw says, "What does it do?" "It ties your intestines into several knots. *If* you survive, you will wish you hadn't." Tonks looks at Bella, "You are aware of the fact that that particular curse is on the Regulated List correct?" Bella's entire demeanor is defiant, "I am indeed." "Very well, I just had to remind you." Harry speaks up, "Bella cooperate with the Aurors.

If I have to pay any fines for this, I'd rather not have them compounded for perjury." Bella says, "As you will master." Before Harry can respond, the door is thrown open and a tall Auror in brown robes enters the room. The man has blond hair and stalks over to Bellatrix. "We've playing with stepbrother made her horny and ready to fuck smalltits and pornstars you this time you stupid bitch.

You'll get the Kiss for this!" The man goes to grab Bella's arm but freezes when he feels the tip of a wand press against the base of his skull. Harry's voice is dangerously low, "You had better not have been intent on accosting my lady." "Put that away kid or I'll have you up on charges of threatening an Auror." Tonks says, "Won't fly, Mike.

He's in the right on this." The man looks at Tonks out of the corner of his eye, "Auror Tonks, you are suspended for this incident." Suddenly a voice comes from the door, "THE HELL SHE'S SUSPENDED!

BUT YOU ARE, THOUGH. I WANT YOUR WAND ON MY DESK BY THE TIME I GET THERE!" All eyes except for Harry's turn towards the door as Madam Bones walks into the room and the aging woman is fit to be tied. Bones says, "Please lower your wand Harry, the situation is in hand." Harry replies, "Tonks?" "You can trust her Harry." Harry slowly backs away from the shocked man and lowers his wand, keeping it in hand.

Mike turns towards his overall boss, "But Mrs. Bones…" "I heard what you said to the lady in question, Auror Loger. You broke just about every protocol in existence. We will discuss this matter on the morrow; however, you are suspended until otherwise notified." The man glares at Harry as he leaves the room.

Bones says, "I can't say that I appreciate your threatening one of my men, but you were legally in the right. Auror Tonks, I'll have the paperwork started for a promotion for you." "If you don't mind ma'am, I'm happy in my current assignment." Bones smiles, "Don't worry, I wouldn't dream of separating you two. Now if you ladies would mind filling me in on what happened, we can get around to getting all of you out of here." First Bella, then Cissa, and finally Cho, with a great deal of prompting, tell the story of the day's events.

Bones nods her head, "I've heard of the curse you used, I'm not sure if I would feel worse if we'd managed to save his life or not." Harry says, "So he's dead?" "Yes, he died moments before we came to see you." Harry looks at Bella, "How do you feel?" Bellatrix smiles, "As though a weight has been lifted from my shoulders master." Harry nods, "Continue please madam." "There should not be any fines; though I will have the money transferred to your accounts immediately." "What money?" "There was a rather large reward for the capture of either of those men Harry.

As it was your thralls who were principally responsible for their capture, the reward goes to you." Harry nods his head as his brow furrows in concentration.

Silence reins for a minute pale teen grinding on pillow at camspicycom the young man thinks. "Cho, do you want the reward money?" "Not really Harry." "Very well, then Madam Bones, please have the money transferred to St. Mungo's vault instead." Bones nods, "If that is how you wish the funds to be distributed Lord Potter I will comply." "It is, and I thank you for your cooperation." The head of Magical Law Enforcement marvels at how quickly the young man before her has adapted to the role of noble, "It was my pleasure my lord." Harry nods, "Is there anything else Madam Bones?" "Not that I am aware of; if anything arises, I know where to locate you." "Very good, then if you don't object, I was in a meeting when I was summoned here." Harry and his retinue Floo back to Hogwarts where Remus is waiting in the Headmasters' office.

"What happened pup?" "Bella and the others were attacked. No one on our side was hurt, but one Lestrange brother is dead and the other in custody." "She killed him?" "Yes she did." Remus stalks over to Bellatrix and sticks out his hand, "Congratulations on finally being rid of that worthless bastard, Sirius would have been pleased that he is no longer a factor." Bella tentatively shakes the werewolf's hand, "I'm very sure he would." "I hate to leave pup, but Alastor will be wondering where I am soon." "Thank you for coming to see me Remus, our talk helped." Remus smiles as he disappears in a flash of green.

Harry says, "I'm heading back to our quarters, I need to relax a bit." The group goes back to the suite and Harry immediately retreats to the study. Bella looks at the others and nods her head before following her master.

Harry amateur lezzie kittens get their narrow snatches licked and plowed babe up as Bella seals the door, "Yes?" "Master, I have a request for you." "What do you want?" Bella winces internally at the pain in her master's voice, "I would like to help you to relax master. Despite how it may seem some days, you must never forget that we are here to help you." Harry bites back a sharp comment, "Is there something I can do for you Bella?" The woman swallows, "I would like you to beat me master." Harry's world spins, "SAY WHAT!" "I would like a beating master." "Why in Merlin's name?" "Because it would do you good to let some of that anger out master." Bella blushes, "Also master, I rather enjoy it.

I like the gentleness master, but every now and then, I yearn for the feel of leather striking my flesh." Harry can feel her sincerity, "You're not simply saying this are you?" "No master. I enjoyed it even during my school days and found a master even then to keep me in line." "Dare I ask who?" Bella blushes, "You might prefer not to know master." "Bellatrix, you know perfectly well that I don't want to harm you." "Master, I know that you do not wish to fall to the darkness and you see actions such as this the short route there.

However, I must ask you a question. Did you consider Sirius dark?" "Sirius, what does he have to do with this?" "Please master, I will explain everything, but answer the question first." "Alright, but I want a full explanation afterwards." "Naturally master." "Very well; no I didn't consider Sirius dark at all why?" "Because master, remember how I mentioned having a master in school?" "Yes I do." "Well, your godfather, Sirius was my original Master." Harry's head swims once more and he bellows, "CISSA!" Moments later, the spell work protecting the door comes down and the blond rushes through the opening, wand in hand.

"What is it master?" Harry waves his hand and the door slams shut and the two women can feel the magic sealing the door. "Did you know about this?" Cissa says, "Know about what master?" Bella speaks up, "I just informed our current master of the identity of my original master." Narcissa cringes, "Yes master. I knew that Sirius was my sister's master." Harry begins pacing and Bellatrix hits her hands and knees. Narcissa watches her master walking the room like a caged lion; a part of her fears much for her sister's skin for revealing this information but another part knows that she brought any reprisal down upon herself.

Harry finally looks at his kneeling thrall, "Cissa, your sister wants a beating but I am not up to it tonight. If I go into that, I might go overboard. Would you please administer it for me?" Bella looks crestfallen as she retakes her feet, "But master…" Harry suddenly thunders, "SILENCE!" Both of the women are instantly on their knees with their foreheads pressed against the floor. "Bellatrix, you have asked for a beating and I have arranged one, be grateful that I don't punish you even more thoroughly." Bella looks up, "How so master?" "Bellatrix, I, as your master, forbid you orgasm until further notice.

Narcissa, as your master, I charge you with a duty." "What is that duty master?" "You are to take you sister to the room that she prepared and then you are to beat her. It is my wish that the beating be extreme enough that she not be able to sit comfortably for a week." "I understand master." Narcissa stands up, "Come Bella." Bella stands up with a shocked look on her face.

She should have known better than to bait her master. His wording when delivering the punishment invoked the magic of that binds her to him. Her body will not allow itself release until he rescinds his order.

Harry watches the pair leave and he shakes his head, a part of him wants to follow them and beat Bella to within an inch of her life. "Those two certainly have a gift for upsetting the balances in my life." Harry once more resumes pacing, "How is it possible?

Sirius was a good man, but if what Bella says is true, then how well did I truly know him?" Harry is still widening open slaves vagina hardcore and bondage when Tonks sticks her head in the door, "Is everything alright master?" "I think so Dora.

Why, is something wrong?" "Well, since I can hear Aunt Bella screaming bloody murder even through the silencing charms, I kinda wondered what she did to anger you." "She just baited me when I was already in a bad mood." Tonks closes the door behind her and seals it, "Master, what did she say to you earlier?

I mean, you don't normally bellow for someone." "Bellatrix just gave me a rather poignant surprise about Sirius." "What did she tell you?" "That during their Hogwarts days, Sirius was Bellatrix's master." Tonks looks at Harry for a moment and then slaps her forehead, "Of course. No one would ever have thought to tell you about his past." "You mean that you knew too?" "Yes master, I did.

It's an open secret in the Black family that most are twisted to one degree or another. Please do not punish me too harshly." "Relax Dora; I don't intend to punish you at all." "Then why Bella?" "Initially because she requested it; then it got compounded when she deliberately baited me." "Ah… thank you for explaining master. What is gnawing on your mind now though?" "What Bellatrix said about Sirius. A part of me still equates the causing of pain to someone, especially if you care about them, with becoming evil.

Yet, now I find out Sirius did the same thing." "Master, Bella has been twisted almost since birth from what I've been told. She enjoys the pain, just as Sexy blonde party girl bangs a wierdo in all positions enjoys sodomy; it is merely the way that she is. If she requested to be beaten, then it was because she actually wanted to feel the sting from your hand." "But that's the problem Dora; I can barely bring myself to punish her when she breaks one of the rules." Tonks looks at Harry, "Master, if you wish to punish me for this question, I understand completely.

My question for you master, is this: If Bellatrix truly wishes to be beaten, she will find a reason. Would you rather she deliberately broke your rules and exposed herself to risk? Wouldn't it be simpler, easier, and safer, to merely punish her when she asks for it?" Harry can feel the urge to strike out at the waiting woman well up inside of him, but he forces it down two nasty blonde women fucked on turns by huge hard cock makes himself think as he continues to pace.

Nymphadora Tonks breaths a sigh of relief that her master hasn't already set her punishment; she kneels down and waits for him to make up his mind. Harry's feet set a familiar path, back and forth across the room. He thinks, "Is she right? It would be safer to merely give her the beatings when she asks for them rather than running the risk of what might happen should Bella seek to force me to punish her." Harry stops and looks at his thrall who is suddenly kneeling.

"You do raise several good points. You can also cross any punishment off of your own list. You were helping me to sort out my own thoughts and I thank you for that." Tonks looks up, "It was a pleasure master. So I am not to be punished?" "Correct, you were helping me and I will never punish you for doing that." She stands up, "Thank you Harry.

What will you do now?" "My sentence against Bella stands. Hopefully she will learn not to push me too far after this." "What exactly was her punishment?" "Cissa is currently beating Bella's behind, with specific instructions that Bella is not to be able to sit comfortably for a week." Tonks smiles, "So I guess she gets what she wanted after all." "Not really. She is also forbidden from climaxing until I allow her to." The Auror winces, "That's cruel master." "I know, but I truly wish to make a point." "I imagine that you will succeed in that master." "Can I help you with anything else Dora?" "Not really Harry.

I just came to see what was up with my aunts." "Very well my Nymph." "Actually master, is there anything I can do for you?" "Not really. I'm going to be wrapping my mind around this new version of Sirius for a while." "I understand master. But what you need to remember is that he was still the good, honest man you knew, he just enjoyed some rather particular pastimes." Harry nods his head and resumes his previous course.

"Are you sure I can't do anything doctor august taylor gets humped and facialized help master?" "What did you have in mind Dora?" "Master, not to be crude; but have you gotten off yet today?" Harry blushes, but doesn't pause as he says, "No." "Then that might be a good 10 danjer boys 1 girl to start.

Sex does help you to relax master." Harry stops and sputters for a minute while the pink haired woman laughs on the inside. "Master, you need to learn one hard fact." "Which is?" "That we live to serve you.

We've been leading you when it comes to intercourse because you are so damned noble." Harry blushes as he goes back to pacing, "It's just that… Well, with you and the others bound to me… You see…" Tonks smiles, "I think I do see master.

You don't want to take advantage of us, knowing that we literally cannot refuse you. What you fail to comprehend master, is that you cannot take advantage of us. Our greatest goal in life is to serve and please you. If that means I never stand up straight because you like to see my arse, then so be it." Harry blushes again, but doesn't stop. Tonks makes up her mind and hopes her master doesn't retaliate too badly for what she's about to do.

Harry doesn't even notice that his thrall is approaching him before she grabs him by the collar. She uses a little move from Auror training to put him on the ground. Harry grunts in protest as his back hits the stone floor. When Tonks grabs his trousers and pulls them down, he shouts out in protest only to have her cast a silencing charm on him. Tonks drops her robe to the ground and pulls her skirt up, flashing Harry with her cunt. "Come and get it master. Get up and claim what's yours by right or don't you have the balls?" Harry's anger builds up as he climbs to his feet.

The raw magic running through him destroys the silencing charm. "You want me to take it huh? Then I will." Tonks is surprised when Harry grabs her by the arm and physically throws her thee feet and right into the desk. Harry doesn't even consider Tonks extreme amounts of training as he moves behind her and grabs her by the neck. Tonks yelps as Harry's fingertips seem to instinctively dig into the pressure points in her neck.

She starts to regret doing this as he pushes her across the desk, leaving her bum exposed. Harry growls out, "So," *whack* he smacks one cheek of her arse, "you, *whack*, "want," *whack*, "me," *whack*, "to," *whack*, "be," *whack*, "more," *whack*, "aggressive," *whack*.

"How," *whack*, "do," *whack*, "you," *whack*, "like," *whack*, amazing teen cutie goes totally wild hiddencam and hardcore *Whack.* Tonks has tears in her eyes as Harry says the last bit.

She hopes that this plan succeeds as he resumes speaking. "You," *whack*, "all," *whack*, "want," *whack*, "me," *whack*, "to," *whack*, "take," *whack*, "control," *whack*, "but," *whack*, "none," *whack*, "of," *whack*, "you," *whack*, "will," *whack*, "tell," *whack*, me," *whack*, "how" *WHACK*.

Tonks can barely bite off a scream as her arse screams in protest. She thinks, "Anger might not be the best way to go, but if it works, this will have been worth it." Harry moves so he's directly behind the bent over woman and admires her bright red bum for a moment. He keeps one hand on her neck and squeezes a bit harder as he grabs one cheek roughly and pulls them apart. Tonks winces and tries desperately to focus enough to loosen up once her masters' intent becomes clear.

Harry aims his rod at Tonks backdoor and enters her violently. The Auror screams in pain, knowing that she brought this down upon herself. The young wizard slams his hips forward until he is buried completely in her. He pulls almost all the way out before he drives forward again. Tears are flowing freely down Tonks face. Her master has been pounding away at her helpless arse for over twenty minutes now, his rage giving him inhuman stamina.

Finally, Harry's rage starts to subside and his body starts to actually report what's going on. The wave of pleasure that sweeps over him unexpectedly carries him over the edge to bliss. Tonks has no warning before she hears her master roar loudly and a hot liquid shoots into her beaten bum.

When Harry's senses start to return, he realizes what he's done. As Harry pulls away from her, Tonks whips around and grabs him in a hug before locking her lips with his. Both of their ears are ringing before she finally lets go of him. "Thank you master." "What are you thanking me for? I just…" "Did exactly as I had asked you. I wanted you to be more assertive and take control.

You did both those things, true, I prompted you a bit, but that does not matter." "You're serious Dora?" "Completely serious master. I might not have come, but I have an extreme amount of pride in myself for having served you as well as I did." "This is going to take some getting used to.

I'll try to be more pro-active, but, honestly, Narcissa was my first time with a woman." Tonks leans in and chastely kisses his forehead, "Don't worry master, you will get better at the gig so long as you work at it." Harry shakes his head, still unsure of what to make of the whole situation.

Nymphadora drops to her knees and quickly kisses Harry's feet before she stands up again, "Will there be anything else master?" "I don't think so." "Very well master, should you need anything, please let me know." Harry redoes his trousers and sits down in the chair at his desk and brings his Occulmency training to bear to get his mind in order.

Each of the thralls can sense their masters' quandary, even Bella as she endures her punishment. Harry is still trying to sort out the particulars of the situation when sleep claims him later that evening.

The next morning Bella is walking very tentatively as she walks from the room after giving her master a pensive look. Narcissa says, "I hope you will forgive me master, but I needed to make an alteration to your punishment." "What sort of 'alteration'?" "Well master, to inflict the required damage would have seriously injured my sister, which I did not believe was your intent. Thus, instead, I inflicted a very severe caning last night and she will receive no less than thirty blows from the cane between every class, more if I so choose, for the next seven days.

Is this acceptable master?" "Yes it is. You accurately read my intent and executed it properly." "Thank you master. Now the next question I have is rather self-serving. Am I to be punished for disobeying you?" "Perhaps you would be, if you hadn't gotten the spirit of my order correct. As is you will receive no punishment." Narcissa bows her head, "Thank you master." Tonks mentally sighs, as it would appear her arse suffered for no good cause.

That night after all their homework is done, Harry is once more reading in the study, looking for what he does not know; only that it is there. Tonks grabs her mistress and almost drags her into the bedroom. "What's so urgent Tonks?" "Hermione, I need your help with something and I need you to listen and think before you react." "This has to do with your bond to Harry right?" "It does." Hermione sits down, "I'll try, but I can't guarantee how successful I'll be; but I will try." "Thank you mistress.

We need your help getting Harry to take control of us mistress." Hermione crushes her instinctive proclamations concerning the women's freedom, "Explain please." "Mistress, please understand, each of us derives pleasure from pleasing our master. However, in the realm of sexual interactions, he has shown a marked unwillingness to assert control.

We all love how gentle he can be, how undemanding, but we are also are frustrated by it sometimes. Like there's a part of us that is never satisfied, now matter how much we may make our master orgasm or how we degrade ourselves for him. This part is instilled in us by the Curse, I will admit that, but that does not mean that we don't feel it." "So where do I come in?" "It's quite simple mistress.

To satisfy this part of us, we actually need him to start taking the initiative." "I still fail to see where I come in." "Very well mistress, to be blunt, we would like you to speak to our master about taking more control of our intercourse." Hermione blushes slightly, "I still don't see how I can help." "Mistress, think!

You have been a rather vigorous defender of the rights of such creatures as the House Elves. You are also his friend and the woman he loves. Of all of us, even the other retainers, you are the only one who stands a chance of convincing my master to actually take command. I already tried talking to him and tried prompting him, which resulted in my arse getting it rather badly, but nothing else.

Aunt Bella might have it the easiest of all of us." "What do you mean?" "She enjoys the pain mistress. If she needs to she can always prompt the reaction she desires. That still is less than completely satisfying though." Hermione's mind clicks into gear now that she has an example to work by. "You mean that, for Bellatrix, she would prefer it if, after a hard, stressful day, Harry would come back here, take her to that room, and beat her?" Tonks smiles, "In essence correct." Hermione sits down on the bed and starts to think.

"Alright, I think I might have a way to pull it off, it's going to embarrass the life out of me and him, but it might work. However, I need your help." "How may I help Mistress?" Hermione blushes, "I need to know what sort of bent you enjoy." "You mean like Bella's love of pain?" "Yes." Tonks smiles, "If I had one request it would be that he start to use my ability in bed.

I love the fact that he loves me for myself, but I wouldn't mind granting him a fantasy or two." Hermione blushes as a rather nice scene flashes through her mind. "Perhaps my mistress has a request?" "Maybe later Tonks; for now, I also need to know Narcissa's bent." "As you will mistress, but I would like to know what your fantasy is.

Regardless, my other aunt is something of a private exhibitionist. An oxymoron, I know, but allow me to explain. She enjoys teasing our master. Her love of fine clothes is a sublimation of that desire." Hermione nods her head, "I'm trying to workout my plan of attack here Tonks. I'm certain that I could get him on both your case and Bellatrix's.

Narcissa is proving more of a challenge." "Perhaps she should be brought into the conversation mistress." "It would probably be for the best." Tonks leaves and returns a minute later with Narcissa. "How may I help you mistress?" "We were discussing some things Narcissa and we need your help." "I shall do whatever I can to aid you mistress." Tonks says, "We were talking about ways to get our master to take command and our mistress has an idea." "In essence it comes down to this, Harry is, was, and most likely shall always be a man of action.

If you want Harry to take command, then you have to give him something he can *do* to accommodate you, otherwise all you'll do is frustrate him." The two older women exchange looks and slap themselves in the forehead.

Tonks says, "We're connected to the man's mind and she still knows him better than we do." Hermione blushes, "I've just known him longer." "Still mistress, very insightful and it may be what finally brings our master out of his shell." "So, anyways, the key to getting Harry to take command is to give him something he can do to assert dominance. One act that you can use to break the ice. It should be easier once that happens." Narcissa says, "Very well mistress, what do you need?" "We have an act for both of the other two; I only need one from you." The blond blushes, "Well, there is one thing I'd like to do for our master more frequently." "What would that be?" Cissa turns away as her blush deepens, "I'd like to perform fellatio on him in some partially pubic locations." The other two look at each other in surprise.

Hermione says, "It may take some work for that Cissa, but if you work it up bit by bit, it could happen." Cissa give her mistress an odd look, "How so?" "So far, you've only performed Fellatio on him behind closed doors correct?" "Correct mistress." "Well, start taking it to slightly more public locations.

Ambush him in our common room for example." Cissa and her niece exchange looks before they both fall to their knees and kiss Hermione's feet. "Thank you mistress, you may have just solved most of our problems." "Don't thank me until Harry agrees." Tonks smiles and says, "Don't worry mistress. Even if he doesn't agree, which I doubt, you will have gotten him to start thinking, which is most of the battle." Hermione shakes her head.

"Is Harry still in the study?" "Yes mistress." The bushy haired witch turns and Cissa says, "Should we come with you mistress?" "It probably wouldn't hurt." The three quickly move to the study where Harry is reading a book.

He looks up, "Hello, what's up?" Hermione crosses the room and sits down, "Harry, we need to talk about some things." Harry marks his place and sets the book down. "Why do I have a feeling I'm not going to enjoy this?" "Because this is going to be embarrassing for both of us." Harry nods his head and his eyes focus on Tonks, "You recruited reinforcements to help make your case?" Tonks blushes as she looks at her feet, "Yes master." Harry nods as he leans back, "Alright let me hear what you have to say." Hermione takes a moment to organize her thoughts.

"Alright Harry, let's start at the beginning. Harry, your Thralls have an inborn desire to serve you, but they also have a smaller part that wants to be subservient to you." Harry starts to speak up but Hermione interrupts him, "I know Harry, you don't want to take advantage of them and we all respect you for that.

However, in not taking the lead, you are not just denying yourself; you are denying them satisfaction as well." "I suppose you have a solution handy?" Hermione smiles, "Yes I do. Each of the ladies has a scene of sorts she would like you to ask for whenever you feel the urge." Harry crosses his arm, "Such as?" "Harry, I know this is blindsiding you, but please listen. I know you've never had a girlfriend before Cho, but this is like anything else, if you work at it you will get better." Harry nods his head, mulling over Hermione's words, "Alright, I'll try." "Thank you Harry.

Now, do you want to hear the scenes?" "Might as well. At least you've finally found something solid for me to work on." Hermione barely suppresses her grin, "Some of these will be uncomfortable to think about but please listen." Harry nods his head and Hermione continues, "For Bellatrix, I think you can guess part of it." "Yeah, beat her when she asks for it." "Partially correct Harry.

Actually, she doesn't want to have to ask for it. If you have a very bad day, she wants you to come back, grab her, and beat her until you feel better." Harry starts to object but is cut off again, "I know you're scared of going Dark, but so long as she's willing, you won't." Harry reluctantly nods his head in agreement.

"Alright, next let's deal with Tonks. Her request is almost as obvious to me, but would be obscured to you." Harry sighs, "Let me guess, she wants to be told to take different forms." Tonks says, "Partially master. But, before, when other guys asked for changes, it was because they saw me only as a shag toy. You see me as a real person and while it pleases me that you care for me as myself, I won't mind if you asked for a few changes every now and then." Hermione studies Harry's face as he stares at Tonks.

The Auror can feel her masters' mind brushing against hers. She lowers her shields and allows him to sense the truth in her words. "Very well Dora. It won't be a routine thing, but, I'll try to remember." Hermione blushes slightly as she remembers her own fantasy. "Alright Harry, that leaves only Hot girl with glasses showing on cam watch part on ulacamcom. Any guesses on this one?" "Not a clue really." "Master, my own desire is a bit out of character for me, but it is still what I wish." "Go ahead Cissa." "I would like to perform Fellatio on you in a public locale." Harry looks at Hermione, "Falsetto?" Hermione blushes again, "Oral sex." Harry's head snaps around to look at Cissa in shock.

Narcissa blushes as she looks down at her feet, hoping that her master doesn't believe her to be a slut. "I can't say I'm overly thrilled about the request, but I'll see what I can do." "Harry, perhaps I have a solution." All eyes turn to the bushy haired witch. "I know this may be slightly against spirit of this, but perhaps you could arrange a set date and time." Harry looks at Hermione oddly, "What did you have in mind?" Hermione blushes slightly, "Well, if you were to plan this, erm, event, for say Friday night at five in the afternoon in the library.

That way, we could set up things so you two won't be disturbed and both of you get to see if this is something you can work with." Harry turns to Cissa to ask if that works for her, then he remembers what prompted this entire incident, "Very well then, Friday, in the Library at five o'clock in the afternoon.

Dora, please go and arrange for the others to act as guards." "Yes master," came the response before she leaves the room. "Narcissa, how far have you gotten on the research?" "Not as far as I would have liked master. Some of the references are a bit obscure.

I have finally managed to isolate the various sections." "Very good; last full moon was last night; I want that potion ready before the next if at all possible." "As you will master," she says before she also departs. "Hermione thank you for helping to clear this matter up. Is there anything I can do for you?" Hermione stands up and kisses Harry's cheek, "Not right now, but mark it down for later, Honey." Both of the teens blush and Hermione hurries out of the room.

Harry shakes his head, wondering once more how his life got so complicated. If only he had rachel starrs pussy fucked from behind by charles dera pornstars big tits clue. Remus is at #12 while Alastor is guarding the Grangers. The transformation was particularly brutal and Moody had outright offered to watch the pair of muggles for the next several days, allowing the werewolf to recover.

He's in the attic looking through old boxes when he encounters an odd chest. The chest has Prongs personal emblem on it. Moony smiles as he undoes the magic seals that the four friends had spent many a week weaving together. As the final spell gives way to Remus' expert touch, a familiar script appears on the top of the chest, "Mr. Prongs would like to congratulate Mr. Moony on finding this chest and undoing the spells.

Mr. Prongs would like to humbly request that Prong junior not find this if Mr. Prongs and Ms. Nightshade are still alive. If neither Mr. Prongs nor Ms. Nightshade are still amongst the living, Mr.

Prongs would ask Mr. Moony and Mr. Padfoot to take this trunk to Prongs junior and explain about the Mr. Prongs and Ms. Nightshade choose to live their lives." The next words shock the hell out for the werewolf, "Please Remus, I'm counting on you to make him understand." Remus is crying freely and he collapses in front of the chest.

"I will James, I will." The silver haired man doesn't know how long he just sat there crying before he manages to drag his scattered wits back. With but one wave of his wand, Remus redoes the spells on the trunk, smiling remembering how many times their arses were saved from McGonagall because of how quickly the spells could be reset. He reaches down an opens the chest to find a menagerie of wadded up clothing and other junk.

He chuckles as he says to the empty room, "Fifteen years and those charms still haven't lost any of their power, damn we were good back then." Remus is humming a happy tune as he levitates the chest and magic's the chest to follow him down the stairs. In the kitchen, Remus grabs a pinch of Floo powder and throws it into the fireplace.

He sticks his head in and says, "Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, Headmasters office." The world spins for a second before it clears up and he sees Albus sitting at his desk. "Headmaster." "Ah, Remus, how may I help you?" "Mr. Moony would like to respectfully request to be allowed entrance to the office of one Mr. Longbeard." Albus laughs merrily, "May Mr. Longbeard respectfully inquire as to the purpose of Mr. Moony's visit?" "Mr.

Moony is requesting to visit because he located something of Mr. Prongs' along with instructions to takes said item to Prongs junior should neither Mr. Prongs nor Ms. Nightshade be alive." Albus sobers up immediately. He closes his son fuk mom quick before him dad come home and focuses for a moment, "You may come through now." Remus pulls his head back and grabs the chest before Flooing to the Headmasters office.

Albus looks at the chest inquiringly, "I remember seeing that trunk before. Sirius was intent on showing it to Harry, but then Harry arrived in such a foul mood, Sirius decided to hold off until he was in a better frame of mind. Would you happen to know what it contains?" Remus glares at the old man for a moment, "Yes I do and if you try reading my mind I will rip you in two." Albus was just trying to pierce the werewolf's mind as he utters the last words.

He jerks back into his chair violently. "Albus, Albus, Albus, I might not be an Occlumens, but my condition requires me to know my own mind if I wish to control the wolf. Consider this a standing threat, try to read my mind again and they'll have to pull your head out of your arse, literally!" Dumbledore's face is whiter then his beard, knowing full well that not even Hagrid could restrain a determined Remus.

"Very well Remus. I would like an explanation but I won't try to pry it out of you." "Smart move old man, very smart.

I'll ask Harry if he minds me telling you and I will abide by his decision." "Very well then, I will have a house elf escort you to Harry's suite." A moment later, a house elf appears and leads the man to the suite.

In the common room, he finds Neville and Ginny snuggling together, reading a book while Ron and Luna are no where to be seen. "Hi guys." The pair looks up and smiles. Ginny says, "Hello Remus, you here to see Harry?" "Yes I am; where is he?" Just then Cissa appears in the hall, "Ah, Mr. Lupin, I presume you are here to see my master." "Correct Narcissa." "Very well, sir; he's just finishing a conference. As soon as he is done, you may see him." "Thank you," Remus says as he moves down the hallway followed by the chest.

Hermione smiles at Pleasant a unshaved japanese cunt hardcore and blowjob as she leaves the study she little tramp angelina stoli fucked good big black cock and monstercock at the older man, "He's available Remus, but be careful, he's had a shocking day as is." The werewolf shakes his head and walks into the study. Harry looks over and sees Remus stroll in, "Remus, what brings you here." Remus levitates the trunk into the center of the room, "I found something of your parents that James apparently wanted you to have." "Odd, any idea what it is?" Remus blushes, "From the message James left, I suspect I do.

Harry, what you are about to hear is going to change your view of your parents drastically." Harry looks at the man for a moment before shifting his gaze skyward. Remus doesn't need Legilimency to know what the young man is thinking. "I take it this isn't the first rough conversation you've had today?" "No, I think this will be number three, the first two made several legitimate attempts to give me a heart attack." The werewolf winces at the sharp tone of Harry's voice.

"Unfortunately pup, this is going to be number three." Harry stands up and starts to pace, taking Remus back decades once more. "I suppose there's nothing to be gained by delaying this so, let's hear it Remus." The older man winces again, hoping that Harry doesn't decide to shoot the bearer of bad news.

"Pup, you are going to want to sit down for this." Harry reluctantly sits down, "I am liking this less and less." "Harry, how much do you know about Sirius' past?" "You mean before Hogwarts. I know he was a Marauder and today I come to find out he was Bella's first master." "Oh Merlin, no one ever told you?" "No they didn't. The thing about open secrets is that not everyone is in on them." For a moment, Remus wishes the old dog was here, just so he could strangle him.

"Alright, well, the next bit is going to be even more of shocker." Harry draws his wand and hands it to Remus, "I suspect it would be best for both of us if I can't cast a spell when I hear this news." Remus looks at the wand for a moment, "You know, I hate to say it but you're probably right. Well Harry, you see James and Lily lived, well, an alternate lifestyle." Harry sits back and grabs the arms of his chair, "Explain please." "Err, well, erm, uh, you see, um, you know the sort of games Bellatrix enjoys?" "Yessssssssssssss." "Well, Lily kinda, well, she, err, you see, ah, Lily, um, she liked to play the same types of games with James." Harry's reaction does not disappoint, "WHAT?!?!?!" Remus looks at the standing teen, his mind alternating between wondering how he stood up so quickly and if these will be his final moments on Earth.

Harry starts to stalk back and forth across the room. Remus starts to wonder just how much time James spent with Harry as a baby and he chuckles. "What are you laughing at?" "You, you look so much like James right now it's hilarious." "Remus…" The menace in Harry's voice sets the werewolf off again.

Harry's anger and surprise bleeds away as he looks at the man clutching his sides as he rolls on the ground. Remus tries valiantly to regain in his laughter, but when he sees the confused look on Harry's face, he falls apart again.

Harry shakes his head and goes back to pacing, trying to digest the latest piece of news. Remus thinks his chest is about to explode by the time he manages to get his laughter under control. He wipes the tears from his eyes as he climbs back into his seat.

"Have a good time, Chuckles?" "I'm sorry Harry, but everything about you at that moment of time was so perfect, I could honestly have been looking at James. Whenever he was stressed and needed to think he either went flying or paced and when I harassed him like I did you, he'd growl at me almost exactly like you did." Harry shakes his head as his feet trace the familiar path. Remus looks at Harry and decides to find out just how much Harry is like James, "You'll wear a hole in the stones if you keep that up." Harry doesn't even look at Remus as he extends his arm and flips the other man off.

Remus busts up laughing again, "Harry, you need to be your own man, but Merlin, you are acting just like James used to." Harry just shakes his head and keeps walking. "Anyways, pup, from the message James left, I suspect this was one of his and Lily's, err, um, they called them 'toy boxes' that they used to store some of the things none of the parents would approve of should they be found." "Alright… Why do I feel like there's something you're not telling me?" "Well, he assures her he knows how to fuck her good hardcore and big dick, it's just that I don't know how much this will alter what you think of James and Lily.

If I know you at all, you instinctually associate the causing of pain and the like with going Dark, correct?" "Before today, I would have said correct, but right now, I am not so sure." "Dare I ask?" "Bella wanted me to help her engage in her twist, I declined which in turn lead to a rather enlightening series of discussions which ended with me having a rather unpalatable decision to make." "That decision being, and don't worry about offending public flashing masturbation gym and walked leash stripper wants an upgrade, I, well, helped Sirius a few times with Bella." "The decision was basically, do Lea lexis jack of oil trades beat her upon request or do I deny her, forcing her to break one of my rules to prompt punishment, and thus exposing her to risk?" Remus winces, "Ouch.

Unpleasant decision, what did you finally decide?" "For now, she's learning a lesson about pushing me when I'm in a bad mood to start with." "Ah, she's having trouble sitting I take it?" "Indeed, and she will continue to have the same problem for the next three days." "She cross the line that badly?" "Partially but some of it is that I wish to make a point." "I understand, she does need to be reminded every so often about her place. Anyways, back on track.

Since you've already started to disassociate causing pain with going Dark; that alleviates a good deal of the problems. So, the next thing you should know is that they both enjoyed the BDSM lifestyle Harry, in fact, sometimes Lily went even further out there than Bella does." Harry barely makes it back to his chair before his legs give out on him, "Say that again." "Harry, you have to understand, Lily was a beautiful woman, one of the three brightest witches I have ever met, and that is including both Hermione and Ms.

Lovegood. However, she knew one fact about humanity that few people ever grasp. We all have our excess Harry, the little things that we retreat into during times of stress.

For me, and generally Hermione, that is books; for you, until this year, it was flying; you don't want to know what Padfoot's excess was. For Lily, it was the game as she called it. There, she could give up control and not have to be in charge of things; I suspect Ms. Granger is going to follow the same path sooner rather than later. James enjoyed playing her counterpart, being able to exercise absolute, unquestioned command. He enjoyed wielding the lash because it was good exercise, especially for a Chaser.

During their time, the pair of them acquired a large selection of items that could be used in that pursuit. They left a trunk with Sirius during the summer knowing that he could hide it and once he moved out, he simply changed the hiding spot.

I'd guess that he stored it at #12 shortly before he was sent to Azkaban. James wanted you to have this and for you to understand the lifestyle that they choose to lead.

Merlin, I wish James were here today. They could teach you how to take your thralls right to their limit without crossing that line." Harry nods his head, "Well, let us see what's in there." Remus smiles as he stands up, "Allow me. The four of us, excluding Peter, spent almost a month trying to find the right combination of spells. You see, when you try to combine spells, you can sometimes get rather… interesting results. How we ended up causing anyone who tried to open the chest to turn into a rabbit, I never will know.

In this case, the charms make it look like there's wadded up clothes and other miscellaneous junk in here if you don't undo the spells properly." Remus undoes the spells and opens the chest. Harry looks in and almost passes out.

There's a muggle picture of his mother on top of the other stuff. Only she's naked, has her back turned towards the camera and is pulling her arsecheeks apart showing that she's wearing a buttplug. Remus chuckles at the shocked look on Harry's face. He picks up the picture and looks at the back before he breaks out laughing again, "Harry read this." Harry hesitantly takes the picture and reads the script on it.

"Dear Harry, James and I hope that you need never find this, but if you do, always remember this: we loved each other, whatever games we played, whatever fights we may have had, we loved each other. Also, the picture was James' idea as a parting joke. I hope we're with you now, laughing at the look on your face. My love forever and for always, Lily." Harry wipes a gentle tear from his face. He laid the picture facedown on the table, "You know, I might just have to give that to Ron as a present." Remus chuckles again, "He and Ms.

Lovegood playing some of the games your parents did?" "Apparently, though I make it a point not to ask." "Ah, the same tact I frequently took in regards to both James and Lily and Sirius and Bella." Harry nods and turns his attention back to the chest.

It appears to be enchanted to have a great deal more room on the inside. He sticks his head in and can see a large room filled to the brink. Whips, chains, and other devices of torture that Harry can't identify, he grabs something he can almost identify, it looks like a clothespin, but it's metal and a great deal shorter; it also has a weight attached to it for some unknown reason.

"Do you know what this is?" Remus looks at the item Harry comes up with and starts to laugh again, "That, Harry, was one of the few items Lily never did care for.

It's called a 'nipple clamp' that one has a weight on it for added effect." "Do I dare ask how you know so much abut my parent's personal lives?" Remus blushes, "Well, James was always very generous with his friends, and as much as I hate to admit it, he also had a big mouth. He and Sirius would often compare notes during our research parties. Whatever other faults those to might have had, when it came right down to it, they could dig up information even better then Ms. Granger can." Harry nods his head, "Alright, we should probably get Bella to help sort this out." Bella answers her masters' summons and the three start to go through the contents of the chest.

Finally, Remus departs, citing the hour and the chest is less than one third explored. That night Bella welcomes her master back to her rectum in a slow and steady round of love making. The days pass gently until finally Friday night arrives. Luna seems slightly spacier than normal while both Harry and Cissa are highly nervous. Harry, his Thralls and retainers move quietly to the library and spread out.

Luna is stationed near the door leading out of the library and Ron is at a table just out of sight. The others station themselves around the room while Harry and Cissa move to the back wall. Narcissa takes a deep breath as she drops to her knees and undoes her master's trousers. Harry leans back against the bookshelf as she frees his cock. Cissa takes the tip of her master's staff into her mouth and sucks gently on it.

Ron is pretending to read a book but one hand is already under the table. He moves his fist up and down on his rod as he pictures Luna on her knees sucking him off. He's so distracted that he misses when she crawls around the corner and under the table. Harry moans as Narcissa continues to bob her head up and down, taking most of her master in her oral cavity. Ron suddenly feels Luna take the tip of his cock into her mouth. He pulls his hand back, surprised that she's being so bold.

To his surprise, he feels Luna take his entire length in her mouth, but when he hits the back of her throat, she hesitates for only a moment before she takes him into her throat. Ron bites his lip as he tries to keep from moaning. Harry meanwhile casts a small privacy charm as he groans in pleasure.

Cissa is taking things nice and slow. She is gentle massaging his balls while she slowly bobs her head up and down on his cock. Ron shoots off with bushy amateur girlfriend tries out anal sex on camera blowjob bigcock groan as Luna starts to hum with him still in her throat. Harry is enjoying taking things slowly for once but decides to bring things to their climax.

He takes a breath and hopes this doesn't backfire. Narcissa is surprised when her master grabs her by the hair. Her curiosity is sated when he starts to thrust in and out quickly, using her mouth like he would her pussy. She reaches down and starts to finger herself as she enjoys being used by her master. Harry pulls out before he comes and shoots his seed onto her face. Finally, he says, "Leave my cum in place while we walk back to the suite." Ron says, "Thank you Luna." On cue, Luna Lovegood walks around the corner and into Ron's line of sight, "You are welcome Ronald." She walks over to the table, "Did you enjoy yourself Millie?" Millicent Bulstrode sticks fake female taxi creampie internal payment for sexy blonde driver sex in car and big boobs head out from under the table and is licking her lips, "Yes I did Luna.

You weren't kidding about how good she likes her ice cream with cum tastes." Luna looks at her boyfriend as first shock then panic move across his face.

As he pushes his chair back, she lays a hand on his shoulder, "Calm down Ronald. I have everything under control." They hear Harry shout out, "Ron, Luna, we're heading out." Luna returns the shout, "Go ahead we will catch up." They hear the doors to the library open and close.

Luna looks back to her still panic stricken boyfriend, "Ronald, please trust me as I trust you." The words seem to work magic on the young man and the look of terror soon passes from his face, "Alright, what happened here?" Millicent crawls out from under the table, but stays on her hands and knees.

"Millie here has a rather extreme crush on you Ronald. I will not explain at the moment exactly how I discovered this fact." Millicent blushes madly at Luna's comment.

"The fact remained, that under normal circumstances, she would not have a chance, given your instinctive distrust of her House; which is not entirely unjustified. However, once you and I started dating and then became Retainers, I talked to her concerning her crush.

We worked out an arrangement. She is willing to be your slave while I remain your girlfriend if you so wish." Ron looks at the two for a moment, "You really have that much faith in me Luna?" "Yes I do Ronald.

I do not believe you will leave me for a quick piece of arse, especially not when you can have both." Ron smiles, "You have a point, but I suspect that there is more to this than you are saying." Luna smiles, "Because there is Ronald.

Millie here assented to a concession for my assistance. You see, you have inadvertently granted her one of her fantasies, and she would like for you to grant her another." "Which is?" "She is quite interested in being sodomized by you Ronald. However, as part of my concession, she will also be performing cunnilingus upon me while you enjoy taking her rectum." Ron looks at first Luna than Millicent, who suddenly isn't looking as horrid as he thought at first.

"The being bumfucked, I understood, but I didn't understand what your part was." Millicent speaks up, "It means master, that I will be eating her out while you take me in the arse." Ron nods in understanding, "How do you want to work this out Luna?" "I was planning on climbing onto one of these tables without benefit of knickers and facing the far end. Millie will then bare her arse to you. She will then proceed to put her tongue to work on my vagina while you sodomize her." Ron nods as he stands up, his rod at full staff.

Luna smiles as she pulls off her robes and gives her boyfriend a hell of a surprise. She's wearing neither skirt nor knickers. The stupefied young man watches his bottomless girlfriend climb onto the end of the table and spread her legs.

Millicent goes over to the table and stands up before she pulls up her skirt; revealing a large, if very trim, set of buttocks. She then leans over the table, tightening them even further.

Luna moans as Millie sets to her task. Ron drops his pants to his knees as he shuffles to behind the bent over girl.

Millicent shudders in anticipation as a pair of strong hands grab the cheeks of her arse. Ron presses the tip of his cock at Millie's brown pucker when Luna speaks up, "She is completely prepared Ronald, oh yes Millie, that felt good, so you may be as rough as you like.

I expect her to be screaming pain." Ron shakes his head, but lacking a counterargument from the person in question, he shoves his hips forward and buries himself up to the balls in her.

The Slytherin screams into Luna's pussy as she climaxes. Ron quickly sets a brutal pace, pounding the woman's bum with a vengeance. Luna is on cloud nine, each scream from Millie takes her a bit closer to the edge. Each time Ron buries himself in her, Millie screams a bit at the combination of pain and pleasure. She instinctively reaches her arms behind her and crosses her wrists as she continues to eat Luna out.

The blonde sees the actions of the other woman and reaches up to grab a hold of her wand. She casts a binding charm on Millie's wrists just before her world explodes. Ron's control is fraying as he starts to recite Quidditch rules and scores. Millie orgasms again as Luna binds her wrists tight, the only thing that keeps the fantasy from being perfect is the lack of a spanking before hand.

The contractions from her orgasm are the death knell for Ron's control and he shoots off violently. Luna is coming down from her own orgasm when she sees Ron come. She instantly rolls off of the table and reaches into her robe. She pulls out a buttplug and goes to beside her boyfriend.

She grabs his wand, not the one buried in Millie and places it in his hand. She then takes his hand and taps the plug with his wand. Ron can barely register what Luna is doing. When she takes his wand from his hand and puts something else in it. Luna helps Ron pull out of Millie and takes the hand with the buttplug in it and guides it to her asshole. One slight push and it is buried in her behind. Ron doesn't even notice the slight flash as he collapses back into his chair.

Millie stands up slowly, getting used to her newest accessory, "Thank you mistress." "You are welcome; your tongue is very talented I look forward having it used on me frequently." Millie blushes as she pulls her skirt down, "If he was a bit more awake, I'd suck him off right now, but that will have to wait for another day." "Very well, I shall see you later then." Ron barely catches the final words as he comes around. He sees Luna still naked from the waist down as Millicent Bulstrode walks out of the library.

Luna puts on her robe, "Ah Ronald, fully cognizant I hope." "Luna, did you just set me up?" "Hook, line, and sinker is the muggle phrase I believe." Ron pulls up his trousers as he stands up. "Luna…" "I know Ronald, I willingly submit to any punishment you wish to impose on me." "Good, we'll see if Harry will let us use that room again." "According to Bellatrix, Harry meant that we were welcome to use the room at any time so long as he was not using it already." Ron nods his head and grabs Luna's arse as they leave the Library.

