Girlfriend masturbates before sensual sex forwomen and amateurs

Girlfriend masturbates before sensual sex forwomen and amateurs
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My Name is Raj, 28 years smart, tall dark and handsome guy from Bangalore. The story is all about my relation with my girlfriend of my past. Her name is Savitha. To describe her beauty 5"8, 55 kgs, fair, hourglass structure, potted red lips, fully blossomed boobs and she is the smartest female I have met across my life. I was really lucky to have in my life for 6 years.

The start, we were pursing the same degree (2001) but from different college. We first met at our common tuition.

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The day I saw her first was really flattened by her beauty. We became good friends by the end of first semester. I always had the hidden agenda to make her my partner and she was one female who any male could like to have in their life We joined the tuition for second semester after holidays.

After a week our master got a good job in Chennai and move their. We could not get a good master and decided to do combined studies at her home. Her parents were both working and she is the only daughter I went on a Sunday for the first time got introduced to her family and she used to call me only when here parents were at home. One day we were casually discussing about love and she asked what type of women you want as your girlfriend.

I told her like you. She just blushed. As we were studying we became very close as were sexually attracted to each other.

Now I was missing her for the entire weekdays as we only studied on weekends when their parents were at home On a Wednesday afternoon I received a call from her and her computer was not compiling C software. I had the software and went and installed it.

Meanwhile she was preparing tea for me and here parents not in the home. She came with tea to the room.

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She was looking very sexy and she was wearing a very tight t-shirt with her boob structure clearly seen and ¾ shorts. We chatted for some time and I asked her whether she has a boyfriend and I knew she had none as she was from Girls College. She told No! I just could not resist her beauty and proposed her.

I had no clue she was already in love with me and was waiting for my approach. She acknowledged with a smile mixed with some shyness. I did not wait for a second and gave hot mommy fucked in her pussy and ass a kiss on lips which she did not expect and she was in a shock. I told I love you very much and it's my way of expressing my love to you. She kept quiet and it was time for her parent to arrive and I had to leave her home.

That day I could not sleep even for a minute and I was missing her very much and was damn sure she could also be in same state Next day we I got a call from her and she told me her classes are canceled.

Lets go to a movie and I left to watch a English movie. She sat on my bike for the first time and she kept her hand on my lap for grip It is the first time any female is touching me and sitting very close to me. I rode little and applied only sudden brakes and her boobs would come crashing on my back. She was in all smiles and I could see it from my rear mirror We purchased the corner ticket and sat in the top most corner seat and a wall behind us.

The movie was a flop and crowd was very less in the balcony. As the movie was progressing we had the common hand where she had placed her hand. I gave a kiss on her hand and saw her. She was in full mood and eyes were the proof. I just kissed her and she gave here entire lips to me.

I kissed her like crazy and her lips got swollen and dick was very hard and I was very uncomfortable as I was wearing a tight jeans. The movie ended we went to our homes. We chatted all night over internet messengers Next Wednesday she called me to her house for studying as internal was approaching. I went to her home at 11 am.

The door was open. She told to sit in the room and was busy in the kitchen preparing some food. I could only hear her voice and I sat in her room and started to study.

She later came after 10 minutes. She was wearing a nighty and looking very sexy with her hairline untied and she was inviting me with her smile. I stood and kissed her passionately and pushed her to wall. I could not resist her boobs and just kept my hand on her boobs and was kissing.

She took her hands and placed behind my hands pressed my hand which in turn pressed her boobs. I got full approval and just pressed her boobs with full force. She said ahaaaa. Press slowly its paining. Her boobs were my handful and I was just pressing it and kissing her all over face, cheeks and neck. We both forgot everything were in deep kissing and i pressing her boobs. My dick was very hard and I was wearing a casual pant and my 6" dick was projecting outside and brushing her thighs.

I stopped my kissing and saw her face. She had closed her eyes and was in full mood. I took her hand placed it on my Hard Dick. She opened her eyes, started to squeeze my dick and began to kiss me.

I reciprocated with a kiss and started to press her hardened boobs I told her I want to see her boobs. She told, no, you have permission only to squeeze it. I got disappointed and stopped pressing her boobs and sat on the bed. She came to me and planted a kiss on my forehead and told she will come back and went to dressing room.

I was waiting. After 3 minutes she came back and she was dressed in tshirt and a tight jeans. She came straight to me and kissed me and took my hands and placed it on her boobs. I got green signal to feel her lovely boobs without any barrier. I stood up and kissed her and placed my hand her hips near the end of the tshirt and pulled it up and kissed her navel.

