Blonde in stockings loves to get penetrated

Blonde in stockings loves to get penetrated
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Jill was almost a virgin when she and Eddie married. They had engaged in some heavy petting, to the point of her giving him oral sex, and masturbating him, but never intercourse. It had only been weeks before their wedding that she had allowed him to touch her pussy thru her panties. Of course now that first time young age sex xxx vidios were married they had sexstory germany siather brother school, but like a lot egyptian queen shocked back to life and fucke newlyweds they were still learning about each others bodies, and likes and dislikes.

Jill still had not had an orgasm from fucking, but she never even hinted to him that she wasn't happy with their sex. She craved to be alone with her fingers to bring that glorious feeling she had discovered her freshman year of high school.

She remembered rushing home, the anticipated feelings, and the sensuous feel of her wet young pussy as she slowly worked her way to multiple orgasms. She started hating the time she had to spend at school activities that would keep her from getting home to the magic of her fingers.

Sex Education was last period and the image of the half hard penis from the poster Miss Franklin posted at the front of the room was still vivid in her mind as she imagined it entering her tight pussy. Now after they had sex, she would creep downstairs to the couch to be alone. She would finger her pussy and clit until she fell asleep, finally satisfied and exhausted. Eddie had joined the family business, and was an instant workaholic.

His mom's favorite thing was "Send Eddie" or "Eddie will do it" and he was often gone overnight, or left before dawn to deliver hay, sometimes to pick up seed, or have the trucks and equipment repaired.

Jill didn't have a bad life, they lived in the shadows of his parent's house, they had plenty of money, and Mommy Kirk had furnished their house nicely. His mom let them know early on that they were just guests, it was still her house, and any arab fucks white woman my first creampie Jill wanted to make to the paint, curtains, or even rearranging furniture had to be cleared with the big house.

Jill giggled as she rubbed her unsatisfied pussy, wondering if mommy Kirk needed to approve that too. It came as no surprise when his mom informed them that her brother Vick, Eddie's uncle was moving in to their spare room temporarily.

Jill had planned on using that room as a nursery. Vick and his wife Vickie were trying a separation, it seemed the only thing they had in common was the similarity in their names.

Her life changed drastically the day Vick moved in. She had to be fully dressed all the time, he was crude, always burping, or worse; he left his clothes all over, and most of all she was even more inhibited when she and Eddie were having sex.

One night, they were having sex, quietly she thought, and Vick yelled out, "give it to her good Eddie" her pussy almost clamped shut. Then her panties started disappearing, and she would find them in his room with semen stains in the crotch. He was using them to masturbate with. It was getting harder and harder to even look at him. When she confronted Vick about her panties, he readily admitted it, saying he was just practicing for when he got that little pussy for real.

She was shocked, then indignant, telling him, "not in this lifetime". Eddies mom gave Jill and Vick the job of delivering hay to customers more than 25 miles from the store, so they were usually in the truck together all day.

Jill had to go along because Vick was careless with the paperwork, once he even lost a sizeable check.She was like a moth to the flame, disgusted by his casual familiarity, yet intrigued by it, she would often find her panties wet thinking about sex with him.

Once when she and her husband were having sex, she imagined Vicks huge body on top of her, not making love, but fucking her, giving it to her "good" as he said. Then he would make some rude comment in the truck about showing her breasts or pussy to him, or taking her panties off so he could jack off with them while they drove along the highway, and she wouldn't speak to him for days.

Just about the time she thought she was at the ends of her rope, Vic showed up with a beautiful ankle bracelet for her. A "thank you" to her for cooking for him he said. She was still in her robe; Eddie was there, so she felt safe and allowed Vick to put it on her right ankle. She could feel his breath on her legs as he fastened the delicate clasp with his huge fingers. She spread her legs almost involuntarily, and sucked her breath chubby gfs sucking big black cocks!

tube porn sharply when he kissed each of her calves. She looked over at Eddy, he was watching with interest, but didn't comment.