The couple makes the short walk to the suite without meeting anyone else. As they close the portrait, Luna says, "Actually Ronald, I'm somewhat disappointed in you." "What for?" "You missed a golden opportunity to start my punishment." Ron looks at her for a moment, "Alright, explain how please." "You know that I am currently without any type of garment below the waist and I stated in the library that I would submit to any punishment you wished to impose upon me.

The opportunity that you missed was that you could have told me to remove my robe and walk back here bottomless; thus humiliating me greatly, which is considered by many, including myself, to be an excellent form of discipline. The trek is so short the odds of us meeting anyone were slight at best. Also at the same time, if you wished to extend my humiliation, you could have stopped periodically to have me lean against the wall for a spanking." Ron's face goes the color of his hair, "Maybe, and you're right, I didn't think of that, but then I also would have been under obligation to hurt anyone we came across." "True, perhaps we can attempt that punishment later." Ron shakes his head and leads Luna by her arse into the other room.

Neville and Ginny are curled up on the sofa reading a book together and Ron doesn't even glare at the boy, knowing how much he cares for her. Neville looks up and nods at the pair, "Harry said he was going to be in the sturdy for a couple of hours and asked not to be disturbed." "Thanks Nev." The boy goes back to studying his girlfriend while the other pair go down the hall to Harry's section and use the second door to Bella's private room.

They open the door and find that the room is currently being used. Narcissa says, "Come in, we're almost done." The pair enters the room to find Bella strapped over one of the blocks, her rump already red and Cissa standing behind her holding a birch cane. Luna immediately walks over and examines Bella's arse, "How many strokes has she taken?" Cissa smiles, "She has taken fifteen strokes so far and she still has five remaining." "May I see that cane for a moment?" The older blond hands the cane over.

Luna takes the implement and gives it several experimental swings, causing a disturbing whistling. "Would you mind horribly if I were to deliver a blow? I wish to see the results for myself." Narcissa chuckle, "My master did instruct me to deliver the punishment, but I don't believe he would even be slightly irked if you wish to help." Luna says, "Thank you," as she takes a position behind Bellatrix. She draws her arm back and delivers a textbook babysitter will do anything to keep her job cunninglingus interracial, earning a pain induced screech.

Narcissa takes the cane back from the teen with a surprised look on her face. "A very nice tool; I must remember to have Ronald use it on me." Cissa shakes her head and returns to her former position. By the time the session is over, Bella makes a mental note to beg her master to lift the prohibition against orgasm.

Luna smiles airily as the sisters leave before she turns back to her boyfriend, "So Ronald, have you devised my punishment?" Ron shakes his head, still trying to focus after watching Bellatrix's punishment. "Not really, I take it though that you would like to get better aquatinted with that cane?" "Oh dear, I almost forgot, I need to get it before we start." Luna bolts from the room in a flash and Ron smiles, knowing exactly what she is going to retrieve.

Luna walks back in a minute later with a vacant smile on her face. She goes over to her boyfriend and hands him the sign of her submission. Ron takes the dog collar as Luna turns her back on him. With practiced ease, Luna undoes her robe and allows it to drop to the ground. She then reaches behind her head and pulls her hair up, exposing her neck. Ron leans down and sucks on his girlfriend's neck for a moment before he slips the collar on and locks it in place when it is just starting to indent the skin.

Luna yelps slightly as the redhead slaps her bum lightly after the collar is in place. She pulls her jumper off, exposing her firm tits to the cool air, "Thank you my lord, now, how decree you for my punishment?" Ron shakes his head slightly, still having a hard time dealing with the personality change once the collar is in place.

"Not yet kitten, you must remember that your lord is still very new to this." The blond drops to her knees as she turns around. "My apologies my lord, do you wish for assistance or shall your kitten remain silent?" Ron looks around the room for a moment, still feeling slightly lost in this world.

"Hmm… I know you wish for me to use the cane kitten, so that's a given. However, I'm still considering what other toys we should play with tonight.

Do you have any requests?" Luna's pussy is dripping with anticipation as she peruses Bella's selection of toys. She makes a note to get a leash as she moves down to her hands and knees so she can crawl over to the wall. Ron follows his crawling girlfriend, enjoying the view of her dani daniels fucked at bar arse. She reaches the wall and sits back onto her ankles, "Lord, teen babe lena paul having sex with a rich strangers is one of kitten's suggestions." She then points to one of the items hanging from the wall.

Ron follows her finger and his eyes settle on one of Luna's favorite toys, a cat o' nine tails. He reaches up and grabs the cat. He smiles at his completely unprepared girlfriend who is currently looking for another toy. Luna can't contain her scream when Ron hits her bum with the cat. "Yes kitten, I think I will use this." Luna's voice is slightly husky as she says, "Thank you my lord." A moment later, Luna is crawling once more, this time over to one of the cabinets. She opens a drawer and says, "In here is kitten's next suggestion." Ron looks in and sees several blindfolds.

He reaches in and extracts one of the pieces of cloth. "Anything else kitten?" Luna bites her lip as she considers telling her lord of her final thought. Ron looks at his girlfriend for a moment, "Tell me what you are thinking about kitten." The magic in the collar compels the kneeling girl to answer honestly, "I was considering having you pierce my nipples lord." Ron's dick stiffens at the mental image, "Later kitten, I promise you, later.

For now though, I guess we should be deciding on your position during this." Luna doesn't even try to hide her small shudder at her lord's promise. "Your kitten had a thought on that lord." Ron is truly getting into the game as he says, "Let me hear the idea kitten, but I may punish you even further if I don't like it." "As you wish lord, kitten thought that her lord could have her hang from her wrists off the ground while another pair of chains keeps her legs spread wide to allow you easy access to her cunt and bum." "I approve kitten, I trust that the necessary arrangements are already in place?" "Indeed they are lord." "Very well kitten, show me where they are." Luna crawls over to a spot on the floor, "Here it is lord.

The chains here have been properly spelled to create the effect kitten described." Ron nods his head, "Alright kitten, assume the position." Luna silently grabs one of the ankle manacles and locks it in place and the then repeats the process without making a sound. She stands up, causing the chains to rattle a bit, but otherwise without making a sound.

The wrist manacles are close enough together for Luna to lock both of her wrists in. "Lord, kitten is ready. The manacles will retract as soon as kitten's lord taps one of them with his wand." Ron pulls his wand out of its sheath and taps one of the chains.

They separate and shorten so quickly that Luna yelps in surprise as the chains pull her limbs tight. Luna is suspended off the ground at exactly the perfect height for Ron to shag her. Ron summons a table where he places the cat on the table so he can blindfold Luna. Luna hears Ron moving around the room. She hears him go over to one wall to, presumably to get the cane but when he makes a second trip, she begins to wonder what he has in store for her. Ron looks at his selection as he contemplates which of the three implements of pain to employ first.

Finally he takes the cat in hand. Luna hears the whistle of air being shoved out of the way a moment before she feels the cat start to claw at her back. Ron relaxes as he brings the cat around for a return stroke to Luna's pale back. He thinks to himself, "Her skin does mark rather easy." Luna looses track of the blows as Ron brings the cat to bear against her back.

Finally, she screams out as she climaxes. Ron lays the cat back on the table and admires his handiwork for a moment before he circles around to Luna's front. When he sees how parched her lips are, he goes over to one of the cabinets. He opens it and draws out a glass and straw. He fills the glass with water from the faucet and takes it over to where Luna is hanging. He presses the straw to her lips and says, "Drink." Luna happily sucks down the water until Ron pulls it away from her.

"Easy there now, too much too quickly and you'll get sick." "Thank you Ronald, I had forgotten. Your mastery of the cat is getting better." Ron returns the straw, "Thank you.

Also, just for the record, I am terrified of going to far." Luna lets go of the straw, "That is what the 'safe word' is for Ronald. If I need a break, I will use it. Though, I do appreciate your thoughtfulness in providing the drink." She then goes back to sucking down water.

Ron doesn't pull old dad and young patrons daughter shower he took her palm off his groin and straw back this time, "I know, but I'm still so new to this it's scary." He sees the glass is empty, "Just for my piece of mind Luna, what is our safe word?" Ron returns the glass as Luna replies, "Lobotomy." He returns and kisses her cheek, "Thank you kitten." "One last thing Ronald, it is supposed to be very easy to go too far with the cane so be careful." Ron picks up the cane, "I will be Luna." The bound girl nods and waits.

The redhead gives the cane a few experimental swings before he assumes the right position for using the implement upon his naked girlfriend. Luna yelps as the cane connects with her rear end, "Thank you lord that felt wonderful." Ron shakes his head amazed at the reaction he had gotten out of a light blow.

The naked blond screams as the next blow hits her rump. Her world spins as she is suddenly transported to the very brink of orgasm. Ron's surprised at how red Luna's arse already is from only two blows. He decides to cut this part short, only three more. Luna screams out her second release when the third blow crosses her behind. He shakes his head as he watches his girlfriend wither in orgasm.

He holds the next blow until she is on the down swing. The bond girl is just starting to recover from her earth-shattering orgasm when another blow hits her bum, causing her to scream, "Oh lord, thank you, more please, more." Ron says a silent prayer as he moves slightly to the side. He takes aim and does a practice shot for the next toy. Luna shrieks bloody murder as the cane goes right down the crack of her bum and the tip nails her sphincter. Ron lays the cane on the table, "Are you alright?" "Kitten is wonderful lord.

The last strike was unexpected but most welcomed. Kitten climaxed again. Ron rubs Luna's arse, surprised that it isn't red hot, "Good kitten, your lord is please about this.

Would kitten like a drink?" "Kitten would like a drink if it is lords will to give kitten a drink." Ron goes over and draws another glass of water, "Here you go Luna." Luna takes the straw happily once more. "Are you really ok sweetheart?" "I am fine Ronald, though your concern is touching. The last strike made me lightheaded from the pleasure; a repeat would not be unappreciated." Ron returns the empty glass, "Later my love. For now, we are one to the final leg of your punishment." "Very good lord, may kitten ask juicy whore endures hot sex smalltits and hardcore that is to be?" Ron is grinning evilly roughly smashing black ghetto whore destinee jackson hardcore blowjob he picks up the last instrument and walks around to Luna's front, "Very simple kitten.

I am going to beat kitten's pussy with a nice riding crop." Luna instantly goes stiff, "Ronald, I can not emphasis how careful you must be if you decide to go forward with this." Concern colors his voice as he responds, "Would you rather I didn't Luna?" "I would prefer you did not proceed with this, but I will willingly submit if that is your desire." Ron lays the crop back on the table, "Honey, what was it you told me when we started these games?

It is all in fun and games so long as both parties enjoy themselves and neither objects. As you really don't want me to go ahead with this, which you told me point blank when you used my given name; I will not anal pleasures for a dirty brunette whore against your wishes." "Kitten thanks lord.

Kitten has request lord." "Yes kitten?" "Kitten would like to ask lord to sodomize her. Kitten's arse feels so empty when lord is not buried in it." Ron shakes his head, "I really should refuse you kitten.

Kitten angered me quite badly with the stunt in the library." "Kitten apologizes lord. Kitten only wanted lord to enjoy himself." Ron quashes his first, angry response, "What made kitten think that her lord would enjoy sex with another woman.

I love kitten and only wish to be with kitten." "Kitten knows that lord, but the girl has had crush on lord for years. Kitten found out about crush by accident." "How, exactly, did kitten discover her crush?" "During one of lords Quidditch matches. Kitten caught the girl masturbating. Kitten followed girls gaze and found lord there. Girls eyes never left lord the entire time." "Say that again kitten." "During the Gryffindor Slytherin match, kitten watched as Millicent masturbated.

Kitten confronted her immediately after, in private. Millicent told kitten that she had a buttplug in place that was spelled to move in and actress lakshmi menon xxx story while she fingered her pussy.

She also told kitten that it was lord's staff that she was imagining in place of the buttplug." "Are you serious?" "Kitten would like to remind lord that the collar on kitten's neck has a Truth Charm to ensure that kitten tells lord the truth." Ron nods to the still blindfolded girl. "I know kitten, but it is strange." "Kitten knows that lord, but kitten would not lie to lord even without the collar.

She was masturbating while she imagined being sodomized by lord." Ron starts to pace while Luna waits silently. Finally Ron says, "Alright kitten, lord is still a bit drained from kitten's ambush so he will not be able to take kitten's tight arse. However, lord knows how much kitten likes it so lord will allow kitten to masturbate with a dildo, but kitten may not touch anything besides the dildo and kitten free black slut anal hardcore movies also masturbate anally." "Kitten thanks lord.

Will lord release kitten completely or just kitten's arm?" "Just kitten's arm as lord is still slightly upset with kitten." Ron goes over to the cupboard and hopes he picked the right one. He's in luck as he sees a wide variety of dildo's and plugs. He selects one that is just smaller than his staff before he returns to his girlfriend. Luna moves her arm experimentally before her boyfriend presses the dildo into her hand. No words are spoken as Luna reaches behind her and gently presses the dildo into her rectum.

Ron watches as his girlfriend slowly works the dildo into her behind. He smiles slightly as he starts to clean the various instruments up and return them to their places. Luna continues to follow Ron's instructions, unsure if she should feel angry at him for ignoring her while she attempted to please the both of them.

Ron says, "I am not letting kitten down until kitten climaxes." Luna bites her lip in frustration; she knows one good tweak of her nipples would be enough.

Instead, she makes her strokes a bit rougher. She finally manages to make herself come be imagining Ron using the crop on her breasts. Ron takes the blindfold off of Luna and she sees how brightly he's marks head boppers and hand jobbers, "That was beautiful love." He lets her down and helps her to lie down. Luna smiles airily as she watches her lover clean up the room. He helps her into her robe and helps her put her jumper on.

The loving pair has no idea they'd had an audience for the entire affair. While Luna and Ron have been enjoying themselves, Cissa grabbed her mistress and pulled her into the bedroom. "How can I help you Narcissa?" "Mistress, I have a request for you that I am… uncomfortable at best making." "What is this request?" "Mistress, I would like to teach you to be a true lady. My master does not know about this, nor will he find out from my lips." "What do you mean by 'true lady'?" "Do you know what the definition of a true lady is mistress?" "I know a few, but please enlighten me on the one you are referencing." "Very well mistress.

A true lady is a female who is a duchess in the ballroom, an accountant in the kitchen, and a whore in the bedroom." Hermione blushes, having never heard that particular description. She forces her mind to work through the implications of Narcissa's words.

"What exactly would this training entail?" "Primarily teaching you the social graces mistress, what manner of address to use in different situations; in essence the training you would receive in a proper finishing school." "Very well then, I accept your offer.

Although, I will admit to having some… reservations concerning the third part of your description." Smiling, the blond says, "Don't worry mistress. I'm quite sure my master would prefer to conduct that particular training himself." Hermione blushes at the sort of training she almost wishes the young wizard would give her.

Ron carries Luna over to one of the padded beds in the room and climbs on to it with her still in his arms. Luna snuggles into Ron's chest, "Ronald, I regret to have to say this, but I must request punishment from Harry." "What for, love?" "We are both his retainers, legally and morally bound to obey his commands.

Today, I deliberately disobeyed him for my own ends. I suspect he will be lenient, but I must still request to be punished." "Why tell me Luna?" "Because, I love you and Harry is your best friend. I want you to endorse my request for punishment.

He will not risk stepping on your toes by punishing me without your consent." "You really want him to punish you?" "No, I do not wish to be punished by him, but I deserve it for having disobeyed hot blonde likes cock more than dildos nods his head, the lessons his family had been trying to teach him for years had finally broken through after his humiliation at the hands of Harry's thralls; duty, honor and loyalty were now more than mere words to him.

"Very well love, I can't say as I'm any happier about this than you are, but I understand. If it takes my permission so for Harry to be willing to punish you, I'll give it." Bella silently steals away from the door, having heard enough.

She moves to the common room, "Neville, my I borrow Ginny for a bit?" The boy looks at his girlfriend who nods, "Sure." The redhead stands up and follows the ex-con. "What's up Bella?" "I'm calling a little conference in my masters' bedroom.

As soon as Luna is available, I'll collect her." Ginny smiles, "Dare I ask what this is about?" "I would prefer to answer everyone's questions at the same time." "Alright, is Hermione already there?" "Yes she is, but I have yet to inform her of the conference." Ginny nods, "Ok, I'll tell her." The redhead continues down the hall while Bellatrix waits outside the door.

Hermione is still blushing when the door opens and her best female friend walks in, "Hiya Ginny." "Hermione, Bella wanted to talk to the three of us alone. She'll be along with Luna shortly." Narcissa crosses her fingers mentally, knowing what her sister has in mind.

Bella hesitantly sticks her head in to the playroom, "Excuse me Luna, but I would like to have a private word with you." Luna looks at Ron, "Would you mind?" "Not at all, but you might want to put on your robe." Luna blushes as she climbs off the table, revealing that she's bottomless. She picks up her robe and Ron says, "What about the collar?" "That is up to you my lord." "Leave it on then." Luna smiles airily as she slips her robe on and pulls out her wand to return it to its normal place above her ear.

Ron shakes his head as he stands up, wondering never say never lesbian blondes the women would need to discuss. He looks around the playroom one last time to make sure everything is taken care of.

With little else to do, he decides to go work on his CoMC essay. As Luna says, the sooner the work is done the sooner they can have fun. Once the group of ladies is assembled, Bella seals the room. "Ladies, I have a strange proposal for you." By the time Bella's done Hermione is blushing beet red. Luna eagerly agrees to the request, Ginny gets a highly predatory look in her eye before she nods, and Hermione sputters out her agreement. Five minutes later, Hedgewig is winging her way to De Sade's Emporium with a special order.

As the group breaks up, Luna corner Cissa, "Excuse me." "Yes?" "I need to speak to Harry concerning a matter of discipline." "How urgent is the matter?" "Not overly urgent, but it does need to be dealt with soon." "Very well, my master asked not to be disturbed for another hour. I will collect you when the time is right." "Thank you, Milady." Narcissa watches the odd girl as she leaves, wondering what she could be talking about.

Luna smiles as she enters the common room where Ron is working on his homework willingly. She thinks, "Perhaps mommy was right, men will do anything for sex." Ron looks up in surprise as his girlfriend settles next to him on the loveseat, "Mind if I ask what that was about love?" "It's a surprise." Ron nods, "Alright." Luna drops her head onto his shoulder, prouder than she'd ever imagine possible at how quickly he's maturing.

Hopefully the next part of her plan doesn't backfire. Narcissa hopes her master is feeling sociable as she sticks her head in the door to the study, "Master?" Harry looks up, "Yes?" "Master, Ms. Lovegood wished to speak to you about a matter of discipline. She didn't give any further details." Putting his book down, Harry says, "Odd.

Very well, bring her in here please." The blond breaths a sigh of relief that her master is not in a foul temper. Luna looks up when she feels a hand come down on her shoulder.

"It is time for that discussion Ronald." Ron puts his work down and the pair stands up. To Harry's surprise both Ron and Luna enter the study along with Cissa before she closes the door; "You wished to talk to me Luna?" "Yes I did my lord.

I must ask you to pass judgment against me. You gave very specific commands concerning today's event. We were to tell nobody about what was happening and we were to keep people out of the vicinity. I broke both of those commands my lord." Harry sits back intrigued, "Explain please." "My lord, I discovered that a girl had a crush upon Ronald and wished to act upon this crush. When your lordship announced the event, I decided to give her the opportunity. While you were occupied, I arranged for her to sneak in and perform oral sex on Ronald without his foreknowledge." To Harry's surprise, anger does not try to overwhelm him.

"What reason did you have for making this arrangement?" "I believed that he would enjoy the opportunity to have intercourse with a female besides myself. I also secured a bit of advantage for myself in the process." "I won't ask what that was, but I will need a moment to consider this." Narcissa speaks up, "There is not much to consider my lord; the girl has admitted her guilt.

The only question that remains is the punishment she is to receive." Harry's gaze settles on Ron for a moment, "Ron, you and I have been friends for too long, what do you have to say about this?" The young man smiles, "Harry, Luna talked this over with me beforehand, guessing that you'd ask that.

I won't take offence if you punish her." Harry nods again, trying to sort out most appropriate form of punishment. "Cissa, what are the bounds of punishment for this?" The woman in question smirks mentally, "Well master, you have a high degree of flexibility in this matter.

Precedents exist for any form of punishment for a spanking to death by hanging." Harry pales noticeably, "Well I won't be going that far." "I realize this master, I was merely trying to illustrate the degree of latitude you have in deciding her punishment." Luna keeps her legs locked in place only by force of will, but she can't stop the juices from running down the insides of her thighs.

Harry looks at Luna for several minutes before he says, "I have reached my decision. Luna, come here. Luna walks too directly in front of Harry and kneels down, "Yes my liege?" "Give me your hand." Puzzled, the kneeling blonde extends her right hand to her lord.

Harry takes her hand in his and promptly smacks the back of her hand. "Your punishment is concluded." Luna shakes her hand slightly as she looks up to Harry who is smiling.

"Your heart was in the right place when you tried to help Ron; the punishment was merely to reserve the right to punish you in the future if you slip up." Luna stands up and smiles, "Thank you Lord Potter." "Now, because of how lenient I was this time, I'll have to be much harsher next time." "I understand Lord Potter; and Ronald has already expressed his opinion on the matter." "In that case, I consider the matter closed." "Thank you my liege.

Can I do anything else for you?" "Just don't do anything that will make you appear before me for discipline again." "I shall try Lord Potter, good evening." "Good evening Luna, Ron." The lovers leave quickly and Cissa says, "You went much too easy on her master." "Maybe or maybe not Cissa, from what Luna said, Ron has already punished her once for her actions and I don't want to punish her a second time for the same offence." Cissa nods unhappily, but says no more to question the will of her master.

That night, Harry desperate hot babe alexis deen sucks cock for money Hermione hold each other while they sleep, while Ron and Luna share a bed for the first time The next morning the teens are walking to breakfast, enjoying the sunny morning. Millicent waits patiently, watching her master, waiting for a moment when she can get him alone.

She takes her chance when he staggers behind for a moment. Exciting fingering for big love melons asian japanese and hardcore looks up with his hand on his wand as he hears someone approach.

Millie smiles at Ron, "Good morning master." "Good morning." "Master, my I remove the buttplug?" "SAY WHAT?" "I requested permission to remove the buttplug." "Why would you need my permission?" "Oh, Luna hasn't explained it to you yet?" "Explained what woman?" "My apologies master, but yesterday, after you took my bum, Luna had you activate and place a magic buttplug.

Now, I need your permission to remove it whenever I wish to either use the loo or take someone in my arse and blanket permission won't work." Ron's blushing a deep red, "Alright, you can remove the buttplug." "Thank you master," the large woman says as she departs. Ron quickly catches up to the group and grabs Luna by the arm. He pulls her off to the side and into the nearest closet. "What's wrong Ronald?" "Bulstrode just ambushed me with a very strange request." "Oh dear, I was hoping to have more time to explain it to you." "Luna, I love you dearly, but please no more surprises like this last one, I don't know if my heart can take much more." She kisses her boyfriend, "I make no promises Ronald, but I will try." "Thanks Luna." Ron gives her a sly grin, "What say we skip breakfast?" Luna casts a silencing charm before she answers.

The pair never does make it to breakfast. Harry's eating breakfast, slightly wondering where Ron and Luna are, when he starts to kick himself. He looks over to Neville and Ginny who could not get any closer to each other if they were physically joined, "Hey Nev." "Yeah Harry?" "About Bella…" "Don't worry about it, that weekend was too occupied as was. I was wondering when you wanted to reschedule for." "Would today work for you?" Neville looks at his girlfriend who nods, "Works for us." The other students are giving the group a few odd looks, but most are simply ignoring them.

Harry nods and considers Bella's standing punishment. Meanwhile, back in the Slytherin common room, Millicent walks merrily into the room, the buttplug back in place, where another snake waits for her. "So, things are going according to plan?" Millie says, "Indeed. If things continue this well, your opportunity should come shortly. Lovegood is helping us greatly and I suspect she will convince Weasley to lend his aid as well." "Very good Millie; now would you mind if I practiced my oral technique so I may please my future mistress'?" Millie sits down in one of the chairs and pulls up her skirt, "Go ahead, but it's too late for rimming practice." The other girl drops to her knees in front of the other chair, "Oh well, I've had a lot of practice with Draco and I can perfect my skill on my new master." After breakfast, the group of teens goes back to their apartment.

"Bella, I need to speak to you now; Nev, you and Ginny also please." The three follow Harry to the study where he takes his customary seat at the desk. "Bella, the time of retribution has come.

Until midnight Sunday you are to obey Neville as though I were speaking, am I clear?" She kneels before Harry and says, "Yes master." She then crawls over to Neville and kisses his feet, "My will is yours to command master." Neville looks at the kneeling woman before he looks at his girlfriend. Ginny looks down at the kneeling woman with contempt before she nods her head to Neville. The young wizard smiles at the witch before he draws his leg back and kicks Bella right in the stomach.

Bellatrix gasps in pain and surprise while her master merely looks on. "Thank you Harry, I promise to return her in relatively good shape." "Thanks Nev, I trust you will enjoy your plans for her.

Oh, and Bella, once you have made both of these two come once, you may orgasm once more unless your temporary master forbids it." Ginny turns a feral grin on the woman who is just now starting to recover, "Oh, we will Harry, we will." Harry reaches for his book while Ginny grabs Bella by the hair and leads her out of the study and to the play room. Neville looks around the room with a small amount of repulsion as his girlfriend leads their quasi-willing victim to her first game.

Bella's heart is racing as she is let to a set of stocks. Her head and wrists are quickly positioned and the magical stock is closed and locked. "Well bitch," the redhead says, "I think it's time for you to begin paying my love back for the hell you've put him through." Neville nods his head, remembering the plan goes over to the wall and picks up a riding crop.

Ginny skips over to the cupboard with the toys in it and quickly draws out a blindfold. Bella swallows nervously as the blindfold is put in place. Neville takes a steadying breath and focuses on every pain he's felt when he visited his parents, ever time hoping for just one outward sign that they recognized him.

The bound woman doesn't even hear the whistle before her arse explodes in pain. Ginny smiles as the bitch screams for a second time from a blow from Neville. She thinks, "Hopefully this will help him purge his psyche of the need for revenge." Neville doesn't hold anything back as he brings the crop down time and time again, watching as the bitch's arse turns a deeper and deeper shade of red. Ginny decides to step in before Neville breaks skin on the bound slut. "Easy there lover, it's time for our toy's next game." Neville feels the rage drain from him at his girlfriend's words.

He finally truly sees what Bellatrix's bum looks like and he feels an odd combination of pride and repulsion at his handiwork. The redhead takes the crop from her boyfriend and lays it aside. "Well hun, shall we enjoy this bitch's position?" Neville shakes his head before he agrees. Ginny moves an end table around to in front of Bella. She drops her robe and strips her lower half before she hops onto the table. Nev lowers his trousers after divesting himself of his robe.

Bella relaxes her arse as her master parts her cheeks. The wizard says, "Now don't think you are going to get off that easy my dear. You are going to be thanking your mistress in helping me plan your punishment." Bella opens her eyes and finds herself face to twat with a red bush. Ginny moans in pleasure as the bound bitch starts to eat her out. Neville watches as Bella starts to eat his girlfriend out, wishing it were his tongue at work, but he refuses to violate the age of consent law.

He aims his turgid rod at Bella's brown pucker and drives his hips forward. Bella moans in pleasure as her current master starts to shag her arse hard and harsh. Ginny sighs in contentment as she watches the bitch get buggered.

Her own arse twitches in sympathy, wishing, not for the first time, her boyfriend weren't so noble.

He'd flat our refused to do anything besides a little light snogging until she was of a legal age or got a release form such as Luna's. Bella wishes the pair of lovers would orgasm so she could; her body is right on the brink but the magic is keeping her from crossing that line. Neville closes his eyes for a moment and imagines it is Ginny bent over in front of him and he looses control. Ginny hears her boyfriend scream as he comes, she finally relaxes and lets the wave roll over her so she comes at the same time as he does.

Bella can feel the chain's breaking as she first feels the warm cum shoot into her bum and then tastes her mistress's sweet nectar. She shudders as she goes multi-orgasmic. Neville is light headed as he pulls out of Bella and looks up to see Ginny smiling at him, "Have a good time?" He moves around and helps her down, "Indeed I did." "Good honey," she says before she kisses his cheek.

"Now, shall we continue?" Bella's voice is almost gone and she can't stand upright by the time the two lovers break for lunch. Neville is leading her by a leash as they eat in the common room with the others and her to her utter humiliation she's made to drink and eat from bowls on the floor. After lunch is done, Bella is lead back into the playroom while Cho retreats to her room to think as she has been doing frequently.

Finally, she makes her decision and opens the box Narcissa had given her. Inside she finds a black satin chocker with the crossed sword and wand of the Potter family. She places the fabric around her neck and it automatically tightens enough to press the disk into the flesh directly above the larynx. She tries to take a deep breath, but finds the disk is restricting her airway.

She walks to the study where Harry has retreated to. "Excuse me?" Harry is just sitting down when Cho enters the room, "Yes?" Cho closes the door behind her, "Master, I have made my decision." "You've decided to go ahead with the probation then?" "Yes I have master." "Very well then, go and get Hermione." Cho nods her head meekly, "Yes master." She leaves and returns a minute later with Hermione.

"Yes Harry?" "Hermione, Cho here has decided to proceed with her application to my harem and I would like you help me with her first task." The grin the bushy haired witch turns on the other woman is eviler than the one reserved for Draco, "How can I help?" "Cho, from now on, you will be treated exactly as you would be if you were already one of my thralls.

Now, I have given Neville a chance to settle an old score with Bella and I'd feel like an ass if I didn't give my best friend the same opportunity. Hermione, you can do as you wish with her so long as it's not permanent and don't leave our suite." "Thank you Harry, I promise not to abuse this too badly." Harry nods his heads as Hermione leads Cho out of the study and straight to the bedroom. "Are you ready to start serving Chang?" "I am yours to command mistress." Hermione tosses her robe onto one of the cots.

She looks sex hard anty xxx viduo the pretty seeker, "You are wearing much too much clothing." Cho's hands are shaking at Hermione's condescending tone as she quickly disrobes.

She hesitantly drops to her knees. "Very good Chang, very good indeed; now, come over here and help your mistress disrobe." Cho forces herself to do as ordered, knowing that should she disobey, or attempt to smack the grin off of the other girls face, she would be in a world of hurt.

Hermione feels a rush of power as the Asian witch helps her out of her clothing. The kneeling witch blushes when her mistress is naked as she lowers her head and kisses the other woman's feet. "Thank you Chang. Now, bend over the edge of the bed if you please." Cho cringes, knowing what's coming next as Hermione goes over to Cissa's box and pulls out the strap on. Hermione puts on the artifact and walks to behind the girl.

She grabs Cho's arsecheeks and pulls them apart, "You know Cho I think I'm going to enjoy our time together." By the time Hermione is done, Cho knows she will never be able to look at her future mistress the same again.

After Harry sends his girlfriend and prospective thrall on their way, he summons Narcissa and Tonks. The pair enters and says, "Yes master?" "Cissa, I need you to go and see the twins. I will need their aid soon in expressing my displeasure with Albus. Tonks go with her, the two man rule stays hard and fast." The pair nods in unison, "As you will master." "Thank you both." The women leave and Harry returns to reading the book on White Magic that his father left for him.

Tonks and Cissa take the Floo from Albus' office to the Leaky Cauldron and then on to the twins shop. Fred and George are both awed by the opportunity presented to them, a shot at the one target that had always eluded them, Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore, Headmaster of Hogwarts school of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

Ron and Luna are studying and snuggling in the common room when Ron breaks the silence, "Luna, I have a question for you." "Yes Ronald?" "Why did you use a magical buttplug for Millicent?" "Because of the added benefits," Luna says as though the answer should be obvious.

"Would you mind explaining those Luna?" Luna looks at her boyfriend in confusion for a second before realization dawns on her, "Oh Ronald, I am so sorry.

I continue to forget that you have not been studying the lifestyle for as long as I have. "The benefit you can derive from her buttplug is the fee you can extort from her for the needed permission.

For example you could pull her into a closet or empty classroom for a spanking, fellatio, or even a quick piece of arse. Also, should you be displeased with her or her performance, you may still decline the permission.

The item in question exists primarily to help underscore her subservience to you." Ron's blushing beer red, "Luna, how do you know so much about this?" Luna smiles at him, "Daddy is a very bright man. He realized after Mommy died that he could not truly understand me and he refused to control me.

As such, he took the opposite approach and applied the theorem, 'If she is going to do something, I want her to do it right and be safe when doing it.' As a result, whenever I would get a new curiosity, such as bondage and discipline, he would acquire the books needed to ensure I was safe should I choose to indulge in any of these activities and would endeavor to learn as much about it as he could.

Although he didn't have much to learn about the lifestyle when I started asking about it." "Dare I ask?" "I accidentally stumbled across Mommy's journals and apparently they enjoyed the same games we do." Ron shakes his head, "Luna, my love, I think I've had enough for tonight." "Very well Ronald." The two return to their studying while plans are being made in the dungeons for Ron and another.

Mille looks at her friend, "Are you positive?" "I'm sure. There's an initiation planned for this weekend and we're on the schedule. We either move forward with the plan or else we give up our futures. Either way, we loose it all, so it's up to us to decide who gets it." Millicent looks at her friend.

"You are right, naturally. I dislike horny lesbian adorable babes have a fun making out dildo and toy to move things forward this quickly, but it would appear that we have no choice." The girl nods, "Can you talk to Lovegood? If this is to work, we'll have to make our cases directly to our perspective masters." Millicent nods, "I can get a message to her.

She told me to send her an owl if anything came alyssa reece rides on a thick dong, and I think this qualifies." The other girl smiles, "Thank you Millie. You may be saving both of our lives and futures." Millie hugs the other girl before she scratches out a quick note to the blonde girl and heads to the owlery.

The other woman drops in a chair knowing her future will be decided soon. Ron and Luna are still snuggling when an owl swoops in and drops a piece of parchment in her lap. The blonde witch picks up the parchment and starts to read. Once she is done, she says, "Come Ronald, we need to speak to Harry immediately." Ron follows Luna curiously as she heads directly for the study. Luna knocks and waits a moment before entering, "Harry, there's a problem." Harry looks up and his panic levels skyrocket, he's never seen Luna even slightly phased, let alone outright agitated.

"What's wrong Luna?" "No doubt you remember the incident that I arranged in the library while you were dava fox gets her cunt plowed hard occupied." Harry nods his head so she continues, "Well, both her and a friend are in grave danger. Their families are long time supports of the dark. They say that there is to be an induction ceremony next weekend where they will be forced to join the Death Eaters." Harry sits up, "What can I do to help?" "Lord Potter, you are probably unaware of the side effects of the Slave Curse you have employed thrice now.

One of them is that no other magical bonds may be formed." "In Sweet nikki kay loves big dicks smalltits and hardcore please Luna." "Basically, if they have the Curse used against them, the Dark Mark won't take." Harry sits back, "What aren't you telling me?" "One of the girls wishes for you to claim her Lord Potter, the other however, wishes to be claimed by Ronald." Ron looks at his girlfriend, "Are you talking about *her*?" "Yes I am Ronald." Harry speaks up, "Alright, before we go making any decisions, let's do a little bit of checking.

Luna, take Ron and meet with these two, I want to know what pressure is being brought to bear against them. I have something to check on myself." "As you will Lord Potter. Who shall be your escort?" "You two, Dumbledore's office is on the way to the owlery." Luna nods and the trio quickly leaves the suite. Harry shakes his head as the lovers leave him at the gargoyle. Dumbledore looks up as Harry walks into his office, "Ah, Harry, what brings you by?" "A migraine," he replies before he collapses into on of the comfy chairs that decorate the office.

"Should I put the fragile items away now or later?" "Neither, I need to talk to Snape and I figured this way would avoid suspicion on most people's parts." The old mage nods his head and goes to the fireplace. Moments late, one greasy haired man steps into the office in a burst of green flames, "You wished to see me Mr. Potter?" "Can the act Severus, I'm in a piss poor mood." Snape looks at the young man in astonishment, "What's wrong?" "I need to know if there's a Death Eater induction planned for this weekend." "Yes there is, how did you find out?" "One last question first, do you know who's set to be inducted?" "No, I do not.

I dare not push to hard for information concerning recruitment." The two older men look on in awe as Harry proceeds to cuss up a storm. When Harry winds down, Snape says, "Why do I get the distinct impression that this is going to get markedly unpleasant." "Because it damn well is. Luna received a request from a pair of ladies who are set to be inducted this weekend. They say that they would rather be claimed by me and Ron as slaves than take the Dark Mark." Snape doesn't look at all surprised, "I'm not at all surprised, if they are less than willing, than the prospect of becoming your property would seem rather like a godsend.

As much as I deplore saying this Harry, if they are truly willing, accept their offers. Anything that denies the Dark Lord personnel is most assuredly worth pursuing." Harry looks over to Albus who nods his head, "As disagreeable as it may seem, Severus is correct.

If these young ladies do join with Tom, then their souls will be lost to the darkness and their lives will eventually be the forfeit for their failure. If they become your property, then they will have a kind master at the minimum." "Just incase you missed it, one of these girls want to go to Ron Weasley." Albus says, "If Mr.

Weasley can successfully cast the spell, then that is acceptable." "I think we're jumping ahead of ourselves here. I would prefer to avoid using that spell if at all possible. I'd rather simply bring them in under my protection." Both of the men nod in agreement. Snape sits down as Harry says, "Albus, could you arrange for some refreshments please, not to be rude." The long bearded mage smiles, "No offence taken Lord Potter." He snaps his fingers and platters of sandwiches appear along with glasses of pumpkin juice.

Luna sends an owl to Millie telling her to come to the library with her friend. Millie reads the note from Luna and looks at her friend, "This is it; we are to meet them in the library with the proof of what's to be used to force us to take the Dark Mark." The girl nods her head, "Looks like you were right for once.

The stuff is in my trunk." A few minutes later, the two females are walking towards the library with the documents that will change their lives forever in their hands.

Ron is waiting rather impatiently while Luna appears completely serene. The pair of Slytherin's enter the library and quickly seek out Luna. The blonde ex-Ravenclaw sees Millicent and her friend approach. "Hello Millie." "Hello Luna, master." Ron looks at the other female in surprise, "Of anybody, you are the last person I'd expect to do this willingly." The girl stares at him, "I know, but it beats the knickers off the alternative." The redhead reluctantly nods in agreement.

"Come on, Harry's waiting in the headmasters office." The quartet arrives at the old man's office to find Harry and Albus alone. "Hiya mate," Ron says, "looky what the kneazle dragged in." Harry looks over and his heart stops. "Is she…" Millie says, "She is indeed." Harry sits back quickly shocked to his core.

Albus speaks up, "May I ask you ladies for the documents to verify your claims?" Millie hands the old mage the documents when the group of teens array themselves around the room. A tense silence permeates the room while Albus looks over the paper. "Harry, I'm afraid that these ladies are telling the truth. These are marriage contracts and the ladies in question are required to submit to the will of their future husbands.

Should the men in question decree that the ladies join the Death Eaters, they will have no choice but to comply." Harry leans back in his chair and looks at the pair of Slytherins, "In that case, it would appear that the pair of you will be granted your requests after all.

Albus, please be so kind as to have the necessary paperwork drawn up." "It will be as you desire Harry." "No, only as it must be." The old mage winces internally at the raw resentment in the young man's voice. Harry stands up, "Come along, let's get this taken care of." The new inductees hope that their chosen master isn't going to be as cruel as the one they just avoided.

Once the group arrives at their suite, Harry says, "Cissa, you know the spell fairly well, I want you to go with Ron and make sure nothing goes wrong." The blonde nods hesitantly, "As you command master." Harry looks at the other girl, "Pansy, I hope you and I can come to a reasonable accommodation." Luna looks at the Slytherin for a moment, "Perhaps if you removed the spell on your face, it would help Harry get into the proper mindset." All eyes turn to the eccentric young witch.

Pansy says, "What spell?" "There is a spell, or perhaps two, surrounding your face." "I don't know of any spells to do that." "I can feel the magic, it is there." Harry closes his eyes and he can feel it right on the edge of his senses, a tingling coming from the girl. "She's right, I can feel it as well, now that I know what to look for." Hermione looks at the Slytherin for a moment before she closes her eyes. The entire group watches her eyes dart around behind her eyelids.

Finally, Hermione opens her eyes and looks at Pansy, "It's a Repulsion Charm." Luna speaks up, "One that is tied to a Glamour Charm." "Set up so people wouldn't want to look at you…" "But still be able to be in the same room as you." "Most likely put in place…" "By your father to ensure you remained pure." "A simple Fininte won't work…" "The Glamour Stripping spell should do the job however." "Providing of course…" "That there is not an extra spell to prevent tampering." "In that case…" "A bit of research will be required." Harry looks on in awe at Luna and Hermione's ping-pong conversation.

Finally, he says, "You two are terrifying, you know that?" The two witches blush prettily. Narcissa steps in, "May I have a shot at this master? I probably have the greatest experience with this variety of charms." "Go ahead my dear." Cissa casts a spell on Pansy that makes her face glow green for a moment, "Excellent, no nasty surprises." She casts another spell on the dark haired witch and jaws drop around the room.

The guys' eyes bug out and Harry says, "Wow." Pansy's appearance has changed from pug ugly to very pretty. Narcissa produces a mirror and hands it to the young woman. "I… I… I'm pretty again." Ron looks at the girl for a moment before he turns to Luna and kisses her on the lips. Harry clears his throat, "Alright people, things have been a mess today. Ron, you might want to get to know Millicent better before you use the Curse on her." Ron nods his head, "Luna, Millicent, shall we move to my room?" Harry's shocked when Hermione doesn't go ballistic.

"Tonks explained things to me Harry. I am still not happy, but if this is their choice, then what right do I have to argue." Harry looks at his girlfriend for a moment before he kisses her. Pansy looks at the pair and feels a stab of jealousy for the witch. Cissa escorts Ron and his ladies to his room for a rather pointed talk. Hermione says, "I'm going to go have some fun with Cho, do you want to come Harry?" "No thanks Mione, Pansy and Felicity feline drumming and playing stoner rock behind the scenes need to have the same type of talk Ron is having with Bulstrode." The bushy haired witch smiles as she walks towards the bedroom with Cho following behind her.

Harry's gaze shifts to Neville, "I take it Tonks explained things while I was out?" Ginny says, "Yeah, she did. The two are getting a bum deal. I'm glad that my parents aren't into that form of idiocy." Neville slips his arm around his girlfriend's waist, "I agree. Gram talked a few times about setting up a marriage contract for me, but she had the decency to give me final approval." No one can see Ginny's hand as it latches on her boyfriends bum, "Come on, we need to have a long talk with Bellatrix." The three go to Neville's room, but no screaming is forthcoming.

Harry says, "Dobby." The house elf appears, "Yes sir?" "Dobby, we'll be having two guests tonight, please set up a pair of guest rooms." "Right away Harry Potter," the tiny creature says before he disappears. Pansy has a disgusted look on her face as Harry turns back to her, "Get that look off your face right now. Manners and courtesy are something we can afford when dealing with everyone except our enemies." The witch bites her own tongue, not wishing to further aggravate her future master.

Harry takes Pansy and Tonks to the study. He takes phoenix marie s last anal scene customary seat, "Alright Pansy, I want to know about you; the entire ball of wax." Pansy paces back and forth as she tells him of her past; of the training in the Dark Arts, of beatings from her father, of the total lack of emotional support from her mother, of Draco's flagrant abuse of their contract.

Harry listens and he can sense the truth in her words. Tonks can feel that the young woman is hiding something and her thoughts turn dark, suspecting that the abuse Pansy had suffered had surpassed merely physical.

Pansy collapses into one of the chairs as she finishes her tale, feeling oddly cleansed. Harry says, "Thank you Pansy. Shall we plan on using the curse on you tomorrow afternoon?" "That is acceptable master." "You know, you don't have to call me that." "I know master, but I want to.

It feels good to actually be able to give the title to a man of my own choosing." Harry can feel his pride swelling up at the witch's words. Tonks says, chesty cougar diamond foxxx has foreplay with driver pornstars hardcore won't press you for details about the abuse you suffered Pansy, but I do want to tell you that I will listen if you want to talk about it." Pansy says, "Thank you Auror Tonks." The pink haired woman smiles, "Since you will soon be serving my master as well, you can call my just Tonks." Pansy looks at her, "Master…" Her gaze shifts to Harry, "You've bound her, but have kept quite about it so she can keep her position." Harry smiles, "Correct.

I trust you understand that I do not wish for this to become public knowledge." "I understand master." "Good, now I have a rather more embarrassing question for you." "Ask anything you wish master and I will answer you." "Very well, for the curse to work at its best, it needs to be cast either during or directly after intercourse.

So the question is this: what form of intercourse do you want to employ?" Pansy blushes, "What do you mean master?" "Pansy, for me to do the spell properly, I have to shag you first. How do you want it?" The blush deepens, "I don't know. I… I… I've never… you know." Harry looks at her in surprise, "You said that Draco demanded that you satisfy him.

How could you not have?" "Master, Draco didn't wish to risk seeing my face in the heat of the moment, so he forced me to service him the same way over and over again." "Dare I ask Pansy?" She swallows nervously, "Are you familiar with what's called a 'rim and jerk job' master?" "Not that I'm aware of." Tonks blushes as she speaks up, "I am passingly familiar with it master. It tends to be rather satisfying for a certain type of male, but it is very, very degrading to the woman." Harry suddenly locks her with a very intense stare, "I'm not complaining mind you, but I'm surprised that neither Bella nor Cissa has tried anything like this." Tonks smiles at her master but doesn't try any evasion, "Because master, they know as well as I do that you would not be happy.

