Pretty eurobabe flashes tits and fucked in the woods

Pretty eurobabe flashes tits and fucked in the woods
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Wednesday we went back to the builder with our choices and spent another afternoon picnicking at the pond. We went home early to rest and wait for our visitor that was due Thursday afternoon. We all got up excited Thursday wondering if she would show up. We were having lunch when my phone rang.

I said I was bill and listened for a few minutes before saying "Thank you, we'll be there as soon as we can." When I turned around they saw the pale look on my face. "What's wrong? What was that about?" "That was the sheriff's office. Donna was hit by a drunk driver as she drove thru Bastrop. She's on her way to the hospital. Denny's Breakfast Treat 9 We all dressed and took off in my truck to the hospital the sheriff said Donna was being taken.

When we got to the emergency room, they said only family. I told them we were as close to family as she had and if she was conscious to tell her Bill and the family were here. We sat in the waiting area for almost two hours before a doctor came out and asked for us. He said Donna had asked him just before surgery to let us know how she was and to tell her mister Bill she loved him. He went on to tell us they had put a pin in her left femur that was broken in the wreck and would take 4-6 weeks of therapy she also had a fractured wrist they put in a cast, a black eye and a lot of nasty bruises.

She would be out of recovery in an hour or so and the nurses had been told it was ok for us to visit. We gave a big sigh of relief and thanked the doctor. We went to the hospital cafeteria to get something to drink and by the time we got back a nurse came out to tell us Donna was asking for me. When we all got up she said only one at a time. I followed the nurse to the recovery room where Donna was.

They said she would be moved to a room upstairs shortly. As I walked in she started crying. "I'm sorry. Please don't be mad at me I was trying so hard. Don't make me leave. Please, please don't make me leave." I bent down and kissed her un-bruised right cheek and whispered in her ear. "This wasn't your fault. No one is going to send you away." She put her good right arm around my neck and hugged me.

"Thank you, thank you. I promise to make you proud, Master." "Shhhh, not yet and not here, as soon as they move you to a room Mercedes, Rose kissable teen is geeting pissed on and squirts wet slit Cathy will be in to visit. Until then you're stuck with me." I pulled up a chair and sat down holding her hand. "I came here to be stuck with you and your family.

I just didn't think it would start like this." She talked about the accident until they came to move her to a room. I walked upstairs with them then called the girls to let them know her room number. When they showed up I was nudged out of the way and the tears started again. Soon all four of them were alternating between laughing and crying.

We could see she was tired and just as we were ready to leave a nurse came in to chase us out. After hugs and kisses from all of us we promised to be back tomorrow and said someone would stay with her as sunny leone pressing her boobs story as the hospital would allow. On the way home we worked out a schedule.

The girls would take care of days and I would go up in the evening and stay until I got run out. For the first couple of days she slept a lot but then she was moved to a rehab center to start therapy on her leg. Because of the pin in her leg they said she needed to start working on strength and balance and they wanted to see her taking steps soon. The Saturday after the accident Tiffany and her assistant showed up about noon to check the girl's piercings and play in the pool while I grilled lunch.

When they arrived and walked in the door, Tiffany stripped and looked at Gloria who was standing there just staring. Gloria was about 5'2"with bright red party girl hair. She was skinny in an attractive way with pert 32B tits poking at the tank top she was wearing. Tiffany said, "Come on girl don't be shy now. You always say you wished you didn't have to wear clothes." Gloria snapped out of her daze and shed her tank top and Levis.

She had some amazing and new tats on her. Tiffany had her turn around so we could see the new wings on her back and the serpent that coils around her left leg. What caught my attention was the fresh tattoo just below her panty line over her Mon's in script that said 'Please Fuck Me'.

I ran my finger across it and felt the swelling from a fresh tattoo. "Is that an invitation?" I was surprised when Tiffany said, "No it's a request.

She asked me to do it when she found out we were coming here to visit." My ladies were standing around me and one said, "Be a gentleman and make her happy." "Do you ladies want to make her happy like we did Tiffany?" Gloria's eyes lit up when they said yes and dragged her off to the bedroom. Tiffany grabbed my arm as we followed them. "She has talked about this since she came in Tuesday and I told her what she missed.

Make sure she remembers today for a while." I pulled Tiffany to me and put one of her tattooed breast in my mouth and sucked hard. When I released it I asked her. "What would make today special for you?" "Sucking your cock after you pound my pussy, and ass, doggy style outside for a beginning." When we got to the bedroom the girls had Gloria on her back on the bed with her head over a corner. Cathy had her legs spread, sucking on her clit as Rose and Mercedes took turns straddling her face and rubbing their pussy's on her mouth.

As I watched Tiffany wrapped a hand around my shaft and gave me a hand job until my dick was rock hard. She got down and spit on it before taking it in her mouth to make it all slick. "Now fuck her mouth like you did mine then pound her pussy and ass until she begs you to stop." Mercedes was standing so she could look down at Gloria's eyes as she ate her pussy.

Instead of having Mercedes move I just had her back up enough that I could slide my dick between Gloria's lips while she held her head for me. Gloria licked my dick as I slid it in, stopping when the tip hit the back of her mouth. She didn't gag but my dick didn't go any farther. I started fucking her mouth hitting the back of her mouth harder on each stroke. I pulled out long enough for her to catch her breath and started again.

This time after several strokes her throat opened enough for the head pornotreffen auf der erotikmesse venus berlin my dick to slip in. I held it there until she raised her hands to push me back.

I grabbed her hands and held them a few moments then pulled out. "Swallow it all." Then still holding her hands I pushed my dick back into honey from street gets fucked hardcore blowjob mouth.

This time all but a couple of inches went in. Three strokes later my dick was fully impaled in her throat and my balls were resting on her nose.

Mercedes was still holding her head and I had her hands as she tried to dislodge my meat from her throat. This time when I pulled out she was gasping for air and hollering. "OH…God…OH&hellip.God……That was&hellip.such an&hellip.adrenaline rush." Just then Mercedes pulled Gloria's mouth to her pussy and I could hear her slurping at her hole. Mercedes lowered Gloria's head and I pushed my shaft into her mouth, this time all the way in, in one stroke. I fucked her mouth like another pussy then held it all the way in until I felt like my balls were about to burst and pulled out so I wouldn't cum.

I left her gasping for breath as Rose and Mercedes once again were taking turns riding her face with their pussies. I climbed on the bed and had Cathy lay on her back with her head to Gloria's pussy as Tiffany straddled Gloria's chest and held her legs spread.

I straddled Cathy and had her licking my balls before I drove my shaft deep into Gloria's pussy without warning.

Gloria was moaning loudly into Rose's wet hole. My balls were aching and just as I shot a blast of cum in Gloria's tight pussy I pulled out, grabbed my dick to stop the blasts, put it to her asshole and drove it in spraying her bowels with cum as she tried to yell into Rose's hole again.

I kept fucking her ass as long as my dick stayed hard and her body kept shaking. Finally I pulled my shrinking dick from her ass and left it fall on Cathy's face. She sucked on it greedily cleaning off mine and Gloria's mixed cum. Tiffany and I got up followed by Cathy and the other three. Gloria's legs were wobbling but she came to me and put her arms around my neck and pulled me to a kiss.

"Tiffany was right that was the most thrilling fuck I have ever had." "Well ladies what did you have planned next." Tiffany said "You promised a Bar-B-Que and pool. So we'll go play in your pool and let you watch while you cook for us.

By the way I like my meat big and tasty." I heard a chorus of 'Me to' just before they all ran off to the back deck and the pool. When I went out to fire up the grill they were standing together with, Tiffany and Gloria touching rose's baby bump. When they saw me watching Tiffany said "You must be proud, seven babies on the way." "Actually I'm damned proud. We didn't plan on it all happening at once, but we were planning on a big family." "I guess it a good thing Gloria and I are on the pill." Cathy said, "I was on the pill and he still knocked me up." They all had a laugh over that.

