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Creep fucking avalon heart doggy style blowjob
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This is my first story, so any feedback (positive or negative) would be appreciated! Ch 1 An idea is the most powerful thing; stronger than the sharpest sword and more resilient than the deadliest virus. Nothing can stop an idea when combined with the strongest emotion.

Desire. It was this combination that allowed Alec to enslave Diana, the Queen of the relm. The trumpet blared throughout the hall, signaling that this weeks Ravishing oriental babes hirsute cunt japanese hardcore had been finished. All the nobles stood from their seats and exited the room, remaining silent until they passed the threshold. Alec, however, remained seated until all the nobles left the spacious hall.

This week, a new law was signed that would increase the wealth of the Yassen House of which Alec was the leader. The queen Diana beckoned him over with a slight wave of her hand. It was pretty well known that the queen was somewhat corrupt. She would do 'favors', such as the new law, in return for either sexual or monetary payment.

Alec approached her gold, gilded throne and knelt at her feet. She was attired in a long silver dress that flaunted her exquisite figure. It clung to her body in all the right places, and made her C cup breasts appear to be at least Ds.

She wore white slippers that were covered with diamonds and had on ruby-red lipstick.

Her raven hair was in perfect waves down her back and her green eyes looked down at Alec with a hint of lust. Alec wore a purple shirt (the 'noble color') with a hint of golden embroidery and matching pants. At the queen's nod, he reached toward her feet and removed her slippers. He started lightly massaging her feet. His soft hands worked his way up Diana's calves to the hem of her dress.

Diana rose to her feet and pulled Alec up with her. He leaned in and lightly kissed her on the lips. Alec's cock started getting hard as the pair continued to make out, even though he knew there would be no pleasure for him. He reached behind Diana's neck tasting a luscious magic wand hardcore blowjob felt the tiny clasp that held her dress on.

There was a click and the garment lay in a shimmering pool on the floor. She wore no undergarments to allow her 'lovers' to more easily give her pleasure. Her body was perfect in every way. Gravity seemed to not affect her breasts, sex brazzers mom and son com they were not sagging, despite their size, and her ass was the best Alec had ever seen (and he had seen many, many naked women).

His hands started lightly moving down her back, while his mouth found her left nipple. Alec was sucking with delicate skill. Diana moaned as she became even hornier. Alec switched to the right nipple, and started rubbing her ass, causing Diana to moan even louder. She sat back down on the gilded throne and opened her beautiful legs, revealing the treasure inside. Alec kneeled down and started kissing her thigh, moving closer and closer to her wet, clean-shaven pussy.

Diana grabbed the back of Alec's head and pushed his mouth against her pussy, unable to control her lust. His practiced tongue quickly worked its magic and brought Diana waves of pleasure.

He paid extra attention to the clitoris because it seemed to cause her to moan the most. With her coming ever closer to her orgasm, it was almost time for Alec to make his move. His tongue moved even faster, and Diana felt the most pleasure she had ever felt in her entire life. She moaned at the top of her lunges. As she reached the verge of her climax, Alec stopped eating her pussy, looked up at her face, and asked, "Will you let me come by tomorrow morning to do this same thing?" She moaned in reply, "Oh…Yes!

…Of course!

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But quickly, make me cum!" Alec lowered his mouth, and in a couple seconds, gave Diana the strongest orgasm she had ever experienced, nearly causing her to pass out.

Her wet pussy bucked against his face, and she moaned even louder. She slumped in the throne, completely drained. Alec stood, his erection concealed in his pants, and waited for Diana to gather the strength to stand and dress. After a minute, she stood, and Alec helped her put her shimmering dress back on, though there was a wet spot right over her pussy.

They walked out of the hall together, to the telepads. As Alec stepped onto the energy-conducting disk, he asked with a smile, "What time tomorrow would be sailor rin saotome with two guys who enjoy teasing her shaved pussy before she s for you?" She thought for a second, then said with an equally bright smile "Nine.

And just come directly to my chambers. The code is blonde femdom spanking man ass, five, six, one, four, two, nine." Alec nodded, then was whisked away by the device.

Ch2 Alec quickly entered the numbers for his bedroom onto the telepad, and was instantly deposited there. He was tired. The Passing had taken the whole day. A whole day of concentration was no easy job, not to mention the task he had to perform afterward. Alec clapped his hands twice, and his servant, Isabelle, appeared beside him. She was attired in…well…nothing. There was a strict no-clothes policy in his bedroom for the female servants.

Isabelle was picked as Alec's bedside aide for one main reason, her looks. She had a stunning, tan body with huge D cup breasts and a nicely rounded ass. She was also amazing at giving blowjobs, a talent that Alec was soon going to put to use. With a slight nod, she started undressing him. The lacing on the shirt took a while, but seeing Isabelle naked made the whole experience erotic.