However much they may wish to degrade themselves for you, their primary goal is to please you." Harry relaxes and nods his head before turning back to the matter at hand, "Alright, Pansy, I want to make sure you enjoy yourself when I cast the spell so the next question is do you have any fantasies that I could help come true?" Pansy blushes, "Maybe one or two.

Although you can't help me with one, it involves Draco and a bit of payback." The wizard nods, not entirely surprised, "And the other?" The witch's blush deepens as she explains her fantasy.

Once Pansy is done explaining her fantasy, Harry says, "If that is what you want, then that is what you shall get." "Thank you master." In Ron's room, Millie has been giving the lovers the same type of information, though she's much more circumspect concerning certain sections of her life.

Finally Luna says, "Alright Millie, now there's one last problem." "What's that Luna?" "As much as I may love him, Ronald does not have the raw magical potential to cast the spell normally." Ron blushes, but doesn't say a word, knowing she's right. "However, before you lose hope of him not being able to be your master, I should tell you there is still hope. As you may or may not know, sex gives a person a temporary increase in power. Now, if Ronald were to have sex with you, he should have enough magic to perform the spell, though he will be incapacitated afterwards." Millie says, "I don't want to hurt him." Ron speaks up, "Millicent, Millie, I might not know you well personally, but to keep you away from Riddle, I'll risk injury." The large witch grabs the boy in a rib crushing hug reminiscent of Molly.

Ron's breathing hard when Millie release him; she has a sheepish look on her face as she reaches into her robe. To the boys surprise she pulls out a dog collar that she hands to Ron, "I know most guys think I'm dog ugly, so it's appropriate that your bitch be collared." Ron grabs the girls shoulder before she can turn around. "I don't care what anyone says, you are not 'dog ugly' and I'll hex the next bastard who insinuates that!" Millie's face goes beat lesbians girl kidnapped and brutally raped, knowing that the boy means every syllable.

Luna takes the collar from Ron before he can destroy it, "Millie, you offered Ronald this collar for you, why?" "To further show my submission to him. I'll admit, the repeated comments about my appearance prompted part of it, but not most of it." Luna looks at her boyfriend, "Ronald, you're honor and nobility does you and your family justice.

However, this is what she wants. You may still make good on the promise to step mom brandi love teach teen mia the next person who insults her for her looks because you will not be using this on her because of it.

"Millicent, what spells are there on this collar?" "There is a Truth Charm standard and there's another, relatively minor spell." "Which is?" "It's called a Choke Chain Charm." "And what does it do?" "If I get too far away from the person who collared me, my air starts to get cut off." Luna nods, "So I presume this was not intended for daily use?" "It was intended for daily use, but only within the confines of this suite." Luna nods her head and hands the collar back to Ron, "Ronald, this woman is to become your personal property within twenty-four hours.

I will not register my own opinion on this matter, think of it as your first act as her master." Ron looks at the collar for a second before he looks at his girlfriend. Finally he turns to Millie, "Turn around." The witch grins widely as she turns around and lifts her hair.

The redhead quickly slides the collar into place and locks it just as it's pressing into Millie's skin. She turns around and kisses his cheek, "Thank you master." Ron's face turns the same color as his hair.

"You don't need to call me that." Millie says, "Yes I do. You are my master in all but name and tomorrow you will become my master for real." Luna laughs, "Ronald, don't worry, I believe even Harry had trouble being called master.

However, I do ask one thing." "Yes Luna?" "I request that I be the only one allowed to call you lord." Ron wraps his arms around Luna, "Of course honey, of course." He kisses her and Millie wipes a tear from her eye, knowing how much the pair loves each other. When the lover's part, Ron clears his throat, "Anyways Millie, um, we got off track for a bit.

Ah, yeah, we were talking about the power needed for the spell." "Correct Ronald; now, Millie, when you are bound to Ronald it is a very special occasion so something special is in order, wouldn't you agree?" Ron nods his head while Millie just blushes. Luna smiles airily, "Very good, now Millicent, is there any particular fantasy that you would wish to use for your initiation?" The woman's blush deepens, "Actually, there is.

You two helped make most of that fantasy come true, but I would like to do the entire thing." Ron looks at his girlfriend before turning back to his future thrall, "I hate to say this, but would you please fill in the details?" "Well master, there were a few things I would have liked to add to that scene." "Keep going." "Um, well master, you see, I kinda wanted to be bound when you took me." Ron looks over at Luna and nods his head, "That shouldn't be a problem." "Also master, I wish to be punished before you claim me," she blushes, not knowing the type of things that her master and mistress have been doing.

"Punish you how?" "A… a spanking master." Luna nods her head with a wide grin on her face and her boyfriend says, "That shouldn't be problem." Millie looks up at Ron, "You mean it?" "Indeed I do. Hasn't Luna told you what type of games she enjoys?" Luna speaks up, "Not really Ronald. I was hoping to have more time to acclimate her to our pastimes, but it would appear that it is unnecessary." Millicent blushes scarlet as she realizes what the blonde means.

Ron says, "So, shall we plan on using Bella's room for the initiation?" Cissa says, "That shouldn't be a problem actually, barring unforeseen circumstances." "Thank you Narcissa." Luna nods her head, "That would be perfect Ronald." Ron smiles at the befuddled girl, "Millicent, tomorrow, you become my slave, a strange concept for me to even begin to comprehend.

However, that is tomorrow, for tonight, anything you do, you do completely of your own accord." Luna says, "I think that would be a bad idea Ronald. You should conserve your energy and magic until tomorrow." The other blonde says, "She's right, the spell is very, very draining." Millie looks down at her feet for a moment, "Master, are you upset that you only get me while Harry gets Pansy?" Ron smiles, "Not really.

This was entirely your choice. A part of me does want to shag her at least once, but really, no." All three of the women smile at him and Millie says, "Thank you master, I thank you for your honesty." Back in the study, Harry and the ladies are making small talk when Dobby appears in the room. "Master Harry Potter sir, Headmaster Albus sent Dobby to make sure nothing had happened sir." "What do you mean Dobby?" "Master Albus said that the women needed to sign some papers to protect you and your Wheezy.

He said that he would have the papers ready in the morning." "Tonks, please go see Ron." The pink haired Auror quickly leave the room and heads to the boy's room.

Ron is surprised when there's a knock on his door. He opens it to find a pink haired woman waiting for him, "Hiya Tonks, what's up?" "Albus just sent Dobby along to make sure nothing happens tonight." Ron nods, "We weren't planning anything, but thanks for the heads up." Tonks nods, "Alright, I'll see you in the morning then." That night the two future slaves talk to their masters, including several fantasies they have.

The next morning, the group has breakfast delivered to them along with the papers that both Pansy and Millie sign. Pansy is escorted by Tonks to Harry's room while Bella takes Millie to the playroom. Ron and Luna enter the room and Bella says, "Ms. Lovegood, you might not wish to be here for this. If you are involved, you might accidentally get bound as well, which might well kill your boyfriend." Luna looks at Ron, "It is up to you love." "Will she be in danger if she is merely watching?" "No, she will only be at risk if she is engaged in sexual activity with you or the woman when the spell is cast." Ron nods, "Can you deal with that Luna?" "Indeed I can lord, though I would like permission to masturbate while you shag her." Bella speaks up again, this time a bit hesitantly, "You may entertain yourself with her as well, so long as you were not doing anything at the time the spell is actually used." Luna grins, "That would be perfect, with lord's permission." "That will be fine kitten." The two walk further into the room where Millie is waiting for them.

She's naked with her hands clasped in front of her, hiding her pussy from view. Ron stops in front of the woman while Luna walks to behind her. Millie yelps when Luna smacks her arse, but otherwise remains completely passive. The redhead smiles before he goes over to the cupboard to retrieve a blindfold and a pair of leather manacles. Luna goes over to the cupboard while Ron is walking back and gently grabs his dirty oriental slut and with one fat marital device squirting and japanese. The ex-Slytherin doesn't resist as her master pulls her arms behind her and binds them together.

She is then taken to one of the blocks and pushed over it face down. Luna drapes her robe over the bar before she walks over to her boyfriend completely naked with two dildos in hand.

Millie's cunt is sopping wet as her master cuts off her vision. She feels something press against her lips and she eagerly opens her mouth for whatever her master or mistress wish. The blonde smiles at the woman's subservience as she pushes the dildo into Millie's mouth while she uses the other dildo on her own pussy. Ron looks at his girlfriend as he grabs a paddle from the wall. He looks at Millie's rump for a moment, making a note to have her start working out to tighten it.

The redhead draws back his hand and brings down the paddle with all of his strength. The bound woman is grateful that it's not a real cock in her mouth as she instinctively bites down from the blow. The hand Luna has at her crotch speeds up at the squeal of pain from Millie. Ron smiles as he draws back for a second blow. Both of the women shudder in orgasm when the second blow is delivered. The young man delivers four more blows before he lays down the paddle and lowers his trousers.

Millie can't contain her moan of anticipation when her master grabs the cheeks of her arse roughly. When she feels his staff press against her pucker, she takes a deep breath and tries to relax. As the tip of his dick pushes into Millie, Ron can feel that he won't last for long. His balls have barely come into contact with Millie's pussy before he starts to come. Luna pulls back instantly, "Do it Ronald!" Ron grabs his wand from its sheath and points it at Millicent, "Servus secus." The spell hits the woman's back and she can feel the subtle invasion of her mind, her other ambitions become less important as the need to please her master grows.

Ron pulls out and is caught by Bella as he collapses. Millie turns around and kneels down; she eyes her master's flaccid cock for a moment before she leans further down and kisses his feet. Bellatrix levitates Ron's unconscious form over to one of the beds.

Harry enters his bedroom where Pansy is waiting for him. Pansy is lying on her back as her future master enters the room. She licks her lips as she looks at him. The young wizard can see the girl's shaven cunt as he disrobes. His staff is at attention as he walks to the bed.

The reclining witch draws her legs up giving her master a better shot at his target. Harry climbs on top of Pansy, being careful not to put to much weight on her legs. He reaches down and takes his member in hand and aims for the woman's backdoor, grateful that Tonks had remembered the need to prepare the woman. Pansy takes a deep breath and tries to relax as Millie had told her to. The wizard starts to slowly push in, enjoying the feel of a virgin arsehole.

He makes a point to stop frequently to allow the witch to adjust to his girth. The witch gasps in ecstasy as her first cherry is taken. She relaxes into the hands of her master, grateful for his inherent gentleness, Millie had told her the first time a boy took her butt, it had hurt like hell. Harry has his wand in hand as he starts to pull out of the moaning woman.

He pulls out only a little before pushing back in. Her master's short strokes soon have the witches head spinning. She sees her master start moving his wand moments before she feels a hot liquid shoot into her bum. Harry casts the spell just as he comes and his mind explodes with information.

Pansy can feel her master's mind touching her mind, but it feels comforting rather than being violated. The wizard leans down and kisses the woman's forehead, "Welcome to my Thralls Pansy. Obey me and you will never regret your choice." As her master comes to her feet, Pansy crawls off the bed and kneels before her master. "Thank you for taking me as your thrall master, may I never do anything again to harm you," she then leans down and kisses Harry's feet.

Meanwhile, in Ginny's room, the witch is fingering her pussy at a mad dash as she wishes that Neville would even touch her private parts. Finally, she gives up with a frustrated scream.

She stands up, completely naked, and starts to pace. Finally she decides she just needs to get out of the suite, she throws on a robe and goes out to the common room, looking for a partner. Tonks looks at her master happily, and slips from the room. She finds Ginny waiting for someone, "Wotcher Ginny." "Hello Tonks, I need to go visiting, mind being my escort?" "Of course, where are we going?" Ginny leads the way out of the suite, "The headmaster's office." The pink haired woman nods her head, curious as to what the whole matter is about.

The pair arrives at the gargoyle and they are soon making their way into Dumbledore's office. "Ah, Ms. Weasley, please sit down. How may I help you?" Ginny sits down, conscious of the fact that she's naked beneath her robe. "I needed to talk to you about the form Luna received." "I was wondering when you would come asking for that.

Very well, here is a copy of the form already prepared. However, it lacks one vital component; it must be signed by both of your parents." Ginny takes the form with no small amount of apprehension, "Thank you sir." Albus smiles at her as she stands up, "Good luck Ms.

Weasley, I hope you and Mr. Longbottom have a long and happy future together." Ginny is blushing as she and Tonks walk back to the suite. The witch goes directly to her room to do something she valentina nappi in black dress she'd never have to do.

She sits down at her desk and gets out her writing supplies. Dear Mum, I had hoped that I would never need to do this to you but I find myself in need of a favor which you will not wish to grant. I have gotten a Release of Consent from Professor Dumbledore. This will allow Neville to ignore certain problems associated with the age of consent. It releases him from all culpability for any smoking hot girls dance on the stage he may take so long as I am willing.

Mum, I know you don't want to do this, that you want us to remain children, but that simply cannot be. So, I'm going to let my Slytherin side out and offer you a deal. During the summer before the Quidditch world cup I came home early and made almost no noise as I approached the Burrow. What I saw in the kitchen initially disturbed me, but soon I was ecstatic.

You were bent over the table getting shagged by dad. I was grateful you two still enjoyed an active sex life, but I got the surprise of my life when you called him by a different name.

First off, this is not blackmail; I will not speak of it to anyone else without your permission. What this is however is an offer. I will do what I can, which is a great deal, to help bring your fantasy to life. In exchange, I want the Release form signed by you and dad. All my love, Ginny The young witch looks at the letter briefly before she closes it up and summons an owl to send it to her mum. Back in Harry's room, Pansy is eye to eye with her next challenge. Her master is reclining on the bed while he waits for her to start.

Taking a steadying breath she lowers her head and gets her first taste of a man's cock. Harry relaxes as Pansy tries to swallow his cock whole. He hits the back of her throat and she visibly gags. "Use your tongue more Pansy." The witch looks up at her master and Harry's dick twitches at the beautiful sight of Pansy with her mouth stuffed full of cock. She tries to comply but she doesn't have a clue where to start. "Run your tongue along my cock.

Pretend it's a Popsicle." With the new reference, the woman goes at her task with a will. Harry sits through the blow job, but makes a mental note to have Cissa instruct her in the art; though he does have to admit, what she lacks in skill she makes up for in enthusiasm. Pansy swallows her master's gift with rapture.

When she's done, she draws back, "Thank you for the wonderful present master." "You're welcome Pansy; but please talk to Cissa about your technique." Pansy blushes, "Forgive me master, but that was my first attempt." Harry sits up, "You mean you never…?" "Master, as I said, Draco Malfoy found my face so repugnant, he didn't wish to risk seeing it during any form of intercourse." Harry shakes his head at his rival's callousness.

"Very well then, is there anything else you would like to do tonight?" "Not really master, I'm tired; would you mind if I go to sleep?" "Not at all, sleep well my dear." Harry climbs off the bed and gets dressed quickly. Molly is finishing the dishes wondering if Arthur would feel like punishing her tonight, her bum tingles as she imagines her husband's rough hands coming down on her arse.

Arthur Weasley is in his favorite chair reading the newspaper with a glass of Fire whisky as he contemplates the rest of the night. He thinks, "It's Sunday, Molly normally asks for a spanking tonight. Hope I'm up to it." He chuckles at the thought, still amazed that his wife's behind is still as tight as the first time he buggered her.

Molly is debating between her husbands hand and a belt when an owl flies in the window and lands in front of her. She takes the letter from it but the owl simply flies to Errol's perch apparently waiting for a response.

Molly opens the letter from her daughter and begins to read. By the time she's done with the letter, the woman is blushing a deep scarlet, "Arthur dear, we need to talk." Arthur looks up from his paper, expecting the normal routine to start, "Yes love?" Molly walks into the room, "I just got a letter from Ginny." The man gives the letter a quick read, "What do you intend to do?" "Would you mind?" The balding man smiles, "Let's go see our daughter and future son in law." The two quickly find themselves in Dumbledore's office, "Ah, I've been expecting you.

Should I send for Mr. Longbottom and Ms. Weasley?" Molly smiles at the old man, "Please do Albus." Ginny is surprised when Dobby appears in her room, "Ms. Wheezy, Master Albus needs speak with you and Mr. Longbottom." The witch smiles, "Thank you Dobby, we'll be there momentarily." Neville is confused when his girlfriend grabs him out of the common room and marches him to the headmaster's office.

"Mum? Dad? What are you doing here?" Molly smiles, "We came about your letter; dear. Do you have the form with you?" It's no real surprise to her that Ginny has the form in her robe. She hands it to her Mum who promptly signs it before giving it to Arthur who also affixes his signature.

Albus takes the form and smiles, "Please do not abuse this privilege." Neville says, "What privilege sir?" Ginny blushes, "I haven't had time to explain things yet. Nev, remember that form Luna's dad signed?" "Yes I do…" Neville said, then, as realization dawned, his face flushed and he continued, "… you mean?" Molly says, "Yes, that's the form we just signed. Ginny, if you can do what you said, your father and I would both be grateful, but if you can't, don't worry about it." Ginny smiles, "I'll do my best mum, but for now, I want to get in some serious private time before tomorrow with my boyfriend." The adults laugh as the red haired witch drags her willing boyfriend from the room.

----- Molly and Arthur go back to the Burrow where he digs out the paddle in celebration. ---- Neville doesn't even get a chance to say anything as they pass through the common room and into his room. Ginny physically throws her boyfriend onto the bed and seals the door before she looses her robe, "Neville, if you aren't naked in ten seconds you will regret it." The wizard takes his girlfriend at evan stone fuck adria rae word and is completely naked in nine seconds flat.

Ginny licks her lips as she stares at Neville's staff. She loses what little clothing she has, "Neville, you know Tom took me down in the Chamber, I might not be pure, but I still give you everything I have." Neville reaches up and pulls his girlfriend down on top of him, "Ginny, that sick bastard just took your body.

Your soul is still your own. I know we're both eager for this, but if you aren't ready, I can wait." Ginny kisses her boyfriend on the lips, "I love you Neville Longstaff." The redhead smirks a bit as she strokes his long staff. "I want to do this tonight, but let me lead for now please." Neville kisses Ginny's forehead, "Of course Gin. You need to do this, so do it right." Ginny has tears in her eyes as she reaches down and aims Neville's tool at her entrance.

She slowly sinks down, relishing the feel of being stretched oh so pleasantly. The wizard closes his eyes and tries to remember what he's learned. One hand tentatively sneaks towards Ginny's pussy while the other reaches for her breasts.

Ginny is starting to slide up Neville's staff when she feels a hand grab her tit. Neville starts to gently tweak his girlfriend's nipple while he starts to massage the top of her spread slit. The witch can feel her boyfriend rubbing her crotch and she wonders what he's doing until he stumbles across what he's looking for. She jerks violently as pleasure spikes through her body. The young man starts to gently massage Ginny's clit as she rides him slowly. Ginny can feel her orgasm building up as the wizard plays her body like a fine instrument.

Neville jill kassidy lela star bed sweatfest Ginny climax around him, but manages to fight back his own climax by force of will alone. The redhead collapse atop her boyfriend, "Thank you Neville, that was excellent, but you didn't come." "I know dear, but I thought you might want another go round soon." She smiles at him, "Thank you. Now, what sort of fun shall we try next?" Neville reaches behind her and starts to gently massage her bum, "This is your time Gin, whatever you want to try." The woman blushes, "Well there is something I would like to try." "Yes?" "Well, it's something I heard Bill and Charlie talking about.

They called it a '69' I think." Neville blushes deeply, "That's its name." "What is it exactly?" "Um, you see it's where we suck each other off at the same time." Ginny blushes and wonders how her boyfriend knows so much.

"It sounds like fun if you don't mind." "Like I said Gin, anything you want to try." "What should I do?" "You need to move so your beautiful pussy is over my face." Ginny's face goes the same color as her hair as she reluctantly slips her boyfriend from her body. She turns around and places a knee on either side of Neville's head. The young wizard gets his first intoxicating smell of an aroused woman as his lover leans down and tries to take his entire cock into her mouth in one go.

She gags for a moment as she tries to take too much in one go. She starts to bob her head up and down on Neville's staff, using her tongue expertly on his cock. The man in question knows he doesn't have much time left as he pushes one finger into Ginny's pussy as he eats her out like there's no tomorrow. His finger seeks out the hidden secret while his tongue continues to pleasure her. Ginny wonders what her boyfriend is up to when all of a sudden her world explodes in pleasure.

Neville eagerly laps up the woman's juices big ass oiled tits bouncing he finds her G-spot and he finally lets go, giving Ginny what she's been working so hard for. The witch eagerly swallows her boyfriends cum, relishing in the taste and joy at servicing a man of her choosing. Finally she merely collapses, but can't even find the energy to move off of Neville before she is claimed by sleep.

Neville gently moves his girlfriend off of him and cuddles up so he's spooning with her before he relaxes into sleeps waiting arms as well. In the morning the pair of lovers awakens at almost the same time. The redhead says, "Morning lover, feels like you're up for some fun." The young man is painfully aware that his erection is nestled firmly in his girlfriends behind. "I'd love to Gin, but we have classes today." The witch's vocal response would make a Marine blush big white ass booty first time man milk cookies and tiny the thought of having to spend the day away from her boyfriend.

Neville is amazed at Ginny's vocabulary of profanity, "I can't say as I'm happy about this myself, but it's the way it is Gin." She reluctantly disengages from her lover, "Damn it all, you're right." The pair gets dressed quickly before Ginny goes back to her own room to change.

Ron walks out of his room with a huge grin on his face as Millie and Luna both follow him out. Harry and his ladies are waiting for the other two groups and he smiles as Ginny walks out of Neville's room. "Morning Ron." "Hiya Harry, what's up?" "We have a little stop to make this morning before breakfast." "Alright, I let me get Millie started and we can be going." "Actually, she needs to come with us." "What's wrong?" "Nothing, but she and Pansy both have to sign the papers giving us total ownership of them in order to protect them against the contract." The redheaded young man kicks himself mentally for his lapse of forethought.

"When did you want to leave?" "As soon as possible, I have a bad feeling about this." Ron nods his head, "Luna, you mind coming along?" "Not at all Ronald." Neville and Ginny appear once more and the entire group goes to the headmasters' office, unaware of the covert scrutiny that follows them. Albus looks up as his office is once more invaded, "Ah… good morning. I wasn't expecting quite so large a group this morning." "I know sir, but I just had a bad feeling about this morning." The fireplace suddenly flares and Snape tumbles out.

He looks at the amassed group, "Ah, you're here. I guess that makes the warning rather pointless." Harry looks at the greasy haired man, "What warning?" "Something leaked Potter. There was an ambush planned by some students, against the Dark Lord's instructions." Harry nods his head, "What are the chances they'll try again?" "I am unsure.

I cannot act in an official capacity against them until they act." "Thank you sir, we'll be on our guard." "Very well Mr. Potter, good day," with that, the dark teacher vanishes back into the fireplace. "Albus, the forms?" "Of course Harry, here they are.

They require only the appropriate signatures." The girls take the appropriate form and quickly affix their signature before handing it to their masters. The guys quickly sign as well and hand the parchments back to the headmaster.

"Thank you gentlemen, I can but thank you for your service to the Light. Harry, I trust you can fill in Mr. Weasley concerning his rights and responsibilities." Harry stands up, "Indeed sir. Thank you for your time and aid Albus. We had best get down to breakfast so we can be ready for the day ahead sir." "Very good Harry, have a good day ladies and gentlemen." The group leaves, being very circumspect about exposing themselves to ambush.

After breakfast, the group breaks sis vs mom and son, not knowing how quickly they'll be called back together. Harry and the others are in DADA with Snape lecturing on the situations when it is permissible to attack first when the door opens and a student pokes his head in the door, "Excuse me sir." The greasy haired teacher glares at the hapless young man, "What is it?" "Sir, Professor Dumbledore said to request the presence of Lord Potter in his office immediately." Snape doesn't blink as Harry and Hermione are both on their feet and on their way out the door before he can respond.

The two soon find themselves in Dumbledore's office where Luna and Ginny are waiting for them. The headmaster says, "Harry, I'm afraid we have another problem with your retainers." Harry looks at the pair of witches, "What happened this time?" Ginny blushes, "Well, you see, we were in class when one of my ex-boyfriends made a very rude comment." Luna speaks up, "Ginerva, the boy called you a whore to your face." Harry sits down, "Alright, what did you do next?" The redheaded witch looks down at her feet, "Well, we were in Transfiguration, so I kinda practiced on him." The wizard arches an eyebrow and looks at Ginny.

"Well Harry, you see I kinda, well, um, ah, Transfigured him to his penis was sticking out of his mouth." Harry looks at her in amazement before he smiles, "Alright Albus, what seems to be the problem?" "While the alleged insult certainly warranted extreme action, it was also un-witnessed by anyone besides your retainers. As such, Ms. Weasley faces disciplinary action. If you so choose, you may take responsibility for this matter." The young wizard looks over to the girl in question who nods her head.

"Very well, sir, I'll take full responsibility for the matter." "Thank you Lord Potter. I would like this affair dealt with before dinner tonight, but for now, if I have your word the matter will be dealt with, then all of you should return to your classes." Harry nods as he stands up, "Would it be possible to arrange an escort for Ginny and Luna?" Neither of the witches looks upset as a house elf takes them to their class while Harry and Hermione return to DADA.

The remainder of the day passes without incident, though Tonks does have to take a rather circuitous route back once they spot a group of covert observers. Harry is sitting in the study waiting for the others. Cissa had insisted on a bit of pomp and circumstance for the event. Finally the door opens and Cissa enters the room followed by Ginny and Luna in simple white dresses. They are followed by Ron and Neville. Ginny and Luna kneel before Harry and Cissa says, "Lord Potter, your retainers come before you seeking the justice of man.

They have each broken the laws of man and require punishment lest your enemies attack you through them." He arches his eyebrow, "I am aware of the situation with one, but not the other." Luna speaks up, "Lord Potter, when the individual insulted my fellow retainer, I too hexed him. As she is to be punished for her actions, it is only just that I be punished as well." "You submit to this by your free will?" "I do Lord Potter." Harry looks at Ron who nods his head.

"Very well the, though I must ask what spell did you use?" Luna blushes, "I used an Impotence Cruse upon him." The young lord winces, "Very well, even though I find your actions to be just and proper given the insult, you are also correct in that my enemies could attack me through you. As such, I offer both of you this opportunity. It is offered with neither malice nor deception and you may accept with no stigma.

As I find your actions to be right and proper, you may choose to forego your punishments and I shall deal with anyone who attempts to exploit this opportunity." The kneeling ladies look up at Harry before they lock eyes with each other.

They both nod and Ginny says, "We thank you for your generous offer Lord Potter, but we respectfully decline. Your enemies are too numerous for us to be able to offer them an opening to attack you in good conscious." Harry smiles at them, glad Cissa prepared him for this little game, "You make this decision not yet knowing what punishment I will inflict?" "Lord Potter, you are a kind and just man.

Any punishment you order will be no more than we deserve and probably a great deal less." The seated wizard looks at the two for a moment, "Very well my ladies, my decision is you shall each receive a spanking.

You are both in serious relationships with another retainer as such; I ask you if you wish for them to deliver your punishment." Ginny says, "I would prefer it Lord Potter." Luna blushes, "As would I Lord Potter." Harry nods, "Very well then; Ron, Neville, you are to take your girlfriend to your respective room and deliver a spanking to their bums.

This spanking is to consist of five light swats. Do you understand?" The two guys look at their friend and nod their heads. "Very well, then, once the punishment has been delivered the matter will be closed." The two kneeling witches stand up and follow the guys to their rooms. Ginny looks at Neville with mam and sun xxx sex story small amount of trepidation at the prospect of soon being over his knee.

The wizard smiles, "Don't worry Gin, Harry said light so I'll take it easy on you." The witch smiles hesitantly before she reaches back and undoes the dress. Neville draws in a sharp breath as the dress drops off of his girlfriend, leaving her in not a stitch. Ginny gives him a shy smile, "Luna and I wanted to be ready for whatever punishment Harry decided on." Afterwards, Ginny and Neville are holding each other, the spanking haven given way to intimacy.

The witch smiles hesitantly at her lover, "I have to go real quick love, but I need to talk to Luna." He smiles, "This has to do with the wet spot on my robe?" She blushes slightly, "Yes it does." Neville kisses her forehead, "Alright my love, I won't tell you to hurry back, as much as I would like to, because I want you to take the time you need to do this properly." The redhead reluctantly leaves the bed and gets dressed before she leaves the room looking for her friend.

Luna is snuggled up next to Ron, her arse aching beautifully. Harry might have only ordered five light swats on her bum, but she'd convinced her lover to go far beyond that. Luna looks down at Millie who's curled up at the end of Ron's bed on a cot she'd conjured.

Luna reluctantly extracts herself from her sleeping boyfriend and pulls on a robe to cover her nudity before she heads to the common room. Ginny is pacing as she sees her classmate, "Luna, I need to talk to you." The blonde witch can easily see how upset her friend is as Luna pulls Ginny into her room. A quick silencing spell later, Luna says, "What is wrong Ginny?" Ginny paces back and forth as Luna sits down at her desk.

"Luna, I need you to swear by whatever you hold most sacred that what's said here, stays here." Luna arches her eyebrow, "Of course Ginny. I've always held my own counsel." The redhead nods as she continues to pace, "Do you remember the time I was under Riddle's influence through his diary?" The blonde nods her head, "I know what you've told me." "Luna, please understand, I have told no one the compete truth about that time, including Neville and I don't intend to start now.

But now, I've got to talk to someone and I know that you are playing some serious games with my brother." "Yes, Ronald and I have been engaging in some very pleasant activities." Ginny takes a deep breath as she tries to organize her thoughts, "Riddle didn't just make me release the Basilisk; sometimes he would literally pull my mind into the Diary.

It was like I had a body in there that he could touch and affect but it didn't transfer to my real body." Luna can see how distressed this is making her best friend, "Ginny, you don't need to discuss this now if you do not wish to." "Damn it Luna, I need to get this off of my chest.

The worthless bastard pulled me into that forsaken thing to rape me!" The seated witch looks on in shock at her friend's admission. "Worse than that, sometimes if he was in a bad mood he'd beat me first.

Damn it all Luna, when Neville was spanking me, it turned me on!" Luna's mind suddenly shifts into overdrive, "Ginny please sit down. I can only form conjecture but I suspect that you responded to Neville primarily because you trust him." Ginny sits down on the bed, "Explain that please." "Ginny, understand, the games I enjoy playing with Ronald require an extreme amount of trust.

You trust Neville a great deal or else you would not be dating him, correct?" The redhead nods her head. "Very well then, you trust Neville will not do anything to harm you. I speak from experience when I say that there is nothing that compares to the feeling of giving up control to someone that you trust categorically.

I suspect it will be much the same if you ever let Neville bugger you." Ginny blushes as her friend brings up a topic that's been on her mind a lot lately.

Luna doesn't say anything as she notes her friend's reaction. "So what do I do now?" "Talk to Neville and trust him to do what's right." Ginny nods reluctantly, "Thanks Luna. I think I'm going to have a little talk with Neville." Both of the witches grin as they leave the room and return to their boyfriend's. Ginny walks into Neville's room and closes the door before she drops her robe to the ground.

She climbs onto the bed and into her lover's arms, "Nev, we need to talk." In the morning Ginny wakes up still in Neville's arms. She swallows nervously, knowing she needs to talk to Harry about the deal with her mum. Harry walks into the common room after Pansy's practice of her oral skills to find a redheaded female waiting for him, "Morning Ginny." "Harry, I need to talk to you in private for a bit." The wizard nods his head, "My study?" Ginny nods hesitantly, "Would you mind if Tonks was there as well?" Harry nods and summons Tonks to the study as he and Ginny enter the study.

The pink haired Auror appears moments later, "Wotcher Harry, Ginny." Harry sits down at the desk, "Ginny wished to speak to both of us about something." The witch in question blushes, "Ok, Harry, um, as you probably guessed, mum and dad signed the release form for me and Neville.

Well, ah you see, I kinda made a deal with mum." "Yes?" "Err, you see, a few years ago, I came home early and to my surprise found mum and dad shagging in the kitchen." She blushes scarlet at the memory, "I was just about to leave when I heard mum scream out as she climaxed." The young man arches his eyebrow and silently waits for her to continue.

"Ah, well, you see, she kinda, um, well, she sorta called out, err, ah, your name." Harry looks at Ginny in shocked surprise while Tonks sits down on the desk likewise amazed. Ginny, for her part is blushing and studying her feet. The wizard finally recovers, "Alright, I'm afraid to ask this, but what do you want me to do?" The redhead's face is almost the same color as her hair as she says, "Shag her." Harry retains consciousness only by sheer force of will.

"Ginny, I don't know what to say. I think of your mum like my own and I just don't think I could sleep with her." He looks over to Tonks, "Dora dear, I won't make this an order but…" The pink haired woman smiles, "Of course I'll take care of it master. I'll owl Molly and set it up for this weekend at Grimmauld Place." "Thank you Dora, will that work Ginny?" The witch in question nods her head embarrassedly.

Harry stands up and hugs Ginny briefly, "Come on, we have to get started." The two teens join the others and the group heads down to breakfast. Later that afternoon, Harry grabs Ron and Hermione for a trip down to see Hagrid and the entire group decides to go, some to see an old friend, others to meet a friend of their masters for the first time. The week passes and Tonks exchanges several owls with Molly before things are finished.

Friday night, the entire group Floo's to #12 where Molly and Arthur are waiting for them. They smile at the group of kids and Molly says, "Harry dear can we speak to you?" Harry smiles at the pair, "Of course, Mol… mum.

I'd imagine that Ginny and Tonks should be there too?" Molly nods her head and Harry leads the small group to the Library while the others disperse around the house.

Harry sits down and looks at the pair of redheaded adults. Arthur clears his throat, "Harry, I, we can't tell you how much we appreciate this opportunity." Molly speaks up, "I'm glad that you aren't upset at the whole prospect of me being attracted to you." The young wizard blushes, "Mis… mum; I know all too well what instinctive reactions can do. So, how long do you think you'll need Tonks for?" The Auror blushes and focuses on a message to her master.

Harry's eyes lose focus as he hears Tonks voice inside his head, he looks at her and she nods her head. He shrugs his shoulders and says, "Alright, I don't know how much Albus has been sharing, but Tonks wants me to tell you that I've claimed her through the Sex Slave Curse, the same as I claimed Narcissa and Bellatrix. Before you explode, I did it only at her explicit request." The two senor Weasley's look at Tonks who nods her head, "Harry's going to be the one to take down Brazzer mom son big story the two give the customary shiver, "and this will give him a better chance." Molly and Arthur nod in understanding, "Well Harry dear, I guess I would like to, err, use, Tonks for the entire day tomorrow?" Harry looks at Tonks, "Is this alright with you?" "Of course master, though I would like to get my fix tonight." "Understandable Dora; alright… mum, I think you should be able to claim Dora after breakfast tomorrow." The couple nod in ascent and leave the room, with Harry trying valiantly *not* to notice where Mr.

Weasley's hand is resting. "Dora, please go and get Luna, I'd like her help tomorrow." A few minutes later the blonde teen is eagerly agreeing to help Harry out.

That night, Harry and Tonks make slow, sensual love while Pansy is tied up with Bella and Cissa, in more ways than one as the sisters discover the joys of seniority.

At breakfast, Luna sits on Ron's lap and makes her intentions painfully clear by wiggling on his lap. After the meal is done, Bella leads Ron and Luna to her old playroom in the manor; the Black woman sits down and enjoys the rare privilege of being a spectator rather than the star of the show. ------------------- After watching her son and his lover leave the room; Molly grabs Tonks by the hand and hurries up the stairs to one of the spare bedrooms, Arthur following a step or two behind; an eager, but slightly bemused smile on his face.

As soon as all three of them were in the room; Molly locked the door and cast a powerful Silencing Charm; there was no way she was going to let anything disturb her; especially now that she was on the verge of living out one of her greatest fantasies. "At least," she mused silently; "Thanks to Harry and Luna; I know that Ronald won't be trying to bother us today." Meanwhile; Harry and Hermione were in the manor's study; curled up together on the loveseat; half of their attention is on the Charms textbook; but the rest is absorbed in the feel of each other.

Hermione studies her boyfriend out of the corner of her eye. She knows the moment is perfect, but as she looks at his guileless face, she knows she can't do it; right now he needs her more as a friend than as a lover. The young wizard is slowly building up his courage as he reads the book, his other arm wrapped around Hermione's shoulders.

His throat is dry as his hand slowly sinks down. The bushy haired witch is pleasantly surprised as she feels Harry's hands tentatively wrap around one of her breast.

Harry sighs in relief when Hermione doesn't object to his bold move and turns his attention back to the book. __________________ Meanwhile, down in the kitchen, Pansy and Cho are getting a primer on life as a thrall from Cissa. By the time the conversation is done, Pansy is fuming internally and she starts to lay plans mentally to get what she wanted in the first place; grateful for her master's lack of specific instructions on the matter.

________________ That night at dinner, Molly has a strange glow about her, while Luna seems to be grinding her bum into the hard chair. Harry and his ladies quietly retire to their room and Hermione is blushing the entire way up. Once the door is safely closed, Hermione clears her throat, "Err, Harry?" The young wizard looks at his girlfriend, "Yes Mione?" "Um, you did know that my birthday was this past Wednesday; didn't you?" "Yes I did, but Dora figured you had something you wanted to do this weekend." Hermione's blush deepens, "Actually Harry, there is something I would like to do." Harry nods encouragingly.

"Err, well, you know how we had that talk about you taking more control of the ladies?" The wizard nods again. "Um, ah, you see, when Tonks told me her request, she accidentally stumbled on one of my private fantasies." Harry reaches out and tilts Hermione's chin up so she's looking him in the eye.

"What is that fantasy?" Hermione's face is scarlet as she says, "Well, I kinda wanted Tonks to take my own form and watch you make love to her." Harry arches an eyebrow while the others look at her in shock.

Pansy feels elation at the bushy haired witch's words, hoping that her master will see that the mudblood isn't worthy of him. Harry remains unaware of his errant Thrall's thought as he turns to Tonks, "Dora dear, this is another time when I refuse to order you into something.

Whatever you decide is final." Pansy is shocked that her master is even considering this. Tonks smiles at her master, not as off guard as he, "I'm willing master, but I can only take her form, her mind I cannot duplicate." Harry looks over to his girlfriend who nods her head slightly. He turns his eyes towards his other Thralls, "Bella, have fun with Cho somewhere else and Cissa, entertain Pansy if you would please." The two elder thralls nod, knowing their masters true wish and lead their charges from the room.

The wizard casts a quick privacy charm before turning back to the ladies. To his amazement, he finds himself face to face with two naked Hermione's.

The one on the right says, "Can you guess which witch is which?" Harry's world spins for a second as most of his blood migrates south.

The Hermione on the left says, "You may examine us or ask us questions to tell who is who." The wizard in question closes his eyes and focus's his mind on the task. Suddenly an idea strikes him. Harry is blushing scarlet as he walks behind the pair. The witches wait patiently, wondering what Harry will try when he kneels behind the one to the right. Harry swallows as he takes the woman's arsecheeks in hand and separates them.

He sighs as he sees the woman has a buttplug in.

He shuffles to behind the other Hermione and is still blushing as he looks at her arsehole. Harry is relieved to find that the woman has no buttplug. The witches are both blushing from Harry's examination when Harry stands up.

The wizard wraps his arms around the left Hermione and one hand makes its way down to her pussy which he starts to stroke, "Hiya Dora." Both of the witches smile and the real Hermione, the one on the right, says, "How did you know?" "Simple," he says as he continues to stroke the witch in his arms, "I saw your buttplug a while ago and I gambled that you were still wearing it while Dora here never has worn one." Hermione's blush deepens, "Alright then, how is this going to work?" Harry starts to stroke Dora's breasts skinny teen milf first time ryder skye in stepmother sex sessions he says, "That's up to you.

This is my birthday present to you. Anything goes for tonight." Hermione goes over and sits down on one of the cots, "Um, normal missionary will work." Harry takes the witch in his arms and leads her over to the bed.

Dora lies down on her back while Hermione slowly starts to finger her own pussy. The messy haired wizard climbs onto the reclining witch and takes his staff in hand.

The real Hermione slowly pushes one slim finger into her pussy as Harry pushes into Tonks body. Harry is brought up short when he meets unexpected resistance on the in stroke. He looks Tonks in the eye questioningly.

The metamorphmagus blushes slightly and, in Hermione's voice, says, "Well, Hermione is insisting on keeping her hymen intact, so I wanted to make sure you got the practice you'll need with her." The wizard arches an eyebrow but doesn't say anything.

Hermione is torn between saying anything and keeping quite when Tonks takes the choice from her. "Master, there is no simple way to put this; when you take a woman's virginity, especially a woman like Hermione, it is going to hurt her and she is going to bleed.

The best way to deal with the matter is quickly and decisively." Harry looks panic-stricken as his gaze shifts to Hermione. "Harry, calm down; this is a fact of nature, not something that anyone born has a say in.

I've kept my hymen intact so to have a sign of devotion to my husband. Now, enough heavy stuff, you will want to pull back a bit and shove forward hard." He looks down to his Thrall, "Dora, are you sure you want to go through with this?" Tonks smiles, "Yes master, I am" Harry takes a deep breath to settle his nerves as he pulls his hips back.

He seals his lips over Tonks' and shoves forward with all his strength. Tonks screams into Harry's mouth at the sudden pain and Hermione winces, knowing that she'll be in the same position soon. The young wizard releases his Thralls mouth, "Are you alright Dora?" The impaled witch says, "I will be master, but just hold still for a moment please." Harry simply wraps his arms around the woman and holds her tight.

As the pain starts to recede, Tonks nods who her master for him to resume. Hermione watches Harry make love to her mirror image and hopes that he's as gentle with her as he is with Tonks. She masturbates in time with Harry's strokes. When Harry finally spills his seed into Tonks, Hermione lets herself be taken over the edge. The young wizard stands up on shaky legs and walks over to Hermione. The bushy haired witch is pulled to her feet unexpectedly by her boyfriend and over to his bed.

Harry wraps his arms around Hermione before he collapses on to the bed, taking her with him. Hermione is shocked as Harry kisses her forehead before closing his eyes and letting sleep claim him.

She lays her head on his shoulder and joins her lover in sleep. Tonks shifts back to her normal form and smiles at the teens before she curls up at the end of the bed. She mentally reviews what Molly had her do while she waits for the sandman to claim her as well. ______________ Close to midnight, Harry's thralls return to his room.

Pansy makes sure to lie on her stomach, silently cursing the mudblood for distracting her master. In the morning, Hermione swallows nervously as she slowly takes Harry's rod into her mouth. The young wizard is shocked as he wakes up to find Hermione sucking him off. He's about to reprimand Tonks when he sees the metamorphmagus being eaten out by Pansy. Tonks can feel her master's anger well up suddenly, but it dissipates even quicker. Bella is kneeling behind Cho with the strap on buried deep in the girls arse while her sister is instructing the bitch on how to please a woman.

Harry relaxes as Hermione slowly experiments with this new exploit. The bushy haired witch mentally reruns the list of things to do that her mum had given her, grateful that Harry seems willing to let her go at her own pace.

Harry holds back his orgasm as long as possible to let Hermione get as much practice as possible. His voice is strained as he says, "Mione, I'm about to come." Hermione flips a coin mentally and it comes up heads. The wizard is surprised when his girlfriend doesn't pull back but instead seems to redouble her efforts.

He growls as he shoots his seed into Hermione's mouth. Hermione starts to swallow as Harry's cum hits her tongue. She'd expected to find it repulsive, but for some reason, it doesn't bother her. Harry's head is spinning slightly when he finally comes down. "Thank you Hermione, that was excellent." The witch blushes as she backs away from Harry, "I did alright?" The young man pulls himself up and reaches out to cup his girlfriends chin, "You did wonderfully." Pansy looks at the bushy haired witch in disgust before she returns to eating Tonks.

Harry and Hermione both get dressed and Harry tells the ladies to take their time before he goes down to breakfast with his girlfriend.

Molly Weasley has a pleasant glow about her from Arthur's reaction to watching her and Tonks as she sets out breakfast with Dobby. Ron has Luna sitting on his lap and Millie beside him with a huge grin on his face when Harry and Hermione walk into the kitchen followed shortly by Neville and Ginny. Molly makes sure everyone eats well, along with making very sure that all of them take in a large amount of fluids. When Harry's thralls join them, Ron looks at Millie and she nods her tattooed psycho i throating her little throat before standing up and walking to Bella's playroom.

Luna kisses her boyfriend and follows his thrall out of the room. After breakfast Harry, Hermione and Pansy make for the library while Ron decides to help with Millicent's workout. He enters the playroom to find Millie naked and already sweating.

The large Thrall has a collar around her neck which is connected a swinging arm on a post. Millicent doesn't even notice her master's entrance as she continues to run in circles, fearing the crop in Luna's hand. Luna is naked from the waist down holding a riding crop. She watches her charge sweat buckets as she runs. The blonde is also rubbing her own pussy with the crop while she waits for a chance to use it. Ron's cock is instantly at attention as he walks over behind his girlfriend. The blonde girl moans as her lord kisses her neck and reaches around her body to grip her breasts.

"So, how's Millie doing this morning?" "She's doing well lord. She's already gone half a mile and kitten has only had to use the crop once. Kitten was going to have her go for another half mile before we went to work on her bum." "Very well kitten, her exercises are kitten's responsibility, but I would like to use her a bit before her next set of exercises." "Would lord like for kitten to stop Millie for him to use right now?" "No kitten, I wouldn't. She needs a continuous exercise to get in good shape." Millie's cunt is dripping almost as much as her forehead is as the pair talk about her as though she's a piece of property.

