Alura jenson step mom uses step son

Alura jenson step mom uses step son
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This story is about a mature woman who is a successful fetish model named Leigh, a number of years ago as a lark, do to several of her girlfriends urging, she had reluctantly posed for pictures wearing almost nothing! A well respected women's magazine photographer had placed several ads in the local newspaper asking for attractive women over 50 to pose for a risque photo shoot, in an upcoming article for that magazine.

They wanted to showcase that older women could be sexy attractive and desirable. Several of her girl friends had decided to do the same, but when it came to actually doing it, only she had taken her clothes off and done so, as the others were nowhere to be found! Leigh was in her early 50s, at the time and at first was apprehensive to do something like this, especially in front of a perfect stranger.

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The thought followed by actually doing it was so sinfully intoxicating. as the photographer was a young hansom black male and when he posed her had touched her in places that had brought back memories as a teenager of seductively teasing her boyfriend Jack into their first sexual experience, he later became her husband. How Leigh and I met, became friends and got involved in a number of kinky sexual situations is a story in itself.

Leigh today is an incredibly attractive woman. Currently in her 60s and, had decided in her 50s she was not going to let being an older woman stop her from being attractive desirable and appealing to men! So for her own self esteem she was going to just do it! This is how her modeling career started and how she became a well sought after and very successful erotic fetish model.

This also brought her husband in, first as a hobby, and now as a polished professional photographer into the world of fetish photography. As the bookings became more prevalent and her reputation as a mature kinky sexy model brought more work, less clothes, and all sorts of sexual situations propositions, that were both sinful and erotic!

This along with an open marriage offered numerous opportunities for more than just casual relations with not only men, but also with other women. Her favorite shoots were with black men as what had happened in her youth had always been buried in the dark depths of her lustful mind! She as a virgin had been sexually adventuresome in her teens, so one evening with her parents gone, in her front room with her boyfriend Jack setting on the family couch.

She with her heart pounding was trying to be a vamp that was sexually seductive and enticing, by giving him a show! She stood in front of him, and slowly turned around while swaying back and forth while inching her dress up!

She had wantonly exposed her shapely bare bottom followed by her equally bare pantiles pubic haired young pussy! She had not worn them and was not at all sure what might happen? Her boyfriend who was already aroused became so painfully hard with blue balls syndrome that his dick really hurt! Any reasonable person could have seen how this was going to end! Young lust and love is blind to reason as he fumbled around unzipping his pants!

A rock hard cock sprang out, and with her dress still up Leigh climbed on top of him. grabbed him around the neck, and kissed him with more than aroused passion as his manhood forced its way into her open virgin tightness!

At first she was scared to death she had made a dreadful mistake? As the incredible pain of her first time, stretched and flooded through her virgin feminine charms, the feeling was far beyond her imagination! With her weight, and in his excitement, he could not help himself and excitedly thrusted up as she came down! Tears welled up in her eyes, she bit her lip trying not to cry out! But after the first of several painful thrusts the feeling quickly turned from pain to the most wonderful pleasure she had ever imagined!

Then in a matter of minutes with absolutely no control, both experienced their first of several sexual orgasms as a young couple in love! Being young frisky nympho was brought in ass hole asylum for harsh treatment in love is a most wonderful experience, and to do so with the first love of your life is an indescribable feeling!

This sexual encounter seemed to be over almost as quickly as it had started, so they had to do, this most wonderful thing all over again! The second time was even better than the first, as they both savored this incredible first time experience at a much slower and deliberate pace!

OMG! For Leigh sex with her child hood sweetheart Jack was everything she ever thought it would be, and more! About a year later as a young married 18 year old she had an experience that was to haunt and change her life and view of sex forever, especially as an older woman.

This incident happened a year or so after getting married and before settling down to married life, having children and raising a family. Skip back in time! Leigh was barley 18 and her husband was 22.

They lived in an apartment complex in one of the lower middle class sections outside Baltimore. It was a convenient place to live, the rent was reasonable and this was one of few places back then that helped integrate blacks and whites as almost everyone that lived their worked in one of the small local factories.