I busied myself getting the steaks ready and watched the 5 women playing in the water. As I put the steaks on the grill the ladies got out of the pool and started to the house. "We'll get the rest of lunch ready while you finish out here." Gloria came up beside me and put her arm around my waist.

"I want to thank you. I told Tiffany about my fantasy but I never thought it would come true. When we talked and I told her I always wanted to have someone else control me and fuck all my holes hard I never dreamed she would find someone, let alone 4 someone's, to abuse me so good." As she talked she slipped her other hand down and was gently rubbing my dick.

"Would you let me do something for big tit redhead fucked and facialed on ecg before we leave?

"I have to go visit a friend in the hospital after we eat so that will probably have to wait for another day." She had a little frown on her face. "Ok, but I won't forget and I will thank you." As I finished the steaks the ladies brought out the rest of the meal and we sat in the shade by the pool eating.

Gloria wanted to sit next to me and kept putting her hand on my dick and rubbing it. When precum started to dribble out she would wipe it off with a finger them make a big production out of licking her finger then smiling and saying "Mmmmm" Finally Rose said "Damn Gloria you might as well just suck his dick and get it over with." "No, that's not what I want.

I want his cock in my pussy and me fucking him, but he told me no. So I'm settling for two lustful babes and two hard members little taste now and then." We finished eating around 5 and when I said I was going to the hospital to visit Donna everyone said to wish her well. When I dressed and walked out to my truck Gloria followed me out. When I got in she climbed in and sat on my lap.

"You're not getting away. I will get what I want, maybe not today, but soon." She gave me a long, deep, passionate, kiss then got out and stood nude waving as I drove away.

When I got to the hospital Donna was sitting in a chair wearing shorts and a top the girls had brought her. The bruising was going down and she was smiling. "Am I glad to see you, dinner sucked and the cafeteria is still open.

Will you push me down there in a wheel chair so I can eat, please? I helped her into the chair and as soon as we told the nurse we were off.

After she ate her fill we went out into the courtyard in the middle of the building and sat at a table talking. She was still worrying about not arriving on time even though I kept telling her not to worry about it. I finally told her the only thing she should worry about was getting punished for letting my property get damaged. "When you become my master you may punish me anyway you desire but right now I'm still a free woman and I want to give you something.

We started back to her room but halfway there she said she needed a restroom. She told me which way to go and we found a door marked women. I pushed her inside and started out but she said she needed help and to lock the door. This was one of those one person restrooms with a lock on the door.

When I turned back around Donna had her top off and was trying to slide off her shorts. "Don't just stand there come here and help me." She rocked her hips as I finished xxx kimmy granger sxe movie her shorts off and before I could ask why she needed to be naked she grabbed my belt and started undoing it and my pants. "I haven't had a cock in weeks and that is going to end tonight." As soon as she had my pants low enough she put her hands on my shaft and rubbed it softly.

"When I told my boyfriend I was moving here with you he told me I could stay in the house until I moved and then he gave me a $5,000 prepaid Visa. That was the last time I saw or heard from him." She slid to the edge of the chair and touched her tongue to the tip of my shaft. After licking all around it, she slid the head into her mouth, put her hands on my hips and pulled me to her swallowing the entire length.

I wrapped my hands in her blonde mane and stroked her mouth and throat on my shaft. I was fucking her face when she pushed me away. She hissed, "I want your meat in my pussy. Help me onto the counter." I picked her up and sat her on the sink counter and she leaned back against the mirror.

She raised her legs and spread them as wide as she could without hurting. Her slit was open and moisture was already dripping from it. Her inner lips were swollen and bright pink. I could not resist putting my mouth over them and sucking the wetness from them. "OH GOD. Suck me. Suck me hard." I sucked on those lips until I moved to her hard clit. I pinched it out from its hiding spot then sucked on it as I pulled on it with my teeth.

"Stop, Stop. I want your cock in me. Fuck my pussy. I want to feel you're hot cum inside me." I stood up and rubbed my shaft thru her slit to make it slick. I put my dick at the entrance to her pussy and pushed the head in. "Slow baby, slow. I want to feel every inch of your dick going in me. She let out one long moan as I slowly buried my 8" in her hot hole. I stopped and was still to let her enjoy the feel of her pussy being full. "Oh Bill I missed this so much. Now fuck me. Fuck me hard and make me cum for you." I was pinching and pulling the nipples on her 36DD's as I repeatedly drove into her pussy.

I knew I wouldn't last long but was surprised when she arched her back and her body shuddered. Her cum gushed out of her hole around my shaft as I drove into her one more time and sprayed cum into her vagina. I kept pulling and pinching her large nipples as I held my dick deep until I stopped shooting cum. It was several moments after that that Donna stopped shaking. I pulled my dick out and the counter had a big puddle of our cum.

I grabbed a bunch of paper towels to clean up then helped her get her shorts on before lifting her back to the chair. As she put on her top and I fastened my pants she told me that she wanted me to bring her here any time I stayed with her.

By the time we got back to her room the nurse was looking for her and told me visiting hours were over. We hugged and Donna gave my bulge a quick squeeze.

"I'll be ready tomorrow." It was late when I got home and the house was dark. I walked thru to the bedroom in the dark and climbed in bed and snuggled up to the naked female. When I hugged her to me I kissed her neck and heard an 'Mmmmm'. "You like that huh?" "More than you know." Oh shit that wasn't one of my three women.

I turned on the reading light and was looking at Gloria. "I told you I get what I want." She rolled over so she was facing me and put her head on my chest as she took hold of my dick. "I want to suck your dick and taste your cum then have you fuck me like you did today but all by yourself." I started to slide to the edge of the bed. "Are you running away?" "No I'm going to the bathroom, unless you want a golden shower also." She gave my dick a hard squeeze. "Maybe next time?" Damn that was new.

I went in the bathroom and took one of my blue pills. If she wanted fucked I was going to make sure she got fucked damn good. I got on the bed and Gloria wasted no time pushing my legs apart and gobbling my cock. She was rubbing and patting my balls with one hand as she stroked my shaft with the other.

She was switching between swallowing me all the way down and stroking with such a tight grip it almost hurt. I solved that problem by grabbing her by the hair and stopping her from taking my dick out of her mouth. She resisted at first but caught on to what I wanted and began driving her mouth all the way down on my shaft without my help.

My balls tensed and I yelled. "I'm gonna cum." As the first jet erupted from my cock she dropped it all the way down her throat and held it there until it stopped jerking. She pulled me from her throat, licked her lips and smiled. She was stoking my dick that was still hard as a rock and pointing straight up. "Mmmmm looks like you're ready for your part." "Stand next to the bed." I got up and stood behind her bending her over the bed with her legs spread.

Without warning I put my dick at the entrance to her pussy and drove in. She was so wet it went deep into her tight hole. "OOOOOHHHHHHH FFUUCCKKK, I need&hellip." That's all she got out before I pulled out and drove in again. "I…I…I…need" again I drove into her hard and deep making her gasp for breath. "All you need is to get the fucking you asked for." I was fucking her as hard as I could and her body was shaking as she moaned with each stroke.

After several minutes I saw her thong on the floor next to the bed so I stopped and picked it up. I pulled her up by her hair and stuffed the thong in her mouth. Now be a good slut and don't say anything while I fuck you until you beg me to stop." I drove my dick back into her pussy and she only whimpered.

Soon she was pushing back to meet my strokes and had one hand between her legs rubbing her clit. I had one more surprise for her. I pulled my dick from her hot hole, put it to her ass and buried all eight inches in her rectum. Her head came up and she let out a muffled yell kendra lust sax movi download sex stories she didn't try to remove the gag and just continued assaulting her clit.

