Perfect body teen the chicks are playing around half bare when one of their boycomrades

Perfect body teen the chicks are playing around half bare when one of their boycomrades
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Chat Room I found an anonymous chat room a few months ago. Some chat rooms were about hookups, and I chatted with a few women just for fun. I didn't meet up with any of them since my sex life with Laura was excellent. Then I found a swingers chat room. I had talked with Laura about swinging. She didn't like the idea of having sex with xxx kimmy granger sxe movie men, but she didn't drop the discussion right away and sending nudes by pamela morrison is hot as hell somewhat open to the idea.

We'd discussed having me watch her with one of my friends, Albert, but that didn't work out. I couldn't figure out how to broach the subject with him, and Laura didn't want to come on to him. Talking about it was a turn on though, and we'd revisited that discussion several times as one of our shared fantasies.

After seven years together, we tried to keep our intimate life exciting and were pretty creative about sex. I frequently had a fantasy of watching Laura with another man. I didn't have any interest in having sex with another woman. I was totally absorbed with her. In the swingers chat room, it didn't take long to find a single straight man nearby. I asked Roy what kind of lovely alexis gets fucked hardcore and then jizzed pornstars and creampie interested him.

He said that, in addition to swinger parties, he'd done threesomes, foursomes, some encounters in the parks, and several meetups with married women looking for some spice. We got fairly far into a discussion about him having sex with my wife. I didn't tell Laura that I'd had the discussion with Roy.

Having a real person made the fantasy a lot different. Putting even a name to the idea made me uncertain that I wanted anything other than a fantasy. But the chat kept coming back to me over the next week. Laura and I were having a quiet dinner.

We were trying a month of eating with no TV in hopes it would get us closer. She was wearing a white blouse and navy skirt. She'd unbuttoned the top buttons of her blouse when she walked in the door. She saw me looking at the top of her breasts that her uplift bra created the perfect smooth curve. It looked like we'd probably go from dinner to the bedroom.

"I found a luna star anal fun with an extremely hot latina room for swingers," I said.

"You know those swinger events don't turn me on," she said. "I know. You can also connect with couples or singles," I said. She gave me a side look. I couldn't tell if she was interested or upset that I was exploring my fantasy again. "Well?" I found this fellow, Roy. He's been in several threesomes. We chatted about what one would be like. "And?" "I thought we could meet him for diner someplace. That wouldn't be a commitment to do anything. If we were comfortable with him, we could talk about what we wanted to do.

He lives about two hours away. We could meet somewhere in between." "So we'd meet up and then pop into a motel for a quick one?" "No, I thought we could meet up and then we'd talk about it. I don't think he's anxious to push us into anything. He knows that this would be our first time. Even if you didn't want to go with him, it would probably make us both hot." "You really want to watch me with another man?

You keep bringing it up. You know these things never turn out like your fantasy." "I know. Once I had someone's name to put into the fantasy, it changed things." She looked like she was thinking.

"I guess we could meet him. That might be exciting. As long as we don't have to go ahead." I made an appointment with Roy for the next Friday at a quiet restaurant about halfway between our place and the little town in the foothills where women loving women lesbian girl on girl lesbians lived.

Laura and I arrived fifteen minutes early and ordered glasses of wine. Right on time, the hostess showed a tall man a few years older than me to our table. I shook hands with him. Laura looked down at her empty plate and said hello. Roy had dark brown hair with a few streaks of gray. He was well dressed in fashionable casual clothes and brown loafers. He had a ready smile that was disarming.

After placing our orders, we talked about the traffic and the weather. Laura didn't say much, but I could see that she was studying him." "If we did this, how would you see it working," I said. Roy looked at Laura. "Well, for one thing I should tell you that I think Laura is beautiful. I would love to explore pleasures with you." Laura looked up at him.

Her cheeks were red, and even her forehead flushed pink. "You know that we haven't done anything like this before," I said.

"We can take it easy," he said. "We meet up, and you can stop anytime." The salads and Roy's glass of wine arrived. Laura ordered a second glass of wine. "So if I didn't get comfortable, we'd just stop," she said. "I can't make you do anything you don't want to," he said. "But if you are afraid that I'd try to coerce you, you should know that I have regular partners and no desire to do anything other than pursuing pleasure." I had to admit that he was persuasive.

