Three girls blowjob arts and sex crafts

Three girls blowjob arts and sex crafts
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The Knight and the Acolyte Book 2: Magic's Clash Chapter One: Spidery Passion By mypenname3000 Copyright 2016 Note: Thanks to B0b for beta reading this. Journeyman Mage Faoril Esh-Esh, The Magery of Thosi "Why are you jerking him off?" Saoria asked as she lounged on her bed in her red robes of a Journeyman Mage, her long, dark-brown hair spilling across one shoulder and the swelling rise of her large tits.

I always felt so inadequate around her. My breasts were nice, round, and dwarfed by the lush pair my friend had. Her curvy body exuded sex. She sometimes seemed more fit to be a Priestess of Slata, letting men and women worship in her embrace, than as a Mage of Thosi. But she was skilled, almost as much as I was thanks to my years of tutelage since our time as young apprentices. "We need to practice," I said, stroking the simulacrum's dick faster. I held a large beaker at the tip of his cock.

"And I'm out of cum." "I don't want to practice," pouted my friend. We were in our cell in the mid-level of the Collegiate Tower, the headquarters of the Council of Magery and the heart of the College of Esh-Esh. Only here was the arcane arts of magic taught. Students from the known world came to Esh-Esh in the hopes of having the talent to be even an Apprentice Mage and learn to harness the powers of she take fingers in booty and cunt squirting japanese elements.

The simulacrum moaned. He grew nearer to cumming. He was an artificial man, created through magic, his pale, muscular body completely hairless. His dick throbbed, and then his cock erupted, filling the beaker with squirt after squirt of cum.

He produced far more cum than a normal human, easily ten times as much and almost overflowed the beaker. Cum was necessary to a female mage.

It was the power source of our magic. For a priest, priestess, or paladin, their magic was powered by the god or goddess they served. For witches, they merely had an innate ability to control the natural spirits of the world. But for a mage, we needed a powerful source of energy, and nothing was more primal than sexual fluids.

I could ingest the cum straight from the source, fucking or sucking the simulacrum's, or any other male's, dick. But it was easier to gather the cum and save it for when you need it. The energy didn't last long in your body.

Male mages had to use female juices, and the female simulacrums were engineered to squirt copious fluids when they orgasmed. "There, that should be more than enough for us to practice with," I said, holding up the beaker swirling with the pearly jizz. "I don't want to practice, Faoril" groaned Saoria. "I practice all day with Master Soviar.

He had me shaping wood until my mind hurt." There were five elements in the natural world that mages could manipulate: Air, Earth, Fire, Water, and Life. Wood was easy to affect with Life magic. But the more intelligent the organism, the harder they were to change.

"We need to be ready for the test." "It's in nineteen days," Saoria objected. "That's almost three weeks. We can take one break." "That's nineteen days to perfect our magic," I pointed out. The test to be a Master Mage was held once a year and only three Journeyman Mages would pass. This year, seven Journeyman were invited to test.

Over half of us would fail. "If you want to make it, you need to practice." I downed half the beaker, ingesting the thick, salty cum. It filled my stomach, an energy that seethed inside curvy cougar loves pussy licking with teen. I burned it and sent out a wind. It wrapped around Saoria and lifted her off the bed. "You bitch!" Saoria gasped as I spun her about, her brown hair whipping around her body and the bottom of her red robe slipping up her sleek thighs.

I laughed and then brought her to me and set her down, pushing the beaker into her hands. "Fine," she muttered, tipping back the beaker and emptying the rest of the cum into her mouth. The simulacrum moved to the corner of the room, a pleasant, vapid smile on his handsome face.

He stood perfectly still, his hairless body sculpted, his cock rigid. It was nearly impossible to make a male simulacrum have a limp dick. When I made Master Mage, I would own my own simulacrum. Only a Master Mage could own one, the rest belonged to the Magery Council and were lent to students.

"Ready?" I asked Saoria. She nodded. The stone floor beneath my feet became liquid and rolled over me. I gasped as I was pulled down into its gloopy mire.

"Clever," I praised as I sent my magic into the stone to fight Saoria's spell while simultaneously precipitating water out of the air and splashing her in the face.

Saoria spluttered and I pulled my feet out of the liquid stone, conjuring air to lift me up. My magic burned through the cum inside me as I controlled the elements. The water I splashed on Saoria was gathered by her magic into a ball undulating before her.

It shot at me, hardening to ice. I used fire, the ice vaporizing into a cloud of steam that rolled past my face. I dispersed the moisture as her magic went into the wooden frame of my bed. The wood groaned and then the nearest bedpost surged out at me, wrapping around my leg. "I see practicing with Master Soviar paid off," I smiled.

I made a blade of stone erupt from the floor, severing the bed post. I reached down and grasped the wood around my leg, shaping it into a spear and using wind to hurl it at Saoria's guts. We were Journeyman Mages. We had practiced dueling before. It could be dangerous, but it also honed our skills.

We were destroying our cell, but we would receive further practice putting everything back together again. Saoria heaved her mattress before her, the spear thudding into the goose down. Feathers exploded out, dancing in the air, driven by her wind. I held up my arms as they fluttered into my face, blinding me for a moment. Fire flashed, consuming the feathers into ash that rained down to the floor.

Saoria rushed at me, flying across the room. I thickened the air before her, catching her. She slowed to a stop, the air as thick as molasses. "Ooh, that's an annoying one," she groaned, twisting her body. "Yep," I winked. Fire exploded around me. I squeaked in shock as my red robe burned to ash and fell of my body.

The flames hadn't touched me. She had exquisite control with fire. I hovered naked in the air, frowning at her.

Why had she done that. I tightened the air around her and— "Slata's cunt!" I gasped as a thick, tapered piece of wood shoved into my cunt. She had shaped a dildo and used air to work it in and out of me. I shuddered as the pleasure rippled through my body.

The dildo was thick and covered in ridges that tickled the inside of my pussy. My toes curled and soft moans escaped my lips. I concentrated on my air, holding her in place crying girl on hard sex in ass storys she fucked my pussy.

"Mmm, how do you like that trick?" Saoria asked, a big smile on her lush lips. "It's very.naughty!" I panted. "By the gods, you make the best dildos." Saoria winked at me.

I twisted the air around her. It sliced off her robe, sending the ruined fabric fluttering to the ground in three pieces. The wind kept spinning, caressing her naked body. I focused it on her breasts, tickling her hard nipples as my body spasmed on the dildo. "Oh, nice!" groaned Saoria. I turned her in the air and spread her legs. Her pussy was covered by dark, neatly trimmed hair. The wind blew through her curls, caressing her pussy and clit.

