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Brother force sister frnd sex
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New story, different writing style. Constructive criticism welcome, suggestions welcome. Story intentionally exaggerated for maximum effect. 11pm. Doing homework, stupid tiny dorm room. Only a few posters of hot babes on the wall, other than that, totally depressing. Everything is depressing when I'm studying or doing homework. Laptop right there on the desk next to my book, all I need to do is just move the mouse and the world is at my hands, I can go kill a few people, watch some porn or something funny, but no, I can't, I have to finish this tonight.

At least my roommate is not here yet, probably out partying his ass off somewhere. god I wish I had rich parents. 12:30 am. Stupid math, who cares what the probability is, he is going to lose all the money anyway, why do I have to calculate stnd dev for him.

1 am. Almost there, just a few more lines and the last problem is done. Why do they have to make class at 8 am? Stupid college. And what's up with the noise outside? Who's screaming at snilyon xxcx vidos sex stories download time?

The door flings open and in comes the total babe/bitch from down the hall Jenny. She looks terrified and, wow total boner; she is topless and is only wearing a thong.

The make up on her face is messed up, her face is white, she is about to cry and kill someone. But the most important things are those nipples standing erect. The nipples are pink and gorgeous; the breasts are swaying with her movement and are totally edible. My dick is already hard thinking about moving between those smooth squishy balloons. She barged in, her eyes wide flying in all directions. She finally noticed me and ran over after closing the door quickly but quietly.

She pulled my chair back, went under the kinky foursome action starring lexi and jasmine interracial and big tits and pulled the chair back to her.

There was no room under the desk for comfort. She was totally against me with her face in my lap. This had to happen when I'm almost done with the stupid homework. Why now of all times, this fucking teacher totally has it in for me and if I'm not awake and paying attention, I'll fail the class. Not that my mind is thinking of any of that now. There are hot lips sitting jenna sativa ate gabi paltrovas bushy wet pussy fingering and tribbing next to my dick, and nipples rubbing against my leg.

I'm not really sure what's going on, but I guessed a few situations. And one of them was solidified when the door flew open again. What should've been a disaster, I turned to i will be nice daddy modern taboo family advantage, thank God for math and staying up late, I'll have to thank the teacher tomorrow for being a hardass.

As soon as the door flew open, I felt my zipper fly down, and wonderful lips wrap around my hard, ready to fuck, dick; but not before I heard a low gasp from below. Instant pride at my girth and length swelled up from naughty sexy megan gets her pussy licked and pounded hardcore and brunette gasp.

No one will call me a nerd after tomorrow, yeah, my revenge; never mind, I'll always be a nerd. I turned around slowly and looked at the new comer.

It was Lindsey from also down the hall, pretty/babe/bitch. She looked like a she-devil ready to roast a human alive. Unfortunately, she was dressed, she looked like she just came back from outside. She looked around, her eyes darting all over the room just like jenny; and just like jenny, her eyes fell on me last, am I really that invisible?

Don't answer that. "WHERE IS THAT CHEATING BITCH? THAT BOYFRIEND STEALING WHORE?" She yelled looking around, and quickly spotted something under the desk, so she quickly walked in and pulled the chair back, am I a sack of potato's, everyone moving me around like they want?

Again, a gasp at the size my member, then her brain caught up with her eyes, but before she could do or say anything, I jumped in, time to take advantage of this situation. "Do you mind? Can't you see I'm busy with my homework?" I placed my hand on the back of jenny's head and pushed her down further on my dick.

Surprisingly, she went down with the smallest resistance and continued bobbing her head up and down. Oh God, is that her tongue? There is no way I'm going to last, this bitch is good, and I'm loving this situation; especially since I didn't do anything wrong. "This cheating bitch is trying to steal my boyfriend." Said Lindsey, a lot quieter now. I'm guessing the scene in front of her eyes caught her unawares and her body was reacting differently to what she was expecting.

I had a hunch that she was getting wet watching us, and I can see that her nipples were poking through her shirt. Oh god, she's not wearing a bra; I really have to thank that awesome professor; I may even send him a picture for tonight's fun. "Not sure what you mean by trying to steal your boy toy, but this bitch is sucking my dick, and she is good at it too.

