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Horny milf with natural breast masturbating on webcam
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The Entebbe International Airport in Kampala, the capital of Uganda, is not what you would call a customer friendly and inviting place. Uganda is known as one of the most violent and corrupt places on Earth, and the airport is no exception.

Here, power lies in the hands of the military security control personnel and the customs officers. They use their might randomly for their own purposes, being it enrichment, pleasure or politics.

Tanya became nervous, as she entered arab teen ho layin flat on dat black taking on some dink airport approaching the customs control, which had to be passed before she could check in her luggage.

She had been visiting the World Wildlife Foundation's gorilla research camp in the Bwindi Forest National Park, and her entry into Uganda had been without any problems. Today, she sensed something had changed in the airport, the atmosphere was tense and heavily armed soldiers were everywhere. Tanya was married to Mr. Obutulezi, a successful African businessman. Success in Uganda means that you are well connected, pay off the right people and, thus, are allowed to smuggle and tax evade as you wish.

You are under protection and so is your property, like real estate, goods, cars and wives. Unfortunately, playing poker in Las Vegas, Mr. Obutulezi was not aware of the most recent development within the Ugandan security forces, where a general had been killed by a terrorist attack (the official version), and replaced by another general with different tribal background.

That event had changed the Obutulezi protection level from full to nil. Tanya knew nothing about politics, just that her passport and the name Obutulezi usually meant no problems. She was a strikingly beautiful woman in her late thirties, with a pretty face and voluptuous body. Men could nothing but admire her long legs, full bosom and very shapely bottom.

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Obeying her husband's strict orders, Tanya followed her usual travel dress code; high heels and a short dress that clearly displayed the topography of her magnificent body and legs.

Her underwear was a push-up bra only, which gave her 38E bosom an impressive cleavage. Usually, Tanya would wear a long jacket to conceal at least some of her body. It was a sizzling hot day, the air conditioning in the airport did not work (as usual) and Tanya was carrying her jacket over one arm, sweating and putting her extremely attractive body and soft white skin on maximum display in the very heart of black Africa.

She was the incarnation of every wet dream every black African male had ever had about the inaccessible white women. Yet, Tanya was oblivious to the sensation her appearance made in the airport, only thinking about the next flower decoration she would make, and the latest shoe harley and marie love sharing with a giant dick article in ELLE.

She was a 100 % percent woman. Predictably, on the hundreds of sweaty black men in the airport, Tanya had the effect of a shell attack, as she moved through the premises.

Firstly, they gulped and glared at the incredible display of white feminine sexuality. Secondly, they noticed she was alone. No man nearby. Incredible. This white bitch had to be either very well protected or very stupid travelling on her own and dressed like this.

It was like sending a gazelle into the lion's den. Tanya was waiting in line for the customs control and could feel the attention she received from the huge crowd of black men. They whispered, pointed fingers at her, and some even whistled at her and shouted something she could not understand.

She became more and more frightened. Finally, she reached the inspection counter and showed her passport to the big black customs officer standing behind it. He glanced at it for a few seconds, handed it over to another person for check and then took in Tanya's appearance for much longer time.

She felt very much on display as the black man gawked at her, and she was. "Hallo, Miss, please put your bag on the counter and open it", he finally told her.

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The officer could not keep his eyes away from Tanya's cleavage, as her firm breasts moved around while she handled the heavy load, unlocked and opened the suitcase.

He could sense this beautiful white woman was nervous, her sweet sweaty smell was intoxicating, and the combination of her sexy appearance and her fear made his cock stiff. He took the outmost care of inspecting Tanya's underwear, which meant bras only. He looked puzzled at her. "Miss, you do not have any panties. Are they in your hand bag?", He asked quizzically. "You know, it is illegal to aubrey talks dirty and gives slurping blowjob goods in Uganda without permission.

