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Xnxxcomkajol ki nangi chut ki chutdai
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Our class gets to go to the swim park this year. Great. I sigh as I put my gear in the trunk. The drive is long. We get there finally.

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Grace and Colin are here. Ew they are making out. I go over to David and Jett. "Hey!" I say smiling. The greet me with a hug and a smile. "Go get your swimsuit on GURLlLl" Jett says. I walk our later with a very tight sexy swimsuit. David's face gets red. The boys always have this joke that they make girl sex noises. His and Colin run ahead making them.

Us girls stay behind. "Soo who is your lovers?" Grace woops. Jett blushes. She still has not asked David out yet since 6th grade. "Nobody." I say casually. They both giggle. "We know you still like Aiden. Miss Ovs!" Jett laughs. That was true. I always look at him and he looks at me. "Shut up!" I say. "He likes that Sidney girl." I say sighing. "Yeah right!" Grace finishes.

We walk to the wave pool. Aiden is there. I smile at him and he waves. I walk by him as his eyes trace my ass. "Shh Katie he is checking you out." Jett whispers. "No duh my swimsuit is so tight." I whisper back. I feel and hand lay on my arm.

I turn to see Aiden with a smile on his face. "Hey you and your friends want to go on a slide?" He asks lips glimmering. I look over to David, Colin, Grace, and Jett. "Sure!" I chirp. We all walk towards the steps. Aiden tells us jokes that make me laugh. His hand brushes my waist. The lifeguard motions us on. He stops me. "Only 5." He shouts in my face. "Katie you can sit on top of me?" Aiden offers sweetly. The lifeguard moves himself so I can get on.

I sit on his lap. Davies face gets red again. Aides pants are wet from water. I can feel something rise on my back. He is having a boner. I lean back on him during the ride but I just can't it is to bumpy. I bounce up and down on his lap. It feels good. I have to move my hand. The ride bounces and my hand lands on his dick. In shock I move it back the handle.

The next bounce he moves his hips along with it. Grace and Jett are giggling. Colin and David are laughing with joy. Aiden grabs my stomach.

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"You can lay back if you want." He smiles. I lay back on his chest.

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His breathing is in my ear. I quiver. "Dammit!" Jett screams. It wakes me up from my dream. "What?" I ask. "The rides almost over." She laughs. "I want to go on another ride this is fun!" Grace cheers. We are walking to the next ride. I move my hand back as I walk it brushes Aidens thigh. I move it forward and hold it. "OMG!" Jett screams.

It's the log ride. We run into it. Colin and Grace go in the front, Jett and David in the middle and me and Aideen go in the back. Once again I have to sit on his lap. I lean back on his chest. His boner is rising up into my butt thru is trunks. I wiggle so it goes In front of me.

He strokes my butt a little as we wait. I tense it up. He stops because the ride is starting. Thanks. If you are nervous you can squease my hand." He smiles teeth showing. We go up the hill around the turns then we break. His boner rubs against my vagina.

I little moan runs tru my lips. Oh shiti cover my mouth and laugh. He laughs to. Soon that ride is over. We walk over to the carpet one. We get on. Aiden seems really turned on. We slide down fast his dick is around my butt. Our pants are sliding down from the gravity. His dick enters my swimsuit and rubs my ass. I grab his arm tighter. He grabs my hips and moves up and glamour lesbian models rub and eat pussy. "Aiden." I say.

He kisses my ears. I moan. I am getting turned on. The ride is over and I am totally hurting around my pussy. "Maybe we should eat because it's lunch?" David announces. He looks at my and looks at my breasts. I nod and order some food. "Katie?" I hear Aiden ask. I turn towards him. He motions me to follow him so I do. We go to a new ride. He grabs my hand and we get into a box.

It's the ride. The doors shut at a light goes on. I see his arms Arched over my shoulders. He comes closer. I breath I little and then I close my eyes. He kisses my face. I breath in deeply with passion.

Our lips fix together and leave then fx together again. I breath more passionly. He grabs my breasts now. I let out a high pitched moan. He squeases. I let out a moan and fall in his arms. "Stop." I breath. He holds my butt in his hands. He pulled then towards him lifting them up. He kisses my neck. He sticks his thumbs on the rim of my underpart of my bikini. He tugs them down. He turns me so on.

I feel wet.

He turns me around and humps me really fast. I let out fast moans. I bang my but on him. He feels my vagina now. Rubbing it.

He takes his trunks off. He un lips my bikini top.

I feel relaxed now. "Your boobs looked small in those but your ass." He laughs. He gropes my butt. I pur. I lookout the corner of my eye at his dick.

It looks like a brick it so sexy. He sticks his tounge in my ass. I moan loud. "No Aiden I can't do this!" I say.

I hear a pop as I feel pain enter my ass. "Damn your ass is tight!" He says still hardcore fucking. I hold his ass and twirl my finger on it. He quivers. I hold his dick and spin it around my wet vagina.

"Oh Damn I must have turned you on out there." He smirks. He leans his head back and moans. It makes me even more wet. I stick it in more. I sit on his lap and bounce.

His dick slides deeper. Soon I let out screams. I grind on his body when we turn around. I move my pphips and riding him. I stroke his dick. I suck it then lick inside his pee hole. He moans. He cums. I swallow. "I think I might-" I say but to lat it goes all over his dick.

He sticks his tounge in and dogg pants it. He strokes my thighs. He fucks my in the ass again. This I'm hard and fast. The ride is almost over. "Hey Katie." He says as we get our close on. "Maybe next time we should go for 3 hours." He laughs. I kiss his lips as we exit. I could hump something. "Hey Aiden." He looks back at me. "One time you gave me a 10 day orgasum." I giggle. David and Colin are chatting.

"Where were you?" Jett asks. "We went on a waterside." Aiden smiles. We walk to the next ride as David touches my breast.