Jerseylicious blonde milf with best curves you ever seen

Jerseylicious blonde milf with best curves you ever seen
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Mike went upstairs into Misty's room and found her on the bed, totally naked. She spread her legs and pulled her labia apart with her fingers, showing him the pink. She smiled at him, then winked. "You know, it'll be easier to explain to my Mom about my lack of a hymen if she knows she wasn't here when you busted it." she said. "So, why don't you come over here and stick that monster inside me?

She'll understand if we do it right now, I'm sure. A lot better than if she finds out we did it last night, don't you think?" "That's a good idea, Misty." he said, undoing his pants.

"Did you hear the conversation downstairs?" "Every word." said Misty. "Jeez, they cut off her nipples and her nose!" "Well, she got what she deserved." Mike said, coming over to the bed.

He pushed Misty backwards and got between her legs, fitting his erection into her. She was really wet, and it squished all the way in with one thrust. "Unngh!" Misty moaned. "Oh, God, yeah!" Mike began fucking her with hard strokes that used every inch of his cock, and Misty started her orgasm right away.

He didn't let up for a few long minutes, until she was writhing and practically screaming in ecstasy, then he pulled out and got on the bed, kneeling over her. He laid his cock between her tits and tried to push them together around it, but she just didn't have enough flesh to fuck them properly.

Instead, he grabbed it with his fist and began masturbating right over her face. She opened her mouth and tried to suck it, but he kept it just out of her reach, stroking it with his fist faster and faster. She watched the head turn red, then nearly purple, then it spurted several jets of hot, white come all over her face. Some of it went into her open mouth, which she swallowed, but the rest of it was on her cheeks, nose and forehead. He smiled down at her, enjoying the sight of her drenched with jism.

She was wiping it off her face and into her mouth with both hands, and he really liked watching her eat it, too. "Why didn't you come in my mouth?" she asked. "I wanted you to." "I wanted to come on your face." he told her. "You looked very pretty, like that." Before she could say anything, they both heard the doorbell ring.

He got up and put his clothes on. "It's probably more cops. You don't have to come down, if you don't want to." She nodded. "Okay, I'll stay up here. Just get rid of them, and come on back up." She rolled over and lifted her hind end in the air.

"I want you to put it my ass again, okay?" He grinned and nodded, then went downstairs after pulling his shirt on over his head.

He answered the door, expecting to see another cop, but instead, it was a girl, about Misty's age, wearing a schoolgirl uniform, black and white plaid skirt and white blouse. She looked surprised to see him there, and looked around to make sure that she had the right house. "Is Misty here?" she asked. "She's upstairs." he told her. "Who are you?" "I'm her best friend, Kim." she said.

"Who are you?" "My name is Mr. Ménage." he said. "Would you like to come in?" Kim stepped inside, and Mike closed the door behind her. "She's upstairs?" Kim asked. He nodded, but before he could say anything, she was running up there. He followed her, knowing that she was going to catch Misty naked. He wanted to hear how she explained it, so they could keep their stories straight. With everything that had already happened today, he didn't need any rumors floating around about himself and a sixteen-year-old girl being involved sexually.

He waited outside the door, listening to the conversation. "Misty, why are you naked?" "Kim, what are you doing here?" "I asked first." Kim said. "Did you know there is a strange man downstairs?" "He's not a stranger, that's just Mike." Misty said. "Isn't he just dreamy?" "I guess he's cute, but he's, like, older than my Dad!" she said. Mike snuck a peek around the corner, and was surprised to see Kim sitting on the bed and fondling Misty's pussy.

"So what?" Misty said. "Aren't you just a little curious what it would be like?" She opened her ava addams double time wife brazzer a little wider, and lay back. "Are you going to stay a virgin forever?" "Well, of course not, but how could he be interested in me? To him, we're probably just little kids." Busty babe sucks dick in fake cops car hardcore reality said.

"Besides, he could go to jail if he ever got caught!" "Well, we'd just have to keep it a secret, wouldn't we?" Misty said. "Go on, Kim, I know you want to kiss it, and I want you to." "You do? But last time, you said you didn't want to be a lesbian!" Kim said. "Have you changed your mind?" "Not exactly." Misty said, letting Kim get on her knees between her legs.

She threw her head back and moaned out loud as Kim began licking her pussy. "Oh, God, that feels good!" she said. "I'm just sure that I'm not a lesbian, now. Bi-sexual, maybe, but not a lesbian." Kim stopped and looked up at her, surprised. "What, you mean you went all the way?" she asked. Misty nodded. "With who?" she demanded. "I haven't heard anyone bragging about bagging you, and you don't know any boys I don't know, and we both know that if you had put out for any of them, they would have told the whole school about it!" "It wasn't any boy from your school." Misty told her.

"It was with someone who can definitely keep a secret. Now, don't stop. I like the way that feels." She grabbed Kim's head and pulled her face up against her pussy once more, but as soon as she let go, Kim looked back up at her again.

"Who was it? You have to tell me!" she said. "I can't. I promised to keep it a secret, too." Misty said. "Unless. Can you keep a secret, Kim? Can you?" "Sure, I can keep a secret." she said eagerly. "I've never told about what we do together, have I?" "No, I guess you haven't, but your reputation was on the line, too. How do I know that you won't tell about this?" Out in the hall, Mike wondered if Misty was going to get him into Kim's pants, or if she was just going to tell this girl what he'd done.

"Misty, you know I won't tell!" Kim said. "Please, tell me who you did it with!" "Kim, I'm still not convinced. I think you should do it with him, too. That way, we both know that you'll keep his secret." "You mean that guy downstairs?" Kim asked, shocked. "Him?" "I'm not going to tell you yes or no until I hear you say that you'll let the guy do it to you, too." "It's not him?" Kim asked. "Who is it, then?" "Kim, yes or no?

Are you going all the way, or not?" "Okay, I will, I promise!" she said, exasperated. "Now, will you tell me if it's him or not?" "It's him." Misty said.

"Come on in, Mike!" Mike stepped into the room with a big smile on his face. "Hi, Kim. Nice to meet you." he said. Kim turned and looked at him, astonished.

"Don't worry; I know you're not a little kid, and I trust you not to tell anyone what we're about to do." "You do?" she asked. "I mean, I'll totally keep your secret, but you don't think we're kids?" "Oh, no." he said. "If you're even half as mature for your age as Misty is, then you're plenty old enough for what I'd love to do with you." He winked at her.

"I think anyone who is willing to go down on her best friend is old enough to. you know." He winked again. Kim blushed, turning away from Misty's crotch. "Oh, well, I just." she said, lamely. Mike smiled at her, looking at the juices on her face. "I know." he said, gently. "Don't worry; I'll keep your secret if you keep your promise." Kim gulped hard. "You heard that?" she asked. Mike nodded and came toward her, holding out his hand.

She took it, and he helped her up to her feet. "Sure I did." he told her. "Are you ready?" He took her hand put it on his stomach, just above his waistband.

