Chanec xxx ful hot sex stories

Chanec xxx ful hot sex stories
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This is the second part of the Sarah and Jason "What was never meant to be" saga. Thank you all for reading the last one.

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I know there were some posting issues with the first one, so thank you again. and here we go.

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What was never meant to be, day 2 morning romp I finally woke up in a daze, I had no idea what time it was. It took me a while to realize that Sarah was indeed laying naked against me. I had ended up on my back with her against my side, head on my chest and arm across my stomach. I smiled thankful that last night wasn't a dream. She still seemed to be fast asleep so I did my best to slide out from under her without waking her.

I managed to, but just barely. She rolled onto her side in her sleep and I pulled the covers up over her, sad to have to hide such an amazing sight. I looked to the clock, it was about 9. still breakfast time, but I had nothing here for food. So grabbing some clothes from my bag I wrote a quick note for Sarah letting her know that I went for food. I found a grocery store just a few blocks from the hotel. Now the problem was what to make.

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So I decided to go for one of my favorites, omelets with toast! I picked up the eggs, red green and yellow peppers, a few good potatoes, some sausage, bacon, and a good loaf of bread. I had no idea what type of juice or milk or hell I didn't even know if she was a coffee drinker. So I picked up a variety of drinks and some Amp energy drinks for me. I decided to get a bunch of other snacks and food incase we decided to just hangout at the hotel. The store had a liquor store attached so I picked chodmujhe jor se sex ebony story a few of my favorites before heading to the check out.

On the way out I picked some movies from the red box and carried everything to my car. Thankfully they had trolleys at the hotel so I snagged one, I probably bought way too much food but I want to be prepared just in case.

I got back to the room and Sarah was still sleep, she looked so damn cute. I did my best to keep it quiet as I unloaded and started breakfast. The kitchen was very well stocked, pans, pots utensils, everything. I got everything going and popped the Amp, I guess it was a little to much like thunder because Sarah woke up.

She yawned and stood up. "Good morning." She said before she finally looked down and realized she was still naked. "Well I guess it wasn't a dream." She said with a smile and a laugh. She walked around the counter and gave me a kiss. Even her morning breath was nice. I don't think I could find a fault, other then shitty boyfriend, with this woman. "I should probably put something on." She said with a wink, walking back to couch, she reached for my bag and pulled out my Duck's jersey.

I laughed as she put it on, it was 3 sizes bigger then the one I got her yesterday so it actually came almost past her knees. She smiled triumphantly and hopped up on one of the stools at the counter. "So what's for breakfast?" she asked playfully sniffing the air. "I got omelets with peppers, grilled, diced potatoes, bacon, fresh fruit and just about anything you want to drink." I said with a smile "How about a shot of Vodka?" She asked jokingly I pulled the bottle of Russian vodka out from under the counter and placed it on the counter, smiling.

"Want anything with it?" Her jaw dropped then she cracked up laughing "I was joking but we may hit that up later.

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How about just some orange juice? Oh wait!" She reached over and stole my Amp.

"This is better!" She said before taking a big drink. She pulled her phone out and sent a text I laughed and grabbed another one out of the fridge, popped it open, and held it up to toast.

"To a fabulous women and night." I winked and she tapped her can against mine before we both took a drink. "Now I hate to spoil the moment or put a bad mark on last night but I have to ask. What are we going to do now? About us, Kevin, shit just mom and daughter masturbating each other naked everything." I asked grudgingly.

"Well I just told him we're over. I don't know when he will get the message but as far as I'm concerned, fuck him, but not like I'm going to fuck you." She smiled and winked at me. I laughed lightly "Ok, but what about where your going to stay? You guys share an apartment and I'm not going to let you go back there with him." "How much you think we could fit in the Skylark?" I had just taking a drink and almost spit it back up laughing.

"Umm not much, I mean I can fit a bit in the trunk and in the back seat but not a whole lot." "I can fit everything I own into maybe 3 boxes and 2 bags of clothes." She replied "No tv's or anything?

And where would I be taking you?" I asked worried about the distances getting even farther from me. "I have a toaster, and a laptop.

That's the only big things, everything else is Kevin's. And…well& can say no……but…I wanted to move up with you if that's ok?" The last part she nearly whispered into the counter as she lowered her head and turned a little red.

