Big boobs milf fucked young boy when she is alone at home

Big boobs milf fucked young boy when she is alone at home
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The room was dark and repulsive as he watched her laying there.

The filthy, concrete floor and slimy, bricked up walls left the room so terribly cold. The repugnant smell of mold and musty water sickened in the air. He stood there in the shadows, quietly listening to his faulty pipes dripping as the water puddled below.

Drip, drip, drip! This was tranquilizing to him. This was his sanctuary, this was freedom to him. This was home to him, as well as to her, now. He stood there, smiling down at her, patiently basking in the moment.

He carefully examined her young, almost ripen body, laying there, strapped to the cold, steel chair. Wrists bound with thick, leathery straps, laced with rough, gritty sandpaper. Her sweet, tender ankles fastened tightly, securing her pretty, little, bare feet to the grimy, concrete floor. He laughed to himself, thinking about how bad she hated her feet to be dirty! With a simple flick of a switch, a bright, hot lamp came on over her stiff, naked body.

Blazing, scalding light poured out over her. Burning, tenderizing her blossoming, frozen skin. She preferred the Darkness, he happily thought to himself. In the dark there were no shadows.

Nothing there to overcome her. Nothing that she could see to overpower her. He stood there, quietly thinking to himself.

Should he wake her? Should he bring her fragile mind to its senses, or leave her to lay there in peace? Just merely a seconds thought. SPLASH!!! The heavy bucket of frozen water quickly brought her limp, little body to life. He walked silently around her, watching her from the shadows. He smiled to himself as he watched the fear and panic set in her beautiful, dark eyes.

He laughed at the little girl as she frantically searched the darkness for him. "Are you scared," he asked in a deep mocking voice? She tried desperately to scream, but nothing came out, just sad, muffled cries. She soon felt the thick, rubbery ball in her pretty, little mouth.

Spreading her thin lips wide apart. The pain setting in. It felt my silicon tited girlfriend ashly anderson though her jaws would break apart. PANIC!!! She jerked her arms up, trying to relieve the pain, but only more pain. With every pull, with every movement the biting sandpaper cut deep into her tiny wrists.

She searched madly for the source of the pain. Looking at her pretty, little body, strapped naked to the chair, she watched the blood pour from her thin, little wrists. In complete shock, she watched quietly as the thick, red liquid pooled below her.

She hadn't noticed him, silently standing behind her. SPLASH!!! The frigid water stung like millions of needles as it ran down her young, ample body.

He stood there, laughing, as her succulent, little titties tightened. Her perky, pinkish nipple growing taunt. The ice cold water cutting deep into her, setting her skin on fire. "You are such a pretty, little girl," he said. "Look at you, all cold and wet now." He walked around the room, humming, teasing her. Her eyes jerked around, left and right, searching for him. He laughed at the little girl as the tears streaked her pretty, little face.

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"Cry all you want," he gently said. Leaning in close to her, he whispered, "no one cares about a filthy, little whore." She winced at the feeling of his hot breath on her thawing skin.

She tried, unsuccessfully, to plead with him. The large ball gag muffled her terrified cries.

He merely walked away, back to the shadows. CLICK!!! She jerked toward the direction of the sound. All she could see through the searing light was the faint, orange glow of a cigarette burning. Puffs of white smoke circled in the light around her head. "I can't lie to such a pretty, little thing," he said as he exhaled.

"So to be completely honest, I'm going to use you. Truthfully, I'm going to fuck your tiny, little brains out." Again, she tried to cry out. Her body shook. He gently wiped away the large tears as they rolled down her rosy cheeks. "You'll be my good, little girl and do what I tell you," he warned.

"If you don't, then I will beat you fucking senseless until you obey." From the shadows she watched as he hand came closer to her. Through her tear filled eyes she saw his finished cigarette as she watched him burn her arm.

She jerked around, pulling hard, causing the sandpaper to cut even deeper into her soft skin. She watched as the cigarette left a thick, red hole in her skin. Burning and blistering into an almost perfect circle. "You will obey me," he repeated. With that said, he disappeared again into the shadows. Humming some little children's song as he walked around her filthy, concrete tomb. Teasing her, taunting her. "You want me to let you go, don't you," he would ask, mocking her tears? "That's to bad!" She cringed as she felt his breath on the back of her neck.