I kept pounding her ass with my pharmaceutically enhanced dick until I was ready for another position. I pulled out of her ass and had her lay on the bed with her head over the edge and took her thong out of her mouth. I made her lift her legs so I could hold them by the ankles and keep them spread. "Put your fingers in your pussy with one hand and pinch your clit with the other." As she complied I put the head of my dick on her lips and as soon as she opened her mouth for it I started pushing in, making her swallow it all down.

As soon as it was all in I began fucking her mouth and throat like a new pussy. She was jamming fingers into her pussy when her back arched and she moaned around my cock.

Her cum was squirting out coating her hand and wetting the bed sheets. I took her thong and wiped her cum from her pussy and hand and put it back in her mouth as I pulled my dick out. She opened her eyes, smiling weekly, as I spun her on the bed so her pussy and ass were in front of me.

I pushed her legs back to her sides and told her to hold them. When she didn't move fast enough I gave her 5 swats on each ass cheek. "Move when I tell you to do something." She grabbed get legs and whimpered thru the gag again and I saw a tear in one eye. She jumped when I grabbed her red ass cheeks to spread them so I could impale her ass with my shaft again. She squirmed at first as in fucked her ass but that changed to trying to move her ass to me as she groaned around the cum soaked thong.

My balls tightened again and I filled her ass with cum. Her body was shaking as I took the thong out and used it to wipe my dick clean. "Is there anything you want to say?" In a very soft low voice she just said one word.

"More." As I started to put the thong back in her mouth she said, "No, please I'll be good." I un-wadded it and put just the crotch between her lips. "Bite!" She held the thong between her teeth and sucked hard on the wet material. I put my dick in her pussy lovely teen blows and rides old penis started fucking her again.

As I drove my dick in her pussy she was trying to use her legs to thrust herself up to me. I put one hand on her mound and rubbed hard on her clit.

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Her head went back as she gave a loud moan as she had another orgasm and pumped her juices out to me. When she stopped cumming I put two pillows in the middle of the bed and had her lay with her tits on the pillows and pull her knees under her. "Now spread your cheeks and hold them wide." I put my dick to her ass again and pushed in she just groaned thru her clenched teeth but did not let go of the thong.

I moved back and forth fucking her pussy for a bit then moving back to her ass. Eventually I stopped and moved around in front of her but told her not to let go of her ass. I sat on the bed and slid under her face, took the thong from her mouth and replaced it orgasms of a hot ebon attractive hottie my shaft.

I wrapped my hands in her hair and slid her mouth up and down holding her down every few strokes until I let her up gasping for air. When I felt my groin tighten again I pulled her up until only the head was between her lips. "Don't swallow." I knew this would be my last full load and had a special use for it. I un-wadded the thong and held the triangle piece under her mouth.

"Spit it out and be careful not to let any miss." She dribbled it out carefully, making sure it all stayed on the cloth. I folded the material in half and soaked all my cum into it.

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"Do you have anything to say?" She nodded her head. "What?" "No more tonight, please?" "Did you get what you wanted?" "Yes and more, any time you would like to fuck me like that again just call. I will be naked on my knees in front of you as fast as I can get to you and you can use me as you're cum slut as long as you want." "Well there are two more things I need." What are they Mr.

Bill?" My dick is still hard and needs a warm tight place for the night and I made you a special treat to help you sleep." I put the cloth I had just soaked with more cum between her lips. "This is for you to suck like a baby and have sweet dreams of me." I pulled back the covers and had her lay on her left side and I spooned next to her back. I had her raise her right leg and then I once again slid my shaft into her ass as she moaned around the thong then I had her put her leg back down.

I pulled the covers over us with her lying with her head on one arm and the other one wrapped around her holding a breast. "Now go stepdad nails pretty arya fae and jill kassidy sleep and rest for the morning." She put one hand over mine on her breast, holding it tight as she pushed her ass to me and moaned again. I fell asleep feeling her ass squeezing and milking my dick. When I woke up in the morning I was on my back and Gloria was lying with her head on my chest, the thong still in her mouth, and one hand had a firm grip on my dick.

When I gave her a light shake she looked up at me and smiled around the thong. She released it when I took it in my hand but didn't speak. "Did you sleep well?" "I fell asleep with your heartbeat pulsing in my ass thru your cock and dreamed I was sucking your dick and tasting it all night. You said for me to rest for this morning, why?" "I have one more thing for you to do." I had her get out of bed and kneel between my legs as I sat on the edge of the bed.

"Clasp your hands behind you and without them, make me cum." She looked up with a big smile. "Mmmmm, I can do that." I leaned back on my elbows and watched as she licked around my balls then up and down my shaft. She alternated between sucking on my shaft as she stroked it into her mouth and throat, and licking or sucking on my balls. She even pushed down until her nose was against my belly and stayed there until she had to come up gasping for air. As my cum boiled up into my dick I grabbed her hair with one hand and my dick with the other.

"Don't lick." Then I aimed my dick at her nose and upper lip and sprayed her with cum. "Now stand up and spread your legs and keep your hands behind you." I slid two fingers into her pussy and worked them in and out until my cum from last night started to dribble out. I smeared it all over her thighs then told her to close her legs. I wiped my dick on the thong again, stood up and put it in her hands."Now follow me." I left the bedroom to find my three ladies.

They had spent the night snuggled together in one of the other bedrooms. When I found them and woke them up I pulled Gloria in front of me. "Where is Tiffany?" "She went home. She said you could bring her back when you were finished with her." "Well she is leaking cum from everywhere and her thong is soaked.

So since you three left her in my bed you get to clean her up. Gloria leaned against me and whispered. "Thank you." Then she climbed up on the bed." I stood and watched as Rose pulled Gloria until she was astraddle her face then she began licking Gloria's thighs moving closer to her pussy full of cum.

Cathy was leaning over Gloria's back and had her face between her ass cheeks slurping at the cum there. Mercedes was holding Gloria's breast while she kissed and licked all over her face cleaning of this morning leavings. As I left the room I said "When you ladies are finished come find me so we can shower together." Twenty minutes later I was sitting in the living room when the four of them walked in, laughing, arm in arm.

We got her clean husband look." They had her bend over with her butt towards me and as she looked back at me and spread her cheeks slid two fingers into her pussy and brought them out clean as Cathy did the same thing with her ass. Just then Gloria's stomach gave a loud rumble. They all laughed and Mercedes said "Well we got most of it." "You're hungry?" She turned around and sat on my lap.

"Last night was delicious but the least you could do is buy breakfast for your wives and your pet slut." They were all laughing again as dirt poor stud allows slutty pal to pound his gf for hard cash pulled me off the couch towards the shower.

In the shower I couldn't resist pulling Rose to me with her back against me and rubbing my hands over her developing baby bump. I was so happy that we were going to have a big family and everyone seemed as happy as I was. Amanda told me she was jealous that Rose was already showing.

She was happy for her but would be happier when it was her getting her bump rubbed. Cathy said in a month or so I was going to be doing a lot of rubbing, and not just baby bumps. I was going to have a lot of sore feet to keep happy also.

Right now I was busy rubbing breasts and pussies. I sat on the bench in the shower and Mercedes and Cathy stood in front of me placing one foot on the bench. I slipped two fingers in Cathy's pussy then bent forward with a hand on Mercedes' hip pulling her wet pussy to my waiting mouth. As they moaned while I licked and fingered their pussies I heard moaning next to me. I turned and saw Rose sitting next to me with Gloria's face buried in her pussy. Cathy and Mercedes came at the same time coating my face and hand with their cum.

Rose slumped against me gasping and when I looked around Gloria was smiling with a glaze on her face. When Cathy and Amanda put their legs down Gloria sat on my lap, took my head in her hands and gave me a long lingering kiss. We could taste the sweet tartness of my ladies on our lips. We finally managed to get clean and out of the shower.

The ladies were getting dressed when Gloria pulled on the jeans she had worn here yesterday. "If you're going to breakfast with us, those won't work. Mercedes, help her dress appropriately for the family." The girls laughed and headed into the big walk-in closet. When they came back out a few minutes later, Gloria was wearing a skirt that was about 12" long, a cropped top that just came below her tits and 5" heels.

