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Lovely chick widens her butt to get fucked hardcore blowjob
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Dee Dee's Story We slept for hours on Saturday afternoon. We had all dozed off after making love for the first time knowing we could get pregnant. It never occurred to me that the act of sex can be so intensified by that knowledge. I don't know when I've wanted to make love so much before. Well, Wednesday evening, the first time Andrew and I were together was incredibly intense.

Actually, Thursday was pretty intense, too. I'm starting to sound like a broken record. Every time I've made love with Andrew was more intense than any experience I'd had before.

But this was different somehow. When I woke, I looked over to Donnie's bed, where Andrew had collapsed after servicing both of us sisters more than adequately.

I was surprised to see my sister looking back at me. Andrew was still asleep. I don't blame the poor boy. Donnie slowly extricated herself from Andrew's arms without waking him.

She slid out of her bed and into mine. We pulled beautiful amateur girl anal dildo masturbation and brunette covers above our heads and powwowed like we did when we were children. "Dee Dee, that was the sexiest I've ever felt in my life! My God, I climaxed as soon as Andrew touched me, I was so excited." "I know!

I know! Just the thought that he might be impregnating me gave me the shivers. Did he perform as well for you as he did for me? I thought he was going to kill me!" "He is such a hunk, Dee Dee! How did we get so lucky? I thought we would never find a man to be with, and somehow we've found the perfect man.

I realized while he was doing me that I have to leave tomorrow. Sis, it's going to be so hard to leave him!" "I know the feeling, Donnie. FYI, our project is going so well, we will probably be finished by next Friday.

I'll be going home. I haven't spent one moment worrying about it before. But now I see I am going to be devastated. I feel like I could cry right now." "I guess now we will learn how he really feels about us. We are leaving him, we might be pregnant. Will he be as upset as we are, or will he consider himself well rid of us?" "Donnie, you know perfectly well that Andrew is committed to us! Don't even go there.

That boy will never leave us until we force him away. He is ours forever.

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Never doubt him. We belong to each other. We may as well be married." "Married? Dee Dee, one of us is going to have to marry him! It's obviously going to be you, sweetie. That's going to be hard for me, I'll be honest. But after Andrew and I made love today, the thought occurred to me that we are already married in the heart.

That's what really matters." I pulled the covers from over our heads and we peaked out at him. He was still asleep, lying on his back, looking so inviting. I said quietly "Doesn't he look sweet lying there? Who would believe that handsome young boy is such a man in bed? We really put the pressure on him today, you know. We asked him to do both of us.

A lot of men would have wilted under that." Donnie's eyes lit up. "Speaking of wilted, look at his penis! It's hard! The boy is insatiable, thank God. Dee Dee, when Andrew did me, you know, orally, I couldn't believe it.

He was amazing! I would really like to return the favor." I had a disgustingly sinful thought. "We could both do him, had you thought of that? Wouldn't that be an interesting way for him to wake up? It could be our little gift to him for taking care of both of us this morning." "Dee Dee, I thought you told him that we were firm about no group sex. We are supposed to be two separate couples in bed." "I know, I know. But we wouldn't be doing anything to each other.

Ever." "Good. In that case, this should be fun." And it was. We snuck quietly to his bed and crawled in on either side of him. He was still asleep (he must be a very sound sleeper). I softly took hold of his penis with two fingers and lifted it off of his stomach.

It was already hard, and it is long enough that there was room for both of our mouths to work. Donnie took the head into his mouth, while I started to lick his shaft. I worked my way down and began to suck on his balls, while Donnie just took more and more of him down her throat.

For a first time fellatiatrix (if that is a word), Donnie was doing a bang up job. Andrew's hips started to push upwards, forcing his shaft into Donnie's mouth. I fondled the base of his shaft while continuing to lick his balls. Suddenly Andrew's eyes flew open. "What the&hellip. What are you doing?

Oh, DAMN! GOD! Donnie. DONNIE, Stop. I'm going to pov virtual blowjob cowgirl riding and cum in her mouth strip tease and stripping Donnie didn't hear him or she just didn't care, because she seemed to speed her efforts.

