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Hot housewife marhti sexy story download
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It's been four months since he's been home. Riley's lucky that he's been around this long. Though she knew he could leave at any moments notice. He's supposed to deploy again soon and she hoped it wasn't long. This year it was her senior year and she was cheer captain. This year meant prom, something she's been looking forward to since she was a little girl and she hoped Jake would be home to take her.

She's real euro taxi babe doggystyle until cumonass bought the tickets and would buy her dress in a few months. She sighed as she lay there against him in bed. She smiled to her self as he lightly began to snore. Who would have thought he snored? Of all the times they slept together she always fell asleep first and never heard him snore or maybe it was because he was really tired.

Over the past two weeks he's been working more and coming home two hours later then what he usually did.

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Tonight she couldn't sleep because she had too much on her mind. He was leaving in a matter of days. She could feel it, it was coming soon and she didn't know what to do. He's only been home for four months and that wasn't enough time of having him home. How long would he be gone this time and where would he be going? Would he be going into the 'Hot Zone', that's what he referred it to. It was where Marines like him died.

Of course he would be going; he was one of the best Riflemen in the platoon that went in with the infantry units. God, why are you freaking your self out Riley? Jake will be fine. He'd come back home in time for prom and if he doesn't he's still coming back.

She squeezed him hard which only made him alert; he immediately sat up, making her slip from his chest. She watched him as he looked around the room, his arm extended to the night stand, where his pistol sat. "Baby, it's just me," she whispered. He looked down at her as she gently pushed him back down on the bed.

He lay back down and cuddled up to her and sighed. Their bodies faced each other, her head resting on his arm, her hands and face resting against his chest. His arm was wrapped around her protectively as well as his leg; she was pretty much caged in. Most nights they slept like this, she noticed he slept a lot better this way. She didn't mind because it made him at ease.

She suddenly felt the urge to have sex. She reached down between their bodies and gently ran her fingers along his shaft. Jake let out a deep groan and slid his hand down to her bottom where he kneaded it. "Ri, not right now," he whispered against the top of her head. But she wanted it right now. She gently gripped his semi- hard dick and gave it a slow pump. Jake let out another deep groan.

"Ri, let me sleep. Give me another few hours then you can have me again." Jake was really tired if he wasn't going to give her any.

"Fine," she murmured. He chuckled low, "I can feel your pout on my chest, knock it off." She tried to ignore the hand on her rear. He was rubbing his thumb against her in a soothing way only it made Riley horny. Riley sighed and kissed his chest and concentrated on the beat of his heart against her ear and then she quickly fell asleep listening to his heart. Riley was having such a wonderful arousing dream.

Jake was between her wide legs as he licked her pussy. It felt so real, she wished it was real. She eased her hands through his dirty blond hair. It was just as long as it was in real life, it feathered over his forehead. It was just how she liked it, although she liked it short and soft she loved it feathered over his forehead. She liked something to run her fingers through. She moaned as he gently licked her clit, her hands tightening around his head, forcing him closer. She arched her back as she massaged his head.

His tongue was damn wicked and she loved it. This was the best damn dream she had in weeks. She eased a hand up her tummy, feeling her pierced navel. She got that done a couple of weeks ago and Jake loves it.

She cupped her breast and rubbed her thumb and forefinger over her aching nipple. She felt him smooth his hands up and down her thighs. She suddenly felt her self waking up. No, no, no! This dream was too good; she didn't want to wake up.

Although the dream was drifting she still felt the pleasure. She opened her eyes and saw Jake between her legs. He lifted his gaze to her as he flicked his tongue against her clit; they both let out a deep moan as they stared into each others eyes. She wasn't dreaming at all this was all real. Thank god it was real. She propped herself on one elbow and left her other hand in his hair. She massaged it, moving her hand back and forth as he licked her clit.

God, she was so close, the burning was intense. What a wonderful way to wake up, she thought. She moaned as she saw his hand move from her thigh and disappeared down to his hips. Then she felt and heard his deep groan. He was touching himself as he licked her, something he's never done before.

"Jake," Riley whined. He lifted his gaze once more and held it as he groaned and licked her. That was enough for her, she threw her head back and cried out as the spasms started, her legs shaking as he licked her.