"Is this better?" I had her turn around with her back to me and bend over. I saw she wasn't wearing panties so I slipped two fingers between her wet lips and stroked her pussy. "You tell me. Is this better?" She moaned "Oh yessss." I had her stand up and told her any time she came to our house or went out with us this was how I expected my pet slut to dress. "Yes Bill." I also told her she had to mind or she would get a spanking. That was probably a mistake because she just smiled and said "Spankings huh?

Yes Bill." We left for breakfast and we sat in a booth with me in the middle. Mercedes was on my left, Rose was next and Cathy was on my right with Gloria outside of her. After we ordered Cathy and Gloria got up and left to the restrooms. When they came back like ten minutes later Gloria slid in next to me and Cathy sat on the outside. When I asked what was going on Cathy just said "It's ok. She made it good for me." As she raised the edge of her skirt and rubbed her pussy.

I looked back at Gloria as she dabbed a finger at the corner of her mouth "Mmmmm good for me to." She took my left hand and slid it up her thigh until I touched her wet lips. "And I'm going to make it good for you again also." She had just pushed my fingers into her hot tunnel when the waitress brought our food. She looked at Cathy and Gloria for a minute before Gloria hugged my arm pushing my fingers deeper.

"I won he's mine for now." The waitress just shrugged and put down the food as Gloria kissed my ear and whispered "Wait till we start home." I ate left handed since Gloria kept her hand on mine keeping my fingers inside her. Each time she put a bite in her mouth I rubbed inside her tunnel solo free amateur solo porn video tube porn she moaned as she chewed.

Mercedes asked her if she was ready to be pregnant. "No, that's why I'm on pleasant a unshaved japanese cunt hardcore and blowjob pill." Rose and Cathy both said "Me too." Then Rose went on. "But that didn't keep him from knocking us up.

I have triplets. Cathy and Mercedes had twins." Gloria looked at Mercedes, "You too?" "No I went off the pill so Bill and I could have a baby together. We never dreamed that being filled with his swimmers almost every day would get us all pregnant, but here we are and you might be next." My three were laughing about that and Gloria looked deep in thought. "Well I guess I'll take my chances if you guys will let him keep fucking me when he can. I already promised him he could use me as his cum slut and I haaaaate to go back on my word." She tightened her pussy on my fingers as she pushed my hand harder.

"And I'll do whatever to help you ladies keep him happy later." I ate breakfast left handed with help from Mercedes and Gloria since she didn't want to let my fingers go. She and Mercedes kept taking turns rubbing my bulge until I told them to stop or I would have a big wet spot in my shorts. "Well baby I guess I'll have to take care of that when we get in the truck." They stopped rubbing but Gloria left her hand on it giving me a squeeze every now and then to make sure it stayed hard.

Just before we left my phone rang. It was the deputy that had called me about Donna's accident. He wanted to tell me we could come get her belongings from the trailer.

The rental company wanted to pick it up tomorrow so he wanted to know if we could clean it out today. When I asked the ladies, Mercedes, Rose and Cathy said they had already made plans to spend the day with Donna but they were certain that my new pet would be glad to help.

"After all she did say she would do anything for you." When we went out to the truck to leave, Mercedes and Gloria exciting fingering for big love melons asian japanese and hardcore me to ride in the back seat with them. "Strip, put your clothes in the back under the tonneau then you can ride with me." They walked to the back of the truck.

I watched the cover open and close then they reappeared naked. When they got in I told Gloria to kneel on the floor between my legs and pull my sorts off.

When she was done I slid forward on the seat and had Mercedes sit on my lap and lean back against me. I told Gloria, "Since you seem to like dicks and pussy's you can suck on my dick and get Mercedes' pussy wet for me to fuck." I had my arms around Mercedes holding her breasts and playing with her nipples as I felt Gloria guide my shaft to her lips.

As they slid over the head Mercedes moaned as Gloria slid a finger in her pussy and rubbed her thumb on her clit. Mercedes was grinding her ass on me as I whispered in her ear. "Are you ready for me to fill you with my cock wife?" "Oh god yes, I've been ready." I lifted her enough for Gloria to guide my dick to her pussy entrance then lowered her onto it.

"Your cock feels so good deep inside me. Can we just sit like this for a while?" We sat with her impaled on my shaft as I held her to me rubbing her breasts while Gloria was licking her clit and my dick where it disappeared in Mercedes' pussy. When Mercedes put her feet on the edge of the set and started sliding up and down my shaft, Gloria took my balls in one hand and was sucking each one like a lollipop. Mercedes was moaning louder as my balls tightened from the teasing and Gloria sucking on them.

When she sat down hard on my shaft and her body shuddered I blasted her womb with cum as she yelled "OH FUCK YES, fill me with cum. God, fill me with your hot cum." She didn't move for several minutes, until I stopped pumping cum and she stopped shaking. When she recovered she rose up letting my cock slip from her pussy. As she slid forward on my lap Gloria lapped at the cum dribbling from her pussy.

When she had all she could get Mercedes moved off my lap so Gloria could lick our cum off my dick and what had leaked onto my balls. As we arrived back home she had licked me clean but was now sliding me deep in her throat and moaning. Just as we pulled in the drive I unloaded another load of cum down her throat.

"Mmmmm I love the taste of your cum but it is better coming from your wife's pussy." When we got out Mercedes and Gloria went to get their clothes from the attractive centerfold is presenting her gaped tight hole in close up of the truck.

I told Gloria not to bother getting dressed, just throw her clothes and heels in the back seat. Then I sent her to get a pair of shoes she could wear later to help me move Donnas' things.

I slipped back into my shorts and hooked the trailer to the truck and went in the house looking for the women. Mercedes and Cathy were in the living room dressed and Rose was coming out of the bedroom with Gloria, naked, carrying tennis shoes. We walked outside and after some hugs from my wives they got in Rose's SUV and left for the hospital.

I had Gloria throw the shoes in the back seat with the rest of her clothes and we were off to unload the trailer. "How long do I have to stay naked?" "Until I say you can get dressed.

Do you have a problem with that?" "No Bill?" "Now turn to face me and put your left foot on the back of my seat." When she did her slit was spread wide so I could see her puffy pink lips. "Now masturbate until I tell you to stop." She smiled and used both hands to spread and pull on her lips before rubbing her clit with one hand as she slid two fingers from her other hand as deep as they would go into her pussy.

She sat smiling at me as she worked on getting herself off until I pulled up to a pump at a store/ gas station. She looked around and started to turn around. "I didn't say you could stop." "Yes Bill." She put her foot back on my seat back but was still trying to look around as she went back to fingering herself and I got out to pump gas.

When the truck was full I opened the door long enough to say I would be right back then closed it and used the remote to lock the doors and set the alarm before she could say anything. I went in the store and bought a couple of bottled waters then stood back from the window watching the truck.

It was only a couple of minutes before the young guy that had pulled in on the other side of the pumps looked around, walked around the pump with his phone in his hand and knocked on the driver's window. He brought the phone up and took a quick picture and rushed back to his side. I walked back out to the truck just as he jumped in his truck and drove off. I looked at Gloria as I opened the door. Her eyes were closed, she was shaking and her crotch and hand were wet.

"Are you alright?" she stopped shaking and smiled. "OH god I came as soon as that guy knocked on the window and took his pictures and I came again when I saw you walk up. May I stop now, Bill?" "No, I want to watch you cum again before we get to the storage yard." Her fingers were making a wet sucking sound as she plunged them in and out.

Her clit was swollen and sticking out past the hood as she kept rubbing and pinching trying to feet domination couple forget your car problems after sex her third orgasm.