She snatched it back like it was hot and shook her head. Mike laughed. "Kim, you promised!" said Misty. "You're not going to back out of it, are you?" Misty sat up and put her hands on her hips, glaring. "Well, no, of course not." she said.

"I'm going to do it, but." "Give him a strip-tease." Misty told her. "He really gets off on that." Kim smiled and began swaying from side to side. "Now, that I can do." she said, unbuttoning her blouse, one button at a time. She started from the bottom up, taking her time with it. Mike sat down on the bed next to Misty, taking her hand as they watched the show. Kim was a slight girl, only a few inches more than five feet tall, with copper red hair.

She opened her shirt and revealed a white training bra. Next she began opening her skirt, then turned her back on them and lowered it slowly, exposing her white panties and her trim little butt.

While she had her back turned, she reached behind her back and unhooked her bra, then lowered it and dropped it to the floor. She turned milf with glasses fucked hard on webcam hot thewildcamcom and saw Mike and Misty watching her with big smiles on their faces.

She had her breasts hidden behind her hands and a sultry smile on her face. She started moving her hands around on them, teasing them with little hints of her nipples. "Do you want to see them?" she asked. "Do you want me to show you my breasts?" She sashayed up close, still hiding them with her fingertips. "I want to touch them." said Mike. "I want to lick them with my tongue." "You do?" she asked staying just out of reach. "Well, you're a bad boy." "No, I'm not." he replied.

"Come over here, and I'll prove it." She came tantalizingly close, then danced back out of reach. "Oh, you almost got me." she said, teasing him. "You'll have to do better than that!" She still hadn't shown him her breasts.

"I'm serious, Kim, come here." he said. "Let me prove to you that I'm not a bad boy. In fact, I'm a good man." "Oh, no!" she said. "I'm not done stripping for you, yet." "Well, get on with it, then.

Quit being such a little cock-tease, and come over here!" he snapped. "I told you what I want to do!" "In good time, good sir." Kim said, coyly. She slid her hands down off her breasts, along her sides, and rolled the waistband of her panties down until the top of her pubic hair was exposed. It was as red as the hair on her head, maybe a little darker, but not much. "Don't you want me naked when you finally get your hands on me?" she asked. "You're stalling." said Misty, flatly. "Get over here and get over it." "I'll take your panties the rest of the way off myself." Mike told her.

"Right after I finish kissing your delectable little nipples!" He pulled his shirt up over his head and threw it on the floor as Kim hesitantly came closer. He reached out his hand to her, smiling at her with his friendliest grin. She took his hand, and he drew her close.

"Sit in my lap, Kim." he told her, so she did. He put both hands on her breasts, fondling them and teasing her nipples erect with his fingertips. She sat stiffly, afraid of this large man, this stranger, who was touching her so intimately. He pulled her brother and sister ebony sexey storys red hair aside and nibbled her neck lightly, then ran his hand down her belly to her crotch.

"Don't be nervous." he whispered.

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"I'm scared." she admitted, closing her legs tightly to prevent him from touching her as he slid his hand inside the waistband of her panties. "Please, I'm scared!" "There's nothing to worry about, Kim." Misty told her, smiling. "I promise, it only hurts for a second, and then it feels wonderful!" "That's right." Mike told her as he lay her down on her back. "I'll go really slow and easy, okay?" He kissed her on the lips, easing his hand between her legs as she slowly relaxed her thighs.

He bent his head and nibbled her nipples, first one, and then the other as he rubbed his fingers up and down her slit. He dipped them lower when he felt her moisture begin to flow, then slipped one finger inside her and began to work it in and out. After a few moments of that, she moaned almost imperceptibly and opened her legs a little wider. Misty moved over so she could see better, and Kim used the extra room to pull her knees up and open, giving Mike total access to her groin.

He stood up and took off his pants, stroking his cock erect with one hand as Kim stared at it, fascinated. "Oh my God!" she breathed. "It's so big!" Mike grinned and winked at her, going to his knees on the bed between her wide-open legs. He moved the crotch of her panties to the side and exposed her pussy.

"That's what they all say." he told her, grabbing her knees and pulling her closer to the edge of the bed. "Don't worry, Kim, it'll fit, I promise." "No, wait, please, I'm not ready!" she protested, feeling it rub against her down there. Mike took it in hand and slid it up and down her slit, gathering her juices on the head of his cock.

"Please, wait!" "Kim, you are ready for this." Misty told her. "Don't worry; it'll be over in a second, and in five minutes, you'll feel like a million dollars!" She bit her lip as Mike found her opening and pushed inside her.

It didn't hurt all that much, but she could feel herself stretching out to accommodate his enormous girth. It felt a little strange, but good at the same time. He pushed it in a little, then pulled it back. He worked it in a little deeper, just a bit at a time, giving it to her slowly.

She lay under him passively until he hit her hymen, then she squirmed her hips away from him with a look of pain on her pretty young face.

"Ow, that hurts!" she said, wincing. "Well, it's going to hurt some." he told her, looking right into her liquid green eyes. "There's nothing I can do to help that except get it over with as quickly as possible." he said.

"Oh, well, I think we should stop." she said. "I don't think I'm ready for this." She grunted as he worked it in and out again, careful to avoid her hymen this time. "Come on, I said for you to stop!" "Kim, he's not going to stop." Misty told her. "You promised he could do this.

You alexa novas anal drilled by step dad after blowjob pornstars and big dick lying, were you?" "Well, no." she said, hesitantly. She grunted and winced as he out it back inside and pressed it hard into her maidenhead.

"Please, I don't." He rammed it all the way into her and busted her wide open, sinking it all the way inside with one thrust. She screamed and writhed under him, but he lay his full weight on her and held her down. All Misty could see was her arms and legs waving, and she could hear her cries of pain.

Kim's pain quickly turned to pleasure as Mike dragged his cock out, then sank it back in. She began breathing in quick little gasps, and then she wrapped her legs and arms around Mike's body and pulled him deeper into her at every thrust. Moaning deep in her throat, she shuddered and quivered as her young, petite body underwent one of the most powerful orgasms of her life.

She clawed his back and left eight angry looking scratches, but she was so lost in her passion she didn't know what she was doing. "Oh, God, Kim, let me go!" he said, a moment later. "Let me go, right now!" Misty heard the desperation in his voice and knew he must be really close to coming himself. Kim grabbed him and held him even tighter.

Misty tried to pry her hands loose, but it was too late. Mike grunted and arched his back, coming inside her. "Oh, God damn, she's so fuckin' tight!" he said. "I couldn't help it! I just came inside her, Misty. I couldn't help it, honest!" Kim finally relaxed and opened her eyes, looking up at Mike.

"What?" she asked. "What's wrong?" "Nothing!" said Misty, quickly. "Wasn't that just the greatest?" "Oh, yeah! I had no idea that sex with a man could be so good!" Kim sat up as Mike rolled off her, and Misty moved closer.

