Sex toys for a lascivious legal age teenager beauteous nymph hardcore and massage

Sex toys for a lascivious legal age teenager beauteous nymph hardcore and massage
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MILF tales part three A couple of days after the threesome with Robert and Nikki, Sylvia finally heard from her boyfriend Jerry, only to tell her that he wouldn't be able to see her this weekend as something had come up.

After an argument with him she decided to break it off, she felt there was no point being in a relationship with someone you rarely see. She felt bad about it as when she did see him, they had good times, good sex and he treated her well, but since she saw him so little, she felt that it would end soon anyway.

She needed to be cheered up, and she thought, "A good fuck will do that!" Sylvia decided she would call her friend John, she had heard from him a couple of times recently and she had said maybe she would phone him and they could hook up.

She punched his number on her phone and he answered. Sylvia said, "Hey, what are you doing?" John replied, "Just sitting around, not working this week, think I told you." "You want some company?" she asked, "Thought I'd see if you wanted to hook up." "Ohhhh, you're going to take me up on my offer?" "Maybe." laughed Sylvia, "I'm single again, so this is your booty call!" "Like that ever stopped you," he laughed, "but I haven't seen you much at all since you hooked up with that guy." "Yeah I know, I was trying to be a good girl." she said, "anyway, I can come to your place in india summer gets a big piece of meat little while." "Great!" he replied, "can't wait to fuck you again baby!" "Yeah, I need to be cheered up, and I'd love for you to fuck me, so I'll see you in a little while, I'll wear something sexy and slutty for you!" ……………………………………………………………&hellip.

Sylvia had met John in an internet chat room, and they had had a brief relationship, but other than they lived near each other and both had a big appetite for sex, they did not have much else in common, but they had remained friends and occasionally hooked up when the opportunity arose. He had a edginess that she liked, shaved head, tattoos and a muscular build at 6 ft 2 and 220 pounds, and like her he was always horny and ready to go, he was just what she needed right now, no strings, no drama and a good fuck.

It was late morning, and she showered, did her makeup and put on a skimpy push up bra with matching thong, a pair of very tight skinny jeans, and a tight fitting, white cut off top with the word "SLUT" on it that John had given her when they were seeing each other.

She put a pair of large hoop earrings on, a light jacket to cover her bare midriff, and a pair of black pumps with 5-inch heels, grabbed her handbag and then left for Johns place. John lived a 5 minute walk away, it was a nice day and Sylvia smiled as she noticed guys checking her out as she walked along, her heels clicking on the sidewalk, her head up high, shoulders back and tits standing out proudly.

………………………………………&hellip.……………… Johns building came into view, and she opened the door and went up the stairs to his apartment. She knocked and he opened the door, "Hey babe!" he said. "Hey yourself" Sylvia replied as she kissed him, "nice to see you!" John had a pair of track pants on and no shirt, "Nice of you to get all dressed up for me!" she teased him.

She put her purse down near the door and took off her jacket, and he saw the tight cut off top she had on, "Ohh yeah, there's my hot slut woman!" "Fuck, I forgot how good that shirt looked on you, that's hot!" "Well, you know who all the sluts are!" she laughed. "I know all the sluts babe, and you're my favorite!" "And look at that hot bod, check out those tight jeans and high heels, wow!" as she walked into his living room.

They sat down on the couch and Sylvia noticed his cock was stirring already. "Oh my god, it doesn't take much to get you going, does it?" she laughed. "It never pretty babe enjoys sex with a random fellow with you, did it, just looking at you gives me a boner!" he replied.

"Whatever." Sylvia said, laughing, "and you always knew how to get me going also." "That's for sure, remember when we first met? We were fucking within an hour of meeting each other!" John said, laughing.

"I remember that also, soon as I first saw you and you kissed me, I knew I wanted to fuck you, oh my god did you fuck me that time!" He put his arm around her and kissed her, caressed her tits, and then they went into a deep long kiss.

