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Chesty blonde mom brandi love take cock
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Daniel taking advantage of sleeping cronys daughter and care the bosses first time what teen to the sound of his phone ringing. Bleary eyed he squinted at his phone saying a private number was calling. At 1am. Daniel had managed to get an early night for once otherwise he would have been awake still. He answered the phone, " hello?" he asked.

" Its me." was all he had to say. " Noah? Why is your phone on private?" Daniel asked. " You don't need to be calling me." Noah said. " Whatever. What do you want?" Daniel asked a little grumpily. He did not like being woken. " Put on some warm clothes and meet me out the front of your house." Noah said. " I. You. What?" Daniel exclaimed. " Get your tight ass down here now or I will leave." " Okay, okay." Daniel said not wanting to anger him.

He hung up and quickly put on a jumper and changed from his embarrassing pyjama pants into a pair of jeans. He snuck through the house so he wouldn't wake anyone. When he was down stairs he relaxed a little and opened the front door. Noah was right there wearing that damned beanie that always made his face look extra cute. " Oh! You scared me." Daniel whispered. " lets walk." Noah said restlessly walking off. Daniel closed the door and hurried after him. " What are you doing here?" Daniel asked when he caught up.

" I needed a distraction and got your address off Facebook. You should really have a look at your privacy settings." Noah said.

" So where are we going?" Daniel asked. " This way." Noah said. " You woke me up in the middle of the night to be your distraction. The least you could do is tell me where we are going." Daniel pointed out. Noah stopped suddenly an Daniel almost ran into him.

" Here." Noah said. He had stopped in a small park with a little playground and a few tables and benches. Daniel knew the park well as he got lost just walking around one day. As it was out of the way not many people knew about it. " How did you know this was here?" Daniel asked. " I used to come here all the time as a kid." Noah said.

" Where do you live?" Daniel asked. " You don't need to know that." Noah said harshly. " Sorry." Daniel said. " Come on." Noah said walking over to a table and laying on it. He patted the spot next to him and Daniel lay down. Daniel looked up at the stars and smiled. Noah sighed, relaxing and grabbed Daniels hand. Daniel didn't say anything but slowly held Noah's hand back. Daniel looked over at Noah briefly and Noah just sighed again and said, " Ask what you want.

As long as it's not about the hands." " How rough was the break up, if you have to use me as a comfort?" Daniel asked. " I liked her best friend. We almost did something at a party but I wouldn't cheat. I broke it off japanese school girl boobs sucking storys my girlfriend, well ex girlfriend now, and she must have said something to the best friend because neither will talk to me." Noah said.

"In fact earlier during sport I found out that they pretty much hate me and started a rumour that I cheated on my ex with her best friend." Daniel gave his hand a little squeeze. " Oh my god. That's umm wow." Daniel stuttered. It was way worse then he was expecting. Noah could feel tears start to well up in his eyes and angrily blinked them back and rolled over so he was on top of Daniel. He pressed his mouth to Daniels, trying to hold back the tears. Daniel could feel the tears drip on his face but said nothing; he just wanted to comfort Noah and make sure he was okay.

As they kissed Noah slowly lowered his hips to Daniel's. Daniel grew hard and this made Noah thrust more. Noah was wearing jeans like Daniel and the tight friction was adding to the pleasure. Daniel moaned as Noah picked up the pace, creating a spot of warmth from the friction. Noah rolled them over so sellection of tight teens kimmy granger sydney cole alexa grace aurora belle mike adriano boys were on their side.

" put your hand down there." Noah commanded between kisses. Daniel followed orders and softly squeezed Noah's hard penis. Noah moaned and quickly grabbed at Daniels as well.

Daniel gasped and froze a little. The feeling of Noah's hand against his cock was deliciously rough and yet it seemed like Noah was actually trying to make Daniel cum as well.

Noah leaned in and whispered in dales ear, " Copy me." Noah slowly started to kiss him with a newfound passion and Daniel matched him. Noah slowly undid Daniels button and fly and Daniel shivered and did the same. Noah pushed Daniels pants down a little and put his hand against Daniels soft boxers.

Daniel moaned and smiled and pushed back Noahs boxers as well. Daniel started rubbing Noah's cock. Noah suddenly broke the kiss and took his hand away. Daniel was confused. The look of ecstasy on Noah's face was obvious.

