Naughty and racy carpet munch hardcore and blowjob

Naughty and racy carpet munch hardcore and blowjob
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Chapter 3 We got up about 8am again and, like yesterday, I went to make breakfast as Chloe showered. My head was full of lustful thoughts from the previous night. I had actually stroked my beautiful sister's pussy, had her juices on my finger.

I instinctively raised it to my face, inhaling once more. I wanted to save that scent forever. I noticed as I got out of bed the cupboard door in the bedroom was closed so another body lotion show seemed cute babe loves anal sex with her bf. I still crept to the bedroom door when I heard her leave the bathroom, she'd had a very long shower this morning, but sure enough I could see nothing.

Disappointed I headed back, but, as I walked past the bathroom, noticed her yellow panties in a pile on the floor. I was in there like a flash, immediately pressing my face into them. It didn't yield the same turn on it usually did though. After last night, empty knickers boy forced friends mom xxxx seem enough.

Just as I pulled them away, Chloe appeared in the doorway dressed in a very sexy matching red bra and French knickers, the semi-transparent lace revealing a tantalising glimpse of nipple and dark pubic hair.

Jesus. "Oh, sorry, didn't realise you were in here," she said, seeming a bit awkward. "I left my. oh, you've got them." "Erm yes, messy," I joked, and handed them over hoping she wouldn't notice they were damp where I'd licked them. "Weetabix and orange?" "Sounds tops, I'll be there in a sec." And with that she turned and headed to the bedroom, my eyes fixed on her arse, only half covered by red lace. That was too close. She soon appeared in the kitchen dressed in grey jogging bottoms and a tight red t-shirt.

It was cooler today. Her grey joggers were one of my favourite items of her clothing, they clung alluringly to her arse, thighs and crotch. I handed her her breakfast. She really was very pretty, lovely big blue eyes and a cute, but also sometimes naughty smile. A few freckles playing across her nose where the sun had caught her. Her hair was tied back and I noticed how sweet and delicate her ears were. I felt compelled to lean in and kiss her, but resisted.

We were doing our own things today, both visiting friends so there would be no repeat of yesterday's massage unfortunately.

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I ended up coming home quite late, and Chloe was already in bed. I snuck quietly into the room and as I got undressed, noticed her pile of clothes red T, grey joggers, bra and . panties? I looked closer, and sure enough the lacy red undies were on the floor. Was she sleeping in just her big t-shirt? The thought of finding out made my heart beat hard in my chest and I quickly, but carefully got into bed alongside her.

I waited a while to let everything settle. She was on her side facing away from me, in the foetal position again. My journey began. Under the quilt, had sliding across the sheet between us, the familiar depression, heat from her body, blood racing in my ears, then contact.

I touched the back of her upper thigh. Good, her t-shirt was obviously higher. I slowly ran my fingers up her leg, hoping not to contact material and there it was, the bottom of her right buttock. I paused, took a breath and continued to explore upwards. She was free, naked under her Japan sister in law sleep fuck. But why?

Who cares. I took a couple more deep breaths to calm myself before cupping her right buttock it in my hand, squeezing it.

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Her body was becoming more familiar to me now, but touching her arse still turned me as much as ever. I knew what I had to do next, it was the perfect opportunity. I pulled my boxers over my stiff cock and left them round my thighs.

I turned on my side facing towards her then inched my body closer and closer, praying she wouldn't wake up, closer and closer. and then, we're touching. This time it's not my fingers though, but my cock. I push it against her arse, and guide it so it's melanie rios evan stone foot between her soft buttocks. I then begin moving it up and down, rubbing it against the crack.

All I can hear is the blood pumping around my head and it's all I can do not to come, but I manage to hold off by easing back slightly and keeping very still for a while. Then, to my amazement, I feel Chloe move. She ever so softly pushes against me and starts lightly gyrating her hips. It feels so god, but I have to pull away as I'm close to exploding all over her.

I'm pretty sure she's still asleep, her breathing seems constant, it must have been involuntary. I calm down for a minute, before being overcome with the need to taste her again. I know what I'm going to do. Still close to her, I begin shuffling myself down the mattress, trying not to move it too much. My face is level with her neck.

her shoulders. middle.

lower back, it seems to be taking forever, but soon I can tell I'm face to face under the quilt with her beautiful behind. I lovingly plant soft kisses across her buttocks before kissing and lightly licking my way down the crack between. As I get lower, that wonderful sweet musk begins to fill my nostrils, then I realise my lips are brushing against wispy hair.

Almost there, please don't wake up, please. I keep going, there's now intense heat against my face and I know exactly where I am.

I wait, the anticipation is killing me. deep breaths, the heat, smell and intensity of the whole situation is making me dizzy. And then I do it, I lean that extra centimetre and my lips push against hair and delicately soft flesh. I'm glad to find she's soaking wet.

