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Hot lesbian hardcore sex with raunchy bimbos
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This story was written in Italian and translated and edited by Empress Lainie at the request of the Author, Laura953. Copyright 2012, Laura953; exclusive for XNXX WOMAN GIVES AND MY FIRST SEXUAL EXPERIENCE It is not easy to live in a small town and have sexual behavior that hypocritical people define as abnormal. I love cross dressing and have for many years and I am also bisexual.

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I live in a small village in Sardinia, a place near the sea with beautiful beaches and cliffs, now very popular with the tourist but thirty years ago it was a place forgotten by God and men. Just some crazy rare and foreign tourists - especially the French and the Germans - they understood the beauty of the place and came to these shores and cliffs to practice nudism and enjoy so much unspoiled nature.

I was thirteen years old when my sister Marisa went away to escape the poverty of the place and become a school nurse at a convent of nuns. Today my sister came back but it's another story.

Our house was near the sea, a fisherman's humble home, as was my father, who was helping me when I was in school. Even as a teenager I realized that something was changing and different in me. When I went to the beach or slipped between the cliffs I was more attracted to looking at naked men and women.

I watched the women many times but having seen my sister naked, while in the bathroom in a tub, I missed the curiosity that other kids had about women. I was rather more curious about the naked men, admiring their penis head which showed often and was almost shocked by the discovery of the size when I sometimes happened to see some hard cock. It happened sometimes that tourists saw the isolation of the place and felt sure they would not be easily observed and so practiced sex in every way on the beach.

Almost always sex between man and woman, but I happened on rare occasions to see sex between man and man and two or three times sex between women. That beach and cliff was my encyclopedia of the human body and sex, and I masturbated with pleasure to the wonderful memories that I formed while I was watching the people who were fucking on the beach.

When I had just turned sixteen I had a small thin body - and by now had done hundreds of masturbations since I was thirteen years old. My interest of naked men was now much stronger than that of women.

I especially liked seeing the man take a piss and I dreamed that I was keeping my hands on his big penis. Can I say that every man I saw piss corresponded petite girl masturbate with long black dildo masturbation amateur one of my masturbations.

In the same year I started to have an interest in women's panties, which increased in me the desire to wear them every day. One afternoon watching a couple - I think they were Germans - naked on the beach I realized that the woman in putting her things in the bag before she left forgot to get a bikini she left on a small bush.

My heart was pounding as I continued to hope that she would not remember the bikini. I soon realized that I was masturbating because sperm filled my hand. The thought that I might have the bikini excited me sexually. Eventually the couple moved away from the beach and I was still excited. So fast like a lion attacking its prey, I sprinted to the bush and grabbed the forgotten bikini. I won my first female thing.

So strong was my desire to wear women's panties that for a moment I overlooked the bra. As I ran through the bushes with bikini panties bi sexual guys and a awesome girl my hand I thought "why not also try wearing a bra?".

I stopped and made a second new race to recover the precious object, the bra. The sun was setting when I walked into the sea to wash my hands full of cum; wiped them clean and also my small penis still flushed from excessive masturbation this afternoon. I came out naked from the sea and in an instant the warm breeze dried my body, tanned and slender.

One thought in mind, just wear the bikini. The bikini was designed with an ocher-color and flowers of red and blue. As I slipped the panties on I felt the excitement rise within me, and without realizing it I began to walk by moving my hips, imitating the movement of a woman walking. Caressing the bra while I was swaying along the beach. The contact of her panties with my penis made it excited and standing up proud.

I was watching that little swelling patting it with my hands. I like being in paradise. I was enraptured by the emotion of wearing something feminine. It was confirmation of what had already been felt within me.

I loved being a woman. I was so happy that I did not realize that the couple had returned to the beach and by the time I saw them, my eyes saw their joy and my excitement turned into fear. A fear that froze me. All I could hear was a ringing in my ears and it seemed like the sound of blood flowing in my veins. The surprise and fear reduced the size of my already small penis by half because I had brazzers super nursekagney linn karter amp danny d the panties slipped half way down my legs when I was surprised by the couple.

So I stayed with her bikini pants half down, my penis wilting, my arms dropped to my sides, and my head bowed motionless and incapable of any reaction. I heard the woman's voice saying "We have scared this poor child" and her hands gently caressing my face brought me back to reality. "I do not want to steal her bikini," I said, my voice excited and added, "I just wanted to play" and lifting the hand holding the bra still, said "I will give back your stuff lady, but please do not say anything to my father, otherwise he beats me." The man who until then had been away banging or two wet euro snatches hardcore groupsex me with a smile and said: "do not be afraid, baby we do not say anything to anyone" and she adds "if you want to keep my bikini, you may because we go away tomorrow and if you want I can give away as gifts to you some other things as well.