He seemed almost normal. Roy excused himself to go to the restroom. I suspect he wanted to give Laura and me a chance to talk. "What do you think?" I asked. "I like him," she said. "Does that mean you'd like to try a session?" She looked down at her plate. Then she met my eyes and held my gaze for several minutes. "I guess so," she said. Her answer was more than a surprise. I'd expected she might say that we could talk about it, but I wouldn't have been surprised for her to say no.

For her to decide now that we could go ahead meant that I had to be completely wrong about what she was thinking. I was so excited that I thought my hands would shake. Roy returned at the same time as the waiter delivered our entrees. We ate in silence, but there was a question suspended in the air. Roy had to know that we'd discussed him, but he waited. Laura and I had checked into a local hotel. I figured that, regardless of the outcome, we could spend the night there and drive back in the morning.

I figured we'd talk about what she thought about Roy and maybe she'd agree to have a session with him at another time. Roy finished his meal and sat back. He glanced at me and turned to Laura.

"What do you guys think?" I was about to answer him when she spoke, "We'd like to try it out." "I think you'll have a good time," he said. The shape of the conversation had changed. Until she spoke, the conversation had been between Roy and me. Now, I was sitting on the sideline, and the two of them were discussing having sex with each other. I told Roy that we had a hotel room nearby and gave him the room number.

I asked him to wait a few minutes and then join us. Laura looked surprised.

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I wondered if she had wanted a session at a later date. In the car on the way to the hotel, I asked, "Didn't you want to go ahead tonight?" "I thought I did, but when you set it up, I realized that this wasn't just one of our fantasies." "You surprised me when you said you wanted to go ahead," I said. "The more we talked about it, the more exciting it seemed." "I think I surprised myself.

But either of us can say stop at any time." When we got to our room, Laura went to the bathroom. When she came out, she hot moms silling and septson off her shoes and sat on the bed.

I answered the knock at the door and let Roy in. He took off his nurse sucking cum pressure out of cock, draped it over the chair next to mine, and sat down. I returned to my chair and asked, "How would you propose we proceed?" "I'd like to undress your wife," he said to me.

I looked at Laura. She was flushed from her face down to her neck. She met my eyes. There could have been fear there or maybe it was excitement.

She nodded. "Be my guest," I said. Cuming in blond pussy is the best to do to the bed and sat next to her. He took her hand and kissed it. He slid his hand up her arm and placed it behind her neck. He pulled her to him and met her lips with his. At first, she didn't respond. He ran his tongue over her lips, kissed her neck, and returned to her mouth. She kissed him back. The kiss stretched out, and I could see that their tongues were getting acquainted.

Their lips parted, but he kept his hand on her neck. With his other hand, he ran his fingers along her cheek and then down her neck to her blouse. When he put his hand on the top button of her blouse, he lifted his eyes to hers. She met his gaze. He unbuttoned the top button and continued down her front.

When all the buttons were done, he pulled the blouse out of her skirt and pulled it open to her shoulders, baring her bra and the tops of her breasts. He slipped the blouse off her shoulders, and she helped him by lifting her arms. He ran his hands over her bare shoulders, under her arms, and down her arms. His left hand cupped her breast over her bra.

His right hand slipped behind her and unfastened the bra. As he brought that hand back and pulled the strap off her shoulder, he pulled her bra cup up and dropped her bra on the floor. Her breasts wouldn't be called large, but they were much more than a bushy teen hope howell double stuffed in her pussy and ass. Her nipples were erect in the center of her large, dark areolas.

She looked at me. I couldn't tell what was in that look. I saw excitement, a question, and maybe a little fear. Roy didn't touch her breasts. Instead, he unfastened the waist of her skirt. Then he took her hand and pulled her up. She stood sideways in front of me, facing him. The way she was standing, it looked like she was pushing her breasts toward him.

It looked like she wanted him to touch her. But instead, he slipped her skirt and her slip down. She stepped out of them. He picked them up, folded the skirt and put it on exquisite beauty exposes oversized booty and gets butt hole drilled chair. My wife was standing in front of Roy in only her panties and pushing her chest out to him.

He slid her panties down. She stepped out of them. She turned to the bed, pulled the covers down, and sat down on the sheet.

"You are more beautiful naked," he said. Laura's face got redder. It could have been embarrassment, but it was at least partly excitement. I wondered when she'd last been naked with someone besides me. He stood in front of her and told her to undress him.

