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Swinger zoey portland fucks for her husband
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This is my first story ever that I'm publishing. I've been lurking around here for some years already but just now I found the right inspiration. This was supposed to be little test how the audience reacts to my text but I think it got little bit out of hand.

Still, if I get positive feedback I might expand the story into a series. My hope my language is sufficient. English isn't my native language and I doubt that I use too much same impressions. Feel free write any constructive comments, remember to rate my story and have fun! ----------------------- I sat on my desk and opened my laptop as I took deep anxious breath.

Last night with Laura had been totally amazing. As I had woken up earlier this morning I had still been able to smell her perfume lingering in the bed sheets. The whole room had had a faint aroma of love. I drifted away in my thoughts of Laura. I dreamt of her lovely beautiful face, which had probably the sweetest mouth that one could ever wish for. Even the thought of her smooth lips and the softest kiss made me tremble in excitement.

Suddenly I snapped back to reality as I heard sharp, quick steps of high heels from the corridor. My breathing accelerated and I could immediately feel the blood rushing though my veins all over my body but especially in my groins.

Nervously I straightened my already perfectly straight tie and turned to look at my door just as hotkinkyjanal deep insertion dildimlive extreme pornotumblr walked past.

She was wearing those skintight white pants, which together with her three-inch heels outlined her bottom perfectly. As she went by my room she quickly turned her head to look in and just then she let out a small and subtle smile. The smile was as casual as always and anybody else seeing that swift encountered would have perceived it just as a professional greeting. Yet somehow I felt as it had playful, maybe even mischievous undertone, one that there hadn't been even day before.

Alexa nova in creampie for new american model had to apply great effort on myself that I didn't stand up right away and tackle her into my arms and overwhelm her with my big tits anal fucked teen asian asian cumshots asian swallow japanese chine. I knew we had to keep our covers.

We both knew we weren't ready for consequences that would follow if we went public about our adventures last night. And even worse, I couldn't be sure about level of her passion towards me. Sure, she had shown levels of enthrallment that nobody would ever be able to fake.

Still I couldn't be totally free of doubt and I dreaded that it had been just a night of conquest. Seeing just a glimpse of her and having light aroma of her perfume drift to my office had made my manhood stand in full attention straining the material in the front of my trousers.

With huge mental effort I was able to refocus my thoughts to this market analysis at my hand and with that my excitement also subsided. I started to go through my huge data collection, that I was to analyze. As I crunched through the data I occasionally drifted into pictures of Laura's divine figure. Once again I fought to concentrate in my work and I was just happy that I didn't have any client meetings today.

Those would have been total mess with my thought wandering around in all things indecent. Thoughts that mostly consisted of images of me embracing her in various poses and feeling the softness of her milk white skin and the friendly, passionate heat radiating from her body. I was walking from men's room back to my desk. I had been concentrating on my analysis for little bit over two hours and I had made good progress. Of course there were still much to do, but the basic findings of the study was starting to carve out from that vast, untidy sea of rows in spreadsheet.

Walking past the post room I show her standing by the photocopier, facing away from the corridor. The lovely sight of her petite frame and specially her thin waist together with her perfectly toned bottom made me forfeit my caution.

I checked that corridor was clear and I stepped into the post room. I wrapped my arms around her fit body feeling her well-toned abs and pulling her back against my body. I could feel the heat rushing from her body and I was nearly lost in passion. I pushed my mouth next to her ear as I inhaled, taking in her sweet aroma of roses and all other flowers. I could feel her tensing in my grip but soon she relaxed as she recognized me.

"I hope you want me as much as I want you" my voice stammered as I whispered to her ear. I hoped she didn't notice my excitement and how anxious I was about her. Her hands trembled little bit as she laid them on top of mine. "We can't here. The others…" she uttered. It was clearly a challenge for her to even get words out of her mouth.

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She leaned back pressing her head against my cheek. She was breathing hard and I could see her chest rising in the rhythm of deep breaths. I loved seeing her cleavage from above. I was able to see skimpy white bra she had under her white blouse. "I have to file in these papers this afternoon. I hope that the cellar isn't cold and lonely today" she hinted subtlety.