Saoria spasmed, fucking the dildo faster and faster inside me. I drifted closer to her. The tart scent of her pussy swirled through the wind. "You're going to like this. I came up with it last night. I found it most enjoyable," I purred. "Oh?" Saoria asked, her eyes wide. "What?" I shaped the wind into a tight vortex and pushed the mini-tornado into her pussy. Her cunt spread open, her pink depths revealed to me. The wind swirled through her hole.

She gasped and spasmed, her juices caught by the wind and dancing through the air like drops of rain. "Oh, yes! That's so wicked! Oh, my god! It's swirling inside me! Slata's hairy cunt! Yes! That's so wonderful, Faoril! Fuck me with the wind!" I grinned at her, burning through my cum as I made the tornado spin faster inside her. Saoria spasmed, exquisite teen drops sexy pantyhose and toys pussy with sex toy breasts heaving.

She gasped and moaned as her hair whipped around her in the strong winds. The dildo inside me grew large, spreading my pussy open. I doubled over as I floated in the air. My pussy screamed with pleasure. The ridges caressed the walls of my cunt. I grasped my nipples, pinching them as I enjoyed her pleasure. "Let's see if I can copy this," Saoria gasped. "It's so good! Damn, I need to fuck you with a tornado." "Just keep fucking me with the dildo!" I moaned.

"Pater's giant cock, this is wonderful! I'm gonna cum so hard!" "Me, too!" homegrownbigtits chick gets a face full of cum Saoria. "But you need more." The cheeks of my ass suddenly parted. Whirling wind pressed between them, caressing my sphincter; I shuddered.

The air was moist, almost licking at my asshole. I drifted closer to her, hovering over her body. Our lips met in a hot kiss as she slammed the tornado into my asshole. The air spun inside my bowels. It caressed across the sensitive walls. I shuddered as the pleasure burned to my pussy. I moaned into her sweet kiss. I grasped her heavy breasts, pinching her nipples as we fucked each other with our magic. The dildo and the tornado ignited the nerves in my body.

I came hard, bucking and spasming against her. Saoria's hands grasped my ass, squeezing my cheeks and pulling me against her body. We spun in the air, held up by our magics. The pleasure spasmed through my body, whipping into my mind. A part of me maintained my spells, fucking Saoria's cunt with my tornado, but the rest of me was consumed in pleasure.

"Yes!" I screamed, breaking the kiss, our nipples pressing together as I bucked. "Sweet Slata's cunt, that feels wonderful in my ass! Oh, yes!" "Mmm, you are so cute when you cum!" Saoria purred and then spun about beneath me. Her ass slid up my stomach and breast until my face was buried between her cheeks. "Eat my ass and fuck my cunt with your tornado!" I buried my tongue into her sour ass, sucking and swirling as I intensified the tornado fucking her pussy.

My fingers found her clit, stroking her as my tongue probed deep into her asshole. Her body spasmed beneath me. "Yes, yes! You wonderful mage! Mmm, you know the naughtiest magic." I made ice cubes out of the air and rubbed them on her nipples. She spasmed in delight. Her moans echoed through our cell. I rubbed harder at her clit with my thumb as I sucked on her ass. I loved the flavor. She had such a delicious ass.

"Faoril!" she gasped. "Oh, yes! Oh, damn! You are amazing!" Her asshole clenched about my tongue as she came. She spasmed beneath me. I ended the tornado and moved my lips down to her pussy. I drank her tart juices as they flooded out of her spasming cunt, nuzzling into her silky flesh while her pants grew softer and softer.

"Oh, Faoril," she panted as we descended to the floor, our room in shambles. "You are amazing. You're the best in the class." I nodded my head. "You're going to pass," she said, her eyes widening, her lip trembling. "So will you," I smiled at her. I gave her a hug and kissed her lips. "We'll both pass." She nodded, her eyes distant. I looked around at the mess. "Well, we should keep practicing and fix this up." "Yeah," she muttered. "I need to practice more. I have to be as good as you if I'm going to make it." "You will," I beamed, pulling the dildo out of my cunt.

I sent it to my bed post and shaped it back into the frame like it always belonged there. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ King Edward IV Shesax, the Kingdom of Secare "You sure this is a good idea," I whispered to my pregnant wife. Lavinia, my queen, fixed me with a determined smile, her hands resting on her pregnant belly. She was a gorgeous woman, a Zeutchian princess with blonde hair and blue eyes. "You are the king.

You are strong. You can control a warlock. Angela has to be stopped. You heard the Lesbius Oracle. There is a way for her to kill the dragon.

Be strong." I nodded my head. Her words heartened me. I was the king. I had to be strong to make sure that my unborn son would follow me onto the throne. On my coronation, the Sekar Oracle had warned me that the descendant of the long dead High King Peter would kill me and take my throne. It was absurd for a woman to ever rule, and yet I feared Angela.

She was a direct female descendant of Peter's youngest daughter Lily. When the High King Died, only his daughter Lily survived him. He had no heir, no daughter could inherit rulership, and his grand empire broke apart into the modern countries of Secare, Valya, Thosi, Zeutch, Haz, Thlin, and Athlos. "We cannot let her reforge the High King's sword," my wife whispered.

"That sword was broken for a reason." The sword was forged of adamantium by Krab, the God of Crafting, himself as a gift to Peter. With that sword, the young king had conquered most of the known world. He had called his empire the High Kingdom of Hamilten. But Slata was jealous of Peter. He was one of the God Pater's bastard offspring, and Slata had always been jealous of her husband's attention to his bastards. She had cursed Lily to have only daughters and ensured all of Peter's male heirs perished.

"We should have just had her assassinated from the beginning," I cursed. There were good reasons not to. I had heeded Lady Delilah's counsel. If I killed Angela, it might have turned the Knights Deute against me.

So instead, I conspired with High Priestess Vivian to taint Angela's Quest. All apprentice knights had to complete a divine quest, supposedly chosen at random, to attain full knighthood. Angela was given the quest of slaying the dragon Dominari. In a hundred years, every knight-trainee of the three orders had failed to kill the dragon.

I assumed Angela would be next to fail, but today the cunt had visited the Lesbius Oracle and received a fortuitous prophecy. I couldn't trust that she would fail. I had to ensure it. So I listened to my wife's plan of hiring a warlock, a mage declared rogue and hunted by the Magery Council. My skin crawled. This had to be conducted in secret. Lavinia had used her servants to make contact this afternoon. He agreed to meet at midnight. "Maybe you should leave," I whispered to my wife.

"No. I must be here. He expects us both. Besides, he will not harm us. He knows we can give him resources once he succeeds." "Resources for what?" "For whatever he needs," my wife purred. "To continue whatever research had him banished by the Magery Council and fleeing their order of execution." "Exactly," a voice purred out of the darkness.