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And I brush my nose and lips up and down against her pussy, smearing the juices on my face. Please, please don't stir, I don't want this to end. I begin to lick lightly between her lips and over her clit. she tastes divine, I know I could happily do this all night. I sense her involuntary gyrating again and chance it, I push my tongue inside her. She jerks against my face, groans, moves her legs.

Shit, I've blown it, she's awake. Shit. I quickly push myself back up to my pillow. Lie still as a board on my back, eyes tightly closed, pretending to be soundly asleep. Make her think she imagined it. She's moving quite a lot next to me now. Oh god, I think, this is it, she's just realising what I've done and is about to start shouting. I can barely breathe, I want to teleport away. What will mum and dad think! I sense her near me, oh god, here it comes. Hair, I can feel hair on my face.

lips, her lips are brushing against mine. She's kissing me! I open my eyes and see her looking deeply at me, almost trance like. Before I know it she's straddling me, and pushing her tongue into my mouth. I wrap my arms around her, pull her tight against one girl five boys sex story and we kiss deeply and passionately, it feels wonderful.

Then I feel her hot, soaking hot babe rides on a huge dildo against my stiff cock. She slides against me and then I feel her hand reach down and guide me into her.

She feels amazing, so hot, so wet. We both groan deeply into each other, she then leans back on me, taking my full length before lifting her t-shirt up and off, dropping it onto the bed next to us. Here tits look amazing and she rocks against me, swaying back and forth and I crush them together with my hands, and then. I can't help it, I explode inside her. She falls back down against me and we lie intensely still. "Sorry," I say, not sure which thing it is I'm apologising for.

"Shhhhh," she whispers, "it's okay." We lay there, me stroking her hair, her head on my chest.

I realise I'm still inside her, I'm soft but she's gripping me in her beautiful wet tunnel. I run my hands tenderly down her back to her buttocks and start lightly squeezing them, kneading them together. I feel her begin kissing my neck and I start to get hard again. We start rocking softly against each other and she moves up so we can kiss, exploring each other's mouth. I run my fingers back up her sides and into her hair. I tug it lightly and she leans back, presenting those beautiful breasts.

I push my face between them, before taking her nipples into my mouth, sucking and biting them as she now pounds against me. She's moaning loudly and I can hear her wet pussy squelching against me. We fuck harder and harder, she's dripping onto my balls, I'm tearing at her bouncing tits.

"Oh Mark, Mark. I'm coming. oh god, oh yes. I'm coming, oh god. Mark, MARK. Mark. ohhh," she collapses onto me just as Omg is it gonna crush me come again, deep inside her. We lay together, hot, sweating. panting. I feel our juices ooze down between my legs. What just happened.? I feel so happy. I pull Chloe hard against me and smile as I feel her respond in kind. She's so, so beautiful.

We lay dozing against each other for a while. I hope she feels as blissful as me. A while later, half asleep, we re-adjust. She rolls off me and onto her side, facing away. I'm disappointed, but then she leans back to pull my arms around her and I snuggle against her, spooning, my arms encircling her waste, deeply breathing her in.

shampoo, lotion, musk. I pull my boxers fully off, we snooze. I wake in the early hours. We're in the same position. My hands begin to stroke her stomach and then move up to her breasts, caressing. squeezing. I'm glad to feel her nipples stiffen between my fingers and even happier when she starts pushing her arse back into my swelling erection. I kiss my way up and down her neck, nibble her ear (she moans) and reach between her opening thighs.

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Within seconds my eager fingers are soaked and I feel her pull her buttocks apart so I can slide beneath and under them. Then I'm inside her and we're rhythmically fucking again, me crushing her tits from behind with my hands.

I roll her onto her front and begin pounding her from behind, pushing her face and shoulders into the pillows. She hitches up onto her elbows and knees and then pushes back into me. As we begin to fuck again, I start thinking about what's happening, appreciating the beautiful scene in front of me, my gorgeous, lovely sister sliding up and down my cock, arse pounding, slapping against me, hair and tits swaying, the sweet and musky scent filling the air.

if only my friends could see this. We both come again to the sound of the bedhead hitting the wall. We collapse, I roll of her and then back against her. We kiss lingeringly and deeply, her lips so tender and responsive, before falling asleep in each other's arms.

I wake to the sound of birds and an empty bed. I lie there, thinking latina megan salinas enjoys blowing long cock the previous night, looking to the space next to which was being pounded by our bodies hours earlier. Somewhere our juices smear the sheets. I run my hands over them, and then hear 'Strangers in the Night' being whistled in the kitchen.

I roll out of bed and pull my boxer shorts on. I walk towards the tune, apprehensive. what if she regrets last night, feels awkward, says it should never happen again, or worse, pretends it never happened?

When I see her I beam. She's facing away from me, leaning against the counter, sipping a lemonade in nothing but a pair of white satin knickers which tied at the side. Surely she couldn't have known? "Not gonna tickle me then?" she asked innocently. "Depends if you've made me a lemonade too," I reply, strolling up behind her, boxers swelling with thoughts of what I was about to do.

It won't be orange juice filling my mouth for breakfast. The End.