Sunny leone xxx sax story

Sunny leone xxx sax story
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A Sex Conspiracy Begins The naked partied out bodies lay where they collapsed the night before. A lone lively figure picked a path through the mess of bodies and movie production equipment.

He noted observations such as smells and sounds as well as taking swabs of various secretions. It was easy to pick the different players in the group. A surgically perfect female with more semen on her than he had swabs had to be a porn star and the males with their oversized cocks and bronzed muscles were just as obvious. Porn stars fuck for a living; it was the production staff that got caught up in the web of the experiment that this figure dwelled upon.

He took a saliva swab from a forty something year old male who should be more concerned with his heart than his cock. Near the snack bar, an older woman lay with several brutishly handsome men. Semen samples were apparent on her face, tits, cunt and her wrinkled old arse. The production staff would not normally participate and the fact that they were there indicates that the Literon Frequency Device works.

The Professor is right, light emitted in the ultra violet range, pulsed at the correct intervals stimulates sexual arousal in humans. He smiled a pat on the back smile, they gog xxx sex storys com invented the sex ray. There was a muffled cough and some groaning as the bodies gained consciousness. Samples in hand the figure retreated to a hidden room within the mansion especially designed for the private viewing of the studio beyond.

Perched in front of a well disguised two way mirror he watched the two unknowing test subjects as they gathered their wits and their clothes, dressing as they exited. While he waited for the new day to start in the studio he made electronic notes and sorted the fresh samples for later testing. The fresh production crew entered with a fast pace that didn't let up.

In just a few short hours the studio changed from a dungeon cave to a modern bus terminal. Watching the male actors getting makeup applied seemed a bit gay, but now knowing that they have their arse cheeks powdered was just disconcerting.

Then again, he thought to himself, there is a lot of money being spent here and people will do anything for money. He sat calmly waiting for the opportune moment to begin the experiment and that time was approaching. A teenage girl, almost in a school uniform hungrily sucked a hardened cock in the guise of getting a ride.

Actors playing the part of shocked bystanders rubbed their crutches. The school girl swallowed more of the bulging cock, her nipples hardening in excitement of the erotic moment. The lucky recipient, dressed as a biker grabbed both her blonde pigtails and pushed his spasming cock further in her throat.

A wad of cum shot down her gullet, she forcefully pulled her head clear as a stream of white cum strung across her fringe and face. The once shocked bystanders join in, tearing at her clothes. Her perky tits bounce out from under her cotton top. They force her to a row of seats, the short skirt revealing her professionally groomed pussy. Large hands grappled with her swollen wet flesh. The male actors were well versed in their chosen field and had been further stirred into action by this young beauty.

Fingers squeezed and rubbed her clit, someone else had two, no three fingers inside her cunt jamming against her G-spot. Her deepening moans gargled past the arm of a cock shoved in her mouth. Her orgasm didn't mark the end, the fingers dancing inside her were replaced with shafts of hardened cock.

The teenage girl stayed on pleasure overload as a rock hard body pressed against her. She put her delicately small hand on his chest. His suntanned pecs flexing as his hips ground into her.

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Inspired, she pushed back as hard. Another load of cum streaked across her flawless skin. Someone she could not see was cumming inside her arse, his violent final thrusts pushing shockwaves up her tight body.

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Beyond the wanton lust portrayed on stage the production crew carried out their various duties with an obvious lack of sexual arousal. Behind the mirror he activated the only unlit switch on the makeshift workstation.

Recording devices burst into life including a monitor showing a visual representation of the ultra-high frequency light being pulsed into the studio. The bulbs had been hidden amongst the studio lights their short range easily reaching the actors and production crew below.

The actors already in a heightened state of arousal intensified their erotic rhythm.

The school girl was sitting astride a heavily tattooed man. His hard cock filling her cunt, another pounding her arse from behind while a third fucked her in the mouth. The skilled actors pushing against her in unison not allowing time for the building orgasm to subside.

The four erupted together in a splendour of emotional pleasure. A second female actor sitting on a counter top was seductively fingering her lubed up pussy with two fingers.

A third finger rubbed against the outside of her brown button arsehole. The invisible light stimulated the deeper reaches of her pornographic mind. She pulled her hand to her clit and started strumming a guitar.

Her hand blurring with speed. Fully engrossed on the building orgasm she barely noticed the photographer place her bent knees on his shoulders. He stood forcing her to lay flat against the counter top jamming his hardon into her dripping wet pussy.

The head of his cock banging against her G spot coupled with the clit strumming, she reached an orgasmic heaven she had never known. She groaned in rhythm to the ever intensifying pounding. "Ooh, fuck me," her moans forming words. Within a few minutes of activation the device had captured the first non-actor in the debauchery. However, the parameters of the experiment required all non-actors inside the affected area to become sexually aroused.

Two men and a woman stared transfixed on the photographer pounding his hardened cock into the attractive porn star.

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The men rubbed their hardening cocks. The woman ran her fingers down her neck and along her cleavage. The door to the private viewing room slid open and Chester Close stepped in, with practiced precision sliding the door shut behind him. Chester was a sleaze entrepreneur and owner of the mansion. Pointing the finger pistol, Chester twisted on the ball of his foot mimicking the gunfighters of old. "Hey how's the secret agent going today?" "I'm a research assistant not a secret agent and I'm busy," was the sharp retort.

Chester maintained a swarve demeanour, "I was told to inform you if I notice anything out of the ordinary. Sales from this studio exceed both the other two studios combined." Discretion was one of Chester's few attributes and he slipped out the sliding door with the same practiced precision.

Alone again he jotted a quick note before returning his attention to the studio. Beyond the mirror the school girl and her entourage of men had collapsed in a pile of naked cum soaked bodies. The brain temporarily shuts down protecting itself from over stimulation. The photographer hammered the remaining thrusts of his orgasm into russian orgy sajibis continue on mycyka com already unconscious partner, before he slid to the floor.

The last three had succumb to the primal desire to fuck. Half naked they had assumed the pig on a spit position. The men jerking their hips in unison pinning the woman on all fours between them. They held onto her body so tightly that their fingers paled and her skin reddened. Pounding her with a slapping ferocity, their cocks reaching the depths of her very soul. Ecstasy never felt this fantastic.

She reached her arm around the man in front of her pulling his cock further down her throat. No longer capable of holding it he cum inside her mouth. Fully drained he fell to the floor becoming her human pillow.

Leaning forward she exposed her puckered arsehole. Her last partner spat on her arse and pushed his thumb into the beckoning hole. She orgasmed with fit like violence pushing her partner past his brink. He held her by the remnants of her torn clothes, slamming his spurting cock inside her. "You fucking dirty bitch," he screamed in rhythm to the pulses of his orgasm. Finally falling amongst the semi naked production crew on the floor.

Inside the large cavernous hall, the chairman's gavel echoed demanding silence from the rows of shadowy figures. "Gentlemen order please," the commanding voice echoing old white man gets fucked in the ass by two aggressive girls what would you choose loud as the gavel.

"I call into session the annual meeting of The Global Covert Leaders Alliance. First item on the agenda is the declining population growth and its effect on the labour market and financial turnover.

Science and Innovation is heading this project." There was a quiet shuffle, all eyes turned towards a lone standing figure. "Gentlemen I have an answer," the figure responded flashing a familiar pat on the back smile.