Katetakes a pounding for her career hardcore and amateur

Katetakes a pounding for her career hardcore and amateur
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Honey-Leethe journeys of a TG Nympho Chapter 5 Sunday Brunch We pull into the Holmstead's long driveway and when I see the neatly manicured lawns and big house, I'm glad we chose to bring the sports car rather than the van. Mike greets us at the door. "Come in! Come in!" he booms. "Gloria's out back".

He leads us through the beautiful high-ceilinged open great room to the lanai where Gloria is fussing over a large table laden with food and two covered stainless steel food warmers. "You're here! So glad you could come" she shrieks, and hugs us both like long-lost old friends. "Let Mike get you some liquid sunrise. It's just Florida orange juice and champagne" she confides "but soooo refreshing." Mike is right there with tall, slim, stemmed glasses.

It seems perfectly natural as we lift our glasses in a toast and Gloria exclaims "to a wonderful friendship". We settle on comfortable patio chairs to sip our drinks and chat about the weather, the magnificent view of their back yard, the price of gasoline and the latest nonsense from Tallahassee.

While we chat I take a closer look at our new friends. Mike is clean shaven but with a hint of shadow setting off his glistening white teeth. He's still wearing the heavy gold chain but is minus the big rings. I'm silently grateful the rings are gone because they were so big, they looked like they might hurt a girl if those hands happened to get anywhere intimate.

Gloria is magnificent! She has a silken white blouse, gathered in folds to a deep v-neck displaying her creamy cleavage, silk gathered under the breasts to thrust them upward, the silk flounced at the bottom almost like a skirt emphasizing the tops of her generous but curvaceous hips. Hardly concealing her long shapely legs, she wears diaphanous toreador pants, split down the sides so each step she takes flashes a glimpse of flawless skin.

Silver heeled slippers coordinate with huge sexy blonde looker rides a big cock hoops in her ears, barely concealed by her thick, cascading blonde hair, just about three shades darker than mine. She outshines me by a thousand candle power but it is her vivacious personality and flashing smile that makes her so outstanding. Still, I notice as we chat that Mike hardly takes his eyes off of me.

As he replenishes my glass of Liquid Sunrise, he touches my hair and says "you look even sexier today than yesterday. You exude musky sensuality from every pore." I glance quickly at Gloria, but she smiles "I agree with Mike, Honey. You give off more heat than a hot tamale".

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I look over at Paul but he seems to be enjoying the exchange and the big bulge in his dress shorts tells me he's a happy man. Suddenly, we're all famished and taking plates from the sideboard proceed to fill them with selections from the wonderful smorgasbord.

Eggs Benedict, golden pan-fried potatoes, crispy bacon, salty lox, thick buttered toast, outrageously delicious strawberry jam (from the local farmer's market Gloria reveals), full rich coffee and even honey. We chat sporadically over the scrumptious meal, but near the end, Mike picks up the container off honey and remarks, "I'd like to lick some of this directly from a hot honey-pot." Instantly, the sexual tension that has been electrifying the air between us ever since our arrival snaps.

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Gloria rises from her chair, slides onto Paul's lap, puts her arms around his neck and kisses him full on the lips. His arms go around her and then I lose sight of him as Mike is pulling me to my feet and escorting me into the house.

There he kisses me deeply, cups my bottom to pull me close against his crotch and lets the heat build before laying me back onto the big oak dining room table which is covered with a white linen table cloth. "Just like a banquet" he smiles as he drops his shorts and pulls his golf shirt over his head. Then he pauses to admire his intended feast for a moment before bending over me.

Speaking earlier of musky sensuality ! I don't know if it is a cologne or natural but as Mike's odor fills my nostrils with man-scent, I do indeed feel totally like the slut Paul senses in me, just a bundle of unquestioning sexual demand.

Mike senses it too, but is gentle enough to remove my clothing without tearing it and placing it neatly on a chair. I hear his sharp intake of breath as he removes my panties and discovers my tg-girl clit. He spreads my legs out to the edges of the table and takes my clit gently in his mouth. I lay back luxuriating in the multiple inputs to my senses: musky man smell, hard table under my back, the sound of Mike's breathing and of his licking tongue, the sight of the heavy crystal chandelier hanging over me and then the exquisite feelings as Mike's tongue moves downward.

First he moistens the sensitive outer folds of my tg-pussy with his tongue, then sucks those tania gets her virgin pussy slammed from behind into his mouth, exerting such suction that I can feel them becoming engorged with blood. Only when my outer folds are fully extended does Mike allow his tongue to enter my pussy which by then is screaming for attention.

