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Perfect sexy hot body nice tits great
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This is my first story submittal so I will appreciate any and all comments. This story is in honor for all of those great stories that deal with family members having sex in their car.

I have placed the location of my story in a Jeep. I love a good characters and background in a story, so for those who are just looking for some faceless fucking in the first paragraph this definitely NOT your story (look towards the latter half of the story).

***** My name is Jamie (not my real name). I was eighteen when I had my son Alex. But my birthing coach (my mother) also went into labor while helping me to breath. This meant my baby oops sister named Alexi was born on exactly the same day as Alex, only eight hours apart.

My mother thought it would be great fun to raise the two newborns not as Aunt and Nephew, but instead as "twins". Personally I think my mother was just tired of raising babies and effectively gave me my baby sister to raise.

While their birth certificates were correct with the right mothers listed the town promptly forgot the truth and always saw Alex and Alexi as fraternal twins.

Alex and Alexi even fondly called each other "Brother" and "Sister" while growing up. When both children graduated High School at fifteen and literally tested out as geniuses, it only made sense to me to send my baby sister and my son to the same college together.

I knew they would eventually go to different universities as they pursued their Post Graduate studies, but for now I felt that because they were so young going to college, that it would be reassuring for them to have something familiar in their life. My solution was to buy them a three bedroom condo within walking distance of the University. Yes, I bought them a condo verses letting them live in the dorm. I won't bore you with the financial details, but let's say that I am that same famous "Baby Jamie" you once watched for a week on the news.

For those who might not know the story, as a four year old child, I fell into an old water well. If that wasn't bad enough, the well walls promptly collapsed on top of me. They say it took two days for them to dig me out and by the time I was out of the hospital, I had magically become the benefactor of a trust fund worth millions of dollars. Apparently moms from all around the world felt sorry for little baby Jamie and sent me a few dollars to help me in my recovery.

Over the last thirty years the trustees of my special trust had invested and reinvested my fortune to make the trust now worth nearly eighty million dollars. While growing up rich for a farm girl, being from Smith County North Dakota, a hundred grand a year was considered a lot of clams. By the time I was twenty one, I had learned to live on only 10% of the actual interest that was earned for that year (typically around $600,000).

That's a lot of lettuce for any farm girl, so the money was used each year to buy real-estate and farm land. Anyway my trustee's said it was a real good investment to just buy a condo near the college because it provided almost no risk of not getting my money back out of it. Let's face it, even if I didn't have a lot of money, I would still know that there was always a shortage of places to live in a University town.

Reselling the condo after a few years was just not going to be a problem. Alex was a senior and anxious to get back to the University after Christmas break because he had a wrestling tournament in a few days. The problem was that all the local weathermen had predicted they were expecting a full blown North Easter Blizzard for New Year's Eve. While now eighteen and driving on his own for at least 3 years, I still refused to let Alex or Alexi to drive back to the University without me when the weather acted up.

It's not that I didn't trust my suny leon full sax storys. I just didn't trust all those other crappy drivers.

Because of the weather reports, I really tried to get them to just stay an extra day until this storm could blow over and the highway department could plow the roads. But Alex would hear nothing of it. Alex did nothing in half measures and He was committed to his team. He wanted nothing more than to wrestle against Nebraska state university this week. Any other University in the country would have already closed down shop, but up here in the "Great White North", school closure was seen as a weakness against moral fiber or something.

Years could go by before a school would shut down its doors because of weather. This meant that the wrestling match was going to happen with or without some of the students showing up. So when the weather made an extracurricular event dicey, I telangana sex storys from village people usually drive my kids back and forth in my Jeep Grand Wagoneer. With its 4 wheel drive, it was normally more reliable on our icy winter roads than a normal car would be.

We had left early in order to beat the storm, but we were only halfway to the University when the snow began to really fall heavily. The weathermen obviously got the storms timing wrong. Wind and snow is nothing new to us. In fact to most Dakotan's wind and snow is so common, it is no longer talked about.

But this time we were not experiencing the familiar wispy snow flurries, falling like powdered mash potatoes flakes. This time the snow was falling down in a thick solid sheet of ice and snow. I swear to God, some of the snowflakes were as big as your hand. Like some first grader had cut out giant size snowflakes in school and hung them on a string. Except these huge icy conglomerations were not art but real trouble. It wasn't long before the snow and ice became so clumped up on the glass of my windshield that I had to pull over several times, just to bounce the ice off the wiper blade.

We were in trouble because it was obvious that my wiper blades could no longer keep up with this winter storm. "Alex, I think we need to stop and turn around and go back home. I think this storm is going to be as bad heather hartzell salotti fingered spanked fucked creampied tube porn the weather men predicted." "Mom!

You know that I have been working on making weight for this match all week. If I don't make the match, my team will have to forfeit my weight class. You know I can't let my team down." This was so Alex. He wouldn't had fussed if the issue was only about him, but he would be stubborn if it affected other people.

I usually loved this personality trait in him. Today however, it was going to be a total pain in my ass. "I know Alex, but it won't do anyone any good if we all get stranded or worse. killed in this weather. Besides if we can't make it in the Jeep, neither will your competitive wrestling team make it to the University by bus." I thought my argument sounded quite reasonable. "Sis, I agree with Alex." My baby sister Alexi agreed with Alex.

"I want us to keep going. I have some work due this week preparing for my finals and I had planned to use tomorrow as a research day. Call Dad and tell him to cover for you on the farm. You can just stay with us in the spare room." "Mom, just drive slower.

I don't care if it takes us all night to get there. I just need to be there by tomorrow." Alex pleaded. I was a total sucker for my kids. My baby sister and my son were born on the same day, same hospital.

My mother and I nursed both kids just because it was convenient to raise them together. These days most people just assume that Alex and Alexi are twins because of their appearance, age and similar names. They also assumed I was the "twins" mother or older sister. "Well ok, even if I think this is a really bad idea!" I conceded. It was seldom that I ever made a decision against what Alex and Alexi wanted. Hey they were the certified geniuses and I figured if both agreed on something it was probably the right answer.

Just to let you know they acted like typical twins and seldom agreed on anything. So my weigh in was usually the tie breaker. "But if it gets any worse out here, I'm turning around. No arguments right?" Hey someone had to sound like the adult here. But it did get worse.

a lot worse. But by then we were already ¾ the distance to Minneapolis. So I made another Mom decision that it would now be far safer for us to just keep going. Hopefully staying in front of the worst of it. I would just weather out the storm in the city with the kids, then return home back towards Smith County North Dakota.

Alex was now playing a very active role on keeping me on the road, I figured two sets of eyes were better than just mine. But as the day waned on, even at twenty miles per hour, following the road was not an easy thing. First off the road was covered in frozen snow making it a white landing strip.

On either side of the road was hundreds of thousands of plowed acres of farmer fields. All frozen and now also covered in white. But in the "Great White North", snow doesn't stand still when it hits the ground. No instead the wind makes the snow take off sideways. Clumping together in moving rows, like a huge white snake crawling across the fields cop first time petty theft suspect insisted on negating lp officers claims of theft roads.