Have you sold any underwear while you have been here?" "N.no, Sir, I haven't," she studdered. "Then why are there no panties here, Ms&hellip.ehhh&hellip.Obutulezi", the officer asked as he received her passport back from his colleague and glanced at her name. "Usually, women travel with a full wardrobe, don't they?" Tanya was blushing, fully aware that the conversation had the full attention of everybody around them.

With tears in her big blue eyes, she whispered; "Sir, I do not use panties. That is why I don't have any, Sir." "I can't hear you. Please speak louder", the officer commanded. "SIR, I DON'T USE PANTIES.

That is why I don't have any schil dis and brother fucks my suitcase, Sir," she said in a louder, but trembling voice. As Tanya spoke, the customs officer that had controlled her passport whispered something into the other officer's ear. He seemingly brightened up and sent her a gleaming smile. What he had been informed about, was that the sexy white bitch was fair game. No protection, on the contrary she belonged to a supporter of the previous general who had (bless his soul) perished recently.

He then continued his inspection of her belongings and suddenly displayed a small package wrapped in paper. "What is this, Ms. Obutulezi? I hope this is not containing something illegal.

Would you please unwrap this item for me", he said, placed the package on the counter and pushed it forward towards Tanya. Astounded, she looked at it. "But…but Sir, this is not mine. I have never seen that before." She said in a shaky voice and sent the customs officer a despairing look, which made his cock throb even harder. The gazelle had met the lion. "PLEASE UNPACK THIS ITEM, MA'AM.

AND DO IT NOW", the big black officer commanded. "But…but it is not mine! I have never seen it before!" "I am sorry, Ma'am, but we have to make further inspections of your luggage," the officer said in a strict voice and turned his head towards four soldiers, who was standing close by, watching the humiliation of the white bitch with great interest. "Bring her to interrogation room 4, immediately." "PLEASE SIR! I HAVE NOTHING TO HIDE. MY PLANE LEAVES IN JUST ONE HOUR", Tanya pleaded, but the soldiers grabbed her arms, took the luggage and force marched her into a nearby room, where the officer turned up again.

He sat behind a desk, placed the small package in front of him and asked Tanya once more: "Please unpack this, Ms. Obutulezi, even though you claim it does not belong to you. We found it in your suitcase, and if it does not contain contraband, you will have no problems". With shaky hands, Tanya obeyed the sex with passionate luscious girl interracial and hardcore and unwrapped the package.

Inside was a beautiful small sculpture, cut in a white material. The officer took the sculpture and inspected it closely. "Ms. Obutulezi, this item is made from elephant tusk. Probably from an animal killed by poachers. Did you not know this is strictly illegal to buy and to export from our country?" He looked at the beautiful, frightened white woman in front of him, fully enjoying his upper hand.

"Sir, this is not mine!

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I would never buy something like that! I know it is illegal! Please Sir, please understand!" Tanya was almost sobbing. God, she is SO SEXY, the officer thought. GOTTA FUCK HER. "So you admit you knew this item was illegal, and even then you bought it and tried to smuggle it out of Uganda!

How dare you, you WHITE BITCH!" The officer stood up, angrily. "You white bitches think you own the whole World. But not Uganda, Ms. Obutulezi! The penalty for smuggling ivory is 20 years in prison! You are heading for big trouble!" "OHHHH NOOOO!

PLEASE SIR! THIS IS NOT MINE! SOMEBODY MUST HAVE PUT IT IN MY SUITCASE, SIR!" "Are you implying that I put it there, white bitch?" "NONONO, Sir! Somebody else must have done that, Sir." The officer took her suitcase and emptied the content on the floor. "Now, Ms. Obutulezi, you pick up each and every item, one by one, and give them to me for inspection.

Stand on your feet, bend over on your hips and take that black bra for me. DO IT NOW!" Tanya did not dare to disobey and did as told, displaying her fabulous ass for the soldiers behind her. The officer took the bra and tore it to pieces, inspecting the parts with utmost care. He then asked for another bra until all her underwear was laying on his desk, torn apart.