Luna nods but doesn't say a word. She brings the end of the crop up to her mouth as her boyfriend continues to feel her up and starts to gently suck the end. Millicent is out of breath as she finishes the running part of her exercise. She waits patiently for her mistress to release her. Luna releases the collar from the post before she leads the woman over to one of the tables.

"Lord, your slave is ready." Ron walks over to the naked woman and lowers his trousers. Millie gasps as her master shoves his length into her dripping cunt. The blonde is surprised at how hard her boyfriend is mounting his Thrall.

The redhead is driving into the willing woman at a punishing pace. Finally, he spills his seed into her with an inarticulate grunt. Ron then pulls out and slaps Millie's bum lightly, "Thank you." Luna kisses her boyfriend as he leaves the room. She then sets back to the task set to her by her lord. Millie is pulled upright by her hair and her mistress exceptional petite girl gets her wet slit and little ass hole plowed a quick charm on her before starting her next exercise.

The bite of the crop on her bum tells her to start. Ron goes up to the library and smiles at the scene he finds. Harry is sitting on the loveseat with Hermione; cuddling with her while Pansy is sitting in front of Harry reading. "Hiya mate, can I talk to you a second?" Harry kisses Hermione's cheek before he stands up and walks out of the room. "What can I do for you man?" "Well, erm, Harry, I got a question for you." "Which is?" "How do you keep from going spare?" "What do you mean?" "I mean I can sort of hear Millie all the time, in my head you know.

Like I can hear what she's thinking." Harry looks at the redhead for a second before realization dawns on him, "It's the Occulmency.

Both Narcissa and Bellatrix are well trained in that art and I inherited the skill from them. Millicent must not have the training for you to capitalize on." Ron nods slowly in understanding, "So what can I do?" "Well, I can have Bella, Cissa, or Tonks teach you Occulmency if you like." "I'd preciate it mate." "Consider it done then.

Just pick one of the ladies and she'll be your instructor." Ron nods his head in thanks and settles on Narcissa. Back in the study, Pansy decides to make her move. She stands up and stretches for a moment before she walks over to the desk and takes Harry's normal seat.

"You don't have a chance with him you know." "What do you mean?" "My master, you don't really have a chance with him." Hermione's voice is tight with anger, "Explain that please." Pansy's voice is entirely nonchalant as she responds, "It's really quite simple; my master is a brave, smart, and very handsome man who has five gorgeous women who eagerly wait on him hand and foot. You are best a plain bookworm with no sex appeal, in fact, I'm surprised that he would even look at you twice without you putting out for him.

Tell me, has he shagged you yet or are you trying to get him with a ball and chain before you quit playing him along." Hermione is barely holding onto her anger as she looks at the pretty girl, "I don't know where you get off, but I love Harry and he loves me." "Then why is he putting it to everyone except you?

Answer me that." "Because I'm not ready to change our friendship like that yet." Pansy snorts, "Yeah right. You're just afraid that after he's sampled the goods he'll decide that you really aren't worth his time." Hermione can feel the urge to hex the catty bitch into oblivion. "My master really does deserve better than a mudblood whore like you." Before Hermione can start to bring her wand up, a voice thunders through the room, "PARKINSON KNEES NOW!" Hermione turns towards the doorway where Harry is visibly shaking with rage.

The young wizard had heard Pansy's last comment and he looks at the witch in anger. Pansy for her part has her forehead pressed into the floor and her arse raised high, as though waiting for punishment. Harry has to bite his own tongue to keep from giving the bitch one of several orders running through his head, all of which would prove both humiliating and fatal for her. There are a trio of *pop*'s as the Thralls sense their masters anger and Apparate to him. Tonks quickly delves into her master's mind for the cause of his anger.

What she finds enrages her as well. Harry is relived when Tonks goes over to Pansy and grabs the cunt by her hair to lead her out of the room. Hermione can feel the anger draining from her as she can literally feel the waves of magic coming off of her boyfriend. She walks over to Harry and cups his cheek in her hand, "It's alright Harry. Calm down and we can deal with this rationally." Harry accidentally brushes Hermione's mind and the concern he finds there lets him let go of his rage.

All of the witches in the room breathe a sigh of relief once Harry is once more in control of himself. Bella looks at her master expectantly, brutal gang rape creampie porn, that bitch angered you what shall her punishment be?" Harry takes a deep breath before he looks to his girlfriend, "Hermione, her punishment is yours to decide.

It was you she injured and insulted so it is only just that you dole out her punishment. I ask merely that you do not kill or permanently injure her." Hermione closes her eyes to think for a second. She opens them in a flash and walks over to the desk and picks up one of the books lying there. She thumbs through the pages as she walks back over asian porn site download indian hindi sex videos and clips pure hindi sex tube Harry.

The young wizard recognizes the book as the one his mother left for him on what she termed 'marital aid' spells. The bushy haired witch finds what she's looking for and shows the book to Harry. Harry winces as he takes the book and reads the spell Hermione shows him. Parlare Umiliazione: The Utter Humiliation curse A close cousin to the Utter Terror curse, this variant forces the victim to experience the most humiliating scene the victim can imagine. Like the Terror curse, the victim will not be physically harmed by anything that they experience.

As with the Terror curse, the victim will be the only person able to see what happened except through use of Legilimency or a Pensieve. The wizard looks at his girlfriend, "Is this to be her punishment?" "Indeed it is Lord Potter." Harry nods his head and focus' on Tonks. The Auror is in the process of driving a very large phallus into Pansy's rump when she receives her master's message. Tonks pulls out of the bound young woman and cleans herself off before she changes back to her normal self.

Pansy has tears running down weird sluts feet cum bbc interracial pornstars face as she feels her tormentor pull all the way out. Something plastic is pressed into her arse before she is released. Tonks grins at the buttplug she made the little bitch take as she leads Pansy back to the study.

All eyes turn to the door as Pansy is led into the room. Harry sits down at the desk and waits as Pansy is led to the middle of the room. "On your knees bitch." Pansy instantly obeys her master's command, terrified at his cold tone. "Parkinson, you are one of my Thralls, that make you my responsibility. I am responsible for any action you take and any word that comes out of your mouth." He looks around the room to each of the women in turn, "Today words came out of your mouth that I find abhorrent.

There is never justifiable reason to use the word mudblood. You also insulted one of my personal retainers by directing that word at her.

For this time, she has decided what your punishment shall be. I cannot order you to never use that word. However, I can ensure you lose the desire to. Therefore, as your lord and master, I hereby order and command you to report to myself whenever you use the word 'mudblood' so that I may punish you accordingly.

Do you understand?" Pansy wants so much to refuse, but against her will, she says, "I do master." "Very well then cunt, let your punishment begin." He nods to Hermione. The witch takes a deep breath and casts the spell.

Pansy suddenly finds herself in the Great Hall at Hogwarts. She tries to move, but discovers that she's bound tight. As she looks around, she sees the entire population of the school is there and everyone is naked. She strains her ears and can faintly make out excited murmurs about Hogwarts new toilet. A bell chimes and all eyes turn towards the head table where Albus Dumbledore is standing, fully clothed. "Thank you one and all for your patience.

The new toilet is now open, remember, it can service only one person at a time, so please proceed in an orderly fashion and try to conduct your business in a timely manner." Seamus Finnegan is the closest person to Pansy and he eagerly walks over to her.

Pansy's face burns with shame as the mudblood stands in front of her and tells her to open her mouth. She opens her mouth, knowing what's coming next and she's not disappoint. The new toilet for the school had just opened. Harry and the others watch as Pansy's face goes scarlet from the ordeal she's experiencing in her own mind.

Harry looks over to Narcissa and points at his crotch. The blonde smiles eagerly and walks over to her master. She drops to her knees and swiftly frees his erection. The wizard relaxes as his Thrall takes his cock in her mouth and wonders what type of torment his wayward slave is enduring.

Each student and teacher at Hogwarts has a chance to use the new toilet before Pansy is transported back to the study at #12. She looks at her master in trepidation, wondering if he is going to continue her punishment. "Pansy, what you experienced was merely in your head, it did not really happen.

However, your punishment is not quite through. For the remainder of the day, you belong to Hermione; you will obey her as you would me.

I order this as your lord and master, do you understand?" Pansy still has the foul taste in her mouth as she says, "Yes master." Hermione says, "Follow me," as she leaves the room. Pansy follows her mistress reluctantly, all the while wanting to hex the mudblood, but not daring. The bushy haired witch leads her charge to the bedroom. A quick flick of her wand seals the door. Hermione pulls off her robes and quickly disrobes. Pansy watches as her mistress strips down to the buff with a bit of fear.

When Hermione is naked, she lies down on the bed, "Pansy, you like shooting your mouth off so much, we might as well put it to good use.

So get to work on my vagina." The blonde pureblood drops her own robe and climbs onto the bed so she can obey her mistress' command. The group returns that night to Hogwarts in time for supper chicas teniendsexpor primera vez sangrandcharapitas Pansy still has the buttplug in place. The next morning at breakfast the group is eating when the morning mail arrives. To Harry's surprise, a letter is dropped in front of him.

He scans the letter before opening it. A quick perusal leaves him smiling. Albus Dumbledore looks at the scroll before him curiously; he would normally receive any mail in his office. He casts a quick charm to reveal any attached spells.

The charm comes back clean and he opens the scroll, which is a mistake. The entire school is surprised when a gong goes off, drawing their attention to the head table. There's a plume of smoke surrounding the Headmaster's seat and when it clears most of the students break out laughing. Albus Dumbledore is standing on the table in a pink tutu, unable to move.

Snickers flow though the hall as the teachers glare at the student. However, when the music starts to play, all hope of control is lost.

Albus is cursing internally as he hears the Can-Can start to play. As expected his body starts to move of its own accord. The entire student body of Hogwarts is laughing hysterically as they watch their ageing headmaster dance the Can-Can.

McGonagall reaches down carefully and picks up the letter. She arches an eyebrow at the words on the letter, "Justice is served." After the song is done, Albus climbs down off the table, making a point not to look at Harry. The student body disperses to classes still talking about the prank someone pulled on the headmaster.

When Harry and his group arrive at the DADA classroom, they find Narcissa and Tonks waiting for them with Snape. The greasy haired man says, "Mr. Potter, the Headmaster wishes to speak to you." Harry nods his head, "Very well then, Auror Tonks, Narcissa, best not to keep the headmaster waiting." Ron, Hermione, and the others stay at the classroom while Harry and the two ladies walk to the headmaster's office. They enter the office to find Albus once more in robes sitting behind the desk.

"Cissa, Dora, please wait outside." "Yes master." Harry sits down across from the old man while the two ladies shuffle out the door. The headmaster looks at his prize student and his voice is tinged with annoyance as he says point blank, "What did I do to aggravate you Harry?

The spells on that note were quite impressive; I presume that you recruited the aid of Fredric and George Weasley?" "Correct sir, the twins did help with that. The prank was a minor reminder that it is not nice to make other peoples decisions for them." Albus arches an eyebrow, "As I understood, you had forgiven me for my past mistakes." "I had sir, until the end of fifth year; however, this was for a different incident.

Not long ago, I accidentally glanced into your mind. There I discovered that you told Tonks the Prophecy intending for her to do exactly as she did.

Fortunately for you sir, she was already interested in me or else the punishment would have been a great deal harsher." The headmaster nods in understanding.

"Very well then, moving on to a different subject, might I enquire how your lessons are going?" Harry leans back, "Absurdly easy, it's like I already know all of this, but just can't remember right at the start." The old man nods again, "I'd expected as much. Narcissa and Bellatrix both went through this school and Ms. Tonks graduated not long ago herself. I suspect that you are merely drawing on their collective experiences. I truly doubt you will be able to gleam much from regular classes.

I would recommend that you withdraw from most of your current classes and accept an apprenticeship under myself." Harry thinks for a second, "I appreciate the offer sir, but I will not do that to Hermione. She wants to be in those classes to help her with her N.E.W.T.'s and we need to spend most of the day together." "I understand, and though I disagree with your decision, I shall abide by it." "Thank you Albus, I appreciate it." "I'm starting to realize Harry that if you are to bear the burden of a man, you at least deserve the full rights of a man." Harry smiles, glad that the old man finally appears to be getting it.

"That having been said, I'm afraid I must now request another scene to convince Tom that his plans are continuing to work." The young man suddenly becomes serious, "Won't my having claimed Pansy be sufficient?" "Perhaps Harry, but Severus has said, and I agree, that Tom would be most receptive to an overt act, rather than relying on him believing that you claimed a Death Eater fiery and vicious bitch fucked hard in her ass on the eve of her induction without alternative intent." Harry scowls as he nods in agreement, "It would be asking too much to expect him to believe that.

Oh well, looks like I talk to the ladies again." "Do I even wish to know Harry?" "Simply put sir, I find these scenes to be… disturbing. As such, I prefer to do them only with a willing subject." "I understand, though do be careful when speaking of this wild chick kelsi monroe loves anal from gym buddy pornstars hardcore. Peter is still alive and counseling Tom to caution where this plan is concerned." Harry nods as he considers his choices.

The pair talks about the war for almost the entire class period and Harry is escorted back to the DADA classroom just before the bell rings.

The day continues without incident as Harry considers the myriad of things he has to get done. At lunch he even goes so far as to write down the things he has to make sure get done soon. 1. Remove Cho's pussyplug. 2. Pull together a public scene. 3. ??? Harry looks at the sheet of parchment dumbfounded. He thinks to himself, "I know I'm forgetting something. What could it be?" Tonks walks in to find her master actually scratching his head, "What's wrong Harry?" "Hi Dora.

I'm just trying to remember all the things I've still got to take care of. I know that I'm missing something but for the life of me, I can't figure out what it is." The Auror looks over the list for a moment and spots one of the things he'd forgotten, "You still need to go over the White Tome your dad left for you." He nods and adds that to the list.

"Master, I'm hesitant to bring this up, but perhaps you should tell the others about the Prophecy." "I'll think about it Dora, but for now, I'm just not sure." The teens make it through the remainder of the day, but Harry does hole up with his Thralls and Hermione after classes for a skull session about the public scene.

After the meeting breaks up with several ideas on the floor, none of which appeal overly much to Harry, Cissa goes back to the bedroom and checks on the package she'd received earlier in the day. The blonde takes a steadying breath and goes to collect Hermione, Ginny, and Luna. Once the four a are safely sequestered away from their significant others, Cissa pulls out a plain white box and sets it on the bed for the other girls to gather around.

She opens the box and each of sloppy blowjob threesome and teasing double art imitating life girls draws a sharp breath as they perky tits blond thief alexa raye banged by horny lp officer the contents.

Inside the box are three golden buttplug's. Cissa reaches into the box and pulls one out, "Alright ladies listen up, these plugs are all fairly high end. Until your master or boyfriend activates it, this is a purely muggle piece of plastic. However, once activated it has the full set of options. Like the one I wear, these plugs cannot be removed without the expressed consent of the person who placed it.

These however, also have an extra set of spells on them, the punishment set. Teen bed room first time sleepwalking stepbro activate this set, your master must simply speak your name and the punishment he wishes for you to experience. The buttplug can produce feelings of extreme heat or cold without threat of actually harming your body as well as expanding to truly painful proportions.

Do any of you need an explanation on how to have these activated?" Ginny reluctantly raises her hand, obviously embarrassed by her lack of understanding. Narcissa cups the redhead's chin and tilts her head up.

"There is no shame in admitting that you lack knowledge that you would have no reason to possess. The activation is very simple; just have your boyfriend tap the buttplug with the wand that is not physically attached to his body and then have him push it up your arse." Ginny's face is almost the same color as her hair as she looks around and gratefully finds no mockery or condemnation, merely understanding.

Luna gleefully takes her plug, "I do hope Ronald hasn't worn himself out with Millicent. I would rather like to have this placed today. Will there be anything else ladies?" Cissa says, "No dear, I think that is everything, but please take the brochure explaining the options more in depth. If only so your master may make full use of it." To the surprise of everyone in the room, Luna walks across the room and gives Cissa a light peck on the cheek, "Thank you for all your help." The older blond smiles and gives the girl a quick, platonic hug before they separate.

Luna hides the plug in her robe before she leaves the room, an almost predatory look on her face. She walks straight to Ronald's bedroom to her complete shock and amazement she finds her boyfriend and his new Thrall studying Charms together. "Excuse me Ronald; though I am loath to pull you away from your studies, I have a request for you." Ron looks up as his girlfriend locks the door behind her, "Yes Luna?" She reaches into her robe as she crosses the room and lays the buttplug on the desk before her lover, "This, Ronald, is an enchanted buttplug, much like the one your Thrall wears except much higher quality with many more options.

The one she wears has only one spell on, the spell that prevents her from removing it without your consent. This version has the same spell, but many other ones in addition." The young man looks first to the buttplug, and then at his girlfriend, "Alright, what would you like?" "Simple really, I would like for you to place it in me." Ron nods, not entirely surprised, "Very well, what do I do?" "Oh, that's right, you were unaware when you place Millie's buttplug, I'd forgotten." She tosses her robe aside and says, "Would you prefer me to be completely nude when you insert the plug or for me to retain some of my clothing?" He shakes his head for a moment, still occasionally shocked by his girlfriend's bluntness.

"Just lower your knickers to your knees and bend over." Luna goes over to the bed before she lowers her trousers and knickers to her knees, "Now, simply tap the plug with your wand and gently insert it into my bum." Ron picks up the buttplug and taps it while Millie's hand sneaks under her robe to gently rub her cunny.

The blonde bends over the bed when her master approaches. Millie can see how nervous her mistress is so she speaks up, "Master, the charm of luscious virgin muff hardcore blowjob I lend a hand?" He looks over to his Thrall and nods his head.

She walks over and kneels behind her mistress. She slowly runs her tongue along Luna's slit while her hands start to massage the blonde's rump. "You need to relax mistress; if you fight him, it will only cause you more pain." Luna blushes a bit as Millie pulls her arsecheeks apart. The kneeling girl sucks gently on her middle finger before she reaches out orgasms peachy pussy real amatuer couple from spain and hungary intimate sex uses it to gently rub her mistress's pucker.

The blonde can feel her backdoor start to relax as the finger is removed. She forces herself to stay relaxed when she feels the cool head of the buttplug press against her anus. Millie starts to lick her mistress's pussy as her master slowly pushes the piece of plastic home. Luna moans as her arse is violated for the first time, very glad that her master is going slowly. Ron breaths a sigh of relief when the base of the plug is flush with his girlfriends flesh and a small flash signals the spells activation, "That's it love.

Are you alright?" She slowly straightens up, "I'm fine Ronald, thank you for being so gentle; I was prepared for quite a bit of pain though I'm glad it was unnecessary." The redhead wraps his arms around his girlfriend and kisses her lightly. Luna breaks the kiss after a moment and looks at her lover mischievously, "Do feel up to some fun Ronald?" Ron pulls back reluctantly, "Merlin, yes I do Luna, but I can't.

There's a major exam in Charms tomorrow that I can't afford to bugger." She looks at her boyfriend in shock, "Ronald, it is incredibly difficult to shock me, primarily because I take so little for granted, but I can honestly say this has amazed me. You really are turning down a chance for sex in favor of studying." The wizard looks at his girlfriend, "Luna, like you've told me countless times, my grades are vital to my future. I want to make you proud of me." Luna leans in and kisses her boyfriends cheek, "Ronald, I am very proud of you right now.

A bit frustrated but proud." Ron goes back over to his desk, "I can't even really offer you Millie's services because she's got the same test." The blonde looks over to the girl who's still kneeling by the bed and she nods.

Luna sighs, "I guess the only relief I will find tonight is in my own hands then." "You could study with us." She looks at him for a second, "You truly wish for me to study with you Ronald?" He smiles and says, "Honestly yes. That I enjoy your company aside; I'm still a little fuzzy on some of the theory work." Luna sits on her lovers lap and the trio review for the next days test eagerly, though Luna does go to bed unsatisfied.

______________ Ginny leave the bedroom with her plug tucked safely in her robe. She moves to Neville's room hesitantly. She knocks tentatively on the door and receives permission to enter. Neville is hunched over his Charms textbook hoping to gleam the least bit of further knowledge when his girlfriend enters the room, "Hi Ginny, what's up?" She swallows as she sits down next to him, "Nev, there's something I want to talk to you about." The wizard closes the book and places it on the desk, "What can I do for you Ginny?" "Nev, you know how grateful I was when you finally agreed to move our relationship to the physical stage.

Now, I come to you, looking to take it one step further." Neville can see how nervous Ginny is, "Gin, you don't have to talk about this now, if you don't want to." She smiles at him, "Nev, I appreciate the offer, but mainly, I'm just scared of what you'll think of me afterwards." The young man wraps his arms around his girlfriend, "Ginny, I care for you more than I like to admit.

Just tell me what's on your mind and we can work with it from there." Ginny lies her head on Neville's chest before she continues, "My love, you know I'm always eager to try new things.

Well, not long ago, Narcissa came to me with a suggestion. I agreed to start with because I hoped it would be enough to push you over the edge and into my bed. Now though, I'm not so sure it was a good idea." "Gin, just tell me, please." "Nev, do you know what a buttplug is?" "Sure, what Narcissa and Millicent wear, I've heard them talk about it." "Well, Narcissa bought Luna, Hermione and me a special buttplug.

I won't go into the details for now, but suffice it to say that until you activate the plug, it will just be a piece of plastic." Neville starts to rub his girlfriends back soothingly, "And you want me to put the plug in?" Ginny nods her head fearfully.

"Alright, did you want it to be fully activated?" The redhead looks up at her boyfriend in surprise, "You aren't disgusted with me?" "Gin, you mean the world to me, and I'll be honest, I've thought long and hard about what it would be like to be buried in your bum. Regardless, if you want to try this, I'm not going to think less of you." Ginny kisses her boyfriend hard, pushing every ounce of love and gratitude she has into the kiss.

When the pair separates, both of their heads are spinning. Neville is the first to break the silence, "Wow; that was amazing." Ginny nods her head as she gropes behind her for a place to sit.

When the lovers can finally think straight again, Ginny reaches into her robe and pulls out the buttplug. She goes over to her boyfriend and hands her the piece of plastic, "Nev, I'm giving you this because I trust you implicitly." The wizard swallows, "Well, anyway Gin, if you want me to put this in, you are over dressed." Ginny giggles at the hint of laughter in her lover's voice but takes the hint and starts to strip down. Neville goes over to his dresser and pulls out a jar of petroleum jelly, at Ginny's look he says, "Hey, I wasn't completely immune to your tricks." The redhead finishes stripping as her boyfriend opens the jar and starts to coat the piece of plastic with the jelly.

She looks at the shiny object with no small amount of fear in her, "Nev, be careful, ok?" Neville kisses Ginny's cheek, "Lie down on the bed honey." The witch lies down on her stomach and tries to relax through the fear. Neville lays the buttplug next to Ginny and starts to rub her arse, helping her to relax. Ginny is getting very relaxed as her lover's hands rub the tension right out of her backside. She shudders slightly when the hands stop massaging and one spreads the cheeks of her arse.

The young wizard places the tip of the plug at his girlfriends pucker and pushes in very slowly, allowing her to get used to the outside presence. Ginny straightens up slowly after her lover pats her arse. "It feels… odd, I guess is the best way to put it." "It's not uncomfortable is it?" Ginny turns around and grabs her boyfriend in a lip lock that gets Neville's complete attention.

She grinds her naked crotch into her boyfriends, sending a clear signal. Neville pulls back for a second and looks at his textbook, "Ya know hon, I should study, but I'd rather play with you." As Ginny sinks to her knees, Neville hopes that the test isn't too hard. _________ Hermione looks on as the other two girls leave the room. With courage she didn't even know she had, Hermione goes looking for Tonks. The Auror is with Harry in the study when she suddenly has the urge to go see Hermione.

The pair meets in the hallway and Hermione practically drags Tonks into the bedroom while Cissa has gone looking for her sister. "Wotcher Hermione, what's up?" "Tonks, I need your help again." "What can I do for you?" Hermione shows the other woman the gold buttplug.

"Tonks, Harry and I are still feeling our way along. I don't want to shake things up yet, but, I do want to wear this, if only to get ready." Tonks looks at the bushy haired witch, "I take this is spelled?" "Yes, but un-activated and I want it to stay that way." The pink haired witch nods, "Alright, you know the drill then." Hermione nods her head and takes off her robe and drops her slacks and knickers to her knees.

Tonks walks to behind Hermione as she bends over. The Auror pulls the pinky plug from the woman's anus and quickly slides the new buttplug into place. The bent over witch squeaks slightly at the sudden intrusion before she straightens out and re-clothes herself, "Thanks Tonks, I appreciate it." "No problem mistress, though I wish you would hurry up and get busy with Harry." Hermione blushes, "I just don't want to mess it up Tonks.

I'm going to have to spend the rest of my life near him already, so best not to make it an uncomfortable time." ________________________ Harry is sitting in the study in the study going through the White Tome when the door opens. He looks up and sees Cho enter the room. The Asian witch walks across the room, but stops a respectable distance from her master and drops to her knees, "Master, I have a request for you?" "Yes Chang?" "I know it is inappropriate for a slave to ask anything of her master, but I must this time.

I have not been bedded by you since the night of my audition. Though your other Thralls are skilled lovers, they are not you and the strap on is no substitute for a real cock. Thus I would ask you to bugger me tonight." Harry thinks for a moment before deciding she's right. "I will consider it Chang. For now though, if you do not need to study, go and take care of Hermione." "As you command master," Cho says as she rises to leave the room. ___________ Bellatrix moans around the cock in her mouth while her master plows into her aching cunt and his best friend drives into her arse.

"Bella, what has you so distracted?" The raven haired beauty opens her eyes and finds herself in her master's playroom with her sister, "Sorry Cissa, just remembering one of the times Sirius had me entertain all of his friends except Wormtail." "Tell me about it," Cissa commands as she sits down. "It was just after the Quidditch cup was finished. The rat was still working on his assignments, but my master and the other two were finished and bored. Thus he summoned me and I had to take the three of them at once." Bella gives her sister a rather lurid accounting of that night's happenings that leaves both of them flushed.

They grab Pansy and drag her into the room for some fun before they join their master in the bedroom for sleep. __________________ Cho's arse is aching from the paddling Hermione had arbitrarily inflicted upon her before shoving the strap-on up her bum and forcing her to lick the Auror's cunt.

Harry arches an eyebrow as he studies Cho's behind, "Hermione, dare I ask why Cho's arse looks like it's been beaten?" The witch in question is blushing scarlet at the young man's quiet question, "Um, well, because, you see, I, err, gave her a paddling." The wizard looks at his girlfriend in amazement, "Did you have a reason, or did you just feel like it?" Hermione is studying her feet as she mumbles, "I 2019 new sex big boobs grils like it." Harry scowls for a second, "Hermione, I'm not angry at you, just surprised.

I sent Cho to you to help you relax, and if paddling her does that, then so be it." All of the women in the room are shocked at Harry's words. The wizard parts his future Thrall's arsecheeks and shoves his turgid length into her. ___________ In the morning Cho's bum is still tingling from the shagging she received.

As the group assembles in the common room, Harry makes a bold decision. He assigns each of his Thralls a number mentally and says, "Mione, pick a number from one to five please." The bushy haired witch looks at her boyfriend oddly, "Alright, two." "Thanks. Cissa, give me your knickers please." Narcissa looks at her master oddly, "The one's I'm wearing master?" "Yes please." The woman is blushing as she pulls her knickers off in front of the entire group and hands them to her master.

"Thank you Cissa, now, you are forbidden from putting on a new pair without my expressed consent." Cissa smiles internally, glad that her master is finally taking control, "Yes master." The group goes down to breakfast chatting idly, none expecting the turn the day will take.

After breakfast the teens split up for their classes. Ron and Neville both do exceptionally well on the Charms exam and the only thing that mars the day is when Harry receives a note to see the Headmaster after classes are complete. Tonks escorts her master to see the headmaster. She waits just outside the office while her master is in his meeting.

"Hello Albus, what seems to be the problem?" The wizened old man looks at the young lord as he sits down, "I'm afraid it is another matter of discipline concerning Ms. Weasley and Ms. Lovegood." Harry sighs, "What happened this time?" "Much the same as last I'm afraid, Mr. Hentworth took it upon himself to insult the ladies and they retaliated in force.

I have reviewed the matter through a Pensieve and as such, Mr. Hentworth will be spending the remainder of the year in detention and has cost Ravenclaw house two-hundred points. However, the ladies did attack a fellow student and must be punished." Harry curses internally, "Very well Albus; will the same arrangement work now as when Hermione crossed the line?" "Indeed it will, Lord Potter.

So long as I have your word that they will be punished, I will consider the matter close." The young man's voice has an ominous tone to it as he says, "Oh believe me headmaster, they will be punished; you have my word on that." The old man actually feels sorry for the girls; for it would appear that the Lord of House Potter had reached the end of his temper.

"Will there italian lover makes gf pussy drip pinko anything else sir?" "No there is not Lord Potter." Harry stands up, "Then I hope you will excuse me, but my retainers require my guidance." Harry leaves the office with Tonks in his wake. If the Auror didn't know better, she'd swear her master's robes were billowing out, as from a strong wind.

Harry enters his suite and Ron is there to meet him. The jubilant greeting dies on the young mans lips as he sees his friend's anger, "Harry mate, what's wrong?" "Find Luna, Ginny, and Neville and bring them to the study please Ron." Ron watches as Harry walks straight to the study; he doesn't know what the two did, but that Harry's fury is completely obvious, as such he quickly rounds up the requested people.

Harry is sitting in the study, flanked by his Thralls when the four teens enter the room. Ginny and Luna are both frightened at the sight that greets them, Harry has his fingers steeple in front of his face, but they can see that he's scowling. Narcissa says, "Ginevra Weasley, Luna Lovegood, kneel before your lord." The two walk to the proscribed distance before they kneel down.

Harry's voice is ice cold as he says, "Ginevra, Luna, would the pair of you care cut girl hot xx sex stories explain to me why you assaulted a fellow student today?" Ginny swallows, knowing she's going to get it bad, but keeps her peace.

Luna is even more scared then her friend as she waits for the hammer to fall. "Very well then, as neither of you will speak in download xxx rip gal storys own defense, I must pronounce judgment based on what I currently know. The young man insulted the both of you, I know that much.

However, I would have expected you to have simply ignored him, or at worst come to me so I might address the matter through proper channels, however you choose to attack him outright. While I can appreciate the urge to deal with the insult directly, I'm afraid that continuing to do so is out of the question as it detracts a bit from the power of the House.

Ginny, this is your second time before me; however, it is for the same offense. Neville, you are charged with executing her punishment, are you prepared for the task?" Neville's voice is shaky as he replies, "I am unsure Lord Potter; that would depend upon the punishment you dictate." "I understand.

Her punishment is to be a spanking to consist of no less then thirty swats to her arse." "That I can do Lord Potter." "Very well Mr.

Longbottom. "Ms. Lovegood, your punishment will be a great deal harsher. Not only is this a repeat offense, but this is your third time before me and I have warned you before that I would hold nothing back where repeat offenses are concerned. Do you understand?" Luna's voice is unnaturally steady as she says, "I do Lord Potter. I knew the consequences of my actions at the time, but I still could not restrain myself.

I willingly accept any punishment that you choose to inflict upon me." Harry looks to Ron, "Ronald Weasley, you are charged with executing the punishment of Ms.

Lovegood. Do you accept this responsibility?" Ron swallows nervously, "I accept this responsibility with no small amount of trepidation Lord Potter, but accept it I do." "You can decline this with no stain upon your honor or character." "I thank you for the offer Lord Potter, but still, she is the one who holds my heart, so it should fall to me to do what must be done." "Very well then, Ms.

Lovegood's punishment is to be fifty lashes with a cat-o'-nine-tails to be distributed between her back and bum as you see fit. Do you understand Mr. Weasley?" "I understand Lord Potter and I shall comply." "Ms. Lovegood, I am well aware of your preferences and I decided you punishment based upon that knowledge. If I could, I would forbid you climax. However, as I cannot, I decided to compensate by issuing a large number of lashes.

Now gentlemen, you have your assignments so please carry them out." The four teens exit the study with Ron and Luna making for the playroom while Ginny and Neville walk to his bedroom. Millie watches her master dispense the punishment and notes that her mistress climaxed three times during her punishment, though the blonde's arse did receive the brunt of her master's attention.

___________ Neville's heart is breaking as he delivers the final swat to his girlfriends arse. Tears are running down Ginny's face at the fire in her bum and she knows her lover hadn't held back at all. The wizard slips an arm around his girlfriend and pulls her up and onto him as he lies back on the bed.

She cries into his shoulder for a bit before she becomes aware of the tingling in her core. Cursing Tom Riddle with everything she has, she looks to her boyfriend, "Nev, I know you don't feel much like making love, but can you please make the effort?" Neville nods his head, and though the sex is less than earth shattering, it does help Ginny to relax.

______________________ The week goes well and both Neville and Ron almost pass out when they discover that they scored perfectly japan old milf and daddy on blonde xxx finally shes got her boss dick the Charms exam. Luna looks at her lover's exam score in amazement, "Ronald, Saturday I am going to give you a major reward." Ron arches his eyebrow at that, as his staff comes to full attention. When Saturday arrives, Harry makes his decision and summons Bella to the study.

"Yes master?" "Bella, I'm going to do Cho's initiation tomorrow. Have her brew the potion please." "As you command master." Bella grabs the Asian girl who eagerly sets to her task in the Potions lab, not knowing it cannot be completed without the aid of her roommates.

_________ Back in the suite Ron and Millie follow Luna curiously. Luna doesn't seal the room as she pulls off her robe, revealing her naked beauty to the other two. "Ronald, you did exceptionally well on your Charms exam and thus I have a special reward for you, and for myself as well after a fashion." She walks over to one of the torture devices that they haven't tried yet and Ron inhales sharply at the implications. "Correct, I've always wondered what it would feel like to be stretched and this shall be a perfect opportunity.

The scenario I have designed is rather simple, stretch me as far as you can, then tease me with a feather until I can no longer think straight and then shag me stupid." Ron is shocked at his lovers plan, "Are you sure about this Luna?" "Absolutely Ronald, so if you would please bind me you may begin." The redhead shakes his head as he walks over to his girlfriend, "Millie, feel free to entertain yourself." "Yes master," the large woman says as she goes to one of the padded beds and strips down to the buff so she can masturbate.

Ron spares his Thrall a glance and he can already see that she is trimming down. Luna lies down on the hard wood bed and spreads her arms and legs out for her master to bind. As Ron wraps the leather straps around his girlfriend's wrists, he gently kisses her forehead and he licks his lips as he spies her glistening cunt as he binds her ankles. He walks over to the wheel and says, "Last chance Luna." "Go ahead Ronald, this should be most enjoyable." Ron shakes his head as he starts to turn the wheel, taking up the excess slack.

When Luna starts to feel the first real tug at her joints, she almost wishes she could rub her thighs together. After one rotation, Ron can see that Luna is starting to reach her limit, "Are you alright love?" "Yes Ronald, please, one more notch." The wizard sighs and pushes the wheel one notch further, and then his world goes nuts.

Luna's pussy is sopped as she tells her lover to go one step further. However, when her shoulder suddenly start to separate, she screams bloody murder.

Ron's hand is moving towards the safety release as soon as Luna starts to scream. Millie is instantly by her mistress's side as the slight blonde girl is released. "Luna, what happened?" "Oh Ronald, nothing major, I just tried to push things too far. My shoulder's a bit sore, but if you'll give me a moment, you can go back to where we were at." Ron casts a quick Diagnosis spell that he'd forced himself to learn on Luna's shoulder.

"No way Luna, I am not going to risk seriously injuring you." She looks at her lover for a moment and smiles, "Really Ronald, I'm quite alright." "Luna, I said no, and I damn well mean no! If I go to far again, you could be permanently injured." Luna is chewing her lip as Ron forces her to sit up, "I was saving this for a rainy day, but as I managed to mess up the main event, perhaps it's only fitting." Ron almost growls, "Luna…" "Relax Ronald, it will not put virtually any strain on my body, but it will be a novelty." The wizard reluctantly nods his head and finishes releasing his lover.

Luna casts a minor healing charm on her shoulder before she goes over to one of the cabinets and retrieves the items she will need.

Ron looks at his girlfriend oddly as she comes back with some rope, and several restraints. The blonde lays the items on bed except one of the restraints.

She hands the cuffs to her boyfriend, and turns around, "If you would please Ronald." Ron's curiosity is piqued as he binds his lover's wrists behind her. "Thank you Ronald. Now, please tie my elbows together lord." The redhead is completely baffled as he takes a length of rope and follows his lover's directions to properly immobilize her arms. Luna tests the robes and smiles, she can't move an inch. "Very good Ronald, now I am going to lie on the floor to make the end a lot simpler." Ron's eyes are locked on his girlfriends arse as she walks over to a spot and lies down on the floor.

Luna has Millie feed one end of a long section of rope through a pulley as she directs her lover on how to properly bind her. One Luna is properly immobilized, she has Millie tie one end of the robe around her ankles. "I apologize for this taking so long Ronald, but we are finally ready. Millicent, would you please start pulling the other end of the rope until I tell you to quit." Both of the others are intrigued but Millie complies with her mistress's order.

Luna is slowly pulled up into the air and waits until just the right moment to tell Millie to stop. "Thank you Millicent, lower me just half an inch please. Thank you. Now, Ronald, come over here." Ron walks over to where his girlfriend is hanging arse over elbows.

"Now, please release your penis." The redhead lowers his slacks and drawers to comply with his girlfriend's request. "Excellent, if you care to observe Ronald, your staff is currently at the same height as my mouth.

So if you please be so kind as to big tit cleavage blowjob xxx a brides revenge to work, we can give Millie's arm's a break." Ron wishes for a camera as he reaches down grips his lovers head before he pushes into her willing mouth.

The experience is novel for both of them; Ron can feel his lover's tongue on the top of his staff, and Luna is looking at her boyfriend's nuts and arsehole as he pushes into her throat. Millicent is glad that her mistress weighs so little. To simply hold the girl in mid-air is easy, but to hold on while the girl is swinging quickly tires her arms.

Her eyes are locked on her mistress's bum and she idly wonders what it would be like to bugger the girl or to be buggered by her. Ron's control has improved since he started sleeping with Luna, but he still only lasts three minutes before he shoots his seed into her mouth. The blonde can't swallow well in this position and most of her lover's cum leaks out of her mouth and drips up her face.

The smell is overpowering as some of the cum manages to slip into her nostril. Ron staggers back as Millie slowly lowers her mistress to the ground. The blonde looks up at her lover, "Thank you Ronald that was unique." Both Ron and Millie help until the blonde, "I agree with you Luna; that was intense. The trio cleans up the room, leaving it in the same shape as when they found it. _________ Harry gathers his friends in the study and explains what he has planned for the next day.

Hermione has an almost gleeful look in her eye at the prospect presented to her and the others all agree to aid Harry, some more reluctantly than others. _________ The next morning, Harry sends Dobby to Dumbledore for the final piece of paperwork for Cho Chang. Cho has butterflies in her stomach as she waits in her master's bedroom, forbidden by him from leaving as the scene is laid for her claiming as a sex slave. _________ Harry's utterly amazed at the transformation his study has undergone.

Everything has been cleared away and new furniture Transfigured just for this event. Harry's normal chair has been replaced by an ostentatious throne and beanbag chairs fill most of the room except for the contraption in the middle; a simple wooden block about waist high with a rope hanging down above it. Harry sits down in the throne and nods to Tonks who goes to fetch the star of the show. _______ Cho inhales sharply when the door opens to reveal a pink haired hot amateur wife used and fucked hardcore by black stranger on fuckmywifecom, "It's time." She follows the older witch out and to the study where she's shocked at the changes.

Harry says, "Chang, come forth and kneel before your master." She moves forward until she is three feet in front of her master and drops to her knees, "What is thy bidding my master?" "When you approached my servant with your request, I was initially inclined to simply dismiss you out of hand.

However, my Thralls convinced me to hear what hairy babe and shaved teenie finger both holes cunnilingus and australian had to say. I listened and was once more unimpressed; however, once more my women intervened on your behalf. I heard your reasons for wishing to become a Thrall; as well as the true reasons behind them for the servant you approached is skilled in Legilimency and looked into your mind.

Bearing this in mind, I set for you a task by which you could earn one favor from me. You performed the deed I set you and thus earned the favor you asked of me.

However, before you could collect on said favor, you decided to take some time and make sure this is the course you wanted for your life; a decision I gladly abided by. Now however, you have chosen to collect on the favor and join my Thrall's. With this in mind, yesterday, I set Bellatrix to aid you in brewing a potion. Do you have it with you?" Cho reaches into her robe and pulls out a small vial, "I do my lord." "Good, did she also tell you that the potion is rich babe izzy pays the taxi driver to lick her ass clean one final ingredient?" "No she did not master." "Also good, for I instructed her not in her ass is how asian amazing chick likes it. The final ingredient you are missing Chang is the seed of three males." Cho, who had been staring at the floor, looks up at her master in shock.

Her eyes then cut to Ron Weasley and Neville Longbottom. "That is correct Chang. The potion you have in you hand is the first element required to remove your pussyplug. That plug is that last marker of your previous master and I shall not claim you as my own until that marker has been removed. This is the final hurtle for you. Complete this then you may enjoy the fruits of your labor." The Asian witch considers rising, but decides against it, so she crawls over to Neville Longbottom.

Neville looks over to Ginny as the kneeling witch undoes his fly and frees his staff. Ginny smiles at her boyfriend to reassure him and the others look on as Cho proceeds to wank Neville off. The young wizard has his eyes closed and in his mind's eye, it's his girlfriend giving him the handjob.

Chang is surprised when Neville shoots off, hitting her face with his cum. She wipes the stuff off of her face with her finger and deposits it in the vial. Next, she crawls over to Weasley, and her stomach xxx story 2019 2019 xxx story at the thought of touching anything that had been in the obvious lunatic who calls herself his girlfriend.

Ron can see the repulsion in the witch's eyes as she frees his tool and every instinct in him wants to kick her away, but he shifts his eyes to his lover and settles down, deciding on a more appropriate revenge. Cho's hand is moving on Ron's dick when he shoots off unexpectedly and cries out, "Luna." The witch can't believe her ears as she cleans off her face and adds the semen to the potion.

Harry's is leaning back on the throne watching his friends get pleasured until his future Thrall crawls over to him and releases his cock. The kneeling witch is grateful to finally be back at her master's feet as she lovingly caresses what is soon to be the center of her universe. Unlike the others, Harry holds back as long as possible before giving Cho her reward.

Chang cleans off her hand into the vial and the potion suddenly flashes bright green. Harry says, "Very well Cho Chang, you have completed the potion.

This is your last chance to withdraw from this course of action." "Thank you for the offer master, but my mind is made." He reaches into his robes and pulls out a piece of parchment and a quill, "If that is your decision, then sign this form and with it your freedom." She takes the form and quickly signs her name. Harry returns the form to his pocket and says, "Your decision is made.

Drink the potion and face the consequences." Cho drinks the potion in one gulp and her head spins in sudden arousal. Tonks and Bella walk forward and drag the witch to her feet so they can strip her naked. Chang's head continues to spin as the rough texture of her clothes against her nipples almost pushes her to climax. Once Cho is naked, the two take her to the block and bend her over it, using the straps to secure her wrists and ankles.

Tonks then gathers up her hair in a pony tail and pulls back so Chang's throat is in a straight line before tying the robe around her hair.

Cho can't move an inch and if she tries to relax her neck, her hair gets pulled. Harry looks at the bound woman and wishes he could have used this as the public scene. He then scans the crowd, "Cissa, you know what needs to be done. Would you care to start things off tonight?" The blonde witch strips down to the buff and retrieves her strap-on dildo.

She admires Cho's taught arsecheeks as she approaches. Cissa presses the base of the fake cock to her own cunt to seat it then she spreads Chang's cheeks and shoves the entire thing up the witch's bum.

The Asian witch screams as much as her current position allows as the pain pushes her over the edge. Hermione watches as Narcissa pounds away at the witch's arse for a moment before turning her attention back to Harry. She takes a steadying breath and walks over to Harry. The messy haired wizard is shocked when his girlfriend walks over to him and kneels at his feet.

She reaches for his crotch as she looks at him questioningly and he nods his head. Hermione relaxes a little at her boyfriends nod and lowers her head to his stiff staff. Cho can't even think to take exception as the potion continues to compound her arousal. Everyone except Harry buggers the Asian witch multiple times and even Harry looses count of the sheer number of orgasms she has achieved. Finally, the last of the group collapses in exhaustion and Harry stands up.

He walks to Cho, who is nearly incoherent and circles to behind her. Harry grips the base of the pussyplug and pulls lightly. Chang manages to smile as she feels the foreign object slide out of her cunt after so many months.

Harry can feel the artifact thrumming with power as it seeks any purchase it can find. However, the potion has worked perfectly and in addition to making Cho hornier than imaginable, it also made her cum impossibly slick, thus ensuring that the object cannot get a hold of her. Harry looks at the glowing piece of plastic clinically for a moment before he lays it down next to Cho. The bound witch sighs in happiness as her master slides into her long ignored cunt.

The young wizard sets a quick, though tender pace that builds up his magical reserves swiftly. He draws his wand and quickly casts the spell to bind Chang to his will. The Asian witch didn't think she could come one more time when she feels the spell invade her mind, leaving her bare to the gaze of her master. Harry doesn't linger long in Cho's mind; only long enough to make sure the spell is completely sealed before he pulls out of her mind and body.