I jumped. The wall of our bedchamber had opened up, forming a makeshift door with a neighboring antechamber. A man dressed in crimson robes stepped in. His reddish hands, marking him as Thlinian, peeked out of the wide sleeves of his robe. The hood's cowl deeply shadowed the warlock's face. Only his orange eyes were visible through the shadows. "Fireeyes?" I asked, then felt like an idiot. Who else would it be? Particularly with eyes that burned in a shadowy face. "That is the name I now use," the warlock answered, his voice a rasping whisper.

Behind him, a naked woman entered, her body completely hairless, her eyes lifeless like a doll. She meekly stood a step behind the warlock. My eyebrows furrowed as I studied her body. Her thighs were stained with fluids and the hot scent of tart pussy wafted through the room. A diamond pendant glinted between her breasts. "Why did you bring your whore?" I demanded. "His simulacrum," my wife whispered. "Only a Master Mage possesses one." "Your wife is well-informed," Fireeyes answered.

"Now, shall we discuss my servant or why you wish to hire my services?" "I need you to kill a knight on her quest," I answered. "She's in the Deorc Forest at the Lesbius Oracle." ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Knight-Errant Angela The Oracle of Lesbius, Deorc Forest The Oracle of Lesbius slid off my body, her dusky skin gleaming with sweat and the juices of our love making. She stood with a willowy grace, her hips undulating as she moved back into her bower, leaving me heaving on the colorful pillows.

Her words echoed in my mind. A prophecy that held the key to defeating the dragon Dominari. There was hope. Tears burned in my eyes. I trembled and shook as the emotion mixed with the bliss still rippling through me. I could defeat the dragon, the first knight ever to succeed. I wasn't on a death sentence with Sophia. My breasts heaved as I trembled. My eyes found Sophia where she watched, the acolyte's smile wide, her green eyes brimming with tears, her hands clasped hopefully before her.

She was so beautiful. I had been so distant from her, pushing her away. I couldn't remember why? Was it simply that I wasn't in love with the girl. There was a.hole in my thoughts. I frowned, my excitement dwindling.

I had given something up. Something that I had cared about, and it left me empty. I had memories of.someone. I felt like I had known the name just moments ago, but it was gone now. It had been someone that I had shared my bed and life with. But who was it? What did I give up for hope? The Oracle curled into a ball, her golden eyes closed, and her breasts rose and fell with the simple rhythm of sleep. I pushed myself up, shaking my head. I must have been sure the price was worth it.

Whomever I had given up couldn't have been that important to me. "We're going to do it!" Sophia shrieked. She rushed towards me and threw her arms around my stunning stunner is popping out her spread juicy twat in closeup as I sat up, her impulsive lips raining kisses about my cheeks. They were delicious, caressing my cheeks with hot fire. I held her tight, sharing in her joy. Then she froze.

"Sorry." Sophia pulled away. Her face twisted with sadness. I sighed and clutched her hand, and smiled at her. "Don't be. It's okay. We should celebrate." "Yes, the Oracle gave such sage words," nodded Xera. The elf huntress lounged against the wall, tall and lush, naked save for a simple belt from which hung her quiver of arrows.

Her body was painted with attractive centerfold is presenting her gaped tight hole in close up and browns, a mottled pattern that helped her vanish into the thick brush of the Deorc Forest. Her hair was green and short, a utilitarian cut, and her pointed ears rose out of her green locks. She was taller than me. She was taller than most humans. "What did the prophecy mean?" Sophia asked, glancing at the slumbering Oracle.

The demigoddess—daughter of Cnawen and Rithi, God of Knowledge and Goddess of Art—seemed at peace. "Am I the virgin whore?" A grin split my lips. The Oracle's prophecy mentioned half-a-dozen companions to join me. "Well, you are pretty whorish, Sophia. With women, anyways." "And, I believe, that priestesses of Saphique sell their bodies to female worshipers," Xera added. Xera wasn't her real name. Her full name was difficult for humans to pronounce.

"We don't sell our bodies," huffed Sophia. "For a donation, women worship the Virgin Goddess in the arms of her priestesses and acolytes. It's a very pleasant duty." I laughed, it felt wonderful. "Yep, a whore untouched by men." Sophia put her hands on her hips, pushing in the simple robe of white she wore to cling to her lithe curves. She was a petite woman, but had a curvy ass. Her lips fought a smile. With her light-brown hair framing her delicate features, she made quite the Secaran beauty.

I was Secaran, too, though you never would know it by my flaming-red hair. There was a Tuathan in my ancestry. "Does that make me the Quiet Stalker?" Xera pondered, her face tightening. "I had hoped leading you to the Lesbius Oracle would end my involvement." "Oh, it can't be you," Sophia mistress mira quot booty amp cum quot party amateur gangbang preview. "Do you think I'm not capable of moving unseen?" Xera's violet eyes narrowed.

"Oh, no, I didn't mean that. You have a pregnant wife. You can't risk your life with us on this journey." Xera bit her lip. "Words of prophecy are not easily ignored. Doing so can lead to disastrous consequences." "Well, maybe there's another elvish hunter they're talking about," Sophia pointed out. "Like, um, those other ones that were with you." "Yet I was the one that chose to lead you to the oracle and involve myself in your quest." I furrowed my eyebrows.

What would happen latina milfs sharon and maribel need to get off after work vibrating egg masturbation she didn't come? Would my quest end in ruin if I failed to find all the companions named? "It has to be her decisions to come with us, Sophia. can't be coincidence that we were led here by an elvish huntress and then received that prophecy." Xera nodded.

"Yes. I have much to consider." I wanted to say more, to beg her, but she was a strong woman. She would make the decision on her own. I just had to hope her honor would outweigh her desire to stay with her pregnant wife. I grimaced; what a terrible knight I must be to want to pull a woman from her family and ask her to risk her life.

"There's more to the prophecy than companions," Xera finally said. "The shattered blade?" "The High King's blade," I answered, shifting on my feet. The sword that belonged to my ancient ancestor, the High King Peter.

"But that was broke into five pieces.oh," Sophia blushed. "She did mention five shards, didn't she." I nodded. "After his death, they were broken up and scattered across the lands. No one wanted the sword claimed again. Legends say the five pieces were hidden in and well guarded. And even if they were found, they would have to be reforged. The blade is made of adamantium. No normal smith can work that metal." Sophia frowned, "I remember being lectured on this subject as a novice." She tapped her chin.

"Ooh, why didn't I pay better attention? One of the pieces was hidden in Murathi, wherever that is." "Far to the north in lands now claimed by the Larg Orcs," Xera answered. "It is a holy place to them, some ruins that they worship at." "Fun," Sophia groaned.

"And let's see.another is hidden in a volcano on the Isle of Birds. I think a third piece was hidden in the Mirage Gardens in the Halani Desert." I stared at Sophia with eager excitement.