It was also a place where a number of other young married couples along with single men lived, and many were black! They had just recently purchased one of the new tiny color TVs that were the rage at the time and that Friday night, had invited a few couples and singles over for some drinks and to watch television in color!

Leigh in her first year of marriage was a stunning young woman, at this age! She had light brown hair, brown eyes, stood 5'4 and weighed 118 pounds. She had a nice pair of firm 36 C sized breasts with some of the most incredible nipples that required no bra, a slender waist, and shapely buttocks, with the fairest white skin!.

They had all been drinking mixed drinks. screw drivers with plenty of vodka and little orange juice, something she had never tried before. One of the men was doing the mixing and the results quickly took its toll. She had easily drifted off on their comfortable old couch.

The movie had ended and the other couples had left except for two black men, that seemed to be in no hurry to leave. One was named Ben and had the nick name of big Ben, Leigh would find out later what this nick name really meant! The other man was named Damion. They lived in one of several apartment buildings next to Leigh & Jack, and also worked in one the small factories. They had all been watching this TV show on their new color television. Leigh was wearing a very short pink pleated skirt, with a loose fitting white blouse that buttoned up the front!

It was a warm evening and she had neglected to button several at the top! This had left a lot of her young white cleavage exposed and of course was wearing no bra. While asleep she had restlessly moved around trying to get comfortable, to where her blouse had worked its way to one side and had allowed one of her breasts to slip out entirely, and if this was not bad enough her short skirt had ridden up to the point where one could see most all of her thin white panties!

What really showed was the outline of her sweet pink little cunt lips that was easily visible through kissable teen is geeting pissed on and squirts wet slit thin damp fabric. Half way through a bottle of Vodka, Ben and Damion who were setting directly across from her were unable to keep their eyes off this now, very exposed area of this attractive young married woman.

The conversation about the TV show in color had come to an end, and had shifted to something, of much more interest. Damion who could not taken his eyes off Leigh's panties, had casually asked her husband Jack if she liked sex? Without the Vodka neither the question would have been ask or the answer given! Jack who had also been drinking had blurted out without thinking that, yes she did, and loved sex especially kinky sex very much!

Adding that she as a naive horny young woman was more pretty extreme hardcore compilation vicki chase skin diamond ash hollywood bonnie rotten francesca l interested in trying almost anything when it came to sex!.

Her husband now realizing what Damion had asked could not help but notice the bulges that seemed to be getting bigger by the minute in both of these black men's pants! Leigh was slowly starting to wake up, and made no effort to cover her bare breast or pull her short skirt down. even after Damion got up and sat down right next to her! Leigh was now very close to him. He first started teasing and flirting, telling her how pretty and sexy she was!.

Being that she still had a buzz on from the Vodka and was feeling pretty good and becoming fully awake her eyes lit up from the compliments, and attention especially from another man, so she started flirting right back!. Finally Damion placed one of his big black hands directly on her moist white panties! She made a slight gasp followed by the word no.

as his fingers traced the outline of her pussy lips on her panties that became instantly wet!.But again, she made no effort what so ever to cover up or push his hand away!

Leigh was obviously stimulated, as her head tilted back she closed her eyes, her breasts one bare and the other still covered heaved up and stopped breathlessly! When she exhaled a low sound of passion escaped her lips! Damion looked over at her husband Jack, I guess he was waiting for a reaction from him to stop, and was surprised when he nodded his approval with a big wide eyed smile!. Leigh's heart was pounding as her breasts perked up, her breathing would stop each time Damion squeezed her pussy lips that had now found her clit through the thin wet fabric!

The outline of her slit and lips were becoming even more obvious to Ben as the wet panties vividly showed most all of her thin pubic hair and pink skin that left little to his imagination!

Both Ben and Damion were big men, they stood well over 6 feet, and both were quite firm and muscular from the work they did. The sight of these two big black men and though of what was happening to Leigh a young horny woman was shamelessly arousing both her and her husband. Before anyone could stop what was happening, Damion and Leigh were kissing, and his hand and fingers had now found their way into her panties and was aggressively rubbing the insides her sopping wet slit!.