Sucking sounds were coming from her mouth. Her eyes were locked with Andrew's eyes. Andrew groaned, his hips left that bed, and he obviously began pumping his sperm into Donnie's mouth. She was sucking and swallowing, having a ball. I was a tad jealous. Oh, well, I have at least a week to practice with Andrew all by myself. No reason to hog all the fun. Donnie finally pulled off of Andrew's softening erection and smiled up to him and asked "Are we having fun yet?" Andrew shook his head.

"Either I'm awake or I'm definitely having a major league wet dream. Damn! Aren't you the girls who haven't had sex for four years? Are you trying make up for lost time?" I'm sure my smile appeared just a bit smug. "No Andrew. You looked delicious lying there all by yourself. I hope you don't mind if we took some liberties. Besides, we need to talk and we didn't want that over-active libido of yours distracting us." He just shook his head in astonishment.

"It won't be distracting anyone for a while, I'm afraid." Donnie said "Good. Let's talk." Andrew's Story Wow! This is becoming addictive. I have never, EVER, dreamed of having two girls go down on me at the same time. It's not the kind of thing that a normally sane guy has for a fantasy. I mean if you are thinking along those lines you are totally nuts. Not to mention, you are totally selfish. Two bdsm bound and fucked punishment assslave yoga on one dick; beautiful identical twins with blue-green eyes and blonde hair, soft skin, warm mouths, pouring all of their attentions onto my poor benighted dick?

How are you supposed to reciprocate for that? Well the girls weren't looking for reciprocity, apparently. After that blow job I was afraid I was going to be out of action for a while.

Hope they weren't expecting anything else from me along those lines, because they ain't gonna get it. Then again, there they are, naked, beautiful, sexy, soft. They are a walking invitation to a riot. Donnie had said 'let's talk' so I started things off.

I actually do think during the times I'm not acting as a stud service. "Well we have to talk about two different areas: business and personal. I think we should address the personal first, don't you?" Deirdre agreed. "If we can't come to a meeting of the minds on a personal basis, then the business part won't mean much, will it?" So I said, "You girls seem to think you might be pregnant.

If one of you is, are you prepared to do the right thing?" Donnie asked "What's the right thing?" I said "Marry me, of course!" I suddenly had a beautiful naked woman in each arm, crying on my shoulder. I know this is physically impossible, but my dick was on the rise again. I'm a sucker for a crying woman. I've learned over the last few days that there is only one good way to comfort a crying woman.

I only wish I had two dicks. Donnie said "You want to marry us?" "If you will have me. I want to do everything legally possible to bind us together forever. I want to be with both of you, but we should have at least one marriage, don't you think?" Donnie seemed to be the one doing the talking for the twins. "We think you should marry Dee Dee. You found each other first. She was your first love. That's the right thing." I could tell she was hot blonde with a perfect body tits and ass chaturbate and perfeito a blonde school girl gets her pussy used elsa dream cum in pussy cream pie upper lip.

I took her in my arms and held her, comforting her for her bravery. I told her "Whoever's name is on the marriage certificate, I'm marrying both of you equally.

I'll love you forever." She was crying again. I had been sitting on the bed, and was pointed straight up in the air, so to speak. Even as she was crying, Donnie stood up, climbed onto my lap and lowered herself onto my erection.

I sat still as she raised and lowered herself, crying and grinding, hugging and kissing. Suddenly her grip around my neck (and my dick) tightened and she held her body very still except for the grinding motion of her hips.

She issued a long loud moan and then grew still. Her eyes opened as she realized what she had done. She looked at Deirdre shyly and said, "Sorry Dee Dee, crying makes me so horny." Dee Dee looked exasperated. She shook her head and said "You are such a slut!" I was thinking "but what about my dick?" But I'm not that much of a pig. Close but not that much.

I held my tongue, knowing that I should be grateful for whatever small attentions were thrown in my direction. I said, "As I was saying before I was so rudely interrupted, do you girls agree that we should have some sort of a legal document binding us together?" Dee Dee said "If you say so, Andrew." I laughed.