"And the other two?" Sophia furrowed her eyebrows. "Umm.the Haunted Forest. In a ruined castle in the depths of that terrible place." It was my turn to groan. "They really didn't want this sword reforged." "It was the High King's blade, the symbol of his empire. None of the usurping kings that carved up his empire could mom dughter old man fuck been happy with that symbol around," Sophia answered.

"Oh, the last one is in Rartha. In the Great Vault." "I have heard of the Great Vault," Xera whispered.

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"The merchant princes of Rartha store their greatest treasures in there. It is impenetrable." "And we still need to learn the way to forge the sword," I groaned, my hope dying.

"Finding the sword seems a task more monumental than killing the dragon. Do you know of the ritual to work adamantium?" Sophia shook her head. "I don't recall that lecture, but then I spent much of my time seducing timid nataly gets her feet worshipped while fucking instead of paying attention to such boring stuff.

Sorry." "Perhaps the answers can be found in the Library of Khalesithan. My wife is a librarian there." "Elves have a library?" Sophia gasped. Xera gave her a fixed look.

"Sorry. I didn't mean to make it sound like you were a bunch" Sophia's cheeks burned. "I'm not making this better, am I?" Xera shook her head. Sophia walked to the Elf and hugged her.

"Sorry. Can you forgive me for being a dumb human?" Xera laughed. "You are so impish." "I know," giggled Sophia before she planted a hot kiss on Xera's lips. I squeezed my thighs together as I watched.

Memories of Sophia's kisses heated my body. Sophia became Lady Delilah in my imagination—my first crush. I remembered the kisses Lady Delilah gave me before I left on my Quest. She was such a beauty with flaming-red hair.

I could still picture the first time I saw her riding into my parent's estate dressed in the armor of a Knight Deute.

She was the reason I joined the Knights Deute. Mma cage fighter teen fucks blonde with nice tits shook my head and forced myself to stand. I was drained from the Oracle's embrace. She had fed off my sexual energy to feed her prophecy. The world swam about me for a moment, and I stumbled before I caught my balance. "Angela?" Sophia asked, giving me a worried look.

"Are you okay?" "Just tired," I said, reaching for my discarded armor. "We still have some daylight left, let's get moving to Khalesithan." What a hard word to say. Khalesithan. Xera shook her head. "We should rest here for the night. I do not think the Oracle will mind." "Why? We still have a few hours left?" "Do you want to get caught in the giganraneae's vale when night falls?" the elf asked.

I shuddered. The Lesbius Oracle was in the heart of a spidery vale. The dark trees were covered in thick cobwebs. The giganraneae were a race of intelligent, spider-like monsters, an offshoot of the werespiders. They couldn't transform into human form, but still require humanoids for reproducing.

The race is all female, and they deposit their eggs with an ovipositor into a humanoids body. When the eggs hatch, the young feast kinky babe gets cumshot on her face swallowing all the cream the host. The giganraneae keep the host paralyzed and cocooned until their daughters hatch.

"No," Sophia shuddered. I sank back down to the pillows that covered the floor of the oracle's cave. "We can wait until morning." My exhaustion pulled me down into sleep. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Xerathalasia I woke up with Sophia cuddled against me.

The colorful sheets hanging from the top of the Oracle's cave billowed and waved in a slight breeze. Sophia's pale face lay on my arm, her face so cute as she slumbered. Angela still slept by herself. The Oracle's ritual had exhausted the knight and she had slept undisturbed for hours. Though we were underground, my instincts told me dawn wasn't far off. Time to rise and face the dangers of slipping out of the vale. The giganraneae were dangerous monsters.

They were only tolerated to exist by my people because they protected the Oracle. If someone wanted to seek her advice, they had to brave true dangers.

The giganraneae knew not to leave the vale or our hunters would dispatch them. But any who wandered into the valley were theirs to hunt. "Matar, watch over us as we stalk through the dark vale," I prayed to the hermaphroditic goddess that birthed the elves and our sister races. There were five hermaphroditic races birthed by the goddess impregnating herself with her own cock, each attuned with one of the five elements. Elves were of life, gnomes of earth, sylphs of air, nixies of water, and dragons of fire.

I shook Sophia. "Hmm," the sleepy human murmured. "It's morning," I whispered as I slipped my arm out from underneath her.

"Time to break our fast and brave the dangers of the vale." Sophia's face paled. "Ooh, I had forgotten about that.

It's so creepy out there." "Yes," Angela nodded, stretching as she woke up. The human knight was a gorgeous woman, large breasts thrusting before her. Her body was lean and muscled. She moved with the grace of a trained fighter as she gathered up the pieces of her armor. She buckled on her half-breastplate, leaving her midriff and a generous amount of cleavage bare, followed by her pauldrons protecting her shoulders.

A thick swordbelt buckled around her waist from which her chainmail loincloth dangled. Thigh-high boots covered by metal greaves were next, followed by her bracers on her forearms. Elves didn't use armor. We relied on our quick reflexes to avoid hits. Sophia nibbled on her hard trail rations. I didn't carry supplies.

I could forage as we walked, eating the bounty of nature. The humans, however, couldn't eat half of what the Deorc Forest offered. They balked at eating tasty pine cones. "Let's get this over with," Sophia said. "I hope our horses are still fine." Angela nodded her head, her flaming hair brushing her shiny pauldrons. "They had forage and were hobbled. They should be fine." The humans were attached to their horses despite being unable to speak to them.

Angela's warhorse, Midnight, had a great deal of loyalty to his rider, and Purity, Sophia's mount, just adored her the acolyte.

Angela drew her sword as she led us through the narrow tunnel that led back to the surface. Only the Oracle's chamber was covered in colorful sheets to hide the hard dirt walls and ceiling.

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Roots of trees poked through, forming a curtain of wispy tendrils that tickled my face as I followed the knight. Sophia was at the rear, almost clutching to me in fear. Gray light filtered through from the entrance. Dawn had arrived, lightening the gloom of the vale. I shuddered when I stepped out of the cave. The woods were dark and dreary, the dark firs cocooned in torn cobwebs. No birds sang sweet songs to the rising sun or animals scampering through the brush. My nose wrinkled; the foul stench of death lingered through the vale.

I gripped my bow in my hand. It was strung and an arrow knocked, ready to be pulled back and loosed at any threat. My ears twitched as I strained for any sound. Branches rustled as a breeze stirred the canopy. Even Sophia was armed, gripping a small dagger in her hand. The acolyte's eyes scanned the trees as she shivered in her beige cloak and white robes.

I winced with every dried twig that snapped beneath her careless feet or her clock rasping as the fabric caught on every brush she passed. "Angela," Sophia suddenly whined. "What?" the knight asked, turning around. Sophia's dagger glowed a faint pink. "Why is it glowing?" I asked. Angela nodded. "Yes. What enchantment is on that dagger." "It senses danger," Sophia swallowed. She peered up into the trees.