She loved it and seldom took it off.

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When she went to the mall on Saturdays, she would watch her reflection as she walked along. The tiny gold band showing just below the leg of her tight jeans make her feel terribly sexy. It was a constant reminder of her love, hate relationship with Vic.

The thoughtful gift of the bracelet made the time spent in the truck at least bearable now, and she was learning to ignore his comments, or just brush them off, answering something like "yeah sure, when I'm a hundred years old" or some other smart assed answer.

Then he started in that, at least she had agreed to show him everything, he just had to wait a while, and would roar with laughter as she blushed at the suggestion. She was proud of her cheerleader body, 5'6" 120 pounds with perky 34c breasts; add blonde hair and blue eyes and it was a winning combination.

She still wasn't interested in showing it off to Vick. A few weeks later he brought her another "thank you" gift, panties this time. Seven pairs, in different colors, each with a day of the week just above the crotch. Four pairs were plain color, red, white, pale blue, and lime green.

Two were multicolor, but her favorite pair was the tiger stripes. All but two pair were French cut, the white ones were briefs, and the tiger stripe pair was little more than a g string. There was not enough room to sew Saturday above the crotch, so it was on a tag sewn to the string waist band.

Vick asked her to model them for him; she scolded him again saying she probably needed to wash them first, that he no doubt used them for his favorite pastime.

It was obvious that he had not; they were still sealed in the factory box. She put the white pair on, and held her robe open for just an instant, but long enough that he saw her bush through the almost transparent panties.

He told her she would have to get rid of that hair if she was going to let him fuck her. Her reply was that she had no intentions of ever doing that with him or any other man while she was married to Eddie. Two days later she shaved her pussy.

Then one night it happened, Vick was on top of her, his huge arms embracing her in a bear hug as he gave it to her "good." She woke up suddenly, realizing she had been dreaming. All the physical signs were there regardless, her legs were trembling, she was soaked with sweat, and her pussy still contracting.

Her pussy lips were swollen, her clit throbbing. She wondered if other women had orgasms in ther sleep. She went to the bathroom and peed, she sat there on the toilet remembering her vivid dream. Her hands caressed the swollen lips of her pussy, but her throbbing clit was too sensitive to touch.

They all used the same bath room, so she went downstairs to the couch where she could hear anyone on the stairs. She listened for any movement from upstairs, finally satisfied that she was alone she lay back on the couch and spread her legs wide, one foot on the floor, and one leg over the back of the couch.

She closed her eyes tight and started fingering her pussy and rubbing her clit, ignoring the almost painful sensitivity, and tried to continue the dream. As she was nearing another orgasm her minds eye could see Vic's huge frame coming on top of british milf dressed as a police officer jerk off instruction while wanking her cheerleader body, covering her, until only her arms and legs were visible.

As her orgasm washed over her she pushed three fingers in, a first for her, and started whispering, fuck me Vick, fuck me, "give it to me good." A week later Eddie was out of town, she was still a little embarrassed around Vick after her session on the couch, her fantasy felt so real.

She was making breakfast for Vick. He was a big man with a big appetite. She usually made him 6 eggs, and almost half a pound of bacon, along with toast and coffee. Today she was cooking grudgingly; Vick had been to see Vickie the nigh before and Jill had a sick feeling in the pit of her stomach. So this was what jealously felt like? She couldn't contain her anger any longer, and made a comment that at least now he could use Vickie's things again and leave her underwear drawer alone. Vick was very somber, just picking at his food; she had never seen him like this.

He said nothing happened with Vickie; in fact they didn't even kiss, they just tried to resolve some things, and ended up fighting most of the night. Jill suddenly felt maternal, and placed her hand on his slumping shoulder for just an instant, then went back upstairs to shower and get ready for work.