Tanya was sobbing. "Please (SOB) Sir, let me go (SOB). I haven't done anything (SNIFF), Sir." Meanwhile, all the soldiers behind her had sat down on their knees and getting a clear view of her naked crotch every time Tanya bent over to pick up one of her belongings.

They spoke in Swahili with eager voices, pointing. When she had finished and her clothing were laying on the officer's desk, torn to pieces, he said; "My men report that you do not wear any trousers or panties, Ms. Obutulezi. Is that true? That is highly unusual in our country. I even think it is indecent exposure and strictly illegal.

DO YOU NOT WEAR ANY PANTIES, BITCH?" Blushing and completely humiliated, Tanya shook her head. The officer banged his hand into the desk with a bang, making her jump in fear. "ANSWER MY QUESTION, BITCH! DO YOU NOT WEAR ANY UNDERWEAR? YES OR NO?" "N…no, Sir, I do not (SOB SOB) wear any panties, Sir (SOB SOB)". "I can't believe the promiscuity and indecency of white women!

TAKE OF THAT DRESS, BITCH! RIGHT NOW. I have to get proof of your crime", he said and took a camera from a drawer cock sucking followed by fucking hardcore creampie the desk.

Devastated, Tanya sank to her knees. "SIR, PLEASE! DON'T DO THIS! PLEASE CALL MY HUSBAND! (SOB SNIFF) HE CAN TELL YOU THIS IS WRONG!" The officer gave a command in swahili. Two big ravishing melissa rides on a big dong grabbed Tanya by her armpits and lifted her up like a small child, while a third soldier in just one movement tore her small dress apart, revealing her naked body.

"NOOOO! NOOOO!" Tanya screamed in desperation. She was now standing in front of the five black men, only wearing her push-up bra and high heels. The officer took at least twenty pictures, covering her body from every angle. He even made the men bend her forward, head almost down to her knees, to get a clear shot of her naked ass and cavities. The men had a great time, while Tanya was sobbing and wailing, trying to protest, until the officer fetched a red ball gag from his drawer and forced it into her mouth.

"Now I need to see both your shoes and your brassiere. Please take it off, Ms. Obutulezi". Tanya looked at him in despair, shaking her head in disbelief and begging him to stop, her words muffled by the gag.

The soldiers ripped off the bra and threw her on the desk, while they removed her shoes, then forced her back in standing position, holding her arms behind her back. Now, she was completely nude. Slowly and methodically, the officer tore apart the bra, then the expensive shoes with his strong hands.

He sniffed at the shoe foot platform and smiled. He then gave them to the soldiers who also sniffed them like dogs. One of them even licked her upper shoe parts where her feet had rested. The officer looked at the naked white beauty standing in front of him, tears flowing from her frightened eyes. This was too good to be true. Her perfect body, white smooth skin and wailing made him immensely turned on. "Now, Ms. Obutulezi, I am very sorry that you are so uncooperative in the investigation.

I hate to use force, I really do, but this is my job. Next procedure is the cavity search.

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Now tell me, bitch, do you hide anything in your beautiful body? No drugs, no ivory?" "UUMMMHHH!", Tanya screamed, incomprehensible, shaking her head violently. "NNNGGGHHHH!" Seconds later, her wrists had been hand cuffed, arms on her back, and her body was forced down on the desk, arms held high in a painful way. Tanya's ankles were tied to the legs of the desk, which placed her in an awkward position with widely spread legs and her ass pointing upwards, exposing her cavities for inspection.

The officer spit on his fingers and approached her ass. "Uganda is a poor country, Ms. Obutulezi, so we cannot afford medical gloves or lube for cavity search. We will have to make use of the means at hand", he said mockingly and let his fingers touch her private parts, tracking her labia up and down.

Tanya had stopped screaming. She knew it was futile. She wailed and sobbed, as the officer pushed his fingers into her pussy.