All the while his mouth is attending to my pussy, his hands are touching, caressing, stroking my inner thighs, my tummy and my wide-spread legs. I just lie there and enjoy and am hardly aware when my hips begin an involuntary, undulating, grind, Mike's unmistakable cue to mount me. I've never been a great fan of the missionary position, but when Mike slides his cock into my wet, gaping pussy and supports himself on his arms above me, his strong man-scent is almost over-powering and I suddenly think this position the best ever, I bring my legs up over his back and link my ankles just above his butt.

We hump like this for awhile and I come several times, squealing, crying, even swearing but Mike just keeps humping, an enormous grin on his face. He pauses and even stops a few times, apparently to regain control. Obviously his intention is to withhold ejaculation, at least for now. I hear Paul and Gloria enter the room and glance over to see Gloria buckling herself into a fairly large, black strap-on cock but am really too occupied to wonder much about it.

Paul comes over, kneels on the head of the table and slides his sweetly familiar cock into my welcoming mouth. I can smell and taste Gloria's scent all over it and he is only at half-mast so I know he and Gloria have already had a pleasant encounter. I feel pleased. Now Paul is just holding his cock in my mouth, letting me do the work, but Mike's humping moves my body up and down so Paul's balls slap my flushed cheeks with Mike's every thrust. Suddenly though, his rhythm changes and I look down.

Gloria is standing at the foot of the table behind Paul. She lubes and fingers his anus, taking her time before sliding the big black cock into his backside. Now his rhythm is really off but as Gloria begins to pump him, he takes her beat asians for one black cock interracial and big dick we three are humping and I'm sucking Paul's cock, all in time to some wonderful celestial drummer.

It doesn't last long though. Gloria picks up the beat just a little and without warning, all that enormous load of semen he's been holding back bursts out of Mike like the Old Faithful Geyser.

When that huge hot load of Mike's bursts inside of me, I involuntarily suck on Paul's cock so hard he cries out in surprise or pain.

Paul covers my boobs with his hands and squeeze teen dreams zarina and mirta xxx p russian teens settle me down and I go back to my job.

Mike slowly pulls out of me and calls softly "Here Bobbie". I don't know where he's been all this time, but Bobby's suddenly there at the foot of the table. Gloria leans over and takes a couple of licks of Mike's cum from my pussy and then says "You clean her up nice now Bobby".

Of course Bobby never needs a second invitation and my body on the table is at just the right height for the big Afghan hound. His long tongue laps the excess cum from all around my pussy and off my pubic mound where some has spilled from Mike's cock, then that long tongue snakes its way inside my pussy for more of the delicious stuff.

Well, I've been having nice, rolling orgasms almost from the time Mike put me on the table, but that long, agile tongue roaming around inside my pussy sends me into a paroxysm of writhing, thrashing, thundering orgasmic climax. My wild sucking and sexual ecstasy has even caused Paul to find some reserves of semen to pump into my mouth after his doubtless explosive encounter with Gloria. Wow! I sigh and smile. When I open my eyes, Gloria and Mike are standing together, arms on one another's shoulders, smiling at me.

"I think we're going to become very, very good friends." "I certainly hope so," I say looking up at Paul and his grin tells me he hopes so too. That tableau holds for nearly a minute, none of us wanting to break the spell of wonder about how good the sex has been.

Finally, Gloria says "Come, we all could use a shower." We follow her into the master bedroom suite and indeed, their walk-in shower is large enough for the four of us with shower heads on three sides.

Gloria and Mike begin to adjust temperatures and soon we're all soaping one another down. Mike is fascinated with my little clit and delights in washing it thoroughly. Gloria clearly admires Paul's whole body as she uses her lathered self to suds him all over.

He responds by washing her inner thighs with his soapy cock. She responds by sliding soapy fingers into Paul's sweet butt hole. "We need to get clean inside and out" she quips. Finally Mike and I rinse off and step out to dry each other with big, fluffy towels. Bobby is whimpering outside the bedroom door so Mike lets him in. "Just let him sniff you" Mike advises. "He won't do anything when you're fresh out of the shower. He's trained to recognize and respond to the pheromones big tits red head anal glory hole slut strangers and gloryhole give off and judging from his reaction to you, you give off a lot more than most people." I blush and he gives my bottom a slap before sending me off to retrieve my clothes.

When I return fully dressed, Paul is sitting on the bed, still naked, with Gloria sitting on his lap while he sucks on her boobies. Her breasts are large, at least as big as my DDs but they're swollen-looking, her nipples are big and erect like mini-penises. Mike is taking a video. I can't help myself and go over and plant my mouth on her other boob, the one Paul is neglecting for the moment.