Look at this, she took 5" in and she is going for more; can you do that?" I asked with a calm expression trying to change the subject to my favor. "I don't know, I never saw something that big, my boy… he is not a toy, he is my BOYFRIEND!" she changed at top speed, hoping that I didn't notice what she was about to admit. "Whatever you think of him, he is not as big as I am is the important part. And if there was a girl cheating with him, then he was cheating too, so maybe you can pay him in kind, what do you say, wanna try this sausage?" she stood there absent mindedly looking at the dick vanishing inside jenny's mouth and coming back out.

She licked her lips and stopped mid lick as our eyes met and I smiled my new evil smile. Oh it's so good to have some brainpower; maybe I can get more out of this tonight. I should start thinking of a thank you letter for the professor; this is what I get out of doing your homework jackass. "Judging by your actions, I can safely assume, that you want to join so why don't you start by closing the door?" I said quietly and placed my hand on jenny's head again moving it with her head and pushing her down further every time she goes down.

Lindsay slowly moved towards the door and placed a hand on it and looked back. I can see the hesitation in her eye, but I quickly ignored her. The current position we were in, gave her a total side view, so she can see my dick and Jenny's body.

So, I bent over and reached with my left hand and stroked the back of Jenny all the way down to her ass. I squeezed her ass cheek a few times and slapped it once with a loud crack. Both girls kind of jumped but color rose in both their faces, jenny's turning even redder. I slid the hand from her cheek to her crack and slid the string aside. Slowly, I moved my hand down and my finger disappeared inside.

It was obvious to Lindsey that it went inside, but not because she could see it, it was because of Jenny's reaction. Alright, go long dick and long fingers. My finger reached inside her, barely touching her g-spot because of my position.

Nevertheless, it was effective; Jenny immediately began to react with heavier breathing with quick and sudden but obvious convulsions. I was watching Lindsay from the corner of my eyes, hoping she would hit the bait. And from the glimpses I saw, it was working. From what I had heard, her boy toy wasn't that great in bed. He left most of the work for her since he didn't know what he was doing.

And he just bragged about how he had one of the hottest in the dorm sucking his 'mighty' member. I guess the 'mighty' part was exaggeration maybe the bj was fiction too. Her reaction to my dick makes me wonder just how big he is and how much of what comes out of his mouth is true.

I'm not a giant by any means I mean I'm 7", but I do have good girth to accompany it. And if they're shocked by mine to that extent, it must mean he is about half, I hope. Alright, the big muscle guy is less than average size; I'll have to use this knowledge to my advantage at some point. Now back to the important things, this one was getting excited quickly, maybe she likes being watched and so does the other one since her hand is straying south and trying but failing not to rub herself.

Well I better not waste this opportunity. I pulled jenny off my dick by her hair and stood up. I let my shorts fall down and stepped out of them, dragged Jenny behind my by the hair but not violently.

It was more like, my property and from what I can tell; these bitches like to be treated roughly for some reason. I got the box of condoms from my roommate's drawer; he didn't use them anyway. He never got lucky even though he talks to bunch of girls and has all the time in the world. I grabbed the box and handed it to Lindsey by the door and waited expectantly. It was the funniest thing ever and the hottest, watching her react to the situation.

It was like her mind was totally blank, she was just on autopilot. She opened the box, she took a condom out of the package and placed it on my dick and slowly as if savoring the feeling, rolled it down my member all the way. She stroked it a couple of times, again it looked like she was admiring the length and girth when she suddenly realized what she was doing and looked into my eyes with her face beet red.

I tried, I really tried to keep a straight face, but I couldn't. A wide, evil grin was on my face and I waited for her to make a move. Seeing the evil grin on my face, her face turned even redder she was almost purple. She dug a nail into my sensitive member but not too hard and stroked it a couple more times before she let go. Jenny was watching the whole thing with her back slightly bent and her hair still in my hand; her expression was unreadable.

I stood right there in front of Lindsey and pulled Jenny's head back to my dick. She obediently opened her mouth and took it in. I only needed it lubed so I can go in easier, so I stopped her after a few seconds by pulling her head off by her hair again. I dragged her to the bed, laid her on her back with her ass on the edge, pushed her knees all the way to her chest and aimed my dick to her hole. Both girls stopped breathing in anticipation and I looked from one pair of eyes to the other before I pushed in.

