Tanned perfect butt lesbian at the gym

Tanned perfect butt lesbian at the gym
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It's Friday night and I'm home alone. I've called the three girls that I've been kicking it with lately. Two of the girls were going out and the other never returned my call. All my boys were going out on dates and I refuse to be the third wheel. So here I am playing my video game, my regular late night thing I've just started a little early tonight. Now it's about 12:45am and there's black cock in her soft white cunt heavy knock at the door.

My first thought is that it's one of my boys coming to brag about their date, but then again they could be coming to complain about the date and that's my chance to rub it in. I never thought to look through the peephole and I just opened the door. Standing there to my surprise was Tee, she told me she was going out with her friends. From my first look at her something was different from her clothes to her mannerisms. She says "Aren't you gonna let me in" pushing her way through the door stumbling into me.

Now Tee is preppy, very conservative the wifey type. That is why what she has on shocked me. She has on a candy red skirt set; the skirt was so short that if she bends down a little bit her pussy would be exposed. She has on a see 1st time xxx vidimp3 clips shirt with no bra on and she has the perkiest breast I've ever seen.

She has on a jacket that was buttoned in the middle just enough to expose her breast without showing the best part the nipples. I knew she didn't have a bra on because she took her jacket off and threw it down. Now if you know me you know I was rock hard. She noticed I was hard by the bulge in my pants, which excited her because those beautiful big black nipples that I love were also rock hard.

To see her dressed that way made me wonder what to expect. Our sex life is good but it's conventional, she is the type that has some freak in her but she holds back because of her image. During foreplay she's the type to play with the dick instead of handling it.

She would kiss and lick it, but when she finally put it in her mouth, 5 to 6 strokes and she would stop. She would rather finish off with her hands; I guess she was afraid I'd cum in her mouth.

She always goes buck wild when I lick her pussy. She broke my train of thought because she moves over to me and grabs my bulge. I say to her "I thought you were going out with your friends", "I did" she says "but my friends hooked up with some guys and I didn't want to go home." I smelled a hint of alcohol on hot blonde gets pleasure at the pool breath so I ask, "Are you drunk".

She says "I've been drinking, I'm not drunk but I am horny." Yeah she's drunk cause she doesn't talk like that.

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She said, "I'll be back" and goes to the bathroom. When she comes out she says "Turn the game off and play with me." She goes over and bends down to turn the game off. When she bends over I got an eyeful of her beautiful shaven pussy. She took her panties off in the bathroom.

She makes her way over to me on the couch and straddles my lap pulling my head to her kissing me passionately. I can feel the heat from her pussy as she grinds on my dick. While I'm cupping her ass she goes from kissing my lips to hungrily sucking on my neck, now she opens my shirt and plays with my nipples. I can feel my cock throbbing, I want to rip my clothes off but I'm letting her be in control for once.

Now she's working her tongue down to my nipples, she slides down off my lap running her tongue down my stomach. Now she has made her way down to my pants and begins to pull down my zipper. When she's done I sprang out of my pants fully erect.

From the look in her eyes I knew there wouldn't be any playing tonight. She takes my cock in her mouth, with just the head in her mouth while she strokes the shaft with her hand. She runs her tongue up and down the shaft and around the head. My cock began to grow even more and that excited her so much that she began to rub her clit and finger herself with one hand while her other hand held onto my cock while she continued to swallow it.

I felt my petite teen kristen scott with a greatest huge dick hardcore cumshots ready to explode and release it's cum, now I'm wondering if she will take my cum in or let it shoot somewhere else. As I cum I let out a moan, she takes my cum in all the while stroking my shaft. I pull her up and put her petite self on the top of my couch.

I pull her shirt up and grip her breasts squeezing them both together, running my tongue from one nipple to the other. I begin to suck each one firmly, gently playing with her nipples with my tongue. Being that she is a red bone you can see that her breasts are red. She begins to nudge my shoulders downward as to tell me what she wants me to do. I run my tongue down to her navel ring (that was the most riskiest thing she ever did until tonight).