"How much farther?" "Another hour," I answered. A shadow moved in the tree. I raised my bow, staring at the branch and shivered. Wispy cobwebs fluttered from a swaying branch. My heart beat faster. My eyes swept around.

More branches jiggled and swayed, too large to be disturbed that much by the breeze. "We're surrounded," I whispered. "There's at least six of them." "Pater's cock," cursed Angela. She raised her sword in a stance.

"Oh, no," Sophia groaned, clutching crazy ass male review strip tease dancingbear glowing dagger with both hands. "Saphique, please watch over your servants." A shadow moved. My bow shifted and I drew back the arrow. I released. The arrow was a blur streaking into the trees. A skittering snarl erupted. Something dark and spindly moved through the boughs. The trees erupted with movement. "Here they come!" Angela shouted, her red hair streaming behind her as she charged at the nearest tree.

A spindly body climbed down it. The giganraneae looked like a large, delicate, black spider, long legs ending at human-like hands gripping the trunk. Instead of a chitinous face, the giganraneae had the appearance of a comely woman with multi-faceted, black eyes and dark hair falling in a long curtain around their pale, round face.

The giganraneae hissed as Angela rammed her sword through its armored thorax. Greenish ichor leaked out as the giganraneae chittered in pain, her body convulsing on the tree trunk.

Spindly legs went limp and the monster fell from the tree, ripping clean off Angela's blade. Other giganraneae descended from the trees, scuttling down tree trunks or lowering themselves on ropes of silk spun from spinnerets. Each chittered and hissed in their foul language. My hand was a blur. Draw. Knock. Fire. My arrows streaked out, finding targets. There were far more than six. The giganraneae cried out in pain, hands ripping my arrows from chitinous bodies and throwing them to the ground.

"No, no, no!" Sophia shrieked, flailing with her dagger as one giganraneae lunged at her. Angela appeared, sword slicing a pair of spidery limbs. Sophia scrambled back as Angela roared and swung. The giganraneae was driven back, body rent by cuts that leaked an ichor as dull green as pond scum.

"Keep against a tree!" Angela shouted at Sophia. "Yeah," the acolyte nodded, backing away from the fight. "Xera, can you handle your side?" the knight asked as she threw herself at the next giganraneae lunging at her, blocking the monster with her large kite shield.

"I can!" I shouted, firing my tenth arrow, taking a giganraneae between her multi-faceted eyes. A third of my arrows had already been fired. I drew the eleventh and feathered a giganraneae leaping at glamorous slim kitten gets her yummy pussy and small butt hole screwed amateur and babe. It fell in a heap on the ground, legs curling as it convulsed.

My twelfth arrow glanced off the hide of a charging monster. "Matar's seed!" I cursed in elvish. I reached for my thirteenth teensloveanal anal princess dakota skye fucked by huge cock large cock beautiful. The giganraneae slammed into me, throwing me back to the ground. My bow fell from my grip. Spindly hands grasped my shoulders and thighs. The thing chittered in my face.

"Lovely," the giganraneae said in elvish. "What a delightful mother for my children." The spinnerets squirted silk on my legs, her nimble hands wrapping it about my feet. I ripped my wood dagger from my belt. The giganraneae fingers tightened on my shoulder.

I had one shot. The knife would never penetrate her thick carapace. I had to go for the joint. I lunged. My long dagger slid between the joint between the abdomen and thorax carapace. The giganraneae stiffened. I was in her cuts. I twisted the knife and screamed. My other arm heaved the monster off me as she convulsed on her back, ichor dripping from her gaping wound.

I kicked my feet, still entangled by spider silk. I reached down and began cutting. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Acolyte Sophia My heart hammered in terror as I pressed my back against the tree. Angela danced about the clearing, her sword flashing like bolts of lightning, reflecting the dim light.

She swung in mighty sweeps, cleaving the monstrous spiders while her kite shield fended off those that tried to attack her from the other side.

Xera regained her feet, cobwebs still clinging about her ankles. She reclaimed her bow and fired an arrow at a giganraneae in the treetops. The thing fell with a chittering scream. "Yes." I screamed in relief, my sweaty hands gripping my glowing dagger. "That's it." I wish I could help better. There hadn't been time for me to enchant Angela's sword, but she seemed to be doing fine.

Her longsword smashed and cut through the carapace of the nasty things. "On your left!" Xera shouted. An arrow flew across the battlefield. "Thank you, Saphique," I prayed as Angela and Xera drove back the monsters. "Aren't you pretty, poppin?" a voice skittered above me. I gasped. Above me, a giganraneae clung to the trees. Her spidery xxx dashi story hot sex stories glinted as she stared at me.

Long legs and spindly fingers reached for me. I swung with my knife. It bounced off the carapace covering the legs. The hands grasped my shoulder. "Angela!" I shrieked as I was hauled up into the air. The giganraneae scampered back up into the tree as my legs kicked. I stabbed with the knife again. The blade bounced off again. A third leg batted the dagger from my hand. It tumbled down into the ground. "Sophia!" Angela shouted, racing to the base of the tree.

"Xera! Shoot!" The giganraneae lifted me up, holding me before her as a shield while she climbed up the tree. Xera raised her bow. My heart thudded and blood screamed through my veins. The branches swept around us.

We vanished into the thick canopy. The giganraneae chittered as I struggled in her strong grip. "None of that, poppin," chittered the giganraneae as her silk began wrapping about my legs. I screamed in fear as I was spun about like meat turning on the spit above the fire.

I struggled harder, writhing my entire body as I screamed in fear. "Hold on!" Angela shouted from below. "You struggle a lot, poppin. Why? Don't you want to be the mother of my darling children?" "No!" My heart hammered in fear. Tears burned in my eyes.

My legs were cocooned. I struggled, but the silk was strong. I kept shaking and writhing, trying to get my arms free and fight back. My fist struck her chitinous stomach. My knuckles hurt. "Now, now, stop struggling, poppin." "No," I screamed. "I'm not going to. Let me go." I was turned in her hands, her face just before mine. Her lips were red. Something glistened on them. Not saliva, this was oilier. She lowered down and kissed me on the lips. A sharp, acrid flavor filled my mouth.

Everything went numb. I relaxed. A peaceful lassitude fell over me. My body went limp. I didn't need to fight any longer. I turned again, the silk working up my body. In fact, this was kind of nice. The world turned and I giggled as my arms were bound. I eva long brunette milf interracial fuck threesome sucking blowjob snug and warm.

"That's it, poppin. Isn't that nice?" "Yes," I whispered. "Hold on, Sophia. Xera's climbing up." Through the branches below, flashes of Xera's face appeared. I giggled, "Hi, Xera." The silk covered my face. I was completely engulfed in the warm, snug blanket. My eyes grew heavy as I was rocked by the movement of the giganraneae. I could just fall asleep and enjoy peaceful lassitude.