"Wauw, this white bitch is SO TIGHT!" the officer told the soldiers in Swahili. He spit once more on his fingers and forced three of them into Tanya's shaking body, then four. OOOHHHH IT HURT SO MUCH! After some minutes, where the officer inspected the white cunt thoroughly with his fingers, completely ignoring the wailing and sobbing of the gagged Tanya, he withdrew his hand from her private parts.

"You are much too tight, Ms. Obutulezi. There is only one way of inspecting your holes. The natural way", he said and loosened his belt. His pants fell to the floor, revealing a huge erection. The officer then stepped behind Tanya and placed his big black cock between her legs, slowly rubbing the huge member against her labia. NNNGGGGHHHH! NNNGGOOHHHHHH!

PLLLZZZZ! Tanya's screams were muffled by the red ball gag. He then pushed his cock inside the white bitch, slowly to enjoy the rape as much as possible. The huge cock felt immensely painful in her tight and dry pussy, but as the officer forced his big member further and further inside Tanya's very tight pussy, he felt her vaginal glands kick into action, moisturizing her cavity. Blonde mature fucked in a public mall restroom he reached bottom, the black man was amazed at what happened: Something kissed his cockhead intensely, then gave way and let him into another cavity.

It felt exactly like getting a blowjob while he was fucking the tight cunt of this white bitch. THIS MUST BE THE SECRET OF WHITE WOMEN, he thought. THEY HAVE TWO CUNTS. Tanya had a special anatomy, where her uterus was not angled as much as usual for women towards the vagina. Any just medium sized dick penetrating her pussy would enter directly into the womb. The lips of the cervix - the opening of the uterus - would caress the cockhead just like the lips of a mouth. Tanya whimpered and wailed in pain and humiliation as she was fucked long and hard by the big black officer.

The huge cock was penetrating her all the way past her cervix and into her womb. She could not help but getting excited in spite of her dire situation.

The customs officer considered himself being a modern man, having attended catholic schools as a kid and been thoroughly trained by Western teachers in the art of customs controlling.

Naturally, having unloaded into Tanya's uterus, he offered her to the four soldiers also present in Interrogation Room 4. The true free spirit of democracy. The first soldier, though, had to inspect the white woman's asshole for contraband. "IIIIIIIRRRRRRGGHHH!

AAARRRGGHHH! NNGGGGGGHHH! PLLEEEEEZZZZ", Tanya's muffled voice complained, as an enormous black cock was splitting her little twinkie in the most painful way. It felt like her body was cut in two. The soldier raped her butt, fucking Tanya hard and long, his loins smacking hard against her firm buttocks every time he drove his huge thick cock all the way into the wailing slut. GOD SHE WAS SO TIGHT! The soldier could not believe his luck, truly enjoying both the physical pleasure and the humiliation of a white bitch.

She was big load of dick satisfies a cute girl sort of heavenly bitch, he had so far only seen in porn magazines, but now was the victim of his big throbbing cock pounding in and out of her extremely tight arse. "Nothing to report, Sir", he informed his chief in command after having filled the asshole of the tight white sobbing slut with hot sperm.

The three other soldiers inspecting Tanya had great pleasure of her tight holes, which they pounded hard and for long time, but without finding anything suspicious inside the cavities of the wailing bitch. "Only that she seems to have two cunts, Sir. One behind the other. Very good, Sir!" The officer had become aroused once more, watching his men fuck this incredibly sexy white woman, and decided to inspect her anal cavity personally. Penetrating her swollen and sore opening he observed that she was indeed amazingly tight, as his men had remarked.

He filled the innards of the sobbing woman with yet another huge load of hot black jizz. With his mobile phone, he took more pictures of the naked Tanya, tied up to the desk and with sperm oozing out of her pussy and ass. He then sent one of them to his superior, who might want a piece of the action. He could use this stupid white cunt as a favor and perhaps get closer to a promotion. She would be in for a very tough time, if the officers above him wanted a piece of this great ass as well.

To be continued.