"Don't pretend I'm not the junior member of this triumvirate. 'If I say so'? Please just tell me what you want. I'll do it." Donnie said, "The real problem is that you live in Cleveland and we live in Cincinnati. How is that going to be resolved?" I said, "I'll give my notice as soon as this project is completed. I'll tell them the truth, kind of. I'm starting my own business and was just waiting for this project was over to do it because I'm such a nice guy. After that I'll do whatever you want." The girls looked at each other.

Was their relief on their faces? I said, "What did you expect me to do?" Dee Dee answered. "Exactly what you are doing, honey.

I told Donnie you loved us as much as we love you." I pushed on. "Now that that is out of the way, I have some other things to say. Donnie, I've talked to Dee Dee about this in the past, how I feel relationships should be. You'll find out that I'm pretty easy to get along with, but I need certain things from a relationship and I've got to be up front about it with you." Donnie said, "Well, be up front. What is it you need from us?" "Honesty; openness; frankness; I need you to tell me what's wrong if I screw up.

I need you to tell me when I'm not giving you what you need, emotionally, physically, whatever. I promise to do the same. If we have a problem developing we need to nip it in the bud before it becomes a major issue.

Donnie, it's important. I don't know any other way to make a long term relationship work." Donnie said, "That's a very feminine way of looking at things, Andrew. Are you sure you're not gay?" I reached up and fondled her soft beautiful breast. "Would you like to climb back on and decide for yourself?" Dee Dee slapped my hand away from Donnie's tit.

"Don't say that to her, Andrew. My sister is a trollop. I've seen enough of her passion for the afternoon." "Okay! I think it's time we talked about sex. We've been doing it a lot, but we have never talked about it." Both of the girls seemed a little embarrassed. Donnie said "We never talked much about sex when we were growing up. What do you want to talk about?" "You two are on the road. You are going to get anxious, tense as Dee Dee would say.

I'm an eyewitness and I know that you are two very enthusiastic about sex. I just wanted to talk about what you plan to do about it." Dee Dee looked a little shocked. And stunned. "Andrew, we've gone years without any sex.

We certainly know how to control ourselves when we are on the road. I'm shocked and stunned that you would even think that we would do anything about it."' "Hold on. I'm not accusing you of anything. I'm just saying that it's easier to have no sex than not enough sex. Sex begets more sex; which begets even more sex. Before long, there's a whole lot of begettin' going on.

I'm telling you that I understand that and I don't have any expectations of you in terms of fidelity, I guess is the term." Donnie said "What, you are telling us that it's alright with you if we have other men in our lives while we are away from you? That's crazy." "But that isn't what I'm saying. I want you all to myself.

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I'm selfish that way. But if it happens, I understand. Just do me a favor and don't tell me about it. I don't want to know. I don't get off on knowing the women I love are attractive to other men. Any man who isn't attracted to you is either crazy or gay." "But if you get that 'itch' and can't wait till we are together again to scratch it, I just want you to know that I give my permission in advance. No guilt trips are necessary. But I'm insecure enough that I absolutely do not want to know about it." "I don't own either of you.

I know that when we make love I feel that way that I want to own you but I don't and I can't." Dee Dee was angry. "And what about you, Andrew?

Are we to assume that you should feel free to have sex with whomever you please?" I shook my head. "You girls are taking this totally wrong. I believe in serial monogamy. I never LOOK at another woman when I'm in a committed relationship. Serial monogamy? How sod xxx storys sex stories 15 serial binogamy.

Is that a word, 'binogamy'? Whatever. But I'll be having twice as much sex as either of you. I know there's a degree of inequality there. I'm not saying I want you to screw around.

I just don't want it to hurt our relationship." Donnie and Dee Dee exchanged a look. Donnie said "Andrew if we can't have you we don't want anyone. We are not the liberated women you seem to think we are. You've taught us more about sex in the last couple of days than we had learned our entire lives." "Donnie, but now that I've taught you that, maybe you will want to practice it a little, if you know what I mean.

Christ now I'm starting to sound like you two. I don't want you to. But if you do, I understand. Damn I wish I'd just kept my mouth shut." My dick was starting to become flaccid again in the face of this discussion.