" My breathing had resumed normal rhythm even though the man's hand was on my shoulder and felt the contact of his body with mine. I liked that touch. It gave me peace of mind. I was excited. The daylight was fading and although I still had her panties halfway down my legs and you could see my pubic hair covered with dried cum, I felt at ease between the man and the woman.

The woman had removed a beach towel from her bag and placed it on the sand at my feet and with a slow movement both the man and woman sat down. The woman's face was now level with my crotch and so was his. I saw his hand move closer to it as I tried to lift her panties thinking she would like that. The man took my hand away before I could cover my nakedness. It was nearly dark but I was not afraid to stand naked on the beach sex with cute legal age teenager lovely cutie them.

I felt the man's hand caressing my body as he was urging me to sit on the towel, where after a while I found myself seated between him and the woman. I was still clutching in my hand the bikini bra, when the man took my other hand and slowly as if he wanted to study a possible reaction, led my hand to touch his penis, which was as hard as a rock.

I felt strangely serene, almost happy, in that darkness where our three quiet breaths were getting closer. I felt the woman's breath on my mouth as her hands stroked my hair and my face, and I felt his tongue licking my neck and approaching my mouth. I had not even noticed that the man had opened my hand firmly holding the bra to bring it over to grip his hard penis.

Now I had both hands on the man's penis and everything seemed natural! I felt moved and touched the man and had the pleasure in feeling the woman's hands on me. My little cock was now completely out of the panties and fully hard and the woman pressed it with two fingers in a slow motion with both hands while I was doing the same thing on the man's big cock.

The man stopped for a moment to guide my hands on his cock and took my face between his hands, as he put me on my knees and made sure that my face and his cock were at the same level.

This story written and copyrighted 2012 by Laura 935. Edited by Empress Lainie. It is exclusively published on

The moon lit up the beach and I saw a glimmer of the woman who had a hand in her pussy with two fingers and she pulled my small stiff penis closer to her mouth, while the man's hand again turned my face in front of his cock. I raised my head to look at his face while my hands continued to move slowly on his own penis and he lowered his head and put his mouth over mine and his tongue inside.

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While the tongue of man was moving in my mouth it was natural to move my hands on his cock at the same rhythm of the tongue in my mouth and feel the tip of his cock on my belly.

My neck i have a wife sophie dee because I kept my head tilted back and because it was turned to the man who kept kissing me, then I turned away from his face just in time to see the woman put my penis in her mouth. It felt so warm and wet, I had never felt anything like it before. The man turned back to face me and put his hands behind my neck slowly pushing my head closer to his cock Now the wet tip of it touched my cheek as he moved his hips and increasingly wet my lips with the slick end of his cock.

I breathed open-mouthed with excitement, felt from time to time the tongue of the woman licking my penis but I could not see why the man held my head in front of his cock, his strong hands up to my cheeks encouraging me to throw open my mouth.

Suddenly I felt one of his hands opening my lips then with a swift movement of the pelvis the man slid his cock between my hands and pushed it inside my mouth which was now wide open. Now the man tried to get me to shut my mouth with his cock inside. I did not know what to do but many times I had watched women sucking a man's cock on the beach. I was in ecstasy. I loved the taste, and the feel of his cock, but it was all new to me on that unforgettable day. The woman came to my aid as if she had read my thoughts.

She said: "if you do not want to do the things you saw us do, we'll settle for what we are doing now. But if you like it, do not worry about how you do it or what we do.

Also if you have to go home because it's late we'll leave." "As we do not say anything about the bikinis that you have taken you also do not need to say anything of what we did or will do." Under the guise of responding I could finally breathe a little without that big cock in my mouth and, still holding my hands on the cock of the man, I said: "Lady, there are things that I have seen tourists here in the beach do, and I've never done any of it with anyone before you.

So to me it is a new and beautiful thing and I would like to continue doing them. I can stay as long as you like, because many times in summer, I am returning home late and sometimes I sleep on the beach and did not return all night " Today I think that dialogue is what allowed them to relax and be comfortable with a real sexual interest in me.

The man had already put his hard and big cock in my hand and mouth and kissed me like a woman. The woman was doing things to herself and even though it busty and horny kagney lynn karter gets fucked by lexington steele only now that we were together on the beach, they should have asked before and not now after the fact. After the brief conversation between us and a brief one between each other in a foreign language the woman, after she caressed my face and kissed me in the mouth as the man had done before, lay on the towel on her back, spread her legs and had me put my head between her legs, with my body lying on top of her, and her head between my feet.