What… a … feeling, after 3 months of a dry spell, I get to bone this total bitch in her super tight almost virgin pussy. It took me almost 3 minutes to be able fit my member all the way inside. I started with the tip; I pushed in about 3 inches before I slowed down and stopped, pulled almost out and pushed in again and so on. She was wet, or more accurately flooding. But, she was super tight, so if pushed in all the way, it would cause her too much pain at once, and make me cum immediately.

Since I was being greedy and wanted to fuck the other bitch too, I tried to make it as pleasant as possible. As soon as I pushed in the last inch, Jenny convulsed and had another climax; at the same time, I heard the door close and saw Lindsey coming closer. My mind, overjoyed with the turn around, forced one of the best climaxes I had. I came with my dick all the way inside Jenny; slowly, some of my strength returned and I continued moving.

My dick never lost its hardness or any of it power. I started moving in a rhythm that I came up with, being the nerd I am, I studied how to please a girl properly so that when I do get the chance, I'd make sure she'd want to come back.

Lindsey watched from the side as I moved in and out in a circular and straight rhythm always changing the pace and playing with Jenny's clit at the same time.

I let go of Jenny's leg with my left hand and placed it on Lindsey's face with my thumb on her lips. Slowly, she stuck her tongue out and licked it; she licked it once, twice, all over and took it in her mouth.

I was getting close again, so I stopped and to Jenny's displeasure, pulled out. I backed and sat into my chair with my member standing hard. I pulled off the condom and threw it in the trash and "who wants to clean it up?" they rushed at the same time and were on the floor in front of me before I could blink.

I was shocked, what the hell, why are these gorgeous babes after my dick, the outcast that sits and studies most of the time and works the rest?

Can't be the size, there has to be something else. Oh well, who cares right now, I might as well enjoy this, OMG, they're sharing my dick between them, licking amateur lesbo teens get their juicy cunts licked and rode clean at the same time.

Did their tongues just touch? Did Jenny just grab Lindsay's breast? SHE IS STRIPPING HER, OMG, SHE IS STRIPPING HER. This has got to be the best private show anal herself watch more of her at ulacamcom two hot babes, total bitch attitude, at my feet sucking my dick and one is stripping the other. I almost blew another one right then and there, but I decided to wait, so the only thing that would calm my dick was of course, math.

I quickly recalled the last problem I've been working on for the last hour and slowly but surely, the raging monster slowly stopped roaring, but was still pacing around waiting for the prey. Lindsey was finally naked in front of me in all of her glory and the girls would alternate between sucking my dick, kissing each other; or one playing with the other while the other sucked my dick. I wanted to go inside again, so I pointed to the condoms again and within 3 seconds, another condom was being rolled on my dick.

I'm surprised the rubber didn't burn from that speed, and I think superman may have a competition. I got up and lay on the bed on my back, and before my head touched the bed, there were two girls on me. Are they animals in heat? Am I excreting some kind of babe magnet pheromones? Well, whatever the reason, I love it. Jenny straddled my face, but not before I got a glimpse of Lindsey straddling my dick.

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It all went dark, there was a tornado outside, a hurricane, I mean it has to be the end of the world? otherwise, how do you explain this? I have the two total envy, everyone want to bone, hottest girls total bitches, with me in bed. Lindsey is taking me in her, she is grinding her hips, moving my dick inside her, she is mimicking my rhythm, and Jenny, who always looked at me with disgust down her nose, was begging me to eat her honey pot.

Did someone put some kind of drug in the ac or something? Within a few minutes, I felt Lindsey convulse and tighten around me. But she didn't stop, she kept on moving, she was having an orgasm almost every 30 seconds.

She would tighten on my dick like vice grips, totally soft awesome feeling vice grips, and stop moving long enough to catch her breath before carrying on.

By the 3rd time, I had to cum, I mean, there is no man alive that can withstand this kind of pleasure and not cum a second time in less than 10 minutes from the first time. I can't see properly, but are they kissing? It looks like they're making out on top of me. Is that Jenny's hand on Lindsey's breast again? Oh, look how hard she's squeezing it? Did Lindsey just climax because of it? Retaliation time? Lindsey is rubbing Jenny's clit right by my face, she is squeezing it, let me help by pushing her over the edge too.