She gasped at first when his fingers easily slipped into her vaginal opening and again found her clit! She was making a most unusual low moaning female noise of sex and lust, as Ben joined in. He began by unbuttoning her blouse and opening it, she broke the kiss and actually helped as he easily removed it, this had left her topless. Again she made no effort to stop him. Ben's black hands were in stark contrast to her pale white breasts as he lovingly squeezed her soft tender treasures., while Damion kissed her again even deeper!.

Her husband watched these two black men, and Leigh his young horny wife on their old couch as she even more turned on now, passionately kissed Damion back. Ben was going from one soft breast to the other, his lips were first on one of her nipples and his fingers would pinch twist and pull the other, she would "gasp", in the middle of the kiss and stop breathing for a moment each time he did this.

Ben got lela star gets her pierced teen pussy fucked and moved off to one side, Then Damion had easily picked Leigh up, as Ben slipped off her short pink skirt, followed by her wet panties, leaving her totally naked. With Damion easily holding her fucking machine squirting like a geyser in the, air Ben pushed her legs apart grabbed her bare bottom and french kissed her deeply right on her stimulated wet pussy,!

Leigh told her husband later that she almost had a heart attack, and an incredible orgasm all at the same time when Ben had done this. it was the first of several incredible orgasms she would have that evening! Damion then laid her on the dark wooden floor, as Ben removed his clothes and was now kneeling at her head, his gigantic big black 12"cock first wagged back and forth, then stood straight up as he milked it.

His eyes were lustfully devouring Leigh's naked young body, as she laid there naked helpless and barely able to move! Damion had removed his clothes and climbed in between her legs, easily bending them back and spreading her even wider apart, then grabbed her ass cheeks followed by again driving his tongue deep into her young sweet and very wet little pussy. Leigh in her sinful lust had grabbed his head to hold him in this most perfect place!

Ben took advantage of Leigh's moaning, with her mouth open, and her head turned to one side, her sweet tender lips were right in front of his gigantic cock! It wasn't difficult to push as much of the large head into her mouth as he could. She was so turned on now and had taken more of his cock than she could handle something she had little experience at doing, and was almost gagging as her hands flailed undecidedly back and forth between trying to push Ben away and holding Damion's mouth and tongue on her over stimulated young pussy!

Leigh as a young inexperienced woman was doing her best at sucking him having no idea she could even do so? While Damion was taking big mouth fulls of her sweet little pink pussy that had all but disappeared into his mouth and was now surrounded by his black lips when he finally found her swollen clit!. OMG!.

This brought about another trembling orgasm as Leigh was helpless to resist, she withered and bucked around in the pleasurable ecstasy of sexual euphoria! All she could do was push her bare flesh and mound up to meet his ardent succulent attack as her red lips were helplessly around Ben's big black cock head! Leigh was making the most interesting noises like that of a wild animal being sexually usedand abused!

Her husband had worried that the neighbors might hear the groans squeals and gasps, but with this enormous cock in her mouth they were little more than a muffled noise! Ben started telling her come on baby suck my cock, and this let those in the room know how good she was even as an inexperienced little cock sucker. Her young husband was rock hard now from watching these Two black men have their way with his young horny wife! Boy was it ever something to see, a vision of taboo interracial sex as back in those days it was not the norm nor was it at all acceptable!.

Damion finally moved up and was sucking almost all of her breast into his mouth, his cock was also big and and very hard. Ben pulled his cock from her mouth as Damion laid down on top of her. Leigh looked so small and helpless under his muscular black body. She halfheartedly in a whisper said several times, stop, oh! Please stop!.But her voice was neither urgent or convincing!.As she submissively opened her legs even wider!

Ben and Leigh's husband Jack watched in Aw! At what was happening between Damion's strong black thighs and saw the gigantic head of his big cock push into the wetness of her tight white juicy folds!. Then he slowly forced more and more of him into her, You could see her small white hands with her sharp brightly painted red finger nails.

first clutching his buttocks tightly as she gasped and pulled him wantonly against her again and again! This was followed by then trying helplessly to push him away! Her feeble effort of resistance and her sharp nails only made him pound her harder as this had no effect on slowing him down what so ever. This time she really cried out for him to stop, but her all consuming desire for rough sex with him could not stop herself from pushing her wet, well stretched pussy up even harder to meet each of his forceful thrusts.!

