Mercedes carrera sucking and riding her clients huge cock

Mercedes carrera sucking and riding her clients huge cock
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Swallowing the strangers cum. Then a big black cock came through the hole and he said he wanted it buried up her ass. She stood bent over and backed up to it and let it in her ass and he started fucking her hard and fast. After the forth cock I left the room and locked her in as I got to the entrance back to the store a couple was standing there and the man stopped me and asked me if I would be interested in his wife that he was the one that mouth fucked my slut. I looked at her standing there and though instantly I could fuck her and have my lil' slut suck my cum from her pussy.

So I asked him if he would like to fuck my slut and then we could have them eat each other and clean our cum from each other.

So I told them that we could go to our motel room and fuck and suck the night away. So then he asked me if there where two holes in that room we had.

I explained that there where four holes there and we talked about putting his wife in there as well. We took her back and I unlocked the door and we went in as Kali was sucking a load down her throat.

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He had his wife to strip and get busy sucking as we left the room and I suggested going across the street to the bar and having a beer which we did. Well a beer turned into a few beers and we returned to find them both being fucked. When they finished I pushed the button to close the holes and he told his wife to dress and as I had told Kali he told her she would wear the cum out and to the motel. We attracted everyone as we walked out of the store and Steve told me how get Kali did on him and I told him we where at the motel if he would like to try her ass or cunt later.

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We left and got to the Motel and walked to the room Mike had his wife Cheryl to strip in the car and walk to the room naked in her heels. The night was not over Kali and Cheryl were about to find out.

I looked at Kali then at Cheryl. I told Kali to move over to Mike and beg him to fuck you, then I looked as Cheryl, "So tell me slut are you your Masters bitch or just a cunt trying to please her man"?

She stood there for a second then responded, "I love cock I love to be used not sure if Mike lets others use me because he likes it or because I like it. I envy your girl having someone that knows what he wants and takes it". "Well Kali is not just another slut she is my daughter. Her mother was my slut until cancer took her and now Kali took her place.

She desires to be my total fuck slut and the best cocksucker", as she kneels in front of Mike and is removing his cock from his pants. I tell Cheryl to get over and take my dick out and make sure it is good and hard for I desire to fuck her. She moves over and kneels down pulling my cock out and taking it in her mouth and licking and sucking it. I look at Mike and the truth is looking straight at my dick.

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He is not watching Kali or Cheryl he is looking at my cock as his wife sucks me. I pull Cheryl to her feet and tell her to get on the bed and then tell Kali the same. And Mike and I fuck them both he slams his cock deep and hard although it is not as large as me he fucks Kali as I am fucking his wife and she is moaning and begging.

Mature ore ladish sex story time comes when the orgasms start Cheryl was first with a moan and a scream and her yelling for me to fill her with my cum.

I looked at Kali and she is trying to please Mike however I can see he is not fucking her to please her or himself he is fucking her as if it is his job. We all finally finish and Kali sucks his dick clean and Cheryl cleans me up. I move away from Cheryl and look at Mike.

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"Cheryl I think I have found the problem in your relationship. Mike is not a Master." "Mike I want you to get over here and start cleaning Cheryl up I want you to suck my cum out of your wife's cunt. Suck our cum and juices out of her NOW", I command him.

Without a word he moves over and slips between her legs and starts to lick and suck her sucking the cum out of her cunt. "Cheryl tell him what you want and make him do it".

She looks up at me and starts humping into his face she tells him to get over on the bed on his back and she straddles him and plants her cunt in his mouth and pushes the mixture of cum out of her into his mouth. When she is finished with him she moves off his face and looks at me. I lean over and whisper in her ear. To tell mike to move off the bed get on his knees in front of me and s out west threesome first time local working girl my cock and get me hard again that she has something she wants to do with me.

She does it and to her surprise he does it without any argument. She watches in amazement as he sucks my cock.

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It takes him a while however finally I am hard. "Cheryl, Mike is not a Master he is a submissive and he wants you to be his Mistress he allows you to fuck and suck cock only because he wants to do it and he knows you love cock. However he loves sucking cock as much or more than you do. Ask him" She looks at him as he is kneeling in front of me. " Is that the truth is Joel telling me the truth". Answer me is he speaking the truth".