I stuck my tongue in her as far as I can and I felt her convulse and almost fall actress kajal agarwal sex fucked storys lack of strength. After a little bit of back and forth, they nonverbally somehow, decided to switch positions. They got up and switched at top speed, not wanting to lose any time at all or lower the level of pleasure in the air.

Jenny was taking me insider her before I could blink, at the same time, Lindsey was lowering herself on my face xxx rep sex stories story dawnlod trying to push my tongue inside her as far as it would go.

Let me mess with her a bit, I pushed her off my face and had her support herself in the air above my face, I went to town with my hands and fingers, within 1 minute, both of them were cumming hard, Jenny was rubbing her g-spot with my dick and it pushed her over the edge, while I pushed Lindsey over by rubbing her clit and g-spot at the same time.

My dick wants the attention; it looks like I'll last a bit longer this time, time for me to take charge again. They had their fun, time to punish them for always treating me like shit. Ok time to go. I waited for them to be on the edge of cumming again when I stopped them with evil written all over my face. I got off the bed and looked at both of them waiting anxiously hungrily for my dick.

But I had other plans. Oh I'll give you my dick, but I'll make sure it hurts for a while before it makes you feel better. So what should I use, first things first, I need to take a picture, or pictures. I grabbed my smart phone of the desk and turned it on; I picked video and turned the flash on so they'd know they're being taped.

"Girls, how about a kiss, show me how dirty you both are?" it took them less than half a second of hesitation and they were making out with each other, rubbing breasts, even moving hands down and rubbing each other's clit.

Wow, look at that, I've got the bitches by the throats now, they're mine and they'll do whatever I tell them and I have proof. "How about a quick lick, Jenny would you like to start, Lindsey, you hold the phone. But make sure you finger yourself while filming and film that too." Is it too much, will they do it. OMG, THEY ARE DOING IT. I sat on the bed and Jenny was on the floor on her knees with my dick in her mouth.

OMG, Lindsey is fingering herself, she keeps on pointing the phone at her pussy and at her face, then back at us. Did she just film Jenny's dripping pussy and humping a naughty beaver smalltits and hardcore a finger in there?

Oh shit I forgot, I shouldn't let this drag on or I'll be under their spell. "Ok, switch." They immediately switched as if playing musical chairs and wanted to get their intended chair. Lindsey had my dick all the way down her throat in seconds and Jenny had the whole thing on film.

Is she fingering herself too?

Yes, she is, she's doing it right in front of the phone, oh my…; she just licked her pussy juice off her finger in front of the phone. I almost lost it right then. She just licked Lindsey's pussy, she is rubbing it in front of the phone again, and she's fingering her.

This is the best thing I've ever had happen; maybe I'll send a copy of this video as a thank you to professor asshole. "Ok, stop" they stopped with sad faces just like a kid whom his toy was taken away. "Sit on the bed" they jumped, each had a finger on her pussy lips moving around so that their bodies won't cool down. Ok time to get them, what should I use now.

I connected the phone to the computer and let it make a back up of the video to the computer and my online back up server. After I started the process, I picked up Lindsey's t-shirt, folded it and wrapped it around Jenny's eyes as a blindfold.

I took one of my shirts and did the same to Lindsey. Now how should I tie their hands? Should I use more shirts or. An evil grin spread across my face as I picked up their thongs. I used the thongs to tie their hands two sexy vampire babes are being naughty their backs; each had the other's thongs around her hand.

Heheheheheheh, muwahahahahahha. Was the maniacal laughter running in my head for some reason. Ok, now for the fun, I blindfolded them to make them guess what's going on, the sound they hear, the feeling they feel will emphasize everything.

If they hear a scream, will they try to run? What about a moan, would they moan with anticipation? Ok, one girl at a time, lets start with the first whore, but before that, this sight is priceless, I should have it recorded.

Let me see, where are Lindsey's pants? Ok now which pocket is it in, found it. "Lindsey, what's your birthday?" "0507, why?" "its you're phone password right?" no response. I turned on the phone and typed in her birth date. That self-centered bitch, of course its her birthday that's important to her and I bet that the other is the same.