Dee Dee noticed and reached over and started to stroke it. "What's the matter, Andrew, don't you love us anymore?" I sprung back to full attention. "What do you think? Girls, I'm not trying to start trouble. I'm just trying to defuse any situations before they begin. I've had previous relationships end because of this very thing. It would have been much better if I had given permission or at least my partner had asked before she did what she did.

I'm giving permission." Donnie's Story Andrew must think we can't keep our legs together. I'm very good at keeping my legs together, except when I'm around him. My God I just used him as my personal sex toy right in front of Dee Dee. And he didn't even climax! I was so selfish. I've got to make it up to him, but I'll have to wait until we are alone. But I couldn't let go of Andrew's selfless but stupid permissioning of any future adultery on our part.

"Andrew, honey, we are not going to feel trapped in our relationship. Being in a relationship with you is the most exhilarating thing that's happened to us, ever. We've been freed. Dee Dee and I are as committed to monogamy as you are, so let's just forget the topic entirely, okay? 'nuff said." Dee Dee was still softly stroking Andrew's erection.

He leaned back on the bed. It was obvious he was having difficulty concentrating. "Okay then. Let's talk business. Tell me about the 'twins' thing and the 'next generation' thing. You aren't the types to invent such stuff, so what's the facts, ma'am?" Dee Dee was obviously getting a little too involved with her stroking.

She said, "Wouldn't it be better if we talked face to face?" And she climbed right on Andrew's erection. And she called me a slut? She had never removed her hand from Andrew's penis. She slipped abby lee brazil in cock hungry hotel slut into herself and just plunged right down on him. Her eyes closed and her head leaned back, I heard her say "Yessss!" Dee Dee pushed Andrew back so he was lying on the bed and then she just rode him.

She leaned forward to kiss him (and I think she deliberately rubbed her tits against his chest, the bitch). His hands cupped both of her butt cheeks. Dee Dee started to moan loudly. Then her moans turned to verbiage. "God, Andrew you are sooo big!! You feel so good, baby. I want you to cum inside me.

Please; cum inside me. Let me feel it! Please baby, I want to cum with you!" The woman has no shame. Andrew was obviously buying into Dee Dee's little act, and I must admit to becoming a bit hot and bothered myself.

They were going at it like animals, humping wildly against each other. Andrew cried, "Dee Dee, baby, I'm there!" Dee Dee only screamed her response.

They both exhibited all the signs of having an extended orgasm, and then Dee Dee collapsed on Andrew's chest. Dee Dee turned her head to me with a satisfied smile on her face and said "What did he say about you being more vocal?" I had to laugh, but then I reached behind her and pinched her on her ass cheek. Andrew said, "You were about to tell me about the next generation…" Dee Dee rolled off of Andrew's chest until they were both laying on the bed, smiling and looking into each other's eyes.

We have just a wonderful love affair going. It's truly amazing. Dee Dee said, "Donnie let me catch my breath for a second. Why don't you tell him about IAM." Andrew said, "Donnie come here. I want to hear all of this, but I would feel better if I could cuddle a little with you while you tell me." I didn't need a second invitation. I lay down on the bed on the opposite side from Dee Dee. Andrew's hand rested upon my tummy, a nice neutral spot to feel contact without raising the level of excitement.

It felt wonderful. I saw that his other hand was resting on Dee Dee's tummy as well. The boy just naturally understands how to push our buttons. I began my story: IAM: The Institute for the Advancement of Mankind is a foundation begun in Georgia before the War Between the States. There was a man named Howard Johns. He was extremely rich and fairly intelligent and had a large plantation inland from Savannah.

He was a slave owner and raised quarter horses. Johns was not happy, however, because his three children, two boys, one girl, were wastrels and fools. He felt none worthy to carry on what he had created. By the time Johns saw his own end approaching, it had occurred to him that he had been cheated by life. The thing he respected most, intelligence, was missing from his descendents. Johns' will was unusual though fairly straightforward.

He felt obligated to care for his offspring, but left them only enough to live comfortably if they were frugal. (He didn't think they would be.) He left the vast majority of his fortune to create the Institute for the Advancement of Mankind. Its sole charter was to attempt to improve the average intelligence of humans.

The board of the IAM foundation had no idea how to fulfill this charge. Science at that time (it was the 1850's) knew little or nothing about genetics or the workings of the human mind. But the Southern gentlemen who were the board of IAM knew how to breed things.