" I said copy what I do, not rush ahead." Noah said looking at him sternly. "I'm sorry I just got excited." Daniel said looking at Noah's cock through the material. " Try and restrain yourself then. Or I will restrain you." Noah said. "I am really sorry I promise I wont teen sex swing xxx my annoying stepbro it again." Daniel said. " Shame. It would have been fun to tie you up." Noah said.

Daniel got excited at the thought. Noah thought about it and decided to save it for another night when they had more time. Noah suddenly started to kiss Daniel again and Daniel kissed back pleased. Again Noah placed his hand on Daniels erection and Daniel did the same to Noah. Noah smiled and slowly rubbed Daniels erection.

It took all Daniel had to match the slow pace.

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It must have been to slow for Noah as well because soon Noah had pushed Daniels underwear down and had his hand around Daniels penis. Daniel went to do the same but Noah said " No. You stop now and lay down. Don't move." Noah said. Daniel obeyed and Noah turned around on the table so his head was next to Daniels crotch.

He continued to jack Daniel off and Daniel was itching to do something other then laid mom change her dress and son suddenly start tfuck. It felt weird for him being the only one pleasured. He reached his hand out and started to play with Noah's penis through the material. Noah half moaned and half growled. " I thought I said don't move." Noah warned. " But you were enjoying it." Daniel protested.

" But you disobeyed me. I don't have to be here. I could go home right now." Noah said. Daniel was shocked at how much that thought scared him. " No! I'm sorry." Daniel said. " I have heard that before. Maybe I do need to tie up your hands." Noah contemplated.

" I will behave now. I swear. I just get so excited." Daniel said. " I know." Noah said playing with Daniels cock and making him squirm. " Now stay still." Noah said. Daniel put his hands behind his head so he wouldn't be tempted. Noah continued to jack Daniel off and Daniel followed instructions and just lay there. Daniel closed his eyes loving the feeling of Noah's hand sliding up and down his uncircumcised cock.

All of a sudden Daniel felt something warm and wet start to engulf his cock. He opened his eyes in surprise to see Noah staring at him, slowly bobbing up and down his cock. Daniel closed his eyes and his head went back moaning.

Noah started to pick up the pace and Daniel couldn't hold it. His dream guy was sucking his cock an expected nothing in return. Daniel curled his toes as he felt his balls tighten. His first wave of hot, salty cum caught Noah by surprise. Noah took his mouth off and spit out the cum in his mouth. Daniel came another couple of times before he rolled onto his side, spent.

" Always tell me if you're going to come." Noah said sternly. " I'm sorry." Daniel panted. " Get dressed. You're going home." Noah said. " Can I just have one second?" Daniel asked. " No." Noah said. Daniel stood up shakily and talk to me while you jerk it up his pants, almost falling over twice.

" Okay I'm up, what now?" Daniel asked. Noah grabbed his hand and started walking towards Daniels house. They stopped outside and Noah looked at Daniel. " What?" Daniel asked. " I'm sleeping over." Noah said. " What?" Daniel exclaimed. " Shut up. I don't want to be alone tonight. I will leave at 5 am just before the sun rises." Noah said. A million thing flashed through Daniels mind, most of them involved sex or a naked Noah.

" Okay, but we have to be quiet." Daniel said. He grabbed the spare key from its hiding place and unlocked the door. He put the key back before leading Noah up the stairs then into his room.

Noah took off his shies and jumped onto Daniels bed. " Nice." He said laying back. Daniel took his shoes and jacket off a well. He found his pyjama pants and said, " I will be right back." Daniel had turned to the door when Noah said, " Change here." Daniel looked at him and Noah nodded, propping himself up in one elbow.Daniel froze for a second before slowly taking off his pants and underwear.He used his underwear to wipe off the cum that was still there. He put on new underwear and his pyjama pants and Noah smiled.

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Noah patted the bed, " Come here." Daniel lay down on the bed cautiously and got under the covers. Noah got under the blanket as well and pulled Daniel to him.

Daniel rested his head on Noah's chest and Noah wrapped his arms around Daniel and began to play with Daniels hair. ' Cuddling is nice,' Daniel thought.

'Even if there is no sex or nakedness.' Daniel soon fell asleep with a smile on his face and Noah was soon to follow.