I sighed hard partly from relief of her still lusting after me and partly from disappointment from having to wait so long into the afternoon. Reluctantly I let go of her waist as I slid my hands feeling her hips. I laid soft kiss to her neck as I whispered back: "You don't have to be afraid of cold today" Having said that I slowly turned around and started walking towards my desk again.

At the door of the post room I glanced back and saw her looking at me around her shoulder with smile on her face that was friendly, naughty and passionate at the same time. Seeing that made smile rise to my own face. Luckily I didn't encounter anyone one my way to my office, as I would have made an impression of total fool smiling to empty sunny leone sexy blue film sex stories downlond. Burdened by my anxious I sat again in my chair.

I was very restless and I felt despair as I watched the clock: it would be many very long hours until the afternoon and promised pleasure and release. The clock was approaching two pm, I had had casual lunch with my colleagues but I had been so absentminded that I hadn't been able to follow the conversations. One fellow manager went as far as asking me if was feeling all right, having noticed my mental absence from the chatting. Usually I was quite social and participated actively in vague chatting, which usually involved expensive cars someone was considering, different tailors someone else was to try or about events in the golf club.

I evaded the question by complaining about having bad sleep. Luckily my colleague was satisfied with that answer and just shrugged his shoulders as he continued the usual line of conversation by asking which we thought to be superior, AMG or BMW M-series. That was one of our favorite topics and somehow we had to go though it at least every other week. My report was beginning to have its shape and I leaned back in my chair.

I heard the archive trolleys in the hallway approaching my office. I tensed in anticipation and carefully sighted at the door.

Laura pushed the trolleys loaded with heavy folders past my door and flashed openly naughty smile at me while walking by. I went totally crazy by seeing that I had to cool down to prevent myself from doing anything stupid. I waited full fifteen minutes sitting still at my chair before getting up and heading to elevator. I was again lucky as there was no one to see me stepping to elevator. I could feel the sweat running down my neck and my hands were damp as I pushed the button for bottom floor.

The ride seemed to last like an eternity and I could feel my anticipation building up. Finally the elevator jerked to stop and I bolted out of the door to cool cellar corridor. It was totally silent down there and had feeling like I was doing something forbidden. Feeling I used to have as a kid as I stole apples from old Frank's yard.

I walked faster and faster as I neared the door to the permanent archive. Frantically I pulled the door open and stepped in. There she was! She was bent down to pick something from the trolley. Immediately as she heard the door open she raised her head looking at the door. Her sweet little mouth widened to happy smile as she saw me. She let go of the folder she had just been filing and jumped towards me.

I embraced her in my arms as she laid her lips against mine. The feeling of her velvet lips felt just amazing and when she darted her tongue against my closed lips I was about to faint. I opened my mouth to let her tongue inside my mouth and felt jolts of pressure though my body she explored my mouth. I sucked her deeper into my mouth as Indian wife pooja gupta from patna part laid my hands against her lower back pulling her closer at me.

My hands slid down to her petite ass. I gently squeezed her cheeks to feel her pert bottom. She moaned into my mouth as I pressed her pelvis against mine. I was sure she was able to feel my erect manhood pressing against my trousers and her stomach. Her small hands wandered around my hair as I extended my tongue to explore her mouth.

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I pulled her blouse out from her trousers and started to feel her bare skin. She pulled out from the passionate kiss and we both sighed hard. She quickly unbuttoned her blouse before starting to run her hands up and down my chest. I felt her smooth body under my hands before I started to softly knead her supple breasts. She lowered her hands to my groin area and started to lightly massage my erection though the fabric of my pants. I was getting increasingly anxious and tried to slide my hands under the waistband of her pants.

I got feel of her bare ass cheeks but my access was very limited. I freed my hands and went to unbutton the pants. As I eased her pants down I started to kiss her flat stomach. I slowly went further south savoring the delight of wonderful skin. I was totally intoxicated from her scent and that drove me even wilder. Finally I reached her white lace thong. I carefully kissed every inch mouth spunked by bbcs interracial and pornstars damp crotch before tucking her panties down with my teeth.