The ditches provided limited wind breaks and were already filled, but now in this blizzard, the ditches were now full of snow making no gap between interstate and the fields a few yards away. Through my head lights and frosted windows, all I could see was white on white on white.

With no distinct features to tell me what was the road or ditch or field. Only the occasional tree growing on a buried fence row lolly ink in jacking the jacker me any significant landmarks at all. I kept my headlight beams on low since my light beam was blinding me. Light refracted strangely and most of my light actually was being reflected back into our eyes verses the road in front of me.

Night time comes early and with the blinding snow, it got darker quicker than usual. It was like driving in a comic book universe where the world was unfinished, with no details having been painted yet by the artist except for the hood of my car. Little did I know what the artist had planned for us on this blank sheet of paper out of our window. The stress was killing everyone in the car, as all eyes were now focused on the road.

It had been at least fifteen minutes since the last time I had saw another car. "Mom, are you still on em gaacutei t sng mt migravenh daacuteng quaacute chun correct side of the road?" Alex asked worriedly. "Shit, how can I tell Alex, it starting to look all the same to me?" I said while slowing down even more. I couldn't have been going faster than twenty miles an hour. I guess it was inevitable when our accident finally happened.

The old timers would nod their heads and just say I should have pulled over and weathered the storm. You can't just drive blind on a road and think you're not going to lose control somehow. At first there was no indication that we had actually left the road.

Apparently I had slowly drifted off to my right and off the ice covered pavement until I was literally driving on top of a smooth flat snow bank covering the ditch. When my front right tire finally broke through the ice crust, the steering wheel of the Jeep jerked sharply out of my hands. The next second had the Jeep swerving hard to the right and then because of the steepness of the embankment had the Jeep tumbling sideways down into a snow covered ditch into deep powdery snow.

I must have knocked my head on the steering wheel as we tumbled because when I woke up, I was up-side down. Bizarrely floating in the air with my seat belt holding my butt and back in place while my long blond hair hung below me to pool up at the Jeep ceiling which was now our floor board.

"Mom, are you alright?" Alex was yelling with not a little bit of panic in his voice. He had already unfastened his belt and fell free. He had turned on the interior light switch (which was now located near his feet). The bright light showed me that Alex was now sitting cross legged on the ceiling under his own bucket seat, shaking me awake.

I was obviously still disorientated from the accident but was quickly alarmed that he had a couple of cuts on his face that were slowly bleeding.

Seeing where my eye went he quickly added, "I'm fine Mom, really. Just a few scratches. Can you unhook yourself?" Not really thinking clear, and with all of my weight being focused on that metal buckle, I pulled the release and was promptly dumped unceremoniously down on my head. "Are you alright?" Alex asked for a second time as he scrambled to me up.

Seeing stars for the second time that night, I was a little afraid that I might actually have a mild concussion. But could I actually be concussed, if I was capable of wondering if I was concussed? I don't know the rules about that sort of thing. But being a concerned mother I just lied to Alex saying, "Honey I am fine. Really." We both turned when we heard my sister moan from the back seat, "Yeah, I'm alright too. thanks for asking!" Alexi was the snarky one, so her sarcasm actually answered my questions about how she actually was ok.

When she unbuckled herself from one of the back seats, she also dropped down onto the freezing cold ceiling that was now our floor. Now that we both checked each other over and we seemed to be in one piece, I realized it was dark outside.

Really dark outside. Then I noticed that the air in the cab was already getting stuffy. "I'm cold!" Alexi complained. "Yeah, me too!" Alex agreed. "Where are we?" I asked as calmly as I could, trying to distract Alex.

He had a fine mind but needed something to focus on but me and his sister. "Mom, I think we drove off the road and fell down an embankment." "Holy shit that was a tumble" Alexi agreed. "Language kids!" I said automatically. "Why is it so black outside the windows?" Alexi said with a little panic now in her voice. Shrugging, Alex added, "Honestly, I think the Jeep tumbled down the hill and is now buried in snow." We could see the worry in Alex face.

Being the "Mom" for these teenager, it meant I had to be as brave varjinity lost teen age x I could. Anyone who has lived in the Great White North knows that there are only a few rules for survival.

But first and foremost is to always stay calm. The very next rule was to tess is sitting at her piano practicing to be a co warm.

"Alexi, do you see our jackets? I think we are going to need them." Alexi immediately perked up. He now had something she could control and do. "Alex, I need you to crawl in back and find our survival kit." The Jeep not only tumbled down a hill, but the pahali bar vali xxx story of the Jeep was turned such that the back was pointing down the hill.

This put the front grill towards the top of the hill and Interstate. I didn't know if it was five feet or a hundred yards away, but I knew that "Up" was where help would come from. Alex crawled aligned himself up between the front bucket seats, he was able to duck down under the stick shift that was now sticking down from above. Then he was able to turn sideways was able to squeeze to the back seats with Alexi.

The slope of the hill was steep enough that He was able to partially slide down to the back seats area and then to the back storage area of the Jeep.

With the snow blocking out any light around the jeep, it felt that we had been just been dumped down into a very tight closet, with only the dingy light coming up from the front consul light.

While I had almost no memory of falling into that damn well so many years ago, I still couldn't help my chronic case of claustrophobia from kicking in. When I say I am claustrophobic, I mean that it has left me catatonic in the past. But I was no longer a kid and years of therapy has got me to the point that before I fall down into that mental rabbit hole that I called my little psychosis, I now can bravely talked myself out of my panic.

I could feel that this time was different. I was injured and the car was trapped in the dark. It would have been oh so easy to freak out. But instead I knew I had to be strong for my kids. They meant everything to me. As Alex's mother and in reality also the only mother Alexi had really known growing up, it was vital I not lose my shit right now. Interestingly enough, this need actually allowed me to have a break through. I would never again have the mind numbing fear that claustrophobia could bring plane blowjob now that president oaks has taken advantage of me i dont know what to do. The tumble down the side of the hill had mixed up all of the things I had tossed in the back of my Jeep, like some bizarre blender.

So what Alex actually found on the roof liner of the Jeep (the new floor) was a large pile of equipment like my jumper cables, the jack, spare tire, and the paper contents of the last four visits to McDonald's.

He also found the large zipped duffle bag that I kindly called my survival bag. While banged up a bit, the kids also had their vacation suitcases full of god knows what, but definitely included clean folded spare clothes.

Alexi was the first to cry out that she had finally located our down filled jackets in the mess. "Got them Mom! I'm getting our gloves and hats out of our pockets also." During the winter month's people throw fashion to the wind and just focus on staying warm. The key is in what they call layering. Dressing in such a way that you can quickly put on or take off appropriate clothes for the temperature around us.

While we all were currently dressed in jeans and flannel shirts, with appropriate cotton underwear underneath, we still had to wear our down filled jackets, fir lined leather gloves and wool ski toques just to run from the Jeep to the house.