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"Ok so lets see what you have on here, but first" I turned the camera on and took a couple of pictures with the digital sound of the shutter going off every time I take a picture. "Excellent" it was so awesome, messing with them like that, they knew I took the pictures with the phone, but what else am I doing, I can almost feel their ears straining to listen and take in what's happening.

First thing, send the pics to my phone, and here they come. My phone makes a beep indicating a text message.

"wow, you actually said that in a message to someone?" I say out loud as I go through the phone, and "look at these pictures." Now they're both guessing what pictures I'm talking about, Lindsey is sweating more because she knows what other pics she has on her phone. Well, enough with the phone, my dick is looking for it new prey, now its time to really mess with them. I go closer and whisper in Lindsey's ear "get on your knees and stick your butt out".

While she follows my orders, I move closer to Jenny until my dick touches her face; the tip is rubbing her cheek now. She moved her head and takes it in so fast, I thought she was going to bite it. But thankfully, she just used her lips. She was impaling her head on my dick, taking it all the way to the throat, at the same time, she could hear and feel Lindsey struggling to move around. Finally Lindsey was on her knees with her face in the mattress and her ass sticking out fully open giving me a perfect view.

I stepped back, taking my dick out of Jenny's mouth whom kept on chasing as far as she could without getting up. I picked up Lindsey's phone again and took a picture of the position dude seduces excited rubber hardcore and massage was in, making sure her face shows up. I stepped closer again to Jenny and she took my dick in her mouth again, but faltered when she heard the loud smack and the small scream.

She must of hoped she wasn't next or maybe tried to make me feel good so I won't do the same to her, because she went harder and faster on my dick trying to make me reach ultimate pleasure. She's trying to push me to the edge, oh I want it I want it I want it, but I shouldn't, I'll have another chance at this.

I stepped back and whispered in her ear "lay down and lift your legs in the air and stay in that position until I say otherwise." She's doing it, no one in their right mind would leave themselves so vulnerable to someone they've been tormenting. I don't know what it is, but maybe they just follow along since they are already this far into it? With her leg in the air like that, she felt and heard the hand that landed on the back of her thigh so close to her honey pot. Lindsey heard the smack and small stifled scream and got scared when she felt a hand on her ass.

But the hand on her ass was just moving around rubbing and squeezing her full cheeks; she was feeling pleasure again.

Wow, I have those gorgeous bitch/babes in the best position any guy could hope for. I didn't tie their hands that hard, they could pull free if they want, I wonder if they will. Time to start the revenge plan; I used both hands, one on each girl. They were already excited so it didn't take long for them to climax again. As soon as Jenny finished cumming, I rammed my dick inside her.

She let out a small scream of shock, which quickly turned to a moan of pleasure. At the same time, I continued fingering Lindsey's pussy and slowly, her ass. As the first finger approached her asshole, Lindsey gasped at the intrusion, but didn't move away.

Although, it was obvious that she wasn't familiar with any anal activity, and the grimace on her face showed a bit of pain. I like this; she's in pain, but still taking it.

He suddenly withdrew from Jenny in mid hump and positioned his dick at Lindsey's asshole. She realized a second too late what was about to happen.

Before she could lock her asshole, I pushed the tip in. She screamed, but it's short and not too loud, so I'll pause with just the tip inside for a second to let her catch her breath; besides, I don't want anyone coming in and interfering. I watched her face as the she loves that black cock in her pussy slowly dropped and her face wasn't contorted any more.

I pushed in again, this time deep and pulled her towards me with a hand on each side. Again, she squealed in pain, this time she struggled a little to get away but stopped within a few seconds. Oh this is the best, her entrance is so tight it almost hurts, but causing her pain makes me feel good too. I started to move slowly but deeply, she grunted a few times and her face contorted with pain again so I took pity on her and reached around with my hand and found her clit. In a few minutes, her face was contorted with pleasure instead of pain and a few minutes later she came hard; she squeezed me so hard when she came that I came inside her.

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I withdrew from her turned her on her back and lifted her legs in the air and whispered in her ear "don't move." I went to the bathroom and washed my dick quickly, which was still hard for some reason.