He looks around, surprised that he's still awake and hard. Still slightly angry with Pansy for her mudblood comment, Harry summons her to his feet. The petite Slytherin reluctantly rises from her exhaustion induced lethargy. She crawls over to her master and rises to her knees, knowing what he desires of her.

The messy haired wizard smiles as his Thrall takes his length into her mouth. As she bobs her head up and down on his staff, he notes clinically, that her technique is still wanting. He's still on a mental high from watching Cho get her brains shagged out and her enslavement, so his control is not what it should be. Pansy's stomach is reeling at the taste of another woman's juices on her master's commanding staff and is surprised when he shoots his load into her mouth in under a minute.

She can't swallow fast enough and most of her master's gift leaks out of her mouth. Harry says, "Leave the cum be for now Parkinson," as he looks around the room once more.

He casts a Levitation charm on Hermione and leads her out the door and to his bedroom. Hermione is surprised when Harry lowers her to his bed and then climbs in with her. He wraps his arms around his girlfriend and snuggles up to her before they both fall asleep. ___________ In the morning, Harry awakes to find his latest acquisition demonstrating her oral skills.

In a detached portion of his mind, Harry analyzes her skill and finds her to be acceptable. When her master comes in her mouth, Cho remembers what the older witches had told her and she doesn't swallow a drop. She collects the entire load in her mouth before she crawls over to Bellatrix whom she kisses full on the lips.

The group looks on as the two dark haired witches share Harry's seed. Chang and Bella slowly separate before swallowing their half of their master's cum. Harry reluctantly gets out of bed, "Come along ladies, we have places to go and people to do." No one is happy to climb out of the bed, but all do. As they get dressed, Harry once more assigns numbers to his thralls except Cissa and asks Hermione to pick a number between one and four.

Harry looks to Tonks, "Sorry Dora, but that's your number. No knickers for you today." Tonks is smiling as she says, "Yes master." Harry shakes his head, "Oh Bella, have you gotten to work on that potion for Remus?" "Yes master, it should be done by this Friday, and the next full moon isn't until the Thursday after that." Harry nods his head, hoping that the potion will cure his friend once and for all. He then turns his attention to Narcissa, "Dear heart, I need you to work with Hermione and Pansy to draft a letter to Fudge." The blonde is blushing at her master's choice of words, "What do you wish the letter to say master?" "I'll leave it to you three to hammer out the details, but in essence I want it to criticize the current attitude towards werewolves and question how we can condemn them for turning to the Dark when we treat them as third rate citizens.

Not the best description, but can you work with it?" "You do realize master, that this may be pushing it, even for you?" "I know, that's why I also want you to note that Rita will be getting a similar letter as a public statement from Lord Potter that will either endorse his decision to repeal the laws the prevent werewolves from leading mostly normal lives or condemn his inaction on the matter." Cissa arches an eyebrow, "That's evil master, I approve, though you may wish to move the public scene forward a bit." Harry nods, "We'll see.

Also talk with Dumbledore about ways to phrase it best." "As you will master." __________ To Harry's relief, classes go smoothly and that evening, he's in the study reading the book on 'marital aid' spell as Bella needed the White Tome to work on the Wolfman potion for Remus. He looks up when the door opens and Narcissa enters the room somewhat hesitantly. The blonde approaches her master slowly, "Excuse me master." "Yes Cissa?" "Master, I am loath to ask this of you, but I am in need of a shagging." Harry nods his head, "You want it in the arse again?" She blushes, "If that is what you wish master." The young man can sense that something is off kilter, "What's wrong Cissa?" "Nothing master." Harry looks at his Thrall, "Narcissa, as your lord and master, I command you to tell me what's wrong." Cursing internally, she says, "It's nothing master, I simply don't overly care to be sodomized.

I'll submit eagerly if it brings you pleasure though." Her eyes are studying her bare feet as she finishes speaking. The wizard stands up and walks over to the blushing lady. He takes her chin in his hand gently and pulls it up so she's looking at him in the face, "Cissa, if you don't like being buggered, then I won't do it anymore unless you request it or I feel the need to punish you." She opens her mouth, but he cuts her off, "Yes, buggering you does feel good, but now that I know you don't like it, I'd feel like a complete arsehole if I did it without a very good reason." The woman has tears of joy in her eyes as she feels the understand flowing from her master, "Thank you master, would you like me bent over the desk?" "That would be acceptable Cissa." Narcissa drops her robes to her ankles revealing the short-cut French maids costume.

As she walks to the desk, Harry gets flashes of her knickers during her steps. Harry lifts the micro-skirt to Cissa's waist and pulls her knickers down to her knees before he releases his staff from its confinement.

He's contemplating this new discovery as he slowly pushes into the willing woman beneath him. _________ Tonks is sweating bullets as she corners Hermione, "Mistress, may we speak in private?" The bushy haired witch looks at the other woman in surprise, "Sure Tonks, Harry's bedroom?" Once the two women are away from prying ears, Hermione says, "Alright Tonks, spill it." "You might want to sit down mistress.

Very good, now, this is going to embarrass the ever loving hell out of both of us, but I have to ask. Hermione, I know you love Harry and that he loves you. However, in a way, he loves all of his Thralls, even Aunt Bellatrix now that he's getting over Sirius's death.

Anyways, the point I'm coming to is this; one day, my master will ask you to be his wife and I suspect that you will accept. So, I'm wondering if you wish to bear his first child or if I may?" Hermione looks at the other woman in shock, "You aren't already are you?" "No mistress, all of us have been very careful to ensure that our master shall not have an heir until he is ready.

However, I truly wish to bear his child, even if it is not his heir." Hermione is blushing, "Shouldn't you be discussing this with Harry?" "Perhaps mistress, but he would never consent to me having his first child without your approval." "Tonks, I won't object, even if I had a place to, if you want Harry to get you pregnant, but, how will you bring this up with Harry?" "Honestly, I don't know.

I honestly didn't think you would be so understanding." "Tonks, this is strictly between you and Harry. I have no role to play in the least." "That mistress is where you are wrong. Forgive me for saying this, but Harry loves you and to be perfectly honest, he tries to do everything in his power to avoid hurting you or his relationship with you." Hermione shakes her head, still unsure about the whole ordeal.

____________ The week progresses smoothly, though Thursday does provide some excitement. The teens are gathering in their common room and Harry looks at his Thralls considering the three ladies who have yet to fall victim to his latest attempt at domination. He arbitrarily makes a decision, "Pansy, take off your knickers and give them to me." "But master…" "Parkinson, get out of those knickers right now and hand them over!" The petite ex-Slytherin is cursing inside and blushing as she removes her knickers before the entire group and hands them to her master who puts them in his pocket.

Harry's voice is oddly patronizing as he says, "Very good Parkinson. Though not quite as fast a response as I would have liked, you are learning to follow orders.

Listen up and listen well, you are hereby expressly forbidden from wearing knickers or any other type of undergarment until I specifically state otherwise. Do you understand?" "Yes master." "Very good." The group departs the suite to their various activities. To Pansy's utter humiliation, Ron reaches under the table at breakfast and slides two fingers into her pussy. He gets her nice and wet before he pulls out and goes back to eating. At lunch, Harry summons Dobby and has the house-elf make arrangements for later that evening.

After the last class of the day is done, Harry grabs Hermione, "Come on, I have something tight blonde teen girl anjelica gets drilled in her pussy set up for tonight." "But what about all the stuff we need to get done?" "One night won't make a great deal of difference to the projects, but could prove the deciding factor for our sanities." Hermione looks into her boyfriend's eyes and can tell that he's not joking, "What do you have planned?" He smiles at her, "That's a secret, follow me." Harry leads his girlfriend down the familiar path to the Room of Requirement where Dobby is standing nervously, "Master Harry Potter sir, everything is ready for you sir." "Thank you Dobby.

If you would ensure that we are undisturbed, I would appreciate it." The house elf nods enthusiastically and disappears with a sharp crack. Hermione arches an eyebrow as Harry opens the door and shows her inside. She gasps slightly at the scene before her; it's the Hogwarts' lake in what would appear to be mid June.

"What…" "I had Dobby arrange this for us. I thought you would appreciate a nice, normal date." The witch kisses her boyfriend before she walks into the room, followed by him.

The pair finds a picnic basket already waiting for them along with a blanket covering the ground. The two sit down and enjoy a quite meal, not once discussing the multitude of things they should be doing, instead they make small talk.

As the sun starts to go down, Harry moves to beside Hermione and wraps his arm around her shoulders and together, they watch the sun set. __________ Everyone breaths a little easier when Harry and Hermione walk back through portrait hole, even Ron can see that the night away from responsibility had helped Harry's stress level. Tonks immediately grabs Hermione, Ginny and Luna for a bit of 'girl talk'. Once the four are safely in Harry's bedroom, she says, "Alright girl, spill. What happened tonight?" "Nothing, Harry arranged for the Room of Requirement to be by the lake.

We ate dinner and watched the sun set. That's it." Tonks isn't sure weather she's happy or angry, "What is taking that boy so long? I mean, you're willing right? Why isn't he taking the hint?" Hermione is blushing as she responds, "Well, Harry's even more terrified than I am about messing up our friendship." The Auror swallows as she makes her decision, "Hermione, unless you are prepared to risk, you will never truly achieve.

Take a gamble on this; I don't think he'll disappoint you." The bushy haired witch nods her head reluctantly, as she looks down. "Good, now girls, how goes things with you?" Luna looks oddly serious for once, "Ronald is progressing quite nicely.

I do thank you for the buttplug, I haven't gotten around to losing my final cherry yet though. Ronald and I are working to arrange something truly spectacular for when he finally takes my bum. How are you progressing with Neville Ginny?" "We're doing alright. He's still getting used to some of the things the worthless bastard Riddle did to me, but it's getting better.

He hasn't buggered me yet, but he has admitted he's thought about it. I figure to do it after the O.W.L.'s are done. Before that, I'll just be to tense," she says the final bit blushingly. All eyes turn to Hermione who scowls in at each of them in turn. "Alright, the sordid details are as follows. I've sucked him off and he's eaten me out. That's it. Old leady yung boy sex hymen is still intact and I haven't taken anything but the buttplug up my arse." Everyone except Tonks blushes at Hermione's tart tone.

After that, the girls talk about different topics, including Luna's planed sodomy. ___________ Friday night, the entire group Floo's to #12 where Remus and the Grangers are waiting for them.

"Remus, I'm glad you could come." "Your note said it was important pup. What's up?" Harry grins madly, "Come on, I'll explain it in the study. Bella, you come to." The trio head to the study while the rest of the group goes down to the kitchen.

Bella takes her customary place at Harry's left side while the two men sit down opposite each other, "Alright pup, now give." "Remus, you know that mum and dad left me several books. Mum thought that one of them had a cure for werewolf-ism. Well, I had Narcissa and Bellatrix look through the book thoroughly, and they discovered that it isn't a cure per say, but rather, it allows you to control the changes and the wolf during the change." Remus looks at the young man, "Are you serious Harry?" "According to the book, that's what it should do." The werewolf stands up and starts to pace back and forth, "Harry, if this works, it would be better than a straight cure in many ways." The teen nods to his Thrall who pulls a vial from her robe and hands it to him.

"This Remus is the answer to your prayers; enjoy it, courtesy of Prongs." Remus looks at the grey liquid with no small amount of trepidation. He uncorks the vial and says, "I am terrified right now pup. I'm scared that this will be another let down." With that, he drinks the potion in one gulp. Pain rips through Remus' mind as the potion does its work.

Harry grabs the older man before he can hit the ground, amazed at just how heavy the emaciated looking man is. He manages to get his friend into a chair before both their strengths give out. Remus' head is spinning as the pain finally starts to recede and he swallows as awareness floods his mind and senses. The man slowly stands and as he looks around, he wonders if he can really make the change. He focuses for a moment and finds that he knows instinctively what he needs to do. Harry looks on as Remus stands up.

As he watches, the man's body starts to shift and his clothes seem to be absorbed into his skin. In under a minute, the beast from Harry's third year is before him and Bella. The witch has her wand in hand incase the dangerous creature should attack her master.

To her amazement, the creature seems to sniff the air for a moment, before it starts to change back into a man. Remus can feel the wolf knocking on the door, begging him to bite the young man and perpetuate the species. With an act of will, Remus forces himself to change back to a man. "That was incredible Remus." "Thanks pup.

Now, what do I owe you for that potion?" "One long term favor. I want you to get in touch with as many other werewolves who would be interested in that potion and then act as a distributor." "What are you doing Harry?" "Simple really; I'm trying to deny Tom some very powerful allies; if I can help some people then so much the better." Remus smiles, knowing that Harry's priorities are actually the reverse of his stated, "Alright pup.

This is one favor I'll be glad to pay off." _____________ Down in the kitchen, Ron pulls Tonks away from the others and asks her to run an errand for him. The Auror arches an eyebrow before agreeing to the strange request. Dave detaches himself from his wife and daughter as he sees his host coming down the stairs, "Hey Harry, can I talk to you in private for a second?" The young man nods his head and the two go back up to the study, "Yes?" Dave gets a dead serious look on his face, "I have a simple, straight forward question for you and I would appreciate an answer in kind.

Have you buggered my daughter yet?" Harry's caught completely off guard by the question, "No I haven't!" Dave looks at the teen shocked, "You haven't? From the way Hermione was talking the last time we were here together, you should have been in her knickers in record time." Harry looks at the older man in dead shock, his vocal cords frozen.

"Oh don't get me wrong, I know my little girl is not a loose woman, but from the way she was talking, she wanted to bag you quickly. Mind telling me what happened?" "I'd guess sir, that part of it is that I am trying to avoid doing anything that'd make her uncomfortable.

As you know, I have a group of ladies for my own, erm, needs and I've made them available to Hermione as well." "Young man, Teens get naked and fuck at party halloween special with a threesome knew you were incredibly honorable, but even I didn't expect you to hold out this long." "Sir, I respect Hermione too much for me to be willing to rush this." Dave nods, "I understand that kid, and I appreciate it more than you know.

However, I'm going to do for you what Emma's dad did for me, give you a small piece of advice. The saying, 'Nothing ventured, nothing gained' isn't just for the material world, it also applies to relationships. If you let my daughter know that advances would be appreciated, I think she'll be willing to accommodate you." "Sir, I'm reluctant to ask this but I must. Are you actually encouraging me to sleep with your daughter?" The older man grins, "Odd I know.

Normally a father would be warning you of the rather dire consequences of laying anything beyond a purely platonic hand upon her personage; however, I know my daughter and she won't rush into anything this vital half-cocked.

If she decides to sleep with you, it will be because she is ready and has come to the conclusion that you are the man she will be spending the remainder of her life with." The pair continues to talk and some of David's suggestions leave Harry blushing. _____________ Downstairs the group has started to spread out. Ron stays to talk to Remus and Tonks while Luna and Millie head to the playroom for their daily exercise.

The werewolf and Auror depart shortly on the errand that Ron asked them to do. The redheaded male goes to the playroom expecting Luna to still have Millie working out, but what he finds surprises him. Luna Lovegood is doing pull ups while Millie is standing behind her, the riding crop in hand, both of them completely naked. Ron walks over to the pair and asks quietly, "What's going on?" The blonde continues to do pull ups as Millie replies, "Simple master, mistress wishes for you to stretch her on the rack again, but she knows that unless she strengthens her shoulders greatly, there will simply be a repeat of what happened last time." As she finishes speaking, she notices Luna simply hanging there, so she delivers a firm blow from the crop that get the blonde moving again.

"Mistress wanted to be fair to me, so she allows me to take her place when she is working out so she can make quick progress." Ron nods his head, "Very well then. How many more does she have to go?" "Only five more master, is there something I can help you with?" "Not until Luna finishes her exercise." Luna barely manages to finish the last pull up before she falls to the ground exhausted. The other two help her to a table and get her comfortable, before Millie turns to her master, "Now petite blonde stretched by brutal dildo as big as her can I do for you master?" "Go to that table and bend over it please." The large woman knows exactly what her master wants, so as she bends over the table, she reaches behind her to pull her cheeks apart.

Ron smiles as he pulls Millie's plug and frees his own staff. He aims his staff at the woman's rosebud. Millie sighs in contentment as her master pushes open her backdoor.

Her master is disappointingly gentle as he buggers her. The redhead is taking it easy as he takes his slaves bum, enjoying the sensations of a slow fuck instead of the near frantic pace he normally sets. The ex-Slytherin shudders in pleasure as her master shoots his seed into her arse.

Ron is shocked speechless when he pulls out of Millie and she immediately stands up, turns around, and drops to her knees. When she takes his stiff firm cock into her mouth and starts to suck him off, he grabs her by the hair and starts to shag her mouth like he normally would her cunt. Millie climaxes from the debasing treatment her master is giving her as he shoots off into her mouth.

Ron staggers back and barely manages to get to a table before he collapses. The Thrall stands up, being very careful not to leak and replaces the buttplug with a small sigh.

She then goes over and kneels before her master, awaiting his orders. The young man's head slowly stops spinning and he looks to his kneeling slave, "Thank you for that Millie, but you know you didn't have to do that." "I know master, but I wished to and I thank you for the treatment." "Millie, it's a bit late for this question, but what sort of things do you enjoy?" The kneeling woman blushes, "Well master, simply put, I like to be humiliated and I enjoy anything that drives home my subservience." She almost continues but decides against it at the last second.

Ron can sense the woman's small boobs babe fucking her tight pussy, "Tell me what's on your mind." "Well master, I was going to ask for something, but a slave has no place asking anything of her master." "Well, you can ask anything of me Millie, though I might reject your request." Millie's blush deepens, "Um, master, you see, I would appreciate it if you could use some dirty talk when you shag me?" "What do you mean by 'dirty talk'?" "Err, you could tell me how good I look with your dick up my arse and things like that." Ron nods slowly, trying to assimilate this new concept, "I'll try Millie, but I'll admit, using words that mum would have washed my mouth out with soap for using will take some effort." "Thank you master, do you feel like another round?" "No thanks Millie, but I do have a task for you once Luna is up and around." The blonde sits up and smiles airily, "I am awake Ronald; what may I do for you?" "Remember that scene we did after the rack incident?" "Indeed I do, may I assume you wish for a repeat?" "Sort of, I want you in that same position as before." "It will be as you command lord." "Very good, also, once Millie has you in position, she can tie off the rope and have you eat her out until I return." Both girls shudder slightly in anticipation at their master's command.

Ron then returns to the kitchen to wait for Remus and Tonks return. The pair in question returns a few minutes later with the Wizarding camera and film that Ron had requested. The redhead thanks them and returns to the playroom to find Millie using a dildo on Luna as the blonde puts her tongue to good use. He goes over to them and slaps Millie hard on the bum. The large woman yelps at the sudden spike of pain, "Yes master?" "Move it bitch," Ron's voice shakes as he says the last word though Millie smiles as she moves aside.

He loads the camera and lines up the shot of his suspended girlfriend as his cock hardens again. Luna wants to object but her tongue is tied at her boyfriends boldness and her cunt starts to tingle when the flash goes off, immortalizing the embarrassing moment.

Ron lays the camera aside and decides to put his lover's position to its intended use. ______________ Up in the study, Harry has gathered his Thralls together with him.

His chair has been transfigured into a throne for the event and he is flanked by his Thralls, Cissa on his right, Bella on his left, and Tonks standing on a stool behind him, while Pansy and Cho are kneeling three feet in front of him.

"Parkinson, Chang, you are both now my property and I have decided to mark you as such. It was my first two slaves who devised this method completely on their own, but the time has now come to continue this tradition. Cho, approach your master." The Asian witch slowly crawls forward until she is at her master's feet.

Bella hands Harry a small velvet box with a smile on her face. The wizard opens the box and draws out the choker from within. "This is the sign that you are now my Thrall, turn around slave and lift thy hair." Cho manages to comply with her master's orders without ever leaving her knees. Harry slowly places the choker around the kneeling woman's throat and when the ends touch, there's a small flash and Harry can see that the choker has sized itself automatically.

He pushes on Cho's back for her to go to her hands and knees and then slaps her arse once. Cho rolls her neck a bit as she crawls over to kneel beside Bellatrix, slightly dismayed at the restriction of her airway.

"Parkinson, come to your master's feet." Pansy crawls to her master's feet eagerly, hoping that this will help put her up on the mudblood.

Cissa hands her master the box and smiles, secretly wishing the kneeling girl luck, but knowing it's futile. Harry withdraws the choker, "Pansy, you are my property, and you succeeded in angering me at times, but in this you are not alone amongst my Thralls.

You have been punished for your crimes and I hope that you have learned your lesson; turn around and receive the symbol of your enslavement." Pansy turns around and is likewise upset to find herself working a bit to breath.

Her master pushes her forward and delivers the expected slap to the bum. Harry decides to take the opportunity presented to him and frees his cock. He parts Pansy's cheeks and arches an eyebrow at the sight of the buttplug. Tonks blushes as she speaks up, "That was my doing master, after the insult she gave to Hermione." "Very well Dora. Pansy, after this if you choose to keep the buttplug or not is up to you." With that, he pulls the piece of plastic from the woman's behind and lays it aside.

Pansy relaxes enough to enjoy it when her master starts to slide into her arse. _____________ Hermione and her folks talk for over an hour, unaware of the events transpiring around them. Dave says, "Hermione, I know you don't want to alienate him, but that boy is as ready as he's going to get." "I know dad, but I've been taking slow to change the way he looks at me." Emma nods her head, "What have you done with him so far?" Hermione blushes, "Well, I've sucked him off and gotten him to eat me.

I'm also wearing a buttplug that he's seen and I've even had him spank me once." The older woman nods again, "What do you plan to do next?" The young witch looks at both of her parents, "Well, next is some not so subtle hints that I'm interested in him physically." Dave speaks up, "Be careful daughter, that young man has an honorable streak going through him that would amaze anyone, including me.

So what type of hints are you going to be dropping?" "The usual, brushing against him, grind my arse into his crotch as the situation permits." Emma says, "You might also want to add some lingerie to the mix dear, it does help to ensure that males have blood flow problems." The three talk for a few minutes before Hermione decides to suit words to action and heads up to Harry's room to change her clothes.

____________ Pansy leaves her master's presence filled with a renewed sense of purpose. She eagerly starts to look for the interloper who is daring to string her master along. She finds her target in her master's bedroom. Hermione is just finishing changing when the door opens and Pansy walks in wearing her new choker. The ex-Slytherin approaches her rival with malice on her mind, "I'm going to get you for what you did to met you bitch." Hermione's voice is hot as she says, "What do you mean?" "You subjected me so much humiliation and I'm going to get you for that mudblood!" The bushy haired witch is about to retaliate in force when she notices the look on Pansy's face as she finishes speaking.

Completely against her own will, Pansy marches from the bedroom and straight to the study where Harry has returned the room to normal and is reading the White Tome. Pansy walks to three feet in front of her master and kneels down, "Master, I have come to report to you." Harry closes the book, "What have you done this time?" "I am obeying your order to report to you whenever I use the word 'mudblood' master." The wizard stomps on his rising anger, "Very well Pansy, strip down to the buff." Pansy stands up and pulls off her robe to reveal that she's wearing nothing underneath.

"Very good Pansy. Now I tire of your refusal to learn so as your lord and master, I direct and command you to obey any order from Hermione, my other Thrall's or my retainers as you would obey me. Do you understand?" Pansy wants to scream in frustration, to rail against the order, but her body betrays her will and she says, "I understand and will obey master." ___________ Later that night, Ron wakes up from a nightmare and his eyes immediately seek out the thin blonde woman sharing his bed.

Luna stirs as she feels her lover start to move off the bed, "Is something the matter Ronald?" The redhead is just standing up, "It's nothing Luna." Luna sits up and looks at her boyfriend, "Ronald, I show my trust of you during our games, please show your trust in me now." Ron's heart melts, "It was just a nightmare Luna. Nothing major." Luna moves over to Ron and says, "What did you dream of?" "It was, well, Luna, in the dream; I crossed the line, hard." "Tell me Ronald." Ron tells Luna about what he did in his dream and to his complete amazement, the woman smiles airily at him and says, "Sounds like fun to me," at which point, Ron promptly passes out.

In the morning, Ron wakes up to find Luna grinding her arse into his erection. "So Ronald, are you interested in making that dream of yours come true?" Millie quickly joins the conversation and Ron is shocked at how quickly and efficiently plans are made and his fears addressed. The three commandeer the library with Harry's permission and start to look up the spells and other materials they'll need for the planned event.

Ron is sitting in one of the chairs while Luna, in a skirt, is perusing the shelves. "Luna, pick a number, one through three please." The witch in question doesn't even turn around, completely unaware of what's about to happen, "Three Ronald." He swallows as he thinks back to the brochure. To activate the special features of the buttplug, the master need but say the name of the slave, the features name, the severity, and the duration.

"Luna, shock, heavy, instant." Luna Lovegood screams as unimaginable pain shoots through her body, courtesy of her buttplug. The pain stops almost as soon as it starts and she immediately looks over to her lover, "Did I do something to aggravate you Ronald?" "No, I just thought you'd enjoy it." She goes over and kisses his cheek, "I do love, but not now please.

I wish to make sure I don't miss anything anticipating my next bout." Ron grabs the back of Luna's head and brings her in for a kiss of passion and promise. As they separate, Ron says, "Alright Luna, I promise, no more jolts during this research time." Luna gets a gleam in her eye as she stands up, "Thank you Ronald." She then turns around and pulls her skirt up, exposing her naked bum, "If you would please." Ron smiles as he pulls pack his arm and slaps Luna's arse with all his strength.

The blonde yelps and then smiles back at her lover as she smoothes down her skirt, "Thank you Ronald." The research continues for several hours before Ron is willing to admit that they have enough spells to ensure that nothing done is irreparable. As the three finish putting the library back in order, Ron surveys his two women, "Millicent, bend over the table now." Millie goes over the table in the middle of the room and lifts her skirt before bending over it. Ron goes over and pulls the woman's buttplug and lays it beside her.

He frees his staff as he sees Luna's hand slip under her skit, "Luna, vibrate, extreme, continuous." Luna's fingers are just coming into contact with her slit as her buttplug starts to vibrate, eliciting a moan from her.

Ron parts Millie's cheeks and places the tip of his staff at her backdoor. His voice is shaking slightly as he says, "Is this what you want slut? Your masters cock up your tight arse?" Millie's head is spinning as she replies, "Oh yes master, fuck your slut up her bum!

Fuck her good and hard, prove what a slut she is!" The young man starts to slowly push his way into the bitch beneath him and to his utter shock, she climaxes almost immediately. Ron barely manages to beat back his own orgasm as the bliss is fed into him from his Thrall.

He holds completely still until he's sure he can move without shooting off and then starts hot petite teen babe anya olsen ravaged by a monster cock pornstars brunette move slowly as he starts to talk to Millie, "See what a slut you are?

You came from just the tip of your masters' cock in your bum, a sure sign of a pure slut." Millie quickly loses count of her orgasms as her master shags her arse and continues his litany.

Luna reluctantly disengages her hand from its current task of fingering her cunt to move a chair to behind her lover, knowing he's going to be drained from this. True to predictions, Ron shoots his seed into Millie's bum with a howl and collapses almost immediately afterwards.

Millie is likewise drained, leaving it up to Luna to get both the others presentable incase anyone walks in. She moves the others to her master's room and strips them down before laying them in bed and then joining them. Elsewhere, in the house, Hermione quickly seeks out a certain pink haired woman, "Tonks, I need some help." "Watcher Hermione, what can I do to help?" The bushy haired witch blushes, "I need to have a talk with Harry concerning our relationship and if it's just the two of us, well, we'll dance around it and not get anywhere." Tonks smiles, "And you want me there to make sure certain things get said?" "Basically.

I've told you more than I want anyone else to know, but since you already know, you can say things that I'm simply too embarrassed to say." "And I also happen to know my master well enough to do the same thing for him." Hermione breaths a sigh of relief, "Thanks Tonks.

Now, where's Harry?" The Auror focuses on the young man in question, "The study, he's heard some interesting sounds from the library I think." The two witches walk to the study and enter without benefit of knocking, "Hello Dora, you wished to speak with me?" Tonks blushes, "You felt the probe master?" "I did, but don't worry, I know you won't betray anything you find in my head Dora." The woman blushes as she looks at the young man, "Thanks Harry." "Now, what did you wish to speak to me about?" Hermione draws her wand and casts over a dozen privacy charms before she turns back to one very curious Harry James Potter.

"Sorry Harry, but I'm going to be embarrassed by this conversation and I don't want any interruption." Harry nods, "I'll take it this has to do with exactly why your father asked me if I'd buggered you yet." The witch's face goes beet red, "Oh my god, he didn't!" "He did." "Oh gods, I can't believe that he actually asked you that outright." "Oh, I don't know, it does make things a bit easier on me, now that I know that you're interested and ready." Hermione looks down to her feet, "I've been ready for a while now Harry, I just didn't think you were." Harry stands up and walks over to Hermione so he can wrap his arms around her, "And you were probably right.

It was you're dad's question that finally got me thinking about the whole matter. I still utterly refuse to pressure you Hermione, but if you're interested, I'm willing." Tonks smiles as she leans against the door, out of sight, and hopefully out of mind as far as the teenaged lovers go. "H- H- Harry, I'm interested." "Alright Mione, did you have something in mind?" "Yes I did." The two move over to the loveseat somehow without releasing each other.

As Hermione reluctantly explains what she wants, Harry's eyebrows endeavor to climb into his hairline. "So that's it Harry, do you think I'm a freak or something?" Harry instantly sees red, "You are not a freak Hermione!" Tonks is instantly at her master's side, "Calm down Harry, calm down." The wizard tightens his grip on his girlfriend protectively as he works to dissipate the anger that had spiked within i will be nice daddy modern taboo family. "Sorry about that Mione, but you managed to hit one of my major buttons." "I noticed and for that I apologize." "It's alright, anyways, to answer the spirit of your question, no I don't think you're too twisted.

I've given each girl since Bella and Cissa her request when it came to her first time, and I'm not about to change that now." Harry reaches out an arm and snags Tonks shoulders, pulling her down onto the loveseat with him and Hermione.

The three simply snuggle there, doing nothing more than enjoying the presence of the other two. _______________ Sunday night the teens return to Hogwarts with no fanfare, many with heavy thoughts on their minds. As the last of the group enters the Headmasters, Albus says, "Harry, I need to speak to you for a moment, alone if you please." Harry nods his head, "Guys, head back to the dorm. Dora, stay please." Once the three are alone, Harry says, "What did you see in the Mirror of Erised?" Dumbledore smiles, "I saw myself wearing woolen socks.

Your caution is not unappreciated. Now onto the matter at hand, tomorrow morning, Severus is going to begin teaching the Patronus. Now, I am well aware of the fact that you can summon a very powerful Patronus, but we need the ability to desert you tomorrow.

There are those in the school who report to Tom who are suspicious of how well you are getting along with Severus and a minor demonstration to the effect that he is still somewhat antagonistic towards you will help aid his further credibility.

Also, the Patronus is almost impossible for a Dark wizard to cast." Harry nods slowly, asian teen gets slammed in hardcore fashion second string to convince old snake face that his scheme is working." "Exactly, now I cannot force you to do this, but I can request it." The young man sighs, "Very well, I'll try to botch the assignment tomorrow Albus, but I can't promise anything." The old man nods in understanding, "It is very difficult for those with skill and knowledge not to use it, but be careful Harry, that can lead to the Dark as easily as murder and torture." Tonks looks ready to thump the headmaster as she leaves the office with her master.

Once they're safely away from prying ears Tonks says, "That manipulative old fuck!" Harry looks at his pink haired Thrall in shock. "Harry, if there's one way to injure a person's use of the Patronus, it's to wound their confidence in themselves." The wizard scowls and turns to the wall, "Expecto Patronum!" A silvery stag leaps from Harry's wand and looks about expectantly for a moment until it fades away.

The messy haired young man smiles, "Looks like I still got it." _______ In the morning, Harry has butterflies in his stomach as he and his friends approach the DADA classroom. He's not sure whether or not to be upset when he sees Malfoy waiting in the classroom. The two rivals merely nod at each other before class begins. Snape scowls at the class, "Good morning.

Today, we will begin the study of the Patronus Charm. If you are a complete idiot you may not be aware of the fact that it is used to drive off Dementors. Mr. Malfoy, do you know the other primary use the Patronus?" Draco swallows as he looks at his Head of House, "Err, it's also used to defend yourself against a Lethifold, the only real defense actually." "Very good Mr. Malfoy, I see your time away from class has not been misspent, fifty points for Slytherin. Also worthy of note, a Dark Wizard will almost never be able to produce a proper Patronus." Snape's voice suddenly becomes extremely sarcastic, "Since we already have an acknowledged master of the Patronus, perhaps Mr.

Potter could be so kind as to demonstrate. After all, if you can produce a corporeal Patronus during an actual Dementor attack and your O.W.L. examination it should be no problem for you now." Harry reluctantly stands up and walks to the front of the classroom, hot amateur woman gets fucked to pay for her cab fare brunette reality swallows as he reaches the mark on the floor, "E-e-expecto Patronum." To Hthe surprise of most of the class, absolutely nothing happen.

"Come on boy, surely you can do better sunny leone xxx sex blue film downlodein pc that." Harry bites off the sharp words as Snape's tone reawakens their old feud. His voice is solid as a rock as he reminds himself that this was planned out, "Expecto Patronum!" Again nothing happens and Snape breaths an internal sigh of relief, the strength in the young man's voice had him expecting to see a silvery stag prancing about the classroom for the next hour.

"Very well Mr. Potter, your vaulted 'skill' seems to have deserted you for today, perhaps another time. Return to your seat." The Boy-Who-Lived is fuming as he returns to his seat, but he waves off his friends attempts at conversation. Harry is still furious when he returns to his rooms after classes are done for the day, "Cissa, Tonks, go fetch Bella." The two women almost jump as their master snaps at them and hurry out the door as Harry goes to the study.

He growls as he paces the room, unable to suppress his anger, despite continuous efforts throughout the day. Bellatrix Black walks into the study, "You sent for me master?" "I did, come with me," Harry says and leads his Thrall to the playroom. "You wanted me to start taking out my anger on you Bella, well here's your first dose.

Strip, now." The dark haired woman almost sets a record in her efforts to disrobe, "What would you have me do master?" Harry fetches one of the riding crops from the wall, "Bend over that block of wood." Bella eagerly complies with her masters orders, her cunt already dripping at the anticipated pain. The young wizard proves once and for all that he would have made an excellent beater, at least in Bellatrix's opinion, as he brings the crop down on her bum with all the force he can manage.

The bent over witch screams as glorious pain tears through her body. Harry starts to rain down blows on Bella's arse at an unholy rate, not caring when blisters start to rise on the abused skin nor when his Thrall climaxes.

Finally, Harry's arm feels like cooked spaghetti and he surveys his work with morbid curiosity. "Are you alright Bella," he asks in a subdued voice. Bellatrix tries to straighten up, be finds she lacks the strength, "I'm fine master.

Thank you for both your concern and your efforts on my behind." Harry shakes his hand, "What would you like me to do?" "If you would please master, move me over to one of the tables and send my sister in, she's well versed in dealing with this." The young wizard is almost relieved when Bellatrix is safely in Narcissa's hands.

He then retreats to the study and summons Tonks to him. "Wotcher Harry, you called." "Yes I did Dora. I'm trying to work out some stuff and I need some help." "What can I do you for?" "It's Pansy. You, Bella, Cissa, even Cho all seemed to have no problem with Hermione, but Pansy is throwing the whole thing off." Tonks swallows and knows she might well regret what she's about to say, "Harry, all of us expect Pansy accept Hermione as our mistress because we knew how much you cared for her.

Pansy's problem I think stems from two things. First and foremost, when you claimed my aunts, you didn't restrain yourself. You actually pushed all your energy into the spell, which means that you used the spell to its full advantage and completely altered their perceptions.

Since then, whenever you've claimed another Thrall, you've held back, including with me. You have deliberately gone out of your way to make sure the personality changes weren't so pervasive. This unfortunately leads directly to the second problem. I suspect that in Pansy's mind, she's doing what she believes is best for you, providing the best possible mate, which to her means a pureblood of child-bearing age.

Unfortunately, of all your Thralls, she's the only one who fits the bill. Master, I expect that if you want her to finally cooperate, you will first have to break her will and then rebuild her as you would have her." Harry nods his head, "Retrieve Pansy for me Dora. There are some questions I need answered." Tonks is almost scared for the girl as she notes her masters' scowl.

The two witches return quickly, "You sent for me Harry?" "Three things. First you are overdressed." Pansy swallows as she pulls off her robe, revealing a jumper and jeans. She's blushes slightly as Harry nods, indicating for her to continue. Harry smiles when she pulls her jumper over her head, exposing her naked breasts to the cool air. Tonks is pleasantly surprised at the domineering way her master seems to be asserting himself over his Thrall.

Pansy looks to Harry as she tosses her jumper aside and he merely continues to look at her. She reluctantly reaches for the button on her slacks. She swallows nervously as she undoes the clasp and lowers them to the ground.

When she stands up Harry can see she has continued to follow his instructions as he sees her shaven cunt. "Very good Parkinson. Now two, you misaddressed me when you walked in." Pansy racks her brains trying to figure out what she did wrong, "I apologize, but I don't know what you mean." "What did you call me when you walked in here?" "I called you Harry." "Correct, and that is the problem." Realization dawns on Tonks as she realizes what the young man is getting at. She smirks behind Pansy's back and winks to Harry to indicate she understands.

"What is he Pansy?" "He's my master. Oh, I should have called you master." "Correct, Tonks and Cho can call me Harry because they are friends of mine. You however are simply a slave to me right now. I shall inform you when you may address me by my given name in private. Now for the third item, I hereby command you as your master to tell me your reasons for not wishing to become a Death Eater." Pansy swallows and decides that it would be best in the long run to get the whole affair out in the open, "It is quite simple master.

I do believe that purebloods are highly superior to the common," Flirty lesbians fill up their big bootys with whipped cream and blast it out threesome and spreading catches herself just in time, "muggleborn. However, I also believe that there are too many of them for us to fight successfully let alone dominate. However, those aside master, I knew how caring you are. I know that when you fail You-Know-Who the punishments are extreme.

Those punishments would be the standard Cruciatus Curse as well as the standard threat of death. However, for me and Millie, as women, we would also be gang raped when we failed to please the Dark Lord. I heard my father speak of the times that the Death Eaters had with Bellatrix and how the Dark Lord would occasionally delight in setting Bellatrix a task he knew she had no hope of completing just so that ariana marie nicole aniston yoga freaks episode seven have a reason to order her further debasement." Harry nods in understanding and with a new found respect for Bella.

"Alright, I can accept that. However, my earlier declaration still stands. Dora, pass the word to the others. Pansy is to obey every last man and woman in this group, my retainers as well as my Thralls.

She may only refuse to obey them is if it would endanger her long-term health or if it would violate one of my standing rules or orders." The pink haired woman nods, "It will be as you command master." "Thank you Dora. Pansy, you are forbidden from wearing anything beyond socks and shoes while in the suite. You may enter from the outside still clothed, but must remove all your clothing immediately." Pansy nods her head, "I hear and I obey master." _________ Hermione and Luna are in the school library doing research for their classes when Draco slowly walks towards Hermione, "Granger, I need to speak to you." Hermione's wand is in her hand as she turns to the platinum blonde boy, "What Malfoy?" "I need to speak to Potter and you are the best means I have of conveying that to him." The bushy haired looks at him, "Come along Luna, let's go." Draco turns around to find Loony Lovegood pointing her wand at his back.

The two witches leave the library, all the while keeping an eye on Draco who sits at the table Hermione had just left. They quickly walk to Rowena's portrait and start looking for Harry. Pansy is just walking out of the study with a bad taste in her mouth from having to lick Tonks juices from her master's staff while he was shagging her.

"Pansy where's Harry?" Parkinson wants to lie so badly she can taste it, but she tells Hermione, "He's in the study recovering." Hermione can guess what he's recovering from so she knocks before entering, "Come in." She finds Tonks still on Harry's lap and her face red from exertion.

"Harry, Malfoy says he wants to speak to you." "Did he say what about?" "No, and I didn't think to ask." Harry has Tonks get off his lap reluctantly and Hermione's mouth goes dry as she sees his still half-erect tool.

He quickly fixes his appearance, "Well, best not to keep Malfoy waiting if he's actually willing to talk." Harry takes Tonks, Luna and Hermione with him as he walks to the library.

Draco is right where the girls had left him. Harry walks up to him, "You wanted to talk to me Malfoy?" Draco nods his head and reaches for his wand, only to stop in mid-draw as the group level their wands at him. "I only want to do a privacy charm." Harry nods and Tonks casts half a dozen quick privacy spells. "Now what did you wish to discuss?" "Simple Potter, a truce between us.

My mother came to me while I was recovering and told me many things, things I don't want to believe, but do. She told me that the Dark Lord sacrificed her to you for some reason and that I can believe.

Then my father gave up his life to protect the Malfoy fortunes for me. I would be remiss in both my duty as a son and the patriarch of the Malfoy Family if I were to throw away his sacrifice and re-endanger the family fortunes by joining the Dark Lord.

I am not one of your biggest fans, though I'll admit I was until you turned out to be such a wuss. Regardless, I will not join the Dark Lord, but nor will I become a part of your little group." Harry nods his head, "I can live with you simply being neutral, though I doubt Tom will. Malfoy, I will say this plain and simple. So long as you maintain your neutrality, I will not even try to stop you from seeing your mum." The blonde boy smiles, "Thank you.

I wasn't sure how to ask for that." Harry holds out his hand reluctantly, "Who knows Malfoy, keep this up and your mother may just make the two of us friends." Draco hesitantly takes Harry's hand, "I wouldn't count on it Potter, but we live in a world of magic, so who knows." Tonks takes down the privacy charms and the group breaks up, Draco heading to the dungeons while Harry and his ladies return to their suite.

_______ Back in the study, Harry is once more looking through the book of marital aid spells when he comes across a bookmark, in the form of a picture. He removes the picture, which is facing away from him and turns it around to look at it. The young man almost passes out from what he sees. It's another photograph of James and Lily, only here, James is wearing his school uniform while Lily is kneeling at his feet completely naked with a collar attached to the leash James is holding.

She also somehow appears to have grown dog ears and Harry's world starts to spin when he realizes that it is a Wizarding photograph as Lily pulls up her leg to scratch behind her ear, giving Harry a clean look at her bald crotch. Harry puts face down on the desk quickly. "Mum, dad, I really wish you were here right now so I could punch the both of you!" He goes to bed shortly after that, trying his best not to think about the photo he'd found. _______ Harry breaths a sigh of relief when the week ends, bringing a close to the DADA chapter on the Patronus Charm.

The heckling he'd received from the Slytherin's, except for Draco, had almost pushed the young wizard to retaliation in force. Everyone from Thrall to teen breaths easier after the last bell rings Friday afternoon.

Ron and Luna corner Harry in the study, "Hiya mate." "Ron, Luna, what's up?" Luna looks over to her lover who nods his head, "Well, we would like to reserve the playroom tonight." Harry arches an eyebrow, "Do I even want to know?" Ron and Luna look at each other before Ron says, "Probably not nerdy teen april oneil and busty stepmom vanilla deville threeway thought so.

Very well, talk to the ladies and if they don't mind, then the room's yours for the night." The lovers leave smiling and quickly make the requisite stops to ensure that no one will be disturbing them before they and Millie secure the playroom for their evening of fun. _________ Tonks takes a steadying breath as she enters the study, "Master, may I speak with you?" Harry closes the book he's reading admirable honey is fucked with a vibrator waves to a chair, "Of course Dora.

What can I do for you?" The pink haired woman ignores her master's tacit invitation to sit and instead kneels down at his feet and kisses each in turn, "Master, I have a request for you.

This is a hard thing for me to ask and I suspect even harder for you to grant, but I wish to make my desire known." The wizard arches his eyebrows at Tonks sudden submissiveness, "Very well, I will hear your request and I will think on it before giving you an answer." "Thank you master.

I- I- I- Oh to hell with it, I want to have your child." Of all the things Tonks could have possibly asked for, this was on the bottom of the things Harry had expected. "I… can't give you an answer right now Dora. Actually, yes I can. I outright forbid the use of fertility spell, charms, potions, etc. However, if you choose to discontinue the contraceptive potions and spells that is up to you.

If you become pregnant as a result, then so be it." Tonks once more lowers her head to her master's feet to kiss each, "Thank you master, you have allowed more than I dared to hope. May I have my first chance now master?" "Dora, you've had your turn lately, don't be greedy." The kneeling woman blushes at the rebuke, "As you will master, would you like to spank me?" Harry just looks at his Thrall who suddenly starts to giggle, "Alright Harry, I'll admit the try was obvious, but you can't blame a woman for trying now can you?" "Get outta here, I have work to do." "Yes master." Tonks quits the room with a delighted spring in her step.

________ Luna sighs in contentment as the wood closes around her neck and wrists and Millie locks the stocks in place. Ron looks at his girlfriend's alabaster skin and then to the item beside him, "Luna, are you sure about this?" "I am Ronald. Whenever you are ready." All three of them are completely naked with Luna immobilized in the stocks.

The young man reaches for the iron in the brazier and draws it out reluctantly, "I doubt I'll ever be ready for this Luna, but if you are, I can make myself." Luna closes her eyes as she anticipates the sweet pain that's to come. Ron looks at the red hot end of the iron and feels his stomach roll. Millicent can see how nervous her master is, his hand is unnaturally steady, but the rest of him is shaking like a leaf. Ronald Weasley grabs midway up the iron to steady it and he aims for his girlfriend's flawless arse.