Just as I turned onto the road the Yard was on she screamed, "OH FUCKING GOD", and squirted not once but twice all the way across the console to my lap. I was surprised to say the least. She put her hand over her slit as more squirted out and she gasped for breath. "I'm&hellip.sorry……damn&hellip.I'm…&……sorry…&hellip.

I never did that before." She was trying to sit up nud sunny leon xxx sex free download her shaking legs weren't cooperating.

"Just lay back and relax. It's ok. I didn't know you were a squirter?" "Neither did I, I'll clean it up, I promise." "Don't worry about it. We'll drop it off and have it detailed. Indian wife wants her pussy to get wet love to see the look on their faces when they open the doors after it sits in the sun and it smells like sex inside. Now slip on your clothes and heels so we can go in and unload the trailer." When she turned around and reached into back seat between the front seats I put my hand on her inner thigh and slid it up.

She spread her legs to allow me to slip two fingers into her wet slit. "Mmmmm, that feels so good and I want more but if you don't plan on fucking me right now you better remove them." I took my wet fingers from her slit and held them up as she sat back down. She took one between her lips and sucked it like a small cock. She put the other one to my lips and said, "Taste me." She was tart and salty from all the cum I had pumped into her since yesterday.

She pulled her skirt and top on just as we pulled up to the gate. I went into the office and they said we would have to wait until the sheriff arrived with the paperwork. I pulled off to one side of the lot to wait.

Gloria leaned over mofos four sexy teens have some fun outside console and started rubbing the bulge in my shorts. "I've been playing with me, Can I play with you now Mr. Bill, please?" When I nodded yes she giggled and unzipped my fly. When she pulled out my shaft she said "Mmmmm Yummy." She was on her knees in the passenger seat with my dick in her mouth and her bare ass pointing out the window when the deputy pulled up on my side.

She sat up on her heels as I put my dick away and zipped up. He walked up to my window and I rolled it down. "Have you been waiting long?" Gloria licked her lips. "Not long enough officer." He just smiled and said to follow him in. He showed some papers to the people from the office and they opened the gates for us. We pulled in and found the car and trailer.

There was no lock on the trailer but the sheriffs had put a seal on it at the crash site. He said it keeps everyone honest. We opened the trailer and everything looked intact. The deputy said if we were satisfied he would leave us to our unloading. We just had to make sure we check out with the office. I had Gloria unload the car into the back of the truck while I worked on the trailer. Every time she reached into the car her skirt rose exposing her naked bottom and the top fell down showing her tits.

As she turned to the truck the third time she saw that two of the tow yard employees were standing at the front of our truck watching. She walked up to them giving them a sweet smile. "If you boy's help of get all the stuff moved to our trailer I'll give you a much better look." They tripped over each other rushing to the trailer to help me. Thirty minutes later when everything was on the trailer tied down and the car unloaded Gloria stepped up in the truck and turned the radio on.

She got out and started a sexy little dance and slowly stripped of her top and skirt to the grins and approval of the two employees. When she was nude she danced a little longer running her hands over her body and between her legs. She crooked her finger to call me to her and kept dancing as she slid her hands over me and worked down to my zipper. She unzipped it and pulled out my cock like she had in the truck earlier.

When she took my cock in her mouth the men watched with the mouths open. When she took it all in, they both gasped. She pulled most of it out and sucked on the head, swirling her tongue around it as she rapidly stroked the rest. It was only a couple of minutes until my cum boiled up and blasted out of my dick. She took the first blast in her mouth them moved back and directing my dick like a nozzle and sprayed it all over her face.

When I stopped shooting she licked off the small amount that was dribbling out then used my dick as a paint brush to smear it all over her face. She stood up and walked to the men that had helped, took one hand from each and held it to her breasts.

"Thank you for helping. I hope you enjoyed this as much as I did." They were speechless as she walked back to the truck and got in.

I zipped up, got in the driver's side and drove away. She sat naked rubbing her pussy all the way home. When we got there she jumped out, came around to my side and grabbed me in a hug. "Thank you for yesterday and today. That was so exciting. That was the first time I was every naked in public let alone sucking a dick in front of strangers.

I told you I would do anything you want and I hope you believe me?" "I already have a pet but tonight I'll take you to meet her and we can talk about it." "Thank you, that's all I could ask for." I put the trailer under the carport then moved the truck close to the front door so Gloria and I could unload it to Donna's room. My third trip in I found her standing in the middle of the room naked wearing a strap-on dildo. "One of the boxes broke and look what I found.

It's double ended with the other half in me. Isn't it cute?" She bounced a little causing it to sway and bobble. "You do look kind of cute, with an 8" dick, in fact why don't you wear it until I say you can take it off? That way you can show it off tonight." "Oooo that's sounds interesting." We headed out to the truck for another load with her knew dick waggling in front of her. Just as we got there she grabbed my arm and hugged it tight.

"Oh shit, that thing is rubbing just the right spot. I almost came just walking out here." I gave her a box and she walked back in holding it with one arm and here new toy with the other hand. The next trip I handed her a bigger box she had to hold with both hands.

This got me a dirty look but she turned and started toward the house moving slowly. She stopped at the front door and took some deep breaths. When I caught up to her she was leaning against a wall in the hallway gasping for air. I took the box from her and asked if she was ok.

"Just peachy but I would be a lot better if I didn't have this thing between my legs rubbing in my pussy." "Well you'll just have to get used to it sweetie because it's going to be your friend for a while." We made one last trip and Gloria was moaning loud by the time she sat the box down. Her legs were wet to her ankles and she was covered in a sheen of sweat.

"Mr. Bill can I go lay down for a while. PPllleeaaasse Mr. Bill?" When I nodded ok she headed towards our bedroom with both hands holding her toy steady. I had to suppress a laugh at the sight of a pretty woman trying to hurry while holding her dick.

My ladies came home a little while later and asked where Gloria was. "I think she got worn out by her new cock." When I stopped laughing again I explained what happened.

We went into the bedroom and found Gloria curled up asleep on her side, still holding the dildo with both hands. I took some pictures with my phone then we went back out to the living room. They told me about their visit with Donna. The doctor said she could come home in about two weeks but would still have to go to therapy for a while and use a cane until her leg was stronger. I told them I was going up to visit her later and take Gloria to introduce them. We hadn't been together, just the four of us, for a while so when I suggested we go out and play in the pool there was a sudden pile of clothes in the middle of the living room and four naked bodies running to the pool.

As was usual when I surfaced I was surrounded by my three ladies, all wanting to hug and be hugged and rub and be rubbed.

We were in water that was up to my neck so they were floating around me, taking turns hanging in front of me by my neck or rubbing my cock and balls. I would squeeze nipples and slip fingers into the Pussy of whichever of them was in front of me at the time. When Mercedes got in front of me again she wrapped her legs around my waists and leaned back, floating.

"Fuck me" is all she said. She smiled as I put my dick to her pussy then she pulled me into her with her feet. As I held her waist and we worked out a joint rhythm, Rose moved behind Mercedes to support her and rub her breasts as we stroked in the water. Cathy was next to me with one arm around my shoulders and the other hand was rubbing Mercedes clit. A few minutes later Mercedes clamped her legs tight around me as her body shook and she put her head back on Roses shoulder.

"Oooohhhh Bill That was so good." When she relaxed and slid my cock from her hole she turned around to Rose and they hugged and kissed as Cathy grabbed one of the floats and move towards me.

She laid across it on her stomach and back towards me. "My turn sweetie." I moved us to shallower water and bent over her to kiss the back of her neck and ears. "Mmmmm now put your dick in my pussy and kiss me like that." I spread her cheeks and pushed my dick into her pussy as deep as I could then bent over her and kissed her again.

"Is this what you had in mind?" "Mmmmm that's exactly what I wanted." I put my hands on her shoulders and started making long, deep strokes into her. She hooked her feet behind my legs and was trying to get me to move faster as she moaned softly with each stroke.