"I've always loved kissing you!" he said, "love those gorgeous lips!" "Love yours also." she replied, and then she felt Johns hard cock through his pants, "I see I haven't lost my touch." John sat up, took his pants off and said, "No and you never will either!" as he exposed his large, hard cock to her. Sylvia smiled at him and exclaimed, "Oh my god, ohh I've missed that big cock!" She quickly took her top and jeans off, and quickly unhooked and removed her bra and dropped her thong, and slipped her shoes back on.

"Ohhh yeah, nothin' on but high heels, love how fast you get your clothes off baby!" John exclaimed. Sylvia smiled at him as she kneeled on the floor in front of him, and took his cock into her hand, kissed and licked it and began to suck it.

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She sucked it slow and deep, then swirled her tongue around the tip, flicked her tongue on it fast and then took it all deep into her mouth. "Ohhhh fuck yeah!" John exclaimed, "Ohhhhhhh, sooo good baby, love watching you wrap your hot lips around my cock!" She paused, "I figured you wanted the best, that's why you've been calling me lately!", she laughed, and then took his hard cock back into her mouth and continued sucking it.

"Ohhhhhhhhh yeahhh yeahh baby, that's great, ohh fuck yeah!" John cried out, "ohh yeah, suck that cock baby, you're the best!" He reached over to the end table, grabbed his camera and took a homegrownbigtits chick gets a face full of cum pictures of her sucking his cock.

"For your collection?" she teased. "Of course." he replied, "Sometime we'll have to make a video." Sylvia ran her hands over his muscular body as she steadily sucked his cock, and then held the base with her thumb and index finger, massaging his balls with the palm of her hand, and she started sucking it faster.

Johns' toes curled, he grabbed her shoulder tightly as she sucked fast and deep, her head bobbing up and down, her earrings bouncing. "Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh yeahhhhhhhh baby, ohhh god I'm gonna cum!" She sucked harder and then felt Johns cock explode into her mouth, she kept sucking to get every drop of his cum, and then pulled away and put her head up so he could see it running down her chin. "Wow baby, fuckin' awesome!" John said, "I haven't had a good blowjob like that since the last time I saw you!" "Well, you've got a great cock baby; I've always loved to suck it!" Sylvia replied as she walked to the bathroom to clean up.


John watched as she came back from the bathroom, she sat down beside him and they started kissing. "Fuckin great kisses" John said to her, "Love your hot lips!" "You know I love to kiss also, those lips aren't just for sucking cocks baby!" she replied, teasingly. "Fuckin' awesome" he said back, "and you have some other hot lips that need some attention too!" as he began to caress her pussy.

"Oh my god yeah! I love to be licked!" Sylvia said as she laid back on the couch and John got between her legs, kissed her thighs and licked and sucked her big pussy lips, then licked and sucked her clit. "God you're so fuckin' sexy baby, love your hot pussy!" "Ohhh my god, ohhh my god, ohhh yeahh yeah!" Sylvia cried out as John licked her pussy, "ohhhh fuck yeah baby!" John licked her clit fast and then sucked on it, and he reached up to feel her tits and tweak her nipples.

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"Ohhh god baby, ohh yeahh, lick that pussy honey!" John continued licking her hard clit, and then fingered her wet pussy as he licked it. "Ohh fuck yeah, fuck I love being licked!" she cried out in passion as John kept eating her. John felt her cuming, and kept licking and she came again and again.

"Ohh fuck, that's great baby, ohhh fuck yeah!" "Lets 69 baby!" John said. "Ohh my god yeah!" Sylvia replied to him as she got up off the couch. John laid down and she took his cock into her mouth as she lowered her dripping pussy onto his face.

He grabbed her ass and squeezed it as he banging or two wet euro snatches hardcore groupsex her clit some more, he felt Sylvia take his cock into her hot mouth and start to suck it, she felt it growing in her mouth as they settled into the 69. They 69ed for a few minutes and John said, "I want to fuck you so bad!" "Ohhh god yeahhh!" she responded as she pulled herself off him and got up.

