Fantasyhd dillion harper takes load of cum

Fantasyhd dillion harper takes load of cum
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The air is crisp. The smell of mildew, flowers and fresh grass comes up my nose, igniting a wonderful sense of relaxation. I feel a slight tickle on my chest - a small buzz, scratching gently.

I open my eyes laying next to me is the most beautiful person in the world. Rachel is asleep, breathing softly, tucked in on my right side with my arm underneath her, wrapped compeers patrons step daughter cheerleader second cousin loving her shoulder.

I turn over and give her a gentle kiss on the forehead which causes a stir. We're in our room at a cottage beach house in the countryside that we rented for a week along with Allan, a bunch of our friends and Meghan. I gently roll her off to the side, trying the best I can not to disturb her sleep. I give her another kiss on the forehead and get up. Once I'm off the bed, she rolls onto her back.

I walk out to the common room and see Meghan eating breakfast. "Good morning," I greeted her. She smiles and gives me a "good morning, how did you sleep?" "It was nice," I replied.

She snickers. "Get your mind out of the gutter!" I joked. "I was expecting some wall to wall screaming and humping," she retorted. "But I guess you are more of the sensual type." "We just slept!" "I believe him," yelled Allan walking out of his room. "A few of us tried to take a peek a few times but all they did was be all cutesy with each other, snuggling like dolls." "Were they at least naked?" Meghan asks.

"Nah, good thing too," he says. "Last thing Phil needs is a bunch of us with images of his bare ass in our heads!" "That's too bad," says Meghan. "Because with his butt, you're also missing out on those bubbly 36Ds" "Wow.

The immaturity level of you guys is really up there," I joked. I go back to my room to change into another shirt and I see Rachel, still with her eyes closed lying on the bed but playing with herself.

Awww.she's horny. How cute. I lock the door in case Allan or any of the others feel like taking a peek again. As she rubs herself down on the bed, I sit there to watch. One hand is massaging her clit and the other penetrating her tight slit.

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I can't help but to crawl up right next to her and start planting kisses on her lips. "Morning, beautiful!" "Mmm.hey" she moans. She opens her eyes, grabs the neck of my shirt and tries to get it off of me. I pull right off over my head and she pulls herself up and licks my body, going right for the nipple.

Oh Rachel, you just know what I want. I hold her head on my chest using my right arm and with my left, finger/massage her wet pussy. Now we're both moaning. I take off her shirt and start working those wonderful perky boobs.

A nice puffy nipple sticks out like the tip of a mountain wrapped with my lips. I swirl my tongue all over those engorged puffs, giving a gentle bite and suck occasionally while continuing to finger her sweet slit. Within moments, a white fluid clings to my hands sloppy blowjob phoenix fuck me like a lil whore her whole body trembles in shock, a small splash of juice flowing out from below.

Now it's my turn. I kneel on the bed and Rachel pulls down my pants. She brings her head up and gives me a kiss before hitting the neglected nipple she missed from earlier this morning. With mouth on nipple and hand on my throbbing cock, she licks and pumps for a good 10 minutes straight before I blow a load on the bed.

She gives me another kiss before she finishes off by cleaning my shaft with her mouth. "Now that's what I call a hearty breakfast," she says. What a way to start the day! The days at the cottage were spent hanging out outdoors; canoeing, fishing, bike riding in the trails, occasional campfires and barbecues. Sometimes we would split up when the guys want to go catch some frogs and the girls would stay around the beach and tan.

Sometimes Allan or one of the guys would want to stay behind and rub lotion on Meghan if you catch my drift. But alas, Rachel and I will be the only ones getting any action during this trip. Or so I thought. One time as I was coming back from the trail, I thought I saw Meghan give Rachel a kiss on the lips! One afternoon, I crashed on the couch in the common room while Rachel went to check out the farmer's markets and the guys were swimming at the lake.

I thought Meghan is with Rachel so I decided to take a nap. With my eyes closed, I feel someone unbuttoning my shirt. A pair of soft lips starts kissing my stomach, up my body and begins sucking on my nipples. I figured Rachel was back and is giving me a nice wake up surprise. Before I fully open my eyes, I jennifer and kelly with their big friend her head and plant a kiss on her and she jumps on me, holding me tight right up against her but then I realized, it wasn't Rachel.

It was Meghan! "Whoaaa! Meghan, what are you doing? Where's Rachel?" I yelled. "Rachel's at the farmer's market," says Meghan. "I decided to stay back to keep you company. She won't be back for an hour." "No, Rachel is my girlfriend. I like Rachel. This is wrong!" "What's so wrong about it?" she asks.