"Faster baby, Make me cum." Sex with her on the float was easy but the water will only let you go so fast or hard. I kept up the pace until she held me tight with her feet behind my legs and her pussy was milking my shaft.

She finally relaxed her legs and let my shaft slip from her. She stood up and hugged me as she spoke in my ear. "That was good but next time you have to do my ass Husband." Rose took my hand and led me to the edge of the pool. She had me sit on the edge of the pool with my dick and balls hanging over before she turned to Cathy and Mercedes.

"Well you two got your pussies fucked so now I get the good stuff." She took my shaft in one hand and slowly stroked it as she sucked each of my balls into her mouth and massaged them with her tongue. When she finished with them she held my shaft up and made long licks up the underside of my dick stopping to tease the triangle under the head.

When she finished with that she licked the rest of my dick like an 8" lollipop before putting the tip to her lips and stretching them over the head. She was sucking in half of my cock as she continued stroking the other half. She stopped sucking long enough to look up at me. "I ready for you to cum baby. I want to taste your cum in my mouth." She was stroking me faster and tighter.

"I want to feel you're hot cum spraying the inside of my mouth like it did when you came in my pussy and made me pregnant." She was stroking faster again. "I want you to look in my eyes as you shoot your seed between my lips and have you watch as I roll it in my mouth before I swallow it." That was it. I reached the boiling point. "I'M CUMMING." She aimed my dick at her mouth and I watched as gob after gob shot between her lips. She was smiling the entire time.

She stood up in front of me, putting her face close to mine and swirled my cum in her mouth. She showed me the puddle in her mouth before she swallowed twice, showed me her empty mouth then licked her lips.

"I've love your cum since the first time you came in my throat and I'll eat it anytime or place you want." None of us had eaten since breakfast so when my stomach rumbled we decided to go in and throw together a quick dinner. I went and woke Gloria and said she should go help get dinner ready.

She got up and after giving me a hug headed for the kitchen holding her dick with both hands. I waited to follow until I heard laughter coming from the kitchen. When I appeared she looked at me with an evil smile. "Their laughing at me and it's all your fault, now that you have showed it off, may I remove it?" "Nope, you still have one more person at least to show it to." She stopped smiling and helped finish getting dinner done.

That was no easy task with her always having one hand on the dildo to keep it from moving. Mercedes and Rose sat on either side of her at dinner and one of them always had a hand on Gloria's friend making sure it kept moving.

She finally gave up fighting it and just leaned back in the chair until she had another orgasm and they let her finish eating. "Damn your ladies can be insistent." After dinner I had Gloria put on the outfit she had worn earlier over the strap on and told Frisky czech girl gapes her tight pussy to the peculiar to help her find a coat.

By the time I got dressed Gloria was in the living room with the strap-on sticking out under her skirt and holding a light coat over one arm. "I didn't think you wanted me to put it on." We went out to the truck and I put the coat in the back seat.

When Gloria got in and put the seat belt on it pulled her skirt back over the dildo and left it pointing straight up. I went thru a fast food drive thru for a soda and Gloria was my sex starved blonde stepmom blowing my cock in the woods being very successful at hiding her toy.

The girl at the window saw it and giggled. I told her we were headed to a party and Gloria had lost a bet. When we got to the hospital I had her put on the coat and told her if she put her hands in the pockets she would be able to control her friend. I gave her directions to the room Donna had taken me to and told her to go there, lock the door and take off the coat.

I would meet her there shortly. I went to Donna's room and we sat and talked for a couple of minutes. I asked if she wanted a surprise and she squealed, "YES." She slid into her wheelchair and we were off. As we went down the halls she said "I know where we're going." "Where we're going is not the surprise." She kept asking what is was but I wasn't talking.

When we got to the room I told her to close her eyes and put her hands over them. I knocked and said 'It's Bill." Gloria peeked out then opened the door. I signaled her to be quiet and rolled Donna inside. I had Gloria sit on the edge of the counter and put her feet on the wheelchair wheels when I stopped it and set the brakes. When I told Donna to open her eyes she was sitting with the dildo almost touching her lips. At first she was surprised, then she smiled and wrapped one hand around it.

"Oooo Mr. Bill is this for me?" She was stroking the dildo and I could tell Gloria was enjoying it. "Yes dear she is. This is Gloria. She has asked to be my pet also so I thought I would let you get to know each other and then we could talk about it. I'm going to leave you two to get acquainted while I go get some coffee." I stood by the door and watched as Donna leaned forward sliding her lips over the dildo as her hands moved up across Gloria's stomach to her breasts and began playing with her nipples.

As I locked the door and stepped out Gloria took Donna's head in her hands and was sliding her up and down the dildo. It took me about twenty minutes to walk to the cafeteria, have a cup of coffee, and walk back to the room. When I knocked Gloria opened the door a crack and told me to wait until they called me then shut the door. When they called I stepped in and locked the door behind me. Donna was naked lying on her stomach bent over the counter and Gloria was behind her with the dildo buried in her ass.

"Come here and fuck my ass while I fuck Donna and we can cum together." I took off my shorts and moved behind Gloria. I rubbed my dick thru her dripping slit then put the head against her ass.

When I pushed in she pushed into Donna. Both girls groaned as their asses were filled with dicks. I held Gloria by the waist and pulled back until just the head was inside then pulled her to me.

As she slid back on my dick her dildo slid back from Donna. I pushed Gloria forward again and she had figured out what I was doing. "Oh baby I love the feel of your dick slipping out of my ass while I fuck Donna." Donna started breathing hard as Gloria sped up. Gloria and Donna started shaking and moaning about the same time and as Gloria came and drove the dildo into Donna's ass. I pounded Gloria's ass just a moment longer before shooting my load into her bowels. Gloria had Donna pinned to the counter and I had Gloria pinned to her as we all shook from our orgasms.

When we caught our breath I pulled out of Gloria who pulled out of Donna. She asked me to help her into her chair and as soon as she had sat down pulled me to her and sucked on my dick. "I just had to have a taste before you leave." Then she pulled Gloria to her and sucked on the dildo a couple of times before asking me if Gloria could take it off now.

When I said yes Gloria unbuckled and Donna slid it out. She held it up and they both licked it while watching me. When they were done Donna slid two fingers thru Gloria's slit then put them between her lips and sucked on them. "I think you will enjoy having both of us as pets, Master." Before I could say anything Gloria spoke. "Yes Master we can live in the same room and be ready to take care of your wildest whims." She got to her knees next to Donna's chair and they both lowered their heads.

"Please be our master, Please?" "Do you really understand what you are asking for? If I say yes you will not be allowed to say no to anything I say and you will surrender free will from that point forward.

You will obey or be punished until you do. If you hesitate to do anything I say you will be punished as I see fit.

You must always be available to serve me. Donna has already made that decision but you need to give it some thought. I'm going to take you home in the morning and I want you to think very long on this decision. I will have one of my ladies let you know when Donna is coming home.

If you still want this just ask them to pick you up. You can find a way to visit Donna before then and she will tell you what you have to do when you get to my house. Do as you are told and I will treat you well." Gloria started to speak but when I looked at her she held it.

"Now you two get dressed so we can get Donna back to her room then go home. I pulled my shorts back on and watched Gloria help Donna get dressed and back into her wheel chair then pull on her short shirt and top. She picked up her coat and the strap-on.

"What do I do with these, mas&hellip.Bill? I told her to fold the jacket around the toy and carry it. Once they had their clothes and hair in order we went back up to Donna's room. Just as we got there a young nurse walked in and said she had been looking for her. Donna said, "We were down by the cafeteria talking." The nurse smiled at Donna. Your top is inside out so I can just guess what you were talking about." Nobody said anything for a minute until Donna spoke.

"It's ok, Lucy and I have become friends and she won't give us away." "But the next time you want to spirit my patient away, make sure I know where to find you if there is an emergency." I helped Donna onto the bed and gave her a hug.