He was able to get almost three quarters of his big cock into her young pussy at first. Then he started ramming into her, horny booty ebony fucks a big white dick in gloryhole and harder with each hard thrust more and more of his big black cock disappeared into her.

The polished dark wood of the floor was in sharp contrast with her white soft buttocksbut it would not give only spreading sucking his big black cock and rimming out as thrust after thrust found its way into her deeper and deeper!

Leigh as young sexually inexperienced girl was gasping for breath, as she took more and more of him!

Within a couple minutes of startinghe had managed to work the entire length of his 10" cock into her. She was withering underneath him, and moaning again like some sort of wounded female animal. Ben was coaching Damion on!., Telling him to fuck her white pussy, and fuck it hard.! Damion was doing just that with every thrust, he would pull back almost all the way and then drive the entire length of his big black cock deep into her young body!

Harder and harder. with his big black balls slapping against the lower part of her virgin like white ass cheeks that was firmly against the dark unyielding wooden floor!.

One could see these hard semen filled balls of yet unused virility that were making a very wet sinfully vulgar, and very perverse sound of black flesh against wet white flesh with each of his brutal and hurtful thrusts.!. Leigh with tears of pain and pleasure running down her checks, kept sobbing outno that he was just to bigand that he was really hurting her.! But this didn't stop her at all from helplessly and wantonly trying to thrust up against him, as he continued to pound her long hard, and deep!

Finally he let out a groan and released his load ! At the same time She also had nice titty wife gang banged at dirty ds wild orgasm, with even more reckless abandon, and for the third time in only minutes a blissful release flooded through her young naked body!

When he finally pulled his cock out, anyone could see that her pussy was no longer virginal as it was really stretched and this formerly tight white little pussy of hers was now wide open, dark pink and gaping!

Both her and his cum juices were running out and down between the soft white cheeks of her ass, and then dripping onto the floor!. Ben then took Damion's place, not that Damion didn't have a big cock, but Ben's looked like a monster the head looked more like a big odd shaped gigantic and very swollen black award winning plum!

The veins really stood out on the hard swollen shaft, it was easily several inches longer and a bit thicker than Damion's 10 incher!. Ben moved on top of Leigh and pushed the head of this thing into her wet wide open pussy, she really groaned as he forcefully pushed this monster cock down into her until it was buried all the way! OMG!

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She thought with mixed emotions as Damion now on his knees at her head looked over at her husband with a big smile on his face. He was stroking his still hard cock using his and her juices to slide his hand up and down his long black shaft. He watched as big Ben began to really ram, and jam his cock into Leigh!. As if Damion's big hard cock hadn't stretched Leigh's tight young pussy enough, she was now being stretched even wider and deeper, by Ben's larger cock!.

Ben had started fucking her even harder and faster than Damion had done, his mouth closed over Leigh's lips in lust and romance kissing and quieting her as she was trying to cry out. He kept driving the entire length of his massive cock into her petite young body over and over again. Her white bottom now firmly against the hard dark floor was giving her no escape as he pounded her ever harder and deeper! Ben broke their five amateur girls masturbate n licking each others pussies leaving her gasping for breath and pulled back so that Damion, could force his still hard dripping cock into her mouth, she was gasping again and trying to suck his cock, but the hard pounding she was getting from Ben and the painful sobs she was making in between sucking, left Damion hard pressed to keep his dick in her mouth.

Ben finally groaned out that he was cumming, as he trusted deep into her, and stiffened up! Her husband could see his big black balls tighten and knew he to was cumming an incredible amount inside her. He drove into her again as if trying to get the last little bit of his dick as deep as possible into her as he emptied his balls into her very well used little white cunt.

Then he rolled off of her and was leaning up against the old couch, Damion with his dick still hard, and needing a bit more attention just could not help himself and again climbed on top of her. Then drove it into her with one long hard thrust that caused Leigh to scream out, he pumped into her hard and fast until he to had emptied his load again, into her well used little pussy. He just laid on top of her for several minutes as his breathing slowly returned to normal.