His shirt was taken off, and his pants soon followed. His boxers were held up by his 7" cock. Isabelle removed those too, then started giving her master pleasure with her mouth. She started licking the tip, slowly, and put the whole thing into her mouth. Her hands started playing with Alec's balls, and he was moaning with pleasure. Shortly, her mouth was full of Alec's cum, and Alec was ready to fall asleep. She swallowed his cum, and put her master to bed.

Alec awoke at 8:30 to the alarm on his telescreen ringing. A glance was all it took to turn it off. Alec groaned as he sat up, pushing the covers off of himself. Suspended in midair beside his bed were his clothes that Isabelle had picked out for him to wear.

It was purple again, because it was customary for nobles to wear purple when meeting royalty, but this time had silver embroidery. He got dressed quickly and was on the telepad by 8:59. The telepad saved the code the queen had given to him the night before, so he quickly entered it and was whisked away. He sunny leone cum complication story in the most elegant bedroom he had ever seen.

The high ceiling was decorated with intricate gold patterns, and priceless, multicolored vases of master craftsmanship populated the shelves. However, the most beautiful thing in the room was laying on the bed, waiting for his skilled tongue, and Alec was going to try to make her his slave. The platform's glow dimmed as Alec stepped off of it. He was beckoned over to the bed by a slight wave of the hand and a smile.

Today, Diana wore a tight red dress that was even more provoking than her silver one. There was a golden coronet delicately arranged in her raven hair. Alec kneeled before the bed on which she was sitting. She looked down on him with her lust-filled green eyes and said with a smile, "Are you just going to kneel there or will you put that amazing mouth of yours to good use?" Alec laughed, then stood to kiss Diana's ruby-red lips.

They kissed with increased passion, and Alec's hands groped the back of her dress to find the zipper. The dress was thrown onto the ground, revealing a golden hardcore forced rape painful crying group abuse and matching panties. Those were tossed onto the ground too, finally displaying Diana's perfect body.

Her nipples got hard as Alec kissed down her neck to her breasts. As his mouth started playing with her nipple, his hand found its way to her bald, wet pussy. Diana squealed as a finger, then two, were masterfully penetrated the folds of her vagina. Alec started kissing down her body, first to her belly button, then to her pussy, and she moaned in delight. His tongue lightly touched her clitoris as his fingers continued to fuck her.

Diana was moaning in pleasure, and soon Alec was eating her pussy with massive wiener for pretty stupid gal stealer more intensity than the night before. She came closer and closer to her orgasm. Then, with one last flick of his tongue, Diana climaxed.

She writhed on top of him, and moaned loudly. She slumped, like the night before, almost completely drained of energy. After a couple seconds of recuperation, Diana sat up on the bed. Alec asked, "Do you need any help dressing?" She waved him off, mumbling about her servants helping her. Alec stood, bowed to his queen, turned, and walked back to the telepad, barely hiding his erection.

He turned back to the bed to see Diana lay back down, completely exhausted. Oh yes, she would soon be his. Ch 3 Alec returned to his chambers via the telepad. He went over to the sink to wash his face clean of Diana's pussy fluids.

With a whoosh, Alec fell back down on his bed. He clapped two times, and Isabelle came quickly from the only door in the room. Alec nodded and, being the expert slave that she was, Isabelle took off his pants and boxers, letting his cock spring upward. She sucked on it for a couple seconds to get it lubricated, then got on the bed, completely naked, and straddled it.

Alec lay on the bed as Isabelle started riding his cock. Both were moaning, and Alec began thrusting upward. After a couple minutes of intense fucking, Alec climaxed. Isabelle got off of his cock, and quickly sucked it to remove any excess cum. He dismissed her with a wave of his hand, and he stayed laying on his bed to regain his energy.

Isabelle left, her sexy ass jiggling as she walked out the door, and Alec continued to lie on his bed. He couldn't rest long. It was time to put his plan into action. Walking to the telescreen, Alec reviewed his entire plan. Seeing no flaws, he sat down and dictated a message to be sent. It read: "Dear Majesty, I big assed babe lauren auditions and rides lex black cock tell you enjoyed our last session, and was wondering what time would be good for me to come over and give you some more pleasure.

Your Loyal Servant, Alec" He sent the message, then went on the internet to order something. After searching, and searching, and searching, and searching, he finally found what he was looking for. Alec ordered it, and a mere minute after he pressed the 'Confirm Order' button, his telepad let out a small flash, and there was his package. He opened it to reveal a pair of red, silky panties and tiny remote control with a dial. Picking up the panties, Alec thought they felt normal, maybe even lighter than normal, giving no indication of the surprise they held.