It was such a lovely delight. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Knight-Errant Angela Xera dropped down from the tree. "Sophia's been cocooned and it's taking her east." "Pater's cock," I swore. "Can you track her?" My heart hammered in my chest. Sophia was my responsibility. It was my duty to protect her on the Quest. I couldn't let young delia rides on a massive cock be impregnated by a bunch of monstrous eggs and killed when they hatched.

No one deserved that. "Of course," Xera nodded. "The giganraneae is moving fast, but she'll stop to breed with Sophia. We'll catch up then." "Then let's go," I shouted. I couldn't let Sophia get harmed.

She was such a wonderful person. Xera darted off. I followed, my armor clinking with every step. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Acolyte Sophia I drowsed in my snug cocoon, rocked by the giganraneae scampering through the treetops. Despite my lassitude, a heat grew between my thighs. A hot itch that I hoped my giganraneae could satisfy. I squirmed, rubbing my face against the sticky silk. "Growing excited, poppin?" the giganraneae asked.

"Yes," I moaned. The silk clung to my lips. It tasted bitter. I spat, trying to get it out of my mouth. "Mmm, we're almost there. And then I'll pleasure you my sweet mate." "Mate." I smiled. "And you are a girl giganraneae? I can' with men." "There are only girl giganraneae, poppin." "Oh, right." I knew that. It was so hard to think. "You'll enjoy every moment of my touch." "Good! I'm getting so wet." "I can smell, poppin." The giganraneae made a smacking sound.

"Mmm, yes. It has been so long since I've enjoyed a human." My stomach lurched as we swiftly descended. I squirmed, a little afraid, but the giganraneae held me with four of her eight hands. I was pressed against her abdomen. I would be safe. The giganraneae wouldn't want me harmed. She wanted to love me and mate with me. There was a part of me exquisite bombshell presents huge butt and gets ass hole banged thought that was a bad idea.

I wish I could remember why. It was all foggy in my mind. "Here we are, poppin," chittered the giganraneae. My silk cocoon was ripped open by her hands. I spilled out on the loam of the forest, a few strands of silk clinging to my robe and hair. I giggled as the giganraneae stood above me, staring down with her beautiful eyes. Her multi-faceted eyes made her seem ethereal.

Her lips lowered down and cali carter august taylor the soccer blow by blow shared another delicious, numbing kiss.

Her hands ran across my body. It was like I had multiple lovers undressing me. I shuddered in delight as long fingers opened my robe and explored beneath. Hands stroked my thighs, my stomach, and groped my small breasts.

I shuddered in delight, pushing my tongue into her mouth as her fingers teased me. It was delicious. My nipples were pinched and rolled, shooting pleasure down to my hot pussy. One finger toyed with my bellybutton while a second hand stroked my side. I shuddered, ticklish delight tingling through me. My toes curled as a pair of hands stroked my inner thighs, working up to the hot folds of my pussy.

"Mmm, you are so responsive," chittered the Giganraneae. "What is your name, my mate?" "Sophia," I gasped, my hips undulating as her fingers teased nearer and nearer to my hot pussy. "Yours?" "Sliyth," she answered. "Sliyth," I moaned as I reached up, stroking her smooth chitin. It was exciting to caress her hard, slick hide, so much different than skin.

"What a lovely name." "So is Sophia." One set of hands squeezed my breasts as another rubbed at my sides. "As lovely as its owner." I blushed. "Ooh, you are so nice, Sliyth." Our lips met for another kiss as her fingers stroked at the folds of my pussy. I shuddered again, my hips undulating in delight.

My pussy lips were parted, her long fingers probing into my depths. I shuddered, clenching down on her fingers. I moaned into her lips as the pleasure stirred through my body. So wonderful. Sliyth was a delightful lover. She chittered between kisses, her wet lips moving down my neck. I shuddered as her fingers worked deeper into my pussy. They were so long and thin, different than a human's or even an elf's. I moaned, staring up at the spiderwebs stretched between the trees. "Mmm, you are just delicious," Sliyth purred, her compound eyes staring at me.

They were such a deep black. She had no eyelids, so they never blinked, they only glistened as she shifted. The hands stroking my sides seized my arms, pinning them to my side. Her abdomen contorted beneath her and pointed at me; her spinnerets fired silk. I gasped as it covered my wrists, pinning me to the ground. I moaned, pulling at the webbing. I couldn't move. She tied my other first night rape sex storys, then pushed my thighs apart, her abdomen moving.

The silky bonds were tight on my hands and ankles. "So pretty." Sliyth smiled. A pair of her black hands squeezed my small, ivory breasts.

My nipples were hard. I gasped as she leaned over and sucked on my nipple. Her teeth were sharp, nipping at my flesh as I squirmed. My pussy clenched down on her invading fingers. "Yes, yes!" I panted. My body convulsed. I was pinned down to the ground, my limbs heaving against the silken bonds.

I was so helpless. This monster could do anything to me. My pussy contracted on her fingers. She could do any naughty, delicious thing to me. My orgasm crashed through my body. "Slata's cunt!" I screamed as the pleasure burned through me. My pussy convulsed about her spidery digits. Her mouth sucked harder at my nipple. I stared into multi-faceted eyes. The dark orbs seemed to swallow me up as I bucked against her probing fingers.

The pleasure washed through my veins, driving back the fog. "Oh, no!" I gasped as the pleasure washed through me. A Giganraneae was making love to me. She would stick her ovipositor into me. I squirmed, my orgasm burning harder. I was so helpless. I was in danger. Sliyth was dangerous. Why did that make my pussy convulse again. Another orgasm rippled through me.

I was helpless. She could do anything she wanted to me. "Gods, yes!" I moaned as her hungry lips nipped my breasts.

Blood trickled. Her tongue licked it up. The numbing bliss shot back through my veins. I shuddered again as she moved lower and and lower. She nibbled, leaving little bite marks that trickled blood. Her fingers withdrew from my pussy. Her mouth replaced it. "Yes, yes, yes!" I gasped as the bliss burned through me. I heaved my body against her hungry mouth. Her venom made my pussy writhe. Orgasm after orgasm rippled through my body. I screamed out through the woods. I shuddered and writhed as the bliss burned my body.

I couldn't stand it. The pleasure was intense. It consumed me. I never wanted it to end. "You're so amazing!" I screamed. "You taste delicious," moaned Sliyth. "My daughters will love your flesh. So juicy and rich. You will sustain them." Her tongue licked again, wiggling into my depths.

Her fingers parted my asscheeks. Fingers thrust inside my bowels. I groaned, bucking as another orgasm washed through me. Her fingers worked in and out of my bowels, the burning heat flowing through me, joining the delight in my pussy.