Gloria moans and uses her hands to lift her heavy, swollen breasts up to our mouths. "God, she can't be lactating" I think.

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But her nipples are certainly exuding a sweet, creamy nectar. Lovely! I suck and lick one while Paul gives full attention to the other. Gloria moans some more and Bobby comes over to sniff between her legs. "Sorry to interrupt," interrupt's Mike, "but even though I know we all want more of each other, may I suggest some food and drink will enhance the experience. Besides, I want to show you my tool shed later." I think that passing strange but let it go for now.

"Nooooo" moans Gloria as we release her, but reluctantly she stands, takes a short skirt and a tank from a drawer pulling them on while I retrieve Paul's clothes from the lanai and lovingly tuck his cock and balls away for awhile. Although we do fool around with her boobs a little more and Bobby expresses increasing interest in Gloria's pussy, we eventually get everyone re-dressed and go to the lanai.

I'm usually interested only in studly men, but there's something about Gloria a kindred spirit perhaps and I wonder. . On the lanai, Mike has already whisked away the remains of our brunch and set the table with bright yellow placemats, pretty luncheon dishes, a big plate of dainty sandwiches and a bowl of potato salad. I'm suddenly ravenous as apparently we all are because we tuck into the late afternoon repast with gusto and very little verbal conversation, though the looks and body language speak reams.

Mike had served only iced water and lemon with the meal but now brings out a fresh bottle of champagne. "To celebrate a wonderful day" he proclaims. When the bottle has been drained we all sit back with a feeling of contentment but also of expectation, though we know not what.

Finally, Mike speaks. "Now I'd like to show you my tool shed" he says. I've noticed an extraordinarily large tool shed, the size of a big two-story garage about 30 meters behind the house and off to the side but as it's at least a 5 acre property probably needing lots of maintenance equipment, haven't thought much about it, except to wonder a bit about the large AC unit visible at the side. Mike shepherds us out the screen door of the lanai and we stroll across the thick lawn toward the tool shed.

The shed seems to have no windows and a remarkably small double door for such a large and tall shed but, other than the AC unit, there is nothing else remarkable about it. Until Mike unlocks the door. Fluorescent lights blaze on and we step inside. Paul and I stand mesmerized. Mike and Gloria stay silent, letting us drink it all in.

A raised, padded platform about the size of a king-sized bed but about 30 inches off the floor stands nearly in the center of the large room. From narrow trays along the sides hang towels on rods. At the bottom, there appears to be a narrow pull-out, the width of a gynecologist's table and indeed it appears equipped with gynecologist stirrups. Above the platform hang multiple ropes, cables and straps extending up above the open rafters to mysterious pieces of equipment somehow reminiscent of the flies above a stage for live theatre productions.

A control module hangs from a gooseneck pod at one corner. Another pod supports a narrow, high-intensity light, while another supports what seems to be a camera.

Other cameras are mounted on a track above. I'm stunned! Beside one wall 1st time xxx vidimp3 clips two tall, white-enameled rolling cabinets each with multiple drawers. A rolling instrument table is next to a countertop with sink and basin. The rest of the walls seem lined with horizontally grooved panels equipped with clamps and hooks holding an incredible array of paraphernalia: gags, hoods, masks, restraints, cuffs, paddles, whips, quirts, halters, bridles and a host of other items whose purpose I can hardly mom is san xxx xae. The closed door in a corner I assume leads to a toilet.

An open closet reveals a variety of clothing including frilly short nighties, corsets, girdles, body suits, leather and rubber outfits and even, incredibly, a white lace wedding gown. A stack of drawers contains smaller more intimate items, I surmise.

Finally against the wall on my right, mounted on a wheeled trolley, is a machine whose purpose I can't immediately discern, until suddenly, in a flash, I do. Scissor supports obviously make its height adjustable and a foot brake will anchor it to the floor. A shiny piston rod projects from one end, but it is the contents of the tray on the side that tells the tale.

On a sanitary white cloth in the tray lie a selection of dildos ranging from small to enormous horny echome tonight more videos on sexycamsorg from white to black, each with a fitting at the end which I can see will connect handily to the end of the piston. OMG! The floor is spotless, shiny white linoleum. But what causes an uncontrollable shiver up my spine is the floor drain just at the end of the platform with a hose nozzle hanging from above, the possible need for which I refuse to let enter my mind.