Once we all were dressed again for the outside weather, we all stopped shivering from the cold. But based on how easily our breath was clearly seen, I knew it was well below freezing in this Jeep. "You guys have any ideas?" The kids were a bit surprised at my not so subtle hint for input. Asking for help was something I seldom did unless I needed their muscles for lifting around the farm. But my head was still pounding like someone was hitting me in the back with a small hammer.

Honestly I could of used a couple Ibuprofen right then. The way I was feeling, I was only too willing to let them do all of the thinking right now. "Ok Mom, we are obviously buried and based on the stale air, even with the storm raging above us, we still are going to need to dig out enough to allow air down to us.

When the storm is over, we will also need to set an emergency flag on the highway so someone can find evidence that we are down here." Alexi nodded in agreement. "That sounds like a good plan Alex, I see that the key for us is to use the Jeep as a shelter until this storm is over." "What are you doing?" I asked as I saw Alex again move to the back hatch that was effectively pointing downward.

"I'm looking for something to dig us out of this snow." Alex rummaged around my survival bag for a few minutes, holding up and looking at each item. Alexi and Alex were making a list of our items and if needed immediately he would had the item to Alexi to hold, while tossing out things he didn't need.

My Jeep is usually a real mess, and since the accident it was the photo incarnate of the word "Chaos". "Hallelujah!" Alex cried out. Alarmed, I cried out "What is it?" Alex proudly held up a metal shovel with a head blade on it a little bigger than the width of my hand. The short handle folded at the center for a total extended length of about 18 inches. "This is exactly what I need." Alex proudly displayed to the girls. Then handing the black duffle bag up towards the front of the jewels west gets to ride a dick out of the way, Alexi and I took the bag and continued to explore its contents.

Alex brought his body completely into the back storage area and tried to open the back door. But like the other doors, it was solidly pinned closed by the weight of fresh packed snow.

Because of our inner temperature continued to drop, Ice had also started forming on all the insides of the glass windows like the frost found on the outside of a margarita glass or a frosted root beer mug. "I can't see a thing Mom, is there a flash light?" Alex asked while looking upward towards us. Alexi started digging in her loose pile, "I know I saw it here somewhere". "I did too!" I excitably exclaimed, I listed each item out loud so everyone would know what I was looking at.

"We have a windshield scraper and a small broom, a small flashlight, a crank powered radio with flashlight, a quart of water now starting to freeze, a clear bag full of 10 energy bars, five small boxes of raisins and twenty mini candy bars. A plastic film container full of waterproof matches, a short fat candle and a first aid kit with a pocket knife and whistle to attract attention.

Two wool blankets, a small sack of road salt, booster cables and a periscoping rod with a small red flag with white block letters of "SOS" permanently attached to it. "It's kind of like Christmas!" Alexi excitably says to her twin. Alex nods in agreement and feeling better as the list of items got bigger. "Mom, we have nothing to worry about. We just need to get some fresh air in to the Jeep and hunker down and weather out this storm till tomorrow.

We can put out the flag then and we should be found by the first plow truck." Alex confidently says. Alex confidence was actually contagious and I must admit even I began to feel that what was once a dire situation had now been relegated down to a little adventure to be laughed about around the holidays.

Alex took the folded shovel and began to beat on the back window in earnest. When nothing but a crack appeared in the back window, he set the tool down and picked up that jack handle for the spare tire. The car glass on the hatch back door was already cracked and spider webbed from the shovel, but we figured it was the largest window beside the front windshield.

Alex first punched a hole through the back window and then took the shovel and tried to force a larger hole in the cracked windshield with the shovel edge by putting an ever increasing effort into each thrust. Alexi and I cringed with each blow and just when I thought it was a lost cause and that window would never break out, Alex finally got a large hole started. Setting the shovel down, he spun around so both of his feet were resting on the shattered back window.

Laying down on his back, Alex began to kick at the window causing the hole to finally widen till he could actually squeeze through it to the packed ice and snow on the other side of the window. Bracing his feet on either side of the hole, he was able to take the shovel and began digging into the icy snow drift, pulling the snow up into the luggage portion of the cab and on top of him.

Every few minutes he had to push the snow off of him to the sides of the cab to make room for more snow. Because the back of the Jeep was facing downward, window glass was also pointing down.

This forced Alex to dig out a man size tunnel initially that was pointed downward, and then in about three feet was able to level off and start digging upward. "I can't see a thing out here! How about some light?" Alex complained. Looking over at Alexi, she picked up the small flash light from the pile and scooted down to the end of the Jeep. She now used the flash light to light up the small ice room that Alex had made in the snow bank.

Soon he was making great progress with his head and waist already sticking through the broken window with the shovel pulling even more frozen snow down around his legs. Alexi had her gloves on and was pushing and packing the snow on either side of her nephew. You just got to know that when Fate is fucking with you that it is never over till that final thread is finally cut.

Don't like that fortune cookie? How about "There is always a calm right before the storm"? Or that the bad guy is never dead. I can give you a countless examples of its not really over till it's over. I know I sound negative, but one man's pessimism is another man's reality. But in this case I couldn't help myself and just suspend my normal outlook in life. I guess it was just easier to swallow that we were going to get out of this alive with nothing more than a scratch and we would go on with our life as if nothing has changed.

I can assure you that this was not to be the case. Fate wasn't close to being finished with us for the night. "What was that sound?" Alex yelled back to Alexi over his shoulder. Before she could say "What sound?" Alex had started scampering backwards crablike through the back window. As quick as he was, he still wasn't able to clear the window. That's when the Jeep dropped down the hill again, but this time with the sound of cracking ice.

In seconds the lower part of the Jeep began to fill up with icy water. The drop also caused Alex to be pulled out of the window again but this time into the wet darkness below us.

"Alex!" Alexi and I screamed. When my little sister and I scrambled towards the back of the vehicle, it caused the Jeep to slip even a little deeper in the ice cold water.

I was more terrified now than even the car accident. Being trapped in a snow drift was one thing, but this was water for Christ sake. Fumbling with the crank on the emergency light, I began to turn the handle and a bright beam of light showed outward from twenty LED's with an intensity directly proportional to the whirring sound of me turning the crank.

My light showed me nothing through the back window but swirling water. "Where the hell had this water come from?" Alexi asked me. Then began yelling out Alexi's name over and over. Where had this water come from? Apparently the Jeep had not just fallen into a deep snow bank, but one that covered a pond. I wouldn't worry about how deep the water was or even what would I do if the Jeep continued to slip down into the watery depths. All I could think about now was my concern for my beautiful son and that he was trapped underwater.

I think it's true what they say about time doing funny tricks in an emergency. I swear to God that it truly seems to slow down. All of my thoughts and plans were formulated in just nanoseconds. What people would have seen was with no thought I was sliding towards the back of the Jeep. Ok, so I didn't have any real plan other than to get my baby back, but movement was action. Pushing past Alexi, I plunged through the back window hole as if I was diving into our pool.

The reality of what I was doing came quickly behind my foolish action. My breadth was stolen right out from my lungs as my head, arms and chest went into the water.

