Sexy blonde looker rides a big cock

Sexy blonde looker rides a big cock
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Mandy awoke sometime in the early morning. She was freezing and alone.except for the 3 dogs. Two were lying next to her, but one was sniffing and licking at her body. She moved to get up, and the dog started growling at her. She was terrified. The dog was very big and was showing his teeth. The other two dogs now got up and moved away.

She found a stick next to her. She lay motionless, and the dog continued on licking at her body. She swung hard and clobbered the dog in the head.

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It yellped loudly and hit the ground with a thud. With no time to spare, she got up and made her way to the clubhouse.

Her body was in extreme pain. Her thighs hurt badly and she had cum and blood dried all over her. She was relieved to see her clothes, and quickly got dressed. She noticed that her bra and panties were nowhere to be found.

A note clearly explained that she was to be back here by sundown on Monday. Crawling in her window, Mandy tried not to make a sound. "What the hell am I going to tell my parents" she thought.

She opened her dresser drawer, and was shocked. Here she saw her bra and panties that were ripped from her body. Realizing that Jeff had been in her house, she began to hot czech brunette lapdances and does bj. She feared she would never get out of this.Not with her brother,her parents or Jeff. Hearing her cries at 4 am, Tommy made his way to her room." Where the hell have you been" he asked.

"Mom is fucking pissed". "I know she is Tommy" "But I was raped tonite by Jeff Saunders and a bunch of other boys". "Are you ok?" Mandy proceeded to tell Tommy the whole ordeal. To Mandy's dismay,all she did was turn him on. He agreed to stick up for her,and go along with a story to tell the parents, but she had to suck his cock.

Reluctantly,she did and got her last sperm cocktail for the day. The next day, she could barely move. Her asshole was killing her and her pussy was numb. She wondered how much cum she had swallowed.

Maybe a pint she thought. Just then her Father came in and sat down next to her. "Tommy told us that you were stranded at a friends house last night" "Your mother is very upset that you didn't at least call". " I'm so sorry daddy, I promise I will never do this again".

She was to be punished with a grounding for a week. That did not fit into Jeff's plans for her and she knew that. She spent the day in bed for her 16th birthday. Her body was so used and abused that she couldnt move hardly. Walking home from schoo the next dayl, she saw Jeff walking through the park. He motioned for to come over, so she did. He acted almost friendly to her. He said he was going to meet his friend at the mini-mart, and asked her to walk along with him.

He made some simple gestures that he was sorry for what he did. She hated him but was so relieved to hear that she could put all this behind her.

They made it to the store and Jeff's friend was there with his minivan." I can give you a ride home if you like" Jeff said. Mandy thought it ok and hoped in. They sped away and were driving down the road when Jeff came into the back with her. Without any warning, he pushed her over and tied her arms behind her back.

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Mandy screamed and kicked but to no avail. Jeff gagged her and wrapped a towel around her eyes. Mandy could not see anything. She realized that they had driven for more than an hour. The whole time, Jeff was silent. She figured they were now driving down a dirt road.She didn't know of any such roads anywhere near her home. When they stopped, she was pulled out and heaved up over someones shoulder.

They carried her a ways, and dropped her hard to the ground. She could smell grass or hay,and animal noises. She was now scared for her life. Jeff removed her blindfold and gag. " What are you doing?" She fearfully asked. Just then a big man brought out a dog on a leash. It has a bandage wrapped around it's head. "This is my uncles dog you fuckin beat up on you bitch" Said Jeff.

" Now your gonna make it up to him" " Come here Jake.c'mon boy" Jeff called. The dog made his way over to Jeff, who then led it over to Mandy. Mandy couldn't believe Jeff would want her to have sex with the beast. Jeff grabbed a shovel and slammed it on a post next to Mandy's head. " That will be your skull if you don't do as I say" "Got It Bitch" Yelled Jeff. Mandy shook her head yes. She was lying in some hay, and Jeff ordered her to lie on her back.

He then led Jake over her head. " Reach up and stroke his cock slut" Jeff said. She did as she was told. She noticed his red rocket starting to stick out.

To her surprise, she coulnd't believe that it was so big. Jeff saw jake getting hard and told Mandy to suck the dogs cock. Mandy did not think she heard him right. Jeff kicked her in the leg and again told her to start sucking. Mandy was sick with the thought, but knew she had no other choice. She reached out with her tongue and closed her eyes. She felt the tip on her lip and it was wet.

She didn't know big tit bbws double team huge cock it was pee or what. She slid her tongeu under the shaft and slowly made her way over the whole cock. She closed her mouth around it and was now sucking on this dogs dick. She almost threw up and had to hold her breath at first. Jake was getting excited and started humping at her face.

Jeff held the dog, and watched as Mandy worked her mouth up and down the dogs shaft. " You better not spill a drop whore" Jeff said. Mandy was now feeling sick and had to fight from throwing up. She tried to pretend it was Tommy she was sucking. She ran her mouth up and down the cock for a long while and felt the dogs cock base begin to enlarge.

She didn't know what was happening, when suddenly her mouth was flooded with doggy cum. She was glad that it actually tasted sweet, and drank it all down. Jake pummped spurt after spurt into the young girls hatun kocasinin yaninda amina gotune havuc sokuyor, and she drank every drop. Jeff led the dog away, and came back to Mandy. He ripped her clothing from her and put her in a back room.

He shut and locked the door, laughing as he left.