Agile orall service awarded with sex hardcore massage

Agile orall service awarded with sex hardcore massage
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It was a Friday night in London, and for hours, the joyous sound of drunk karaoke had been bursting from the walls of The Red Lion, the pub owned by Lucy's mother and father. The karaoke blonde amateur girlfriend home gangbang with facials now finished though, and Lucy and Kaley were upstairs, lying on Lucy's bed.

They had both had quite a lot to drink, despite both being only 16, and Lucy was resting her head upon Kaley's left breast. Kaley and Lucy had been best friends for years, but they weren't at all alike. Kaley was beautiful.

She had huge brown eyes, shoulder length dark brown hair, and adorable, yet hardly visible freckles. She was white skinned, but very tanned, almost bronze looking. She was a virgin, but with more experience with the opposite sex than Lucy.

Lucy was reasonably pretty, but often overlooked by boys, who favoured Kaley. She was quite pale, with long light brown hair. She was also a virgin, though unlike Kaley, had had relatively no experience with boys whatsoever.

One reason for this, is that she was secretly a lesbian, and in love with Kaley.

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"You were great tonight Kay. I wish I could sing like you" Lucy mumbled sleepily. "Thanks" Kaley replied, "but I'm not that good." Lucy looked up into Kaley's beautiful brown eyes and smiled wearily in response.

She looked so beautiful, but was so inaccessible. Lucy raised her head slightly from Kaley's soft, supple breast in order to look down her top. "You have awesome boobs Kay. I wish I had boobs like yours." Lucy would not usually have been so forward, she tended to be rather shy, but the alcohol had impaired her judgement.

Kaley looked down, slightly bemused. "But I'm only a C-cup. Why would you be jealous of that?" she asked inquisitively. Lucy was still staring at Kaley's boobs. Just looking at them was beginning to make her pussy wet. She discretely began to move her left hand down her body to the top of her jeans.

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"Yeah, but they're so perfect and round. Anyway, they're still way bigger than mine. I'm an A-cup." As she spoke, Lucy took a death breath, and plunged her hand under her waistband, to the inside of the panties, where she began to gently massage her clit.

"Sometimes I just want to reach out and feel them, Kay." This comment made Kaley suspicious, but she decided that it was just the alcohol talking. Both girls were silent for a while, and Kaley was beginning to drift off to sleep, when she started to hear moaning noises coming from Lucy. This made her more suspicious, and so she sat up, and realised that Lucy's hand was down her panties, jerking up and down, back and forth.

Her eyes were shut, and she was sporting a wide grin of pleasure. "Fucking hell Lucy, are you fingering yourself over boy fuck mom at sleeping Kaley exclaimed angrily, realising what was going on. Lucy's eyes flicked open immediately, now filled with terror, and she quickly yanked her hand out of her jeans.

"Shit! Kaley I'm really sorry, it's just, well, you're so hot, and I want to fuck you so badly, please don't hate me!" Kaley could see that Lucy was about to cry, and was desperate not to hurt her feelings. "Look, don't worry about it" she said reassuringly.

"In fact, I think it's quite cute." A sudden wave of hormones came over Kaley, and she felt the juices gushing from her pussy. She took hold of Lucy's hand, which had been down her panties just seconds ago. She could see that two of Lucy's fingers were still dripping wet, covered in her pussy juice.

Kaley looked up and gave Lucy, who was speechless, a seductive smile. Lucy blushed in embarrassment, and let out a small giggle of delight. She was still incredibly aroused, and after the initial shock, the excitement of getting caught touching herself just turned her on even more. Kaley slowly pulled Lucy's dripping fingers towards her mouth, keeping intense, sensual eye contact the entire time. She began to slowly suck on them, one by one, taking in all of Lucy's warm, delicious juices.

Lucy could do nothing but stare in amazement, her lust for Kaley growing with every passing second. Kaley took hold of Lucy's collar, and pulled it towards her, until their faces were almost touching.

She then leaned in herself, and softly bit Lucy's trembling bottom lip. They then began to kiss passionately, Kaley's tongue reaching down to Lucy's throat. Lucy realised that Kaley had not swallowed her pussy juices, and that they were being exchanged back and forth in the kiss. Usually the idea of having her own juices in her mouth would disgust her, but right now she was loving it. This was the moment she had been dreaming about constantly for the last five years, and it felt even more perfect than she had ever imagined.

After about five minutes of solid kissing, Kaley pulled away, wiping the combination of saliva and pussy juice from her lips. The next words of come out of her mouth would completely shatter Lucy's happiness. "Hey, I've got an idea let's get some boys over here!" Lucy's ecstasy was replaced with feelings anger, melancholy, embarrassment and confusion.

"Why would she kiss me if she just planned to bring boys over. Have I just been the warm up act leading to her losing her virginity?" Lucy's brain was struggling to process all of these thoughts. In the end, the only response she could muster was a solemn, "Oh." "Come on, it'll be great, we'll get Josh and Matt round.

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I'll fuck Josh, you can have Matt. I know he's hardly Harry Styles, but he's a nice guy, and you're always saying you want to lose it with a nice guy." Lucy felt the anger rise up inside her, to the point where it felt as if her head was about to explode. "Fuck you, Kaley" she muttered purposefully, before storming out of the room. Kaley sat in shock. Lucy had never spoken to her like that in their years of friendship.

Eventually she yelled back, "Yeah, well more cock for me then, fucking lesbo!" then proceeded to open her laptop in order to invite Matt and Josh over. TO BE CONTINUED.