Putting my mouth on her pussy. I felt the woman's hands caressing the inside of my buttocks, and it gave me pleasure because naturally I moved my ass in search of her fingers trying to get into me. I felt her wet fingers penetrate by little hole. I sucked her labia and clit into my mouth and moved my tongue around on her pussy. I felt her legs shake my head when the man's voice said: "You must try to put well that amp s one way to get woken up when elena sin gets wok tongue into her pussy hole." Involved as I was from her finger in my ass and my mouth on her pussy I had forgotten the presence of the man.

His voice brought me back to reality. I tried to use my tongue as if you eat ice cream and a nice salty taste filled my mouth. By now my face was all wet when some squirts out of her pussy went to fill my mouth as she screamed almost to the point of scaring me, and her finger stopped fucking my ass. For a moment she held me and embraced me with his tongue licking my face and to do this he had slipped his hands under my armpits and lifted my shoulders so my face was where he could do that.

I had a mouth full of a pleasant flavor that could be defined between salty and slightly sour but sweet. During all of this my panties were down to my ankles and my little dick had also squirted without even being touched. Feeling again her hands on my buttocks, I instinctively lifted my pelvis in a movement that gave me pleasure and I was excited.

Pleasure and excitement did not last long. The hands were now, not those of the woman, but were those of the man, himself on his knees over me. They turned me around, and the woman noticing my surprise, sat in front of me stroking my face and kissing my cheek said: "Do not be afraid my child it is just a new game and I'm here to help." While, nataly gets her feet worshipped while fucking clear to the woman's words, I felt I was feeling between my buttocks his hard cock, that now looked even bigger hot and hard when squeezed with both hands.

"She bent her knees and said, "Get on your knees,lean on my legs and keep your head between my breasts" and helping me to take that position made me look up. The man's legs and pelvis were arranged so that his cock touched my yearning ass. I remember the first moment of pleasure when the man's finger penetrated me for a few minutes and moved inside me.

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It felt beautiful and like an enjoyable new game. The finger became two, and a little moan of pain went out of my mouth as he penetrated deeper and deeper inside of me. The woman full of sweetness tried to calm me with some kisses and caresses and told me: "My little man you will grow up with this game, you do to me the same thing and if my bad man will make you suffer, then I suffer." Now I lost lucidity, I was exhausted, maybe two hours I was with the couple and do not even remember how many times the woman had made me ejaculate or how many times I had ejaculated just from the excitement.

The words of the woman helped me feel more peaceful.

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Before the man made me hold his cock between my hands and even when he pushed it into my mouth I was at peace because I saw everything and happy with what I did; but now I could not see the man behind me or touch him to understand what he was doing because my hands were held by the woman as she pulled me towards her.

Maybe I cried when I realized that what was coming. Fingers were no longer in my ass, but the tip of his big cock.

I felt a moment of great pain and maybe I cried a faint moan. I could feel his cock was trying to get inside of me. I thought the game was over. It was not. The man told me to turn my head around while the woman freed my hands. Seeing my face worried, man gave me a long kiss in the mouth and I felt his saliva fill my mouth.

"He said: "Try not to swallow the saliva because you need to put on my cock. Be a good boy and make me very wet." So once again I had his cock in my mouth.

It was hot. It was very hard. I remember how much bigger than it seemed before. However, the thing was, I liked it. I also tried to move my tongue to lick the tip. While the cock was going in and out of my fuck soffie latinas striptease latina sex tapes tube porn I felt the saliva run down my chin and neck.

The saliva now remained attached to the hard hot cock like glue. Just when I figured out how to move my mouth and tongue to suck that big cock with pleasure the woman's hands again took mine and then I had to turn my head back toward the woman. Now between my pretty babe giving blowjob in fake taxi I felt his cock wet from saliva from my mouth's sucking.

It was not an unpleasant sensation. Feeling his cock wet and hard and hot to move between my buttocks excited me. The pleasure lasted a very short time again. The man put his hands on my hips and I felt the tip of his cock pushing into my ass slowly at first then with short hard thrusts. Two or three times I could not stop myself from crying out in pain and immediately the woman placed her mouth on mine as I was trying not to scream. Once I managed to bite her tongue for the pain I experienced.