Alexi continued to yell out Alex's name over and over again as if with her pure determination and a prayer she could part the waters.

I was so fucking cold, I wish she could have parted the waters. Dunking my head again into the water, shot an ice pick right into my forehead like the worst brain freeze you could imagine. Apparently my head bump didn't appreciate the cold exposure. I again pushed through the broken window, blindly reaching around the back of the jeep trying to feel his body. Later as I had time to think about the event, I was surprised that my fingers and arms didn't go instantly numb.

But at the time it was lesbian luscious gals have group joy college and amateur if I was totally disconnected with my body.

You could have shot me and I would never had noticed it. Not wanting to admit defeat, I continued to dunk the top portion of my body through the hole while trying to reach out farther and farther each time.

When my numb fingers actually closed on the back of Alex's jacket, it was done automatically without any thought at all. It was like being in a black room cut off from all of my senses. When my fingers grasped the edge of his jacket hood, my world exploded. Mostly from pain. It was the first time that I realized that my fingers were screaming in pain as the cold icy water destroyed my both my hands and arms.

As bad as I hurt all over, there was just no way that I was going to let go of my son. Not after I had found him against the odds. Locking my hips to the broken window, I began to pull back with all of my might. Alex had now been in the water nearly three minutes.

I knew I had only seconds to get him out of this water or he would soon be dead. As I pulled, my head popped up out of the water and I began to scream "God! Oh God!" half in prayer and desperation. I realized that I had very little leverage and I needed to lift the weight of my grown boy back out of the water and back into the cab. Picture laying on your stomach.

Now picture laying downward in a slope so I had to press my feet into the side walls of the back seat just to keep from sliding down into the water myself. Now picture a 110 pound woman, dead lifting 170 pound man stripped, which he wasn't. Instead Alex had all of his clothes on including his down filled jacket. I still think this is what saved us.

The down jacket was waterproof, making it alexa nova in creampie for new american model like a crude life jacket, this kept his body close to the jeep. So once I got his body moving back through the hole, the jacket helped me float him up to us.

Alexi screamed her relief, still repeating Alex's name. I didn't realize it at the time, but her emotion and actions were somehow different than they should had been.

At the time I was busy saving my son's life, but upon reflection, Alexi actions and cries were more like a wife or maybe even a girlfriend verses a sister or an aunt. As his head popped out of the window hole and was again above the water line, allowed me for the first time to take a deep breath, but I knew we were still working against the clock. Alex was blue with chalky white streaks spider webbing across his face and neck.

A frozen drowning is no pretty site. My next dilemma was that the more I got him out of the water, the heavier he became french amateur charlotte de castille avec indra pornstar au naturel me.

Even with super mom strength, I could only pull him so far up out of the water. Alexi finally got her shit together and reached over me, taking a handful of jacket.

Between the two of us, Alex unconscious body began to pull out of the water. Because of the lack of room, I literally just pulled his wet frozen body right on top of mine. Now you may think by reading this that I was James Bond cool and collect in a crisis. In reality I was screaming and crying hysterically as I wrapped my arms around his chest. I was swearing out loud to whatever God or Angel that would help me.

I now understand what people mean that they made a deal with the devil. I would have signed any contract in blood if it would have saved my boy's life. I knew then, that if we could get him to breathe again, I would never let him go. Spinning around, I ignored the shock of the numbing water as it enveloped my lower legs. Pushing on the back door upward, I desperately tried to move Alex up towards the front of the Jeep again.

I was now as wet as Alex was and was shivering violently. This last Herculean effort with Alexi getting a new grip on Alex, got all of us out of the water and back into our cab. I had no doubt that Alex was dead, where Alexi and I breath was freezing moisture around our face, there just was no frozen breath coming from his blue white lips. "You can't be dead God damn it! Come on Teen harlot nina north gets bent over and fucked, breath for me!" Alexi cried.

We slowly slid his body uphill on the hood of the cab, getting as much distance from the water as we could. I did this by crab crawling on my back by sliding upward. Alex was tucked between my legs and my arms, all wrapped under his limp arms and around his lower chest. Alexi pushed upward by grabbing the front of his winter jacket.

This crazy maneuver actually was pushing water out of his tattooed babe jumps on a stiff shaft each time we lunged forward. My arms would compress upward like a Heimlich maneuver, with Alexi hands acting like a chest compression. While focusing on moving Alex away from the frozen water, it also acted like a water rescue. Alex began coughing up water on his own.

"What do we do? What do I do?" Alexi cried out in surprise and happiness. I tried to think but it was like my mind was in a funk. Hypothermia effects your ability to think clearly and it was a miracle that I was able to keep moving forward.

It was like normal me was stuck inside my brain screaming at myself to not stop and keep moving. Placing my ear next to his lips I could now hear a shallow breath. This gave me a new surge of energy.

"Get him dry. get him warm!" became my mantra that Alexi then picked up. She continuously repeated the phrase and I used it to fight off my own fog. It was as if I needed to hear the words so I wouldn't forget my mission. Slapping my hands together, I tried to make my fingers work again. Everything on me had started freezing up. So I quickly peeled off my wet gloves, then my jacket and tucked them above me in the seat belts out of the way.

I needed to be able to maneuver and my wet jacket wasn't helping me. "Help me!" I shouted at Alexi. She quickly unzipped Alex's jacket and pulled off his gloves, next I unbuttoned his flannel shirt and pulled his thermal shirt up over his unconscious head.

While barely breathing, Alex was far from being alright. His body sophia leon sexy vd groupl had a greyish blue hue about it.

That couldn't be good. Grabbing the first large wool blanket in our survival bag, I moved him to his side and began rubbing him down with it, first on his back.

Starting low and quickly moving upward to his broad shoulders. Reaching around him I repeated the process, rubbing his arms and then his bare hairless chest. Alex had started shaving his body hair to make it harder for an opponent to get a good grip on him, it apparently worked because my hands moved smoothly through the wool blanket quickly vibrated up and down his chest.

The friction massage seemed to help some and actually began to bring color back to his skin and his face became flush. Encouraged that I was on the right track, I told Alexi to focus on removing his shoes, socks and blue jeans. Alexi did this with ease and experience.

Curious. It looked like I wasn't the only one who might have admired how my son had recently grown to fill out the jeans so well. Alexi cursed Alex by how tight his jeans were as if he was awake.

Shooting pain shot through my fingers and hands as I helped her roll the last of his jeans over his ass and down his legs. This left Alex naked but his wet under briefs. Not remembering if the underwear could stay on or not, I decided not to take a chance and instead peeled off the wet cloth.

"What are you doing?" Alexi demanded protectively. "Saving his life! We got to get these clothes off of him." "Well then you better take your own advice before I have to take care of two of you!" Alexi shot back. I realized then that I had started shivering uncontrollably. Without thinking I then peeled off my frozen down jacket, soaked flannel shirt and silky white bra. Alexi pulled my shoes and socks off, while my wet jeans had already started freezing and crackled stiffly as I peeled them off.

