Brunette wife two cocks breakin attempt suspect has to fuck his way out of prison

Brunette wife two cocks breakin attempt suspect has to fuck his way out of prison
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When Katie turned 16 I started to notice. She was getting hotter and hotter by the day. Considering I was 21 at the time, my hormones raged for the young sweet and innocent girl. It wasn't only that, but I knew how wrong it was to be looking at your cousin like that. She developed very early and every family gathering I did my best to get as many non chalant glances in as I could.

Her small frame was basically my ideal fuck. She's about 5'5", 120 lbs and not one ounce of fat on her. Her ass is truly amazing and her tits were a perfect C cup. Our families weren't that close. We saw them 3-4 times a year during major holidays. Every time we got together my cock throbbed more and more because of what she was turning into.

I had several fantasies running through my head during and after every family gathering. It always just ended with me in my room jerking off thinking about her.

It's been three years since the start of this, her 19 year old body just as tight as ever. But even only seeing her 4 times a year, it wasn't hard to know that she was sexually active, and sexually charged.

Every time we got together, she had a new boyfriend to show off. When I'd get her alone (and after a few drinks), I'd always try to get the conversation to sex. Not only did this flood my cock, but it seemed like she actually enjoyed talking about it with me too. I found out that she put out pretty quickly, and from what I could huge boobs amateur blondie whore takes big cock in ass she was in fact a little slut.

It was usually about blowjobs and sex, the normal sex that mostly everybody has. She told me that she was on birth control but didn't like guys "going" inside of her. I tried to convince myself she was telling me all of this because she actually wanted me, but I never got the guts to actually talk about it. I didn't love her more than just wanting to ravage her body, which I think is probably a good thing in our situation.

I just bought a condo right downtown, and all us cousins (5 in total, all between 19-25) had talked about getting together one night to get loaded and then everybody could just crash at my two bedroom condo when we were done bar hopping.

You know how those conversations usually go though. You come up with an open-ended plan and it never really goes anywhere. Well a few Friday's later I was sitting at home since I had to work early the next morning.

I didn't normally work Saturdays but it was overtime and I could use the money. I received a text from Katie saying that she was going out with a few friends and wanted to see if I could come out.

The wink face at the end of the text put the unrealistic idea into my head that it could end with her in my bed, naked which was probably not what she meant by it at all.

After some thought, I decided that me trying to hook up with my sexy little cousin in front of a bunch of her friends was not the brightest idea, I decided to tell her that I couldn't come out because of work.

Besides I figured there'd be some of her guy friends there that would be trying the exact same thing. Really, it wasn't about work tattooed dude gets to penetrate his pretty princess hardcore brunette the morning. I would be more than willing to go to work hungover and tired but I knew if I got a few drinks in me, I would probably regret what I would have tried on her. Anyways, I turned in fairly early to get a good sleep but woke up to my cell ringing at 2:30am.

It was Katie's number so I quickly answered. It didn't take me long to figure out she was absolutely loaded. I could barely understand what she said, but she needed a place to crash.

I said yes without hesitation and at that time I never really had any ideas about what was going to happen. I figured she'd just come in and she'd go to sleep in the spare room so she could sleep it off and go home in the morning. She buzzed me 10 minutes later. I grabbed a pair of sweats and a t-shirt and buzzed her into the complex. 3 minutes later after her quick elevator ride up, I heard some giggles and a light knock on my door. I opened it up and to my surprise there was a guy with her, probably her age.

He was drunk, but not nearly as drunk as she was. She was pretty much using him as a leaning post. Being only a few years older than him, I knew exactly why he was still with her that late into the night. I didn't blame him though, who wouldn't want to fuck a hammered girl that is truly gorgeous.

I quickly grabbed Katie who couldn't even stand on her own and helped her into my apartment and onto the bed in the spare bedroom. The guy with her started to follow behind explaining how much she actually had to drink. I was surprised that she actually had that much, but believed it because of just how incoherent she actually was.

Next he tried to convince me to let him stay and sleep in the same bed as her. It didn't take me long to grab my phone and call him a cab. I told him that he could wait in the lobby downstairs and thanked him for getting her here safe. I closed the door lightly and as soon as I turned the lock, ideas flooded my brain. I never had a chance to see sweet Katie's body, but figured this would probably be the perfect time.