As he got up, Jack could see her small white breasts still heaving up and down as her breathing had not slowed down at all. He had never seen her so turned on or her pussy so well used and wide open!., Both Ben and Damion's cum along with Leigh's was almost gushing out from her cunt! Her pussy lips were bright red bruised, but her small pearl sized clit was blood red and swollen up to over twice its normal size! It is the most amazing thing to see when a woman is really turned on as their clitoris will really swell!.

She was still gasping for breath as Ben and Damion gazed down on their handy work. Her husband was also really turned on from what he had just witnessed. These strong black men each knelt down and gently kissed Leigh telling her that she was the best piece of ass they they had ever had!!. They dressed and appreciatively thanked her husband promising him that neither one would breath a word of what went on that night. Wow what a night.

Leigh this young thing had never had sex like this before in her life, she laid on the floor trembling with her pussy convulsing until well after midnight and when she finally got up went straight to bed where she remained for almost two days. When her husband Jack asked about it later, she only smiled and said that she was first hesitant to tell him that it was one of the best sexual experiences she ever had, but you have haggard pussy sweetie sucks my sperm out remember she was only 18 at the time!.

This certainly was a night to remember and is still a very arousing memory for both her and her husband. This really impressed her husband and eventually led to their open marriage later in life! As he like me was a man that wanted his woman to enjoy herself sexually and if that was with another person, so be it! I have met over she likes her ice cream with cum a dozen women in my life that have really impressed me and Leigh is certainly one.

Most men when it comes to their women are one of four ways? 1. The husband is vanilla has no sex drive and has little interest in sex with her or anyone! 2. The man has no interest in satisfying their women sexually, mostly themselves and are uncaring about the woman's physical or emotional needs as she is just there as a domestic for house cleaning cooking and child care.

3. The man is extremely jealous of all men and call their wife's incessantly to make sure they are with no other man, and accuse her of all sorts of infidelity!

They are even jealous of other women and forbid them to be alone with men or women. 4. Or they are like many husbands that want to show their woman off and to have other men lust after them even wanting to see them well used by them sexually, and even abusively !

Later for Leigh when her girlfriends were talking about middle age, and yearning for the thrill of their youth as they savita bhabhi full story xxx sex stories and described some of their sexual encounters.

This had made Leigh's decision to indulge herself in fetish modeling and erotic sex a much easier choice! Many white women I have talked with about this subject especially the older ones, those that went through puberty during the late 50s and early 60s up through 1960s and the civil rights thing.

Looked at black men as forbidden fruit, and many included the stereotypical perception that black men could provide a number of things that many white men, "husbands" and boyfriends could not or would not! One rumor was that these men could provide hard, harsh and prolonged sex! Many white women have candidly told me that their husbands or boyfriends were unable to do things like this to them!

They have also told me that their husbands or boyfriends were afraid they might really hurt them! Most black men have no problem and do not worry ready legal age teenager accepts a cock this at all, and for many women the thought sean michaels fucks janet jacme in the ass rough harsh and prolonged sex is very appealing, exciting, and is exactly what many of these women want!

Or at least fantasize about! Two, The erotic and sexual contrast of dark male skin and bare white female flesh is very erotic and quite a turn on for many, especially when naked and romantically in the arms of a big forceful black male. Also many women have fantasy's about submitting sexually to black men in that by doing so they are somehow repaying them for all of the sins of slavery and the way black Americans especially black men have been treated by society over the years!

Three, The real biggie (No Pun Intended) The size of their manhood is also another of their perceptions! I think that some black men have trouble living up to what many of these women expect! But those that can provide, what these women are looking for, and are well endowed!

Have been everything that these women thought it would be and more, they have also been rewarded with some unbelievable sex! Like I said before how Leigh and I met, became friends and got involved in a number of kinky sexual situations is a story in itself. We like many others, did so on line through a sex site that specializes in all sorts of kinky sexual fetishes that we had in common and one thing led to another.

But it was at Fetish Con, August of 2011 where things really got out of hand so to speak! That year it was held in Queens, N.Y. At the Hyatt Regency. While there was an air of fun and kink out on the trade show floor, it was still pretty much business. The Fetish Con vendors were looking to make sales and business connections and most attendees were serious when it came to trying out the goods. Fetish essentials ranged from leather whips and dog collars to wooden and metal contraptions that submissive's could be strapped to, along with fetish photography and photographers.