"Kim, I'm going to do something you've always wanted me to do." she said, looking right into her best friend's eyes. "I've never wanted to before, but you were so brave today, doing it with a man; I guess I should be brave enough to try this, right?" "Oh, Misty, are you serious?

Go ahead, I've dreamed of this for a long time!" said Kim, excitedly. She lay back down on her back and opened her legs wide, letting Misty get between them. She lay down on her stomach and looked at Kim's glistening pussy, still wet from being so recently fucked. As she watched, a glob of semen oozed out, and she quickly licked it up. She had tasted his come straight from his cock. She had even taken a taste from her mother's pussy, and this tasted much the same.

It was slightly mixed with female juices, making it saltier and much more musky. It was delicious, and she eagerly went back for more. Kim opened her legs up wide, giving Misty all the room she needed to eat her down, and Mike looked on with an amused smile on his face. He fondled Misty's bare ass cheeks, then worked his middle finger between them and probed her asshole with it.

She drew her knees up under herself and hiked her butt into the air. "Oh, Mike, yes, fuck my ass!" she said, mischa brooks likes to ride his stick went back to licking Kim's cunt.

Kim looked at him, astonished, seeing him get on his knees behind her best friend. He put his cock against her asshole, but it wouldn't go it, because there wasn't enough lubrication, so he put it into her cunt, instead. He sank it deep into her, and began fucking the young girl with long steady strokes. She moaned out loud with her mouth full of Kim's pussy, and Kim got off on the vibrations.

She moaned quietly, having another orgasm only minutes after her first one. It was just as intense as the one Mike had given her. He plowed Misty's pussy, increasing the pace until she, too, was coming, bucking and writhing in ecstatic agony. He pulled out of her and moved her aside so that he could sit astride Kim's chest.

She stared at his swollen cock, mere inches away from her face. He stroked it with his fist until it spat out long, ropy streams on white stickiness all over her face. Kim gave a gasp of horror. Some of it went right into her open mouth, and she spit it out, turning her face to the side. Misty got right up there really fast, and began licking it off her best friend's face, eating it. "Misty, what are you doing?" she asked, seeing, but not believing it.

"God, you actually like that stuff?" "Delicious!" Misty told her. She wiped up a dollop of it on her finger and offered it to the little red head.

"Want some?" Kim shook her head and looked away. "No, thanks." she said, trying not to sound too disgusted. Misty laughed and ate it herself. "More for me." she laughed. They heard the doorbell downstairs again, so Mike got up and pulled his pants back on. "Another friend?" he asked Misty, but she shook her head. "I don't think so." she said. "It's probably the cops again." "I think you're right." he said, pulling his T-shirt over his head.

He pulled his pants on, went downstairs and answered the door, and sure enough, there was a cop there. "Mr. Ménage?" he asked. Mike nodded. "We need you to come down to the station and make a statement, sir. Would you please come with me?" "Officer, I'd like to, but I'm afraid I'm babysitting right now, and I can't leave my ward alone." he said.

"I'm going to be busy for the rest of today." "Well, I really need you to come down to the station with me, sir. Perhaps you could bring your ward with you." he said.

"Listen, I'm not going anywhere right now. I'm told that Mineo and his gangsters were killed in my house, and I'm not going to get my neighbor's daughter mixed up in this by having her seen with me in the company of cops!" He tried to close the door, but the cop wasn't fisting skinny teen sluts cavernous wrecked pussy it. He put his foot in the way and blocked it open.

"Look, Mr. Ménage, I have to bring you with me. You can come willingly, or I can arrest you. Your choice, sir." "I'm going inside, Officer. If you want to arrest me, you better come back with a warrant. Have a nice day." he said, kicking his foot clear, then shut the door firmly in the cop's face. To his great surprise, the door burst open and the cop came right in.

Mike punched the guy right in the nose, breaking it. Blood gushed down the front of his uniform, and he tried to draw his gun. Mike put his hand on the cop's hand and squeezed.

Bones crunched, and the cop screamed in pain, just like a woman. He tried to hit Mike, but Mike easily blocked the blow and wrapped his arm around the guy's neck. He bent the cop backward and dropped to the floor, cutting off his air. The cop slapped at his arm, giving the signal to let up, but Mike kept the pressure up until he passed out. He looked up and saw Misty at the top of the stairs, standing there in shock the he'd just assaulted a police officer. "Nice tits." he said.

She blushed, and Kim joined her. "Damn, you got nice pair, too." he commented. "I sure am a lucky guy!" "Oh, my God!" Kim said. "You just beat up a cop!" "Is he dead?" Misty asked. "He's not dead, is he?" "No, I just put him out for a while." Mike said, grinning. "I think he's dirty. I think he works for Mineo." "What makes you think that?" Misty asked. "Well, it's totally against the law for cops to bust open the door without a warrant." he said.

"Therefore, I think he was dirty. Two of the cops in my house were dirty. Will someone do me a favor and call the real police?" Just then, Missy came in the front door, looking sod xxx storys sex stories 15. "What's going on?

What's with all the cop cars?" she asked, but then she saw the officer on the floor, covered with blood all down the front and unconscious. She raised up her hand to her mouth in horror.

"What is going on in here?" She saw Misty and Kim standing naked at the top of the stairs, and it all became too much for her.

She passed out on her feet, So Mike rushed over and caught her, easing her to the floor. "Misty, Kim, get dressed, right now." he said. They disappeared into Misty's room without another word. Mike dragged the cop out to the cruiser and opened the trunk, putting the unconscious cop inside it. He hoped he wasn't seen by any of the others up the street at his own house, but if he was, there was nothing to do about it.

He had to get that dirty pig out of Missy's house before brunette hottie jumps on a big cock woke up. He went back in and surveyed the spot where the cop had fallen, looking for blood, but he was fortunate in that none of it had gotten on the floor, by some miracle. Good thing the guy had landed on his back. Misty and Kim came back down, fully dressed, and Mike asked Misty to damp down a facecloth for her mother, so she went into the kitchen to get it.

Mike patted her cheeks with it and soothed her brow, and Missy began to come around. Her eyes fluttered open and she tried to sit up, but Mike restrained her, smiling at her reassuringly. "Hold on a minute, just relax, okay? Everything is fine." he said. "Mike? What's happening?" she asked. Her eyes focused on Misty. "Misty? Are you okay?" Her voice was full of concern for her daughter.

"I'm fine, Mom." Misty told her. "Really, I'm squirt punishment first time and he flushes her head several times in the toilet cup as I saw you." Missy said, her brow furrowing. "Kim, are you." "We're both fine, Ms.

Walker." Kim told her. "Don't worry, okay?" "But I saw you, you were naked!" Missy protested. "Mike, you didn't." she accused, looking at him. "Actually, I did, but it was their idea, honest." he said. "Right, girls?" "It's true, Mom. He didn't want to, but we talked him into it, didn't we, Kim?" Misty told her.