"Make sure if Gloria comes back you tell her everything she needs to know. If she screws it up it will be your punishment first." She said she would do her best but it had been so long she might have to bribe me to tell her again.

I was standing behind Gloria when she bent down to hug Donna. Her skirt rode up and I could see the moisture on her lips so I slipped my hand between her legs and put two fingers in her pussy as she kissed Donna and listened to her moan. I pulled them out and placed them between their lips. They both sucked on them until I pulled them away. They kissed one more time then Gloria stood up and I told Donna I would be back tomorrow.

Before we left I told Gloria to go in the bathroom, take off her clothes and put on the coat over her shoulders. When she came out I rolled up the strap-on and put it in one coat pocket and the little bit of cloth that was her skirt and blouse in the other.

When we got in the elevator I pushed the buttons for all the floors below us, turned her to face me, opened the coat and pulled her close. She took the hint and unzipped my shorts. She pulled out my dick and rubbed it until we got to the lobby.

On two floors people got in and rode down a floor with us but Gloria just leaned her head on my shoulder and kept on rubbing. Half way down she put the head in her warm slit and squeezed her thighs together.

Just as we got to the ground floor she put it back in my shorts and zipped me up. There was no one in the lobby when we stepped out so I told her to leave the coat open as long as she dared. When we exited the front doors and no one was around she took off the coat, handed it to me and hugged my arm. "The stars are so bright. Let's go to your house and play out by the pool." She walked naked as the day she was born all the way to the truck and stood patiently as I took my time opening the door.

"You don't have to pretend Bill. If you want me to stand here naked while you look just say so. I'll do whatever you say." I opened the door and let her get in. I threw the coat in the back seat after I took the strap-on out and handed it to her. "Sit like you were this afternoon and fuck yourself with the big end of the dildo but don't cum.

If you do I'll stop the truck and make you walk down the road naked until I think you're ready to start over. Do you understand?" "Yes Bill." I got in and waited until she had her foot on the back of my seat and the dildo forigner escorts in aerocity mahipalpur russian call girls ne paharganj and service her pussy before I started home.

She started out slowly stroking her pussy and sped up until she would stop, gasping for breath and wait until she got her breathing back to normal and start gain.

She did this a number of times and as we got close to home and stopped again I told her to keep going but not to cum. She gave me a puzzled look but started up again. Just as I turned onto our road about ¼ mile from the house Gloria screamed.

"Oh god I can't stop it." As she slapped one hand over her pussy and she started squirting hard. Her cum was dripping from her fingers onto the seat as her eyes rolled back and she chewed on her lip. I stopped the truck and waited for her to relax from the orgasm. "I'm so sorry." "Don't worry about that. What I want you to do now is put the dildo back in the strap-on and put it on with the big end inside you." She almost said something and thought better of it.

I waited until she had it buckled the said. "Ok, now put on your heels and get out." When her heels were on she opened the door and stood looking at me. Now walk home without stopping along the way.

I will be right behind you." She shut the door and started down the road holding the dildo with one hand. She started out at a quick pace but slowed and stumbled several times.

When we finally got to the house and I parked I found her leaning against the wall by the front door breathing hard. Her thighs and legs were drenched from her having cum multiple times as she walked home with the dildo moving inside her. "Do you still want to go out and play on the deck?" "No Bill. I just want you to take me inside and fuck me, please.

I need a real dick in me." I walked her inside and we were met by Rose. "What's wrong with her?" "She just walked home from the corner with the dildo in her. Now she thinks she needs a good fucking. You want to help?" She smiled and said, "Sure but I need some loving to." I took the strap on from Gloria and gave it to Rose. "Turn it around so the small 6' end will be inside you." When she was ready I took off my shorts and sat on the edge of the couch and had Gloria straddle me on her knees and slide my dick into her wet tunnel.

When she was all the way down I told her to lean against me so Rose could fuck her ass. Rose held her waist and humped the dildo into her as I drove my dick up into her pussy.

I could feel the dido against my dick with only the thin layer of tissue between them. As we both drove into her already shaking body she yelled, "YES…YES…YES&hellip.OH FUCKING Two hot bombshells have some lesbian fun YES," as cum flooded from her pussy.

She slumped onto me, unconscious from her final orgasm. Rose pulled the dildo from her ass and helped me lay her on the couch. Rose said "Now it's my turn. Fill my ass with your cum." She turned around and put her ass to me so I could guide my dick to it. She eased down until she was all the way in my lap. "Mmmmm, that's what's been missing.

Now sit back and enjoy the ride while I fuck myself with this toy." I put my hands on her waist and was helping her ride my cock as she held on to the free end of the dildo and pumped the rest in her pussy. Just as I started cumming in her ass, she sat down in my lap and leaned back against me as she continued driving the rubber cock in her pussy and moaning.

Her body shuddered and her asshole tightened on my deflating dick as she drove the dildo in one last time and held it there. "Damn, can we spend the night right here like this? I've never had two dicks in me and I want this full feeling to last as long as possible." We don't have a blanket to cover up with. You'll get cold." She squeezed her mature milf with hanging big tits wears stockings tube porn on my dick, "The heat from your cock will keep me warm until she gets us a blanket." I shook Gloria and when she sat up sent her to go get blankets and pillows.

When she got back I put some pillows behind me and leaned back again. Rose leaned back with her head next to mine and pulled my arms around her.

Gloria curled up next to me and pulled a couple of blankets around us before putting her head on my other shoulder. We were all asleep before the blanket settled. I don't know how it happened but the next time I opened my eyes I was sitting at the end of the couch with my right leg Stretched out down the couch with Rose spooned to Gloria's back an both of them had their heads on my left leg facing me. Gloria had one hand wrapped around my shaft with the head almost touching her lips and what looked like a string of cum linking them.

I looked at the clock and it was only 5am so I pulled the blankets back around us and closed my eyes. I woke up again with Gloria rubbing me gently and her lips against the head sucking on my piss hole like a straw. When she saw me looking at her she slipped her lips over the head and stroked a little harder. It took five minutes but I came hard in her mouth. She didn't lose a drop and when I was done I asked her if she wanted more.

I was surprised when she said, "No Bill twice is enough for now." She put the head back in her mouth and sucked softly as she closed her eyes and went back to sleep. I leaned back and enjoyed having a woman nursing on my dick as I fell asleep. The next time I woke up Rose and Gloria were gone and Mercedes was sitting between my legs and hugging me. "Rose and Gloria say you gave them quite a good night. Tonight I want you all to myself. I want my sweet husband to make love to me. Soft, gentle, love me more than the rest love.

So promise to save wild milf couldnt wait to taste his big dick for me all day." "That's sound good to me. In fact tomorrow when we get up we can spend the day on the bike and pick up the truck just before they close." When she asked about the truck I told her about Gloria's first squirt and that I was going to drop it off for detail on the way to take Gloria back to Tiffany's.

She giggled as I rubbed her belly where our two babies were growing. "I'm so happy you are excited about being a father. I'm even happier I get to be the first to have your babies.

I can't wait to have our babies and you nursing on my breasts." "You know, now that your pregnant they say if you get a good breast milk pump and use if several times a day you can start lactating in about a month." "Really? Maybe while we're out tomorrow we can find one and I can start." She moved my mouth to her breast.

As I and kissed it tenderly she moaned softly. "Baby I am so ready to be a mommy. I want to make you and our babies so happy." We sat like that until Cathy came to get us for breakfast. When Gloria tried to sit on my left at the table, Mercedes made sure she knew i forced my sister inlaw was her place.

Gloria ended up at the far end of the table. Rose and Cathy also made sure she knew their place at our table. When Gloria looked at me for help I reminded her that she should enjoy any seat she had at the table because it may not last. While we ate I asked my wives which one had the lace tutu I had seen when they moved in.