The blonde doesn't even try to hold in the scream as glorious pain rips through her body as the hot iron burns her skin. As it starts to pull away, Luna's scream takes on a different note as she climaxes.

Ron and Luna are both sweating bullets as the iron is return to the brazier. "Luna, are you alright?" "I'm wonderful Ronald, thank you. Now continue to the next phase please." Ron shakes his head, still not completely used to this side of his beloved's personality.

He parts Luna's arsecheeks and pulls her buttplug from its resting place. Millie smiles and brings the buttplug to her lips so she can suck on it while her mistress prepares to lose her final cherry. The blonde focus's on staying loose as she feels the crown of her lover's staff press against her backdoor.

As he slowly pushes in, Luna's world starts to spin as she is stretched oh so pleasurably. Even before he is half way in, Ron has to mentally recite Quidditch rules horny lesbo dolls are spreading and fisting assholes plays to keep his control in place. When her lord's hips come to rest against her arse, and not incidentally her new branding, Luna's world explodes in a combination of pain and climax.

Ron's control is shattered at the sudden spasms around his cock and he lets loose his seed with a howl. The large ex-Slytherin has licked every square millimeter of her mistress' buttplug when her master orgasms. She drops the plug instantly and helps her master sit down. She drops to her knees and instantly starts to clean off her master's staff. Ron strokes his Thrall's hair caroline bishop swallows cum on webcam live at www freelivecam69 com tube porn she slowly sucks his cock.

Once she is sure her master is completely clean she pulls away and crawls over to her mistress. Fully on her knees, Millie can see her target. Luna squeals as her cheeks are parted and she feels a pair of lips seal around her arsehole.

Millie's cheeks are burning at her self-inflicted humiliation as she eagerly sucks her master's cum from her mistress's arse. The blonde is shocked at this turn of events and even more so when the woman behind her starts to finger her cunt.

Ron is slowly stroking his cock as he watches the spectacle before him. Deciding to take advantage of the golden opportunity presented to him and walks to in front of Luna.

Luna Lovegood is quite surprised to be presented with her master's tool; however, she eagerly opens her mouth and lets him set the pace. ________ Harry is alone in the study contemplating his situation. Finally he makes his choice and summons Bella, Cissa, and Tonks to him. The three women look curiously at each other as they enter their master's presence. "Ladies I've made a decision and now I need for you to quickly lay the groundwork to make it work." Harry lays out his plans and the ladies recognize it as a variation on several public scenarios they'd discussed.

When he's done, each woman nods her head. Cissa says, "Very well master, when do you wish to do this?" "Tomorrow if at all possible, I don't want Tom to get too suspicious of my alignment." The women nod again, "Alright master, we'll get on it immediately." The ladies leave their master, all hoping that things go as planned." Later, each of the ladies report their part of the plan completed.

___________ In the morning, after a quick romp with first Cho and then Bella, Harry gets dressed and walks to the study with Pansy crawling behind him. He sits down in his normal chair while Pansy continues to kneel at his feet.

"Today is the next part of your punishment for the use of the word 'Mudblood' Pansy. Just before lunch time we are going to go to the Hogshead Tavern. Once there, you are going to strip down to the buff and will then proceed to serve drinks until I choose for you to stop.

After that, there's going to be an auction of sorts. The person who bids the highest is going to be invited up, onto the big ass xxx english girl story where you are going to suck him off." Harry smiles as his naked Thrall goes ghost white.

"But, but, but master…" "Silence, unless of course you want them to shag your butt." The kneeling woman shuts her mouth instantly. "That's better Pansy. Now, this is not open for discussion. Plans have already been made and I am simply informing you of your part in them." For the first time, Pansy starts to question her choice of Harry over Riddle. "Now go get dressed my dear, a simple robe should suffice." Pansy wants to smack that self-satisfied smirk off of her masters' face, but no matter how hard she tries, her body refuses to move to attack him.

Instead she merely stands up and walks from the room to comply with her master's order. Harry and Pansy walk to the Hogshead with Tonks as an escort; Ron, Hermione and the others had consented to staying in the dormitory during the charade lest someone peek into their minds. The three enter the disreputable establishment and walk straight to the bar.

Aberforth comes down and greets the group, "Hello Mr. Potter, everything's in place, just as you asked." "Thanks Abe." "Hey, always glad to help out the owner of this joint." Pansy shuffles her feet as the old man's gaze shifts to her, "Ready for your punishment dear?" Harry looks at Pansy, "Strip, now." The ex-Slytherin undoes her robe and lets it drop to her ankles giving the entire room of her naked body. "Good Pansy, you are finally starting to learn to obey when I command you.

You have your instructions, now get to it." Pansy bends over and parts her arsecheeks allowing an unobstructed view of her newly acquired buttplug. Harry taps the piece of enchanted plastic with his wand causing it to start vibrating. He sheaths his wand and slightly smacks Pansy's bum, "Get to work." The girl goes over to a table with three disreputable looking men and asks for their drink order.

Harry has Abe bring him a butterbeer while he keeps an eye on his Thrall. He forces himself not to react when one of the men grabs Pansy's breasts. However, he does pull his wand and start to toy with it when the man starts to get a little rough. "Sorry sir, but my master said you could touch, but nothing beyond that," Pansy says as the man mauls her tits.

"If you would release me, I will bring back your drinks." The man looks like he's about to object, however when he notices Harry slowly tapping his wand on the bar, he quietly backs down. Harry looses count of the sheer number of times Pansy gets groped over the next three hours. For her own part, Pansy is wishing this would be over and she could return to her master's feet. Tonks watches the entire proceedings with a clinical eye, surprised that her master has avoided responding to some of the molestations that Pansy had been subjected to, including when one man had stuck a finger up her snatch.

However, things seem to be going smoothly and her master looks ready to bring this charade to its end. Harry has Pansy climb up onto the bar and signals Abe who rings the bell for closing time, "Alright you worthless bastards listen up. It's time for a wee bit of an auction.

This fine bird you've all been feeling up is going to suck off the one of you boys who can bid the most. Bids start at twenty galleons." Pansy is blushing pure scarlet as she listens to the bids being called in. Harry forces himself to smile when the final price of three hundred galleons is finalized. The winner walks up to the bar and hands Harry a sack which he in turn passes to Tonks who beings to count. Harry meanwhile has the man climb up onto the bar to claim his prize.

The naked Thrall drops to her knees as he master had instructed her and frees the mans staff. Harry forces himself to stay calm as he watches Pansy suck the stranger off. Tonks finishes counting the galleons and nods to her master before turning her attention back to the spectacle on the bar while keeping an eye on the other patrons in the bar.

Pansy swallows quickly when the man releases his seed into her mouth. The man looks like he wants even more, but a simple glare from Harry convinces him to let it go. "Get off the floor Pansy," Harry orders as he holds out his hand to Tonks. The Auror reaches into her robe to retrieve the items her master desires as his other Thrall climbs off the bar. Pansy wonders what is next when she sees her master's bodyguard hand him a dog collar. Her stomach sinks as her master turns her around and locks the collar in place around her throat.

Harry takes the leash from Tonks, "Thank you Dora," and clips it onto Pansy's collar. "On your hands and knees like a good bitch." Pansy's entire body is blushing as she falls to her hands and knees. The young wizard leads the way from the tavern, one Thrall walking beside him, the other naked crawling behind him. As the group walks up the path to the castle, Harry sees a couple of boys talking quietly, "Hiya Dean, Seamus." The two boys nod at their classmate, "Hi Harry." Their eyes almost bug out when they see Pansy's state of undress, "Um Harry," Dean says, "why is Parkinson naked?" Pansy is sure she's going to die of humiliation as her master says, "Well, she's my property now and she angered me." Both Dean and Seamus look dumbfounded, finally Seamus finds his voice, "Well, Harry, since she's here, may we…?" "Touch, yes; thy anything more and you'll be losing very important body parts." Harry's tone leaves very little doubt in either boys mind about *exactly* what parts will come up missing should they try anything beyond simply touching.

Dean and Seamus lock eyes before turning back to Harry, "Thanks for the offer chum, but I rather like my bits precisely where they are." Dean's eyes rove Pansy's body, "Though if you ever need help dealing with her that involves more than simple touching, let us know." Harry glares at the two, "Don't count on it boys.

Come along Pansy." As the trio start to walk away, Seamus makes a very, very poor choice. Tonks face turns red as she feels the hand come to rest on her arse. Instead of screaming or reaching for her wand, the Auror reaches behind her, grabs the boys wrist, and moments later, there's the wet *crunch* of bone breaking.

"I've put up with all the groping I'm willing to boy. Consider this a mild warning." Seamus' face is bone white and it's painfully obvious how hard he's working to contain his scream as the three walk away. The others are waiting just behind Rowena's portrait as the trio walk in. Harry speaks up as soon as the portal is closed, "Dora, why did you break his wrist?" Tonks blushes at her master's carefully neutral tone.

"Master, he grabbed my bum and you gave me permission to discourage them." "Indeed I did, though I must ask, was that his first offense since that permission was given?" The Auror looks down at her feet, "Yes it was master." Harry can feel the thoughts running through his Thrall's head, "I'm not going to punish you Dora, you did as you were instructed, you were just a bit more vigorous than I'd anticipated. However, do not let that slow you down in defending yourself in the future, am I clear?" Tonks smiles at her master, "Yes I do master." Pansy is scowling at the ground as she makes the connections.

Hermione asks, "How'd it go?" "Pansy, stay as you are. Let's sit down." The naked woman crawls behind her master as he walks to one of the overstuffed chairs and sits down. "I think things went rather well.

Did you spot the mark Dora?" "Yes I did Harry," Tonks says as she kneels down in front of him. "There were at least three Death Eater sympathizers there and I think I might have seen one proper Death Eater." "Good, then word should be back to old Snake Face by now." Harry smiles at his Thralls, "Tonks, I have a very special mission for you." The kneeling woman looks up, "Yes master?" "The mission is to take Hermione, Narcissa, Bellatrix, and Cho, along with Ginny, Luna and Millie if they wish to go and spend that three hundred Galleons on yourselves." Tonks smiles brightly, "Do you wish for Pansy to go as well master?" "No, I want to keep this bitch near to foot for the time being." "As you command master.

What sleeping fuck desi anti rape the budget for this expedition?" "At the bare minimum, I wish for you to return with not a Knut of that money left.

You are also allowed a full seven hundred more if you wish." Millie looks to Ron, "May I master?" Ron smiles, "Go ahead Millie, you've earned a bit of a treat." Luna speaks, "Ronald, would you object if I accompanied them?" The red headed young man kisses his girlfriend's forehead, "Not at all Luna." Ginny simple looks at Neville who nods his head.

The eight women quickly get dressed for a day out and are gone in under an hour. Harry says, "Pansy, you are free to move about the suite, but you may not rise off your hands and knees.

Guys, feel free to use her as you wish, normal rules apply." He then goes to the study and picks up the White Tome. As he turns to the section on combat spells, he notices a page at the very beginning that he'd missed before.

The page has a strange glyph on it and an inscription in a language Harry had never seen before. However, as he looks at the inscription, the words seem to sort themselves out until he can actually understand what's written, "Those that fear only the Dark, have yet to see what the Light can truly do." Intrigued, Harry begins to read through the section carefully, amazed at some of the spells he finds, including a few that stop him dead in his tracks.

_____ Meanwhile, Hermione is a witch on a mission in Diagon Alley. With some help from Tonks and Narcissa she finds the items she's going to need. All the girls help her make the perfect selection for her goal.

Luna gets several odd looks when she picks up half a dozen candles, but she merely smiles when the others ask what she has planned. With very little effort the witches spend first the three hundred galleons and make a dent in the remaining seven hundred. Bella returns with several boxes of new toys for the playroom.

Cissa is carrying an entirely new wardrobe for the Thralls and the others have cosmetics and other personal items with them as they return to the suite to find Pansy hanging naked from the ceiling by her wrists, a very large ball gag in her mouth, and a vibrator in both of her neither orifices. Ron and Neville are both seated in the chairs, books in their hands.

Luna says, "What happened Ronald?" The boys look up and smile, "Harry said we could entertain ourselves with Pansy so Nev and I decided she'd make a good conversation piece." Luna smiles at her boyfriend as the others file in, unsure how to take the suspended Pansy.

Pansy's humiliation skyrockets as she feels the build up of another climax from that damned vibrator. Hermione swallows her fear, knowing Harry's reasons for treating Pansy so horridly, and walks to the study.

Harry looks up as the door opens, "Hi Mione, how was the shopping?" "It was fun Harry, thank you. Um, do you know about Pansy's current condition?" "Yeah, I do.

I had them gag her because her screaming was interrupting my reading." The bushy haired witch closes and seals the horny teen sluts share big cock and jizz before walking over to her boyfriend, "Harry, I have a request for you." Harry marks his place in the White Tome and lays it aside, "What can I do for you Hermione?" Hermione swallows hard, "I- I- I- I don't know how to say this." Harry grabs his girlfriend's hands, "Take a deep breath Hermione, and think.

If it's this hard to ask, do you really want it?" "Oh Merlin's balls, I want in on the rotation!" Hermione suddenly blushes at her exclamation. The wizard looks at the witch, "What 'rotation' are you talking about?" Hermione looks down at her feet, "The rotation of your Thralls." Harry is dumbstruck at his lover's words, "How fully into the rotation do you want to go?" "I'd still like to keep my hymen, but beyond that, completely." "Um, you mean even the, what should I call it?" "You mean the 'Knickerless Lottery' Harry?" Harry blushes slightly, "I guess that's an accurate description." "In that case, yes.

I want in. I know you'll respect my request about my hymen, but I want to be part of everything else." Harry sighs, "You chose a bad time for this Hermione, I'm just getting ready for a new game with the girls.

Are you sure you want in?" "Yes I am Harry." "Alright, I'll try to treat you like I would the others, but I make no promises." "That is all I ask… master." Harry swallows nervously, "Well, I have your first task for you." "Yes?" "Suck me off." Hermione smiles as she walks over to Harry and drops to her knees.

Harry leans back as his girlfriend frees his staff and lowers her head to his crotch. The witch takes the staff into her mouth with a degree of comfort that is unnatural. The taste and the smell combine to quickly entrance the young witch as she goes about her task with a will. Harry absently notes that Hermione's technique is improving as she runs her tongue along the underside of his shaft.

Hermione is running every trick that Bella, Cissa, and Tonks had told her as she starts to hum. It appears to be enough when Harry suddenly floods her mouth with his semen. The wizard almost passes out from the sheer intensity of his orgasm. Hermione swallows quickly and manages to keep Harry's entire offering. Harry runs his hand through Hermione's hair as he regains his senses, "Thank you Mione, that was mind blowing." The witch blushes piss in mouth melissa ashley the unexpected praise and stands up at Harry's prompting, only to be pulled down onto his lap moments later.

__________ Luna has a candle in her hand as she opens the door to her lover's room to find him and his Thrall studying. "Hello Ronald." Ron says, "Hi Luna," then he looks up at his girlfriend, "or is it Kitten?" The blonde witch smiles as she closes the door, "Either will work, though Kitten may be more appropriate." The redhead closes his book, knowing that this is going to be good, "Very well, what can Lord do for Kitten?" "Kitten has a request for Lord." "What is the request Kitten?" Luna undoes her robe and lets it fall to the ground, revealing her nude body, "Kitten has a new game Kitten would like to play with Lord." Millie looks at her mistress in shock, still unable to make the mental transition between Luna and Kitten.

"Lord is getting tired of this dancing Kitten." The blonde swallows nervously, "Kitten apologizes Lord and begs Lord's indulgence while Kitten sets up the game." "Very well Kitten, but be quick about it or Lord will have to punish Kitten." Luna is torn between taking her time and hurrying as she climbs onto the couch next to Ron and bends over the arm, facing away from Ron.

"Lord will need to remove Kitten's buttplug for the game." Ron reaches over and pulls the plug from Luna's arse and she immediately reaches back and hands Ron the candle she brought in.

"Would Lord please replace the plug with this?" Ron takes the candle, still without a clue and notes the small groove about an inch up. As he looks at the candle a second he notes a few odd things, such as the fact that the candle is just a bit thinner then his shaft when erect. Shrugging his shoulders, he places the base at Luna's backdoor and gently pushes in until the groove is flush with her flesh. Luna takes a deep breath, "Thank you Lord, the final part of the game is to light the candle and enjoy your reading." The wizard arches an eyebrow as he draws his wand.

A simple lighting charm and the candle is blazing brightly. He then opens his book, noting that Luna's pussy is just about on eye level and that the light is much better for reading.

"Thank you Kitten, this was a wonderful suggestions." "Thank you Lord," is the reply seconds before Luna hisses as the first droplet of wax rolls down the candle and lands on the sensitive flesh around her anus, sending pain and pleasure coursing through her thin body.

_________ That night, Harry explains things to his Thralls about making a place for Hermione in the unofficial rotation that they had established before he lies down and lets Tonks straddle him for a wild ride.

The morning finds Bella once more practicing her oral skills. Harry surveys his Thralls as Bellatrix sucks him off. He thinks to himself, "Alright, I had Tonks and Mione yesterday, Bella's on alarm clock duty this morning; so who gets the main event?" He shoots his seed into Bella's mouth and smiles as she crawls over to Cho to share her prize.

Aloud, he says, "Cissa, hands and knees please." The blonde witch smiles as she hoists her arse as high into the air as she can, knowing her master's honor. Harry gently pushes into Cissa, enjoying the slow love making. He's amazed at how much his stamina has increased from when he first claimed the lovely sisters. Pansy finds herself pressed into service, Hermione in her arse and Tonks pussy at her mouth.

Bella and Cho are entertaining each other in the classical sixty-nine position. Time seems to stand still suddenly before pure bliss seems to flood Harry's mind, from whence he cannot guess, causing him to spill his seed into Narcissa. All of the Thralls climax as one in time with their master.

As Harry's world stops spinning, an evil idea courses through his mind concerning his wayward Thrall, "Pansy, get over here!" The witch in question crawls away from Hermione, being careful not to loose a drop of semen so as to avoid staining her master's sheets. When she gets to beside her master, he grabs her by the hair and shoves her face into Narcissa's crotch after he backs away.

"Clean her out good now Pansy, I don't want there to be a drop of my seed left in her when you are finished." Harry quickly gets dressed allowing the ladies to take their time if they wish.

He goes out and orders breakfast served in the suit, with a very special order for Pansy. When the ladies come out for breakfast, Pansy is still crawling, not yet having received order to the contrary.

As she crawls into the common room, Pansy has a bad feeling about what her master is going to do next. Her suspicions are confirmed when she goes to sit down at the table provided. "And what do you think you are doing Parkinson?" "Sitting down to eat milord." "Does that not require you to rise from your hands and knees?" Pansy swallows, knowing she's in for it, "Yes it does master." "And did I not specifically forbid you from rising from your knees?" "Indeed you did milord," Pansy's voice is quivering at the subtle threat in her master's voice.

"Then why, pray tell, did you even think of violating my orders?" "Because I was not thinking master." "That is correct. Now, there is your breakfast," Harry says as he points to a pair of bowls on the floor, one contains water and the other appears to be dog kibble.

Pansy almost has tears in her eyes as she returns to the floor and crawls over to her food. After breakfast is done, Harry grabs Bellatrix and Tonks for a talk in the study. He sits down at the desk and faces his ladies, "Ok I need your help. This morning, after I finished shagging Cissa, I had some new ideas to try out on Pansy. They seem, well, almost evil." Tonks looks at her master, "Why don't you tell us what these thoughts are and let us be the judge Harry?" The wizard quickly describes the thoughts he'd had about how to deal with Pansy to the two patient women.

When her master is done, Tonks breaths a sigh of naughty stepsister sucks her brothers huge dick before sex, "Don't worry too much Harry." Bella says, "She's right master, those are some of the tricks a good master can use to properly deal with an pit garcia e rocco brazil fazendo uma dp na vadia tarada prideful slave, such as Ms.

Parkinson." Harry relaxes a bit, "Thanks, I was seriously afraid I might have finally fallen over the edge." Tonks hugs him and says, "That is something you will never need to worry about Harry. If you were going to fall, you would have already." Harry shakes his head, still unconvinced, "If you say so.

I have some more reading to do ladies, so I hope you'll let the bitch in." The two nod at the obvious dismissal and exit the room, letting Pansy, who was waiting by the door, in.

She crawls to her master, sensing that something is out of whack. Harry has her stop a few feet in front of his chair and turn perpendicular to him. "Now, Pansy, I don't want you to move a millimeter," with that, he reaches over to pick up the White Tome and places his feet on Pansy's back, crossing his ankles as he starts to read.

Pansy is silently railing against the treatment as over an hour passes without her being allowed to move. Her master's feet becoming heavier and heavier by the moment. Against his will, Harry slowly dozes off to a visit he will never forget. Harry finds himself in a small, private library.

He looks around and for a second he's sure he's looking into a mirror, until he sees the eyes. "Hello son," are the first words James Potter says. Harry's jaw drops open when his mother steps out from behind her husband. Her face is flushed and as she looks up at him, he can distinctly see a collar around her throat.

Deciding he really doesn't want to know, Harry goes over and hugs his father, "Mum, Dad, how?" Lily's voice is a sweet soprano as she says, "Simple my son, magic." James's baritone answers, "Actually, the powers that be decided you needed an easy break for once and we thought you might need some help dealing with a certain problem girl." He follows Harry's eyes to his wife's throat and chuckles, "Son, we weren't expecting you for a few hours.

We barely had time to throw on some robes before you arrived." Harry's cheeks are burning at the implications of his fathers words. He finally takes a good look at his parents after shaking off his shock. James is a few inches taller than his son and a bit more filled out, especially through the upper body as befitting a chaser.

Lily on the other hand is a few inches shorter than Harry, though with the same bone structure. James chuckles as he says, "Son, your mum and I are both incredibly proud of you. I know Sirius said this when he stopped in, but let me reiterate, you have held up better to the temptation the Sex Slave Curse offers than anyone could have ever expected, and probably a great deal better than I would have." Lily crosses the floor and pulls her son into a heartfelt hug, "I knew you wouldn't fall Harry, but even I expected you to be tainted by the power you were suddenly given.

For that I apologize." Harry returns the hug with a vengeance, "There's no need mum, I have been tainted." The redhead pulls back suddenly, surprising the young wizard, "Now listen here Harry James Potter, you have not been tainted yet and I doubt you ever will be." James chuckles at his wife's disapproving tone, "Hang it up son, when she's in one of these moods, not even I argue with her." Lily glares at her husband for a second but doesn't argue.

"Why don't you sit down son? We have a lot to discuss before this trip ends." Harry sits down in one of the chairs and James takes the one opposite him. Lily smirks for a second before seating herself in her husband's lab, "So, what do you plan on doing to Pansy?" Harry is introspective as he says, "I don't know yet. I hope I can stop this rebellion of hers before I'm forced to do something she really will not enjoy." James nods his head, "Son, she is doing what she believes to be in your best interest." At Harry's inquisitive look, he continues, "By providing a pureblood witch of suitable breeding age to produce you heir.

However, when she agreed to become your Thrall, she tacitly agreed to submit her will to yours whenever you choose to enact it. Don't feel bad when you let her have it son, because she brought down your wrath upon herself." Harry nods in understanding, "Well, exactly what I'm going to do to her is still up in the air.

I get the feeling that I'll be better off if I simply work with the opportunities she provides me rather than try to force a certain series of events." Lily nods in agreement, "That's probably wisest Harry. While a preplanned setup has its places, when trying to break someone like Pansy, spontaneity is a good plan." "Also son, don't forget to use the carrot from time to time with her as well." "Carrot?" Lily giggles, "It's called 'carrot and stick' training Harry.

The stick is the force you use to drive home a point while the carrot symbolizes the reward for her actually listening. Pounding her routinely might get her attention, but rewarding her generously when she obeys will help the lessons to truly stick." James gets a far away look on his face for a moment, "Son, looks like our time is getting cut short.

However, you'll be given a golden opportunity when you wake up. Use it properly and I think Ms. Parkinson will be shattered to the four winds." Harry nods moments before he wakes up to his feet on the ground with Pansy crumbled beneath them. He looks at the prone witch and considers his response carefully before speaking. His voice is carefully neutral as he says, "What are you doing Pansy?" Pansy is still breathing hard from her exertion, "Resting master.

My arms couldn't take the exercise anymore." "So once more you fail at a simple task that I set for you?" Parkinson almost has tears in her eyes as her master summons Bellatrix. "You called master?" "Indeed I did Bella. I have a task for you." "What is thy will master?" "I gave Pansy a task already, one that she has failed, apparently because of a lack of strength in her arms.

You are to take her to your playroom where she is to do five hundred pushups. For everyone she fails to complete, she is to receive five blows from the riding crop. For everyone she does not do properly, she is to receive one blow and to repeat it. Am I clear Bella?" "I hear and I obey master. Are there any instructions on the distribution of the blows?" "She is not to be permanently injured, beyond that, no." Pansy is lead from the room leaving Harry to his thoughts.

Harry thinks long and hard about the decision on his mind. Benefits and risks scroll through his mind effortlessly and he recognizes Cissa's imprint on the organization of the information. Finally, he summons Tonks to him. "Wotcher Harry, what's up?" "A trip to Diagon Alley, just you and me. Hermione cannot know about the purpose of this trip Dora, understood." The Auror looks at her master for a second before breaking out in a big grin, "Finally decided to do it huh?" "Yes, and if even a word of this reaches her ears you will pay in ways you never imagined." Tonks can sense that her master means every word he's saying, "Understood Harry.

Come on, Hermione and Luna are in the library, if we hurry we can be back before they know we're gone." Harry follows her to the headmasters' office and they are soon at a shop in Diagon Alley. As they walk in, Harry's eyes lock on just what he wants. A few terse moments later, the clerk hands Harry a golden band with a reasonable sized emerald on it flanked on each side by a ruby and diamond. Moving quickly they return to Hogwarts and Tonks leaves her master in the sweet looking legal age teenager beauteous girl takes hard cock with the ring and instructions to not even think about the trip to Diagon Alley around Hermione.

Harry reaches for the White Tome as his Thrall departs, two spells later, the ring is ready. As he places the Tome on his desk, Harry viacutedeo pornograacutefico hd graacutetis de omg squirting in her friends kitchen spankbang the fr that the spells are never needed, but in his heart, he knows they will be.

________ Pansy has tears flowing freely down her face as the final blow lands right on her nipple. Finally able to relax, the crying witch crumples to the ground.

Sobbing she says, "Why is he doing this to me!? Why!" Bella answers calmly, "Because he wishes obedience from you." "But all I've ever tried to do is what's best for him!" "What right do you have to decide what's best for our master? With no training at all, he has guided me and my sister flawlessly. Allow him to guide you and you will not regret it." Pansy looks introspective for several minutes before she nods her head, "What should I do?" "My sister and I both agree with your goal, but if you would seek your masters will; you would know that the Granger girl holds his heart completely and utterly.

Attacking, injuring, or insulting her is the same as doing the same to our master, he cares for her so deeply." Pansy is once more quite for a minute while she digests the new information. Nodding her head, "Thank you, I have something I need to do as soon as my arms are rested a bit." "If you want, I can massage them up on the table." "No thanks, that would require that I disobey our master, something I don't intend to do ever again." Bella smiles, thinking that perhaps there is hope for the young witch and hoping that the little scene that has running through her master's head all day will not be needed.

A few minutes later, Pansy's arms are once more capable of supporting her weight. She crawls from the room with a determined expression on her face and heads directly for the study where her beautiful wife takes care of his boner is residing.

Harry is just putting the ring back in the box when the door indebted stud allows kinky friend to fuck his girlfriend for cash, causing him to pocket it quickly. Pansy can feel her master's sudden spark of anxiety as she enters the study, hoping she didn't catch him in an indiscreet moment. She's relived to find him merely scowling at the doorway. As she crawls into the room, she says, "Master, may I speak with you?" Harry locks away everything to do with the ring in the deepest, darkest corner of his mind before responding, "What is it Parkinson?" Pansy crawls over and kisses her masters feet before she says, "I wish to apologize for my previous actions master.

I was foolish enough to believe I knew better than you what was in your best interests. Please forgive my idiocy." Harry gently brushes Pansy's mind before speaking, "Pansy, you have caused no end of annoyance to me and my friends.

I do not know that you are truly sincere in your apologies or not, but for now, rise to your feet. You may once more walk about in the suite on two feet.

Your other privileges, such as your clothing, will be returned to you as I become further convinced of your sincerity." "Is there any way I may serve you at present master?" Harry thinks for a moment, "Bring me my shoes please." Pansy is bewildered as she complies with her master's order. The shoes in question have dirt all over them from Harry's various walks outside. The seated wizard swallows his nervousness as he says, "Very good Pansy.

Now, I want you to lick them clean, am I understood?" The witch's stomach drops like a rock at her master's order, but she's not about to protest, "As you will master." Harry picks up the White Tome as Pansy leans down and sticks her tongue out to begin her task. ___________ In Ron's room, the wizard and his Thrall are putting the finishing touches on their Defense essays for the next day with Luna going over her various notes. The redhead looks over, "Millie, I have a question for you." "Yes master?" "I'm curious about some of the other fantasies that you have." The large woman is blushing beet red as she slowly sketches out several of her wilder fantasies for her master.

Even Luna is impressed with the other woman's inventiveness. Ron's face is the same color as his hair as he listens to his Thrall go into very vivid details of her fantasies. Finally, he clears his throat, "Let me talk to Harry a bit, but I think we can make a few of those come true." ________ In the study Harry has laid aside the White Tome for a book he found at Grimmauld Place.

Three rubber balls that were once broken quills lay on the desk while the wizard compiles the list of spells he's going to use on them. The taste in Pansy's mouth is absolutely horrid as she finishes her task.

She grabs the shoes and crawls over to Harry, "Master, I am finished with the task you gave me." Harry lays down his quill and takes the shoes, examining them for even the slightest trace of dirt or grime, even inspecting the souls, "Very good Pansy, very broke man allows unusual buddy to ride his exgf for money indeed.

Now it's time for your reward. On your feet, hands behind your back, chin up, feet shoulder width apart." The witch complies with her master's command, curious as to what scheme he's concocting now. The young man reaches out and gently pushes two fingers into his Thrall's snatch, earning a small quiver of pleasure. He scissors his fingers as he slowly pumps his hand up and down. Pansy is moaning hard as her master fingers her cunt.

When his thumb starts to massage her clit, the battle is lost for the young woman and she climaxes with a quite shudder. Getting throat fucked and sucking it hard smiles as his hand is suddenly drenched in Pansy's juices. He mom and son dad heryar his hand away as she sinks to her knees once more.

Feeling slightly randy, he presses his fingers to Pansy's mouth and the witch instinctively sets about licking his hand clean of her juices. The witch is relieved to find that her own juices are much tastier than those of the other Thralls as she finishes her task. Harry nods his head, "Very well done so far Pansy. You are still on probation.

Screw-up again and the punishment will be extremely severe. You are dismissed." Pansy stands and walks from the room, slightly hurt that her master doesn't believe in her. ______ Harry finishes the spell work on the balls, except for the Invisibility Charm. Chuckling at the mayhem he's about to unleash, Harry picks up the Sex Alicia and looks up the two spells he's going to be needing soon. Suddenly, the wizard feels like a fleck of ice is running down his spine.

He summons the Marauders Map and instantly activates it. "TONKS GET IN HERE NOW!" Nymphadora Tonks almost breaks her neck in her rush to get to her master, "What is it Harry?" "Nagini." The single word is enough for Tonks to be in motion, "I doubt you are going to be willing to stand-by while I do the dirty work." Harry stands up, fire in his eyes, "You are correct Dora.

He's not that far from here. If we move quickly, hopefully we can nail him." The pair leaves the suite and Harry gives clear, concise orders to the others not to leave until they return. Harry mentally reviews the spell he wants to use on the overgrown Gardner snake.

The late afternoon sun is casting deep shadows as Harry finally hears the telltale whispers before he sees the snake. He mentally focuses on what he wants Tonks to do as his eyes start searching the shadows. The Auror waits for her masters command and then suddenly casts the Lighting Charm, leaving the snake no where to hide.

Harry casts the spell before Nagini can move and the large snake is suddenly unable to move as it's tied up into a neat bow. "Releasssse me human and I will reward you greatlyyyyyy." Harry's smile if feral as he says, "No way, I think you'll make some rather nice accessories for my ladies.

Dora, would you please arrange it?" Tonks quickly stuns the snake and encases it in a magic container before taking it and Harry to the Headmaster's office. "Good evening Ms. Tonks, Harry, what may I do for you." "Wotcher Albus, you finally got it right. Anyways, I need to send this to Madam Mulkin's on special order." "Oh, might I inquire what is within that crate?" Harry smiles at the old man, "Tommy's little snake." Dumbledore's eyebrows shoot up at Harry's innocuous statement, "You mean Nagini?" "Yes I do." "Would you mind if I examined the snake before you sent it off?" Harry nods his head and Albus conjures a transparent cage where Tonks deposits the crate with the snake.

Vanishing the container, Nagini drops limply to the ground, still in the bow knot. The headmaster casts a quick spell on the snake before shaking his head, "Ms. Tonks, your security was a bit too good. The snake died of suffocation." Harry nods, not entirely upset, "Headmaster, I'd rather be getting back to the dorms. Dora has instruction on what to do with the skin, the rest is yours to deal with as you would." "That is acceptable Harry." Tonks writes out her request for Madam Malkin's and then escorts her master back to his suite.

As Harry walks back into the study, he massages his temples, feeling a headache coming on. _________ In the bedroom, Pansy, who is trying to make amends to Hermione, is kneeling between the other witch's legs putting her tongue to use and trying to avoid noting the taste. _________ In Ron's room, the wizard is putting the finishing touches upon his potions essay while Millie and Luna exchange looks. Millicent looks to Luna who nods her head. Clearing her throat, the large woman says, "Master may I remove my buttplug please?" Ron doesn't even look up, "Why?" Swallowing, Millie says, "So mistress can bugger me." Ron's head snaps up and to the two women.

"Luna?" "Yes Ronald, if you give your consent, I would like to sodomize Millie." The redhead smiles as he suddenly sees a golden opportunity for a little game, "Very well, you may proceed, on two conditions." "What are the conditions Ronald?" "First, when you are done with Millie, Luna, she has to sodomize you." "If that is Lord's command, Kitten will obey." "Very well, the second condition is that you are to be timed through the whole thing and you each will hot wife peta jensen gets dicked down by hung messenger pornstars and hardcore one swat from the crop for every minute that you can keep going." Luna's face lights up at the creativity of her master, knowing that the women would have mutually contradictory goals.

"We accept Ronald." Ron undoes his fly as he watches the women go at each other, jacking himself off to the rather pleasant spectacle. __________ In the playroom, Cho is tied down licking Narcissa out while Bella is shagging her arse. ________ Tonks meanwhile is in the common room with a calendar working out the next day she needs to work to tempt her master.

When she finally settles on the date, she rubs her stomach and grins. _________ Neville and Ginny are in his room. The young man recognizes the stress in his lover's shoulders caused by too much stress and studying. Smiling, he moves behind her and finds her slim shoulders are almost as stiff as wooden boards. _________ In the study, Harry is writing out several schemes that he's considering, at least one of which is designed to deal with Pansy if she queacute pasa cuando le das un masaje erotico a una chica masturbation and masturbate to backslide.

A couple of hours later, Harry is putting the finishing touches on his plans, hoping that few of them are ever needed. Smiling as the headache has retreated; Harry silently summons Tonks to him. "Wotcher Harry, what can I do for you?" "Could you get Hermione and bring her here please?" "On it." A minute later, a smiling Hermione walks into the study, "Yes Harry?" Harry waves absently at a chair and Hermione takes the hint.

"Hermione, I have a question for you and I want an honest answer if you can give me one." Hermione nods, "I'll try Harry, but you're scaring me a bit." "I'm sorry Mione, but, I need to know why you called me 'master' earlier." Hermione sighs in relief, "That was just for a bit of fun Harry. I like doing that sort of thing occasionally." Harry relaxes a bit, "I'm sorry to have to ask Mione, but I was just afraid you might be becoming like Cho, thinking of me as your master permanently." The bushy haired witch stands up and walks over to her boyfriend so she can kiss his cheek.

"Don't worry about that Harry, I love you, but I want to be first your girlfriend and then your wife, not your slave." Harry sighs in relief and then makes a decision. He stands up and crosses to the desk. He opens a drawer and pulls out the box inside. Harry walks over to Hermione and takes her hand. He presses the box into her palm, "I'm lousy with words, and I think you can figure sex amazes chap during massage hardcore and handjob out." Hermione opens the box and stares for a second, "Do you mean…?" Harry nods his head and is suddenly engulfed in a rib breaking hug.

Tonks smiles, having expected her mistress's reaction. "Oh Harry, I'll be glad to be your wife." Harry returns the hug with a vengeance and through a process that neither would ever be able to describe, the lovers are on the loveseat and neither of their hands are still.

Tonks grins as she seals the room. She then removes her robe so she can properly enjoy busty anita has her wet twat hammered show. __________ Neville is massaging Ginny's shoulders as the witch tries to relax despite all the revision she has yet to do.

The redhead speaks up, "Nev, I need to ask you about a question about Pansy." "You can ask me anything Gin, you know that." "When we went shopping, after Pansy's time at the Hogs Head, why did you do that to her?" Neville Longbottom smiles, "I went along with it because of how much of a pain she's been the last five years.

Ron suggested it and I just didn't object." Finally relaxing, Ginny settles down to her school work. _________ Elsewhere in the castle, a young woman looks at her left arm in disgust. The Dark Mark is clearly evident against the alabaster skin. _________ As Harry's hands are making their way into Hermione's knickers Tonks decides to step in before the teens go too far.

She clears her throat causing the teens to jump. "I apologize master; but I figured I'd better step in before you two did something you'll regret later." Harry can sense Tonks apprehension at his reaction, "Thank you Dora. I won't punish you for helping me keep my word." Hermione slowly comes back to her sense, "Thanks Tonks. You were right to act, we were heading into territory I'm not yet ready for and don't you dare blame yourself Potter, I started that part of it." Harry relaxes a bit and smiles at his fianc?

tone. The bushy haired witch stands up and looks to her lover, "Harry, can I read the Sex Alicia? There's a spell in there I want to check out." "What spell," the wizard says, honestly intrigued. "Cissa called it the First Wife Charm." Harry's face darkens, promising serious retribution for the blonde thrall who disobeyed his orders, "I told them not to mention a single spell from that book to you that you did not already know about." "Will you at least go easy on her Harry?" "I'm afraid that I can't Mione.

Disobeying a direct command is something that I cannot simply overlook, nor honestly will Cissa expect me to." Hermione nods glumly, still unused to the more domineering side of her fianc?"So what are you going to do to her?" "I don't know yet. I've learned that a dose of spontaneity is a good thing." Harry distractedly crosses to his desk and retrieves the requested book.

He hands it to his lover, "Please think very long and very hard about using any spell in that book Hermione. Once you cross into that territory, there is honestly no going back." Hermione is taken back by the intensity of Harry's words, "I promise Harry, no rash decisions." The young wizard smiles, and then looks around a second.

Tonks giggles and holds out her hand, which currently has the ring box in it, "Looking for this Harry?" He takes the box, "Thank you Dora," and opens it.

He takes the ring out and gently slides it onto Hermione's finger. "Mione, I'm gonna have to work out Cissa's punishment, if you want to stay here and study, you are welcome to, but I'm not going too much of a conversationalist." "May I share this with the others?" Harry scowls a bit, "I'll allow you to share it with Luna and Ginny, but please don't discuss any spell in that book with anyone outside this suite." Hermione nods and stands up, "I'm going to find the girls and go over this with them if you don't mind." He nods again and sits down at the desk to think about what to do about his Thrall.

_______ Ron takes a deep breath as he walks to the study after watching Hermione leave. He knocks gently and quickly receives permission to enter. "Harry mate, I need to talk to you for a minute." The messy haired wizard looks at his friend, "Sit down Ron and tell me what's on your mind." The redhead sits down, "I've been talking with Millie about some of her wilder fantasies.

There are a few of them that I could setup, but only at a great risk. I thought I'd talk to you and see if you could help, especially as one also features you and me double-teaming her." Ron explains what Millie had requested, causing more than one blush for both of the young men.

In the end, Harry makes a few suggestions about how to make Millie's fantasy come true that has Ron smacking his own forehead in frustration at not having thought of it himself. __________ In the teachers quarters two naked women are holding each other basking in the afterglow. "Tell me Marissa, have you been working on Harry in class?" "Oh believe me, I have.

However between his dedication to Hermione and her tacit threats on my well being whenever I get a little to overt in my attempts." Elaine laughs slightly, "She's giving you the glare of death as well?" "Only when I make a painfully obvious pass at her boyfriend," the other woman says contritely.

Fingers slowly find their way to warm, wet residences and conversation is forgotten. ____________ After he and Ron have finished their chat, Harry has the other man stay in the study while he goes and cum thirsty legal age teenager engulfs ramrod Neville. The two young men listen as Harry shows them the rubber balls he Transfigured and explains their purposes.

They both eagerly agree to help their friend with his first endeavor. A moment later, the balls are invisible and are deposited in one of the boy's pockets.

____________ Later on that night, Hermione continues practicing her fellatio skills before Harry spears Cho's rump. Cho is bent over the edge of the bed with her face buried in Tonks crotch eating the other woman out while her master is standing behind her. Harry looks at the leather strap in his hand, slightly unsure about how Chang talked him into this. Drawing a deep breath, Harry brings the strap down on Cho's bum. Hermione has the magical dildo buried in Pansy's behind while the ex-Slytherin has a bit of problem expressing herself due to the bit gag in her mouth.

The sound of leather striking flesh turns up the level of Bellatrix's arousal as she licks her sister's cunt and Narcissa returns the favor with vigor. Cho wants to finger her pussy so bad it hurts, but her master had told her not to move except to eat out Tonks, so she fists her hands in the bed sheets and hope he will alleviate her frustration soon.

Harry decides to get to the main event after only five blows to Chang's arse. With merely a thought, Harry has Chang reach back and part her cheeks for his viewing pleasure. Cho trembles in anticipation as her master presses the crown of his staff to her backdoor. She deliberately tenses up moments before her master shoves his way in and climaxing as glorious pain rips through her bum. The young man remembers the witch's request and grabs a fistful of hair for better leverage to force his way cock into her arse.

He starts to pound away at Cho's bum, not even giving her a second to adjust to him, once more at her behest. Tonks wraps her legs around Chang's neck to keep the witch's face in contact with her cunt despite the other witch's head being pulled back by her hair. Finally, almost ten minutes of pounding later, Harry spills his seed into Chang's arse and promptly collapses from exhaustion and the mental backlash makes its way around to each of the Thralls, causing each to climax; the pleasure from each of his Thralls coming comes back on Harry and his mind shuts down from sensory overload.

____________ In the morning, Harry slips from the bed before anyone else is awake and eagerly heads for an early shower. Pansy smiles as she watches her master walk to the shower. She follows moments behind him. Harry is just getting his shower started when the door opens and Pansy walks in, "Can I help you Parkinson?" "Yes master, I've come to aid you with your shower," she says as she crosses the room. She deftly snatches the soap from her master's hand and begins to clean her master off, completely ignoring his crotch and bum for the moment.

The messy haired wizard is curious about what his Thrall has planned, but decides to give her a little more rope and not peek into her mind. Pansy finishes washing her master's upper body and drops to her knees so she may wash her master's legs more easily.

After that, she smirks deviously and thinks to herself, "Now onto the fun part." Harry gasps in surprise when Pansy starts to lick his nuts. The kneeling witch proceeds to lick her master's crotch clean, rather pleased with herself for being able to surprise him and at the pleasure she knows he must be receiving.

The shocked wizard doesn't even object when Pansy has him face towards the wall and away from her. Pansy quickly covers her master's arse in saliva before she takes a steadying breath and parts her master's arsecheeks. She reaches around and takes her masters erection in hand as she starts to lick the inside of his crack.

Harry almost whips around when he feels Pansy start to lick his arsehole, but with her hand pumping his shaft he decides to just let her go with it and relaxes as she demonstrates her skill and coordination. Pansy uses every trick she can think of to get her master off, even working the tip of her tongue into her sphincter.

She hears a growl from her master moments before her hand is covered in warm cum. Harry leans against the wall for support as his Thrall releases his staff. The witch licks her hand clean of her master's seed and is silently grateful that her master hadn't broken wind while she was rimming him as Draco had done so many times.

When the wizard is finally steady on his feet he turns around and looks at his Thrall, who is still kneeling, waiting for his response. He reaches out and pats Pansy's head like he'd seen people do to dog's that had performed tricks properly, "Good girl." With that he goes to dry off, leaving her to fend for herself.

________ The group gathers in the common room, having decided to break the nights fast with the rest of the school in the Great Hall. On the way down, the three guys nod slightly to each other, acknowledging that they're ready. Tonks and Bellatrix stay with their master as he sits down to the Gryffindor table. After the Hall is packed, Harry nods to Ron and Neville. Each of the young men reaches into their pocket and draws out the invisible rubber ball that Harry had passed out the day before.

With a quiet breath, they covertly throw the balls, and settle in to wait for the fun to start. Seamus looks at Tonks for a second before his eyes shift back to Harry, "Harry, I got a question for you." "Yeah?" "Why was Auror Tonks with you the other day when she broke my wrist?" Tonks speaks up, "Because the Ministry decided that Harry needed a bodyguard fulltime and they assigned me the task." Seamus smirks at her, "So maybe you can tell me what's going on inside that suite of his." "Not happening.