With every flick of my tongue on her ring she becomes more aroused and pushes my shoulders more forcefully. Now I'm face to face with her juicy pussy, so I lift her legs on to my shoulders. I took one finger and ran it over her clit to see how wet she was, and then I stuck the finger in my mouth to taste her nectar. I gently spread her lips apart and slowly run my tongue in the creases of her lips, moving around the clit but not touching it. I run my tongue around the opening of her pussy.

I feel her bucking trying to maneuver her clit to my tongue.

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I take one hand to hold her lips apart and I take the other to gently expose her clit. I gently flick my tongue across her clit and she begins to grind. Now as I tongue her clit she grabs hold of my ears and pulls me closer to her. All this time she's letting out sensuous moans. Now I feel her shiver as her juices begin to run down my tongue and her leg.

Now I'm taking her over the top, I begin to insert my tongue into her pussy. Her juices began to flow even more and this time she wraps hiromi can not have enough of him legs around my neck just enough to hold me close but not to hurt me.

As she lets out another round of juices and then slides down the couch she has this look of I hope you're not done on her face. At that moment there's a knock at the door, so she takes up her stuff and goes into the bathroom. My first thought is to let them knock, figuring it is just one of my boys. I already know if it is one of my boys they know I'm home and won't go away.

So I go over to the door and open it up.

It's Lisa she told me she was going out also. I'm trying my best to not look surprised. "Hey I thought you were going out," I said to her hesitantly. She says back "I did go out and now I'm coming in". She pushes me out the way and closes the door. Now Lisa she was cool, our sex was rough. We didn't make love or have sex we fucked, straight smashing. Our favorite two positions were doggy style, and one where she lays with her legs spread eagle while I'm on top just drilling away.

Now as Lisa is walking in Tee is in the bathroom and she starts up the shower. Lisa looks at me and says; "Who's that one of those nappy headed hoes from your show the other night." The door begins to open so Lisa pushes me on to the couch and she sits in a chair.

As Tee walks towards us she hollers out "Come take a shower with me", then she says "Who was that at the", then she hesitates as she comes around the corner to see Lisa sitting in the chair. Lisa says "umm" as Tee stands there naked and then said, "yeah tell her who I am".

I don't believe that first part was supposed to come out. Now I introduce the two- now technically there isn't a problem because neither one is my girl nor do they think they have that title. "Lisa this is Tee and Tee this is Lisa" I said to both of them now all that time Lisa keeps glancing at Tee's body.

So me being the person that I am I said to Lisa "they're real go ahead and touch them." Now I'm figuring Tee is still feeling nice because she never flinched once when she saw Lisa being that she was naked.

Tee moves over to Lisa and says "Touch them they're real." Now Lisa gives me a look like I'm gonna get you. She reaches up with both hands and feels her breasts but her hands linger there for a minute. Now obviously Tee liked it because her nipples became erect. Now Lisa and I talked about having a threesome before and she said she really had to be attracted to the other girl, bingo.

Now I begin to instigate even more by saying, "Lisa shaves down there too", as I reach to touch Tee's shaven pussy. Now Tee looks at Lisa and says "can I see". Now Lisa kicks her shoes off and stands up to take her pants off and shows Tee her pussy. Then Tee says "that's all I get to see, I'm naked I wanna see you naked." Now Lisa begins to unbutton her blouse and unhook her bra. Lisa's breasts are slightly bigger than Tee's.

Lisa's breast aren't as perky as Tee's but they don't droop they are very firm, with the big round nipples that I love. Her nipples are big and brown; feeling on Tee's breast excited her because her nipples were standing at attention. One thing that Lisa did that I loved was that she was able to lick her own nipples. Now this is like a dream come true, I'm sitting here with two beautiful naked women.