They extremely hot blowjob and sex on webcam masturbation fingering been breeding dogs, horses, and slaves for hundreds of years for the purpose of forcing those possessions of theirs to develop more sexy babe getting pussy pounded by this lucky old guy characteristics.

It became obvious to them that the only way they knew to improve average intelligence was to breed for it. And that is what they did. Now at that time it was not easy even to test for intelligence.

Generally the mind was looked at as a machine, and testing was based upon the speed of response to stimuli, visual acuity, things like that. Using those criteria, IAM began paying people to procreate.

They sent representatives throughout the South, even into the North, to find and test seemingly intelligent people and then pay them to marry other seemingly intelligent people.

Each time one of those couples had children, they received a certain amount of remuneration. That was the start. The families that were to become the breeders developed from the offspring of the earliest of the IAM selectees. IAM tracked each family, one generation to the next, using the current level of intelligence tests to trace their progress. If a family gave birth to children who tested (using current methods obviously) low on the intelligence scale, they were culled from the program.

Of course, exceptions were made for injury to children during birth, things not determined by breeding. Extra bonuses were paid to children of breeder families who married children of other breeder families. It is no surprise, I suppose, but this actually worked. Even today there are sperm banks holding the issue of geniuses and Nobel Prize winners, where women can have their eggs fertilized by the far end of the bell-shaped curve in intelligence.

But something strange happened along the way. Perhaps it was mutation, perhaps it was evolution, but there developed a propensity among the families for the birth of female twins. In fact, when that started, those families who had that propensity never again gave birth to males. All other members of the families fell by the wayside, and the female twins became the focal point of the IAM foundation.

By this time IQ tests were in vogue and it was found that the average IQ of each female twin was about 150, half again as much as the average of the population as a whole. But here is where things came to a halt. Each female twin bred true, if you know what I mean. Regardless of the father, that is, the father's IQ, the mother gave birth to twins of approximately 150 IQ. But only one set of twins were born per generation per woman.

The IAM foundation's project has ground to a halt. It has been felt for quite some time that the twins were becoming a separate species from homo sapiens. But there were no males! We were now marrying into the general population, trying to achieve a breakout that has yet to come. And by the way, most of the money is gone anyway, has been for quite a long time. They keep in touch with us, they try to help us if we are desperate, but they can do little else.

We are on our own. The twins families have been searching for years for signs that the population as a whole is issuing forth the males that will allow us to break through and out of the race of homo sapiens. We believe there are such men out there. We even have developed a profile of the type of man most likely to fulfill our expectations as the progenitor of the next generation.

We look for a man with extremely high intelligence, but whose social skills developed very late in life. In other words we are looking for a man who seems to have had an extended childhood. We are looking for a man who doesn't fit in to sapiens society. Andrew, we told you a little of this last night. Homo sapiens have been around for 150 thousand years, but have only become 'civilized' in the last ten thousand years, perhaps even less.

We have to deal with 140 thousand years of being a hunter gatherer, of needing to be a killer, of fighting against the odds in a world where man was small, weak and vulnerable.

Of course because of his intelligence and his ability to cooperate, man became the greatest hunter on earth. But ingrained in the very essence of the sapiens experience is the feeling that one must be the aggressor to survive. Even the teachings of the early 'civilized' humans taught man the very same lessons. Be fruitful and multiply.

Have dominion over the land and the beasts. These were rules established when there were amazing redhead teen speared by border patrol in the outdoors than 50 million humans on the face of the earth, when wild creatures regularly killed and ate unguarded humans. They were rules established by illiterate sheep herders whose lives were a daily struggle for their very existence. But the times have changed, Andrew. Man's numbers now exceed 6 billion.

We live on every continent, in every nook and cranny of the earth. Our dominion over the land and the beasts has become a burden on the world. The times have changed, but sapiens have not. Sapiens are the products of their evolution and they no longer fit into the world that they themselves have created. Unless the next generation springs forth from the loins of men, a generation that does not feel the need to hunt, to acquire, to hold dominion, then mankind and the beasts of the field are doomed to extinction.

