Rookie lezzie sweeties get their yummy twats licked and banged

Rookie lezzie sweeties get their yummy twats licked and banged
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It was Monday morning, I was up out of bed and was geting ready to hit the park. I put on a running shirt, shorts and shoes then grabed my cell phone and went outside to head to the park. I started to jog down the side walk to get to the park.

I put my bluetooth head set in my ear so I could call my friend Becka to come jog with me. I like to stay in good shape. I was 5'6 and I was about 130lbs but I didnt have a ounce of fat on me.

I stoped when I got to the park to wait on Becka to meet up with me like we do every time we go joging. Becka finnaly comes up and says "ready to india summer joins to lily labeau and steve joging" I nod and we both go down the path untill we reach the big oak tree to take a breather we joged about 2 miles to the tree and we jog back to where we started.

so 4 miles in all. We both were exausted as we stop to take a breather at the bench. I say "that was a good work out".

She says "it sure was". Becka told me she had to go to the doctor to get her check up over and done with. We said our goodbyes. I started back home.

Becka said "see you tommarow katy". I said "yeah" and waved goodbye. I joged all the way back home and got to my door when I milf hot duddy mom who knew stepmoms could be so helpful the door was cracked open. I thought to myself that i must have not shut it all the way and the wind must have opened it.

I live in a safe neighbor hood. So i just shruged it off. I took off my shoes and headed up stairs to my bed room. I got undressed but I couldnt help myself of feeling like I was being best king vidixxx sex stories. I just was being perinoied and hoped in the shower and shut the door.

I washed my body and about 20 mins I was done and got out and grabed a towel to dry me off and another one to dry my hair. I opened the door to my bedroom and put the towel to dry my hair in the laundry basket. I turned to close the bathroom door and someone grabed me from behind and covered my mouth. I tryed to scream but his hand was over my mouth. He had his arm around my body holding my arms down so i couldnt get away.

I tryed to wiggle my way out of his grip. He said "shut up while i take my hand away from your mouth and i wont hurt you". I nodded. He took his hand away from my mouth and when he did he put it in his pocket and i let out a scream then he quickly pulled a knife to my neck. I quickly shut up. He said "try that agian and you will get hurt." By this time I had tears start to form in my eyes.

" Take what you want just dont hurt me" I said trying to bargin with him. He said " I want to fuck that pussy of yours". I pleaded with him saying " please. no. dont hurt me". He ignored me as he started to spread apart the towel that was wraped around me.

I felt him start rubing my inner thigh. I whimpered as he started to kiss my neck. I tryed agian to plea with him saying "stop. please. no" but agian he ingnored me. i turned away knowing he wasnt going to stop. I felt him start rubing my pussy. He moved his way up my stomach to my breasts.

He started fondleing them and sqezzing them.

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I let out a unwilling moan hopeing he didnt hear it i shut my mouth. He grabs me and throws me on my bed. I let out a little scream he jumps on top of me and opens mms hotel xxx story7 gard towel. I try to cover myself but he pins my arms. Im fully exposed to him now.

I thought to my self that now he can do what ever he wants. I closed my eyes as he starts to kiss my breasts and starts to suck on each of my nipples. They start to become fully erect then he moves one of his hands down toward my pussy. I say "please. no. Im still a virgin." He looks straight up at me like he was in shock.

I was 22 years old and still a virgin I was waiting for the right guy to come along. He looked up at me and smiles as he shoved a finger inside my pussy. "You werent lieing you still are a virgin arent you.

Well you wont be for long" he said chucleing. I look away and start to cry as this stranger is violateing me. He moves his finger in and out of my pussy as his thumb is on my clit.

I unvolentarry moan. My mind was saying No but my body was saying yes. My body was enjoying it while my mind was geting abused. My hips moved with him and he said "you must like this dont you you whore" and shoved his fingers even deeper.

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"yeah your geting all wet just for me" he said. he pulled his fingers out and put them to my mouth. I shut it tight.

"open it or i will hurt you" i slowly nekane sweet play the game it and he shoved them in "Clean your cunt jucies off of it".

I did as i was told cleaning his fingers clean. When he pulled them out i closed my eyes and then I heard a zipper unzip.

My heart was going a mile a minute. I opened my eyes to a 8" cock in my face and he said "open" I refused. He said "open or ill fuck that lil virgin ass of yours". I didnt want him to fuck my ass so I opened. He shoved his cock in my mouth I gagged as he hit the back of my throut. He Grabed my hair and moved my head on to his cock and went back and forth. I could bearly breath. Then he says "im going to cum and when i do you better swollow it." He let out one last thrust and I felt my mouth full of his cum he said "swollow" I had no choice i couldnt breath i started swollowing every last drop of his cum and then he pulled out.

"lick it clean" he said as he pulled my hair to his cock agian. I started to get the thought out of my head that I was licking a strangers cock. I pretended it was a lollipop so i wouldnt throw up at the thought of it. When I was done he started to rub my inner thigh.

I thought maybe i could get away if I kicked him while he was that close to my legs. I quickly moved my leg and kicked him hard enough to jump up and run to my bed room door. He was just as fast as I was.

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He locked the door so it would take alil bit of time to unlock it. He grabed me and turned me around to face him. he had me pinned agianst the door that could have led me to my freedom young teen wife sucks husband dick amp swallow cum for christmas amateursex big boobs my arms up above my head.

He slaped me across the face. I screamed in pain. I have never been slaped by anyone in my life. "I guess you didnt take my warning litteraly did you slut" as he pushed his body agianst mine. I felt his cock pressed agianst my body.

"I guess ill have to be rough with you instead of gental now dont I?" He threw me on the bed and pinned me down agian this time he pined my legs down so i couldnt move them. He put his hand on my pussy and said " Im going to fuck you hard bitch". He got between my legs and put his dick to the entrance to my virgin pussy. In one thrust he shoved his whole dick in to it. I screamed out in pain.

I felt tears run down my face as my hymen was broken. I lay there as he thrusts his cock in my pussy hard. I started to feel a orgasm build up I was ashamed that my body was enjoying every minute of this as i wasnt. My hips thrusted with him as he was going in and out. He was moaning. I felt his dick swell up in side of me knowing he was about to climax in side of me.

I yelled saying "no. please dont cum. inside." as i said that he gave a thrust and I felt a warm sinsation in side. He colapsed on top of me and started kissing my neck and rubing my breasts once agian.

I felt ashamed as I lie beneath my rapist traped. I thought to my self how could my body enjoy that. As he came around he pulled out and got off of me. He got dressed and whispered in my ear " you were a great fuck hope to do it agian real soon. I lay there for a few minutes till he leaves.

I run back in to the bathroom to take a shower to wash up his cum.