I want to get undressed and get sex brazzers mom and son com party started but I didn't want to kill the mood so I just waited for an invite. Lisa and Tee were standing there admiring each other's body, then they looked at me and said at the same time "What are you waiting for?" I lay back on the couch with my arms spread open and I said, "Take me I'm yours." Without hesitation they both headed for my pants and each pulled a pants leg down.

While they were working on my pants I took my shirt off. Now I'm naked with two naked women bent down in front of my cock. Now they both began to run their tongues up and down the sides of my shaft. Lisa looks at Tee and says "His tongue is lonely why don't you go and keep it company." Tee gets up and climbs onto the couch and straddles my face.

I started to suck her clit while she used her hands, one on the wall and the other to hold her lips open giving me access to her clit. Lisa is swallowing my cock like a pro; she was never shy about her ability to handle the dick. She started out with one hand on my shaft and the other caressing my balls.

Then she had one hand stroking my shaft, one on her breast all the while massaging my balls with her tongue. I feel Tee shiver and White woman black boy toy knew her juices were beginning to flow and that made me just that excited and I began to cum.

When I was done my cock refused to go down knowing how long I dreamt of this chance. We slid down to the floor and I began to smash Lisa doggy style and at that moment Tee climbs under us and starts running her tongue from Lisa's clit and down my shaft as it moved in and out of Lisa's pussy. Lisa then begins to give Tee's pussy a tongue-lashing.

Every time it started feeling good to Lisa she began to go to work even more on Tee's pussy. When it got good to Tee she became more aggressive with her tongue. Now the air is filled with two sets of moans that was music to my ears, which drowned out my grunts and groans. Now after a few minutes we switch positions and Tee climbs on top of me with her back to me, facing the couch.

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She is holding on to the couch using it for leverage. Lisa climbs on to the couch and slides down in front of Tee. She started sucking on Tee's beautiful breasts and began to run her tongue down her body seeking out her clit. Tee lays back onto me as Lisa gives her another tongue-lashing. When Tee begins to shiver she says to Lisa "It's your turn." Lisa climbs back onto the couch and Tee sits up and begins to return the favor to Lisa.

When it became overwhelming to Lisa she began to caress her breast, and then one by one she began to run her tongue around her beautiful nipples. Now I'm enjoying the sight of watching my cock explore the depths of Tee's pussy, as Tee partakes in devouring every bit of Lisa's nectar as it flows from her juicy pussy and watching Lisa give her own breast a lashing. When Lisa began to cum her moans became louder. Lisa looks at me and says; "You know what I want now right." Tee climbs off of me and I move over to the edge of the couch in front of Lisa where she is laying with her leg spread eagle in a split.

I began to pound her pussy when Tee who could never get enough of her pussy being eaten climbs on the back of the couch over Lisa's head and spreads her legs open so that my tongue can become aquainted with her clit again. Now in this position Lisa's orgasms were always intense, and when she cums, Tee also cums and knowing that I get excited and we all came together.

When we were done Tee fell to the side of the couch next to Lisa and I sat at their feet on the floor. At that moment my phoenix marie s last anal scene door began to open Lisa never locked it when she came in.

When the door opened without a knock I knew who it was. There is only one person who walks in my house without knocking if the door is unlocked.

I knew it was Monique but I couldn't move. I sunny leone xnxx bf story didn't want to move because I wanted to see her face. Monique was the kinkiest of the three; "Mo" is chocolate and reminds me of a Hershey Kiss. Mo is Bisexual but as she puts it she's feeling men right now so that always puts a halt on our threesome talks. When she walks in she has a small bag on her shoulder.

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She notices us on the couch naked and has a look of shock on her face. She says to me "Next time you decide to have hot sex with more than one woman invite me and remember to lock the door." I told you she was kinky, one of our favorite positions is busty hairy laney loves cunnilingus and rimjob she lays spread eagle while I wrap my mouth around her cunt and blow into it, I can't explain the stimulation but I know she loves it.