Like Alex, I needed to also get dry and warm. Unlike Alex's jacket my jacket seemed to have shed most of the water, so I laid it down like a sleeping bag. Alexi then opened up both Alex and her suitcase and started pulling out their carefully folded clothes. Every sweater or flannel came out and was laid on the roof top floor.

Soon she had created a cramped clothes nest for Alex and me to crawl into. In the crampness of the Jeep, I had to lay over my son cow girl style, but this wasn't going to work if we all were going to get warm. Moving Alex naked body to his side, I crawled in next to him in a curled up ball. "Alexi, peel down naked. Get as much of your bare skin on Alex. We have got to warm his body temperature up as fast as possible." She hesitated at first, then followed my commands without saying a word.

From the faint dome light on the floor, even freezing to death, I couldn't help but admire my sister's perky breasts and pencil hard nipples.

With her now wedged in around his back in a spooning fashion, it allowed me to stretch out and push my back up against Alex. This forced all of our bodies against each other. While now dry, there was little heat being generated from Alex body against mine and it felt as if I was pushed up against the freezer locker.

Both of our wet underwear was still chilling us. "Help me!" I again commanded to my little sister. I couldn't help but realize the inappropriateness of the situation as I pulled down my wet underwear and tossed them to the side. Then rolling over, I grabbed his waistband and with Alexi help we pulled it towards his feet.

As we fidgeted with the wet undergarment stuck at his feet, Alexi found her face up real close to Alex's ass, but more disturbing was that I found my face just a few inches from his penis. I was obviously coming off my adrenaline high, because I couldn't help but giggle as I saw that Alex penis had shrunken down into his body.

"Looks a bit like a turtle head". "Not always", Alexi whispered. This caused me to look again in the dim light. Looking quickly and trying to seem professional about it, I couldn't help but admire that while his length was now shrunken down to barely three inches now, his girth was still quite large.

Based on the amount of loose skin, I was sure my baby's package would be at least eight inches when excited and had his blood flowing properly. As I looked at my naked son and sister all snuggled up, I was ashamed to find that I was actually horny. Later my therapist would say that I found out something that not really an uncommon phenomenon. It turns out that for many people, a near death experience makes them very horny. It has something to do with survival instinct and is why there are so many baby born during war time.

It had been over a couple years since I have seen a man's penis. Dating with teenagers in the house is a bitch, and it was just easier to either hook up with one of my friends with benefits or use my favorite rabbit a few times a week to cut down the edge. As sick as it sounds, the fear of death and laying here shivering, it only took seeing my son's penis to make me extremely horny.

All of these inappropriate thoughts only took a few seconds and I decided to continue my massage. I turned around and faced him, quickly going back to business with the second blanket. As Alexi snuggled her naked body to Alex, I repeated my blanket massage, but this time it was on each of his legs and chest. It was so cramped that to be able to massage him from foot to waist, I had to spin around with my feet up to his feet and my head at his feet.

This allowed me to lay on my side while I started to massage each of his legs in long strokes, willing blood back into his body extremities. As I moved my hands up and down each leg, my body would also move up and down his body.

Our body friction not only warmed up Alex, but actually began to warm me up. Had Alex not been shaving his whole body, it could have been painful as I accidently pulled on his body hair, but as a wrestler, he had shaved all of his body hair except for a close cropped landing strip above his dick. It wasn't long before I started to see color start to return to his toes, and feet.

Signifying that blood was again circulating this far from his heart. Alex was still unconscious and while he no longer looked completely frozen and he was strongly breathing on his own, he still didn't look real good. It was then that I noticed that the Ibuprofen must have been finally started working because the pain in my fingers and hands had become just slight pins and needles, and my headache had disappeared altogether.

I also noticed that the inside of the Jeep not only wasn't as stuffy as it was, but seemed to actually be a bit warmer. The only thing I could figure was that while the pond water was cold, it was obviously much warmer than the outside storm.

As surprising as this may sound, most of the Dakotas sit on top of the world's largest super volcanos. This submerged volcanic activity means that many lakes and ponds actually are being fed from hot water feeds. While near the top of the lake, the water gets so cold that it will freeze solid, the lake or pond itself will not completely freeze up because the warm spring feeding the lake at the bottom of the lake is actually hot.

An equilibrium between the cold water at the top of the pond and the warm water at the bottom of the lake causes a cycling current. This natural movement of the water keeps a pond from freezing up solid and keeps the fish and flora alive.

The movement also oxygenates the water which in this case was taking away some of our stale air and was leaving at least some fresh warmer air behind. After removing my wet clothes, and exerting a bit of energy, I was no longer shivering as bad. But now that Alex circulation was returning, it was his turn to shiver as his body automatically began to help him warm up his body. Again crawling under both blankets, I laid next to Alex like he was one of my lovers.

How else would a person provide as much body contact as possible? I was surprised that my head only came up to his neck and I wrapped my arms under his and held on to his shoulders. From this position, I realized that the top of my arms and hands were also rubbing up against Alexi.

Unlike Alex, Alexi's body was poker hot by comparison. This position brought my breast just under his clean shaven chest. Like Alex, I kept my pubic hair at a nice close crop in the shape of a three inch rectangle that some people refer to as a "landing strip".

Alex shrunken penis fit nicely between my legs and his head had just enough thickness to put pressure on my clit. I was just too tired to react to this unusual situation. Anyone who has ever slept with another person can vouch for just how much heat a person can generate while next to each other, and I was quite surprised when all of us were no longer shivering. The warmth from each of our bodies was recycling back and forth. With our sweaters and wool shirts below us and two wool blankets on top of us, we were soon generating surplus heat between our bodies till we all were flush from our mingled body heat.

I sighed with relief as I felt that Alex body had finally relaxed and his breathing had fallen into a deep restful sleep. Alexi also had dropped off into a slumber while drawing little circles with her fingers on my arm and the side of my breast. Twirling allows Alexi to relax and even does it in her sleep.

As a baby she would nurse on me and our mother while twirling her little curly hair, as an adult she still twirls her hair or in this case a little spot on my body. I tried to stay awake, but whether it was pure relief that my son would be alright, or exhaustion from the accident, I soon faded off to sleep in the loving arms of my son and younger sister.

My wet dream wasn't really out of the ordinary for me, just some faceless man kissing and sucking on my neck. I also loved the feeling of being held down while being made loved to. I don't know if it's the idea that I was as close as I could be to my fantasy lover or subconsciously I was curious about bondage.

When I brought it up with my shrink, she thinks it goes all the way back to when I was trapped in that damn collapsed water well. Whatever the real reason for it, while I hated any claustrophobic situation, when it came to a lover, I loved the feeling of being confined by a lover. I snuggled closer into my imaginary lover while he slowly began stroking my wet pussy in a back and forward motion with his large dick.

As usual this is when I usually wake up from my dream. It really is frustrating to get excited enough to force you right of your dream. I would wake up and realize I was just dreaming and would be forced to scoot over in my bed just to get off a nice little wet spot that had pooled under me. Just as likely was that in this half-awake state I would dip two fingers in my wet pussy with my thumb gently rubbing my clit in a circular motion.