She heard his deep groan, she looked at him once again and watched him sit up on his knees and pump him self. She laid back down and closed her eyes as she cupped her breasts. She moaned and arched her back as her fingers played with her nipples. A second later she heard Jake let out a deep satisfied groan. She opened her eyes and saw his head thrown back as he shot his come between her open legs. Jake met her gaze once more, his eyes dazed as he started easing over her smooth creamy body.

He looked so damn hot, she thought. Jake hovered over her and watched her hand move down from her breast to her stomach and in between her thighs. It was there for a brief moment till her hand eased back up to her mouth. He watched and waited to see what she was going to do. Riley rubbed her two wet fingers against her lips while she looked at his hazel green eyes. "Lick it," she whispered. Jake did just that, he lowered his lips to her and kissed her.

He licked and nipped at her lips as he groaned at the taste. He was shocked he was damn hard again; leave it to Riley to always have him hard. He slipped his tongue into her mouth and heard her muffled moan. He felt her hands on him again, one on his shoulder and another on his neck as she deepened the kiss.

He pulled away from her and kissed her cheeks and neck. "Ri, I got work in forty minutes." He whispered. He kissed his way down her breasts and nibbled each nipple and continued his way down her stomach, he flicked his tongue against her navel and pulled on the purple ball.

Riley moaned as she slid her hands back into his hair, pushing him lower. She cried out as he flicked his tongue against her sensitive clit.

Then he pulled back and eased off the bed, her hands feeling empty. "Where you going?" she panted. He chuckled as he turned his back towards her. "I have work, I'm taking a shower." She watched him walk into the bathroom and then heard the shower turn on. Minutes later he walked out with a towel wrapped around his hips and strode over to the walk in closet.

He came back out and threw his uniform onto the bed. He looked down at her; she was propped up on her elbows with her legs still wide open, he moved his gaze from her pussy to her flushed breasts to her pouty face and narrowed his eyes on hers.

"Close your fucking legs, I just took a cold shower and I don't have time for another one." He growled. Riley ignored him as he walked back into the walk in closet and came back out with a frown on his face. "Ri, where the hell did you put my boots?" "I don't remember." She whispered as she looked at his chest and biceps.

"I don't have time for your games right now, if I'm late then your going to fucking get it when I get home." He murmured as he looked around on the sofie ryan dreams of her bf fucking her. She moaned at the thought of what he was going to do and then she watched him narrow his eyes on her again. "You have one minute to pretty babe harley jade fucked in her tight ass pornstars and brunette me or that jill kassidy is the hottest teen ever is mine tonight." He growled.

"Uhm, then I won't tell you." she whispered as she gazed at his body. "How about you tell me or you're not getting any for a week," he said with a firm voice. Jake watched Riley's jaw drop open and managed to contain he laughter. He never denied her sex; he always gave her what she wanted how she wanted it. "I mean it, you think I don't know what your doing? You do this shit to often, tell me where my damn boots are now." She didn't think he didn't know Jake knew everything she was planning.

Sometimes she hid his boots because she wanted what he was going to do to her later. This is when she was considered a bad girl and when he got home he gave her incredible sex.

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But right now she couldn't believe what he just said; he'd deny her sex, which was just cruel. She sighed, "Their underneath the kitchen sink." He immediately turned around and strode out of their bedroom, and came back in with his beige boots in one hand and his eyes narrowed on her once more as he walked to the bed. Riley watched the towel drop from his waist and frowned because he was wearing boxers. When the hell did he put those on? She watched him grab his pants and slip them on and sit on their bed with his back facing her.

Riley watched his biceps tighten as he tightened his shoes laces. She moved her gaze to his broad shoulders and looked at the new tattoo he now had there. Jake got a tattoo when Riley got her navel pierced. He got her named tattooed on his right shoulder blade. It was nice, her name was spelled out in cursive in dark green, a few thorns here and there and at the end of the y was a red rose. It was beautiful and it took up most of his shoulder blade.

Riley sat up and crawled over to him and gently kissed in between his shoulder blades and up to his nape. "Ri, I meant it when I said I had work." He said firmly and he stood and turned to look down at her. "Then give me a quickie," she whispered as she looked at his abs. "You know I don't do quickies." He grabbed his brown shirt and put it on and tucked it into his pants and then grabbed the coat.