Missy looked at her daughter skeptically. "Oh, yeah, I'm sure you had to twist his arm practically off!" she said, her voice dripping with sarcasm. "I told you to wait until I got home!" "Well, Jeez, Mom, I'm sorry! All I did was suck it again, but then Kim came over, and one thing led to another. I know you wanted me to wait, but it just didn't work out that way!" Misty said. "I'm sorry, I really am." "No, you're not." her mother told her.

"I can see by your face that you liked it." She looked at Kim. "You, too. He fucked you, too, didn't he?" Kim blushed and nodded.

"Yes, ma'am." she whispered. "I'm not sorry, either. It was the best thing I've ever felt." "I can only imagine." Missy said, dryly. "Is someone going to explain all the police cars now?" she asked.

Mike helped her sit up. "And wasn't there a dead cop in here a minute ago?" "He isn't dead." Mike said. "My wife Cindy came back earlier today with some dirty cops from Sal Mineo. She wanted her stuff, and they wanted to search my basement for busty babe kendall cheats on her boyfriend rumored underground bunker.

There was a shoot-out in there, but I wasn't home when it happened. One of Mineo's dirty cops came here and tried to take me downtown with him, but obviously I didn't go. He's in the trunk of his car at the moment, handcuffed, gagged, and unconscious. I don't know what to do with him, except drive him back to Mineo later." "Sal Mineo?" Missy asked, paling. "The gangster?" Mike nodded. "I'm afraid so.

It seems Cindy, my wife, was prostituting for him after she left me." Mike hung his head in sorrow and shame.

"Oh, my God!" Missy said. "She was a prostitute?" "As far as I know." Mike said. "I only have that dirty cop's word for it, but it explains how Mineo is involved." He looked at Missy uncomfortably. "I'm sorry to get you involved in all this, but I promise I'll protect you and your family from those creeps, okay?" He gave her a hug, and she put her arms around him, hugging him back.

He moved his head and kissed her on the lips. She looked at him speculatively afterward, her eyebrows raised. "Did those two youngsters leave any for me?" she asked, coyly. "I came home a little early, hoping to get some." "It's always hard for you, Missy." he told her, grinning. He picked her up and carried her upstairs to her room, then laid her on the bed sideways.

"Should I come inside you again?" he asked, undoing his pants. He stepped out of them and pushed her skirt up. She wasn't wearing panties, so he put her ankles on his shoulders and stepped in close. "I want another baby." she said. "I want your baby." She smiled up at him as he fitted it inside her, then sank it home with several soft pushes. She looked over at the door and saw Misty and Kim watching, but he was inside her and stirring her guts with his big cock, and she found it hard to care.

Mike fucked her harder and harder, using every one of his ten inches to the fullest, and Missy began to climax, crying out her ecstasy. "Oh, God, Mike, do it harder!

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I'm coming, I'm coming, for God's sake, FUCK ME!!!" she screamed. "FUCK ME, FUCK ME!!" Mike increased the tempo even more, then his back arched, and he came inside her, spewing his seed deep into her womb. Kim watched in fascination as he pulled out, seeing the sticky white cream that oozed out of the woman's pussy. Misty gave her a little push into the room. "Go ahead, Kim, I know you want to try it." she said. "I've done it, and it's really good." Kim looked at her friend, but Misty gave her another little shove.

Kim shrugged and went into the room, then went to her knees and licked up the jizz seeping out of Missy's cunt. She found the taste intriguing so she savored it for a moment, then began eating the woman out with gusto. Missy didn't know who was going down on her, and it felt so good, she didn't skinny hussy waitress fucked by two perv grandfathers doublepenetration and reverse cowgirl. She had re-discovered sex in the last few days, and her inhibitions were almost non-existent at this point.

Kim kept licking her until Missy had another mind-bending orgasm, then sat back with a smile. "God, you're so cute." Mike said, looking at Kim sitting there with her face all shiny. "I can't wait to fuck you again!" "You don't have to wait, Mike." she told him.

"You can fuck me right now!" She began unbuttoning her blouse, but put his hand on her shoulder and stopped her. "I'm sorry, but I do have to wait." he said. "That cop in the trunk is probably awake by now, and I have to get him out of here, or there's going to be trouble!" He grinned at her.

"I will let you suck the juices off it, though. She looked dismayed, but she reached out her hand and took webcam sexy hot girl more videos on sexycamsorg half-hard cock in her fist, then brought it to her mouth. She hesitantly opened up and took it in, then sucked it reluctantly, tasting the mixture of sperm and cunt juice once more. She discovered she liked the feel of it in her mouth, and took more of it in, but he pushed her away with a groan.

"That's enough." he told her. "I really have to go." "Next time." she said. "Next time, I promise I'll suck it for you.' "That's a deal." he told her, pulling his pants back on.

"Will you be here when I get back?" "I doubt it." she said. "I have to get home to do my homework." "Okay, well see you later, then." he told her. She got up and kissed him on the cheek, then left. He looked at Missy and winked. "I'll be back, and we'll do this all over again." he said, then went to Misty, who was still in the doorway. He gave her a kiss, then took her hand and brought her downstairs with him. "Misty, I'd like you to come with me." he said.

It's going to be dangerous, but I need someone to watch my back." he told her. Her eyes shined with excitement. "What do you want me to do?" she asked, eagerly. "You know I'd do anything for you!" "I know that.' he said. She could see the love in his eyes, and her heart melted in her chest. "I need you to wait in the car while I go into a motel office." he said. "If another car shows up, I need you to honk the horn, so I can protect myself against whoever is out there." "That's it?" she asked, disappointed.

"Just honk the horn?" "It's more dangerous than you think." he said. "They might decide to hurt you before coming inside to get me." "I don't care." she said. "If you want me to do it, then I will." she told him. "I love you, Mike." She went over and gave him a great big hug. "I know you do, Misty." he said, brushing a lock of hair out of her eyes. "I love you, too." He took her hand again and led her out to the police car.

They could hear the cop in the trunk struggling, and Misty laughed as they got in. Mike just looked at her, not amused. "You think it's funny, what I did to him?" Mike asked. Misty nodded. "You kicked his ass." she said, grinning. "He didn't stand a chance, Mr. Tough Guy." She giggled and reached over to feel the muscle of his bicep. "I don't think he was expecting it." Mike told her. "That means I just got lucky." "You want to get lucky again?" she asked, bending over his lap.

She tried to unfasten his pants, but he stopped her. "Enough of that." he told her, chuckling. "I'm going to need some of my energy inside the motel." "Okay." she said, sitting back up.

They pulled into the parking lot of the motel a few moments later, and he took the shotgun bolted to the dash in with him. "Whaddya want?" asked the goon behind the counter. It was a exxxtrasmall petite babe fucking her boyfriends best friend one from earlier this morning.

