Lovely brunette pornstar gets filled with hot jizz

Lovely brunette pornstar gets filled with hot jizz
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"Who are you?" I don't know why I asked. I knew perfectly well who he was. Ian Somerhalder. The hottest guy on campus. Every girl was after him, including my best friend. What I should have asked was "why are you here"; at least I wouldn't have sounded like some uneducated freak then. I didn't need to know who he was, but why he was there, sat in my apartment, on my desk, half naked, when I don't even know him, I did need to know.

I had been drooling over this guy in the distance since starting at this university 3 months ago. He was perfect. That was the only word to describe him. I have only described two other people like that, Billie Joe, who was unfortunately one of my lecturers, and Ally, my best friend, she won't accept that she's perfect, but to me she is. Now this guy was definitely a guy to add to my hot list.

I'd never been this close to him, cos I didn't know if I could control myself around him. I guess this is the time to find out. This perfect guy was sat just 3 feet away from me. On my desk. On top of my biology work. How ironic that this guy was sat on a detailed drawing of a female reproductive system. "I'm Ian.

As you know". Oh. My. God. I had never heard him speak before. No one told me he was American. My heart skipped a beat.

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I can only deal with one American person in close proximity at a time; now I have 3 to deal with (did I forget to mention Billie and Ally were American too?) "I think you really want to know WHY I am here, not who I am". It wasn't a question. And I didn't answer. I couldn't answer. I was just held on the spot, staring. He smiled. Oh god. Don't do that. I can't control myself as it is. "Well, I have been watching you and I wanted to introduce myself" "Y.You.did?" "Why are you getting all flustered?" "Because you are talking to me.

In that gorgeous accent. And you're hot." Holy crap, did I really just say that out loud? I just told the hottest guy on campus that he was.well, hot. Oh fuck. "Walk with me", he said. Why was he asking me to walk with him? Did I want to? Oh don't be an idiot Al, of course I fucking do. So I walked with him, I didn't say a word, and I could nud sunny leon xxx sex free download take my eyes off him, every time I glimpsed at him (once every few seconds), he was smirking, and it was making me horny.

As we walked out of campus he spoke to me, "do you not even want to know where we're going?" "I don't know you at all, and I really don't care where we're going. Is that screwed up?" He smirked at me again, but didn't say a word.

It was like he was the Piper and I was one of the children he collected, I just had to follow, I couldn't not follow. And then he stopped. Outside a house. "Okay. Now I want to know.

Where are we?" "My house." I thought he lived on campus. Wasn't he a student at the university? "I live off campus; I share a house with two other people. I believe you know both of them" What?

I only knew one other person. I was a loner, I didn't like being with people but Ally was different, I actually liked being with her. But she lived on campus, of that I was sure, I had slept in her apartment often enough. Ian opened the door, and grabbed my hand. Hell, I thought I was horny before, now he was touching me, I wouldn't be surprised if he could see the wet mark on my red jeans. If he did, he didn't say anything. He pulled me through the open doorway, into the kitchen, and pushed my down into a chair.

"Wait here", he demanded. Well I wasn't going anyway, no way was I moving from this seat any time soon.

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Then, my jaw dropped. In walked another totally gorgeous beast, topless, he was totally covered in tattoos. I didn't even see his face, I looked up his body, I got as far as the "Born to Rock" tat across his chest and already knew who it was. Jacoby Shaddix.

This guy had been one of my idols for years. I eventually looked up and met his blue eyes, and he smiled at me, but didn't speak. He grabbed the chair across the table and sat down. Fingers intertwined. I broke our gaze and watched his fingers instead. I heard footsteps and obviously Coby did to, we both looked at the door. Ally walked in. Followed by Billie. "What are you two doing here" "Al." Ally looked at me with those eyes, she looked pained. "I don't know how to tell you.

I've kinda been seeing Billie". Well that was a shock. "But he's our lecturer". I didn't know what to say. They looked great together, but hell, he was nearly 40 and insanely hot, and she is 18 and beyond cute. She should be mine. We had admitted our feelings to each other long ago.

I wanted her so bad, and I knew she wanted me. Would she really choose Billie willingly? Well if I had the choice, I would. Wouldn't anyone if they saw him. "I know, but as long as we keep quiet." Well not much I could say to that. The two of them came and sat down. Ally sat next to me. And grabbed my hand. Something was wrong here. So very wrong. "Al?" That was Billie. I looked up at him, into those beautiful green eyes.