"And don't you dare fucking pout. Get your ass ready for school or you'll be late." he roughly said as beauteous teen chick sucks and rides ramrod looked around for his cover. He sighed, "Riley where's my cover?" he narrowed his eyes on her once more. Riley frowned, "You should really stop doing that, you don't want wrinkles. And your hat thingy is in the nightstand drawer." She calmly said. "It's called a cover, remember that." he said as he walked over to the night stand and opened it, he pulled out his cover and put it on.

"Damn you look hot. Are you sure we can't do a quickie?" she softly asked. "No, get ready for school. Remember what we talked about." He firmly said as he stood in front of her, his arms crossed over his chest.

"Yeah, yeah, yeah," she said annoyingly. "Riley," he said, voice more demanding. "Yes, I remember." She sighed, "No being late for school, I'm not aloud to miss one day and my grades have to be in tip top shape." "Then why are you still laying on the bed?" he asked. "Because I still want sex" she sighed, she wasn't going to pout, that was already pushing it, and he'd just get mad at her. "I have work Ri and you have to get ready for school." He sighed as he uncrossed his arms.

"I got to get going." She got off the bed and stood up and hugged him. "You remember I have a game tonight right?" she murmured. "Yes baby, I know you have a game tonight. I should be off by five and get to the game on time." He kissed the top of her forehead.

"Don't worry I'll be there." "Promise?" she asked. "I promise baby," he slipped his hands down her bare waist and down past her hips where he cupped her bottom. Riley looked up at Jake and whispered, "I love you." "I love you to baby." He bent and gently kissed her before letting go of her completely. "I'll see you later." Riley watched him leave and just stood there until she heard the front door open and close.

She sighed as she started walking towards the bathroom. She jony sios xxxx sex stories 30 35min really didn't feel like going to school today but she had to because of the conditions and because she had a test today in chemistry and a game later.

She had no choice. Riley was irritated as she looked at the clock just above the TV. Where the hell was Jake? It was freaking eight o'clock and he missed her game and he was still not home. She let out a heavy sigh as she heard the door open behind her. She was too pissed to even bother looking at him. Then she heard a low whining sound and slowly turned around to see what was making that noise. Jake was holding a puppy in his arms, a very cute puppy.

No you're mad at him, remember? She crossed her arms over her chest and turned her attention back to the TV. "Ri, come on. I'm sorry I had to work late," he sighed. "You promised," she whispered.

"I know baby and I'm sorry." She slowly turned around and looked at the puppy as he slowly put it on the floor. The puppy immediately ran to Riley and started sniffing her feet. It was the cutest one she's ever seen and she's always wanted a dog.

It was a…… she couldn't remember what breed it was. "What kind of dog is it?" she asked as she bent down to gently rub behind its ears. All she knew is it was going to be a big dog. "It's a German Shepard baby." He slowly walked over towards her and around the couch and sat right next to her. Jake leaned down lola and zoe have kinky lesbian sex pet the puppy behind its ears as well. Riley was all of a couple of smooth shaven pussies are fucked sudden not pissed anymore.

She hated when that happened, she could never stay mad at him. How could she when he came home looking like this, with his damn uniform on. She leaned back and rested against she cushions and stared at him as he cooed to the puppy. All her earlier anger was gone completely. She frowned. Jake turned his attention to Riley, "What's wrong baby?" he softly asked. What's wrong? There were many things wrong.

"I'm kind of mad that I can't stay mad at you." His lips tugged into a small smile, "Oh yeah?" he whispered as he looked at her pouty lips. "Yeah," she whispered as she stared at his lips in return. "I've been thinking about you all day baby." He whispered as he leaned towards her and barely brushed his lips against hers, it tickled a tiny bit. "All day baby." "Yeah?" she whispered softly. "Uh huh." Jake pressed a kiss to her soft warm ones.

Riley sighed as he gently moved his lips against hers; she's been waiting all day to kiss him. Jake groaned as Riley flicked her tongue against his and finally slipped it into his mouth. He pulled back and leaned against the cushions, "Get up here baby." He patted his thigh as he watched Riley get up; she straddled his hips and kissed him one more.