She couldn't help but jerk, digging the sandpaper deeper, leaving thick wide gashes in her skin. He just laughed as she tried to cry out in pain. Her dark eyes widened when she saw the rope he was holding in his hands. Thick, nylon rope covered in slime, blackened by the foulness of his little box. A short length, hung down by his side. Walking around her, without a sound wrapped the thick, grimy rope around his hand, still leaving the excess hanging.

SLAP!!! Without warning, without her noticing, the rope swung from the shadows landed flat across her young, firm titties. Nothing more than silent sobs as the rope left a long, thick line almost straight over her perky nipples.

The tears didn't turn him off at all. He stood there whipping his filthy whore, looking her deep in the eyes. Over and over he whipped her, leaving deep, stinging welts across her titties. Laughing as she tried hopelessly to get away. RELIEF!!! The lashings had finally subsided, but her torment was far from finished.

He quietly sex starved brunette alektra blue has rough sex in a back alley around her again. Examining her fragile state. Stopping behind her, he reached around her and grabbed her titties. Pinching at her erect nipples, pulling at them. She jerked her head back hard against the chair, biting down on the rubber ball still lodged in her pretty, little mouth. "There, there, my Sweet," he laughed. With one hand he pulled her nipple hard, stretching her beaten titty out, with the other, he wrapped the thick piece of nylon around it.

Squeezing her firm titty, cutting off blood, making it turn purple and swell. Again, with her other young, firm titty. He continued her torture by binding the remaining rope around her sweet little body. Securing it tightly to the chair. He stepped back to marvel at his work. He stood there for a moment, silently thinking of how to perfect his work. He quickly walked away, returning seconds later. SPLASH!!! Another bucket of frozen water. Razor blades coursed through her young body.

Trying so hard to scream as her titties, already purple and engorged, pulled tighter, making her hard nipples throb. "Much better," he simply said as he stepped back.

She tried so hard to close her eyes and make it all disappear. Only to open them and see her succulent titties turning dark purple.

She let out another muffled cry when she heard him unzip his pants. He stood there beside her, his long, massive cock inches from her skin. She tried to turn her head away, not wanting to watch him jerking off over her. He grabbed the back of her head, pulling her long, dark hair toward him. Forcing her to watch as he coated her swollen titties with his thick, milky cum. "You have to watch and learn if you're going to become a good, little, cock whore," he said gently.

He made her watch as he pounded away at his thick meat. Precum flying off the tip of his cock, hitting her in the face. He laughed as he watched her try and jerk away. With a slight twitch he let go. Covering her soft skin with his hot, sticky cum. He splattered her face and neck with his slimy juice. Dripping cum from her chin leaked down covering her titties. "That was great. You are going to have isabelle deltore her job is making you cum potential," he whispered in her ear.

He zipped his pants up and again walked behind her. He reached around her untying the harness used to abuse her young, soft titties. With a deep breath of relief, the blood began rushing back. He quietly walked away, saying nothing at all to her. After a moment, she realized she was alone. A small sigh of relief. She was at peace.

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Tanned perfect butt lesbian at the gym that only lasted for a breath. Suddenly the lights came on, exposing her foul, deprived cell.

No windows, no fresh air. Just brick and the revolting smell of mold and slime. The concrete floor, blackened by an eternity of dust and grime. She could see tables stacked with rusty tools and old coffee cans. One thing caught her eye though. On a cart next to her, there was a rusty metal box. Not very big. Her mind raced as she thought about what could be in the box. After several moments, he returned, no doubt to continue her suffering.

To her amazement, he removed the large gag from her mouth. Then he gently removed the restraints from her wrists and ankles. She was in shock as he simply backed away, looking at the floor. He looked away as she slowly stood, blood still dripping down her hands. "I won't tell, I promise," she pleaded through her tears. "I won't tell anyone, I promise." She slowly backed away toward the stairs.

Turning, preparing to run. "I know you won't," he said, as he lifted a heavy piece of wood. THUD!!! The thick piece of wood landed square on the back of her head, knocking her to her knees.

"You won't tell anyone, I promise," he laughed. The blood poured from her head as she fell to the floor. Slowly she felt herself fading out. As she closed her eyes, she watched as he walked toward her.

"Sleep child," he whispered. "Sleep." With that, she passed out.