Big tits milf yasmin scott gets pounded by her stepson

Big tits milf yasmin scott gets pounded by her stepson
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Chapter 18 I watched as our bodies met, her warm hole swallowing my length with ease as she rocked back and forth. My heart raced as she set straddling me with my entire length deep in her pussy, unable to see her face I wondered what she thought about having her pussy filled with a real dick. "Oh my sunny leone sex larka story Daddy I love you!" moaned Amber.

I wasn't able to give Emily very much attention with my daughter grinding her pussy trying to do her best at fucking me, which she seemed to be having a hard time doing it. Knowing I need to get her where I could give her the fucking she wanted I reached up and grabbed Emily's hard nipples "Go get some lube so I can give you what I promised you." I whispered to her. As Emily raised her sloppy pussy from my face and crawled off the bed I saw the most beautiful woman I had ever seen smiling at me, my dick throbbed as we looked at each other.

"You are so beautiful sweetheart, are you sure you want to do this? I asked Amber in a soft voice. "Oh yeah it feels so good, I can feel your heartbeat in my pussy." she replied.

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I had never felt the way I was feeling for any other woman, I cared more for her than anybody else. I held my arms out as she fell between them expecting a sensual hug but was I surprised, after shoving her tongue deep in my mouth she raised her head and smiled "So are you gonna fuck me or just lay there?" she asked and grinned. "Oh I'm going to fuck you alright, you dirty little girl!" I replied.

My little girl wanted fuck and that was exactly what I was going to give her so I grabbed her by her knees and pulled her in a squat, I heard her moan as I slid deeper in her wet pussy. With a hand on each cheek I spread them wide and raised her up so the head of my dick was spreading her swollen lips and drove my dick as deep as I could with one quick thrust causing a short scream from my girl, she opened her eyes and looked at me as she started to speak. I forced it deep into her again causing her to stutter and moan as her eyes went closed again, after a couple more of my hard thrusts her pussy was well lubed allowing me to make full deep strokes as I held her thick ass in the air.

I could feel her hot breath on my chest as her breaths got deeper and quicker, I knew she was really enjoying what I was giving her but I didn't want her to enjoy it too much so I released my grip on her ass allowing our bodies to touch. Slowly running my hands across her back until I had her wrapped tight in my arms, with a firm hold on her held her tight as I started quick hard thrusts with my dick bringing her breathing back to where I had her before and stopping.

As she laid on my chest trying to catch her breath I saw Emily walk up behind her and give me a devilish grin as I made slow deep strokes in Amber's sloppy pussy thinking about how beautiful my baby looked as she took her first dick but my thoughts changed as I heard the familiar sound of the camera shuttering, I knew Emily had just taken a picture of me deep in my daughter's pussy. "Man the guys on the forum will go crazy when they see this." said Emily. "Yeah, you seen what they said when they saw me sucking your dick.

Even the guys were saying you had a nice dick, they would go crazy if they knew it was my daddy taking my virginity huh." replied Amber. "I don't think we need to tell anybody that but I cant wait to see what they say when they see me fucking you." Emily took a few more pictures of me inside her before crawling on the bed with us and taking some of Amber from the side. As I watched her crawl around in that sexy white outfit I could only think about how she had already had one load put in that tight ass of hers today and how I wanted to put another one in it but I was going to have to wait, I don't think Amber plans on quitting any time soon.

With Emily in arms reach I slid my hand across her firm ass cheek and found a very wet pussy that chinese sister fuck father while sleep mom and grand sister fingers slid easily into. With my fingers deep best blowjob compilation hd going south of the border her I pulled slightly hoping she would follow bringing her little ass closer to me and she did so I kept my fingers busy until she slowly lowered her pussy to my face as I pulled my fingers out replacing them with my tongue.

Amber wasted no time making her feel welcome, I felt her raise up as the two fell deep in a kiss. It was very hard to concentrate as I heard the camera shuttering not sure what she was taking pictures of but I knew they would be good.

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"Lean back so I can see him going inside you." Emily was giving Amber directions for pictures. Still only able to hear the camera shutter I turned my focus on filling my baby with dick. "There you go ride him." said Emily as I felt my dick start to slide from its depths and Amber throwing herself back down shoving me inside her. What my little girl lacked in experience she was made up for with her ability to take all of my full grown man cock. As her pace slowed I heard her say "Let me see you eat that pussy, she loves having her pussy eat." As I raised her ass up a little to spread her legs more I saw Amber sitting with me dick deep in her holding the camera.

After her taking a few shots I worked my way back to her waiting asshole and shoved massage and fun by sapphic erotica yasmin scott and lucy heart lesbians masturbation tongue deep in her bowels, she screamed with pleasure as I reached around and started rubbing her clit as I devoured her ass with my mouth.

The camera shuttered as Emily shook and quivered, I could fell her juices running down my neck as she caught her breath. "Oh my god Amber! You know you are going to have to share him with me from now on, I don't want nothing to do with them little dicked boys at school no more." moaned Emily. "That's fine but I told you I would fuck him first!" said Amber. "Yeah but I'm not gonna wait till my birthday either. I cant wait to feel him deep in me." replied Emily as she raised her dripping pussy from my face and crawled off the bed.

"Did you like that daddy? Now you know why I like her so much, she cums like a freight train." said Amber.

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"Now where was I?" I asked as I held my hands out and she fell toward me her bra now pulled under her boobs, her soft body collapsed to mine as I slowly worked in and almost out of her giving her all I could each time.

Her breathing soft and slow against my neck made me feel like I never wanted this to end. Watching Emily over Ambers ass felt Amber's pussy tighten as Emily surprised her with some cold lube hitting her hot body.

I watched over my daughter's thick red lace striped ass as Emily massaged a handful of the lube between her cheeks. "Its getting ready to get fun daddy." whispered Amber as she raised up from my chest landing her soft lips on mine before sinking her tongue deep in my mouth, her kisses were getting rougher and deeper as the night passed.

Amber raised her mouth only inched from mine as she slowly grinded my dick deep into her pussy "Are you sure you want to do this? You know I will probly want to fuck all the time now and I know you don't want just anybody fucking your little girl, do ya?" I ran my hands up her side across her hard nipples giving them a quick pinch causing her to push harder on my dick, then slowly across her neck and under her hair until I had a firm hold on the back of her head.

She seamed to melt in my hands as I squeezed and pulled her mouth back to real wife stories kortney kane paybacks a cock holding her where our lips were barely touching "Sweetheart, I will give you all the dick you can handle.

You had better hope you are woman enough to take it all." I held her head back as she pushed toward me, her tongue slightly licking my lips as I quicken my pace driving my dick deep in her with every stroke still holding her tight as her quick moans mimicked my strokes.

"Oh lick my ass!" Amber screamed out between moans. I was so deep into her I hadn't realized Emily was sneaking in licks on her ass as I pounded away at her pussy so I slowed my pace giving her a chance to take in everything she was feeling when I felt a hand wrap around my dick and pull it from Amber's warmth but the familiar feel of a warm mouth replaced it, Emily was licking Ambers juices from my dick when I heard the bottle of lube open again.

The feel of her mouth was replaced by a slippery hand stroking me, then some more lube. It was as if time sit still, my dick being held by a slippery hand as my daughter laid still on my chest. Then I felt it!