John said, "Bend over baby, I want to do you doggy!" Sylvia bent herself over the couch, her sexy firm ass up high, and John got behind her and slid his hard cock into her waiting pussy. "Ohhhhhh fuck yeahhhhhh!" she cried out as she felt Johns big hard cock enter her wet pussy, "feels soooooo good!" John put his hands on her ass and squeezed it as he began to fuck her; he drove his hard cock deep into her hot pussy, and then moved his cock slowly and deeply into her.

"Ohhh my god, ohh my god yeah yeah baby, ohh yeah fuck me!" Sylvia cried out as he fucked her. John slapped her firm ass with one hand as he held her tightly with the other, "Love that fuckin' hot ass baby, love those high heels, love that fuckin' tramp stamp too!" he said about her lower back tattoo.

He drove his cock into her a few more times, then they changed positions, Sylvia laid down on the couch and John put his hard cock between her tits, she pushed them together and held them while he tit fucked her, licking the tip of his cock as it poked through.

"Feels so good, love your firm tits babe!" "Love that fuckin' cock baby! So big and hard!" she screamed out. He moved down and rubbed his cock on her clit, then pushed it into her hot pussy. "Ohhhh my god yeahhhhhhh, oh god I love your cock, ohh I've always loved how you fuck me!" she shouted as he began to fuck her again.

He pounded his cock deep and fast into her hot wet pussy, he grabbed her leg and held it tight as he fucked her. He thrusted his cock into her, fucking her hard, the couch creaking, he moaned and grunted as he fucked hard as he could, Sylvia screamed and moaned, her tits bouncing.

"ohhh, ohh, uhhh, uhh, ohh ohhh, uhhh ooooo, oohhhh!!!" "ohh my god yeah, ohhhh I love being fucked, ohhh yeahhhhhhhh!" He pounded his cock hard into her and then shot a big load of cum into her waiting pussy, he pumped every bit into her as he kissed her. His cock drained in her pussy, John then pulled it out and moved beside her and kissed her some more.

"Ohhh my god yeah, just what I needed!" Sylvia said, "Nothing like a good fuck to cheer you up!" John replied, "Well you are one hell of shy wife fetissex stories with a friend great fuck baby, that's why I called you every so often, hoped you come around sooner or later." She moved over and kissed him, "Well, it's great to have friends who know what you need." "Anytime babe, always loved to fuck you, I could fuck you for hours." he replied.

"Oh god yeah, well, maybe we can hook up on a weekend, and we can do just that!" Sylvia looked at her watch and said, "Well, I'd better get cleaned up and dressed, have to get home soon." She went to the bathroom, cleaned herself up, fixed her hair and makeup, and then came back out into the living room. John was sitting there, watching her. She began getting dressed, lifted her leg and pulled her thong on, put on her bra and adjusted the straps and cups, put her top, jeans and shoes on, and then put her jacket on.

She looked at John, "Well, I have to get going now, have to be the good Mom and be home before my son gets home from school!" smiling and laughing as she said it. John put his arms around her, kissed her and said, "God you're a great fuck!" She smiled back and said, "So are you baby, I'm still quivering!" She grabbed her purse and headed for the door, and John asked, "Even as good as Robert?" Sylvia stopped dead in her tracks and asked "Robert?" John replied, "Yeah, he's a friend of mine, and awhile back he told me about this MILF that he'd seen at the Bingo hall, he described her and it sounded pretty nympho is gaping narrow vagina in close up and coming you, so I told him, find out if her name is Sylvia, if it is, I've fucked her a few times, and she's a great fuck!" Sylvia stood there, surprised, "Oh really?

Uhh, I don't know what to say." "You don't have to say anything; as you said I know who all the sluts are, and every guy around here knows that you can fuck Sylvia!"