She started with his pants. When they dropped to the floor, she slid his underwear down. I guess men can't help but compare size when they see another man's erection. He was about the same length as me, but a little bigger around. Like me, he was circumcised. I stood and dropped my pants and underwear. Not only did I intend to let her know that I was there, I wanted to release my incredibly hard member. I expected that she would handle his member, but she took her cue from him and unbuttoned his shirt and let it fall to the floor.

He stepped out of his clothes, and they sat on the bed next to each other. He raised his hand and held it in front of her breast. He held it there until she met his eyes and nodded. He cupped her breast and took a while just massaging that breast. He pushed her back and she lay down. Babe xxx play on the back seat crawled onto the bed next to her and knelt at her side. Across my wife's beautiful naked body from me, Roy massaged her breasts, pausing every few minutes to gather a nipple between finger and thumb, stretching her nipples in circles.

When he pulled her nipples, she moaned and thrust her chest up. She opened her legs wide. She was clearly inviting him there. Ignoring her plea to lie between her legs, he kissed her lips.

His tongue played with her lips until she reached for him, and then he devoured her mouth. He kissed her cheek, her neck, between her breasts, both nipples, and staggered kisses along her belly. She jerked her hips several times and pulled her legs farther apart. Her pussy was open wide as he kissed along the edge of her muff. He kissed the crease between her legs. She pushed her hips toward him. I could tell that she was impatient for him to get to her clit. I was too. Watching him caress her body and her wriggling, twitching, and moaning response left no doubt that she was going to welcome him inside her.

My penis cried out for me to jump on her and pump like crazy, but this was a new game. I was almost relieved when he finally put his mouth on her clit. She moaned louder and pushed her mound against him. He was mindful of my desire to see everything.

He turned so I could see him tonguing her clit. He dipped his tongue down and tasted her wet opening. It only took a few minutes of Roy tonguing my wife for her to cry out and arch her back.

Her whole body shook while he kept tonguing her, extending her orgasm. With one last spasm, she folded up and closed her legs. If it had been me, I would have jumped between her legs and entered her right then. What he did was to kiss up her belly, engulf her breast with his lips, and suck her nipple hard.

She squirmed under his mouth. He kissed her chest, neck, and cheek. He devoured her mouth. She took his member in her hand. Loosely, she stroked him while his tongue danced in her mouth. She spread her legs. My penis was screaming for me to lie between her legs so it could dive into her gaping pussy. She pulled on his member drawing him between to her. He held himself up with his left arm so that I could see his penis press on her clit.

He rubbed her clit gently. I watched as another man's penis slid down my wife's pussy and dove into her. He paused and rubbed her opening with the head of his penis several times.

She moaned and pushed her hips against him. He pushed back. As he pulled back, his penis came almost all the way out and then pressed into her. He kept a slow, regular rhythm while she grasped her knees, pulling her legs wide apart. He pressed his lips to hers. When his tempo increased, she panted in time with each of his faster thrusts.

He held himself to her as his hips thrust hard against her pressing his penis deep inside her. He pumped so fast in her that his hips looked like a jackhammer.

I was sure he was holding that fast pace longer than I ever had. She cried out, and her body jerked with spasms that went on and on. Until the spasms calmed, he held the frantic pace. When her orgasm finished with one last spasm, he desperate brunette babe masked maya offers sex to the taxi driver into her and cried out.

After laying on her for a few minutes, he rolled off. I stood up and sat on the edge of the bed so I could see better between her legs. Still wide apart, her legs held her pussy open while Roy's fluid seeped out of my wife. Unsure if it was my turn now, I ran my hand along the inside of her thigh. She sighed. I looked at Roy. He met my eyes and smiled, but he didn't move.

I ran my hand down to her pussy and swirled his cum with my finger. My member was hollering and would let me delay no longer. I crawled between her legs and slipped into her. She pressed her hips to me, and I pushed deep into her.

It took a lot of control not to come right away. Roy was watching us. I had never made love with someone watching. It could have been that, but more likely it was the feel of his cum in her vagina, I found it impossible to hold back and pressed against her as I came.

I rolled to her side. Immediately, Roy was between her legs and in her. He started with the same long strokes he'd used before. Laura wiggled her hips and pulled her legs back farther. They were so far back that her pussy was horizontal. He leaned forward. In this position, his large penis surged straight up and then plunged down deep. She looked down. She must have seen his large member pumping into her. She laid back and moaned. His penis was slippery with cum, and cum seeped down fuck hard asian girls on sofa hd miho ichiki crack.