I reached across the stove and counter, placed my hand under her chin and lifted her face up. "I would love to have you come stay with me, but what about your job?" I asked with a smile "They have barely been working me lately and I could easy find something else up there." She replied, it sounded like she was trying to convince me to let her. "Then when we go back down, I'll help you pack and you will come stay with me." She nearly jumped the counter as she flew around, wrapped her arms around my neck and kissed me deeply.

"I can't believe all this is happening!" I kissed her again before saying "I know, I feel the same way but its what I want. But we need to eat before things get to cold!" I told her lightly slapping her ass as she turned and walked away.

She turn her head with a look of mock horror and flipped the back of the jersey, giving me just a teaser of her sexy ass, before walking to the table. I carried everything over and served both of us. We sat talking about what her coming up, making plans for places to look for jobs, talking with my land lord about her staying with me, and hammering out all the japanese fucking machine japanese fucking machine sex toy weird. We talked until well past the food was gone.

I finally got up and started to clean up. Sarah ran a hand down the side her leg "I should probably get a shower and clean up after last night." She said with a wink, she fallowed me to the sink where I started cleaning the pans. She wrapped her arms around my waist before saying "To bad you have to clean." She kissed my cheek before grabbing some clothes and heading in to start the shower up.

I smiled to myself, than quickly cleaned the rest of the dishes before grabbing my things and fallowing Sarah to the shower. She had the curtain drawn so I tried to stay as quiet as I stripped off my clothes and pulled the curtain open. She was facing the other direction so I stepped in and wrapped my arms around her waist saying boo and making her jump a little before she turned around smiled and told me "I was hoping you would join me." She wrapped her arms around my neck and kissed me.

We kissed for a while enjoying the feeling of the warm water running down our naked bodies. I ran my hands along her back and her body, exploring every part of her Stepmom commanded teen to lick her muff could. She moved her hand off my neck and slid it down my chest, pausing just above my waist, moving it side to side, just out of reach of my dick.

"That is not very nice!" I said taking my mouth off her lips, she giggled until I lightly bit her neck in the spot I found last night at the same time I ran my nails lightly down her spine making her shiver and moan. She still didn't move her hand down so I pushed her up against a wall, returning to kissing her passionately, I moved my left hand up to her neck, then slowly moved it down across her breasts lightly squeezing as I went across it.

I played with her belly button before moving farther. I lingered above her clit, letting a finger trace an arch just above the hood. She moaned "please" and who am I to deny a beautiful naked woman.

I slid my hand down cupping her pussy before gently rubbing my middle two finger on the outside of her lips, before sliding them into her, which released another gasp of pleasure. I kissed her as I started to stroke my fingers in and out of her perfect love hole, scrapping across her g-spot at every pass. My thumb began to play with her clit and my fingers pistoned in and out of her. She moaned into my mouth and lightly bit my lip pulling it a little with and evil little laugh.

So I slammed my fingers into her making her gasp and let go of my lip, I moved quickly and started kissing her neck. Her hand that had been on me moved and grabbed my hand that was on her pussy forcing it to stay in place. She began to grind against my hand, as she shuddered "I'm cumming!" She shook and trembled.

Thankfully she huge breasts woman nailed by pawn dude at the pawnshop against the wall as I felt her knees give out and between my hand in her and the one now on her hip I was able to keep her upright until she regained control of herself.

"Your so amazing!" She finally said latching her mouth back to mine, letting our tongues dance together. After a few moments I pulled my lips from hers and begin a slow trail of kisses down her jaw, to her neck, pausing to take each nipple into my mouth and lightly bite them before continuing farther down. "W-what are you doing?" she asked as I my fingers that never left her velvety hole returned to moving.

I paused and looked up at her dumbfounded. "Do not tell me you have never had someone go down on you before." Moving down a little I kissed maybe 3 inches above her clit, still moving my fingers. "No, Kevin thought it was gross and he is the only other guy besides you that I've slept with." She said.

I shook my head in shame at my genders lack of caring. This seems to be a very common theme. (So for the guys that read this, TAKE FUCKING CARE OF YOUR LADIES!!! The best sex comes when both of you get off and both parties enjoy themselves. Hell I prefer making her happy because it makes the rest of life easier. If she is satisfied and happy, she will make sure you are. Well now back to our regularly scheduled erotic story.) "Well then honey, I'm going to show you what you have been missing." I stated planting my lips on her clit and lightly sucking.

The effects were instant as her body stiffened, hands shot to the back of my head, jaw dropped and eyes bugged out as tremors shook her body. She shook for a while letting out one long load moan smashing my head into her pelvis as I sucked on her clit like a baby after milk.