Now all I felt was the girth of his cock inside me. After a short pause and two or three violent shoves, the man gave a cry of pain about the same time as mine. The woman and the man spoke in their language which I did not understand then skinny perky tit teen babe scarlett fay sucks ampamp fucks big dick woman said, while the man was still holding his cock inside me, "My sweet baby you have become great you have done no wrong to my bad man.

If you feel more pain you must promise not to scream. If you're good and the bad man ends the game we will reward you." I felt my ass in pain and still mourned his cock being inside my tight little asshole.

With a low voice I said, "I feel too much pain; more than that of my father beating me." I then added in a trembling voice, "today I learned the fucking of men and I realized how big it is. Now I want to touch it and feel how it is entered inside of me." Believing that to be clever, I also said "If I can feel with my hands where he entered me and he will not hurt me more, then I will finish the game." As I spoke I could feel the slow movement of the cock in my ass; movements that gave a little pain but bearable.

The woman freed my hands and I immediately reached to feel of his cock between my buttocks. When I had held it in my hands before, to cover it all, I had to put both hands over each other and still the whole head stuck out.

Now taking it with my one hand near the entrance in my butt that hurt me I realized that maybe he had entered only the head, the head that had seemed too huge in my mouth. As a kid too stupid to look smart,like the woman had told me that I was doing wrong to become my own man, I said defiantly, "I do not believe there will be any more harm now that the biggest part went in and so if I get hurt then it is too bad." The man's cock had never stopped, I felt his movements within me, movements that often brought out the tip from the ass, but then the man with his hands puts it back in once more with a few thrusts and it seemed not to make as much pain as it did at first.

I felt a burning sensation spread to the opening of my ass and inside me. I continued to kneel leaning against the legs of the woman and held my bottom up and from time to time I touched his hand as he moved his cock in my ass. Maybe it was inside for less than half of the length, and I loved to feel him moving inside me as I reached back and touched it with my hand. The man must have known that I would not create other problems and said: "Little man, if grit your teeth and bear still a little pain, very small, I will try to do everything and give you in the mouth the reward." Being called a "man" and not "my child," gave me courage to answer stupidly and so I said: "No, and that I had not suffered enough, but what would be the prize in the mouth?

If you promise me that the pain is over you can go on." I would also say that I was now beginning to like that game and the pain now gave me more excitement than suffering but I had time. I thought I felt in my ass a hot iron that was burning inside, a muffled cry of pain died in my dry throat, the man with few more thrusts entered completely inside my hot ass.

I felt his balls banging on mine, next to my hole now broken and full of hard hot flesh. ""The muffled scream became no more than a whimper of pain and pleasure and I heard my voice saying: "Again, again, again" while the hands of the woman masturbated my little penis. I heard the man's voice emitting strange words like a sort of whine and felt his cock moving in and out of my ass and getting more and more forceful each time until he exploded his come in my ass. The woman kissed me and continued to masturbate me even though I had come several times until my head was spinning and then I squeezed my ass and forced his slightly shrunken cock out of my ass.

The strong fingers clutching my cheeks forced me to open my mouth and suck in his cock, where I immediately experienced the taste of cock and something warm and creamy filling me with violent splashing. Groans came from the man's body. Afterward, we were lying together like three neighbors after he had checked the blood that came out my ass.

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He did this by inserting a finger which went in with ease. I still had my lips and chin full of cum as well as in my mouth while the woman with her tongue had taken almost everything and I had swallowed a little because I liked the flavor. After a while he wanted to check again on my ass and put his finger in again to see if any more blood was on his finger.

I was burning some, but nothing more than a bearable pain. The woman stood up and took my hand to dress me up. She took the bikini, and after making me put on the panties made me wear the bra and tied it behind my back.

Then she took from the bag a pair of shorts and panties along with that and gave me a necklace and bracelet. The man lying down seemed to be asleep but he was really not asleep. He just had his eyes closed and stretched a hand toward me. I approached him face to face and straddled him.

He kissed me with his tongue in my mouth. He asked softly, "Did I hurt you?" I felt great and now I replied "a little at the beginning then I liked the game and I also enjoyed feeling the splashes in my mouth."The woman had two amazing starlets have kinky lesbian fun masturbation and big tits a little way back when he turned and asked: "what's your name?" Matthew, I said, and cried, "And you?" She said a name that I have never managed to repeat.

Before they went away, I asked him to give me a gift too, and asked him to let me keep my hands on his cock while pissing. He hugged me and pushed me on my knees making me take his cock in my hands and mouth and began to pee in my mouth. This story written by Laura 953 and is copyrighted 2012. Edited by Empress Lainie.