Once wet, it never took me very long to give myself an early morning orgasm. But this time, my hands couldn't reach my pussy because they were actually pinned against a hard body that was laying on nearly on top of me. At first I was totally confused and disorientated on who this could be or even where the hell I was.

Like a jig saw puzzle these confused thoughts quickly resolved themselves out as my mind began to put the pieces together and I saw the big picture again. Car accident. check Freezing to death. check Sleeping naked to transfer heat. again check Oh my God, was Alex actually fucking me? By the wet sloshing sounds my pussy was making, and blonde babe mia hilton pussy gape closeups feeling of fullness, topped with a warm glowing build up, he was doing it just right.

I won't lie, I'm a horny bitch, and while I had admired how handsome my son had become, I had honestly never ever considered moving out of the fantasy realm to actually seducing my son. In fact the person I presented to the world and especially my son and sister is not who I really am. I had always encouraged modesty in our house and the wearing of clothes was always mandatory except in our own bedrooms.

So to the world, while not religious, we were very conservative. Since money was never an issue for me, I had never felt a need or pressure to marry. Instead it was much easier to just have fuck friends.

Some who I have been with over ten years. A vibrator can only take you so far until you just have to have human touch. No matter how good synthetic dildos have gotten, they are still not a hot penis that shoots creamy white cum all over you. Even so it had been a couple years since I had enjoyed the feeling of a hard dick. So while my first thought was to scream in his face "fuck me Alex.

fuck me senseless!" There was an equal thought where my mother instincts kicked in and realized that how I handled the next few minutes could either strengthen our relationship or traumatize Alex. How in the world did a lifesaving maneuver become sex in she loves that black cock in her pussy morning?

Besides what if Alexi found out that I had fucked my son? About this time Alex lunged into me, forcing out a happy groan to cross my lips. As great as it felt, I knew that Alex didn't realize he was fucking his mother.

I decided that the best thing I could do was to just lay here and fain sleep. As good as it felt, I decided I would down play this scene, I would just think about something boring like washing dishes and not notice how well Alex was pulling his dick nearly out of my pussy right up to where the head of his dick was just spreading my wet pussy lips.

God it felt so good there, while his dick hovered a little in but mostly out. Teasing both my outer and inner lips with just his head and precum. Just when I was going to scream out in frustration, he thrust forward while squeezing my waist. In a single thrust, he again refilled me up by plunging his penis back in till his pubic bone was mashed right against my clit.

It surprised me to feel that he was also hitting the back of my vagina at my uterus opening. Obviously my boy was not just large in girth, but also had some length on him. That three inch turtle of his last night was obviously a python in disguise this morning. Screw the thought of washing dishes, I wanted this. Shit, after so many years, I needed this. Like a light switch turning on, I began to concentrate on His current rhythm. It was fast and furious with no concern for me or my needs, his shallow panting and grunts were primal.

Mine was not dissimilar. My son wasn't making love to me, instead he was straight out fucking me. Desperate, like there was no tomorrow for him. Obviously I am not the only one who was getting horny after a near death experience.

What surprised me most was how fast I went past the incest guilt right to where I was feeling that familiar flutter down deep in my lower stomach. I was not far from the edge as my body began to build up towards my orgasm. I guess I would deal with the guilt later and just focus on cumming this morning. "God yes!" Were the first words that were accidently torn from my lips.

So much for just feigning sleep and just letting Alex have his way with me. But my cry of joy was enough to cause Alex to stop mid-stroke in panic. "Don't stop Alex, Mommy is almost there!" I cried out in frustration while thrusting up my hips in an effort to encourage him to just keep him moving. I opened my eyes and immediately saw relief in his eyes.

He now knew that he was not in trouble for this rape. Rape? Yes since any contact where a partner is incapacitated including sleep, is legally rape. But in this case he got lucky. You just can't rape the willing and God his dick was making me not just willing, but was making me into his cum slut. Proudly I notice that Alex is a quick study and had begun fucking me again in earnest.

A few more strokes was all I needed for him to push me over the edge. "Oh God, I'm cuming for you baby!" I screamed at the top of my lungs. Apparently this was the only thing Alex had waited for, because I couldn't believe that he was able to continue pushing his penis even harder into me.

Then with a deep growl from deep and low in Alex's throat, I began to feel his prick pulsing as he shot his hot spunk coating the back of my vagina. I know some women say that can't actually feel this, but I had always been overly sensitive in my vagina, making for great G-spot orgasms with the right partner. Instead of stopping after he had spent his load, Alex just kept hammering me till his white creamy sperm was now coating his dick.

While I couldn't see the evidence of his lust, I could feel it dripping down the crack of my asshole to make a wet spot on the flannel shirt placed under my ass. Seeing he wasn't giving up after his release, I quickly started moving with his rhythm. I normally couldn't cum a second time without the help of a vibrator, but today the excitement of this dirty deed was enough to quickly bring me off again. "I want Jamie on her knees!" Alexi quietly demanded from over Alex shoulder.

Shit! So much for letting this fade to a pleasant memory with no one wiser. But Alex took his sister commands and lifted me up and helped me onto my knees. Which actually took quite a lot of maneuvering. You think sex in a car is tough normally, try doing it while the vehicle was upside down on a hill. Eventually I had to straddle the bucket seats in the front resting on my elbows that were spread out like chicken wings. The seats formed a perfect space for my body right between them.

As long as I kept hunched down my spine wouldn't ram into the stick shift from above. This gave Alex full access to my pussy and ass. It was only then that the cold hit me again. My body was covered in goose bumps and my nipples were rock hard as my breast dragged against the frozen ceiling. As I rocked back and forth my nipples rubbed on the cold surface as if I was teasing them with ice cubes. God it was so painful, yet so delicious. Alex tossed one of the blankets over my back as he positioned himself behind me.

Then I felt more shuffling as Alexi maneuvered herself under my ass. She now had a bird's eye view of Alex's cream slowly dripping out of my sopping wet pussy. This didn't seem to faze her and she simply raised up licking my whole pussy lips and then focused on my clit. My pussy is always hypersensitive after an orgasm and this time was no different. My shiver this time had nothing to do with the cold. Holding his prick in his hand Alex slowly wiped my pussy hole with the head of his dick.

This caused my lips to again spread allowing Alex's cum to slowly seep out of my already worn hole. I could hear Alexi giggle as cum was dripping on her chin. I don't know what Alex could see in this darken car, but based on how hard he felt, he obviously liked the idea of his sister licking my clit and his hanging balls. "Don't be selfish Alexi!" Alex said while gathering up some of the dripping fluids on the head of his dick.

I groaned as he began to slap Alexi's nose and tongue with his penis. Then he began to slap my clit with his dick sending me over the edge for my third orgasm of the morning.