When she finally relaxed I pulled away just enough to ask what I already knew from the juices that had flowed out her pussy "Did you just cum again?" "Y-yes I d-did." She said, her voice shaky as she breathed heavily "I cant believe you can make me cum so easily." I chuckled lightly and said "It's easy when you actually care." Before sliding my fingers out of her pussy and replacing them with my mouth and tongue.

I eat her like I haven't eaten in weeks, her hands coming back to my head, once again smashing me in place. I shot my tongue in and out of her pussy before running it over her clit a few time then returning to her sweet pussy.

"Fucking hell, this is the best pussy I have balls licking legal age teenager takes cock in throat had." She tasted like a slightly tart cherry sucker, this finalized it, there was nothing wrong with this woman. My hands came up to squeeze her breast as I sucked on her clit lightly. My fingers moved to play with her nipples as I went back to tonguing all the juice out of her sweet pussy I could manage to get. Her hands moved off my head just long enough to move to my hand and make my fingers pinch her nipples before she pulled on them making me pull her nipples with them.

"Oh fuck ya!" She screamed and I feverishly began sucking on her clit, her body spasmodically shook as I could tell she was about to cum again. Her hands left mine, entangled themselves in my hair and jammed my mouth and tongue into her pussy. My nose was on her clit so I shook my head a little using my nose to tease her clit as I pinched her nipples hard. I looked up at her, she had her head thrown back in a silent scream as she began to gush fluid into my mouth that I sucked up readily.

She had to have cum for at least a full 2 min before her she went limp. I quickly stood and caught her. She turned to have her back against me, my arms wrapped around her waist keeping her upright. I kissed her cheek gently letting her enjoy the after effects of her latest orgasm. "I loved that. You have to do that more often!" She finally said.

"But I believe you just gave me two orgasms so I think I owe you" She said with a wink bending over and grinding her pussy into my hard cock.

I smiled happy to let her repay the favor. I positioned myself just out smoking hot sunny lane gets rammed hard cumshot blonde of her soaked pussy. "I'm all yours Sarah." I said with a smile. She slowly pushed back taking my whole cock deep in her tight velvety pussy before pulling back off. Just before she came off she slammed herself back down impaling herself on my hard cock.

We both moan as she kept pulling off only to slam back down. Her large breast swaying with each thrust, I reached around her and gripped one in each hand. I let her dictate the pace for a little before I began to start thrusting my dick into her. We quickly figured out a rhythm and eventually the whole bathroom resounded with the sound of her sexy ass slapping against my pelvis. I let go of her breasts to grab hold of her hips so I could ram into her.

Her whole body shook with every thrust into her. She reached out to brace herself against the far wall, the shower water falling right onto the small of her back. One of her hands moved to lightly play with my ball, cupping and gently rolling them in her soft hand. Letting out a moan I wrapped on of my hands around to rub her clit, releasing a deep moan from her.

"Please go faster Jason, I want you to fuck me so hard!" I quickened my pace thrusting hard and fast into her, her sexy ass shaking with each thrust. "HOLY FUCKING SHIT!!!" She screamed as I pounded away. There was no way I could talk. The feeling of her warm pussy gripping my cock as water flowed off her back down my balls and her hand playing with my balls was almost over whelming. A few moments later she moaned out "GOD DAMN!!

I'M CUMMING AGAIN!!" and sure enough her body went rigid, her back arched and pussy clenched around my cock.

I feverishly thrust in and out of her, grinding my finger against her clit. The only warning I gave before I came was a loud grunt before ramming as far in her as I could and unleashing a torrent of cum into her loving womb. She moaned hard again as her orgasm gained force and my hot cum coated her pussy filling her so much that I leaked out past my dick.

As we both started to come down off our shared orgasm she stood up letting my dick literally pop out of her, she turned around and noticed my still hard cock.

"Holy shit! Does it ever go down?" I smiled proudly "Yes it does, but only reluctantly." I kissed her passionately.

We finally got to the actual cleaning ourselves and showers. We finished up and went back into the main room.

The clock read 1:32 so I set the bed side clock for 5 so we would have plenty of time. We didn't dress after the shower. Opting to take a nap to regain some energy before we went to tonight's game. After a little teasing giggling and much kissing we both feel asleep smiling, holding each other, to drift off into dreams of what was to come with her moving up to see me. So I'm leaving it up to you all if you want more. I can finish up this trip or I have enough that I can do a whole saga on Sarah and Jason.

Let me know please ;)