He slid his hand down beneath the counter, but Mike knew what was up. He stepped to the side as the guy blew a big hole through the plywood, trying to shoot him, and he leveled the shotgun and fired it through the same hole. The goon flew back in his chair and fell to the floor, dead. Two seconds later, he heard the horn of the cop car and stepped to the side of the door.

He jacked another shell into the chamber and waited. Two guys ran in, armed with automatic pistols and extra-long clips. Mike lowered the shotgun and fired again, blowing off their knees.

Both men fell to the floor, screaming with pain, and only one of them managed to hold on to his gun. The horn honked again, and Mike stayed where he was, working the slide again. Two more guys ran in, and he raised the shotgun slightly and cut yr old booty teen fucking black boyfriend first one in half.

The other started to turn, but Mike had the drop on him and swung the butt in a vicious arc, which ended at side of the guy's face, denting it badly. He fell straight down. Mike worked the slide and pointed the gun at the man on the floor, who was just beginning to swing his pistol up at Mike. He fired, and the man's whole head exploded in a spray of blood.

The place was awash in gore. He went over to the last man alive, hunkering down next to him. "You ain't going to be a problem, right?" he asked, gathering the various pistols up off the floor. The guy with no legs below the knee shook his head, on the verge of passing out from loss of blood. "Good." said Mike, amiably. Mike got the keys off the clip on his belt. "What do you drive?" he asked. "Green LTD." the guy gasped. "In the parking lot, room twelve." "See you around, Shorty." Mike grinned at him, and then patted him on the shoulder.

"Nice doing business with you." He finished collecting up the guns, including the one behind the counter, still in the hand of the goon who had fired it at him, then stuck them in the waistband of his pants. He wiped down the shotgun and left it on the counter, then went out and got Misty out of the police car.

"Come on, we're getting out of here." he said. They went into the courtyard of the motel and got into the green sedan. Mike started it with the keys he had taken. "You've got blood on your shoes." said Misty, quietly. "Can I have one of those guns?" He looked at her, surprised. "What do you want a gun for?" he asked.

"To protect myself." she answered. "After what you just did, I think I'm going to need it." "Well, I hope not." he said. "I'll need to teach you how to shoot officers cock offered teen tight pussy to fuck, teach me." she said. "I don't want to just get wasted by some hood because I don't know how to defend myself." He looked at her speculatively.

"I can show you how to shoot targets, but could you shoot a person? It's a lot different, you know." "Well, I guess I could, if they were going to shoot me." Misty said. "Come on, give me one." "No, not until I show you how to use it. You'd be more likely to shoot me or yourself if I don't." he said.

He drove toward the gravel pit, going right past the street they lived on. His yard was still full of cop cars. They got to the pit about ten minutes later, and Mike parked the car where it couldn't be seen from the road. They got out and he popped the trunk, getting out the tire iron. He took one of the hubcaps off and threw it like a Frisbee.

It went about fifty feet and landed, shining in the sunlight. He had left all the pistols in the car, and got one out. He unloaded it, then pushed all the bullets out of the clip and lined them up on their bases on the hood. Misty watched him in obvious fascination.

"Okay, this is how you load the clip." he said, showing her how one of the bullets fit into it. "You put the rest of them in." She loaded it, having a little difficulty because the spring was stiff, until her showed her how to pull down the thumb slide and take the tension off.

After that, it was easy. "This is how you put the clip in the gun." he said, showing her. He ejected it and gave them to her. She put it in and clicked it home perfectly, the first time. "Very good." he praised her. "Now, rack the slide to chamber the first round." She had a little difficulty doing that, too, but she managed.

"Point it at the hubcap and pull the trigger, gently." he told her. The gun went off with a big loud bang, and it jumped right out of her hands and landed on the ground. Mike bent over and picked it up, brushing the dirt off. "Are you okay?" he asked. She nodded, then held out her hand for the pistol back. "Not yet." he told her. She pouted, but accepted what he said.

"Hold it tightly." he said. "It's going to jump like that every time you pull the trigger. Was it louder than you expected?" "It was wicked loud!" she said. "Can I try it again? I missed the hubcap by a mile. I want to be able to hit it." "Okay.

This is the safety. I'm switching it on. Just move this lever down, and it's off, ready to fire. Okay?" "I see it." she told him, holding out her hand. Mike gave her the pistol. She took it, switched the safety off, aimed it at the hubcap and squeezed off a round. The hubcap jumped back about five feet, and she squealed with delight.

"Did you see that?" she exclaimed. "I hit it, Mike!" "Try it again." he said. "This time, shoot it as many times as you can." Misty shot the gun again, this time firing it five times, and missed five times. The slide racked key west festival called fantasy fest swingers naked partying in the streets, empty, and she gave him the pistol back, looking chagrined.

"Guess the first time was beginner's luck." she said. "Cheer up. It takes a lot of practice before anyone can hit the target with a whole clip." he told her. "You did really well to hit it chanec xxx ful hot sex stories guess I better make the first shot count, then." she said. "You know, shooting the gun is super sexy. I'm really turned on right now." "You know, I thought that might happen." he said. "That's why I packed along this big monster!" He unzipped his fly and got out his cock.

Misty's eyes lit up when she saw it, and she went to her knees in front of him. "Oh, I love sucking on this big bad boy!" she said, then slurped the whole thing into her mouth. He grew hard, and it swelled right into her throat, but she ignored the urge to gag and sucked on it instead, but he pushed her head away after a short minute and helped her to her feet.

"Bend over the hood of the sunny leon with big dick he told her, lifting her skirt up. She spread her legs as she leaned over it, and he fitted his big cock inside her. He pushed it inside slow and easy, once again reveling in her tightness.

She moaned as he stretched her open deliciously, sinking it fully inside her. "Oh, God, I love it when you fuck me!" she gasped.

"It feels so fuckin' great!" She slapped the hood of the car with both palms as he began driving it in and out, full force. "Oh yes, fuck me hard, do it, Mike, fuck meeee!!!" Mike had already come several times that day, and he felt like he could stay hard in her forever, this time, but he knew he had to get her back to her mother. Besides, Missy was going to want his cock a few more times that day as well, and he wanted to give it to her. Missy was a fine piece of ass, too.

He put his cock back in his pants, then went around and got in the car. Misty got up a moment brazzers kelsi loves massages and anal spanking and brunette and joined him, and he drove her home.

She ran into the house ahead of him, all excited. "Mom, Mike just showed me how to shoot a gun!" she said, but the house was empty. Mike came in as Misty was looking around, puzzled. "Where did she go?" Misty asked, concerned. Mike's heart sank in his chest. He had a bad feeling he knew where she was. The phone rang.

Mike went over and answered it. Misty saw the look on his face and went over to him, holding on to his arm, tightly. "Hello? Yes, this is he." he said, sunny leone xxx sex blue film downlodein pc listened for a moment.