"Oh God! Oh God!" I cried out in ecstasy. This time it was my fluids that flowed out of me as my frothy crème had mixed with his sperm making a mess of slippery fluids at my hole. Alexi apparently wasn't any sex with big tit awesome chick pornstar and hardcore about gobbling up a woman's crème as she was slurping up cum.

It must be a family thing, because I also was turned on by the taste of body fluids. Actually any fluids. "Mom, you feel so wet, just can't get enough of your sweet pussy!" Alex cried out picking up his pace that no man could actually keep for long. Alexi licked the base of his prick as he pulled out of every stroke. It was a cross between a groan and scream when he came in me.

But to his credit, he still didn't stop until he gave up out of sheer exhaustion. I knew my son was done when he promptly dropped down, cloaking my body with his. I struggled a bit as all of his weight was resting right on top of me. In a few seconds, his dick unceremoniously plopped out of my stretched hole causing even more fluids to flow out on to my little sister face. "Shit! Didn't see that coming." This caused Alex sill pack chute xxx story I to start laughing.

Which of coursed caused even more cum to drool out of my exposed hole. Lifting himself up off of me, he looked down into my eyes, with a shit eating grin and simply said, "Good morning Mother." Alexi sat up while wiping cum off her face with one finger and promptly sucked the goo off her finger as if it was her favorite frosting. This got me to giggle. This was a far different story than the one I thought Fate was writing for us just last night.

I was assumed it was now morning since the car dome light was so dim. We obviously had run most of the power down off the battery.

That's alright my Jeep wasn't going anywhere, anytime soon. How many hours can you run the dome light before the battery is dead? "I see you're feeling much stronger!" I said to my son with a smile. With him off of me, it allowed me to stretched out my body like a cat that had spent the last few hours curled up in a window. While cold and stiff, I realized that I couldn't shake the happy feeling of love. Then reality hit me and I had to say, "Throw that blanket over your mother or you two come here and snuggle with her." Smiling at Alexi, Alex opened his arms and folded her in them.

I watched as they gave each other a deep soulful kiss. Hmmm, it was obvious that this wasn't the first time for these two had jumped over the incest fence. Pulling the blanket back over them, he laid down on his side facing his sister. I used this as an opportunity to snuggle up to his back and tucked the wool covers back around me.

I laid there looking at Alex short blonde hair. I wrapped my arm around him to help hold me in place and found that my hand rested on my sister's neck, shoulder and then left breast. It was my time to twirl a finger around and around her aureole and lightly pinch her nipple. "Alex, do you remember what happened yesterday?" "Some, but I'm not sure what happened after the accident.

One thing I remember is that I had nightmares about being so very cold. Then this morning I had my normal wet dream." Alexi laughed at this. "He kind of dependable in that way!" Alex continued without responding to Alexi dig. "I was already balls deep this morning when my hard on had somehow found a pussy. I swear I didn't know it was you at first." "Who did you think you were fucking?" I could see that Alex was flustered because his redness bled from his face to all over his body.

Including the color change of his neck. "Honestly, I thought that Alexi had crawled into bed with me." "Does this happen very often?" I simply asked out of curiosity and was that just a little sliver of jealously. "Not as often as I would like!" Alexi snorted in amusement. "As often as our college schedule will allow. Alexi and I love each other and have for years." Alex confessed as if the words were tore from him.

When I said nothing, he continued. "But today, I was already in you making love when I finally opened my eyes and realized what I just did. Are you furious with us?" I had to laugh at that.

It was obvious that Alex was unsure of how I was going to react now that we were not being controlled by hormones. "How could I be son? You and Alexi just gave me the three biggest orgasms that I have had in years." "Really?" Obviously pleased with himself. "By the way Alex, what we just did was not making love but animal fucking." I teased. He sat up again with the blanket wrapped around him, allowing him and Alexi to see me fully nude again.

I was shocked to see that His penis pulsed in interest again and I had that moment of happiness that all women get when they know they can turn their man on just by looking at them.

When had Alex moved up from being my non sexual son to being my lover? Oh yeah, I guess it was when I woke up to that beautiful dick fucking me. Following my eyes, Alexi squealed in pleasure. "Oh goody. Sister may get her orgasm also this morning." I reached out with my right hand and tried to grip around the girth of his penis.

To my surprise, my fingers could not touch my thumb in the grip, this meant his penis was at least three inches in diameter based on the gap I was seeing. Giving it one more squeeze I simply said, "Momma has to sit this one out kids. Alex be a good boy and fuck my sister silly!" I slipped my dry down jacket back on and then pulled on one of Alexi's long john underwear and crawled into the seat belt harness so I could effectively hang above my two kids.

Alex flipped the covers open and looked Alexi up and down as if this was his first time. The deep growl of need that came from his lips, rumbled deep down in my cunny.

God how long has men been able to do that to women? Before doing anything else Alex leaned in close to Alexi and simply smiled at her.

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She smiled contently back and leaned up so they could kiss. The kiss was what I called a Hollywood moment and went on for what seemed like forever. Alexi and I both sighed loudly in contentment. She looked over Alex's shoulder to see me tucked out of the way and smiled back at me.

Silently mouthing "I love you!" to me. Anything else she had to say came to a stop because his deep kiss had motivated him to move downward to her nipples.

Alex was obviously a great kisser and he slowly made love to my sister's nipples and breast. First one, then the other, only to repeat himself over and over again. I think he would have continued all day, but Alexi broke the trance first by simply saying, "Lower Alex".

No male could refuse that kind of invitation and quickly slipped downward only to get distracted by her belly button. What is with a wet tongue in a belly button that shoots interesting vibes up to your nipples or downward to make my cunt quiver?

But her stomach was just a short deter coming to rest at her completely shaved pussy. Foreplay was really not needed. It was obvious by the redness of Alexi pussy lips that she was ready to fuck right now, but Alex decided a little torment was in order. I noticed that he had an inordinate tongue length, which happily lapped at her nether region, while he took his right hand and spread her lips open.

He lapped her hole and lips as if he was eating the last of a tootsie pop. "Hmmm, that's good Brother" Alexi purred her nick name for Alex. Alex found his familiar pattern known to get his sister off as quickly as possible.

He slowly licked one side of her pussy while lightly sucking on her protruding lips. Then switch sides. Repeating this pattern for a few minutes he then moved his head to the top of her cunny. Using his long tongue tip, he began to circle the hood brooke banner and kayme kai like slamming her clit.

"That's it brother!" Encouraged, he picked up his pace by sellection of tight teens kimmy granger sydney cole alexa grace aurora belle mike adriano on each side of her clit as if it was just a small penis.

Alexi obviously liked what he was doing because she started humping on his face. This was his clue to use his index and middle finger as a dildo. Not waiting, he roughly plunged his two fingers deep into her honey pot. "Tell me what you want Sister!" Alex demanded of my sister. "Fuck my cunt Alex!" Alexi said while thrashing her head back and forth so that now her long blonde hair completely covered her face.

As Alex came forward, I was amazed when I noticed that his eight inch cock was again hard.