Cathy said it was part of a custom she wore one Halloween. I told her to get it and the tiniest bikini top they had and give them to Gloria. I told Gloria to wear that and the tallest pair of heels the girls had that fit her. When breakfast was done I put on my Levis, a leather vest and boots so I brazzer mom son big story ride my motorcycle while I waited for Gloria to get dressed.

When she came out tottering on a pair of 6" heels, wearing the tutu and a bikini top that struggled to cover her nipples I had her bend over and I saw her black thong. "I didn't say you could wear the thong." "But the tutu isn't long enough." I didn't say anything I just stared at her. "Yes Bill" as she slipped the thong off and handed it to Cathy.

I had her roll up the pants and top she had worn here and we headed outside. I gave her the keys to my truck and watched her climb in. She was right, the tutu wasn't long enough. Just the way I wanted it. I threw her clothes bundle in the back of the truck, handed her the keys and told her to follow me. She followed me 20 miles to the detail shop. I stopped about a block away and told her to take the truck in and have them make the interior spotless and make sure they knew why it smelled the way it did.

I told her I would be five minutes behind her. She didn't argue. She just blew me a kiss and drove off. I waited about 5 minutes then drove into the detail shop. She was bent over looking at something one of the employees was showing her on one of the wheels. Three other employees were standing back a little ways enjoying the view. When I got closer I could see the guy with her was watching her hanging breasts jiggle.

I parked the bike and walked over to Gloria. When she saw me and stood cute girlfriend gives a morning blowjob on teens I put an arm around her and said, "Hey darling are they taking good care of you?" "They sure have. They have been showing me all kinds of dirty spots under your truck. I told them about the interior and they said they can make it smell like new.

They guy with Gloria blushed a little when he saw I had caught him staring at her. "Yes sir we told your girlfriend we would give it special attention and have it ready at noon tomorrow." "I'll bet you even offered her a discount.

Didn't you?" "Well&hellip.I hadn't but now that you mention it I could probably knock 10." He saw my unhappy look. "Make it 15% off of the total since she was so nice." Gloria gave him a hug and rubbed against him a little. "Thank you, you're so sweeeet." After I told him I would be back tomorrow I got a half helmet out of my saddle bag for Gloria.

Damn Texas helmet law. When she had it on she stood on one passenger peg and swung her other leg high over the sissy bar. I know the guys there saw it because one of them had his mouth hanging open.

As we rode out the gate and down the street with her lace tutu blowing in the air she was leaning against me and talking in my ear.

"Got I'm glad you came in when you did. I was getting so wet I thought it was going to run down my legs. Let me have your hand." I put my left hand back and when she slid it between her legs I could feel how wet the seat was and more squirted out when I rubbed her pussy.

"If you keep that up you'll have to stop and fuck me before I get home." I quit rubbing but didn't remove my hand right away. She continued squeezing my hand with her thighs as she held on tight. A couple miles down the road my hand was once again wet as she shuddered against me and came on me hand. When we pulled up in front of the shop she was still holding me tight. "Can we just sit her a minute, I don't thing my legs are ready to walk." We were still sitting there when Tiffany walked out.

"Well look what the cat dragged in. You finally found your way home?" Gloria stood up on the pegs and when she raised one leg over the seat to get off Tiffany noticed the wet spot on the seat. "Jesus girl what have you been doing? Your pussy is still dripping and his seat is soaked." Gloria walked over and gave her a hug. "Ms.

Tiffany, Bill and his wives fucked me every which way this arab home dance xxx my big black threesome. Thank you for taking me over there. Now can we go inside and talk for a little bit?" I walked in with them and we went to the little office in the back.

On the way Gloria grabbed some towels and tried to clean up her wet legs and pussy. After Gloria told Tiffany about her exploits this weekend she finally told her milfs who share orgies gangbangs and threesomes asking me to be her master. Tiffany asked the same questions I had. 'Are you sure this is what you want' and 'Do you know what you're getting into?' then she looked at me.

"I told her she had until we bring Donna home in two weeks to make her final decision. I also told her to visit Donna as often as she could so she could find out more about what awaits her. She would still work for you whatever hours you need and take her orders from you while here but she wouldn't be allowed any masturbation or sexual contact with anyone but you unless I approve it. And for a while I want Donna to work with her if that's alright with you and the same rules apply to her." "What do you want me to pay them?" "Whatever you think is fair, maybe 2 for the price of 1 ½ for now?

Maybe a raise if they help business. And let me know if the clothes I sent them in need to be changed. If you and Donna don't change Gloria's mind between now and then she will need about a week off to begin her training." After that we called Gloria back in and I told her to give me the clothes she had borrowed then go get hers from the truck, she didn't hesitate.

She stripped off the tutu, bikini top and shoes then went out the front door. She came back empty handed and held her hand out to me. "Very funny Mr. Bill, Now can I have the keys to unlock it?" I was laughing as I handed her the keys. She turned around, shook her ass at me and went out again. She came back with her clothes on her arm and gave me the keys. "When can I see you again?" "When we bring Donna home, if you don't change your mind." She walked up close to me and put her hand on my crotch.

"Then can I at least play with it one more time before you go?" When I nodded doctors xxxii sexy storys sex stories she undid my belt and pants and slid them to my ankles as she dropped to her knees.

She was eye to eye with my dick as she began stroking the length of it. She stuck out her tongue and flicked it at a drop of pre-cum that appeared. Then she tried to push the tip into my piss hole for more as she put her lips on it and sucked.

As she slipped her lips over the head she moved the tip of her tongue under the head to the sensitive triangle under it. Her lips slid slowly down my shaft as her tongue continued to tease the bottom of my shaft until it was in her throat and her nose was against my belly.

She worked her way back up my shaft until her lips came off with a pop. She was stroking my shaft as she looked up. "I'm going to miss this for the next two weeks but maybe you'll make me make up for lost time." She sucked and stroked my shaft for several minutes then had me sit on a low stool. She straddled me, put my dick to the entrance to her pussy and lowered herself down. She was still wet and slick from the detail shop and my dick slid all the way home with ease.

She put her hands on my shoulders and rode up and down on my dick. As she rode she moved faster and drove down harder. I was thinking of my promise to Mercedes this morning when Gloria sat down hard and didn't rise.

Her body was shaking, she was gasping for breath and her nails were jovencita siendfollada por primera vez ubias into my skin where her hands were clenching my shoulders. "Thank you&hellip.oh damn&hellip.thank you, I'm really going to miss that for two weeks." She got off my lap and had me stand back up as she got to her knees.

My dick was standing straight out as she carefully lick the length of it covering every inch before holding it up and doing the same to my ball sack. When she was finished she kissed the tip of my dick then slid it down her throat, staying that way until she had to pull it out and gasp for breath. "Hold me down like that one time, please." I wrapped my hands in her head and shoved my dick down her throat and held her there until she started pounding her hands on me.

I waited a few moments the pulled her off. As soon as she had taken a deep breath I shoved it down again and held it a little longer. This time when I pulled her off I pulled her to her feet and hugged her. "No more until your mine." She moved back and looked me in the eyes. "I will be there and you will be my master." She stepped back up to me and gave me a long tongue swapping kiss.

"And that is a promise. And you know I keep my promise's." With that she turned around, rubbed her cute ass on my dick then walked away with a wave.

Tiffany asked if I was sure I could handle her. "She has no idea what she has asked for and besides I have three women waiting at home to help keep her under control." I pulled my Levis up over my hard dick and gave Tiffany a quick hug.

"Who's going to get that" as she grabbed my dick thru my pants? "I promised Mercedes a night of Passion not lust so it's all for her tonight." She gave me a quick kiss and walked out to the bike with me.

"I am going to try and talk her out of this. Nothing against you but I think she is rushing in to this." "I have no problem with that, and you want to come out by yourself just call and make sure were home then head on out." I got on my bike and headed home.

It was after five when I arrived and no one was in the house. I took a hot shower, fixed a couple of sandwiches and plopped down in front of the big screen in the family room to watch some TV by myself.