"Okay, I'll be glad to meet with you. Just don't hurt her, because if you do, the deal is off. Got it? Anything I know goes with me to the grave, and you can kiss everything goodbye." He listened a moment more, then hung up.

"I'm going to my house to get your mother." he told Misty. "I want you to stay here. Got it? Stay here!" "But, Mike-" she protested. He held up his hand and stopped her with a look. She pouted, but he stayed firm. "Look, Misty, I'm going over there to rescue your mother from some very bad people, some of them police officers.

I'm going to kill every single one of those son of a bitches, and I don't want to have to worry about plugging you by mistake, okay? I know you want to help, but I need to keep my mind clear for this. Stay here, got it?" Misty looked bummed by the idea, but she nodded her head. "Okay, Mike, but if you're not back here in half an hour, I'm coming in there to get you!" she said. "Half an hour? Okay, that should be enough time. Just announce yourself in a loud voice from the porch, okay?

And bring your gun, loaded." he told her. "There's a box of bullets in the glove box of the car, probably." He went out to the car and got two of the pistols, checked the loads in them, then walked up the street to his house. He ducked behind the hedges out front, and went in his basement by the secret entrance. The basement was empty. The two cops that Cindy had shot to death were gone, and the door to his false secret room was closed, although the door to the `closet` was open.

He could hear voices upstairs in the kitchen, so he crept up them as quietly as he could, ducking down to stay below the top step. He peeked over the edge, and saw Missy tied to a kitchen chair, naked.

One of the men was pinching her nipples ebony amateur teen riding big white rod interracial making her squirm.

She couldn't cry out because she was gagged, but her face was covered with tears. There were three other men in there with her, and all of them had guns in shoulder holsters, but none of them had them out. He pulled his pistols out of the waist band of his pants and took aim at the two men he thought were the most dangerous, wondering how many more were in the house.

He fired both guns, striking his targets in the head, then quickly aimed at the other two and took them out as well. He got up and raced into the kitchen, pushing Missy over in the chair to get her on the floor and out of harm's way if more men came in, then stepped over to the door and put his back against the wall right beside it, holding the guns up beside his head.

The door burst open and three men came running in, guns drawn. Two of them slipped in the blood on the linoleum floor and fell on their backs. Mike shot the one still standing in the head, then both of the men on the ground, hitting one in the forehead and the other right between the eyes.

Missy was screaming through her gag, covered in blood and gore. Mike waited a moment more, making sure that no more bad guys were coming in, then went over and pulled the gag out of her mouth. He used it to wipe some blood out of her eyes, then tossed it aside. "Hey, Joe, is everything okay in there?" called a voice from the living room.

"Joe? Frank? Ernie? Is anyone alive in there?" "Just me and the girl." Mike said, speaking in a gravelly voice. He had both pistols pointed at the kitchen door, ready, casual teen sex train station hookup shaved pussy and cunnilingus case the guy decided to come in and see for himself. "Oh, Joe, thank God you made it! Who august ames in sexually explicit hardcore big tits it, that Ménage dude?" "Yeah, but I plugged him." Mike said.

"He got the others, though." "Well, Mineo don't care about that, as long as we find that room!" said the guy in the living room. "Did the woman give it up yet?" "She don't know nothing!" Mike said. "If she did, she would have talked by now." "Naw, not if she loved the guy as much as she says she did." The kitchen door opened, and Mike fired again, ending the conversation with a bullet in the guy's mouth. He fell back into the dining room, but his feet kept the door ajar.

"Is that all of them?" Mike asked Missy, unwinding the duct tape from her wrists. "That's more than I saw." she said, rubbing her skin as he took the last of it off.

"I never even knew about the ones that came in here after you took care of the first four." Mike was freeing her ankles, and she got to her feet when he was done. "Oh, thank you for saving me!" she said, beginning to cry. She threw herself in his arms. "They kept asking me about some secret hidden under-ground bunker! I told them I didn't know anything, but they wouldn't believe me! This one," working both poles is fun for her indicated one of the corpses with a vicious kick to the ribs.

"This one tortured me!" "Did they rape you?" he asked. She stiffened in his arms, but didn't say anything.

"They did, didn't they?" She began to sob uncontrollably. "Listen, let's get you home, so you can get cleaned up, and then I'm going to make all this up to you, okay?" She nodded, and let him lead her out of the kitchen.

Misty saw her mother come in the house, naked under a coat and sobbing. Concern filled her face as she rushed over. "Mom, are you naughty and racy carpet munch hardcore and blowjob she asked. "She will be, in a little while." Mike answered. "I'm going to take her upstairs and get her cleaned up." "What do you want me to do?" Misty asked. "How can I help?" "Can you cook?" he asked. "I'm getting a little hungry." "Sure, what do you want?" she asked.

"Anything." he told her. "Thanks, Misty." He carried Missy up the stairs and into the bathroom, sitting her down on the toilet. "I'm going to run you a hot bath." he told her. "Why don't you wash your face first, though?" he suggested.

"That way, you won't have to sit in pink water." She did as he said, getting up and running water over the washcloth hanging on the towel rack next to the sink, then scrubbed her face with it. He got the tub going, then came over to her and took the coat off her shoulders. "Melissa, have I told you how beautiful you are?" he whispered in her ear.

"Have I told you how sexy you are?" He put his hands around her waist and pulled her close, hugging her from behind.

"It's not true." she whispered back, hanging her head as she pushed his hands away. "I'm dirty and used." "Oh, Missy, that's not true at all!" he told her, turning her around to face him. She refused to look him in the eye.

"Yes, it is." she said softly, looking up at him with her eyes brimming. "Four of them used me, and they had me everywhere." She broke down, sobbing uncontrollably. "I'm sorry, Mike, I tried to stop them, but they." "Shhh!!" he said, soothingly. "It's okay, honest it is." he whispered, putting his arms around her and holding her close. "I can make it all better, I promise!" He kissed her forehead tenderly.

"H-how?" she asked. "It's never going to be better, ever again!" "Yes, it is." he told her confidently. "Look into my eyes. Don't look anywhere else, just straight into my eyes, okay?" She did as he said, and he held her gaze with all the intensity he could muster, hypnotizing her.

"I'm going to put you in the tub." he said. "Then, I'm going to wash your body clean of everything bad and dirty, right? After you get out, you will be able to remember what they did, but it will seem like a dream that happened long ago. When you get out of the tub, you will be clean and new, fresh and happy. I'm going to take you into your room and put you on your bed, and then I'm going to make love to you.

You are beautiful and pretty, and I love you." "Okay, Mike." she said. He helped her get in the tub, then took another cloth and washed her off, getting all the gore out of her hair. After that, he ran his hand down between her legs and cleansed her pussy and asshole, all the while murmuring in her ear about how clean he was making her.

He stood her up, then wrapped her in a big fluffy towel and scooped her up in his strong arms and carried her out of the bathroom. He brought her to the bedroom, and Misty opened the door for him. He brought her to the bed and lay her down on it, then took off his clothes.

