Platinum blonde bombsheel bree daniels loves to masturbate

Platinum blonde bombsheel bree daniels loves to masturbate
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My name is Jack and I was 15 at the time this happened and I have a 7inch cock, blue eyes, and one of those 6 packs that likes to fade away and come back again lol but anyway.

It was an encounter that happened with my cousin who was 14 years old at the time. Her name was Katie and she was skinny and stood at 5'6 same height as me. She had brown eyes, dark brunette hair, and Acup breasts as I would find out.

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Now how did this happen well it was during the summer and her mom was hosting a party. I didn't like her mother much she always liked to brag about how great her children were. They were geniouses though Katie being the smartest. She wasn't the prettiest but I thought she was cute. They got a pool in their backyard and told us to bring our bathing suits. So my family and I got in the car and took the 30 minute drive to my cousin's house. We got there and were greeted by Katie's mother her two sisters and her brother who was pain in the ass.

Katie also invited her friends there as well and they were realy cute all of them skinny with brown or blue eyes with either blonde or brunette hair. So I sat and talked with Katie. We talked about each other schools and crazy stories that happened in them and the teachers we hate and threesome with a busty milf tube porn that bull shit.

I could tell some of her friends were checking me out. Then Katie said "Lets go in the pool!!" I said "ok!" So I went into the backyard. I already had my bathing suit on so I took off my shirt and shoes and jumped in. About 5 or 10 minutes later Katie and her friends came out in their bathing suits. My mouth dropped. Katie had on a bikini that had a grey/whitish top and black bottoms.

They rounded her perfectly. I watched her dive into the pool and immediately I had a hard on. With me being the only guy in that pool it was pretty hard not to have one. So we swam around talked and then started splashing each other.

I kept splashing my cousin Katie and she kept splashing me. Then she decided lets play a game. It was a weird game which consisted of everybody in the pool guarding somebody and having a water fight. O f course if u haven't guessed it already I was to guard Katie. So another water fight began and Katie and I got into a sort of mercy game holding on to each others hands pushing back and forth. With this hand lock we were facing each other and she was moving her seemingly long legs all over the place.

And that's when it happened. When she was kicking around her leg brushed up against the seemingly unfading tent in my bathing suit. I froze in panic but Katie though seemed not to notice and we continued playing the game.

Then her mom came out and said it was dinner time. So we all went in. The girls and I selected what we wanted to night time fuck with mom and in my head I was wishing my cousin Katie was on that menu. S o we sat down and chatted some more. We were all still in our bathing suits so when Katie finished dinner she asked if anybody wanted to go in the pool again.

Nobody seemed to take her up on her offer but I did seeing finally that I could get her alone. So Katie and I went outside and back into the pool. It was dark out at this point but the night was lighten by the moon. So Katie and I are swimming around and talking again. Then I ask her if she has had any boyfriends. And she told me no. I asked her why and she said its because everyone considers her a nerd and all that social status crap.

I told her being supportive that they were wrong and that being smart was a good thing and that I thought she was very pretty. She looked at me with a look that said she didn't get that comment often and thanked me for the compliment. Then for the next few moments we swam around in silence until she real sexy mom seduce son friend "jack when we were in the pool before my leg brushed up against your bathing suit did you have a hard on?" I was so caught off guard by the question I didn't know what to say.

"Well did you?" she asked again. I could feel myself turning red and I answered embarrassedly "Yes I did." Then Katie said "Was that because of me?" and I said "yes it was" Next she said "So u do think im pretty!!" Then she swam towards me and grabbed the crotch area of my bathing suit and proceeded to kiss me. I couldn't believe this I was making out with my 14 year old cousin and shes got her hand near my dick. Then she said "Follow me." She proceeded out of the pool climbing the ladder and me watching her ass.

Then I got out with a hard on once again.

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She looked at my bulge and giggled. Then I followed her. Well lucky enough her room was on the first or main floor of the house. The greatest part about this was she had a backdoor of her own leading to the pool from her room. Katie opened the back door and quickly lock the front door which was the main entrance to her mouth spunked by bbcs interracial and pornstars and I did the same locking the back door.

Then we both walked to her bed and continued our makeout. She then stopped got up and took a few steps away from me. She looked at me and then she took off the top of her bikini and then the bottoms. I could not believe what was happening. I looked at her A-cup breasts with her nipples the color of a rose red and looked down to see her shaven pussy.

Then she turned around to show her ass which was flat on the bottom but the front was nice and curvy. I got up and took my bathing suit and she looked down with fascination. She said " O my gosh that is a beautiful cock I've seen so many on porno sites but this is beautiful" I said jokingly "I guess beauty runs in the FAMILY!!!" Katie said "oh ur so funny let me take care of that for you." So she walked over to me pushed me on the bed then kissed me all the way down to my cock.

When she got to my cock she first breathed and kissed it a couple times. I thought I was going to cum right there.

Then she licked my 7 incher and started to put it in her mouth. Her head started bobbing up and down on my dick. " Oh Katie don't stop" I kept sayin. Then I felt I was about to cum. "Katie im gonna cummmm!!!" She looked up with a smile on her face and she kept sucking harder. Then I blasted my load all into her mouth and she swallowed all of it somehow. Then it was her turn. I put her up on the bed kissed her and then went straight for the pussy.

I began to lick her sensless and she was moaning all over the place., "Oh godd jack oh fuck don't stop eat ur cuz's pussy yess!!!" Then she began to turn all red, her hips bucking, and her body shaking and then she was cumming. Then she said "I want you to fuck me nonna matura vogliosa di cazzo giovane granny hot cock my first" So I got on top of her and slowly inched my dick in. She began to cry a little but I silenced her with kisses.

"Ur so tight" I said. Then she said " Cmon Jack Fuck me !!!" and I did. I was pumpin her as fast as I could I felt I was at warp speed.

The bed was shaken and she was moanin "Yes yes ohhhhhh goooodddd fuck me yesss it feels so good it so big" Then she turned me over and she was on top riding me. She bouncing up and down moaning "uh uh yeshhhhuuuuhhh" I grabbed her tits then her sides to move her faster "Oh god babe ride me yes Katie yes!!!" "Fuck Jack oh holy fuckk ur dick feels so good" bangbangbang.

"Oh fuck Katie im gonna cummm!" "Cumm inside me Jack I want all of my cousin" That's when "oh fuck Katieeeeeee im ahhhhhharghuhargh" and Katie at the same time said " oh fuckkk jackkkkk ium cumming tooo ahhhhoh god fuccccccckhaed!!!" Then we both came and she fell on top of me.

We kissed and smiled at eachother and Katie said " You r the best cousinever" Then we held eachothers bodies tight. At the sametime I was thinking how lucky we are that we weren't heard. Then that's when something bad happened we heard the creak of a door in her room. We turned our heads toward the noise. Well u wouldn't believe it but Katie had her own bathroom with the full tub and everything and her friend Elena was in there both booty vein teens painfull rape xstoryscom us knowing.

So Elena opened the door fully and we were in shock so are naked bodies couldn't move. Elena put her hand to her mouth and said "Ohhhhh My Goddddd!"" To be continued