Naughty tongue blowjob (blowjobworld us tube porn

Naughty tongue blowjob (blowjobworld us tube porn
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Michelle and Cary were old webcam and very granny frannkie and the gang tag team a door to door saleswoman closer than any before them. Cary (23) had always admired Michelle (22) to the point of infatuation. Cary had to be around her little sister at all times, even as kids, so she could fantasize about a future with her. Now both girls are on their own and are living together while Cary goes to college and Michelle modeled.

Cary couldn't be happier that her blissfuly unaware object of her affection was sleeping in the same room as her. Both Cary and Michelle had distinct secrets; Cary was a lesbian by night, Michelle was a hermaphrodite by birth. Cary knew all about her sisters penis/pussy combo and planned on somehow, someway, taking advantage of it and her so that all of her lustful dreams may come true.

It was a sunny summer afternoon on the balcony of the girls' high up apartment, Michelle was admiring the lovely world around her, she was very close to nature. Cary was fumbling with a large clock she had just purchased online and was bringing it in after it was delivered.

She moved it near the balcony so that the light would reflect off of the stain glass interior of it. She had however forgotten to mention it to Michelle while in her blissful state and she she turned to come inside, she cracked her head straight into the large woodan clock.

She fell quickly and cary came to her aid. Michelle was unconcious, so she dragged her over to her bed and lay with her until she awoke. She thought about this being the perfect time to finally have her way with her, but scolded herself for thinking such a sadistic thing. However the image of her beutiful sister laying serenly and hopeless on her bed got her hot.very hot.She needed to release herself badly. She began fingering her already damp pussy fiercely, moaning aloud as she pictured Michelle and herself making sweet love.

Cary loved masturbating in nude, and thought she probably wont awaken in many minutes so she swiftly disrobed and continued pleasuring her hot cunt, moaning Michelles name. Michelle must have heard something because she began to stir, unbeknownst to her sister.

She awoke to find Cary, fully nude, sucking on her cum covered fingers. Cary realised her sisters awakening and greeted her akwardly, but to her suprise. "Who are you.?" was the first thing that came from Michelle's mouth. Cary was stunned, but tested the waters, "Michelle hunny, you don't remember who I am? Do you know who you are?" Michelle pondered a second, "No.Aparently not." Cary was first scared, but that thought fled quickly as she thought of what power she had now.

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"Well.Michelle.beleive it or not you have just been sent to me as part of a slave trade.Thats right.I bought you over the internet and now your home with me." "A.slave?" Michelle questioned fearfuly "Why yes," Cary responded, pointing to the box that the large clock came in, "A slave, you arrived this morning and just awoke. They must have had a bumpy ride over here." "Oh my.How could I not remember?" Michelle asked innocently.

Cary scoffed, "It isn't my problem, the point is now I own your body so lets get this come come, off with the clothes little slave." Michelle was baffled, "I don't understand." Cary retorted, "Well then you must be stupid. Look around, does it look like I need a maid? I bought you as a sex slave bitch." Michelle gasped, "Oh god! I'm a whore!?" "Not a whore, hot sex after school pussylicking small tits slave, and for what I paid for you you better be a damn good one!

Now off with the clothes!" Michelle stared in disbeleif but dared not disobey her obvious mistress. She had no recolection of being a slave, nor of anything else, so she had to be right.right? In no time at att Michelle was reduced to her naked form, her 32c breasts, shaven pussy, and slowly growing 8 inch cock on prominent display. Cary eyed her animalisticly, her dreams so long eluded her but now were coming to life, Michelle had no choice but to submit to her every command.

She shoved her roughly onto the bed and Michelle grunted weakly. Michelle began to feel powerless, like every muscle in her was abonding her as soon as her 'civil rights'. Cary slowly climbed to her legs and focused directly on her cock. She took in in her fingers delicately, toying with it, forcing it to respond my hardening faster and faster. She traced a finger slowly and sencously up and down the now stiff rod and grinned.Cary positioned herself slowly over the cock and lowered her lips to it, at first teasing it with the tip of her tongue which spurred a gasp from Michelle, and then consumed it in her mouth.

Michelle moaned softly but fearfuly in responce, squirming akwardly as this mysterious woman manipulated her body in a strange but oddly satisfying way. Cary dragged her full red lips up and down the stiff member. She twirled her tongue around and across the large pulsing meat in her mouth. Whithin moments Michelle was experiencing a sexual buildup like nothing she had ever felt before, and screamed aloud as she burst a torrent of hot thick fluids into Carys mouth.

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Cary gasped and pulled back, catching most in her mouth but much sprayed all over her wanting smooth face. She didn't lick it off however, she relished in the feeling of her sisters thick cum all over her body, she wanted more. "MMm bad girl you slutty slave.Your supposed to ask me permission before cumming." Cary said scolding her.

Michelle obviously had no clue, "I'm so sorry ma'am! I had no idea about any of all happened so fast." "No excuses," Cary cut her off quickly, "And another thing, you will call me either Mistress or my Queen from now on." "Yes Mistress." Michelle submitted.

With that, Cary grabbed a clump of Michelle's smooth beautiful hair and dragged her to the bath tub. She ordered her teen slut elizebeth sucks off dude before getting fucked stay and masterbate herself while she got something. Michelle obeyed and quickly continued cumming, not yet recovered from the first time. She soon had a tiny portion of the tub filled with her cum.

Cary returned quickly with a bottle of pills, but no clothes. "These pills," Cary explained, "Will help any man or woman cum even more than usual. At least four times as much. I want you to take two." Michelle soon realised that her mistress had some strange infatuation with her juices, she took two pills and downed them quickly before harm could befall her. Cary then took two herself and ordered her to lay down all the way on the large tub, and as she did, Cary position her sopping wet pussy over Michelle's throbbing veiny cock.

Slowly she let the thick meat enter her slimy slick cunt, both sisters moaning aloud as it did. Slowly but surely, she rode up and down on the slimey cum covered member, reaching up to fondle her perky firm breasts so to allow herself more pleasure. "F.Finger yourself slut." Cary commanded akwardly as she violated herself and her sister. "Ohh.Oh god yes my queen." Michelle obediently obliged, not necessarily out of fear of punishment, but because she had herself become severly aroused and didn't care what she was told to do.

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She reacher around her hard working cock and found her leaky wet pussy, firmly planting three fingers inside as she let out a loud moan. Continueing this akward but satisfieng seesaw of pleasure, it wasn't long until either sister was ready to burst.

Cary and Michelle let out a scream. "Michelle! Oh fuck yes cum inside me! Oh fuck yes cum all over us!" "Oh god Mistress! I must cum! Oh god I'm going to explode everywhere!" And with that the incestous duo unleashed a flood of both of their fluint, hot, thick cum all over the tub, and eachother.

Cary dismounted Michelle and lay atop her, as they wrapped their arms around eachother and embraced in a passionate french horny mom fucking in a crotchless bodystocking, rolling themselves in the now three foot tall pool of warm cum, becoming drenched in it hair to toe. "Oh Cary.I want to be yours forever." Michelle asked dreamily. "What? You remember my name?" Cary asked shocked. "Oh yes." she giggled sweetly, "It all came back to me when you shoved my cock in your hot pussy.I just didn't want to ruin the moment." They both sat up, dripping in their shared juices complelty soaked.

"Well.slave.the day is young, how about my mindless little slut licks her Mistress' pussy." Cary said seductivly. "As you command, my eternal Mistress." Michelle responded obediently, lowering herself for another round of hypnotic attraction.

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