Misty took hers off, too. Missy got on the bed and cuddled up to her mother as Mike watched. "Hey, Mom, are you okay?" she asked. She reached out and fondled one of her mother's nipples with her fingertips. Missy closed her eyes and began breathing through sex toys in moist wet cracks lesbian and college mouth.

"It's okay, Mom, me and Mike are going to make it all better, right, Mike?" "It's already all better, isn't it, Missy?" Mike said, getting on the bed with them. Missy nodded, feeling his strong hands opening her thighs, then his head of wiry hair brushing the insides of them. His golden liquid tongue lapped at her as Misty bent her head and took the other nipple in her mouth.

Missy moaned aloud and opened her legs wide as Mike inserted two fingers into her, still flicking his tongue over her clit rapidly. She pulled Misty's head over to her other breast. Misty gave it her full attention for a minute, but then she felt Mike sliding up over her mother's body, and moved down on the bed and took over eating her out.

She reached out and took Mike's cock in her hand, then guided it into her mother's pussy. She heard the little squishy noise it made as he sank it deep into her. She took his balls in her mouth and gently sucked on them as he sawed his cock in and out of her mother's cunt, liking the salty flavor of them. Missy grabbed his waist and pulled him deeper into her, crying out in ecstasy as she began to climax.

Misty eagerly lapped up the juices that flowed out of her mother's pussy as she came, then took Mike's cock in her mouth and sucked it when he pulled it out.

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"Oh, hey, Misty, not so fast." he said. "I'm not done with your mother, yet." He pulled Missy onto her belly and put a pillow under her belly.

"Would you go get some Vaseline for me?" "Are you going to.?" Misty asked, grinning. Mike nodded as she got up. "Oh, cool!" she exclaimed, then dashed for the bathroom. She was back a moment later and handed him the jar after opening it for him. Mike took a finger full of the slippery goop and slathered it into Missy's asshole, then wiped the rest of it onto his cock. Missy picked her head up and looked over her shoulder at him as he put his huge cock up against her backdoor.

"What are you doing?" she asked him, alarmed. Mike just smiled at her, reassuring her with his eyes as he grabbed her hips and held her firmly. "Those men did it to me this way, Mike, and it hurt more than anything I've ever felt before in my life!

No, Mike, please don't do it like that!" "Missy, listen. This is Mike, remember? I promise not to hurt you, but I'm going to make you mine again; I'm going to take back every bad thing they did to you. You don't want them to have something from you that you won't give to me, right? I promise I won't ever let anything bad ever happen to you again, but we have to do this, even if its just this once." "My husband wanted to do it like this, when we first got married, and I didn't let him.

I'm ready to let you do it, though. Just be gentle with me, okay?" "I'll be gentle at first." he told her. "After we get started, though, you're going to want me to fuck your ass as hard as I can, and I promise I'll do that, too." He pushed his cock into her, feeling her anus stretching out to accommodate his enormous girth. "Ahh, it hurts!" she cried out, trying to squirm away. He tightened his grip on her hipbones and inserted a little more. "Oh, God, it hurts so bad!" Misty grinned, remembering when he'd done it to her, too.

"Don't worry, Mom, it'll feel good in just a moment. You just have to get used to it, at first." she told her. "Just relax, and it'll go much easier." "She's right, Missy." Mike said, sinking it the rest of the way in. "Just relax and enjoy it. "Misty, you've done this?" Her mother sounded shocked by the very notion of it.

"When did you do it?" Mike dragged his cock out of her ass, then shoved it back in, almost brutally hard. Missy moaned loudly as his balls swung forward and smacked her pussy. He started fucking her with strong, hard strokes, and she was story jilbab hot java hihi to speak as his big cock in and out of her ass. She gasped and cried out as the pain began to feel good, and began meeting his thrusts by rocking her hips back into his.

He increased the speed and power of his strokes, and Missy groaned as she began to come. Mike slapped her ass a few times, bring her to still higher heights of ecstasy. Misty had a grin from ear to ear as her mother climaxed with loud cries of delight, and saw Mike stiffen as he grew close to his own orgasm.

"Let me suck it?" Misty begged him, coming closer on her knees. "I want you to come in my mouth so I can drink it down." "Hurry up, then." he gasped, pulling his throbbing member out. Misty bent down and took it between her lips just as he came. Immediately, her mouth was filled with sperm, and as quickly as she swallowed it, more was pumped out, filling it up again.

Finally, he pushed her head away with a groan, and she sat up with a grin. "God, I love that stuff!" she said. "I bet I could drink it every day and never grow tired of the taste of it!" "Just be careful of who you do it with." Missy warned, sitting up. "I don't want you getting mixed up with the wrong sort of people, like that little creep Danny Cerillo!" Misty grinned at her, mischievously. "Mother, I wanted to do it with him next!" she said impishly. "I mean, he's so lisa ann and amy anderssen sucking balls Misty giggled as her mother frowned at her.

"I was just kidding! Honest, I don't want anything to do with him." she said. Mike looked at her with a puzzled expression on his face. "Sal Mineo is his uncle." she explained. "You stay right away from him." he said, sternly. "We can't afford any more involvement with those people! They'd use you to get to me, and I don't want anything to happen to you!" He looked worried, until Misty nodded her agreement and smiled at him.

"Don't worry, Sex party galleries hot women having sex and reality porn videos, I was just kidding. I won't go anywhere near him, I promise." she said, in all seriousness.

"Good, I just found you, you and your mother both. I couldn't bear it if any harm came to you because of me!" he told them.

"Maybe you don't know, because I've never told you, but I love you. Both of you. I feel more alive now, since I met you, than I ever have in my entire life!" He looked at the two women on the bed with him seriously. "I'd never be able to forgive myself if something went wrong and you got hurt on account of me." He yawned widely, and Misty grinned at him.

"Getting tired, old man?" she laughed. "Can't handle two fine lookin' gals like us, huh?" "I'll show you what I can handle!" he growled playfully. He grabbed the girl and pulled her down as he twisted and lay on top of her, pinning her to the bed beneath him. He felt her spread her legs under him and smiled down at her.

"So you want it as much as I do, huh?" "Oh, yes, fuck me with your big cock." she begged. "I want to feel you inside me!" She wrapped her legs around his waist and rubbed her pussy over his rapidly swelling rod.

Missy moved down on the bed and returned the favor her daughter had done for her and placed his huge penis into position. She watched in fascination as he sank the huge shaft into the girl's tight little orifice.

Misty gave a moan of unmistakable pleasure as he filled her up, and Missy looked at the expression of sheer bliss on her face. "God, she loves it." she thought to herself. "Every bit as much as I do!" She didn't feel any jealousy about it, just pride that her daughter was now a full-fledged woman.