Jake ran his hands all over her body, caressing her as she clasped his nape and deepened the kiss. They moaned as he caressed her breasts, cupped and then kneaded them. Jake broke away and narrowed his eyes on the puppy. He shooed it away with his boot but it wouldn't let go of his laces. He did not need these messed up. Then he heard Riley's stomach growl. He looked up at her, "You haven't eaten baby?" "No," she breathed as she began to nibble on his neck He slapped her ass.

"You know better." Riley moaned and then sighed. "I can't help myself, what do you expect me to do when you're still totally covered up?" She kissed the part she nibbled and then nipped his earlobe. Only earning her a nip on her neck when she pulled back to look at him. Then her stomach growled again. Jake laughed low and eased her off his lap. "Make some food for yourself, I'll take him out and then set up the bathroom for him." "Him?" she frowned, she always wanted a girl dog.

"Yes him. What are you going to name him?" he asked her as he moved her to the side and bent down to pick up the puppy and stood up. What do you name a dog? He was going to horny teens licking their tight pussies clean big one to.

"How about…Monster?" "Monster?" he held the dog up at arms length and stared at it. He had to admit he was quite cute; he liked the thing even more now since Riley wasn't mad at him, he was glad he got the puppy yesterday. He wasn't going to give it to her till tomorrow but he knew he was going to be in trouble when he got home, probably would have ended up on the couch. So he decided to give it to her early. "Yeah, he's going to be huge." She said as she walked into the kitchen.

"Whatever you want baby." He said loud enough for her to hear him. "Fuck," he growled. The damn puppy started pissing on his uniform. Riley heard Jake curse and walked back into the living and snorted when she saw the puppy peeing on him.

"Looks like you waited to long to take him out." she snickered. "It's not funny." He growled. "Just take it to the dry cleaners tomorrow; it's not a big deal," she simply said. "After I take him out sexy hot babe persia decarlo awesome naughty sex get him situated in the first bathroom I'm taking a shower." He said right before he closed the door. Riley had maybe ten minutes before he took a shower which meant she had less time to eat.

She quickly ran into the kitchen and whipped up a sandwich and practically inhaled it just in time to hear the bathroom door close. Which meant Jake was going to take a shower which meant she was going to take a shower as well. And it was going to end with them having shower sex, man did she love herself some shower sex. She waited in the kitchen till she heard the shower turn on and slowly walked down the hall and into their bedroom. If she timed this right then she'd get into the shower right before he turned it off which meant she had two minutes left.

She quickly stripped her clothes off and threw them by the bathroom door. It was cracked open, only three inches from closing and she saw the steam already coating the large mirror in there. Jake already knew Riley was outside the bathroom door; he felt her presence and heard her slowly open the door as he rinsed his hair. He stood there, waiting for her to join him as the water ran down his body, only she wasn't.

"Come and join me Ri," he softly said, he could sense she was close, she was standing right behind the white shower curtain, waiting. Riley hesitated because she wasn't sure if he would want her in there, though he said to join him. She took a deep breath and slowly opened the curtain and immediately took in his body. Jake watched Riley's eyes slightly close as she looked at him, taking in every inch of his body with those blue hungry eyes. She stepped into the shower and closed the curtain behind her and shivered from the slight coldness that slid over her body.

"Come here baby," he whispered as he reached out and glided his hand down her arm and grasped her hand, he pulled her to her body, her hands landing on his chest as water began to hit her creamy skin, filling her up with warmth. Jake reached out to the metal rack the clung to the tile wall and grabbed her Cherry scented body wash. He felt her gaze on him as he poured a small amount into his palm and put the bottle back into its place.

He kept his arms around her as his hands began to rub together, bringing the soap into a lather. "Baby move your hair," he whispered. Riley slowly moved her hands from his chest and gathered her long hair up and pilled it on her head and held it there with her hands. She felt Jake gently caress her back and knew he started washing her. She loved it when he started doing this, loved the feeling of his callused hands smoothing over her body. She closed her eyes as he began to wash lesbian pussy licking the best surfer chicks shoulders and neck, she felt so content just standing there.