She also loves for me to hit it from the back while she is on her side. Tee and Lisa look up but neither runs for cover. Mo drops her bag in the middle of the floor and says to me, "You sounded very lonely over the phone, I figured once I got back from my trip I would surprise you and come over and put on a show for you." She began to open up her bag. Then she says, "Since you have company maybe they could help me out." I don't know what happened but both girls livened up and agreed to help.

They looked at each other and said, sun tv serial actress nude things first." They then proceeded to undress Mo. While they were doing that I couldn't resist getting my camera to videotape. I set the camera up so that it caught the three ladies and also myself enjoying the show. Lisa and Tee laid Mo down on the floor while Tee began to caress her breast and Lisa began to tongue her clit. Mo began to instruct Lisa on how to blow into her pussy the way she likes it.

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Every time Lisa blew, her body began to shiver. Tee asked Mo, "How does that feel?" Mo tells her to climb on her face and find out. As Tee positions herself just right over Mo's face, Mo begins to fondle her own breasts that were just as perky as Tee's.

When Mo blew into Tee's pussy the sensation drove her wild, she began to fondle her breast with one hand and sucks the fingers of her other hand. Mo reaches into her bag and hands Lisa a dildo, Lisa shoves it into her own pussy while she continues to suck on Mo's clit. After a while Mo pulls out a double sided dildo and gives it to Lisa and she knows exactly what to do with it. She puts the other one down and begins to insert Mo with the dildo she was just given.

She then positions her body so that she can climb onto the other end; they both began to grind on the dildo. The way they were grinding on that dildo you would've thought they were grinding on their own personal cock.

Tee was still straddling Mo's face, like I told you she loved getting her juicy pussy licked, Mo loved licking it. Tee found a new love, blowing into her pussy, that drove her wild. As Lisa was grinding on the dildo she began to rub her clit. She looks at me and says, "Come here so that I can feel your meat." I slid off the couch down to Lisa, she twists sideways on the dildo and begins to suck my cock.

The more she was grinding on the dildo the more aggressively she sucked my cock. Mo stopped everyone and pulled out another toy. She pulled out a strap-on dildo and handed it to Tee, as you can tell Mo likes to be in charge. Mo looks at me and says, "let me see your skillz." I gesture to Lisa to come over and sit on my face. As she sits on my face I put all the things Mo taught me to use. At that moment I feel gentle but strong hands wrap around my shaft, it was Mo.

I hear her whisper, "This is what I came over here for." She takes her tongue and juggles my sack in her mouth. She then took her tongue and ran it up the main vein of my shaft, when she reached the top she ran it around the head. Once she reached the top she began to swallow it. She strokes my rock hard cock with her mouth in a twisting motion.

As she is handling my cock Tee has finally got the strap-on on, bestking sex stories vip sexy storys mumbhi mounts Mo from behind and works it out like a pro. The harder she plunges into Mo the more she swallows my cock and fondles my sack with her left hand. In the air are the sweet moans of exctasy. As Tee plunges Mo she reaches between her legs and plays with her own clit.

After a while the first one to cum was Lisa she began to shiver and let out a wicked moan. I was next to cum my legs stiffened and my toes curled and Mo sucked until she believed I had nothing left to give her. As the excitement of finishing me off grew, she released a load of sweet nectar that eased down her leg. Mo and Lisa both began to attack Tee until she came also.

Then the three of them made there way to the shower to wash up and I followed with my camera as they entered the shower and washed each other up. Tee got out first and took mature ore ladish sex story camera as I got in the shower with Mo and Lisa as they began to wash me up.

That experience opened Tee's mind, Lisa's eyes and made Mo realize that she needs men and women not one at a time but together. I realized that if that was a dream I never want to wake up because it has been months since that night and we've been having rendezvous like that at least 2-3 times a week. THE END………&hellip.