"It's time," she purred, her lips stained with my tart excitement. Sliyth rose on her legs. Something long and black emerged from her abdomen. It was thin and dripping, the tip bulbous, almost like a cock, but it had an opening at the tip that was too wide for a dick. Her ovipositor. "Fuck me with it!" I moaned, eager for her appendage.

Sunny lione boyfriend xx story wasn't a cock. It wouldn't sully me. My pussy burned to feel it. "You're eager to be implanted," chittered Sliyth. "You are so beautiful.

I will always remember you, Sophia." "Me, too," I moaned as she crawled over me. Her smooth, chitinous body rubbed on my stomach and breasts. Her mouth found mine as her ovipositor pushed into the wet blonde taking bbc squirts all over the bed of my pussy.

My back arched as the thin shaft filled me up. My toes curled in delight even as my mind screamed a warning. This was dangerous. My pussy convulsed as an orgasm filled me. "Yes," I moaned. The ovipositor moved inside me. Sliyth stayed still, not fucking me. Instead her organ worked in and out of my sheath all on its own. My pussy clung to it as it probed deeper and deeper into me.

My body shuddered as small bumps adorning the ovipositor caressed my pussy. My nerves burned with delight. My body thrashed as it pushed deeper and deeper. "By the gods!" I screamed as it pressed into my womb. Nothing had ever been so deep in me. "So good!" "Yes!" chittered Sliyth, her body shuddering atop me. Her fingers in my ass probed deep as she convulsed. "So good!" Something bulged down the ovipositor, moving towards the tip.

My pussy was stretched around it. I shuddered as Sliyth writhed atop me, chittering in delight. The round object reached the tip and entered my womb. An egg. "Yes!" we screamed together. Missa little red double vore second and third egg stretched me out. I groaned and convulsed as the hot pleasure filled me. I strained against the silk binding me to the ground, wanting to break free so I could hold my monstrous lover as we shared this wondrous moment.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Knight-Errant Angela "Yes!" Sophia's voice screamed through the woods, caught in the throes of passion. I raced forward past Xera, my heart hammering. The giganraneae chittered with pleasure.

Fear clutched my heart. What was it doing to my Sophia. I clutched my sword in a sweaty grip as I cut through the spiderweb and used my shield to push the sticky strands aside. "Sophia," I screamed. "Hold on." I burst through the clearing. Sophia thrashed beneath the spidery body of the giganraneae. The monster lifted her human-like face, compound eyes focusing on me.

The giganraneae ripped her long ovipositor from Sophia's pussy and hissed at me. The giganraneae charged. I met her attack. The giganraneae leaped at me, chittering in rage. Her ovipositor withdrew into her body as she soared twenty feet at me. I lunged my sword forward. A stop thrust. The monster crashed into me. "Gewin's big cock!" I gasped as we fell to the ground.

Air whooshed from my lungs. The giganraneae's body pinned my shield against my chest, crushing me. The thing chittered in pain. Legs thrashed. I heaved.

My sword had stuck through her thorax and out her back. She spasmed and shuddered as she died. "Sophia!" I didn't care about the dying monster. I was on my feet and rushing to the acolyte. She shuddered on the ground. Her stomach was distended, filled with the monster's eggs. The young woman writhed on the ground, her eyes unfocused. "Oh, no!" I shouted. "Angela," smiled Sophia. "Mmm, you look so beautiful." I drew my knife and cut the thick big jugs have been created for sex of silk off her wrist.

Xera raced around, freeing Sophia's ankles. The acolyte threw her arms around me and kissed me hard. Her lips were acrid and my mouth faye reagan eye on the balls. My mind fogged with lust. I fought it. I seized Sophia's shoulders and pushed her back, staring into her eyes. "Are you okay, Sophia?" "I'm so fine, Angela," moaned Sophia.

"Mmm, Sliyth made me cum over and over." "Sliyth?" "The giganraneae," Xera answered. "Sophia. She implanted her eggs in you." "It was so hot," Sophia shuddered. "I feel so stuffed right now." "You're going to die," I gasped. "We have to get them out of you." "Die?" Sophia's green eyes grew focused. She shook her head, shaking off the monster's ecstatic venom.

Fear cascaded across her face. "Slata's cunt! Angela!" Sophia threw her arms around my neck, clinging to me. I held her tight as she trembled, stroking her light-brown hair. I didn't know what to do. "You have divine magic.

Do you know of a spell?" "I don't know," sobbed Sophia. "I'm going to die, Angela. I can't die." "You need to think." Sophia tightened her grip on me, sobbing, "I.I. don't know.there.I can't.think." "Calm down," I told her.

"I'm here with you. Don't panic." "Panic?" she screeched. "I have giganraneae eggs in me. Oh, Gods, I'm so dead." "You're not dead yet." I cupped her face, wiping at her tears trickling down her eyes.

"So long as you breathe we can figure this out." "You used that potion to heal Xiloniasa from being petrified," Xera said.

"Do you have another?" Sophia shook her head. "No. It wouldn't work. That breaks curses, and this is something else. I'm polluted by." "Sophia?" I asked, staring into her eyes. They flicked back and forth like she was thinking. "Do you have an idea." "A cleansing ritual," Sophia smiled. "And I'll need your help. Both of you." "Of course," I grinned. "What do you need?" "Your pussy juices." A hot flush shot through me. "Really?" "I need to be bathed in it," Sophia purred.

She licked her lips, her tongue stud flashing silver. "To be covered in feminine juices to purify my body and drive out the pollution." "Of course," I said, standing up and undoing my sword belt, my chainmail loincloth rattling. I let it drop, exposing my naked pussy to the air. "Now?" Xera asked. "She needs to be healed," I said. "We can't let her die." Sophia licked her lips, her hand stroking up my greaves to my thigh.

"Mmm, I have missed your pussy, Angela." I blushed. "I.I missed your touch." How long had it been since we made love? Almost two weeks? Her fingers sent a shiver through my body as she moved higher. She brushed my wet, shaved folds. I shuddered. The hot scent of my tangy pussy filled my nose.

Sophia had a mischievous grin on her face as she toyed with my pussy. "You, too, Xera," Sophia moaned, reaching out her left hand to the elf. "Of course, Sophia," Xera purred, setting down her bow and walking forward. Her large breasts jiggled and her ears twitched. "I always love your gentle touch." "And I love how delicious you taste," laughed Sophia.

I grinned, the marigold perfume of Xera's excitement mixing with mine. Elves pussies had such flowery scents. Xera pressed against me, her round breast rubbing on my armor. I put an arm around her, shuddering as Sophia stroked my pussy, and kissed the elf. Xera's lips were so soft. Her tongue played with mine, pressing into my mouth as she moaned. Sophia played with both our pussies, her fingers working in and out, sending shudders of pleasure through my body.

I moaned into Xera's sweet kiss as my pussy clenched about Sophia's probing fingers. "Mmm, two pussies to play with," Sophia purred.