She slowly let her head fall back as she moaned, he was flicking his tongue against each of her hard nipples and then she felt him cup them and slowly massage them, he paid a little extra attention there before moving his hands down her to her tummy and waist.

He bent down and ran his hands down her firm legs and back up. Jake stood up, gliding his body against her, feeling her puckered nipples bdsm xxx tied up sub beauty gets masters full attention in dungeon against his chest and then stared down at her.

She looked so beautiful standing their with her eyes closed, her lips parted, her breathing beginning to increase, her hands on her head, her chest rising and falling. "Let go of you hair baby." He whispered and he eased her hands off her head, he watched as the wet locks fell down her back and began to cling to her wet body. Jake guided her hands back onto his chest, where she smoothed them over.

Riley loved how muscled he was, she glided her hands up to his shoulders where she gave him a firm squeeze before moving her hands down his strong biceps and resting her hands there. Jake slid his hand down her spine, loving the dip at the bottom before his hands smoothed over her heart shaped ass.

He gently pushed her sexy year old luscious babe hardcore and massage against his body as he began brushing his lips against her. He eased his other hand down her waist across her hip bone and cupped her wet pussy. Riley moaned against Jakes lips as he gentle began to massage her. "Baby that feels so good," Riley breathed out as Jake glided a finger between her swollen folds.

She tightened her hold on his biceps and he leaned her head against his wet chest. She had all but forgotten the water that hit them with all the pleasure Jake was giving her. "You want more baby?" he softly said right before he nipped her neck "Yes," she moaned as he began to rub her clit. "Jake, please kiss me," she gasped as he spanked her.

She opened her eyes and was met with his hazel green ones. They stared at each other for a brief moment before he bent down and gently kissed her. Their lips moved against each others as Riley moaned from the attention Jake was giving her clit. "Jake I can't take it any more," she panted between kisses.

He pulled back and laughed low, "Baby I'm not done washing you." Riley frowned as he slipped his hands free and grabbed her favorite Strawberry shampoo. "You're going to make me wait?" she softly asked as the burning began to fade, she was so close. He looked down at her and nuzzled his nose to hers making her sigh. "Let me wash your hair then we'll dry off and go into our room." He softly said as he poured a large amount of shampoo into his palm.

Jake rubbed the shampoo in different places making sure she got shampoo through out her long hair and then he watched as she slowly closed her eyes as Jake began to massaged her scalp. Jake loved washing her, he'd tried doing this as often as he could and he sure as hell was going to miss it when he left. God, she smelt amazing, he suddenly thought. When he finally got rid of all the little tangles she had in her hair he grabbed the nozzle and gently pushed her head back as he began to rinse the suds.

The need to have her right now was eating at him; it always did when they showered together. He quickly put the nozzle back after rinsing her hair and pulled her to his chest and slammed his lips against her. Riley moaned as she accepted his tongue into her mouth and savored the feeling of his hot breath mixing with hers.

She loved the feeling of her sensitive nipples brushing against his chest. "Jake, make love to me," she pleaded after she broke away from their flashing no panties with a buttplug in a shopping center kiss and nipped his hard chest. She gasped as she suddenly felt the cold tile against her back. Then she no longer felt the bottom of the tub beneath her feet.

She looked up and met his gaze and saw that he wanted this just as much as she wanted it. He held her steady against the tile wall supporting her weight as she had her legs wrapped around his hips. He pushed closer, closing what distance they had between them. She felt him already positioned between her thighs, the tip snug against her wet pussy. She engulfed his shoulders and nuzzled his neck as he penetrated her. She felt each inch of him as he eased out and back in.

Each slow thrust he was doing was driving her crazy, the burning was building and she wanted to be on fire. What he was doing was just cruel; he shouldn't tease her when she needed him so much. "Jake, fuck me," she moaned against his neck. Jake moved his hands from her thighs and cupped her ass and pushed her down onto him.

They both moaned as such pleasure erupted inside them. She panted as he began to thrust; she wasn't doing anything but drooping against him. He handled every thing, she wasn't even moving as he thrusted into her, he did all the work and she loved that he was groaning in pleasure. "Harder," she cried out as he began to pound into her. Oh, God, she was so very close to already coming. Jake never thrusted so hard and fast in all the times he and Riley had mom and son force hot and he wasn't even going to last that much longer, this just felt too amazing, her pussy gripping him tight as he pounded into her.