Plenty of adult toys were available made from glass, metal and traditional realistic rubber/plastic as well as a number of leather and even more realistic phallic symbols were for sale along with fetish see through apparel. Form-fitting vynal, corsets, spiky high heels and numerous leather vests were only a few of the items offered.

A popular component of Fet Con is fan interaction with fetish models. During this year's event, there were 16 attending models, referred to as "Guests of Honor." They included Stacy Burkhart, who served as the Mistress of Ceremonies, Jane Bardot, Faris Hilton, Isabel Weting.

And of course Scandalous Leigh The models posed for fans, signed autographs that promoted their pictures DVDs and Web sites. Educational sessions, hands on (Again no pun intended) seminars and lectures included the basics in, how to become a fetish model, and photographer's etiquette. Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday evenings were some wild late night parties with activities happening on three different floors of the Hyatt Regency.

These parties included Friday's Vamps & Vixen Ball, Saturday's Fetish Fantasy Masquerade Ball and Sunday's 8th Annual Fetish Auction! This is where, the models were to be auctioned off to the highest bidder it was part of the overall way the Convention made money and were able to donate to several charitable and worthy causes.

Saturday afternoon, Fetish models in super heroine costumes paraded on stage and were later tied up cuffed and chained by villainesse's to many of the bondage fixtures offered for sale! Saturday evening was the popular Fan Photo Shoot where fetish models posed for photos.

Leigh was of course sought after by many of her adoring fans both male and female, most could not believe she was in her 60s!. Sunday afternoon was a fetish wedding where models Wendy Carringon a petite blond blue eyed girl next door type and Lord Master Marcus the biggest black man I had ever seen. exchanged wedding vows on the main stage. The bride wore only a white wedding veil stockings and garter belt with six inch heels and nothing else!

The whole affair including brides maids wearing little,more than the bride, a best man also black, makes me wonder who the best man really was, and of course a Justus of the Peace. There was shock and awe as the ceremony was ending when the Justice of the Peace said the groom could now kiss the bride!

They first kissed passionately and then the bride got down on her knees. as the groom whipped out a very hard big black dick and the blushing bride kissed the big swollen head quite lovingly vowing to consummate their marriage right then and there!

Was the wedding night consummated? Possibly as I did not see either of them the next day! Next was the auction as it progressed the models were sold one at a time Leigh was the last.

The girls previous to her were all younger very attractive and quite appealing. Leigh assumed that she would go for a reasonable sum of money, and was ill prepared for the very aggressive bidding that followed, but I knew she would bring top dollar.

I suggested she wear her purple little nightie for the auction. Thankfully I had brought some extra money as it took most of my extra cash to outbid the others and my bid was to insure that I would have her for an entire week!

One that had bid on her was another woman and boy was she pissed that I had out bid her as she gave me the. most dirty look! This had made me wonder just what, she might have done with Leigh? The published rules were, that when a model was sold it was for only a platonic relationship of dinner dancing, and photos, but most of these women were well aware that being sold transbabe bianca shakes her butt and faps off her stiff dick masturbation pornstars more than just a pleasant evening of dinner dancing and conversation.

So an evening with any of these incredible women almost always included some personal intimate attention model casey calvert and russian red group sex and cumshots some sexual sampling of their female charms almost always occurred! The amount of money I paid really surprised Leigh, as she had no idea that others would bid so high or spend so much money to be with, and in her company! I on the other hand was not surprised at all!

To me this certainly was no surprise! This also guaranteed that I would have her for a full week! Leigh and I, along with her husband Jack had talked about her spending some time with me even before the auction. As she wanted to experience several new kinky sexual situations of sinful perversion?

I of course had several things in mind for her. Mostly as a submissive sex slave something she had fantasized about actually doing for some time and now really wanted to try, and I was up for the challenge!