I walked into the room with the idea that I would undress her, check out every inch of her and then put her under the covers in her underwear and jerk myself off back in my room thinking about her. Then I could just tell her in the morning that she must have got undressed and crawled into bed herself. My heart was racing and my cock was already half hard with the idea of seeing her body.

I couldn't wait to get my hands on it. She was laying on the bed on her back sideways with her legs over the side, just the way I left her when her friend was there. I stood above her for a moment, turned on as hell by just how much power I had. She was snoring. I figured I should check realitykings monster curves chris strokes mercedes carrera booty love how out of it she was.

I shook her telling her to wake up. She didn't miss a breath and her snoring respirations remained the same. She was definitely dressed up to go to the bar…just as a normal 19 year old bar star would. A tight shirt that showed off a fair amount of her cleavage, and less than an inch of her bra. I called her a little slut as I grazed my hands over her tits not taking my eyes off her closed eyes to make sure massive wiener for pretty stupid gal stealer didn't come to.

I lifted her hands above her head and slowly lifted up her shirt. Fuck me, was her tummy tight. I left it there for a minute and reached into my pants to feel my cock. One touch of it and I felt the pre-cum already on the tip of my cock.

I didn't want to cum so I tried to take my mind off of it and took my hand out of my pants. A little bit of pre-cum was on my finger so I wiped it on her bottom lip.

It looked really sexy sitting there. She had lip gloss on but my pre-cum shined it up even more. I lifted her shirt up the rest of the way and slowly over her head. I placed the shirt on the ground and looked back at her. Hands up over her head, completely out cold with no shirt on. I drew the blinds open to let the city lights shine through a bit.

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She had a red bra on that pushed up her tits perfectly. My original fantasy of just checking her out turned into child's play compared to what I wanted to do to her now. I figured I'd just get her into her underwear before taking off her bra, so I did just that. I unbuttoned her jeans and slid the zipper down trying to go as slow as I could so it wouldn't be too loud. I knew she was completely out of it and that wouldn't phase her anyways, but going slow and being sneaky turned me on even more.

I gave her one more shake and called out her name but her eyes didn't even flinch. I was starting to think that there was more to this story than just her drinking. I was starting to think that maybe one of these guys slipped something in her drink.

I was really hoping now that was the case. Kind of funny that a guy goes through the trouble of doing this and I reap all the benefits, but I loved every second of it. I lifted her tiny ass up a bit and wiggled her tight jeans down. She was wearing the most sexy thong I think I'd seen in my life. Red, matching her bra, and small, just covering her little pussy. It was clear that she was expecting somebody else to see her wearing that, probably not her cousin though.

I pulled her jeans off the rest of the way followed by her socks. I was controlling the entire situation, and it surprised me how fucking horny I was knowing that I gorgeous sadie blake finally gets her wish from her stepbro do anything my cock desired.

I looked at the clock and it was already 3:15, but work in the morning was the last thing on my mind. I was now wide awake and full of adrenaline. My heart was pumping, and my cock was hard.

I reached behind her bra and unclasped it. It came off easier than I thought. I took it completely off and her huge tits popped out. No sag, no nothing. They were the most perky and firm C breasts I'd seen in my life.

She had tiny little nipples that I couldn't wait to get my mouth around. I just couldn't help myself. I sucked on her both of her tits until both nipples were erect. I checked her eyes again, and she was just as out of it as when I first came into the room. My heart raced as I almost uncontrollably straddled her tummy.

I pulled down my sweats and pulled out my rock hard cock. I had surprised myself as to how hard it was, and I swear it was an beauteous virgin legal age teenager enjoys cock in twat thicker and longer than my usual hard-ons. I put it between her tits and just sort of rubbed. My pre-cum oozed all over her open cleavage and I took my fingers and rubbed it onto her nubile body in between her tits. I got off of her and took of my sweats.

"fuck it" I thought and I stood there with no pants on with a giant hard-on. I slowly took off her little panties. Shaved pussy. It was completely bald and as smooth as her ass was.

It was small too. I licked my lips as I thought of what I wanted to do to it. I took my finger and put it in her mouth. I rubbed it on her tongue and pulled it out. Then I used her own wetness from her tongue to slowly part her pussy lips and massage her pussy. I'm not sure if it was my imagination but I could have sworn I heard a soft moan come from her mouth. This made me a little nervous so I slowed down and was a little softer testing out her consciousness.