So the man we are looking for is one who doesn't belong in the world created by Sapiens. He is a man who can live in a world that is shared by all, not grabbed by the strong at the expense of the weak. He is a man who can live with and nurture the beasts of the field, be not a user but a steward of the environment. That's you, Andrew. If Dee Dee or I are pregnant, that will be the proof we need.

But both of us can feel it already. We are different, somehow. You are it. You are us. You are the progenitor of the next generation. Andrew's Story 2 Okay! So I'm the provider of the seed, the loins from which is going to spring the next evolutionary stage of man.

I don't think so. Donnie's story was a lulu I'll admit it. But if it is as she says it is, no wonder they aren't making any progress. "Girls, are you telling me that you are randomly looking for men who may be in evolutionary synch with the twins families in order to propagate homo whatever? You're serious, right?" Dee Dee said, "Of course we're serious. That is our purpose in life, Andrew. We are the breeders." Donnie was now playing with my cock again.

They seem to be fascinated by it. Now I like to have toys too, but I don't have to be playing with them all of the time. Damn, her hand is so soft and her touch so gentle. I could feel myself beginning to rise again. This is getting ridiculous. Donnie said, "Homo whatever. We don't have a name picked out for the next species.

Dee Dee, why don't we call it homo erectus, in honor of Andrew?" I said, "Sorry that name has already been taken, and anyway it sounds like a horny hairdresser." I continued, "The boys in Vegas would say you're trying to make your point the hard way." Dee Dee said ,"What is that supposed to mean?" "You're going about this all wrong.

You are hoping for random chance to find these men of the future. You should have them coming to you." Donnie didn't nice titty wife gang banged at dirty ds it.

"How in the world would we do that?" "Donnie this is the twenty-first century. We've been to the moon, we pretty petra is down for her sweet vag to be fucked remote control dongles for our televisions, and we have the internet.

Let's set up a website." Dee Dee asked "What kind of a website? How would anyone find us there?" I was in my element now. "Well, we could set up a dating service. The Really Smart People dating service. We could screen all applicants till we find the people who are most likely to fit your little profile. How many twins are we talking about anyway? Do we have enough to make a go of something like this?" Donnie said, "Oh there are at least twenty thousand of us now.

More than half of those are of age to give birth and maybe sixty percent of those aren't married." They could have inspected my teeth for cavities, my mouth was so wide open. "Twenty thousand twin girls in Georgia and nobody noticed?" Donnie shook her head. "I told you we aren't all in Georgia. We don't all look alike. We maintain a very low profile. If you weren't looking for us, how would you find us?" "Okay, so you are saying we have something like six thousand girls who could be part of this dating service.

That's pretty good. What about the married ones? Say they've already had their twin girls. Would they still be interested in having more children?" Dee Dee said, "Of course, most of them would. We were brought up to be breeders after all. It has never occurred to us that once we had our first pair of twins we could ever have more." I smiled. "Well, there you go. I could set up a RSMILF website." Donnie didn't get it.

"What does that stand for, RSMILF?" "Really Smart Mothers I'd Love to Fuck." Dee Dee grimaced. "That is disgusting, Andrew. How in the world did you think of something so gross?" "Baby, this is the internet. We would only be adhering to standard procedures. We could set up assignations between total strangers (as long as the men fit your profile) and maybe we would be getting some more babies in the bargain.

You've got to take advantage of the prevailing technology. Wishing and hoping isn't going to do it." I had them now. "Girls we can jump start this evolutionary thing, assuming it's true. If there are men like you hope for running around out there, we can find them. Hey, maybe I can hack into Mensa. We could get a copy of their membership database. They are so arrogant they probably are running a Microsoft Access database with little or no security.

Or if you are old fashioned, you could ask to buy their database." Donnie looked shocked with me. "What do you mean arrogant?

We are Mensa members, you know. You would probably qualify easily, Andrew. Why don't you join?" "I don't care to belong to a club that accepts people like me as members. No thanks. I'll maintain my anonymity, if you don't mind." "Let's face it girls, all of this is predicated on the possibility of you being pregnant.

If not, then all bets are off. This should be an interesting week." -- kinky interracial session in a public restroom big tits and cumshot be continued