She moaned hhaaaaa superb chinnu and moved little up to her thatrsquos a ton of cum mister compilation beautiful and kissed on her cleavage and removed the tshirt.

What a lovely sight. She was just in bra and tight jean and bra hiding her beauty. I kissed her and unhooked her bra and her two lovely jugs were released. I just was blank for a minute seeing its beauty and planted a kiss on her left boobs. She pressed my head in to her boobs. Her nipple was very dark in contrast to here milky white boobs. Round in shape with nipples pointing like a gun.

I put my lips on her nipples and started to suck her boobs and she was in heaven and making lovely noises.The clock was ticking and we were just enjoying. After sometime I left her home with half heartedly. I went home masturbated 3 times and went to sleep and could not sleep. I logged on to internet to learn how to wear a condom and learned it.

I went to a medical shop and purchased a three pack condom and kept inside the wallet. We could not meet as she had guest in her house and they were there for a weeks time. I started missing her very much and think of hermasturbate daily. One fine day came to break my masturbation habit, its was December 11th which I still remember.

I went to her sex with passionate luscious girl interracial and hardcore. She was in full mood.

She locked the main door and straight away kissed me. She was missing me much. I learnt that the more you miss, the better the kiss. I just lifted her and took her to the bedroom. And removed her tshirt and unhooked her bra and started to kiss it.She told me remove my tshirt and I obliged. We were semi nude and I was busy kissing her and caressing her boobs.

She placed her hand on my dick and started to squeeze it. I was in heaven. I unbuttoned my pant and put her hand in to my underwear. I was a great feeling a beautiful girl touching my hard dick.

I could not control her squeeze and came out with my cum. She make out I had cummed and took her hand off and told me sarcastically "there is lot more to do and you have come out on just touching". I kissed her and unbuttoned her jeans and put my hand into her panty which she resisted a lot. After some struggle and convincing I will not enter her she gave access to touch it.

I put my hand in the pussy and a finger into and she was already very wet. I started to move my finger in circular motion which she could not control the pleasure and started to make noises. I slowly removed her pant and kissed her pussy while the panty was still on.

She just held my head and pulled toward her I removed her panty and what a sight, a slit and pink virgin pussy with little hair. I just kissed her pussy and she was just moaning. Meanwhile the sight of pussy made to harden my dick.

I removed my pant and underwear and took her hand and placed it on my dick. Her touch fully hardened my dick which was now pointing sky. She had closed her eyes all this time. I slowly kissed her eyelid and told wont you see your pleasure tool. She slowly opened her eyes and saw my dick for the first time and kept staring at it.

We were both existed and i badly wanted to make love to her. I removed the condom from wallet and wore it.

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She saw me wearing the condom and told I don't want to do this. I did not listen and started to kiss her and put a finger into her pussy to excite her. She become highly aroused and now she wanted me inside and pulled me in between her legs and parted wide apart to enter her. I took applied some coconut oil on the head of the dick and told her to take it in slowly.

She placed my dick at her entrance and I began to apply some force but there was lot of resistance and Extrem geile hausfrau aus stuttgart hart gevoegelt could not enter her.

Again I put more force and pushed hard which made me head of dick to enter her vagina. She was in full pain and was pushing me away. Obviously you guess is right, I succeed in overpowering her and entered ¼ of dick into her. And pulled little back and gave a strong push which made 1/2 of my dick into her.

She was in great pain and crying. But I knew this pain will vanish in little time and continued to enter her and pull back and push in.

Rhythm started and I was hitting her with full force. She began to feel the pleasure more than pain and pulled my body towards her and stared to kiss me wildly. I started t bang her with full strength and she was approaching for climax and she just hugged me and got her first orgasm and was in full smiles and more relaxed now. I was in full strength and exploded in to her and straight away slept on her boobs and for long time hugging each other.

I took the condom and flushed it and was wondering why she did not bleed?

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Went home found that sports women hymen is broken while there are active in sports and she was a state level hockey player in her school We continued to have great love making there onwards for five years We had chocolate kisses, I used bring vanilla family pack ice cream place it on her boobs and pussy and sucks it. We engaged in several positions. Had a very nice time with her. Unfortunately would not marry her. We had to broke up has her parents fixed her marriage and I was not in a situation to marry her.

Since two years I have not had any romance with any women as I am not able to forget her.