"You clearly enjoyed it and you even kissed me." "I thought you were Rachel!" I retorted. Meghan takes her shirt off, revealing a pink bra on. She is pretty filled out but not as big as Rachel since Rachel's frame was bigger but with what looks like a 34C on a slender body, there's no denying her level of beauty in a teenager's eyes.

My dick begrudgingly begins to get hard and as I stare at her in shock, she puts her hand over it. "You know I'm not Rachel now," she says. "Look Meghan, you're an attractive girl and I'm a 16 year old guy. Me getting a hard on when I see you half naked doesn't mean I want to sleep with you." She unhooks her bra and climbs on top. It's getting harder to fight this. She licks one of my nipples before planting a kiss on me and as I try to struggle, she puts her left boob right by my mouth and press against my face.

I can't help but to taste her pink puff of flesh. I swirl my tongue over her left nipple and even giveit a nibble as I grab her back. "See, you do like it!" she says. I push her back immediately and I run into my room. Oh god, what have I done? I went out for a swim with the guys to take my mind off of things.

When I see Rachel coming back, I run at her and take her to our room and immediately take our clothes off. "Whoa, someone misses me!" she says. "You have no idea!" I replied. And with that, I push her onto the bed, go to work on her pussy with my tongue for a good ten minutes. I use my tongue to search through every nook and cranny in that sweek musky pussy.

She offers to give me a blowjob but I go straight for the fuck and with a nice hard on, I stick my dick right inside of her, pumping gently at first. As her body begins to tremble, I go at it harder and harder. I had to pull out occasionally so she can unleash a stream of pussy juice. Her hands slide up and down my arms and back as I stuff her snatch. As she moans louder and louder, I kiss and suck on her breasts, practically giving her a india summer and melanie rain nasty way in the bathroom hickey.

As I feel the sensation in my balls coming closer, I pull out and she takes my penis and starts sucking and I blow my load into her wonderful mouth.

She hungrily eats up every drop and tries to suck out any that might be remaining inside the head. Afterward, I collapse on the bed and gently rub her pussy while gently giving her a kiss on the lips. I tell her "I love you" to which she smiles and reply back "I love you too." After we clean up, I decided to tell her everything. I told her about Meghan and what she said and what she did.

"Oh okay," she says. Oh, Okay? Did I just hear her right? Her best friend makes a move on her boyfriend and it's oh, okay? I tried to question her but she hurriedly runs out, saying she needs to get started on dinner. Needless to say, dinner was awkward that night.

We barbecued some sausages Rachel bought from the farmer's market and while we eat, Meghan starts acting weird.

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It's as if she's pretending the sausage is a penis and she's getting all hot and bothered by it. The guys looked on with pleasure and I got uncomfortable but Rachel didn't seem bothered at all. After dinner, Rachel and I went back into our room. Feeling dirty from what happened earlier, I hop into the shower, alone, and let cold water wash over me. I was probably inside for a good half hour just to cool myself off when I heard some moaning outside in the bedroom.

What the hell was going on? I wrap a towel around me and walk out into my room and I see Meghan on top of Rachel, both completely naked and Meghan was sucking on Rachel's tits!

"Whooaa!" I screamed out. "its okay, Phil" Meghan calls out. "Come on over." "What's going on, Rachel?" I ask. "We're celebrating the fact that you said the L word!" father teach allys daughter sex off the hook and on my stepmom Meghan.

"Seriously, I was really caught off guard about it," says Rachel. "But it was so sweet and I was so giddy after you said it to me and that whole story about how you rejected Meghan's advances." "I was really afraid you were going to jump me on the couch out there, Phil" says Meghan. "Luckily you passed the test!" "Test?" I asked. "I wanted to see how loyal you are to Rachel," Meghan explains.

"She is my best friend after all and when I see how serious you were getting, I couldn't let you hurt her." Unbelievable! This whole thing was a test by Meghan to see how susceptible I was to cheating.

Thank goodness I had strong will power. "So what the heck are you two doing?" I ask. "What we always do when we have something to celebrate," says Rachel. "Except this time, I want to share it with you. We were going to wait til you came out of the shower but we couldn't resist." "Are you two les.?" "No," says Meghan. "I'm not in love with Rachel and neither is she with me." "We just like to.experiment occasionally." says Rachel.

"How long has this been going on for?" I ask. "About a year and a half now?" Rachel guesses. "More or less," says Meghan. "How.why.which.?" I stammered. "Let's just say that after that incident with Tucker, we both know that none of the guys at school could've cut it in bed," explains Rachel. "That is until you came along," says Meghan.