I didn't notice any change so I took my finger and put it back in her mouth. One of the biggest things that turn me on is when a girl sucks on her fingers or your cock after it has been inside her soaked with her pussy juices.

I used her saliva to moisten my finger again and went back down south. I rubbed a bit harder and her clit was slowly but surely increasing in size. Not big, fairly small actually but I could tell her body was sending signals to her pussy.

I took my finger and massaged her pussy hole. It was already wet, which made me very happy. I stuck my finger in to my knuckle, and actually felt resistance. Fuck was she tight. I pulled my finger out and sucked on it, tasting her sweet nectar.

My cock throbbed. I could smell her now. The unmistakable smell of her sex.

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I moved my mouth down and licked her clit, working my tongue down further and further. The entire time I was doing this I made sure to keep my eyes on hers.

Not even a flinch came from her face. It tasted so good. I plunged my tongue as deep as I could into her pussy and it felt like her pussy clamped down on my tongue. I tongue fucked her for a good minute or two, and when I took my tongue out, she was so wet that I could actually see some of her juices running out of her pussy.

I grabbed her legs and spread them a bit more, and lifted them up. Gravity took her juice down below her pussy and onto her asshole. I got a good look at her sunny leone hard sex sex stories storys and instantly thought of my cock jamming inside of it. I had no idea if she was an anal virgin, but I couldn't handle how amazing it looked.

I took my mouth and licked it slowly and then massaged it with my fingers. That's about as far as I've ever got around a girls asshole. I thought, this is enough and I took my cock and started working it over her pussy lips and then touching her asshole with my tip. I had second thoughts about plunging into her ass so I moved up a few inches and slid the tip of my cock into her incredibly wet pussy.

I wanted this to last so I took my cock out and moved it up to her half open mouth. I parted her lips a bit more with my cock and pushed in. I loved it because I knew her juices were all over it, and now it was in her mouth.

I worked my way deeper into her mouth, and knew I was at the point of no return had she woke up. I was in too much bliss to stop and I fucked her mouth with my cock. I had felt like I was on the verge of cumming ever since I started. It was starting to kill me with the excitement flowing through my veins. I knew I wanted to fuck her, so I pulled my cock out of her mouth without actually cumming.

I put it back onto her pussy and pushed in. I was surprised that it went all the way in, must have been because of how wet she was, and how wet she just made my cock with her saliva. I was fully in my little cousin Katie now and couldn't help myself.

I wasn't in any frame of mind to care whether she would wake up now. I blasted her hard until I was on the verge of cumming and then would stop. I was building this up like you wouldn't believe. I did this about 5 times over the course of 2 minutes and then finally I decided it was time. I figured I would fuck her and then cum all over her tummy, so I'd be able to clean it up. I pulled my cock out and then thrust deep into her pussy and just kept going as hard as I could.

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Her tits were jiggling slightly and her whole body was rocking as my balls were slapping her ass. She looked so innocent lying there, which made it even hotter to fuck the shit out of her. I felt the rush come and decided it felt too good to pull out. I blasted the biggest cum I've ever had deep into her pussy. I was loud, and couldn't even help it. As I was coming down from the orgasm, it actually felt like the inside of her pussy was wrapped around my cock, almost telling me how much it liked me in there.

I slowly pulled out and some of my cum dripped out of her. I had plenty of girlfriends and plenty of sex before, but never actually came inside a girl without a condom. This was the first time I had given a girl a cream pie, and was very happy that it was Katie. I figured my cock would slowly start to shrivel back to normal size, but it didn't.

It was still hard as fuck, and I was still horny as fuck. I took this as a sign and figured we weren't done here. I took my cock which was covered in her and my juices and put it back to her mouth. I slid it in watching as some of the juices just stayed on her lips. I face fucked her for a minute or two and pulled out.

I loved seeing how much of our juices were all over her lips. My cock was as wet as could be, and I turned my attention to her sweet young ass. I was just as much an anal virgin as she looked like she was. I had always wanted to try it, but it just never worked out. I massaged her asshole with the tip of my cock and slowly worked my way inside. I was about three inches deep when I actually felt her asshole swallow up my cock.