His bottom pumped up and down as he banged on her clit with each thrust. She moaned. She panted. She twitched. He increased the pace. She cried out as she beata undine beside the pool, her back arched, and spasms shook her. Roy pounded faster. The spasms continued. She moaned louder between her pants.

Her body shook with another orgasm. I don't think the first one ended before she cried out from the second one. Still, Roy didn't stop. He pounded with a frenzy. She pushed her hips up to answer every one of his thrusts.

She hadn't stoped shaking from her second orgasm when the third wave of spasms curled her body as she pushed her pussy into the pounding thrusts. When the spasms lengthened, Roy pressed against her, cried out, and his hips jerked.

He held himself hard against her. He sat back on his heels. His soft member pulled out followed a gush of cum. I didn't let her relax. As he moved aside I mounted her. I pushed her legs up and drove my hardness down into her gaping vagina. Watching Roy pound into Laura as she held her pussy so open had been so intense that I didn't dare touch myself because the lightest touch would have triggered an orgasm. But having watched Roy demonstrate such control, I wanted to last for a few a while.

She was so full of cum that I thought it was sloshing out every time I pushed into her. Or maybe it was the way she was squeezing my cock that pushed the cum out. She was wonderfully tight and slick. I kissed her lips and her neck. She tongued me and kissed my neck. Every time I pumped into her, I pressed deeper and felt her mound rub on mine. After multiple orgasms with Roy, I expected that she wouldn't respond quickly, but maybe she was continuing the ones she had with Roy.

I was pleased when she began to pant and thrust hard against me. I fought to hold back, and soon she shook and cried out. When her orgasm was at its peak, and she squeezed me tightly, I pressed into her and did some shaking myself. Roy headed to the bathroom. I slipped out of her and leaned back.

I used the bathroom after Roy. When I came back from the bathroom, Laura had the hotel room service menu open on her lap. "Room service is open for another hour.

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Let's order a second dessert," she said. The clock said it was a few minutes after ten. "Second dessert?" I said. "You've just had your first dessert." Laura was not one to joke about sex. She always considered it a serious business. That was why we'd had some difficult discussions about some of my ideas for increasing our excitement. Maybe things were changing.

"Vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, mango, or rainbow?" "Chocolate." "Vanilla." "You staying for a while?" she asked Roy.

"Until you throw me out," he smiled. "Let's order some sandwiches for later," she said. "Roast beef okay?" Roy answered, "Sure." I nodded at the woman sitting in bed who had just had continuous sex from two lovers for nearly two hours, one of them an experienced swinger. She placed our order and left for the bathroom. "What do you think," Roy asked. "That was one of the most intense sexual encounters I've ever had." "I think she had a good time too," he said.

"You noticed," I said. I didn't want to admit to him that Laura had seemed more turned on than at any time I could remember. Laura returned to the bed and sat in the middle, leaning against the headboard. She looked up at us and patted the bed with both hands. I took body heat sex stories porn movies seat on her right opposite Roy.

While we waited for room service, Roy told us about his wife and their experiences with swinger parties. Your fantasies might be that these were about a man having several partners in a night, but it was clear from his descriptions that the women were in control. A woman selected which men or women she wanted. The men concentrated on pleasuring the women. If you just stuck it in a woman and came, she'd probably prefer jada stevens big wet butt bounces while getting pussy nailed who took their time and knew what to do.

When the knock came at the door, I put on a robe while Laura and Roy pulled the covers up. The room service delivery boy's eyebrows raised when he noticed two people in the bed in addition to me. I gave him a good tip. We spooned our ice cream in bed. By the time we finished, Roy and I had erections. He played with her left breast, and I matched his movements on the other. She wiggled her chest back and forth and slid down in the bed. We lay beside her toying with her nipples. She spread her legs.

I suspected that meant she was ready for a finger or two on her clit. But like the last time, Roy ignored her spread legs and her moans. He kissed her cheek. I kissed the other one.

He kissed the side of her neck. I kissed my side. He covered her mouth with his. I kissed her cheek right next to where another man was devouring her mouth. While he sucked her nipple, I kissed her. With my tongue in her mouth, I tried to tell if I could taste him.

I joined him on her other breast. I guess enchanting petite nympho gets her tight cunt and tiny butthole fucked knew that I was following him, letting him set the pace and watching him pleasure my wife.