Every Auror assigned to bodyguard duty takes an Oath of Secrecy not to reveal what they learn. Helps ensure that the guarded doesn't try to ditch us at the times when we're most likely to be needed." "What do you mean?" Harry speaks up, "Say I'm going to meet a guy to buy some potion ingredients of questionable origin. Without that Oath in place, I'd have to get rid of her while I had the meeting or risk prison.

If that happened, and the guy I was meeting actually turned out to be an assassin hell bent on killing me. In that case, I would be without my protection when it was actually needed." Tonks looks at Harry in surprise, "You know Harry, that's one of the better explanations I've ever heard. If you don't mind, I'll pass that along to my superiors." "Go right ahead." __________ At the Head Table, Albus Dumbledore can sense minor magical discharges going off throughout the Great Hall.

However, he decides to ignore them as one more quirk of the old castle as the discharges appear to be harmless, until it happens. __________ Seamus opens his mouth to say something to Tonks, "BAAAA." The entire looks at the young man who just sounded like a goat. Harry, Ron, and Neville smoother chuckles to avoid giving themselves away.

Ernie McMillan is trying to coerce his bird of the week when he says, "HEE-HAW." A few of the quicker students pick up what's happening and start to giggle.

At the Slytherin table, Crabbe is shoveling food into his mouth at an unholy rate when his world starts to spin. There's a puff of smoke and a moment later, he's standing up, wearing a hula skirt, and has a fruit salad atop his head.

Laugher breaks out throughout the hall as random students start making animal noises instead of their regular voice. Albus avoids looking at Harry, knowing he wouldn't be able to control his laughter if he looked at the young man. Draco looks at his bodyguard in disgust, "Go get changed you lout. No one wants to see your obscene bulk." Students file out of the hall to their various activities, given that it is a Sunday, they are all chatting about who could have pulled off the prank.

Harry and his friends make back to the suite before the three guys break up laughing. Tonks looks at horny college sluts enjoy tutors big cock pornstars hardcore master, "Did you three have something to do with that?" Before they can answer, the door opens to allow Dumbledore entrance, "May I speak with you in my office Harry?" Harry motions Tonks to follow him and goes with the Headmaster to his office.

The three seat themselves and the old man says, "That was a rather pleasant morning entertainment Harry." The young man is completely nonchalant, "I don't know what you mean." "Oh, don't worry Harry, I enjoy a good prank as well as most," Albus says with a twinkle in his eye. "However, I do like to be told of them before hand. Thus I will offer you the same deal I made with the Marauders and the twins Weasley. I promise not to interfere with any prank you notify me of, even one on myself, as long as it does not endanger the student body." Harry focuses on his mentor, "Why would you offer this deal?" The old man replies honestly, "Because I know that if you are inclined towards pranks, you will find a way to accomplish them.

I merely wish to ensure that they do not get out of control or become dangerous." The messy haired wizard nods his head, "Very well, I accept your offer Headmaster." Albus smiles, "Thank you Harry.

Now, would you mind explaining to me how you did the prank this morning? Most of the spells were standard issue, but I'm curious as to how you delivered them." Harry smiles and pulls the rubber ball from his pocket and cancels the invisibility charm on it.

"When I was at #12, I found one of Padfoot's pranking journals. Included was a charm that discharged a pre-selected spell every time it was hit by a solid object. The best they were ever able to come up with was a door that could hold like three spells. I charmed these balls to hold half a dozen each. Combined with an Invisibility charm they make wonderful delivery systems for minor level spells, including Stunners incidentally.

The only problem is that the spells are shot off in random directions, great for sowing chaos, but not much use otherwise." Albus looks at the young man in shock, "How many of those things can you produce Harry?" "I don't know Albus.

The more important question is how long will they keep. The drain I feel from preparing these is no more than what I feel casting the spell normally. I put the containment charm on the ball, then just cast the desired spells on the ball until it glows red, showing that it's full." The two men continue to discuss the uses of this discovery in the coming war.

__________ Back in the suite, Ron grabs Luna and Millie and takes them to his room. "Millie, strip down now." The large woman is nice looking young wife gives blowjob in toilet naked as her master goes over to his dresser and pulls out something she can't see.

Ron notices that Millie seems to be in much better shape as he strolls over to her. "Bend over the edge of the bed bitch," Ron's voice is steady as a rock showing that he's gotten used to using rough language with his Thrall. Luna is quite curious as to what her boyfriend is up to, so she stands beside the other woman. Ron stands behind Millie and winks at Luna before showing her the Knut in his hand. He draws his arm back and flings the coin at Millie's arse.

To his surprise, the coin actually bounces off of her skin. The bent over woman is shocked when something metal hits her bum before bouncing off.

The redhead rubs the naked woman's bum, "Very good Millie. I talked to Harry yesterday and he's willing to make your fantasy a reality. Friday evening, you will get your wish granted." Millie almost moves, but says, "May I move master, I wish to thank you for your generosity." "You may move." The woman stands up and whispers something in her mistress's ear.

Luna eagerly nods her head in agreement. Millie circles around behind Ron while Luna kneels at his feet and swiftly has his slacks around his ankles. The blonde witch takes her lover's shaft into her oral cavity with practiced ease. Millie kneels behind her master and briefly reflects that Pansy was right, even the thought of what she's about to do is embarrassing.

She grips the cheeks of her master's arse and lovingly parts them. Ron is rather enjoying the blow job from Luna when he feels someone lick his arsehole. Millicent is alternating between licking and sucking on her master's butt hole, feeling delectably sluttish. The feeling of power Ron gets from Millie's actions is too much for the young man.

He grabs Luna's head and forces his entire length into her mouth and down her throat before shooting off his seed. The blonde completely relaxes as her air supply is cut off by her lover's cock, trusting that he will not do anything to injure her.

When Ron finally comes down off of his high, he release Luna's head, and gasps at his accidental actions, "Luna, hun, are you alright?" "I am fine Ronald. You merely surprised me, that is all." "Is there anything I can do for you?" "It is alright Ronald. I am uninjured and unharmed." "I know, but I'd still feel better if I could make it up to you." "If you insist Ronald, there is something I would like you to do for me." Luna quickly explains her desire and Ron agrees.

________ Ron does the rounds to make sure the playroom is unreserved and recruits Bella's help while he's at it. In the playroom, Bellatrix listens to what the lovers have planned and nods in understanding. The teens watch as Bella adjusts the rack before signaling for Luna to climb on. The blonde witch eagerly climbs onto the torture device and is strapped in.

A few turns of the wheel has the girl feeling the wonderful strain on her shoulders. She looks up to her lover and says, "Now onto the next part please Ronald." Ron looks over to the cherry wood box that Millie is reverently holding in her hands. Instead of retrieving the box, the wizard goes to one of the cabinets where he gets the one item he needs for his own nerves.

"May I ask what that is for Ronald?" Ron holds up the ball gag, "Simple Luna. Once we get going, you are going to scream in pain. If that happens, then I will not be able to keep going." Luna nods her head, "In that case, you may wish to add a Silencing Charm to keep my scream from reaching you ears at all." A moment later, the spell added to the gag, the redhead presses the gag to his girlfriend's lips and she eagerly accepts the gag and lifts her head, allowing it to be locked behind her head.

Ron has Millie stand next to the rack and opens the box. He pulls out the needle and casts a heating charm on the end. He takes Luna's left nipple in hand for a moment, wishing that she had agreed to using ice. A moment later, the nub is hard enough. Luna's scream is lost into the gag as the hot metal pierces her flesh. The wizard looks at the golden ring adorning his lover's nipple with mix feelings of pride and repulsion. A minute later, the other nipple has a matching accessory. Ron removes the gag and Luna says, "Thank you Ronald that was excellent.

Now, will you release me?" The young man smiles, "Not quiet yet Luna. I still have one more thing to do." He nods at Millie who slips her robe off, showing that she was naked underneath. Millie climbs up onto the rack and straddles Luna's face before leaning down so her face is in Luna's crotch. "Now Luna, you and Millie are going to have a bit of a contest. The first one of you to climax; loses. For her, the forfeit is a paddling. For you however, well, I'll leave it to your imagination.

Ready ladies? Start." The two women set to work on each other and Millie shamelessly takes advantage of her freedom to finger the girl's pussy and play with her buttplug as much as possible.

Despite already being primed from the pain of having her nipples pierced Luna manages to keep control long enough to have the other woman moaning in pleasure.

"Very good Luna; Millie bend over the block if you would." The woman complies while Ron retrieves the paddle from the wall. "Excuse me Mr. Weasley, but will you be requiring my assistance any more?" "Oh, I'm sorry Ms. Black. I had forgotten that you were here. No, I don't imagine that you're services will be required in the near future. Thank you for your help." Bella nods and quietly leaves the room. Ron positions himself just behind Millie and takes the paddle in a firm, two handed grip, almost as though it were a cricket bat.

The bent over woman screams bloody murder as her master brings the paddle down with all the strength he can muster. The wizard assigns the witch twenty blows and delivers the remaining nineteen with only one hand on sexy babes take it up the ass paddle.

Millie's bum is on fire by the time her master is finished and she slowly stands up. Sniffling, she says, "Thank you master for your attention." Ron cups Millie's cheek and kisses her forehead, "You are welcome my dear, you took your punishment well." The Thrall kisses takes her master's hand and kisses his ring finger, "Thank you master." The redhead then goes over to his girlfriend, "Is there anything I can do for you my love?" "Indeed there is Ronald.

You can release me to start with and we'll work from there." A flick of a wand later, the blonde is free. "Thank you Ronald," she says before walking over to the suspension chains and locking herself in as well as she can. "Lord, will you please finish chaining Kitten?" A moment later, the chains shorten, leaving Luna suspended in midair spread-eagle. "If Extreme private spying mom with neighbour would now beat Kitten to allow Kitten orgasm, Kitten would appreciate it." Shrugging his shoulders, Ron walks behind his girlfriend, paddle still in hand.

Once positioned properly, the wizard takes the paddle in two hands again and lines up for the swing. Luna screams as loudly as Millie had when the first blow lands, "Oh yes Lord, please continue with those." Smiling, Ron continues using the double handed swing. _________ Harry is once more seated in a throne in the study, flanked by Bella and Tonks with Pansy kneeling at Harry's feet.

Cho is with Hermione in the school library with explicit orders to keep the other witch occupied by any means necessary. The young wizard turns his attention back to the matter at hand, which currently has her forehead pressed against the stone floor, completely naked.

"Narcissa, you are guilty of disobeying a direct order. I specifically ordered you not to discuss any spell from the Sex Alicia with Hermione that she did not already know about. Do you have anything to say that might even mitigate your punishment?" "I can only say that my slip up was accidental and ask that it be considered in pronouncing my punishment." Harry leans back in his chair and crosses his legs, "I'm sorry to say Narcissa, that will not reduce your punishment in the least; and it will in fact increase it, as your memory seems to be causing you problems as of late." The blonde swallows at her master's cold tone of voice, "I will willingly accept whatever punishment you deem worthy of my offence master." "Very good Narcissa." Harry then turns to Bella, "Bellatrix, I require an honest and straight forward answer from you." The former Death Eater says, "How may I aid you master?" "If I order you to beat your sister, can you do the beating justice?" "I-I-I…" "Bellatrix, know this, if you say yes, but fail in the task, you will be joining your sister in enjoying my wrath." The woman seems to deflate, "No master, I could not do justice to a beating ordered to my sister.

What is to be my punishment?" "Nothing, I asked a question and you answered honestly, which is what I wanted." He then turn to the other side, "Tonks, I have to poise the same question to you as I just did you aunt." After a moment, "Yes I could Harry, because I know she needs to be punished for disobeying you." "Very well, then," he then turns to face Narcissa, "Here is your punishment my dear.

Tonks, you are to take Narcissa to Bella's room and hang her by her wrists. You are then to use a flogger heavily on her. I do not want a single patch of skin below her throat to escape the lash. Am I understood?" "It will be as you command master." The pink haired Auror leads her naked aunt from the room without a further word. Harry looks at Pansy, finally understanding why his father pointed out the reasons for her actions, "Pansy, I have one other small matter to deal with." "Yes master?" "My other Thralls do this automatically, however with you I feel it needs to be said.

You are to use the needed spells, charms, and potions required to ensure that you do not become pregnant without my explicit consent. This I order as your lord, master, and owner." Pansy's heart drops as she says, "I understand master, and I will obey." ________ Later that night, Harry's decided to bump Tonks up in the rotation.

The Auror says, "How may I please you master?" "I've decided to act on your request for me to take more control." Tonks smiles brightly as she drops to her ands and knees so she can kiss her master's naked feet. Everyone in the room is already naked and paired off. Narcissa, her skin still red from her beating, is 69-ing with Pansy while the other girl is getting sodomized by their mistress.

Cho is taking Bellatrix in her pussy for once and encouraging the older woman to be a bit rougher. "Nymph, I would like you to take the shape of Fleur please. I've had a minor thing for her since I first saw her." "Ah… the legendary Veela charm. I'd be honored to help you master." Tonks face screws up for a moment before her entire body starts to shift. Harry inhales sharply when the now blonde woman looks up at him, "So master how do you wish me to be?" "Bend over the end of the bed please." The blonde quickly complies with her masters orders.

Harry presses his staff to the woman's cunt and thinks, "Life is good," before he thrusts into her. __________ Millie is naked, standing before her master, "Do you wish for another rim job master?" Ron looks at the witch for familys friend fucks all the women of the family moment, "No thank you Millie.

That is like any other treat, over indulge and it looses its power." Luna smiles, "Then perhaps you would enjoy another little treat Ronald?" "When ever you say that love, I always enjoy the results." "Thank you Ronald.

Millie please lay down on your back on the bed please." The large woman complies, just as curious as her master. Luna, equally naked as is her boyfriend, climbs on top of Millie and presses her pussy directly into the other woman's, "Now Ronald, if you would please thrust between our cunts I think you will find it most pleasurable, at least according to mum's journal, daddy enjoyed it." Ron shakes his head at the last bit but walks forward and aims his erection right between the women's slits and pushes forward, intrigued at the sensations.

_________ Neville is lying between Ginny's spread legs, enjoying the taste of her pussy. _________ In the morning, Harry awakens to Cissa's talented tongue. The blonde woman happily shares the first course of her breakfast with her sister before Pansy is bent over the edge of the bed and once more has her bum invaded.

After a quick breakfast in the suite, the group breaks teen blondie mary kalisy enjoys big cock of stud to their daily activities. In DADA, Snape is lecturing on the advantages certain potions offer in dueling if employed properly.

Harry decides to take the opportunity and slips his wand out under the table. He quickly casts a spell, glad that there isn't the classical flash of light from the spell. Snape sees Harry cast a spell, but when nothing happens immediately, he dismisses it as utterly harmless. __________ Pansy is sitting next to her master with Granger on his other side when she suddenly feels an intense arousal. The heat from her core builds up quickly but stops moments before she can climax.

As she's considering reaching down and finishing matters herself, Pansy looks over and notes the smirk currently adorning her master's face. In a flash, Pansy understands. So instead of indulging herself without orders, the aroused witch grits her teeth and tries to pay attention to the lecture. Harry nods internally, pleased that his Thrall didn't act upon her urge without orders.

_________ Ron is taking the occasional note on Snape's lecture when he gets a sudden idea. Making sure the professor is looking elsewhere, the young man whispers, "Luna, vibrate, low, continuous." _________ The blonde witch is rather enjoying her Potions class when she has to bite her lip to keep from moaning. She manages to get the ingredients into the caldron despite her buttplug suddenly driving her mad.

Bellatrix notices the color suddenly affecting Ms. Lovegood's cheeks and accurately guesses the cause. Smiling slightly, she decides to take it easy on the poor girl and go easy on her grading. ________ Later that night, after the DA, which had taken to meeting daily even if Harry couldn't attend, meeting, Pansy comes storming in with the others, "THAT WORTHLESS MUDBLOOD BASTARD!" Pansy doesn't even fight the urge to go to her master.

Harry is in the study, wondering what all the commotions about. He's about to go investigate when the door opens and Pansy storms in fit to be tied. The witch crosses the room with long strides and drops to one knee before her master, "Master I have just used the word mudblood." The young wizard arches an eyebrow, "From the way you're moving, I'm going to go out on a limb and guess that your not unwilling to trade the punishment to come in exchange for using the word.

I'm curious as to why you used that forbidden word however." "I was at the DA meeting tonight, some of the student's wish that you would attend more regularly. Your standing orders are not to respond when someone grabs or gropes me unless they're trying to kidnap me or go beyond that.

Well it would seem Mr. Finnegan knows about those orders as he never let a chance slide to cop a feel." "This is all very interesting, but come to the point and my patience is waning." "My apologies master, I used explosive japanese cum hole toying hardcore and blowjob word after we had returned in reference to the young man." "What did you say, exactly?" "I called him a 'mudblood bastard' master." Harry sits back while he assimilates this information, "Very well, I'll grant that you were provoked; however that does not even come close to excusing your use of that foul word." "I know master, and I accept what ever punishment you choose." Nodding his head, Harry says, "Very well, I will pronounce your punishment once you return with Hermione." The witch stands up, dreading what's to come, and returns a minute later with her mistress behind her.

"What's up Harry?" "I need your help Amateur teen play on cam talent ho, in disciplining my Thrall here for using mudblood." Hermione smirks, "I heard what she said and I was wondering what you were going to do to her. How can I help?" "Simple, Pansy here is quite skilled as what she termed a 'rim and jerk job' and her punishment is rather simple.

She is to perform the equivalent act on you." The bushy haired witch smiles, having been curious as to what it would feel like to get rimmed, "Thank you Harry. Come along Pansy, you have work to do." The two witches leave the room and almost immediately, Bella walks in, "Good evening master; how was your study time?" "Very enjoyable actually.

How is the DA coming?" "They are moving along wonderfully master. Most are on par with the average Death Eater and as a group they could take on more than double their number of Death Eaters." For the first time in weeks, Harry truly *looks* at his Thrall and his breath is taken away.

Bella's cheeks have filled back out, once more giving her a truly feminine appearance. The haunted look in her eyes has disappeared along with the unhealthy pallor indicative of anyone who spends too much time near a Dementor.

All in all, she appears to have regained at least twenty years of youth in her appearance. "T- thank you Bella. Is there anything I can do for you?" The witch shuffles her feet for a second, "Well master, I would appreciate a beating." Harry scowls for a moment before making a decision. Instead of standing up, he reaches for the White Tome.

He opens the cover and smiles once more at the word there, "The difference between the Light and the Dark is the difference between knowledge and passion. Dark spells derive most of their power from passion and other strong emotions. Light spells are primarily driven by knowledge. Beware he who can mix the two successfully." Once more flipping to the combat section, the young man finds the spell he's looking for. He raises his wand and says, "Accendere nervo." Bella screams as pain tears through her body and she collapses to the floor.

Her entire body feels like it's on fire. She can't even stand to expand her lungs enough to screech. Harry peruses the spell entry once more.

Accendere nervo: the Inflamed Nerve curse As the name would imply, the Accendere nervo inflames the nerves in the human body, causing pain on par with the Cruciatus Curse this is one of the few spells designed to level the battlefield for the Light Dark Equivalent: Cruciatus Curse Advantages: Not illegal as of this printing.

Side effects are few and can all be dealt with by a simple pain potion and a good night's sleep. Does not require constant attention; the Cruciatus Curse requires that the caster remain focused on maintaining the spell. This however, actually causes a change within the body and thus does not require the caster to keep their attention fixated on the victim. Disadvantages: Requires a working knowledge of the human nervous system to be truly effective.

The more knowledge the caster has about the nervous system, the more effective the curse will be. Counter spell: Finite Incantatem. Harry cancels the spell and his Thrall looks up at him. "Master, I did not know that you could cast a Cruciatus Curse." "I can't. That spell was a Light one designed to help combat the Unforgivable." Bella bites her lower lip nervously, "Master, while that spell was most pleasant, I would rather enjoy the feeling of leather hitting my skin." Harry scowls a bit before nodding his head, "Very well Bella, five lashes with the cat, but no more." Ten minutes later, Bella has forty-five new strips on her back and she's coming down from one whale of a climax.

_________ Later that night, Hermione expresses her gratitude to Harry with a spectacular blow job before the wizard once more claims Cho's quim.

_________ Luna is glaring daggers at her boyfriend as he sits on the bed with a smug look on his face. "Ronald, you have been torturing me all day. Would you please finish what you have started?!" "What's that love?" "Ronald, you know very well what I am referring to. Please do not make me beg!" The wizard smiles, "Alright hun, you win. How do you want it today?" The witch smiles airily once more, "I would rather be on top Ronald, if you do not mind." The redhead lies down on his back on the bed, "You may remove your buttplug Luna." The blonde climbs onto the bed before removing her plug.

As she aligns her backdoor with her lover's staff, she can see Millie masturbating madly. _________ Ginny sighs as she sinks down on Neville's cock, the ache in her legs from the position she's in merely heightens her arousal. As Neville reaches up to play with Ginny's tits, he smiles and wonders how life could get any better than this. The boy has no idea. __________ Harry is shocked to find how the weeks have flown, before he even realizes it, it's Halloween.

As the teens scramble to find costumes for the ball, Narcissa laughs, which draws everyone's attention. "I am sorry master, but I anticipated this very problem." She summons enough packages for everyone. "My job as your social secretary, master, is to ensure that problems like this are dealt with before they can arise. As such, I've arranged costumes for everyone." Twenty minutes later, the group has reassembled in the common room and Cissa's taste show through on each costume. Ron is in a full suit of plate armor that would make any knight of old proud to don.

In place of the sword sheath however, is a wand holster. Luna's dress is a conservative cut, light blue. With the wreath of flowers on her head, she looks every part the proper knight's lady. Millie's dress is very much like Luna's but in a light red and with only a luba love sucks dick in the tub flower behind her ear.

Bella, Cissa, Pansy and Cho are all dressed as Ladies in Waiting. Tonks is adorned in a leather jerkin and cloth pants with a longbow strapped across her back and a short sword on her hip. Ginny and Neville are both dressed in fine robes, as would befit a minor noble. The robes Harry is wearing are a deep purple, on his left hip hangs a sword, much like the Sword of Gryffindor, in his right is a golden scepter, and atop his head, a golden crown. "One minor warning master, the head of the scepter has a Concussion charm on it." "A Cushion charm?" Hermione giggles, "No, a Concussion Charm, means that if you hit someone with it, they'll be hurt a lot worse." Harry nods as he takes in Hermione's costume for tonight.

Her dress is a gauzy material that seems to flow with her body like a second skin. It's a pearlescent white that seems to sparkle with an internal light no matter what why it is looked at.

On her hip is a small dagger and on her thatrsquos a ton of cum mister compilation beautiful is a golden tiara with what appears to be a very large emerald and the crest of House Potter.

The group is smiling as they make their way down to the Great Hall. Not a breath is drawn as the teens walk into the hall. Noise slowly resumes as the students become acclimated to the presence of group.

The night proceeds smoothly with the only real trouble being that Harry, Ron, and Neville have to repeatedly threaten to hex off certain, rather important, body parts to keep wandering hands off of their girlfriends. The ball continues until well past midnight before breaking up; all parties concerned grateful that the ball was held on a Friday night. The evening ends with first Pansy and then Cho bent over the end of their master's bed for his evening roll in the hay.

_________ In the morning Harry wakes up early and mentally reaching a decision. Forgoing the normal morning workout, he orders breakfast in once more and makes sure to go heavy on the protein and liquids. After breakfast, he takes both Bella and Cissa to the study with firm instructions not to disturb them. The two women are kneeling before their master wondering what he has in store for them. "Ladies, I've brought you here for a simple reason.

In the not to distant past, you both requested that I cast the spells needed to deepen your dependency on me. Is this request still in place?" Both of the women look up at their master with huge grins as they nod their affirmative. "Very well then, as a reward for almost no infractions," Harry takes a moment to glare at Narcissa, "since the start of school, I will, reluctantly, use the Primary Slave spell on the pair of you if you truly wish it." The sister's response is to crawl forward and kiss each of Harry's feet in turn.

Harry reaches for the Sex Alicia, which Hermione had returned the previous evening. With a resigned sigh, Harry opens the book to the proper page. He closes his eyes and taps into his innate store of magic and before his mind even forms the intent, his wand is in motion, "Potissimus Mancipium!" A beam of pink light encompasses the two kneeling women and they can physically feel the link to their master growing more powerful.

The young wizard can likewise feel the women's thoughts and intents more clearly now, and is relieved to find that they are in fact as dedicated as they would appear. After a moment, Bella and Cissa look up to their master with a renewed sense of devotion in their hearts and the twinkle of fanaticism in their eyes.

Bella's voice is almost pure velvet as she says, "How may we thank you master?" Harry mentally flips a coin and it comes up heads. Before he can even form his words, Narcissa is between his legs, pulling his zipper down. The blonde witch smiles just before she swallows her master's staff whole. Bella moves behind her sister and lifts her robe busty camslut huge fucktoy up her asshole allow easy access to her quim.

The wizard sits back in his chair as his Thrall bobs her head up and down on his cock; deciding to hurry things along, he grabs the woman's head to better dictate the pace.

Narcissa moan as her master starts to shag her face and Bella licks her out. With a contented sigh, Harry shoots his seed into Cissa's eager mouth. However, when she goes to share her prize with her sister, their master waves her off.

Bella is smiling as Harry instructs her to mount him. Harry smiles as the dark haired witch starts to bounce up and down on his staff, truly glad to be alive.

______ Later that night, Harry decides to dine on Hermione, noting that she tastes delectable before demanding a demonstration of Pansy's developing oral skills. ______ The week passes with only the conversation Harry has with Hermione for excitement.

The teens are in the study alone. "Mione, I need to talk to you for a second." The witch nods slowly, "I'd guessed as much when you sent the others packing, what's up?" "Ron came to me a couple of days ago looking for ways to make a few of Millie's wilder fantasies come to life.

I listened, I gave him a few suggestions, and now, well, I'd like your consent to participate in the scene that Millie wanted so desperately." Hermione looks at her fianc?ovingly, "Let me guess, she wants a threesome with you and Ron, right?" Harry nods his head, unsure of how his love is going to respond.

The witch can read the wizards uncertainty, so she gently kisses his cheek, "Harry, I love you and this is a part of the reason. I know the only reason you would agree to this is because you want to make Millie happy. I freely give you my permission Harry, because I know I have nothing to fear from her.

First I know you will not up and decide to leave me for her and second, Millie is Ron's property. You've been letting everyone use your toys for a while now, it's only fair you use theirs every once and again with their permission." Harry relaxes, grateful that Hermione is being so reasonable. With a thought, he summons Tonks to chaperone what proves to be a very good idea as the lovers share a very intense snog session. ______ Come Saturday morning, Millie is as nervous as can be.

Today is the day her master promised to make her fantasy come to life. She is completely naked as her master had commanded her. Ron walks into his room where his Thrall is and hands her a collar that she eagerly puts on before her master attaches the leash. A moment later Millie's vision is cut off by a black blindfold before her master orders her to her hands and knees. Ron leads the crawling woman out the door and out of the suite. Millie's cheeks are burning bright red in humiliation as she is lead through the hallways, wondering when she will finally be seen by a passing student heading down to breakfast.

Finally, they arrive at their destination. Ron pulls off the blindfold and Millie can see the doors to the Great Hall before her. Hermione opens the door and Ron leads his slave into the Great Hall, right up the main walkway to the platform with the staff table on it. Dumbledore nods to Harry without a word and the young wizard transfigures the table into a makeshift gallows. Millie is dragged to her feet and her hands are tied off above her head, stretching her body taught. Harry stands in front of Millie and reluctantly frees his staff from its confinement and Rom mimic's his action behind the bound beauty.

The witch can feel the plug being pulled from her arse and she shivers in anticipation, wondering briefly how her master had set this up with the headmaster.

Harry looks at his friend over Millie's shoulder and nods. In tandem, the two young men place their cocks at their respective entrance. With one more nod, the two friends enter the woman.

Millie moans in ecstasy as she is filled completely; when the two men start into their rhythm she almost passes out. Ron holds off a second before he starts to pull out of Millie, glad he and Harry had planned everything out before hand.

The bound witch is close to going mad from pleasure as her master and his friend pound away at her, their timing ensuring that she is never without a cock in her.

After only a few minutes Harry is reciting potions ingredients mentally while Ron is going over Quidditch plays. Millie is in a state of nirvana when she finally feels the men in her release their seed. Luna is there to support her boyfriend while Hermione catches Harry. The girlfriends swiftly get their lovers cleaned up. Tonks releases Millie and puts the blindfold back on before leading the group back to the suite as swiftly as possible. Once the portrait hole is closed, Harry nods to Ron and says, "So Millie, how did you enjoy your first trip to the Room of Requirement?" Everyone laughs at the woman's shocked expression, "That's right, very little of that was real." The group explains how Millie's tour had been carefully planned to ensure that no one saw her with everyone except for her, Harry, Ron and Hermione running interference.

After everything is explained, Harry grabs Hermione for a very intense snog session with Tonks once more playing chaperone. ______ Down in the real Great Hall, a young woman rubs her left forearm as she looks around for Harry Potter, hoping that the savior of the Wizarding world will be able to save her as well.

Her friend asks if she has a rash on her forearm, the girl quickly stops rubbing the Dark Mark and tries to play off as though nothing is the matter. _____ Up in Harry's bedroom, Bella is slipping a heavy leather collar around Pansy's neck as a sign of their master's continuing displeasure.

Attached to the collar are two steel chains with alligator clips on the end. Pansy stifles the scream that threatens when the clips are attached to her poor nipples. Bella forces the young witch to her knees and sighs as her tongue goes to work on Bella's aching snatch. Their master had gotten all the Thralls very excited and Bella is determined to get some relief. _____ Narcissa is in Harry's private library having a hard time focusing on preparing the lesson plans for the next DA meeting for the itch between her legs when a large owl swoops in through the magic window and drops a package on the table in front of the witch.

The blonde takes the envelope from the top and notes that it's from Madam Malkin's. She signs the receipt and attaches it to the owl's leg allowing the bird to take flight once more. She reads the letter of thanks for the challenge of working with such wonderful snake skin and noting that the entire order was free as there was enough extra materials to more than make up the costs. Setting the package aside, Cissa decides to hell with it and reaches into her robes.

As her fingers probe her own pussy, the blonde hopes that her master won't be too upset with her for masturbating without permission. uncensored new zealand bdsm gag ring Ron's room, Luna is on her stomach while her boyfriend pounds away at her bum and Millie is licking her cunt.

The blonde witch thinks, "The only way this could get any better is if Ronald had used a paddle beforehand." _____ Neville swallows slightly as he brings his hand down for the fifth time.

"Come on Nev, you have to do it harder, please." Steeling his nerves, the wizard brings his open palm down on his girlfriend's upturned arse. Ginny can feel that she's close to climaxing as she curses Tom Riddle for a sick twisted bastard. As the swat lands on her bum, she's forcibly reminded of her buttplug.

Silently she swears to soon give Neville the one thing that Riddle never took from her, her anal virginity. _______ In the playroom, Cho is completely naked as she fingers the cat-o'-nine tails lovingly. Without warning she whips the cat around and her back explodes in pain from where the lash connected with flesh.

The Asian witch continues to flog herself for several minutes, but finding that she's no closer to relief now than when she started, she vows to get her master to beat her senseless soon. _______ Sunday morning after breakfast, Hermione corners Harry in the study along with Tonks, "Harry, can we talk for a second?" The young wizard nods hesitantly.

The younger witch sits down, "Harry I want to talk about the physical side of our relationship." Harry almost panics, afraid that Hermione had finally figured out how unworthy he is of her affection. "Harry James Potter, stop thinking like that right now! I want to talk about advancing the more physical aspect of our relationship!" "A- a- are you serious Mione?" "Of course I'm serious Harry.

I- I've finally decided that in this one case, engaged is as good as married." The witches can read the lust in the young man's eyes for a moment before his legendary control slips back into place, "As much as I want to Mione, I can't; not without discussing this matter with your parents first." Hermione wants to slap Harry silly until she takes a moment to ask, "Why would you want to discuss this with them first Harry?" "Because I don't want to risk alienating them and, I also want to give you a few days to think further on this, Hermione, to make sure you aren't rushing in where angels fear to tread." The bushy haired witch is slightly insulted by the insinuation but before she can do or say something she would deeply regret she manages to look at her actions from his perspective for a moment and suddenly she's not quite as angry.

"I have been thinking about this for a few days already Harry, however if it makes you feel more comfortable waiting a few more days until you can talk this over at length with my parents, I guess, I'll have to settle for my fingers." The young wizard blushes as comprehension dawns.

Hermione giggles slightly, "Don't worry Harry, I'm only teasing you." Harry smiles slightly, "I guess I'm still just a bit too sensitive to friendly teasing huh?" The witch gently kisses her fianc?"Don't let it worry you Harry.

So, when do you want to talk to my folks?" "I think the next full moon is next weekend; that would be the best time." The witch nods and her lover gets a far away look in his eyes, "Mione, I hate to do this, but I need to run some errands in Hogsmead and I'd rather you stay here?" Hermione winks at him, "Going to meet your mistress?" "Nope, you've already met all of them.

No, I'm going to buy you a present and I'd like it to be a surprise." Another kiss to the cheek and Hermione is out the door, on her way to the library. A few minutes later Harry and Tonks are on their way into town. The owner of the jewelry shop smiles when the two walk into his shop.

A few minutes of perusing later, Harry finds just what he's looking for. A silver pendant about two inches in diameter with a small diamond in the center and an intricate, though delicate and non-magical, calligraphy design. A minute later, Harry and Tonks are on their way back to the castle and to see the headmaster. "Ah, Harry," the old man says as the pair enter the room, "how may I help you?" The young wizard draws the pendant from his pocket and lays it on the desk, "I need this turned into a Portkey that can move in and out of Hogwarts." Albus nods, "I'll make you a trade; I presume this is for Miss Granger correct?" Harry nods and the ancient mage continues, "Then I will agree to make this into a portkey for you if you will agree to wear one just like it." The young man smiles, "I accept Albus, providing you can use something covert." Opening a drawer in his desk, the headmaster pulls out a small pin shaped like a phoenix, "You can wear this inside your own robe Harry.

Now, where do you want the destination to be?" "The entrance hall at #12 should do nicely." Harry slips the pin onto his collar after the spell has been cast to turn both it and the locket into Portkeys. As the pair approaches the painting of Rowena Ravenclaw, Susan Bones seems to materialize out of the stonework, "Harry, can I talk hairy babe and shaved teenie finger both holes cunnilingus and australian you?" "Sure Susan, come on in." In the common room, Harry says, "What can I do for you?" Instead of answering with words, the blonde witch rolls up her left sleeve to the elbow and shows her forearm to the assembled group.

Hermione inhales sharply as she sees the Dark Mark burned onto the other witch's skin, "How could you?" Susan retorts sharply, "I wasn't given a choice, or at least not much of one. During the last Hogsmead weekend, I was grabbed by Theo Nott of Slytherin and he used a portkey to kidnap me. I was taken before You-Know-Who and he told me that I had a choice to make. I could either take the Mark and become one of his servants or he'd turn me over to the Death Eaters to be raped and then killed." Hermione instantly blushes at her initial, accusatory tone, "I'm sorry Susan." The blonde Hufflepuff smiles, "It's alright, I expected a worse reception when I told you.

At least no one tried to hex me." Bellatrix looks at the younger woman, "My master and his friends don't attack without cause. You don't have your wand out and aren't threatening anyone, so we will listen." "Thank you, everyone; I know about the Sex Slave Curse that Voldemort gave to Harry hoping to corrupt him. He thinks that since the two of them had such a similar upbringing that Harry will quickly join him; however Voldemort doesn't realize just how different the two are.

Even I know this won't work; however I did not volunteer this information." Harry says, "Thank you pregnant brunette bitch loves getting wet pussy hammered that Susan. Now, how can we help you?" "Simple.

I know you have a way to remove the Dark Mark Harry, I've seen Professor Black's forearm, and there is nothing there. I want you to remove this, this, this *thing* from my body before it destroys my soul." The wizard looks at Susan mournfully, "I'm sorry to say Susan, but the spell that removed the Mark from Bella was the Sex Slave Curse.

In effect Susan, you would be trading a master who I intend to destroy soon in for one for the rest of your life." With tears suddenly in her eyes, the Hufflepuff says, "Then do it! At least I know you won't make me torture and murder children!" Millie looks at the young woman in compassion, "Harry, how is she different than me and Pansy? We chose to be bound rather than take the Mark, but she wasn't given a choice. Now though, you can free her." The wizard seems to deflate, "Very well Susan, if you wish for either Ron or Neville to bind you, then I will not object.

However, before anything else is done, you will need to speak to the headmaster and your aunt Amelia. There is paperwork that needs to be filed and explanations to be made; and possibly charges filed. Bella, Cissa, Tonks go and get Dumbledore please." The three ladies in question quickly move from the room to fetch the headmaster. "Now, Susan, do you have any opinion on who will become your new master?" "Well, I was kinda hoping for Neville." All eyes turn, not to the young man in question, but to his girlfriend.

Ginny looks at Susan Bone for several long seconds, "How long have you been in love with my boyfriend Susan?" The blonde blushes, "Almost three years now. Auntie was hoping for shewillcheat banging wife gets back at husband familial alliance once we finished school, but that was before you and he got together." The redheaded witch nods, "Would you ever try to force busty slut lucy heart takes a strangers cock for cash to choose between the two of us?" Susan looks almost indignant, "Of course not, I love Neville and only want to see him happy.

Before I was forced to take the Mark, I was going to simply smile and ask to be a bride's maid at the wedding because of how happy you made him. Now though, it looks like he gets the both of us if the two of you are willing." Neville speaks up, "Susan, I wouldn't wish this situation on my worst enemy.

While I want to help you, I will not do anything without Ginny's consent. I want to spend the rest of my life with her and I won't jeopardize that if I can avoid it." Ginny smiles, "Consider it a date then Mr. Longstaff," the witch says with a sly wink. "In regards to this situation, I won't stop you from claiming her beloved, because I trust you won't simply drop me for her and if I can help someone get out from under Riddle's thumb, then I'm happy to do so." Neville winces internally before he reaches up from where he's sitting and pulls his girlfriend down into his lap, "Ginny, I can't undo the past, but we will kick Riddle's arse for what he did to you." With unshed tears in her eyes, the witch kisses her boyfriend while the others look on confused.

Susan smiles, glad to be a part of such an obviously loving couple. The lovers separate when the portrait hole opens to allow Harry's Thralls entrance followed by Amelia Bones and Albus. "Susan, what is going on here?" Harry waves at the couches around the room, "You may wish to sit down Madam Bones, there's a lot that needs to be discussed tonight and you might as well be comfortable during it." The two adults sit down and the entire situation is laid before them.

Finally, Harry says, "As a solution to the Dark Mark problem, Susan has asked that Neville use the Sex Slave curse on her as it will override the Dark Mark. However, in this situation Madam Bones, you have the right to object as you are her guardian and you were not endeavoring to force the situation on her." Amelia nods, "Susan, if you want, we can prosecute Nott immediately for kidnapping, extortion, and a few other things. Also, we can put you into protective custody until You-Know-Who is destroyed forever." "Oh, Auntie, at least call him Voldemort.

He's a monster who needs to be put down, and respected only for his ability to cause damage, like a rabid dog.

Anyways, I appreciate the offer of protective custody, but no. I don't mind being bound to Neville, I love him and at least now I will have the chance to spend the rest of my life with him." The older Bones nods, "Then all I will say on that subject is to Mr.

Longbottom, treat my niece well." "I will ma'am, I will. "Also Auntie, I will defer the subject of prosecution to my future master." Neville's voice is unnaturally harsh, "Madam Bones, I want you to prosecute that bastard, but with the knowledge that should he escape justice at your hands, he will find it at mine." Before anyone else can respond, Harry says, "And with my full support ma'am." Amelia looks ready to explode at the two for threatening to extract vengeance in front of the head of the MLE until she realizes that the two in question are effectively beyond her control, "I hope that your vow of justice will not be needed Mr.

Longbottom. Now Susan, if you are sure there is nothing I can do to change your mind, then I guess I will simply sign the paperwork and hope that you have made the right choice in your life." Albus reaches into his robe and pulls out a clipboard that he hands to the woman, "I surmised the purpose for my presence when Ms. Tonks requested Amelia's presence, forgive me if I overstepped omegle fun #5 big cumshot for a sexy chubby girl tube porn bounds." Amelia looks over the paperwork while Harry waves his hand dismissively.

The head of Magical Law Enforcement affixes her signature before handing it to her niece. "Everything looks to be in order Susan. I wish you would reconsider." The blonde Hufflepuff takes the clipboard and signs her name, "I appreciate that Aunt Amelia but, I think that this is something I have to do." Albus passes a different clipboard to Neville, "Mr.

Longbottom, you will need to sign this to take formal receipt of Ms. Bones." The young wizard takes the clipboard and signs it nervously. The ancient mage takes the two clipboards and hands their content to Madam Bones, "If you would have this processed madam, I would appreciate it." The two non-residents take their leave with promises to make sure everything is set up by the next day.

Harry says, "Susan, why don't you, Neville, and Ginny go get acquainted? I'll fill you in on the rules here in the morning before classes start." The three take their leave before Hermione looks over to her boyfriend and says, "Harry, tonight please." Harry looks at his lover and shakes his head, "Mione, we have school in the morning. Soon, I swear, soon. Perhaps this weekend." _____ In Neville's room, Susan looks at her future master, "So, how does this work master?" "Err… Susan, please call me Neville.

Sexy mary and a bunch of cocks not quite ready for *master* yet." The blonde witch smiles, "I can appreciate that Neville. I'm not ready to be a slave yet, but here we are, about to step into those roles." Ginny says, "Alright you two, cut it out.

According to the book Hermione showed me, Neville will have to use the spell servus secus on her either before or during… err… intercourse. The kicker is that it takes a lot of power to do the spell, especially when you have to break something like the Dark Mark." Neville looks at Susan, "Well, I guess it would be better if I did it during, well, sex," he says with a blush. "It's alright Neville, sex is only a word, and not a particularly dirty one at that," Susan says.

"Alright, Susan, what position do you want to try?" "Standard missionary will work." The three slowly strip down to the buff. Ginny says, "Neville, how about I warm her up for you so it doesn't hurt as much?" Neville arches his eyebrow at Susan who blushes as she nods her head, "Go ahead Gin." The redhead leads the other witch to the bed, "Relax Susan and just enjoy this tonight." Susan is laid on her back and Ginny kneels between her legs. Both Susan and Neville gasp when Ginny starts to lick Susan's slit.

Neville is at full mast as he hears the girl's moan in pleasure. The blonde is incoherent with pleasure as she is eaten out for the first time. Ginny is surprised at how good Susan tastes when the girl suddenly lets out a deep moan before flooding Ginny's mouth with her essence.

Neville is ready to pop when he hears Susan moan in ecstasy as she climaxes. The redhead witch waits until after the blonde is done with her orgasm before she moves and says, "She's ready Neville, but be gentle." The young man stands up and walks over to the bed. As he lies down on top of her, Neville says, "Susan, this is your last chance to back out." "Just do it master.

The barrier is gone so you don't have to worry about it." Ginny takes Neville's staff in hand and positions him properly before retreating away from the couple, fully aware of what could happen should she be too close. Neville slowly pushes into the willing witch, once more amazed at how tight a woman can be and still take a man's shaft. Susan gives a protracted moan as she is penetrated by a man for the first time.

The young wizard can feel his power building up as his crotch finally comes to rest against Susan's bare flesh. Ginny starts to masturbate as her boyfriend starts to thrust in and out of Susan, wondering how long the pair of them will last. Neville is going through plant properties when Susan giggles, causing interesting things to happen around his cock and sealing the doom of his control. The redhead recognizes the signs that her boyfriend is about to lose it, "DON'T FORGET THE SPELL!" The wizard hears his girlfriend and reaches for his wand, glad it had somehow ended up on the nightstand next to the bed.

He roars, "Servus secus," a split-second before he comes. Susan can feel her mind being invaded and she eagerly embraces it. They can both feel the presence of evil as the spell does its work. The evil pulses once, twice, thrice and almost throws Neville out of Susan's mind before the cord is snapped. Ginny can feel the magic pulsing around the two before a pulse of dark energy shoots out from them and the pair collapses.

The blonde witch brings her left forearm up and smiles when she sees naught but alabaster skin, "Thank you master. Now at least I am in the hands of a man who will treat me gently." Neville smiles as he rolls both of them over so she's straddling him and waves Ginny over for a bit more fun. _____ In the morning, Susan is formally transferred out of Hufflepuff House and into Harry's Retainers.

The week passes smoothly as plans are made for Hermione's big night. Finally Friday night arrives and Harry and his ladies make the Floo trip to Grimmauld Place for a conversation that has been brewing for months. _____ The group is greeted by a smiling Remus, "Hiya cub, what brings you to this Blackest of corners?" Harry groans, "You know, your getting as bad as Sirius with his constant 'Sirius-serious' jokes." The werewolf is surprised to find only a very minor twinge of pain at the mention of his last school friend.

"Honestly though Harry, what brings you by?" Harry nods to his ladies and they disappear out of the room, "I need to speak to the Grangers and Dobby separately." "Sure, that shouldn't be a problem Harry.

Is there anything the matter?" "There's nothing seriously wrong Remus, just a couple of small matters that require my personal touch." The werewolf nods, recognizing the young man's tone.

"Very well Harry, I'll send Dave and Emma up to your study at once." Harry beats a hasty retreat up to the study. For once he's grateful to find the room deserted. He seals the room and summons Dobby. The young man extracts several vows of secrecy from the small creature before explaining what he wants done.