After her shower she dropped the towel on her bed, and went to the dresser and began brushing her hair. Lost in her thoughts about how sad Vick seemed, she failed to hear the door open, and Vick was standing just behind her before she realized he was in the room. She screamed and moved toward the bed and the towel, shouting at him to get out.

She never made it to the safety of the towel .Vick pulled her to him, lifted her off the floor and kissed her deeply. She didn't feel him opening his pants, and later wondered how they hit the bed with him inside her. He started slow tentative moves, all the while Jill was begging him to stop, asking him to consider Eddie and Vickie. Her pleading fell on deaf ears. He continued to fuck her. He would lift her and arrange her.

Some of the positions hurt, like now, he was on his knees with her legs cradled in his arms, thrusting hard and firm in to her. Then he lay on top of her caressing her painfully hard and sensitive nipples with his hands. He kept his cock deep and rocked his hips slightly to keep his cock moving. Slow, deliberate, Eddie had never fucked her like this, his thrusts were really fast. She did not remember the base of his cock against her clit like this either, and he never played with her nipples.

She had quit pleading with Vick to stop now, but was planning the barrage of verbal abuse anal addict gets her fuck holes sodomized in hot threesome was going to assault him with when he finally let her up.

Then he reached under her, and lifted her to him, his thumb started making little circles around her ass while his strokes became longer, and quicker. She knew he was coming, she had learned that much from sex with her husband, and sighed that her ordeal was almost over.

To her great surprise as he started cumming, she did too. There could be no mistaking the tingle starting just under her clit, and radiating down and out. Contractions started in her pussy, the blinding tingle moved to her ass as his thumb slid in to her virgin asshole. The tingle ended at her toes, making them curl.

Her legs went stiff, then around him, and she started fucking herself on his throbbing cock. She tried hard not to cry out, but to no avail, soon she was chanting, "Fuck me, fuck me Vick, oh god give it to me good". His thrusting slowed, then stopped, as he emptied his sperm in to her; she still continued to fuck herself on his withering cock, and managed to cum twice more before he went soft.

They lay there in each others arms, she allowed him to kiss her as she played with the hair on the back of his neck. His kisses were stirring a new wave of feelings in her pussy. Then she was crying, guilt and remorse at what they had done to their respective marriages overtook her.

She made him let her up, and as she went to clean up she shouted back over her shoulder, "Don't ever do that to me again". The silence in the truck that day was, as they say, deafening, she couldn't look at him, much less speak.

Vick didn't exist as far as she was concerned. She barely grunted directions, looking out the window to avoid eye contact with him. She attributed her hard nipples, and wet panties to the shock of what had happened.

She kept reliving the scene from her bedroom that morning; she figured that was normal too, after all she was raped wasn't she? That night she was all over Eddie the minute he got home. She had no intentions of making dinner, and didn't even consider that Vick wasn't in his room.

She took Eddies hand and led him to their room, undressed him and shoved him back on to the bed and got on top of him. She used him, fucking herself on his surprised, but happy cock. She made no attempt to be quiet, the squeaking of the bedsprings turned her on, her moans were louder than ever, and she had her first orgasm with Eddie. She was constantly telling Vick that he was a lowlife, and was never to fuck her again.

She would not just let it go. At the same time the scene in her bedroom had become the center focus of her self pleasure sessions. She would rub her pussy and softly moan his name as she had contractions so hard they made her tummy sore.

For a reason she never understood she started dressing in short skirt's and western men's shirt's instead of the more appropriate jeans, and had to fight nadia mori diva futura tv live pornostar showing pussy protect her modesty getting in and out of the truck.

Even sitting in the truck and keeping her skirt at a modest level was difficult, if not impossible. The new look wasn't lost on Vick and he was soon asking to see that tight little pussy.

Then he started teasing her about having a mole on her left breast. Of course she denied it, but checked in the mirror when she got home to make sure. There wasn't a mole, but there was a brown spot that she had never noticed before. She hated that he had seen her naked, but it excited her that he remembered such a tiny detail. Jill was doing a lot of things that surprised her these days. The next time Vick started teasing her about the mole; she jerked on the snaps of her shirt and opened it to her waist, exposing both breasts.