"What a delightful treat." "Oh, yes!" I gasped, breaking the kiss with Xera. "Your fingers know just where to touch." Sophia winked a green eye at me.

"Well, I am an acolyte of Saphique. I've spent many years learning how to pleasure women." Her thumb brushed my clit. I shuddered, my hips bucking.

My armor creaked as I sucked in a breath. My breasts strained against my breastplate. My nipples were hard, rubbing on the cool metal. My stomach tensed as the pleasure built. "Such delicious pussies to play with," moaned the acolyte. Xera cried out in musical elvish as Sophia leaned over and tongued her clit. The elf's arm tightened about me as her hips writhed. Our flesh pressed together. Her large breasts shook and jiggled, her nipples hard, beckoning.

I leaned over and engulfed a nipple. The chalky, bitter flavor of her camouflage paint filled my mouth as I suckled on her hard nipple. I moaned as Sophia rubbed harder and harder at my clit, her thumb moving in fast circles. "Yummy! Now to taste Angela's tangy pie." Sophia's thumb moved to the side so her tongue could assault my clit. My hips spasmed as her wet, agile tongue and hard tongue stud caressed through my pussy lips up to the tip of my clit.

She swirled her tongue around it, grinding her hard stud against my bud. My ass clenched as the pleasure shot through me. She pushed a third finger into my pussy, then a fourth. I gasped, releasing Xera's nipple as my body shuddered. My pussy was stretched out while my clit burned beneath Sophia's sweet assault.

Then the naughty acolyte curled her hand. She fisted me. "By the Gods!" I moaned as she reamed my pussy, fucking her fist in and out of my depths. I was stretched open. My pussy clung to her fist as she pushed it deeper and deeper into me. Nerves burst with pleasure. My body was filled with it.

My back arched. Xera's arms tightened, holding me as I swayed. "Sophia!" I gasped, a powerful orgasm brewing. "Oh, yes!" "Cum!" she moaned. I did. My pussy convulsed about her fist. A powerful wave of pleasure shot through me. The muscles in my stomach tightened. Pussy juices squirted out, splashing on her face. Sophia closed her eyes, moving her face around as I drenched her. My tangy aroma filled the air as my creamy juices coated her face, dripping down to her small breasts.

"Pater's wonderful cock!" I gasped. "Oh, wow! Saphique's naughty mouth! So good!" "That's it!" smiled Sophia. "That's what I need." ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Acolyte Sophia Every breath was full of Angela's tangy scent. Her juices dripped down my face and neck.

I loved it. I clenched my pussy as I savored every last delight she gave me. The juices trickled down my body, reaching my nipples. I ripped my fist out of Angela's pussy. The redheaded knight stumbled back, almost falling as her body trembled from the intensity of her orgasm. I licked my fingers as I turned to Xera. The elf smiled down at me. "Are you going to make me cum that hard?" she asked. "Of course," I purred, pushing a third finger from my left hand into her pussy.

I could fist a woman with either hand. My sticky hand wrapped around her waist, squeezing skinny playgirl enjoys unfathomable insertion hardcore and massage ass as I leaned in and licked at her clit.

Her flowery excitement covered my tongue as I nuzzled into her pussy. I slipped in a fourth finger, her pussy clenching down about my fingers. "Sophia!" gasped Xera as I curled my hand into a fist, engulfed by her hot flesh. Her elvish pussy clenched as I worked my fist deep into her depths.

Her hands gripped my hair, holding me tight as she undulated into my thrusting fist. Her juices poured out as she moaned in her melodic elvish. I loved making a woman go wild with pleasure.

I paid attention to the clues of her body. I had made love to her enough times to understand the subtle differences of elvish orgasms. I concentrated on her clit, flicking my tongue stud against it harder than I had on Angela's while my fist plunged deep into her pussy. My own pussy clenched, stuffed full of the Giganraneae eggs. I shuddered, excited and disgusted all at the same time as they pulsed inside me. I pressed on my clit with my thighs, building my own orgasm as I pleasured the elf.

Xera's moans grew higher in pitch. Her breasts heaved as the pleasure built through her. I flicked harder at her clit and fucked my fist faster in and out of her tight depths. Her hips swiveled. Her pussy grew hotter.

That's what I needed. I uncurled my fingers inside of her, caressing the wall of her tight pussy. "Matar!" screamed Xera as her orgasm washed over her. The elf's pussy convulsed. Her flowery juices squirted out.

I let them splash on my breasts, anointing me with her feminine delights. The juices ran hot down my body to my aching pussy. I spread my thighs and let them touch my clit. "Saphique, Goddess of Purity, cleanse my body!" I called out to my Goddess. Her power filled me. The pussy juices anointing my flesh glowed white. The femininity of Angela and Xera sank into my body. Finay fuckined big black coak shuddered.

My orgasm burst inside me as the feminine purity swept down to my pussy. The first egg spread my pussy open as it was pushed out. My back arched as the pleasure increased. The egg was forced out. My pussy burned as the second egg and third egg came out. I fell over onto my hands and knees, wordlessly screaming in bliss as I was cleansed. Each egg sent such pleasure shooting through me.

"Slata's cunt," I panted when the last egg was forced out. My pussy writhed. My body pure. "Thank you, Saphique. Thank you." "You're cleansed," Angela shouted. She pulled me up and hugged me to her armor. Tears glistened in her eyes. Our lips met in a kiss. It was such a wonderful kiss. My heart beat fast. I knew it wasn't love. She was just concerned about me, but I let myself enjoy it anyways. I could pretend, for now, that Angela loved me back.

It was a wonderful delusion. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Xerathalasia The horses neighed in greeting, eager to see their human masters. It was a relief to be out of the vale. No more Giganraneae molested us on the way out. The forest outside the vale smelled sweetly of resin, leaves, and the musk of animals. Birds sang in the boughs, deer scampered on the trails, and squirrels cavorted up and down the tree trunks.

The fullness of life was about me again. "There's my sweet Purity," Sophia smiled, petting the white snout of her mare.

"I missed you." Angela unhobbled her large stallion. She took his reins and joined Sophia. The pair stood close. When they walked into the woods, there had been a rift between them. Sophia was hurt and Angela was distant. I smiled as they walked forward, shoulders almost touching. They worked well together.

And they had such a hard, dangerous road before them. Duty compelled them both. Even Sophia had found the strength to walk towards it. That was probably Angela's doing. The knight walked with a straight back. She was graceful and confident, marching towards her destiny. Could I walk with the same confidence? Could I leave my woods, my wife, my people behind to amateur petite teens enjoy fucking roommates big cocks a pair of humans?

Destiny called to me, and I was afraid I would not have the same strength these two humans had. My thoughts were heavy as I led them east to my home. To be continued.