There was a click as he turned the small dial on the remote control from '0' to '1'. The panties silently started vibrating. They were perfect. There was a light 'ping!' from Alec's telescreen, indicating that he had received a message. He opened it, and it read: "Alec, I will expect you at five." The clock read 12:34, giving him easily enough time to finish his shopping and to get something to eat. Alec opened up the internet again, this time searching for a bra.

Five couldn't come soon enough. Finally, the clock read 4:58. Alec had changed into a different shirt and pants, but the color scheme was similar. He had the bra and panties in a nondescript bag, leaving the remote controls in his chambers. The telepad quickly processed the access code, and Alec flashed over to Diana's bedroom. She had changed from her slutty red dress into a regal black gown. Even this change of attire couldn't diminish her stunning looks.

It matched her hair almost perfectly, and her matching slippers barely peeked out from under her dress as she walked. Alec strode forward and knelt at her feet, saying, "You look wonderful, Your Majesty" She laughed lightly, then pulled him to his feet and kissed him lustfully. She gasped out, "I have been waiting for your skillful tongue all day, don't make me wait any longer!" Alec continued to kiss her as his hands searched her back for the clasps to undo her dress.

He found two of them, but had to turn her around to find the third. Her dress, worth probably more than a house, was carelessly thrown aside, revealing her black undergarments.

His hands groping for the back of her bra, Alec kissed the tops of her breasts. Her bra soon wound up on the floor with the dress, and her panties followed. Diana sat down on her bed and opened her legs wide, her pussy wet with anticipation. Alec walked forward, kneeled down, and started kissing up her thigh. She moaned as he reached her pussy. He ate her pussy for a short while, then lifted his head up. He asked cautiously, "Your Majesty? Could you do something for me after I'm done? A favor?" She groaned out a yes, and Alec continued to lick her clitoris.

In a matter of minutes, Alec had Diana moaning at the top of her lungs with pleasure. She orgasmed, and was filled with a wave of pleasure.

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He left Diana to recuperate on the bed while he retrieved the bag with the bra and panties. She stood up and bent over to start getting dressed. As Diana was about to put on her panties, Alec interjected, "Your Majesty? For my favor, could you wear these instead?" He held up the lacy red panties and bra. She looked xxx afsha zebi xxx story confused by the request, but consented, and quickly dressed, with the help of Alec.

He bowed deeply to the Queen, and took his leave. He vanished from view in a flash of light as Diana sat back down on the bed. Ch 4 Alec arrived back in his room with a flash. He quickly grabbed the two remote controls and some headphones. They plugged perfectly into one of the controls, and Alec sat down to wait and to listen. At first, all he heard was light breathing, for Diana was still laying on the bed. She stayed like this for nearly an hour.

However, Alec eventually heard her get off the bed and start walking. He jumped up and ran to his telescreen where he quickly sent a message: "Your Majesty, I have a small present for you. Hope you enjoy! Your Loyal Servant, Alec" A second after pressing the 'Send' button, he heard a light beep from the headset. Obviously the Queen just got her message. Then, Alec received: "Alec, What??" There was no need to respond. He just grabbed the control for the pussy vibrator and clicked it from '0' to '1'.

There was a sharp intake of breath, then she said, through the headset, "That cheeky bas-" She didn't finish her sentence. Alec clicked the remote slowly from '1' to '2', then '2' to '3', finally '3' to '4'. He heard a moan through the headset. Obviously she was enjoying her present. Alec then picked up the other remote, which also had a dial numbered 1-5. He clicked it to '1'.

There was another sharp intake of breath from Diana as vibrators in her bra turned on. However, she didn't say anything, she just moaned louder.

He turned the bra controller to '4', then set both of them aside. The moaning was so loud that Alec had to turn down the volume on his headset. She started breathing even faster, signaling that she was near her orgasm.

Alec clicked both controllers to '5', and then waited. Diana climaxed, signaled by her moaning, thrashing, vibrator playing with oral pleasure smalltits hardcore the tinkle of something (most likely a vase) breaking. He turned both vibrators off, then waited for the inevitable reply. It wasn't long in coming. "Alec, See me. Now." That could be bad. Alec got onto his telepad and flashed off to Diana's chambers.

When he arrived, he saw Diana sitting in a gilded chair next to her telescreen. She looked up, and Alec rushed forward to kneel before her. She stood up and said in an angry tone, "That was completely uncalled for! That was…" she seemed to be searching for a word. "That was…fun." Alec looked up sharply, stunned by her statement.

She continued, "I will consent to wear these panties and bra under a couple conditions. First, you have to buy more, because I will not wear the same undergarments two days in a row.

Second, you cannot use the controller at inappropriate times. Finally, you still have to come daily to eat my pussy." Alec quickly agreed to all these conditions. "Then go. And bring the new clothes when you come over in the morning." Alec bowed, then left on the telepad, surprised at his luck. Serendipity was definitely on his side.