Dobby is shocked to hear his master's plan, but agrees to do his part in its execution. A moment after Dobby disappears with his customary crack, Harry unseals the room and a knock follows almost immediately after. Harry calls for the person to enter and Dave and Emma walk in, "You wanted to see us Harry?" "Yes," the seated man says.

"Please sit down. There's something I need to talk about with both of you and I doubt it's going to be pleasant." Dave smiles at the wizard as he sits down next to his wife, "This has to do with sleeping with Hermione, correct?" Harry seems to shrink back into him self, "Yes sir it does." "Has anything happened yet?" "Err, umm, well, ah, oral intercourse I think she called it." Emma giggles a bit, "Relax Elle montre sa chatte aux inconnus dans les cafes french amateur, neither my husband nor I are upset with you.

Hermione told us of her intention to sleep with you months ago. How have things been progressing?" "Ma'am, we haven't done anything yet." "As I said Harry, you can relax.

As I said, Hermione's been trying to work up the courage to press the matter of a physical relationship for over a month. Though I'm curious as to why you've been so reluctant to press a more physical aspect on the relationship?" "Honestly ma'am, I haven't felt the need to press it.

I have six gorgeous ladies that wait on me hand and foot to deal with any… urges that I have. With the need for physical release addressed, I felt no overwhelming urge to push Hermione into something she wasn't ready for. Until just this week, I was fully prepared to wait until we were officially married to consummate our relationship.

However, she approached me and expressly requested that our relationship be moved to the physical level. I told her I would only move to the physical stage with your permission and consent." Dave grumbles a bit as he reaches into his pocket and fishes out a coin that he hands to his wife, "Harry, if you didn't guess by my question the last time we spoke, I approve of you sleeping with my daughter.

This is mostly because I know now that you are not a normal, overly hormonal teenager. Everything I've seen so far seems to point to the fact that you are entirely too honorable. I honestly expected that promise not to sleep with Hermione to last less than a week, yet here you are, over two months later, asking for our permission rather than going behind our back and just telling us after the fact." Emma lays a hand on her husbands arm, "What my esteemed spousal unit is trying to say Harry, is that we give you our blessing with no reservation." Harry smiles and says, "Thank you both." The three continue to talk for over an hour while elsewhere plans are coming together.

_____ Snape looks on passively a Wormtail screams in pain. When Voldemort finally lifts the curse, he looks at Snape, "Are you certain of events Severus?" "Yes I am my lord.

You familiar was captured by the Potter brat and killed as she was on her way to deliver instructions to your spy. The next day the girl approached the worthless brat and convinced him to allow her to join his motley band." The Dark Lord nods, "And did anything else happen?" "Not to the best of my knowledge my lord, but Potter doesn't go out of his way to inform me of the going-on's within his suite." Voldemort nods, "And are there any indicators that the spy's story will interfere with my plans?" "I do not believe so my lord.

While I don't believe the brat is yet ready to embrace your glory, I also believe that he is past the crucial point. Unless there is a major change, I expect him to be prepared to join you in three to six months." The Dark Lord nods before moving on to other business, allowing Snape a sigh of relief. _____ Harry feels as though a weight has been lifted from his shoulders as he watches the Grangers leave the study.

With their consent granted, he can finally start to plan out his encounter with his fianc?However, before he can even get started, Cho walks into the room. "Excuse me master." The young man looks up from his desk, "Yes?" The Asian witch crosses the room and kneels in front of her master, "I have a request for you master." Harry lays down his quill, "And that would be?" "I would like to request a beating." Harry starts to massage his temples, "Might I ask what for?" Cho cringes as she feels the recourse of her master's headache, "For no other reason master, than I would enjoy it." The young wizard leans back in his chair, "Would it be safe to say that delegating this to Hermione or one of the others would be less than acceptable to you?" Cho swallows at the resignation in the man's voice, "Unfortunately correct master." Harry sighs, "Very well then.

I will attend you in twenty minutes in the playroom. Have two items ready for my use." Chang lowers her forehead to the floor before standing up, "It will be as you command master." Harry shakes his head, wondering if he will ever understand women as Narcissa enters the room with a potion vial in hand.

The blonde hands the potion to her master, "Here you go, a simple pain relieving potion." The young man is surprised when the potion tastes like peppermint and his headache almost instantly vanishes, "Thank you Narcissa.

I expect to be occupied for the next three-quarters of an hour or so with Cho. After that, I want to start laying the plans for Hermione's deflowering, providing she's still willing." "Master, unless I am fatally mistaken, there is nothing you could do that could dissuade that young woman from sharing your bed now that both of you are done dancing around the other." Harry nods, still slightly hot latin milf orgasms in the shower, "Still, I want to be completely sure before we take the final step.

If things go as planned with Hermione tonight, I will need you and Bella to occupy Pansy and Cho for the entire evening." "And what of my niece?" "I will be needing her aid with Hermione." Narcissa licks her lips a little and turns her attention to her master's crotch, "Pardon my forwardness master, but would you mind if I…" She doesn't finish the sentence; instead, she simply drops to her knees between Harry's legs.

"Not right now Narcissa. I want to be fully charged for Hermione tonight." Cissa pouts a bit as she stands up, "Very well master. I will speak to my sister and your other slaves as well as our mistress to facilitate plans for this evening." "Wait a second, mistress?" The blonde swallows slightly at her slip of the tongue, "Master, please understand, that we know your thoughts, sometimes better then you do.

We gave her the title of mistress because we knew you loved her and that by pleasing her, we would be pleasing you." Harry nods, "Alright. I approve of the results, though I'm not thrilled at the delay in informing me of the situation, though I do understand your reasoning." He gets a sly smile on his face, "For now though, strip down." Intrigued, Narcissa pulls off her robe and removes her skirt before her master stops her. At his command she bends over with a glimmer of what's to come.

Harry draws his wand and casts a vibration spell on Cissa's butt plug, "You are to leave that spell in place until I personally remove it; am I clear?" The woman has a bright smile on her face as she says, "Perfectly master." As Harry stands up to go deal with Cho, he wonders what going to happen next. Hermione is sitting on Harry's bed, waiting for the messy haired young man to return. The door opens, allowing Harry and Tonks to enter the room.

The bushy haired witch stands up and meets her soon-to-be-lover amwf thick babe loves it creampie and brunette across the room. Harry wraps his arms around Hermione in a tender hug. After a moment, the two separate, "Hermione, are you sure about this? Once you start down this path, you can never turn away." Hermione gently presses her lips to his for a moment, "Harry, I appreciate the offer, but my mind is made up about this.

Because of my oath, our fates are linked. The First Wife spell will give you a foot up on Voldemort while keeping us mostly equal.

According to the Sex Alicia the Primeiro Esposa should merely link me into the magical network that you share with your thralls and should also allow you to tap into my own well of knowledge and power without materially affecting my personality or view materially." Harry nods, grateful to not be loosing his friend in this whole mix. "Alright, if this is your choice Hermione, I will abide by it." The young man takes a step back and draws his wand.

He takes a deep breath before casting the First Wife charm on the bushy haired witch. Hermione sways on her feet a moment as awareness floods her mind. She can feel the depths of Harry's feelings for her. Her mind expands with new knowledge of spells and all the other things that Harry has been studying. Hermione is so distracted by the sudden influx of information; she misses the few small spots that Harry hides from her. Harry meanwhile can sense that his feelings for the bushy haired witch are reciprocated in full.

Tonks moves to grab Hermione before the witch looses her feet. After Hermione regains her senses she nods her thanks to the other witch.

Tonks stands up and reaches into her robe as Hermione draws her wand. After the seated witch casts a contraceptive charm, the Auror hands her a small vial, "One contraceptive potion, guaranteed for sixty days.

If you get pregnant after this, you can rest assured it was the work of higher powers than anyone in our world." Hermione nods as she drinks the potion, wincing slightly at the up close pov old vagina fingering with mature greta masturbation older woman. Harry is waiting patiently for his wife, he smiles internally at the word, to finish getting ready.

Hermione stands up and looks at her husband with a hungry look in her eyes, "Harry, you have evaded my attempts to seduce you for over a month now. So, will you now please make love to me?" The young man in question smiles at the raw lust in the witch's voice, "As my lady wishes." He steps forward and gently kisses Hermione.

As he runs his tongue across her lips, he brings his hands up and swiftly undoes the fasteners of the witch's robe. Hermione willingly admits the probing appendage as her lover opens her robe. The messy haired wizard starts to kiss his way down Hermione's throat as he slips her robe from her shoulders. To his surprise, when he goes to fondle her breasts, he comes into contact with naked flesh. Tonks looks at the pair lovingly as she steps back into the corner.

Her hand slowly sneaks its way into her robes as she watches the beautiful dance her master is engaged in. Hermione can't contain her gasp when Harry starts to suck gently on one of her nipples. She wants to move to reciprocate the pleasure her husband is giving her, but Hermione can sense his desire for her to remain still. The man in question slides one hand further down his wife's body and slips a single digit into her wet pussy, being obscenely mindful of the barrier therein.

He starts to gently stroke Hermione's quim while making sure to never risk breaking her hymen. The young woman is in heaven as she feels her climax building up. When her lover gently tweaks the tit he's not sucking on, her world explodes in pleasure. Harry's hand is drenched in Hermione's juices as he continues to finger her.

When the witch comes down from her sexual high, she looks her husband in the eye and says, "Get naked NOW!" In a flash, Tonks has her wand drawn and her master's cloths are transported off of his body and to the laundry chute.

She licks her lips as she looks at her master's arse, wishing she could be a part of tonight's event, but knowing that this night is for her mistress and xxx sakes xxx sey com 18. Harry gently leads Hermione back to the bed and lays her down on her back. When the witch spreads her legs for him, he hesitantly climbs onto the bed and settles himself in before he aims his staff at her entrance.

Hermione locks eyes with the man atop her, "Just do it quickly Harry and get it done with." The young man nods and closes his eyes. He takes a deep breath before he shoves all the way into the woman. Hermione can't contain her shriek of pain as her maidenhood is ended.

She can hear Harry whisper something, but can't here the words. In a quiet a voice as possible, Harry whispers, "Born i mewn cara, ffugiedig i mewn angerdd a seliedig i mewn chrau, achlesa hon benyw." Hermione suddenly feels as though she's been wrapped in a warm blanket after a long winter's stroll without a heavy cloak. Tonks is slack jawed as her mistress is briefly enveloped in a light pink nimbus before it suddenly vanishes.

Sensing the moment is right; Harry starts to slowly pull out of Hermione. Hermione is surprised to find that the pain of a moment ago is gone, replaced with a most unique sensation. A great deal of time employing the magical strap-on dildo had given the witch plenty of experience in the pleasure felt when penetrating a witch.

Tonight however is her first every experience in being penetrated. To her boundless pleasure however, Hermione can feel what her husband is feeling as he withdraws from her. Harry is completely enraptured by how tight Wild hunks fucking chaste sweetheart smalltits and hardcore is.

By the time only the crown of his staff is still within Hermione, the young wizard is about ready to pop. As he starts to push forward again, the young man starts to mentally recite cricket rules. Hermione's mind has almost shut chanec xxx ful hot sex stories from the overload of sensations. When Harry accidentally brushes her clit as he pushes in, the young woman screams in climax, the sudden vibrations around his cock take the young man with her.

Tonks, whose fingers are currently buried in her own pussy, almost passes out from the double hit from both her master and mistress's orgasms. Harry barely manages to fall to the side before his arms give out on him.

Kinky lesbians fill up their enormous bums with milk and splash it out looks at her panting lover and smiles as she relaxes in his arms. Finally, the witch says, "Harry, what spell did you use on me?" "Just a little protection spell my love.

The Maiden's Protection, it combines blood, sex, and regular magic for a powerful spell." The bushy haired witch chews her bottom lip as she considers the final step. Somewhat reluctantly, she decides to stay off the final act for another night. With a sly smile, Harry grabs Hermione as he rolls onto his back so that the witch is straddling him as his cock comes to full attention.

As Hermione starts to move atop her husband, she silently thanks whatever deities exist for tonight. While the two lovers consummate their relationship, elsewhere, nefarious plans are being hatched to end their happiness. _____ The next day, Harry is reading in the study when Dobby suddenly appears in the room, "Master Harry Potter sir, Dobby has news." The young man turns his attention to the abnormally subdued house-elf, "Yes Dobby?" "Dobby has finished with the preparations Master Harry Potter requested sir.

Everything is in place and ready for master's command." Harry picks up the letter he had written just after breakfast, "Thank you very much Dobby, you've helped more than I suspect you can ever know. I need but one more thing from you my friend. Take this letter and deliver it to you know where." "Dobby wishes Master Harry Potter would reconsider this plan." "I'm sorry Dobby, but my mind is made up. I'll live with the consequences of my actions, now please deliver the letter." Dobby hesitantly takes the letter and disappears to do his master's bidding while Harry silently summons his Thralls to him.

The five Thralls are kneeling before their master while Hermione is standing to his right while they wait for him to inform them of the reason for this meeting. Harry surveys the kneeling women, and his eyes stop on Pansy who is showing the gorgeous idol is revealing her spread yummy twat in close range of a recent beating.

He thinks to himself, "I'll have to tell Bella to ease up on Pansy a bit; it looks like the changes are for real." Taking a deep breath, Harry clears his throat, "Ladies, your attention please.

As you know, last night I consummated my relationship with Hermione. For all practical intents and purposes, she is now my wife. From here on in, you will obey her as you would me in all things. The only time you may disregard her commands is if they conflict with either my standing orders or a task I have set you to.

Pansy, I know that this will be the hardest on you as you are continuing to try to bring yourself to the forefront of my attention. Know this, cross Hermione now, and I will be as harsh and as cruel to you as I can be; however, please her and I will do my best to reward you." Each of the Thralls nods her ascent to her master's newest command. The young man says, "Very well then, you have your duties, be about them." However, as they rise, Harry says, "Bella, stay a moment please." Soon, Harry is alone with Bellatrix and Hermione.

"Bella dear, I commend you for doing such a superb job of keeping Pansy in line. However, I am starting to believe that the change is legitimate. As such, I want you to lay off of the 'preemptive discipline' as I believe you called it, at least until she proves me wrong." The kneeling Thrall presses her forehead to the floor and says, "It will be as you command master." Bella can sense the emotional flux her master is in and decides to hold off on her request for now. "Can I serve you further master?" "Not for the moment Bella.

I have some things to do, so please go about your business." As the former Death Eater leaves the room, Harry picks up his wand and explains his plans as he opens up the large bag of marbles Remus had acquired for him.

_____ As pain courses through his body, Peter Pettigrew starts to seriously reconsider his choices in life. Voldemort holds the curse on his helpless lackey as he addresses another servant, "Is the girl lost to our cause Severus?" "I believe that she is milord, unless you can convince her new master to support you." "So, I should simply kill the wench as an example then." "If I may be so bold master, I do not believe that all is lost.

The girl's master is one of Potter's personal retainers. When you successfully bring him to your side, the man, the idiot Longbottom, may well come with him. In either case master, a direct strike from yourself or your agents would certainly drive the boy away from you, if only for a time." Voldemort laughs as he lifts the curse from Wormtail, "Ah Severus, forever the voice of moderation.

Very well, as you are the one best informed of the situation, I shall follow your advice, at least for now." _____ Susan happily swallows her master's seed as he runs his fingers through her hair, wishing she could work up the courage needed to ask for what she truly wants.

The blonde witch is on her hands and knees with Ginny riding her from behind. _____ Millie moans into her mistress's muff as her master continues to pound her aching pussy. Luna wraps her legs around Millie's head while her boyfriend gently sodomizes the large slave. Just after lunch, the group returns to Hogwarts. Harry and his friends decide to eat with the rest of the student body for a change.

Luna is talking to Hermione when it happens. The blonde's eyes suddenly lock on Hermione's left hand, "So he finally purposed did he?" Those simple words, uttered quietly spread through the student body like a shockwave. Almost immediately, the two are swamped by students wanting to see Hermione's ring and congratulate the two teens. It is only with the help of Harry's Thralls that he and Hermione manage to escape the pandemonium and the Great Hall.

The two teens are walking through the halls alone, holding hands when three shapes step out of a cross corridor. Theodore Nott looks at the lovebirds and says, "Aw… isn't this a cute sight? A pair of disgusting Gryffindor's who just need a proper lesson in respecting the purity of blood." Harry gently shakes his arm, causing one of the marble to fall into his hand unseen.

Shaking his head, Harry says, "Nott, get out of my way. I'm fully aware that you serve Voldemort and I think you'll find he will be rather aggravated if he discovers you attempted to assault me." "QUIET POTTER, YOU HAVE NO RIGHT TO SPEAK THE DARK LORD'S NAME!" The other two, Crabbe and Goyle move forward with the obvious intent to grab Harry and Hermione.

The messy haired wizard does a firm underhand toss and the marble sails away from him and his Nott in the chest, subsequently knocking the hapless wizard back with tremendous force. He impacts the wall so hard that dust from the ceiling settles down onto his head. As the two louts try to comprehend what just happened, two Stunners fly out of the corridor behind them and hit the pair, rendering them unconscious. Harry has his wand out as Draco steps lesbea busty teen orgasms from deep fingers the corridor and nods at him.

Harry returns the nod with a curious expression. Draco's voice is contrite as he says, "Don't worry Potter, I'm still not ready to join your merry band. I just couldn't stand by and let this happen when I could avoid it." Harry's eyes are locked on his ex-nemesis as he replies, "Why then?" Draco seems to deflate as he sighs, "Simple really.

I owe you one for allowing me to continue to see my mother. I also have talked at length with my mother, especially about her treatment at your hands." Sighing again, the young man says, "Say what you will about me Amateur blonde teen squirt fucked first time ballerinas, but I love my mother as much as any son could. I owed you for both of those and if there is only one tradition of the Malfoy family I intend to continue it is the one that says the Malfoy family always pays their debts." Harry nods, "And these idiots?" "I'll take them to see Madam Pomfrey.

If they want to admit to trying to attack you, then I'm sure my own punishment will be rather light." Hermione is shocked to find that the two young men are not trying to hex each other, "Harry, perhaps a walk in Hogsmeade would be in order." Draco smiles as he catches sight of the witch's ring, "Congratulations Granger.

Now if you will excuse me…" The two take the hint and start the trek towards the Wizarding town, completely unaware of the fate that is stalking them.

_____ Luna screams out her climax as the lash strikes her swollen nipple. Ron smiles at his bound lover as he puts down the riding crop. After she's calmed down a bit, the young man says, "Is Kitten enjoying her Lord's attention?" The blonde witch literally purrs as she says, "Kitten is enjoying herself very much Lord, though if Lord would bugger Kitten then Kitten would consider everything perfect." Millie continues to masturbate as her master walks behind his lover and frees his staff to comply with her request.

_____ Susan is on her knees in front of her master, looking straight as his stiff staff. Neville grabs his Thrall tight teen ass fucked by big black cocks the hair and pulls her face towards his crotch. The blonde happily takes the flesh spike into her mouth and moans as the tip hits the back of her throat. The young man pulls back slightly before ramming his hips forward, cutting off the witch's air supply completely.

Susan reaches her hand down and starts to masturbate as she begins to suffocate. Neville smiles down at the witch as her face slowly turns purple from lack of oxygen. Just before Susan passes out, her master shoots his seed down her throat and pulls back allowing her to breathe again. She uses her first breath to scream out in climax. Susan smiles as she brings her fingers up to her mouth to clean them off.

She slowly sits up on the bed and wishes for not the first time she could actually work up the nerve to either enact the fantasy on her own or ask her master to aid her. The former Hufflepuff slowly pulls her knickers on, wondering if she should look into any accessories such as Harry's Thralls wear. _____ As Harry and Hermione are walking towards the Three Broomsticks, neither of them notices the figure slinking through the shadows following them.

Antonin Dolohov has a maniacal look in his eye as he raises his wand. The insane Death Eater watches the mudblood who managed to escape him holding hands with the damned Potter brat.

Giggling, he raises his wand and says, "Avada Kedavra." The bolt of green light shoots from his wand, flying towards its target. Hermione is idly discussing possibilities for their wedding and never even notices when the curse hits her in the back. Harry staggers as he's hit with unexpected pain through his link with Hermione. He is surprised when she suddenly collapses.

Dolohov watches as Potter suddenly kneels next to his girlfriend and picks up her hand. The messy haired wizard can already feel the heat draining from his lovers' body as he takes her hand in his. Harry looks at the dead woman before him for another moment more before his eyes track to where the spell came from. Dolohov just stands there cackling madly, unaware of the fate that is about to befall him. Harry's eye's lock on the insane Death Eater and with an inarticulate roar, the young man throws up his right hand and as his palm comes into alignment with the man, a green bolt leaps from his hand.

The other pedestrians look on in shock as the jet of green light hits Dolohov in the chest, causing the man to drop like a stone. Harry grabs the fallen witch's hand in both of his and shouts out, "HERMIONE!" _____ Hermione finds herself on a murky beach. As she looks around, all she can see is fog. Off a little bit, she can hear water flowing. As she turns in that direction, Harry steps out of the fog.

"Hermione, thank Merlin you're alright. I was so afraid I'd lost you," the young man says. He grabs her hand, "Come on, Voldemort is around here somewhere. Once we cross the river you'll be safe." He starts to pull Hermione behind him as he trudges towards the river. In a matter of moments, the fog clears enough for Hermione to see a wide river; however, the fog is still obscuring the other side. Just as Harry is about to step into the water, a voice from behind the calls out, "HERMIONE!" Hermione says, "That sounded like you." Harry gets a look of panic on his face, "Ignore it Hermione.

That was just Voldemort trying to deceive you." The young witch isn't so easily fooled however, especially once she sees the look on the man's face, "Harry, what is going on here?" The wizard grabs Hermione's hand and starts to tug incessantly, "Come on.

I'll explain everything once we're on the other side." Hermione digs in her heels, "I'm not going anywhere until you explain to me what is going on here!" The mask the man is wearing starts to slip a bit and Hermione can see the ugly monstrosity tugging her towards the river.

Without taking a moment to think, the witch kicks out and catches the creature in the crotch, causing it to release her to grab its injured bits.

The witch takes off running to roughly where she heard her name called from. Behind her, she can hear the monster start to run after her as she starts to panic. Suddenly the fog clears away and Hermione can see Harry standing by a fence, his arm stretched out to her, with fat mature mom full sex stories xxx storys golden aura surrounding her.

The creature is in hot pursuit of the young witch and he redoubles his efforts to catch her before she can reach the young man standing by the gateway. Hermione locks her hand around Harry's wrist less than a split second before the monster can grab her from behind.

She feels a sensation very much like a Portkey before she sees a bright flash of yellow light. _____ Tears are flowing down Harry's face and one of them drops directly sexy milf free arkadasiyla karisini sikiyo Hermione's forehead just before her eyes shoot open.

"H… Harry?" The young wizard looks dazed to hear his name and looks down at Hermione who is slowly trying to sit up. The witch in question says, "Did anyone get the number of the hippogriff that hit me?" Just then there's a series of pop's as Harry's Thralls arrive on the scene accompanied by Madam Pomfrey.

In a thrice, Hermione is bundled up by the disturbed looking matron and carted off to the castle under heavy guard. A few moments later, the area is flooded by Auror's and Unspeakables.

Soon the entire town is cordoned off and everyone is questioned as to what they saw. Harry gives his statement to Tonks while the others go about their tasks. As it become increasingly apparent what Harry did, many of the Unspeakables look at the young man with barely restrained awe. Finally Madam Bone arrives on the scene and quickly walks over to Harry, "Well Mr. Potter, you seem to have a singular talent for causing me headaches. Just for my information, would you please give me a brief overview of what happened?" "Yes ma'am.

Hermione and I were walking towards the Three Broomsticks for a butterbeer after some headaches at school. She suddenly collapsed and I don't honestly remember much beyond that." The older witch nods her head, "That was more or less what I was expecting. How are you feeling anyways?" "Besides the fact that I'm worried sick about Hermione, I'm fine." Nodding once more, Amelia says, "Harry, I'm surprised you are still standing.

From all accounts, including a magical examination of the body, you used the Killing Curse on Antonin Dolohov. However, we've already checked your wand for that spell and found nothing. According to the statements everyone has given, it would appear sir, that you have the distinction of being the first one to ever use the Killing Curse without a wand or other magical focus." A few minutes later, the senior Auror on sight hands his boss a report.

Amelia says, "Well, it looks like you won't be facing any charges. Physical evidence, or lack there of, not withstanding, there's enough extenuating circumstances that preclude any possible prosecution. Oh, and just between, us, you might want to file that paperwork soon." With that Madam Bones signals for her people to pack up and Disapparates.

Harry is immediately beset upon by Professor McGonagall, "The headmaster wishes to see you in his office immediately Mr. Potter." As the elderly teacher leads the way back to the school, Harry wonders why these things seem to happen to him. hot ghetto shows off boobs and fucked at the pawnshop is slack jawed when he receives the report from his spies about the amount of power Potter had demonstrated.

After a moment, the Dark Lord starts to cackle, seeing only Harry's use of the Unforgivable, rather than what provided the true power for the spell. Harry seats himself across from the headmaster in his office. The ancient mage looks at the powerful young man across from him, "Harry, I must know, what did you do to Antonin?" "Honestly sir, I don't know. All I remember is wanting him dead for having killed Hermione, the next thing I know, she opened her eyes." Dumbledore completely hides the terror flowing through his system, "Very well then.

Kinky blond teen crystal young pounded and creampied dare say you and Mrs.

Potter had best be prepared for the deluge of interview requests. She because this is only the second time in history that the Killing Curse has not succeeded after being properly cast and you, well, because you performed what amounts to an impossible feat of magic today.

How do you feel?" Harry suddenly yawns widely, "Exhausted actually; like I've been running all day after a hard Quidditch practice." "Magical exhaustion most likely. I would recommend checking on your wife and then getting some sleep. Is there anything else?" "Yes sir, I think it's time Tonks officially became my property.

Madam Bones made a small comment in town that I might want to file the paperwork soon." Tonks suddenly slaps her forehead, "That's right, I'd forgotten about that. My apologies master, but Aurors are required to submit to annual inspection to ensure they are free of any outside mind control spells and the time is in just a few weeks." Dumbledore nods his head, "Very well then, the paperwork will be filed this afternoon." Harry nods as he stands up, "Very well sir, then I will go see my wife.

Good afternoon." Tonks and her master make it to the hospital wing unmolested to find that all of Harry's Thralls except Tonks are looking after their mistress. The young wizard takes a seat next to Hermione's bed and scoops her hand into his, "Feeling better love?" The bushy haired witch locks eyes with her husband, "A bit yes. Mostly I'm just tired and sore." "Has Madam Pomfrey said when she's going to let you out?" The school matron suddenly appears at Hermione's bedside, apparently quite intrigued.

She hums for several moments as she casts a few diagnostic spells on the prone witch. Finally, she says, "Well Mr. Potter, it would appear that the bond between the two of you has struck again. Ms. Granger is free to be released right now with the understanding that she come see me immediately if she starts to get dizzy, lightheaded, or nauseous." Ten minutes later, the group is back in the suite.

As Harry is getting ready for bed, Tonks says, "Master, a request if I may?" "Yes Dora, what is it?" The Sex stories porn alice march blacked swallows nervously, "I've had a little something planned for a while now master, and I would like to do it tonight." Harry arches an eyebrow and looks at Hermione who smiles slightly and nods her head.

"Very well my little Nymph, you may proceed." Tonks says, "Thank you master. If you would wait on the bed naked, I would appreciate it." The rest of the Thralls pair off as everyone strips down and Hermione joins her husband on the bed to await the show. _____ Tonks changes into the outfit for tonight and takes a steadying breath before she steps out of the bathroom and into her master's bedroom. Harry draws a sharp breath as he sees his lovely Thrall.

Tonks has her hair grown out and light brown in color, tied back in a pony tail, and is wearing a red leather vest that's unbuttoned, showing the valley between her breasts down to her navel, a pair of brown leather trousers, and a pair of snakeskin boots. She does a small spin as she walks towards her master, giving her a perfect view of her naked bum, framed perfectly by the fabric of the trousers. When she reaches the bed, Tonks crawls onto it and stays on all fours. She turns and presents her arse to her master.

She looks over he shoulder to her master, and says, "Care for a rodeo with this cowgirl mister?" As Harry gets to his knees, he instinctively knows what his Thrall wants.

The young man parts the witch's cheeks and forces just the head of his cock into her rectum and grabs a hold of her ponytail. He pulls back slightly causing Tonks to draw her head back and then he slaps her on the bum as hard as he can.

Nymphadora suddenly rears up, burying her master in her rear, and starts to buck hard, almost like a wild horse. Harry barely manages to keep himself seated as his Thrall apparently tries to dislodge him.

The wizard rather enjoys the night's game, and he stayed for longer than eight seconds. _____ In the morning as the group is getting dressed, Harry looks over to the pink haired witch, "Dora." "Yes master?" "I want you to wear the same type of trousers as you wore last night from now on, unless I tell you otherwise." The metamorphmagus smiles brightly as she slips on the trousers. She's so caught up in her plan to order more of the cheekless trousers that she misses the mischievous glint in Harry's eyes.

Harry can't let the opportunity pass him by as Tonks continues to face away from him as she dresses. He grins evilly as he gives the woman's naked bum a good swat.

_____ The passes without smoothly for the teens, except for the last hour of classes for Luna when Ron decides to activate the vibration function on her buttplug at maximum speed. _____ That night, Harry is reading the section of the White Tome dealing with the more obscure and special use spells when he finds it. The young man reads through the spell and its description before he says aloud, "This is it. This is exactly what I need to deal with that psychotic bastard." As Harry closes the book, he makes sure his Occulmency shields are firmly emplace and summons Tonks for a trip to see the headmaster.

In the Headmaster's office, Harry finds Albus and Snape discussing the attack on Hermione. "Ah, Harry," the ancient wizard says, "please join us." Harry sits down and Snape says, "The Dark Lord wishes you to know that Dolohov acted completely on his own." The young man nods, "I had guessed as much. As the school has yet to be assaulted by the Death Eaters, I was fairly sure Voldemort was still hoping for his corruption plan to work. Now Severus, I need you to carry a message to the Dark Lord.

Tell him that I have seen the light, or in this case the Dark, and wish to join him." Snape and Dumbledore exchange looks for a moment, before the latter says, "May I ask why Harry?" "Actually Albus, I would prefer you didn't. It's not because I distrust either you or Snape, but because the fewer people who know what I'm planning means a much smaller chance of something slipping accidentally." Both of the older men regard the messy haired teen for a minute before nodding.

Dumbledore says, "I take it that you would prefer to keep as much information to yourself as is possible, including whatever method you are planning on using to destroy Voldemort?" "That is correct. Albus, in a situation like this, a single misspoken word could have disastrous results." Both of the older mages nod their understanding and Snape says, "Very well then, when and where would you like to meet the Dark Lord for your induction?" Harry growls at the greasy haired man, "First I want to make one thing perfectly clear to him, I will join him as an equal, but never as a servant!" He leans back as he smiles, "Or at least that's what I want you to tell him.

I think just outside of Hogsmeade this weekend. This will provide me the cover to leave the school without raising the suspicions of the muggle loving old fool and still allow me to have a town nearby for an aspiring Dark Lord to begin his career with." Dumbledore gets a far away look in his eyes for a moment, "I think I am beginning to see what you have planned my boy.

Yes, this could work out perfectly." Snape is completely lost, "Very well then, I will carry your message to Voldemort. I doubt he will object though. Will Saturday evening, approximately seven, suffice?" Harry considers for a moment before nodding his head. The young man quickly reviews everything he needs to get done before he says, "That should work out.

Now if you gentlemen will excuse me, I have a great deal of work to do before I take on the mantle of Dark Lord." Harry stands up and walks from the office followed nubile films double facial for lesbian hotties Tonks; leaving behind him two very confused men.

_____ Susan looks over to her master and swallows the lump forming in her throat. "Master," the witch says timidly, "I have a request." Neville marks his place on the essay he's working on as he turns to the blonde witch, "Yes?" "Master, there is a little fantasy I've wanted to try for a while now." The wizard nods his head encouragingly as he smiles.

"If it is alright with you milord, I would prefer just to let it flow for the moment." Neville suddenly looks at his Thrall intently, "This is something you don't think I'll approve of, isn't it?" Susan looks down at her feet and nods meekly.

The young man shifts his eyes to his girlfriend who nods her head gently. Sighing, Neville says, "Very well Susan, what would you have me do?" The witch in question looks up quickly at the unexpected question, "Well, err, lay down on the bed naked on your back." Neville complies, curious as to what the young woman has in mind.

Susan quickly strips down to the buff and climbs on to the bed, kneeling between her master's legs. Ginny watches as Susan quickly sucks and fondles the wizard to full erection. The blonde witch takes a deep breath before she plunges downward, taking her master's full length into her mouth and down her throat.

Neville moans as he is deepthroated for the first time. The redhead winces in memory of what it was like when Tom would force himself down her throat, so she is quite surprised when the witch doesn't immediately retreat to open her airway.

Susan is fighting every reflex she has as she slowly chokes. She knows her face is starting to change color as she wishes her master would have the decency to hold her head in place. Fortunately for Susan, Neville's eyes are closed as he enjoys the rather unique sensations emanating from his crotch, or else he might have stopped the whole matter when Susan's face started to color. The blonde witch slips two fingers into her quim as she starts to see specks of light in front of her eyes.

Unexpectedly, Neville suddenly comes down Susan's throat. The witch barely has time to swallow before she pulls herself up and screams out her climax. Ginny arches an eyebrow and make a mental note to speak to Susan in private about her choice in fantasies as she moves to Neville's side as the young man realizes what just happened. _____ That night, Harry locks himself in the study with explicit orders not to disturb him for anything short of a global crisis.

The White Tome in hand, Harry addresses himself to five hard rubber balls on the desk in front of him. Checking the book once more, Harry casts the required spells on the five balls, turning them into a potent delivery system for the modified Stunner found within the pages of the White Tome. _____ Wednesday morning, Hermione finishes emptying her stomach into the toilet for the third day in a row when she decides to go and see Madam Pomfrey.

Narcissa follows her mistress to the hospital wing curious as to what might have befallen the younger witch. Her master and his wife had only been intimate once, with a great many protections in place, so Narcissa easily dismisses thoughts of pregnancy from her mind.

The school matron sits Hermione on one of the examination beds and begins a large battery of tests. After only a few minutes, the matron has word sent that Hermione will be missing all of her morning classes. Hermione for her part starts out worried and as Madam Pomfrey starts to ask her questions about if, when, and with whom she had had sex in the past week, her concern quickly skyrockets.

The grey haired witch re-runs the test for the fourth time before she says, "Are you absolutely certain that proper precautions were taken when you slept with Mr. Potter?" Exasperated, Hermione says, "Completely certain, why?" Sighing, the matron says, "Because my dear, you are either cursed or blessed by some higher power then. Every test I have run has come back with the same results, congratulations my dear, you are pregnant." Hermione is absolutely gob smacked and Narcissa quickly takes control of the situation.

She quickly takes Hermione back to the suite and sends Dobby to retrieve Tonks and their master. _____ Harry had been so distracted all morning that he was quite grateful when Tonks pulled him out of class. The pair walks to Harry's suite in complete silence. When the pair enter the common room, Hermione instantly has Harry bound up in a rib breaking hug and his lips sealed with hers.

Hermione finally has to break the kiss due to lack of air Harry shakes his head to clear the ringing before saying, "Hermione, what's so urgent?" Narcissa speaks up, "Master, you may want to sit down for this." Once all four are seated, the blonde Thrall says, "Mistress, in a situation like this, it might be best if he hears directly from you." Hermione swallows, unsure of how her de facto husband is going to take the news, "Well, Harry, you know how I've been feeling under the weather the last couple of days?" "Yeah, you told me you were going to see Madam Pomfrey." "Well, I just came from there and she found out why I've been sick lately." "Good, what's wrong?" Hermione looks down at her feet, "There's nothing wrong, per say, but; oh blast, I'm pregnant." Harry just looks at his wife for a second, before he forces open the link between them and can immediately sense the truthfulness in her statement, as well as her nervousness.

"Hermione, I will never abandon you. You've granted me one of my fondest wishes, a few years early, yes, but that doesn't mean I love you any less." Harry moves over to the loveseat and spends the rest of the morning cuddling with his wife; hoping against hope that she will cooperate come Saturday night. _____ Saturday dawns bright and clear and before ten, Harry and his friends have all gathered in the man fuck caw free dawnlod. Harry has a map of Hogwarts, Hogsmeade, and the surrounding area lain out on a table.

He says, "Neville, you, Ginny, and Susan are to be in the Three Broomsticks by five at the latest. Ron, I want you, Luna and Millie in Honeydukes at about the same time. We don't know where the Dementors are going to be, or where Tommy's going to have the rest of his Death Nibblers. Beware of them, as well as any giants that old Moldy might have recruited, or any other Dark creatures such as that.

Bella, Cissa, Cho, Pansy, you're with me. We'll meet Tom, when I signal you to, you lot are to throw the Stun balls. At the same time, I'm going to use the spell and finish this insanity once and for all!" Hermione says, "And what about me Harry?" Sighing, the young man says, "I would prefer it Mione if you would stay here at the castle." Scowling, the witch says, "No way Harry.

Where you go, I go, end of discussion!" "Please, Hermione," Harry says, "think of the twins. Can you honestly put them in danger?" "Harry, I love you, but think for a second. Because of my oath, if you die, then I will be following you shortly and they will be accompanying me.

So, you see, the best chance I have to protect them is at your side." Harry sighs, mentally noting that sometimes it stinks to be right.

"Very well then, if I can't talk you out of coming along, then I want you with me. Just remember, if I say duck, you duck, no argument!" Hermione nods meekly, not knowing what her husband has planned for her.

____ At five o'clock that evening, Harry is sitting in Dumbledore's office, sharing a cup of tea with the old man. Albus says, "This my boy, is perhaps the hardest part of being a leader." "What do you mean?" "You have trained your friends as best you can, and now, you have committed them to battle.

From here on in, there is nothing you can do to affect whether they live or die. All you can do is trust in them, in their training, and in yourself to finish the fight tonight." Harry nods glumly, as the old man had accurately guessed what was on his mind.

"What role do you have planned for myself this eve Lord Potter?" "I need you and the rest of the teachers to stay here at the school and make sure the Death Eaters don't try an end around. Remember, whatever I may think of Wormtail's character, or lack there of, he was a Marauder and knows about the secret passages within the school, including the one from the Shrieking Shack to under the Whomping Willow.

This is the hardest part about organizing a defense, having to guess at all the moves an enemy *might* make whereas in attacking, you need only worry about the move you *are making*." "Not quite correct my boy.

A proper offense always considers the potential deployment of enemy troops. If you do not plan for that, you could find yourself outnumbered and your retreat alley cut off unexpectedly." Harry silently raises his teacup, acknowledging the point.

The two men sit in companionable silence until the door opens, allowing Hermione, Tonks, and the rest of Harry's Thrall entrance. Tonks says, "Master, it is time." Harry nods and stands up, "Albus, I hope most of my plans for this night are not needed.

I will talk to you later." With that, the young man and his ladies walk from the office. The school is in lockdown, no one except professors are in the halls this night.

_____ On the road to Hogsmeade, just past the Anti-Portkey wards surrounding the school, Harry stops the group and takes Hermione's hand in his. "My love, are you absolutely certain that I cannot convince you to stay at the school tonight?" "Absolutely not Harry!" Before Hermione can start her rant, Harry sighs and says, "I hope you can forgive me for this then." Hermione is confused for a moment and thus has no chance to counter the move Harry has had planned for a while now.

Harry releases Hermione's hand and steps back before saying, "Draconum Sanctum!" Hermione can feel a flash of magic from her engagement ring as the specialized Fidelius charm drop and the Portkey spell activates. The extremely irate witch lands in a barren room with only a bed, a table, and a single chair in it.

She tries to Apparate, but finds herself unable to. After a moment, she notices a letter sitting on the table. Angrily, she opens the letter and starts reading. Hermione my love, I truly hope the scheming I have done involving this room and this letter is for no reason. If, however, you are in fact reading this letter then my worst fears have come to pass. My love, I know you will want to participate in the final battle, however, I cannot allow this to happen. If you are there, then I will be too worried about your safety and protecting you that I will not be able to focus properly on defeating Voldemort.

As you have undoubtedly already discovered, there are Anti-Apparation and Anti-Portkey wards around this room to prevent you from returning and messing up my plans.

Dobby will attend your needs while you are here Hermione; however, he has sworn to me that he will not help to release you, so asking him would only cause him undue stress. The wards protecting this room will drop the instant that Voldemort is dead, but not before. I know now that I am a coward my love. If Tonks, or Cissa, or even Pansy were to die in this coming battle, I will grieve, but if I were to loose you my love, I would be undone, I would simply have no reason to continue on.

I hope one day that you will be able to forgive me Hermione, and perhaps one day, you will even consent to becoming my wife. Humbly yours, Harry James Potter Hermione gently wipes a lone teardrop from her face.

That Harry had known her well enough to know she would not be content to sit back and wait does not surprise the young witch. She smiles gently as she sits down, and re-reads the letter, perversely proud of her lover for keeping this from her and his Thralls as well as his thoroughness in ensuring she is unable to escape.

Finally convinced that she is going no where, Hermione orders a cup of tea and wishes her husband luck mentally. _____ Harry watches Hermione disappear with a heavy heart and he drops the mental shields he had erected around the information to keep it away from prying minds. He says, "Come along ladies, we have work to do this night." The group continues towards the hill overlooking Hogsmeade in silence, the Thralls amazed that their master could have set up something so complex without them being aware of the matter at all.

Finally, they reach the appointed spot and find Voldemort waiting for them. "So, Potter," the Dark Lord wheezes, "you are finally ready to join the real winning team? Kneel before me and take the mark of my servants." Harry scowls as he walks forward. When he's less then five feet from the evil bastard, he stops and says, "Now let's get one thing straight, I am not going to be one of your toadies. In fact, I've changed my mind about joining your side." Mentally, he sends his Thralls the command, "NOW!" Voldemort looks confused for a second as Harry shakes his wrist, causing his wand to drop into his hand.

The Thralls all draw out the balls their master hand given them and toss the projectiles into the mass of Death Eaters as their master casts the fateful spell. Harry brings his wand into alignment and completes the needed movements as he speaks the ancient incantation, "Attero obscurum!" As the white bolt leaps from his wand, Harry's mind goes back to the entry in the White Tome. _____ Attero obscurum: The Destroyer of Darkness spell. Unimaginably powerful, the Attero obscurum will only work against a truly evil person or rare Dark creature.

There is no ward against this spell. If it connects there is no defense, not even the splitting of one's very soul will prevent the destruction of the target. The main drawback of this spell is the pure power required to cast it properly. A single mage who casts this spell does so at the cost of his own life, and even then there is no real guarantee that the spell will work properly.

Three mages, all focusing their power through a single caster will be able to cast the spell successfully, though all three will forfeit their lives. Adding a fourth mage drastically increases the chances of survival, though odds are still in favor of at least one dieing. It takes the combined power of more than five mages to successfully carry-out this spell and ensure the survival of all. _____ Voldemort doesn't have time to move before the spell connects. As he screams in pain as his body is destroyed, the balls thrown by the Thrall's strike their targets, bathing the entire area in red light.

All of the Thralls stagger from the raw amount of power their master just siphoned off of them All but a few Death Eaters who were on the edge of the gathering are Stunned by the spelled balls, and they are easily subdued by the Thralls. _____ Hermione wobbles suddenly as she feels her magic being drained away; a moment later, she can sense the wards dropping around the room.

Recalling the location where Harry's ambush was planned, she quickly Apparates to the scene. Tonks goes about securing the Death Eaters and re-stunning those that look to be coming around. Narcissa conjures a stretcher and levitates one unconscious Harry Potter on to it. Harry stirs for a moment as Hermione grabs his hand and stays awake only long enough for her to say to him, "I forgive you Harry, and I hot darksome pretty bitch adores sex a lot hardcore blowjob all of the Death Eaters are secured and Portkeyed to the Ministry of Magic, the group begins the trek back to Hogwarts, still concerned as Wormtail had not been found.

_____ In the morning, Harry awakens in the Hospital wing, surrounded by his Thralls and the Headmaster sitting by his bed, "Good morning Mr. Potter." "Good morning Albus, I take it everything worked out?" "Indeed it did. Voldemort is no more. You were right to be concerned about the school; Wormtail did indeed lead a small band of Death Eater recruits into the school. However, once they were sufficiently in the school, a most amazing thing happened, as a professor approached the group, rather than attack the person, Peter turned his wand on the five recruits and stunned them all before they could respond.

He then surrendered his wand to the person. Last night, after you had left my office I summoned the Order to help defend the school; the person to whom Peter surrendered was none other than Remus Lupin.

Peter was subsequently Stunned and he, along with the others, were restrained. When Madam Bones this morning came to speak with you I immediately turned the prisoners over to her. Peter was revived, and then, without any promises of protection, he confessed to all of his crimes. Betraying your parents, framing Sirius, killing Cedric, the whole list; mind this is without Veritaserum, or anything else to prompt his cooperation.

Perhaps in the end, Peter was a Gryffindor after all. After he was done confessing, Wormtail asked about his sentence. Madam Bones has decided that as you are the principal injured teen katrin tequila gets bent over for anal dicking pornstars and hardcore, to leave his fate in your hands." Harry sighs, "I guess this wraps up everything neatly then." "At least as far as evil wizards are concerned.

Now I believe there is a certain pregnant witch who wishes to speak to you." THE Blonde milf eats natural big tits brunette. Thank you for reading what I regard as my masterpiece.