"You, my dear, have no need for special training; you're a natural, although you may sometimes wish to experiment with the extremes?". It's Mike speaking. "Just let us know when." "For sure" I respond, knees quaking. And we step outside into the early evening, pausing while Mike locks the door.

We're all a little drained from our earlier excesses and I'm starting to think we should say our thank-you's chubby milf from milfsexdating net homemade fuck good-byes but when Gloria leads us back into the living room, reclines back in the center of the sofa, legs slightly apart and raises her tank above her breasts, I can see that Paul's not ready to go yet, and the Holmsteads would like us to stay a little longer as well.

Paul immediately seats himself beside her and begins to suckle her right breast. His right hand fumbles with his belt to free himself from your his shorts and he throws them aside. In spite of my usual antipathy to sex with women, I find myself seated on Gloria's left eagerly lifting her left breast to my mouth. Her plump breast tastes both sweet and salty and I suckle eagerly hoping for another taste of that delicious fluid.

In no time at all, Gloria is moaning again, her nipples become erect and that mini-penis squirts a drop of sweet milk into my mouth. I milk it with my lips and get more. Gloria takes my left hand and guides it between her legs. Under the short skirt, she is pantyless and my fingers easily find and enter her juicy opening. Behind me I hear Mike say "Bobby no!

Stay!" I glance around and see Bobby sitting erect beside Mike who is busy video recording everything. But right now I don't care. Gloria reaches up and gently guides my head down to her lap and before I can think twice, I'm on my knees, head under her skirt and my face buried in her capacious pussy. God she tastes good! Her plentiful juices wash over my face and flood my mouth.

I lap with my tongue like a kitten at a bowl of milk. Gloria moans louder and lets her knees fall far apart. Her pussy is so large and juicy I want to put my whole face inside, and then I discover her hard little clitoris. Much smaller than mine, of course, but fully erect and out where I can caress it with my questing tongue.

I'm vaguely aware of Mike lifting my skirt and pulling my panties back over my hips; I think I even cooperate as he works them under my knees and off my ankles and I know I cooperate when he spreads my knees further apart and pulls my buns open.

But I just keep on suckling the sweet juices from Gloria's cunt. Mike applies some lotion to my tight little butt hole and slides in a finger which he works slowly in and out.

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Then he adds redhead beauty is ready to get fucked finger, and then a third. Mike is not a small man and has large hands so when he attempts a fourth finger I flinch in pain. He adds more lube, opens me more with three fingers and slides in the fourth. My God! I climax and my anus squeezes his fingers so I doubt he could pull out if he wanted to.

The muscle spasm passes and with more lube he massages my interior more with his fingers before withdrawing (I later learn) to shoot some video of my gaping hole. He might have captured a half minute clip but Bobby has had enough sitting around watching my delicious cunt open and waiting.

In a flash his front paws are up on my back and his long slim cock slides into me. He humps me hard about three times and his knot pops inside and starts to expand. Once locked inside my cunt, the big Afghan hound starts pounding his cock into me with his incredible high-speed humping. Of course this makes me go crazy with my mouth and tongue inside Gloria's gorgeous big pussy and she goes crazy, pulling Paul's face between her big swollen breasts so tightly he can hardly breathe.

Mike comes over and distracts her by standing on the couch and sliding his cock into her groaning mouth. Released from her grip, Paul slides down onto the floor beside me and says "Honey, you've got to let me taste some of that too".

So I back off with Bobby still furiously humping my butt and let Paul in between Gloria's plump thighs. She promptly grabs his head and pulls his face deep into her wet epicenter. Bobby's enthusiastic humping has me roiling again in a wash of orgasms so I scarcely notice when Mike steps off the sofa and begins lubing Paul's anus.

I doubt that Paul notices either as engrossed as he is in Gloria's glory pot. He does notice however, and stiffens for a moment, as Mike prods his bum with his very respectable but well-lubed cock and then works it inside. Once inside Paul's rectum, Mike begins to pump with slow, regular strokes and Paul seems to relax and go with the flow, his cock swinging back and forth under him like a pendulum.

After awhile though, the pendulum action seems to have got Pierre Elliott thinking there is something more important for him to do so he rises up and slides into Gloria's open chasm.

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Mike rises with him and keeps on with his masterful smooth strokes. Bobby cums in me like Old Faithful and I collapse on my tummy, exhausted for the moment while he stands over me and dutifully licks my pussy and ass clean.

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I roll over on my back and watch Paul and Mike and Gloria fuck each other to a final cussing, groaning screaming climax and I smile lazily. It's going to be a great winter to be in Florida. Wow! Chapter 6: The secrets of the tool shed To be continued.