She drew closer and got a good look at Mike's cock as it reamed out her daughter's pussy with long, steady strokes that used every one of his inches to maximum effect. She'd never seen sex this close before, and the sight of it fascinated her and turned her on greatly.

Misty looked down past Mike's heaving body on top of her and saw her mother masturbating at the foot of the bed as she watched them.

It turned her on to know that her mother was as excited as she was, and the knowledge brought her to orgasm a little quicker than his cock alone would have. She gasped and raked her nails across Mike's back as she came, breathing heavily through her mouth. He increased the tempo a little, then pulled it out of the young girl just when she thought she couldn't stand another moment of ecstasy.

He heard Missy moan behind him, and turned to see her fingering herself madly. He grinned and turned around on the bed to face her, then pulled her down on top of him as he lay back. Missy lost no time straddling his waist, then engulfed his throbbing cock inside her more than ready pussy.

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She threw her head back and rode him wildly, enjoying the ride immensely. He reached up with both hands and cupped her two fabulous blondes share a fat cock, taking her nipples between his thumbs and forefingers to pinch them. "Oh, oh, God, I'm coming!!" she screamed, collapsing her whole weight onto him, to get him inside as deeply as she could.

He could feel the walls of her cunt gripping him tightly, and then they began to ripple. He came right then, spurting deep into her womb, and it felt glorious.

She lay forward on him, and they all three fell asleep like that, in each other's arms. The next morning, Missy had to get up for work, and Mike got up with her. They went down the hall to the bathroom together, still naked. Missy started the shower as Mike emptied his bladder. When he was done, she sat on the toilet and eyed his cock, which was right in her face.

He grinned at her as she reached up her hand and took it in her fist. "You know you want to suck it." he said, laughing. "Well, it just so happens that I want you to suck it, too." Wordlessly, she drew it closer to her and opened her mouth, letting him push it between her lips.

He took her head in both hands and drew her face forward, burying his cock deep into her throat. "Oh, God, yeah, suck it!" he moaned, letting her head go, so she could begin bobbing it up and down on his length at her own pace.

"Mmph-humph!" she hummed onto the head of his cock. He arched his back and let loose a torrent of semen into her mouth as he came involuntarily. She gulped and swallowed it all down, then sat back with a smile as he looked down at her.

"I never knew I had such a weakness for humming." he gasped. "I'm going to go lay down for a bit, okay? Sorry about that." he told her. She nodded at his back as he staggered back to the bedroom, sorry to see him go so soon. She'd wanted him to fuck her in the shower before she went to work. She got in the shower and cleaned up quickly, then went back into her room to get dressed. She saw him fast asleep on the bed, right next to Misty.

They were both still naked, and she sighed, knowing Misty was going to get his rock-hard cock inside her when they woke up, instead. "Oh, well." she thought to herself, putting on her san mom porn storys ebony rayon waitress uniform.

"Maybe I'll take Derek up on his offer." Derek was the manager at the restaurant, and he hit on her at every opportunity he got, usually in some crude and crass manner. She'd always turned him down, but she secretly enjoyed his flirting, which was why he persisted in it, long after he knew it was futile. Everyone in the restaurant enjoyed teasing each other. She decided that she wasn't going to wear any panties today, knowing that girl fucks a friend in the locker room pussy was going to be in a constant state of wetness all day.

She didn't want to ruin them with her juices. She finished buttoning up the uniform over her bra-less breasts (the tips were twice as good that way!) and went downstairs to wait for the bus. Five minutes later, she was on her way to work. Upstairs, Misty woke up in her mother's bed, and smiled to herself when she saw Mike still asleep next to her. She ducked her head under the covers and scooted down, then took his flaccid cock in her mouth.

She sucked on it, and slowly, it grew hard in her mouth. She felt his hands stroking her hair as she bobbed up and down on his length, and then she felt him pull her face up and off his erection. She got out from under the covers and saw him awake, smiling at her. They kissed, long and slow as he pulled her on top of him. She spread her legs and felt him enter her as his hands cupped her ass cheeks.

"Mmm, good morning, sexy." he said, a moment later. He thrust his cock into her as she ground her crotch down onto his.

He could feel her nipples pressing into his chest like two pebbles, and she bit her bottom lip as he inserted the tip of his index finger into her asshole. As he pulled her hips back and slid his cock out of her, he drove his finger in, so that she got the sensation of having one of her orifices filled as the other emptied. It got her off even more quickly than he expected, and more powerfully, too. She gasped and quivered as he continued his double attack on her young body until she thought she would go crazy from the ecstasy, and then he pulled it out and rolled her onto her back.

"I want you to suck me off." he told her, moving up on the bed. He sat astride her belly and put his cock against her lips. She eagerly opened them up and took it into her mouth, then began sucking on it for him. She was getting much melanie rios evan stone foot at it, and this time she was able to accept the whole huge thing into her throat without choking. It only took a few moments for her talented tongue to get him off, and she gulped down each burst without spilling a drop.

He got off her and stood up next to the bed. "I have to go to my house and see how much damage the police have caused." he told her. "By the time you get home from school, it should be okay for you to visit." "I don't go to school." she said, licking her lips. "I'm home-schooled by my mom, so I can come with you right now, if you want." "You just came, only a moment ago." he joked. "Don't tell me you're ready for some more, already?" She rolled over and drew her knees up under her, waving her ass in the air toward him, enticingly.

"I'm always ready for more." she said, looking over her shoulder at him. "Guess where I want you to fuck me this time?" "In your ear?" he joked, reaching down and caressing the globes of her ass.

"Bellybutton? Nose? How about your armpit?" "Come on, Mike, be serious!" she said, laughing. "You blow previous to vaginal sex girlfriend homemade where I want you to put it!" "Sure I do." he said.

"The only problem is, right now, it would be like trying to stuff a marshmallow into a piggybank!" "Oh, all right." she said, seeing how soft he was. "But you better come back in an hour or so, or I'm coming over there, and I mean it." "Maybe you shouldn't go over there, Misty." he said, a little uneasily. "If Mineo's boys or the cops show up, things could get hairy, and I don't want to have to kill anyone else, or even answer a bunch of stupid questions, you know?" She nodded in agreement.

His hand was still caressing her ass, occasionally dipping down lower and fondling her pussy. He could tell that she was liking the attention, and felt the first stirrings of life returning to his flaccid penis.

"Maybe I can take care of you before I go, after all." he told her. "You're such a hot little number that I can get hard for you anytime, even after I've just dropped a load into your gullet." "Oh, goody!" she said, opening her legs a little wider.

He took himself in his fist and stroked his cock back to life, then got on his knees on the bed behind her.

Misty reached forward and grabbed the jar of Vaseline from the nightstand and passed it back to Mike, who opened it and gobbed a fingerful inside Misty's asshole.

He wiped the rest of it onto his cock, which was now rock hard, and pressed it against the little blonde's backdoor, then sank it into her. She moaned and tossed her head, feeling him enter her and loving it.