The whole shaft of my cock was so wet that lube wasn't an issue. I could feel her muscles contracting around it and I wasn't even halfway in yet. I worked my way deeper and deeper until finally my stomach was hitting the bottom of her pussy.

I didn't even realize it but I had her legs straight up and wide open. Wow was her unconscious body ever flexible. I took a peek back at her eyes. Still closed, and no sign of moving whatsoever.

I stood there fully inside her tiny ass and took a second to think back of what I had done to her already and couldn't believe she hadn't even moved or flinched.

I loved it and laughed under my breath a bit about how lucky I was. I fucked her ass softly sperm bukkake showers 6 13 japanese uncensored bukkake tube porn I didn't want to hurt her, but that was exactly the way it felt best anyways.

I fucked her tight ass for a good three or four minutes before I knew I was getting close. I thought about cumming in her ass, but I knew that my cock would probably not be ok for round three. It was slowly getting raw and I could only imagine how that would feel for her in the morning.

I fucked her ass until I was on the verge of cumming. I took out my cock and pushed it deep into her mouth and blasted just as much cum as the first time, this time into her mouth. Halfway through my cum I took my cock out just enough so I could see myself cumming into her mouth. I swear this made me cum another load right after my first one. Her mouth was absolutely full. I'm not sure how it happened next but she was actually swallowing it. Maybe her body thought it was just saliva or something, but fuck was I happy that she wasn't choking on it.

My cock was raw and I was beat. I looked at the clock and it was already 4:45am. Wow how times flies when you're having fun. It seemed like just ten minutes ago that I was carrying her to the bed and calling her friend a cab. I went to the bathroom and cleaned up my cock a bit.

I had to pass by my own room japanese incest english subtitles mom uncensoret get back to the spare when I thought about my camera. I grabbed it from my room and went back into the spare room where Katie was. She still hadn't moved an inch. I started snapping pictures of her. Pussy shots, ass shots, tit shots, everything I could think of that would make me cum if I was to look at them later.

I grabbed some paper towel and wiped her mouth off, but left a little bit of our juices on her lips. Maybe when she woke up she could lick her lips and taste it a bit. I moved down to her pussy and tried to get as much of my cum out of her as I could.

While I was fucking her, I didn't really think of this part. I put a towel under her and sat her up, letting gravity do some work. I was trying to clean up for about 15 minutes and figured that was as good as it was going to get. I slipped her panties and bra back on and put her under the covers of the bed. I laid her on her side and kissed her forehead.

The room reeked like sex so I opened up the window and closed her door. I laid down on my bed thinking about any other way I could have made sure she didn't know I fucked her mouth, pussy and ass.

I didn't even fall asleep before my alarm was going off to get up for work. I was tired as hell, but it was worth it. I left for work knowing I would come home for lunch today. The morning crawled by and I kept my phone close just in case she texted or called me when she woke up. Noon finally arrived and I jet home as fast as I could.

I got home and her door was still closed. I put my ear to it and she was on her cell phone. I waited for the conversation to end, and knocked on her door.

She let me in. She had no idea what had happened last night. She said that she just got off the phone with a friend and she told her that she went home with some random dude. Her friends didn't know where they went or anything. Perfect, I thought. Since I knew she would probably know she had sex last night, I dead or alive porn honoka hard fuck big dick her that she did in fact call me for a place to crash and showed up here with some guy and said it was her boyfriend.

I told her that I heard them having sex and him leaving just before I got up for work. Her face turned beat red and I could see what she was thinking. She was thinking exactly what I wanted her to think. Some random dude fucked the shit out of her at my place last night while they were drunk, leaving me out of the whole situation.

She told me that she didn't have a boyfriend, didn't remember coming to my place and she asked me not to tell her parents. I made her lunch and she never mentioned anything about the night before.

I sat there looking at her eating my sandwich, thinking about the naughty things I had done to her just a few hours ago, and she had no idea it was me. She sat in silence trying to piece the night together. I was glad that I put the ideas in her head about how her night ended and just told her not to worry about it. I had to get back to work so she left my condo just before I did. I showed her out, gave her a hug and another kiss on the forehead. The last thing I told her was "don't worry, I won't tell a single soul about what happened last night".

She thanked me, not actually knowing what I truly meant by that and she was gone. We haven't spoken about it since. The end This is my first story so comments are greatly appreciated!