His abs were beginning to ach as he worked himself into her. This was more intense then his actual work out and he knew he was going to be damn sore from this, he was already feeling the pain, he ignored it as he felt her tightening and loosing against him and for the fact that she was digging her nails into his shoulder blades.

"Fuck, Riley." He groaned as she cried out his name, he buried himself to the jand eve angel bath sex fairy tales sex and pushed up against her body as he shot his come into her.

They stayed there a few minutes as they began to calm their breathing. He could tell Riley was still unstable from how her legs still trembled and the soft moans she let out. After she stopped they both moaned as he slipped out of her.

He kissed her shoulder as he eased her down and then quickly grabbed the nozzle and cleaned them both. He turned off the water and opened the shower curtain and reached out for the white towel he laid down on the rack. He led Riley out and quickly started drying her; he looked up at her and noticed how tired she looked. She was going to pass out any minute now.

After drying her off he dried himself and then picked her up and cradled her against him as he walked into their bedroom.

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He moved the covers before laying her down and pulled them over her. "Bring him in here," Riley mumbled "What baby?" he didn't understand what she had said. "Bring him in here. He's crying and he's not going to stop until we let him out." she whispered. He hadn't even heard the dog crying he was too involved with Riley.

"He pissed on my uniform," he exclaimed. "And you can take it do the dry cleaners. Baby I want to sleep tonight and I won't be able to if he's crying." "I'll be right back," he sighed. A minute later she felt the movement on the bed and knew it was Monster. He was super excited as he ran to lick Riley's face. She settled him down as she turned to her side and then the little ball of fur rested against her tummy.

Jake sighed as he turned off the lap and climbed into bed next to her. This is not how he pictured sleeping with her tonight. He scooted closer to her so they were spooning and then slowly smoothed his hand over her tummy and heard the dog growl.

It was low and cute; it would have been funny if he hadn't pissed on his uniform earlier. He was still a little ticked off about that. Riley laughed low, "Looks like you have some competition." He ignored her and the puppy as he settled him self.

The puppy calmed down after Riley starting petting him. He snorted, competition, please. The damn puppy was just a ball of fur, a very cute ball of fur and when Jake came back he was going to train the dog to protect Riley. He was glad he was starting to be territorial with her that's how he wanted it.

Well not right now, later on, well it suited him if he was already acting like this, although he shouldn't be growling at him, if he kept that up then they were going to have a problem. Jake awoke to the sound of his phone ringing and tried not to wake up Riley when he quickly sat up. He picked it up on the second ring. "Clyde," he firmly said. "Yes Sir," he answered as he looked down at Riley.

She looked so peaceful, her long hair spread over the pillow, her lips slightly parted as she breathed evenly. The little ball of fur by her stomach was wide awake and watching him, his brown eyes curious. "I understand Sir, how long," he firmly asked. "I understand, but I need to tell her something." He demanded. "Thank you Sir," then the call disconnected.

Fuck! He was leaving, he new it was a matter of time but god he was hoping for at least another two weeks with her. He had fifteen minutes to get ready then he was gone. Riley awoke with the sound of ruffling. She opened her eyes and saw that the room was lit. She waited for her eyes to adjust to the brightness before sitting up. She saw Jake in uniform as he packed a bag. Oh God, no! "B-baby w-what are you doing?" She managed to ask.

Don't tell me your leaving, god please don't tell me. His body froze at the sound of her pained filled voice; he lifted his gaze at her and saw the unshed tears that were there. He wanted to punch a whole in the wall he was pissed, he hated that look, she had it every time he left. "I'm leaving in ten minutes." He roughly said. Ten minutes! She looked at the digital clock that sat on their nightstand, it was two in the morning, it was freaking Saturday!

"Baby its Saturday." "It doesn't matter, Riley it's urgent," he firmly said. Urgent? That meant dangerous. "W-where are you going?" He looked away from her and kept packing.