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This was trickier than it sounded because Alex had been holding them in place. So he had to hold his body upright and prevent it from sliding using only the strength in his left arm. My juices quivered a bit as I saw him flex his biceps in order to hold them in place.

His right hand was used to grab his large member and guide it to his sister's waiting pussy. As Alex slid in to the hilt, I was surprised how similar Alexi and I sounded in the throes of passion. Alex held his position only long enough to allow to ensure Alexi knew that he was buried to the hilt in her pussy. Lifting his ass up, his dick slowly slid out. His dick was so covered in white crème, that at first I thought Alex had already cum.

Then it dawned on me that little sis had gotten so horny that she literally creamed herself. She wasn't lying when she said she needed to get fucked in a bad way. Alex dick began to piston in and out of Alexi pussy. Looking at his face it was obvious that he was trying to stay distracted so he wouldn't cum so fast. No easy feat with Alexi coating his shaft with every stroke with her liquid satin. She was so horny that her fluids were raising up with each piston action only to drip down her ass hole to the blanket under her.

"Alex, do my ass" Alexi begged as she flipped on to all fours. This surprised me, since I had never let anyone go near that hole. God made it as an outty not an inny. But that didn't mean I wasn't curious about this position. Alex pulled out and slowly pressed his mushroomed head against her Alexi asshole.

"Do it slow?" Alex asked her. "Fuck no. I need to cum now!" Alexi yelled. Alex needed no other invitation than that and with his dick head already comfortably resting half in, allowing Alexi a chance to adjust, he held his dick halfway down and forced his cock deep naughty babysitter chastity lynn gets paid with cock her brown ring. "Ugggh!" Alexi cried out in passion and a little pain. With Alex cock fully buried to the hilt in her ass, his balls were now hanging down and directly banging on her clit.

With each full stroke Alexi slowly wound up in passion. I had heard about this but had never seen anyone have an orgasm from anal sex. Apparently this mixture of love, pain and pleasure was just what she needed, because she soon was having what seemed an earth shattering orgasm. This made me more curious about anal sex. How bad could it really be? As I was pondering about trying anal sex, Alex gave his signature grunt of blowing his load. Within a minute his cocked had soften and was forced out of her ass.

I was surprised to see that Alexi ass hole didn't immediately close up again. As the two of them came out of their rutting heat I smiled at them then said, "We need to get our clothes back on and eat something. Alex, what do we have in our bag?" "Damn Mom, can't a guy have a few minutes to rest?" Alexi laughed and wench receives pussy pounding hardcore and blowjob with Alex.

"Five minutes is all I ask." I laughed with them and unbuckled from my sling and started digging through the duffle bag for myself. We sat huddled together shoulder to shoulder as we handed out some energy bars, a couple pieces of candy and a couple of small boxes of raisins.

It wasn't much food, but the burst of carbs brought our energy level back up. As we sat there with our legs folded up Indian style enjoying our first meal in twelve hours, we began to talk about nothing important, just stupid stuff. None of us wanted to actually talk about what happened. I think we thought by talking about the best sex I had in years would somehow jinx it. So we sat there enjoying our quick meal and reveling in how close we came to dying.

Somehow making it through the night and all of us blowing off some of our sexual steam put both of us back into a positive mood. "We still need to plant that flag kids and that means getting dressed to protect us against the snow." "How is that going to work? My clothes are frozen stiff" Alex complained.

That made me pause for a second as I thought about it then suggested, "We can do this in shifts? We all get dressed and dig as long as we can.

I can wear some of Alexi clothes. We get this flag put up and then get back in the car and strip and hide under the covers." "Can we play under the covers?" Alexi coyly asked me. This got all of us laughing while we dressed for the ice and snow.

As I bent over to slide up Alexi jeans, I looked through my legs to see a shit eating grin on Alex's face. It was obvious what he was thinking. "Down boy, work first then we will see." "Boy am I motivated to get going!" he teased but we all laughed.

I noticed that Alex and Alexi where frantically whispering amongst themselves. Eventually Alex was picked as their spokesman. "What now Mom?" "Now?" I asked, knowing what he wanted to know but thought he was man enough to ask for it. "You know Mom, what we should do now that you know that Alexi and I are lovers, and we have both have made love to you." "Well, first I should swear you both to secrecy.

Maybe if we never mention this again things will somehow go back to normal." "We don't want things to go back to normal. I like how Alexi and I are now.

Neither of us want to give you up as a lover now that we have had you." "Alex, I love you dearly and while I will always have mixed feelings lusty carla has her tight snatch plugged pornstars cumshots what happened, incest is just not healthy in the real world. Physically or mentally. Besides I'm 18 years older than both of you." He nodded in understanding but reached to my side to cup my left breast. He did this while looking into my eyes, and pulling hard on my nipple.

I swear I couldn't stop my eye from fluttering.

The twins just laughed and started gathering up their clothes. Both of my kids knew that they could now have me anytime they wanted. Boy was I in trouble. We all moved back up towards the front of the car. The electric windows obviously didn't work, but Alex was able to kick the front passenger window out.

Snow and ice fell into the car giving us access to the snow bank again. The air in the jeep had actually warmed up enough so I no longer saw our breath.

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Opening up the window to the snow, immediately cooled the air in the car. I shivered both from the cold and the memory of what happened this morning. This time, digging a tunnel was a team ordeal. With Alex using the jack handle to break up the snow and then scooping the snow back into the Jeep. Alexi and I in turn began pushing the piling snow down to the back of the Jeep and into the water, where it floated for a second and then disappeared below the surface.

This way the snow never stayed in the Jeep long enough to pile up. We had dug out about three foot into the snow bank and had just started pointing upward towards the surface.

That's when the car began rock and shake again as the pond ice cracked below us. Alexi and I couldn't help but scream out in fright, thinking we were fixing to have a repeat of yesterday.

But this time I heard muffled voices from above us near were the engine area would be on my Jeep. Alex looked back at me and we all started yelling and crying for help.

It took nearly two hours for the fire department to pull us out of the Jeep, and in the end the Jeep had to stay where it was until the spring thaw.

Apparently when the Jeep tumbled into passionate pussy fucking at home is fun snow drift below the road, one fender and tire was still above the drift line. When a trucker saw this he called it in and the fire department came out to investigate the accident as soon as it was safe for them to go out in the storm.

Our rescue was a little anticlimactic, other than the strange look the fireman gave us as he stuck his head into our Jeep space. Sexy julie plays around with her cunt the smell of sex still in the air? One of the first things the EMT's did was that they made us strip out of our wet clothes and then covered us with a thick wool electric blankets.

These blankets were wired with electric heaters wire right inside the fabric. I laid down in the gurney enjoying the warmth that was pushing into my muscle and bones. That and the hot coffee made me vow to never come up from under these warm covers again.

I felt some movement and then felt Alex's large hand wrap around mine. Turning my head to the side, I could see he also was under a blanket. "I gotta get me an electric blanket just like this when we get home!" he laughed. "Yes Mommy likes her boy stiff, just not frozen stiff!"