Janice griffith and april oneil missed every moment apart masturbation and pornstars

Janice griffith and april oneil missed every moment apart masturbation and pornstars
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Brad was just getting home that day never knowing what was about to happen.You see,Brad and his wife Jennifer has only been married 3 months and they have been talking about having sex with other people in with them.Jenn told him that she was willing to bring in another chick.Brad thought it was to good to be true and he thought it was never going to happen.But he just had no idea.

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When brad walked into the front door of his home and he saw his fine wife he already knew what she wanted.Jenn is 120 pounds,with the most perfect 38C tits,brown hair with blonde highlights.at the age of 21 ,and with a nice little ass that bounces when you smack it.He knew she wanted sex because she was in a pink-like schoolgirl skirt when he came in.She siad ''hey baby how was your day at work'' as she got up to grab his hand and lead him to his chair.He replied by saying'' yes,baby i had a great day.''She got in the floor in front of him and started rubbing and kissing brad's dick though his pants and said ''I have been horny and waiting for you all day.'' She then stopped and handed brad a blunt and a beer.Then she told him to lite it up,drink,and to kick back and enjoy.Jenn then pulled brad's boots,socks,pants,and boxers showing his ced confidential lesbian prison scene 1/2 to 9 in.

cock.While he sit there and got high and drunk she gave him one of her greatest blowjobs.She kissed all down his muscled chest and his blaring six pack,then shoved his whole dick in her mouth.She was gaging and everything,going up an d down trying to get it as wet as possible.After brad's dick and everything around it was dripping wet she licked all the way down his dick to his ass-hole and started licking all around then started to stick it in and out of the hole while she stroked his dick.

She sucked and licked him until he finshed the blunt and a cig.She then took him into the bedroom where there was another fine-ass girl.Brad has never seen her before and was shocked as hell to see another woman in their bedroom in a black bra and hipster panties.Jenn looked at him as he looked at public flashing masturbation gym and walked leash stripper wants an upgrade and said''i told you that i would prove you wrong and that i was going to show you that i really am yours and yours only.i'm your slut, and that i would do anything for you.''This girl was fine,she had about a 32 to a 38C cup ,hips,thighs,a dark tan,and a big round juicy booty.

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As they entered Brad sit on the bed and then the other girl ''named flower'' and jenn strated to kiss rub on each other on the other side of the bed as brad began to stroke his cock and lay down.After they kissed flower moved and put her head at the footboard and feet at the headboard and started to eat jenn's dripping wet pussy.Brad layed and watched for a min. then he could not take it.He reached and grabed flower's hips pulling her ass to his face.He started to shove his face deep into her soft juicy ass b/c brad loves sticking his face into a big ass.He loves a thick hip-hop woman every now and then but no matter what he loves his wife more hairy pusy big ass naked anything.

After flower got though,jenn told brad to stand up,so brad did.When he got up,jenn and flower got fully naked.Once they did, they dropped to their knees in front of him.Jenn start to suck his rock-hard dick as flower started to suck & lick on his balls.Brad thought it was so amazing,he couldn't do anything but roll his eyes in the back of his head.As they contiued for about 5 or 6 min. until jenn told flower that brad loves for his ass-whole to be licked.It was at this time jenn had brad bend over the bed with him in front of her and the bed behide her as flower got behind him.They sucked and licked for alittle then switched positions for a couple of min.

When they were though,it was brad's turn to eat.So he laid both of his sluts down and started to get down to business.He took turns eating one onther for about ten min in the pussy and ass as they played with their own tits.

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After awhile he bent both of them over and took turns fucking each one doggy-style.After about 35 min. brad said he was about to cum soon.Jenn told him that he could keep fucking flower doggy before he cums b/c she knows that he loves fucking a big booty bitch doggy,So he waxed flower's fine ass with his fine ass wife down ther sucking on his balls while looking up at him with her pretty ass eyes.Brad halla's''i'm about to cum'' and flower jumps down there with jenn and they both open their mouths wide open begging for him to give both of them his cum as he bursted the largest nut he has ever busted.It went all over their face,tits,and in their mouths.Then they started to kiss on the head of his dick and lick his balls real easy.after they started to kiss and rub on each other tits.Jenn looked up as brad stood their shcked as hell that this really just got though happening.She then asked him''did you enjoy baby?''He replied by saying ''fuck yeah baby,i love you so much.''''I love you to '' she said.After the girls got up and cleaned up,they both said bye to flower.When they said bye Brad and Jenn had the talk that will change brad life forever all in part 2.