Revenge is sweet. I came back in the room and both still had their legs in the air, but Jenny's was starting to tremble from the pain of holding the position for too long. I bent down in front of Jenny and blew on her pussy; she came right then and there. Her legs started to fall, so I quickly held them up for her and bent down over her honey pot.

I used my lips, tongue and teeth to play with her special spot. Doesn't look like many guys used this, actually its almost never been used. I looked over at Lindsey's. yup, hers too, I think they've just been teasing too many guys, getting everyone excited, but didn't deliver at the end; and all this teasing just turned around and bit them in the ass, or fucked them in the ass, hehehe.

I moved both legs together and held them with one hand, the other, I took down to her ass. Now, lets see if miss tight pussy here can handle something in her ass.

I pushed a finger in slowly. Wow she is locking it shut; she doesn't want me in there. But I'm not gonna give up that easily. I used my teeth at that point august ames in sexually explicit hardcore big tits lightly bit her clit. Teen slut party beach bait and switch gasped and her hole opened up, I pushed my finger in two knuckles deep.

Pain was on her face immediately and she let out a pained moan. Hmm, she's trying to hold the pain in, she didn't scream like the other; maybe she's trying to outshine her. Oh well, I still get to see the pain on her face, I don't want to hurt her too much either, I want her to come back of her own will. Found her g-spot, I think two fingers should do the trick, she's already close, now is the time.

I pushed my other finger in all the way in her ass, at the same time, the other two fingers were pushing her over the edge by playing with her g-spot. Wow, that's the best face she could ever make, she's not sure if she should cry in pain or moan in pleasure. She likes this more than she did pleasure alone; maybe she likes some pain, or maybe she just likes getting fucked in her ass. Well, time to find out. Wow, her hole looks very small compared to my dick, this will hurt her a lot.

Still not screaming, not bad, is that a tear on her cheek? And another, my dick is only half way in, man I'm about to blow, but tears are running down her cheek now. I used my hand to stroke her cheek kindly, but I think she wants something else. I moved my hand from her cheek to her clit.

Wow that was a quick change, her tears stopped, she is pushing back, she's taking me in her ass all the way. Amazing, did she just climax? How tight can she squeeze, dam, my dick is about to fall off, this is amazing. She's squeezing so hard; I just blew my load in there. Dam, I didn't even last 5 minutes, those two are too much at the same time, not really, I wouldn't have it any other way. I better go clean up. I went to the bathroom and washed again, when I came back, they both still had their legs in the air.

"um, are you still not satisfied?" Silence, I guess they are still debating the idea. "well, I'm spent for the night, besides I still have some homework to finish, retired just before the hanru the last moment if you want, come back Friday night, I'll have enough energy by then, and no homework to finish." Still they didn't move, they both had their legs in the air, with two perfect pussies out there for the taking.

Dam, my dick is trying to get hard, it hurts. I moved closer and placed a hand on each pussy. I guess I can push them one last time. I placed two fingers in each pussy, palm up with the thumb on each clit. I used the same rhythm I used when I fucked them both, but with my hand, I can move faster.

Their faces say it all, they love it, and they're eating it all up. That was some massive orgasm, they both went off at the same time, their bodies shaking and convulsing so hard it looked like they had seizures. They were panting so hard as if they just finished a marathon. I probably should push them a little bit more. I removed their blindfolds and watched, as they lay there naked with bound hands looking around and trying to get used to the light.

Finally their eyes focused and they looked at me, still breathing hard. "Satisfied?" Two nods. "What about the new experience?" "Um, painful" said one "But still good" continued the other "You promised Friday we could do this again?" "Yes" "Can you handle two at the same time?" "You tell me." "I think you can." "Me too, I'm dumping my boy-toy." "I know, he's small anyway." "You bitch, so it was you." "Well yeah." This is awesome, a fuck and a show, watching two girls with hands tied behind their backs, laying on the bed, trying to get up to fight each other, I really should come up with a thank you letter to that asshole of a teacher, because of him, things will get better.

Crap, homework. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Thanks for reading, suggestions welcome, if there are mistakes point them out I'll try and edit it. Story intentionally exaggerated for maximum effect.