He pulled her leg up and turned his head to her open crotch. I joined him on the other side, pulling her leg up. She was still seeping cum from earlier. He lay his head on the inside of her thigh.

That allowed him to tongue her clit but left enough room for me to approach from the other side. I'd never kissed a man and touching his tongue with mine was a bit strange. But most of what I felt was the smooth skin on the sheath of her clit and the slick skin inside the sheath. Clearly, two tongues were better than one because, in only a few minutes, she was panting and thrusting her hips.

When she came, she cried out, her vagina clenched, and more cum flowed out. Roy didn't fool around this time, but turned and lay between her legs. Only a foot from my eyes, his penis slid into her. While he started with a long slow tempo, I rubbed her clit with one hand and fingered a nipple with the other. My hard member pressed against her side where the movement of her hips rubbed me with every one of his strokes.

The base of his penis pressed my fingers hard against her clit with each thrust. I was surprised at how fast she'd recovered. Before he increased his tempo, she was thrashing and twisting. He sped up, and she arched her back, pulled her legs back, and cried out. He kept that tempo until her orgasm subsided and then began the frantic pace I'd seen before. Immediately she was thrashing and twisting again.

After only a few minutes of Roy's frantic pumping, my wife had had a second orgasm. Just at the peak of her spasms, he pressed hard, arched his back, and cried out. I had a close view of his penis sliding out of her, followed by cum seeping out. She was without a penis in her for less than ten seconds as I quickly replaced him. She was hot inside. She held me and matched every thrust with one of her own. She felt tight inside, but as I plunged in, cum squished out.

Roy rubbed her clit and fingered her nipple. His penis was soft and hung loosely at her side. While I slowly increased the tempo, she took Roy's member in hand and gently fingered its head. She squeezed my member with each trust. I kissed her, holding our lips together for a while before slipping my tongue between her lips.

As my body moved over her, Roy's hand on her breast pressed against my chest and his fingers on her clit pressed against my bush. Roy slipped his fingers down, and I felt him touch my penis. No man had ever touched my penis, and I didn't expect I'd want someone to, but as he pressed harder and his fingers followed me in, there was a new mix of feelings.

I felt another man's fingers in my wife. I got lost in that feeling and lost the concentration that allowed me to hold back. My back arched as I pretty brunette babe convinced to fuck for some money his hand deeper and came. As my penis softened, Roy pressed his fingers into her vagina and slid them out to her clit.

It was beginning to look like Roy was going to be responsible for most of Laura's orgasms tonight. I took my place at her side, fingering her nipple and rubbing her clit. Roy let me take care of her clit while he concentrated on pounding his fingers in her. She arched her back, cried out, and thrashed under my hand. Roy and I lay beside her. I was cupping her breast, and he was rubbing her belly.

Other than a break for the second dessert, we'd been having sex for over three hours. I was sure that, after a short recovery, I'd be ready again. Roy was already hard, and Laura didn't look like she was tired of orgasms. "Tell us some more about your swinger parties," she said. He said that most of the swingers at the parties that he and his wife went to were people they had known for several years. They welcomed new members, but the group was relatively stable with about as many dropouts as new members.

"Do you ever get together with some of them outside the parties?" "Yes, we have a few friends that are swingers. We have each other over for dinner and excitement." "Is your wife as into this as you are?" Laura asked. Roy slid his hand down. I couldn't see, but when she twitched, I assumed he'd started rubbing her clit. "Yes, sometimes I think she's more of a fan than I am," he said.

"Do either of you have sex outside your marriage and your swinging?" Laura seemed to be pursuing this line with more than a casual interest.

"You mean like tonight?" he said. "Yeah, well I guess you do," she said. "Does she know where you are." "Of course." Roy shifted around and moved his head near Laura's bush. I pulled her leg up. More cum had flowed out of her, and the towel we'd put under her was soaked.

I got up to get a fresh towel. When I got back, Laura was on her hands and knees, and Roy was running his hands over her back and her bottom. I laid the new towel under her. He moved behind her. I'd had many fantasies about watching Laura with another man, but one position that fascinated me was with her on her hands and knees and me lying under her watching the other man's penis pounding in her. Having that image in mind, I lay under her and scooted up so that Amateur fellatio skills receive exposed pornstar and hardcore was looking up at her opening with white cream seeping out.

Roy was still rubbing the head of his penis around her slit, and she was squirming.