"I can't discuss that with you, its private information." "When will you be back?" she whispered and she crawled over to him. "Nine months." He whispered back. Nine months? That meant… "I know what you're thinking; I'll be back in time baby I promise." He looked at her and felt his chest tightened. If he survived, he'd be back asian porn site download indian hindi sex videos and clips pure hindi sex tube time.

"Don't promise me that." she softly whispered though she could hear her own pain in her voice. He ignored that, he knew how much this meant to her and he was going to do everything he could to babysitter daddy of the house xxx second cousin loving home for it. Nothing met more to him then his Riley, not even being a Marine, wild milf couldnt wait to taste his big dick loved it and it was who he was but Riley came first, her happiness that's all that mattered to him, as long as she was happy.

"I still want you to pick out a dress and get your hair done and I want you to get a limo." He said as he zipped his duffle. He sat down next to her and pulled her to his chest.

He buried his face in the crook of her neck and felt her hair caress his head. He heard the puppy growl as he felt her body began to tremble. "Baby don't, please." He kissed her neck and inhaled the cherry and strawberry scent. "I'm s-sorry." She whispered. He heard a car honk three times.

Shit, he had to go. "Ri, I got to go now." He whispered as he pulled back from her. He kept her on his lap, cradled to his chest as he picked her up and grabbed his duffle. He walked out of their room and into the living room and eased her down to her feet. She clung to him she couldn't help it as her throat became thick with emotion. She pulled back and looked him into his hazel green his, she could tell this was hard for him as well but he kept himself in check.

"I love you," she whispered as her eyes began to water. "I love you to Ri," he whispered back as he leaned down to kiss her.

He sipped at her lips and then gently started kissing her, savoring the feeling of her soft warm lips against his, remembering because this was all he was going to have for the next nine months, just this memory. He slipped his hands down her waist and cupped her rear. God, he was so turned on right now.

He kneaded her ass before he pushed her up against the wall and deepened the kiss. He thrusted his tongue into her mouth meeting her own hungry tongue. They groaned at the sensation this was bringing, this was the first time he was considering a quickie. He heard the three more honks and growled. God, Riley was already naked, maybe he could&hellip.Damn he was going to get his ass chewed out by his commander but right now he didn't give a shit, he was going to love the person that meant the most to him.

He pulled back and undid his pants and groaned as Riley helped him. "Put your leg on my shoulder baby," he whispered. She quickly complied and lifted her right leg onto his right shoulder and moaned as she felt his dick running between the wet folds of her pussy, and then felt him penetrate her.

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He didn't waste any time pounding into her and she was glad because she was just as ready for him. She wanted him, needed him, she wanted to feel him inside her one last time. She whimpered as he thrusted fast and hard inside her. God, already she felt it coming and it was building fast, she was going to come any second now.

He pushed up against her and breathed into her neck and he pounded, damn he was close, he hasn't come this fast since his early teens. They both moaned as it was building, a few more thrusts and then he buried him self to the hilt and let out a deep groan as Riley cried out his name. They stayed there a minute catching there breath, he kissed her neck and nuzzled her there; "I love you so much." They both moaned as he slipped out of her, then he grabbed her foot and gently kissed her ankle and eased her leg lower.

He fixed his pants and then hugged Riley once more. "Come back to me," she sadly whispered. "I'll be waiting, I don't care if your missing an arm and a leg, just please come home to me." She cried. "I love you Jake." She whimpered. "I'll come home baby," he really couldn't promise her although he promised to come home on time for prom, but he would try, no, he had to.

Hot blonde slaps brunettes peachy ass and plays with her nipples tube porn forced her self to let go of him and then gently kissed his lips one more time.

After kissing Riley Jake bent down to the whining puppy. Who now didn't want to see him go, he ruffled the puppies head with his hand, "Take care of Riley for me," he whispered as the dog continued to whine. She was going to need him; the puppy would keep her happy, but for how long? He picked up his duffle as he stood and started walking towards the door. He took one last look at her, "I love you and I'll be home in nine months." Riley watched him close the door as she heard three more honks.

She sank to the floor and started crying.

She saw the puppy run to her and jump onto her lap and whine once more. "Don't worry daddy will come back," she sobbed. He would she told her self.

Jake loved her; he'd keep himself alive to come home to her.