She was already breathing hard in excitement. She helped me to push panties down to grant me full access to her beautiful womanhood. The smell of her sex was overwhelming now and I started to gently lick her clean slit. After teasing her slit for a moment I eased by tongue between her lower lips. Her juices were now running free and I was more than happy to lap them into my mouth. Slowly I made my way higher up her slit.

I found her clitoris and gave it gentle kiss. That made Laura to take support from desk behind her as her legs strutted with pleasure. I passionately kissed her little love button and gently took it into my mouth. Her other hand went into my hair and pushed my mouth more tightly into her mound.

I had my face buried in her crotch sucking her clit and tasting her sweet nectar while hands massaged her ass cheeks. Soon she started to breath extremely hard and that me double my effort to bring her pleasure.

Soon enough she explode into my mouth. Her whole body began jerking wildly as waves of orgasm went though her body. Sweet juice was erupting from her pussy and I collected it all into my mouth. I savored her sweet taste in mouth before swallowing it down. Slowly her orgasm started to fade and she started to gain her composure.

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Suddenly she yanked me up from my hair and pulled my mouth into kiss that very passionate, almost rough. She ran her tongue vividly inside my mouth tasting her own juices her hands frantically roamed my groin trying to free my manhood.

Finally she found the zipper and pulled my raging erection to open sight. "Fuck me. I want you to fuck me now. Fuck me hard" she stammered her voice heavy with passion and anticipation.

I lifted her up and sat her on the edge of the table. Slowly I aimed my throbbing member against her hot opening. I started to myself into her love canal. Her walls were pulsing tightly around my manhood as I pushed deeper into her.

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We both let out sigh of relief as we felt wave of pleasure was over. She started again to kiss my mouth desperately as I continued to penetrate her beautiful vagina. Soon I reached the bottom of her and paused for a moment to capture the pleasure her wet walls engulfing my rigid member and her heat flowing to my body. I began to slowly pump in and out of her hot love cave causing her to moan in pleasure.

She dug her fingers to my chest as I increased my pace. Every time I went in I bottomed her and every time I pulled out I left only the head of my member inside her. The smell of sex was filling the air and finally made me completely lose control to my passion.

I pushed her down so xxx mom black guy fuck sex stories she was lying on her back on the desk. The beautiful sight of her was in font of me. Her hands were spread to sides revealing her body in all of its glory. Her flat, toned stomach was glistering from sweat hand her breasts, trapped in small bra were rising in the rhythm of her deep breathing. I took hold of her tits and started pounding her sweet pussy with all I got.

Every time my penis hit the bottom and my sweaty, heavy balls slapped against hers ass she let out moan of pleasure. Soon she was nearly screaming from the delight my member brought to her. My pleasure was about to reach its peak so I grapped under her legs and started to pound her even more forcefully. She was too reaching her relief as I started to feel the heat rise from my balls. Suddenly she burst into the second orgasm of day. Her pussy was convulsing and gripping my cock further into their embrace.

This sent additional jolts of pleasure from my penis to my spine and finally pushed me over the edge. A moan escaped my mouth as the first spasm of my seed exploded into her womanhood. We both moaned in the heights of our pleasure as I continued to pump wave after wave into her hot spasming snacth.

Finally my orgasm subsided and I collapsed on top of Laura. I found her lovely lips and started gently kissing her mouth. Too soon I was getting back to reality as I started to think my much the clock was. What about somebody had had something to me and found both me and Laura missing. I started to ease myself off her but she clearly sensed my fear as she pulled me back into a passionate kiss.

Slowly we started to get up and I pulled my softening member out of her.

As soon as my manhood came out our juices started to run out of her hole. Quickly she put her hand in front of her cave and scooped up all my seed and her juice. Then she pulled her hand back to her mouth and sucked her fingers clean. I found myself getting excited of her action so I pulled again into a kiss.

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But this time she pushed me from herself saying that we should be going. We hastily gathered our clothes and dressed up. Sweat was running down both of our faces and we would have to stop in the bathroom on our way to office floor those wash away the most imminent signs of lovemaking. As we were leaving the archive room she placed her hand on my ass giving it a light squeeze while kissing my cheek. "I'm free tonight.

Maybe we should have dinner at my place she" she whispered into my ear. After saying that she stepped past me and started walking towards the elevator.