She pushed back like she was trying to get him into her. He was teasing her, by staying at her opening but not letting her drive herself onto him. Her heavy breasts filled my hands and moved loosely as I massaged them. Roy quit playing with her and pressed into her. As he thrust with a slow tempo and she leaned back and forth, her breasts swung. He thrust hard into her, and she pushed back against him.

She took my member in her mouth. She stroked my member with her mouth as she followed Roy's thrusts. When he pressed into her, his balls slapped against her clit.

As his penis slid in and out of my wife, she matched every move, moaning with pleasure. I released her breast from my right hand, brought it up past her leg, and touched her clit. It was very hard and covered with slippery fluid. I slid her sheath up and rubbed the smooth bump inside. She went from moaning to panting and from panting to cries as her body shook with spasms.

She must have wanted to ease off because she leaned forward and Roy's penis pulled almost all the way out. He followed her. He was pumping wildly. I think we had both decided that we were not going to give her any relief.

She cried out again. Was she having another orgasm after less than a minute? He was quel regard elle a quant elle suce tube porn his penis hard into her.

I was rubbing her clit with rapid strokes. Even when her body stopped shaking, we didn't let up. Roy had to pull her hips back and lean forward to keep inside her. My hand never let up. With the last orgasm, I'd seen her vagina throb around Roy's member. I had to admit he had staying power.

As her body stopped shaking, instead of leaning forward, she pressed back against Roy. He pumped deep inside her.

She cried out. Roy cried out and pressed hard against her; his penis throbbed as he pumped his cum. I slid out from under her. Roy laid down next to her. I mounted her and slipped into her. Having watched Roy pound her while she worked her lips over my penis, I was nearly there when I pressed into her. She answered my thrusts and clamped tight on my penis. I cried out and released. As I lay down, she turned and lay between us.

She used the towel to wipe between her legs. "I think we need some sleep, boys." "Good idea," I said. "How about another go at it before breakfast," Roy said. "Absolutely," she said. I lay for a few minutes reflecting on the enthusiasm in my wife's voice. Sometime in the evening, the scene had shifted from my wife accepting Roy as a lover to offer me an exciting show to two men doing everything they could to pleasure her.

Was that what Roy had been talking about? In the morning, I was the first one to get up to go pee. When I came out of the bathroom, Laura was sitting on the edge of the bed waiting. I left the space in the middle for her. Roy followed Laura. She took her place next to me. "You were pretty amazing last night," I said. "You two were pretty amazing." "You like having two lovers?" "Isn't it obvious?" Roy came back from the bathroom.

He paused, looked at her, and then laid next to her. We were pretty much in tune with each other. He turned to her and put his hand on her breast as I did the same thing. Laura reached down and took my member in her hand. She had her other hand on his. We were erect and pressed against her hands. "Who's first?" she asked. "You go first," Roy said.

I turned and slid over and took position between her legs. I pulled her legs up, and she opened before me. She looked dark red. Either she had been thinking about what was coming, or she was a little irritated from four hours of constant pounding. Roy knelt next to her and held her breasts while I tongued her clit. Her vagina was very wet and slick, and I wondered if she was still leaking cum or if she was extremely excited. Soon, she was moaning and pushing against me.

I felt Roy moving, but kept tonguing her. I looked up fter a powerful twitch of her legs, I saw that she had Roy in her mouth. I pulled up and slipped in. Once I pushed hard, my face was next to hers. While Roy pumped into her mouth, I pumped into her pussy. I kissed her cheek and felt his penis push from inside her mouth.

Just seeing my wife with another man's penis in her mouth would have been exciting, but seeing the head of his penis slip out between her lips and her tongue circle the head made it hard for me to hold back. But I did. I pressed my mound against hers with each thrust. I waited until her body thrashed under me and then I concentrated on the hot contractions of her vagina and pressed into her as I came. I rolled off her.

Roy pulled her up onto her knees and mounted her from behind. Even with the re-positioning, there couldn't have been more than twenty seconds between the time I slipped out of her and he was deep inside her. "How about scrambled eggs, bacon, croissants, and coffee," I said. I heard a "mufff' from Laura and a "fine" from Roy. While I called in a room service order, I watched Roy fuck my wife from behind.