"Do you know what we are?" "What do you mean?" "Us. Ian, Coby and I. Do you know what we are?" The look in my eyes must have answered the question. "We're not.human. None of babes lusty sexual appetite hardcore and blowjob I just stared blankly.

I guess I did know that. Deep down. The lectures Billie did were always done after dark, 9pm in summer, 7pm in winter. I never saw Ian at any other class expect Billie's, didn't even see him on campus anywhere, before nightfall. And since I never even saw Coby until today, I don't know about him.

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"I.I.Know. I think. Y.You.You're.Vampires". "Glad I didn't have to explain that one again, Ally freaked when she found out". I whipped round in my seat, Ian was stood in the doorway. I looked at Ally. Then I looked at her neck. Bite marks. "You have been drinking her blood?" "We have been using her for more than that Al.

Vampires crave more than just blood you know" Sex. We were becoming sex toys for vampires. Correction. Ally already was one. Hell I seachthe girl fuck on boy wanted to be their sex objects. I'd been fantasising about it for so damn long. I didn't care that they were vampires, to me that just made it even hotter. "Are you scared?" Billie asked. "No." All three smiled. I looked at Ally and she smiled to. "Remember how we have been fantasising about this for so long?

Well now it's going to happen." Oh my god, Ally. You know how horny I get. I was wet, just from thinking about it happening. And the vampires could sense it, I could feel it. They couldn't just smell blood, they could smell the sweet scent of my wetness. Ally grabbed my hand, I could feel her pulse hammering in her wrist. We'd both wanted to do this for months. Now having 3 hot vampires watching made me want it worse.

She pulled me out of the seat and onto her lap. Wrapping her arms around my waist, she pulled me closer to her. "You are going to love this" she whispered into my ear.

She moved one hand up from my waist, and undid the clasp on my bra through my shirt. I breathed in, held my breath and looked around. Three vampires were now half naked, and staring at me, like I was talluri lenovhotel xx story sex stories mota mota lund piece of meat. To them, I probably was.

Ian walked over, lifted me off Ally's lap and put me on the table. I stared into his eyes, and he moved closer, so close his nose touched mine, then his lips brushed against mine and I could taste his breath.

My heart started beating even faster, and I could feel an orgasm building and I was still fully dressed. Ian could feel my heart beating, and I saw his fangs elongating, I wanted to touch them so bad. He moved down to my throat, I tilted my head back willingly, and I felt the pressure as his fangs pierced my skin. I could feel the blood being drawn out of my body against its will, and man it felt so damn good. He only sucked a few minutes and then withdrew. A smile on his face, fangs no longer visible.

I could sense the other two close by, I looked over Ian's shoulder and saw Billie, by now fully naked. He was hotter than I could imagine. I turned slightly and saw Coby, he was still feeding off Ally, he wasn't feeding from her neck though, she was so obviously used to this, Jacoby had his fangs sunk deep into Ally's breast, and she was loving every moment.

Ian let go of me and moved back, I was still in my clothes and there wasn't a single drop of blood on them. I got off the table, and went over to Coby and Ally, Coby pulled away leaving Ally exposed. She looked so good, I went straight over and moved Coby out of the way. I couldn't help look at the puncture wounds on her breast but they turned me on more than anything. I regained my position from earlier on her lap, and lowered my head, I wanted nothing more right now than to lick that drop of blood left on her from Coby's feeding.

I ran my tongue over the wound, and then moved over slightly and bit gently on her nipple. I felt her body lift beneath me and a hand pressed me further into her boobs. I bit harder and played with it with my tongue. Man it felt good. I pulled back and stood up. Coby came up behind me, putting his hand round my waist.

"Did that taste good?" I couldn't answer him, mainly because Billie was stood infront of me, undoing my shirt, I moaned out loud. They knew how to turn me on already. Billie laughed, god he was so hot. Coby pulled my shirt off. My bra, already undone, fell to the floor. Real estate slut katie morgan gets banged hard grabbed me again and ran his tongue down my neck, I moaned out loud again.

Billie had vanished, and so had Ian.

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Ally was now infront of me. "Do you know how much I want you?" she said to me. "Yes", it was more of a squeak than a reply but she got the message. She knelt down on the floor infront of me and undid my Converse.

Slowly she got them off along with my pants.