And with that, Meghan plants a kiss on Rachel's lips and she continues to work on Rachel's nipple. The sight of these two attractive girls, naked was giving me the hard on of a lifetime. Rachel signals for me to come over which I did gladly. Rachel pulls off my towel and Meghan exclaims, "Oooh, uncircumcised!" "I know, isn't it awesome?

You never need lube," Rachel screams out with a giggle. Both girls get up, showing off their perky breasts with hardened nipples and two shaved pussies there was already starting to glisten with nubile films double facial for lesbian hotties. Rachel and I kiss as Meghan rubs her hands all over my body.

They each take one of my nipples in their mouths and start sucking while Rachel jerks me off. I'm officially in heaven. "You know, Rachel. I was somewhat disappointed that I wasn't able to do what I set out to do earlier in the day.

You think I can.?" "Sure, be my guest!" Rachel says with glee. "Are you sure?" I ask. "It's okay," she reassures me. "It's your treat for being a great boyfriend." That is some weird way to show her appreciation!

Meghan grabs my cock and takes it onto her mouth. Rachel goes back to work on my nipples. Nipple play with a mouth and a wet blowjob at once? This is amazing! At this rate, I'm not going to be able to last long. Meghan has a really small mouth with a low gag reflex so she couldn't actually swallow my cock and ends up constantly bopping back and forth. Rachel and Meghan trade positions and I decide to finish what she started earlier today. I grab Meghan's body and suck on her tits.

Her boobs begin to swell at the sensation. "Ohh, Rachel is right, you really are good at that!" she says. "Told ya," mumbles Rachel with my dick in her mouth.

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Within moments, I pop my load into Rachel's mouth and Meghan hungrily grabs her face and sticks her tongue down her throat to taste it. Seeing the two naked girls go at it like that brings me another instant hard on. "I'm not done yet, ladies!" "You Asians have stamina!" Meghan exclaims with cum on her lips. "Shall I give your pussy a workout before we do this?" asks Rachel. "Forget it, I'm already wet. I want it now!" demands Meghan, plopping herself down on the bed.

Rachel climbs on top of her face so that her best friend can eat her out. I grab a condom and put it on. "The good stuff's only for you, babe!" I said to Rachel. She smiles and as I impale Meghan's hot pink vagina, I make out with Rachel. Despite being inside Meghan's sensitive and tight snatch, I am thinking about Rachel the whole time.

Her soft short hair makes her bubbly and perky 36Ds look even bigger and I can't help but ravage them with my mouth. Like a baby sucking on his candy. As I kiss her, the thought of her incredible smile and that amazing tongue that has pleasured me again and again is driving me over the edge.

After a good round of fucking Meghan, I pull out my dick, take off the condom and lay on the bed. Rachel climbs on top and rides me cowgirl style, her amazing milky breasts jiggling up and down as she does this.

Meghan provides the nipple play as I fondle Rachel's breasts. I use the other hand to finger Meghan's pussy and my entire body is wet from Meghan licking my nipples to pussy juice flowing down my cock from Rachel and my fingers from Meghan.

I can feel myself about to cum again so I tell Rachel to get off me. I stand up to get Meghan to kneel down to suck on my hard pole with her tiny mouth while I finger Rachel and play with her wonderful tits.

As I come closer, I clench up and Rachel recognizes this so she takes a nipple in her mouth and sends a sensation down my spine and into my balls, which causes my second load to erupt and go straight down Meghan's throat, choking her a bit.

Meghan lies down on the bed from exhaustion while Rachel and I continue to make out for a while. "I love you, beautiful," I tell her. "I love you blonde stepsis niki snow gives head and gets pounded good pornstar and hardcore she says before she works her way down to my crotch to lick up any remaining cum.

That night, we all fell asleep on the same bed, with Rachel and I snuggling. Later that night, I had a dream of our little sexual escapade that made me feeling horny so I wake Rachel up by fingering her.

We try to make love as quietly as possible without disturbing Meghan. We mainly accomplish that by doing it on the floor standing up. As I was about to come, I pulled out and brought my penis to Meghan's face and splattered my load of creamy goodness all over her face and hair. That's for messing with me earlier today, I thought! Rachel tries to hold her laughter in, thinking this is a brilliant practical joke.

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Rachel and I were up early the next morning and as we were having breakfast with the rest of the guys, a scream can be heard from my room. "EWWWWWWWWW, who came all over my face?!?!?!? It's all sticky and dry now!" Rachel and I burst out laughing only for Allan and the rest of them to look at me with both admiration and envy.