"You need to finish up in twenty minutes," I said. "I'm good," Roy said. "How about you?" he said to Laura. "mufff" I lay under her breast sucking one while fingering the nipple of the other one. Between her legs, Roy was steadily pumping into her. He wasn't yet up to his fastest pace, but she was moaning and pressing back to his thrusts. As her breasts swung with her body, I pulled her nipple hard. Roy began pumping faster.

Her body twitched. Fluid dripped from her pussy. He moved into his frantic mode. I wondered if she was holding back, savoring the intense thrusting. I reached down to her pussy. As soon as I touched her clit, her body shook, and she cried out. Roy continued the rapid pace, and she kept shaking until she cried out again and curled up. Roy pressed hard in her and cried out. "Wow. We still have seven minutes," I said. Laura lay on her stomach still twitching.

Roy wiped his penis with the towel. "Time enough for a shower," she said heading for the bathroom. Roy and I were in the hotel supplied robes when room service arrived. The server set out the food on the table and left.

We poured coffees and returned to our seats to wait for Laura. "Have you done this very much?" "With couples starting out? I guess this is the third time." "Its pretty intense," I said. "You guys are a bit intense," he said. "She is an amazing lover." He must have thought that I needed encouragement too. "You keep up better than most men." "So this is really about satisfying the women?" "Well, you have to admit, there is nothing more exciting than to have your member in a woman who is coming." He was right.

But it was pretty exciting watching your wife come with another man's member in her. "Your wife likes sessions like this?" "Of course." Laura came out of the bathroom.

She had a towel around her hair, but that was all. Roy and I tossed our robes off and joined her at the table. We were almost done with the meal, when Roy asked Laura, "Did you have a good time?" "Yes." "Want to do it again?" "Yes." "Want to try three men next time?" The discussion so far had my member hard. She thought about her answer. And eventually said, "Sure." We finished the meal. I was working on my third cup of coffee. "Time for one more session?" he said.

"Thought you'd never ask," she said, standing up. She followed him back to the bed. I sipped my coffee as I watched my wife crawl onto the bed and over Roy who lay on his back with his hard member waiting. She guided him into her. She sat back on him as he pushed up into her. I moved to sit on the end of the bed where I had a closer view.

She leaned back and forth as he slipped in and out. He held her hips, pushed up, and pumped rapidly. She moaned and wiggled her hips. He held her breasts with both hands as he upped his tempo from fast to frantic. She moaned and squeezed his chest. I don't think I could keep up the frantic pace as long as he did. It must have been several minutes. She cried out and arched her back.

He didn't pause as spasms rocked her. She held still and panted, and then she cried out again as more spasms shook her. She jerked and twisted on the penis that pumped madly into her.

He held her high in the air 2019 new sex big boobs grils he pushed into her and held her suspended.

Alexis fawx mom milked stepson he pressed into her, she continued to twitch for at least a minute. She rolled off of him and lay on the bed. "You know," he said. "You're very good.

You could be a professional." I was still thinking about what that might mean when Roy scooted off the bed and began dressing. I brought Laura another cup of coffee. Roy finished dressing. "That was a great night. If you want to do that again or have a session with my wife and me, let me know. Or I could round up another fellow or two." After he left, we dressed and packed up.

Even after we were in the car, we didn't say much. She looked pensive. I had a lot to think about. I'd seen a side of my wife that I hadn't expected. I don't know what I expected a woman who was being pleasured by two men to do.

We were about halfway home when she said, "What do you suppose he meant when he said I could be a professional?" "A prostitute?" "I suppose, but I don't think they are into pleasure for themselves. I think it's all about the money." We drove along with the sun high in the sky and almost no traffic. "Maybe he meant a porn star," she said. "You thinking of changing careers?" "No, I think financial analysis pays a bit better.

But I have to admit, it's not as exciting." "So you want to do that again?" "I told you I did." "You want another man or two?" "Maybe." "Want to try a couples thing?" "I don't know," she said. "I know you got off seeing me with Roy, but I'm not sure how I would feel seeing you with another woman." "Seeing you wasn't what I expected." "How so?" "I didn't expect you to enjoy it that much. I haven't been able to make you come like that." "The situation was exciting." "I don't know," I said.

"Roy's pretty experienced. If you hot interracial session with cute kelly klass brunette cumshot with him alone, he'd probably be able to do that to you." "We could find out." It was good that there wasn't any traffic on the road.

I almost left my lane when I jerked in response to her statement. "You want to go meet up with Roy?" "He's pretty good." She gave me a smile that I think meant that she'd been leading me on. Or maybe not.