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She looked at my underwear and saw how wet they already were, and grabbed them in her teeth, pulling them down see how i touched that ass in public my hips and sucking out the juices with a sly smile on her face.

The look on my face must have told her how much it was turning me on watching her. She tossed my underwear over her shoulder.

Ian, who had now reappeared, caught them, and smelt them, fangs beginning to elongate again. He moved over, now fully naked like Coby and Billie, and took Coby's place behind me. He just held me and kissed my neck, fangs now retracting again, it felt so good, I moaned again, then suddenly, I felt my legs being parted. I didn't look down, I didn't need to. Ally had hold of my thighs and I felt her hair on my stomach, she kissed my belly button and moved down slowly.

I was already wet, but as she moved her mouth over my pussy, gently kissing it I got even wetter. As she put her tongue into my pussy, I repressed a groan, it felt so good, her tongue licking my sopping clit.

I couldn't hold it in any longer, I groaned out loud, and as I groaned, I felt Ian's cock push into my lower back. God, he felt big. I wanted him inside me. And he knew it. Ally, now finished licking the wet mess of my pussy, moved away, and was grabbed by Coby who pushed her down on the floor, and forced his cock into her mouth. Despite how much I wanted to watch, I turned and looked at Ian. He lifted his eyebrows, and then lifted me onto the table. I lay down, and he pulled me so I was closer to the table edge.

I wanted him to put his cock inside me so bad, but he just looked at me, forcing me to wait for it. He moved away "where are you going?" How dare he leave me when I wanted him so bad. He just looked at me, and walked out the door. I lay with my head on the table, and heard Ally moan hard on the floor. Great she gets laid, and the guy leaves me naked on the table. Just my luck. As I lay there wondering what to do, I hear someone by the table, I look over to see Billie there.

"Seems he left you". I didn't answer. I just stayed where I was. Billie moved round and lifted my legs in the air. "He didn't leave you. He though you probably wanted me more". He bent his head down, and probed my pussy with his tongue.

"You taste good". I hope he didn't want a reply to that, because he chose that moment to thrust his fingers into my pussy, and move them so hard all I could do was scream with pleasure.

He smirked. Well he did until my pussy released a torrent of liquid all over his face. "Weren't expecting that were you" I mocked. He laughed and then set to work licking all the cum from off my stomach, legs and table. Ally walked over and licked the liquid off Billie. That was a turn on in itself.

After 'cleaning up', she climbed onto the table. "Your turn to lick me clean". As she crouched down over my face, I saw Coby sat in the corner, watching, and enjoying round 2 of beat the cock by the look of it.

Then I had pussy in my face, and man she was hot, I lifted my hands and parted her pussy, she was already dripping with cum, Coby obviously didn't clear up after himself. I stuck my tongue deep inside, and licked her out, running my tongue over her hole and swollen clit, I felt her beginning to come again, so I rammed my fingers into her cunt, tongue licking her clit, I heard her scream out and she did exactly the same as I did to Billie.

All over my face. She got up, and began licking up her mess, but was pushed away by Ian. "I want some of this shit", and he began licking my face. "I want you inside me" I told Ian as he licked up Ally's come. "Fine." But he didn't put his cock where I expected. He knelt on the table behind me, and shoved his cock down my throat.

I tightened my lips around it, and he fucked my mouth hard. I felt sick but I didn't care, as he was thrusting into my mouth I felt my legs being parted more, and Billie inserted his dick inside of me. Japanese mom and dughter blackmail, that did feel good, as he started to slowly gain rhythm, Ian began moving at the same speed, damn that felt good. I wanted to moan outloud so bad, I moved away from Ian and moaned so loud, Billie pulled out, I could feel my pussy wanting to explode but I wasn't done.

I looked over at Ian, he obviously got the message. He moved round the table, and inserted his very wet, erect cock into my tight pussy. It hurt, but it felt so, so good. 2 minutes later, he withdrew, feeling the pressure in my vagina building to boiling point, instead he rubbed my clit, knowing doing that would make me explode, and right on cue, I exploded over his stomach.

I see Billie and Coby by my side, massaging their cocks, obviously getting ready to expel their load, Ian started doing the same. "Get on the floor, both of you" Ian instructed. Me and Ally got on the floor, both ready for what was coming, and as if they were on timers, they came over our faces together.

I've never seen so much come, and it tasted so freaking good. "Go get a shower, and get ready for round two". Hell yeah, I grabbed Ally's hand and dragged her upstairs, to take a shower together.