Her husband was all for it as he like me wanted Leigh to enjoy and experience every kind of sexual experience and perversion especially when it came to her becoming a well trained and submissive sex slave! She actually wanted to be used as submissive plaything in a controlled and safe environment. Because I have all the connections, know the right people and can make any and all of her desires, fantasy's along with a number of other interesting sexual situations come true she was more than willing to be placed in my capable hands.

I had a good friend that is a pilot for United Airlines and he was able to get us booked on a first class flight from JFK to Portland. On the plane we had a long conversation about sex, slavery and what is required of a submissive female to a dominating master. The stewardess in first class had heard several of my comments and became quite interested in our conversation.

Leigh was quite interested in the basics of being a submissive female slave, and what he would be required to do, it starts with the slave collar. Once it is tightened around the woman's neck she has no other choice but to submit, and do what ever her master/ owner wants to do with her! The collar is usually placed on a submissive naked slave girl that has nothing, no clothes no money and no cell phone! This leaves her in a very helpless and compromised position and allows her master to have complete and total control especially after a leash is attached!

The basic instructions for Leigh would be once in this situation the first command to insure her obedience was the oral position in that she must immediately get down on her knees and place her hands behind her back. The other position is the mating position that requires the woman to lay on her back and place her hands out to either side bend her legs back and spread them as wide as possible! Leigh was like a young school girl and her boyfriend on prom night, almost giddy with the thought of being naked and helplessly submitting to a dominating man!

After the airplane has arrived at the gate the stewardess had given me her card and told me to give her a call if she could be of any help as she had a several day layover in Portland! I had taken Leigh's hand, as we walk through the terminal to the baggage claim area, I had also told her she would not need anything!. But she is a woman, and clothes especially as a fetish model even skimpy ones are very important to her so she has brought more than super sexy sluts lauren phillips amp jay taylor take turns sucking dick We are out at the arrival area on the lower level waiting, as silver Lincoln Town car limousine pulls up.

The chauffeur a hansom black male in his mid 30s gets out and opens the door for us. As we get in she looks him over and gives a wishful longing sigh of approval as he puts our things in the trunk. The driver is also the owner of the limousine service, and is a good friend of mine, his name is Oliver and I have known him for years. He has agreed to take us anywhere anytime during our stay in Portland as long as he gets to watch and perhaps participate in the goings on.

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Leigh's devious and delicious thoughts are already thinking the very same thing. He has told me that his best and most memorable moments have been on New Years, and has seen a number of women young and old that have had to much to drink easily take their clothes off and do all sorts of lewd and wild things including some perverted sex, in the back of his limousine! He is hoping that this week will top any of those nights and I am planning on, not disappointing him!.

Leigh is surprised to see another woman setting in the back seat, her name is Eden a friend? She has at my suggestion volunteered to help take care of several things I have in mind for Leigh during the coming week.

Not only is she an attractive dark haired women, she is also bisexual and has a dungeon in her home it is a place I have used on several occasions. The windows of the limo are tinted just enough so that we can see out, but no one can see in, Leigh sets down next to Eden and I take the jump seat, as the limo drives off.

We head towards down town Portland. The conversation changes from greetings and small talk and gets down to business!. At first Leigh and Eden look each other over like two alley cats trying to determine if one should be submissive or aggressive?

I tell Leigh to take all of her clothes off! She gives me the most incredulous look of disbelief as she hesitates and says now. here! .I say yes. What did you think was going to happen, this is what you want isn't it? She says yes hesitantly. but I didn't think it would start so soon. Then starts to unbutton her blouse and slowly pulls it off and hands it to me.

This is followed her black shiny tight fitting skirt, she unzips it and and slides these ladies will lick a mans ass bottom around a little to one side as she pulls the skirt up over her hips and then off over her head and hands it to me.

She still even at her age does not wear a bra that often. It is even more impressive with Leigh as she is easily able to do this in one single motion with no trouble at all! This is followed by her bikini panties, I have neatly folded them all, and placed them in a small bag, and at the same time casually say you wont be needing these, half serious and half joking!. As she sets there for a moment totally nude in only her high heels, not only I am in awe of this incredibly beautiful mature woman.

Eden's eyes tell me that she is equally impressed! The approving eyes of the chauffeur are also visible in the rear view mirror of the limo! Continued in Chapter Two