Outstanding oriental titty fuck stockings and japanese

Outstanding oriental titty fuck stockings and japanese
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A few weeks before, I had broken up with my boyfriend Jimmy after going with him for almost one year and I was very lonely. We almost always went out alone, just the two of us. He liked it that way. So, here I was just two months shy of 18 with no close friends. He had been my world and I had shut out most other people, boys and girls.

When we first started going out, we started having sex after a couple of dates. He liked me to go down on him and I got to be pretty good at that. He liked to go down on me too, and I acquired a liking for that too.

At the outset I was a little nervous about fucking because I was afraid I'd get pregnant, but then I went on the pill thanks to a social worker at school and we were more relaxed. His older brother had his own apartment and that's where we wound up most of the time. His brother traveled a lot on business he was a salesman so we had the apartment to ourselves most of the time. Towards the end, Jimmy didn't seem to enjoy the sex as much as he had earlier on, and he cancelled a date here and there and even skipped sex when we did get together.

I started to feel that he was losing interest. Then, one night he asked me if I ever thought of being with another girl. I was shocked, and very quickly told him "no way." He left it by saying he'd like me to think about it because he'd like to go to bed with me reap xxx storys coming bleak another girl.

He said that would stimulate him and his interest in sex. I was dismayed. Finally, he told me that he was having sex with another girl, who I barely knew, from a school across town.

He said she was willing to share him, and she liked girls too.

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Would I reconsider going to bed with the two of them? I was very angry as you can imagine and one thing led to another and we stopped seeing each other. I was the real loser because I had no one to turn to; he had this other slut. Then, I started to talk with a couple of girls at school and became friendly with them.

They were both black very refined and well dressed and certainly very nice looking. I'd go out for sexof son and dad with mom snack after school and we'd talk about music and clothes and, of course, boys.

Both of them were going with guys, but not steady. I told them I had just broken up. They both said they were enjoying sexual relationships with a couple of guys, which shocked me because I had only had sex with one guy in my life!

Anyway, they asked if I would like to go with them to a party on a Friday evening.

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They said there would be white and black guys and girls there and I would be sure to have a good time. After some hesitation, I said yes. That night I met them at the diner where we used to go for a snack, and one of them asked if I would drive us to the house where the party was. I did. When we arrived, there were about 30 people there about 24 guys and half a dozen girls, so we immediately got a lot of attention from the guys.

However, I only saw one other white person there, a girl. One guy, Small girls big lora com, pulled me aside and asked if I would like a drink which I had. I noticed that when he took up with me, the other guys seemed to fade away. They deferred to him. He was a great talker, and very good looking. I'd say he was about 6'2", maybe 190 pounds and very athletic. BY contrast, my old boyfriend, Jimmy, was about 5'10" and maybe 150 pounds.

LeRoy had light brown skin, and dark brown eyes which he kept glued on me. However, he made me feel very comfortable. Occasionally, he would put his hand on my knee, rub my leg and then take it back. It was like he was teasing me, to see what I would do. I did nothing.

I was a little nervous. By the way, I'm 5'7" and 120 pounds, nice shape with green eyes and dark red hair. He kept telling me how he liked redheads, but he had never really known one before, and that he really liked me. After we had a second drink, he said that he'd like to show me something upstairs. I have a wife sophie dee I was naïve, but I said sure, I'd like to see it. So we went upstairs, and he took me in a dark room.

When my eyes adjusted to the darkness, I saw that we were in a bedroom. I realized that maybe I had made a mistake coming up with him, but I was a little tipsy. I turned around to leave, but I saw him locking the door. Before I could even say anything he grabbed me and kissed me hard on the mouth and then he stuck his tongue in.

I tried to push him away, but he was holding me too tight. Then he kept kissing me on the mouth and on the neck my neck and whispered in my ear "boy do I want to fuck you." I resisted, saying "please I'm not ready for this yet," but he persisted.

He pulled off my top and unsnapped my bra, leaving my ample tits exposed. He looked at them with a smile and then he started to fondle them and kiss them.

"Boy, these are nice, I love white girls' tits" he kept saying. Then he threw me on the bed and pulled my shoes, socks and jeans off, leaving me only in panties.

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They didn't last long because he quickly yanked them off. I was naked. He then stepped back and pulled his own shirt off exposing a very muscular body. His arms were like a body-builders. No wonder I wasn't able to fight him off. Then he slipped off his pants and underpants exposing a large black cock fully erect. I would say it was about 9" or 10", much, much bigger than my boyfriend, Jimmy, who probably had a 5" cock.

I was speechless and closed my eyes. I finally realized that there was no way out; I was going to be raped. He pulled me off the bed and forced me to kneel before him, looking straight at that large stiff cock.

He said simply, "kiss the baby." No, I said. Please. He grabbed me by the hair and forced my face onto his cock. Now, he commanded.

I kissed it. "Again and again," he said. I complied. "OK, give me some tongue," he said. I had no choice. I gave in. I knew what I had to do since I had blown Jimmy many, many times. I started to lick the tip of his dick and then went up and down the shaft, and licked his balls too.

"Good, you white bitch," he said. You know how to do that, don't you. So take it in your mouth. I did and started sucking and licking him. He grunted with pleasure long blond hair and a horny cunt about 5 minutes and then said "drink this bitch." With that he started shooting cum into my mouth until it started coming out of the sides of my mouth.

He laughed as I choked. He then picked me up and threw me on the bed, spread my legs and started to lick my cunt. His tongue was course and it tickled me. I grabbed his burr head and guided it. He stopped for a minute to look at me and say, "enjoying this, aren't you, you white bitch!" Then he proceeded to lick some more. I swear it wasn't more than 15 or 20 seconds and I felt myself cumming. When I did I had huge orgasms, like nothing I ever had before with Jimmy.

With that he straddled me, picked up my hips and put his cock by my cunt. He then started to work it in. He was large and I never had anything like it before, but he put the whole thing in without too much effort. Then he started pumping me like I had never been pumped before.

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In and out. Wow, I felt myself starting to cum and I did a couple of times. Then he pulled out and proceeded to finish himself by jerking off on top of me. His cum went all over my face and boobs. He laughed and said "well how was that, you white bitch?" He got dressed, said I was a good fuck and thank you very much, and left. I quickly got dressed too and went out of the room and down the stairs. My two friends were nowhere to be seen, so I quickly left big boobs xxx story new porn star headed home.

I wasn't sure where I would go with my life from there, but I knew that I had a good time and had forgotten some of my misery about getting dumped by Jimmy. I could hardly wait until I next saw my two new girls friends and tell them about LeRoy.

To be continued.