She was almost screaming at him," look, no mole, now stop with the mole bull shit" He just laughed at her, and commented on her being braless, and on her nice hard nipples. He reached over and touched the tiny brown spot, then each nipple in turn. His touch was electric, her nipples were hyper sensitive, and hard as bullets. She could not keep from moaning as the sensation flooded her, it seemed to radiate directly to her clit. Her tone was softer now, telling him to stop, and then they both fell silent as she redid the snaps on her shirt.

They arrived at their delivery point shortly after that. The entire truck load went to this customer so it would take about 20 minutes to unload the truck and restack the hay.

It was uncomfortable sitting in the truck with Vick after what had happened on the way there. Both of them were breathing harder and faster, her pussy was throbbing, her nipples pushed against her shirt, she could see the outline of his hard cock thru his jeans.

Vick asked her for a blow job while they were waiting. She refused, but didn't yell at him for asking. He said he would eat her pussy, and again she refused, and was immediately sorry, no one had ever done that for her. Then he literally lifted her to him, her short skirt riding up and exposing the lime green panties. She was sitting with her back to him, his hand already between her legs massaging her sensitive clit, and sliding up and down the puffy lips of her pussy.

She wanted to scream with pleasure, but instead, tried to stop him, grabbing his hand. She reminded him that they were both married, and this was forbidden. Somehow his reasoning that they had already fucked made sense to her, the damage had already been done, and so she relaxed and let him rub her pussy.

As he started tugging at her panties, it became clear to her that he was planning to fuck her right there in the truck. People were working all around the truck; she couldn't allow him to fuck her there. By now he had her panties down far enough that he was touching her soaking wet pussy, fingering fucking her, making her moan softly. She heard the top snap of his jeans open, then the whisper of his zipper, and felt him shifting his position behind her; finally his hard cock was rubbing up and down her wet slit.

One final protest from her about the people nearby, and then he was inside her, fucking her, filling her with the same glorious feelings she had felt in her bedroom with him. She playgirl gives a ride gets creamed girlfriend hardcore never been fucked from behind before, and certainly had never been fucked in a place where someone could catch her.

Both new sensations turned her on beyond belief, and soon she had her hands against the passenger door and was pushing back to get all of his hard cock She could feel the head of his cock bang her cervix, making her sigh, and start to chant again," give it to me Vick, give it to me good." She reached between her legs and started rubbing her clit, and immediately had an orgasm that clamped his cock like a vise, she heard him say, " ummmmmmm yeah baby squeeze that cock" then she was lost in her orgasm again, not hearing the workers, not hearing Vicks grunts as he finally came in her.

They lay like spoons on the big truck seat, with him still inside her. She moved her shapely ass, squeezing her pussy muscles, milking every last drop of his sperm. He finally pulled out, releasing a flood of their juices down her ass and on to the seat. On their way home he did get the blow job he asked for; she lay on the seat with her head in his lap and sucked him for miles, ending up with him cumming in her mouth while they were waiting for a traffic light.

She didn't get her pussy licked in the truck, but he made up for it when they got home and Eddie wasn't there.

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The feeling of his soft tongue on her clit was addicting, even better than her own fingers. He continued to lick and circle her clit and pussy till she came again, then they fucked, neither of them came this time, they just enjoyed the feeling of bodies joined together in that most intimate of acts. She didn't feel the remorse and anger she had felt before; she knew she had wanted to be fucked by Vick. In fact, she knew she would want to be fucked by him, a lot, and in dangerous places .Days later she called down the stairs, "hey Vick, lets take in a movie, Eddie wont be home tonight" She giggled as she slipped on the tiger striped panties under her mini skirt, she hoped Vick wouldn't mind her wearing Saturday panties on a week night.