Czech amateur teen fucks in the forest hardcore and reality

Czech amateur teen fucks in the forest hardcore and reality
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In the depths of space, beyond the boundaries of the human imagination, floated a world shrouded in evil. In languages that none living now spoke, its name was Morganthus, and it had visitors.

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A starship had crash-landed amidst what must have been the scene of a large battle. In the distance, a towering pyramid raised by alien hands stood as a silent and enigmatic sentinel. The mangled, ruptured hulks of the other craft surrounded the newly-trapped vessel, which was unable to call for help. A six-man team had been dispatched to search inside the distant alien structure. --- Dameia was part of the squad exploring inside, the shoulder-mounted lights of her backpack shining through her long, curly blonde hair as she trailed behind the others.

Her striking blue eyes kept darting between each of the other three members before her, as they maintained a distance from her greater than was strictly necessary. Their fifth had been left at the entrance to keep watch. No one questioned that the hulking warrior Quuhod could hold his own, though he had been badly shaken by the loss of his crystal throwing weapons. Yet that had not been the only loss inflicted by this horrible place.

Dameia had witnessed for herself the death of their commander Ilvar, and now the brash Cabren had taken charge of their team. The corridors of this structure made no sense, twisting and turning unevenly as if it had been designed by a madman. Eventually, they had wandered into a small room with pillars of crystal pulsing with a dim green light that bathed the team in their strange glow.

Alluma, their empath, was clinging to Cabren's arm like a frightened child, her head resting on his shoulder. Dameia sorely missed the same intimacy she had with the commander and had even considered the final member of their team, Balon, as a source of companionship in this dark place. However, she quickly dismissed such a notion, Balon despised her and was not shy to show it.

He was a short man of slight build with close-cropped brown hair and was looking about the place with visible unease in contrast to Cabren's calm, almost casual demeanor. In fact, the squad leader seemed almost too cool and collected, looking over the glowing pillars in a manner that was almost bored. Though, even Dameia had to admit Cabren was quite handsome, with his roguishly-styled wavy shoulder length black hair and a thick mustache atop his upper lip.

With his rifle slung over one shoulder and Alluma gripped firmly by the hip nene mukai is a sexy japanese woman and in her favorite blue leotard she kisses her man and then is gave off the air the classic dashing hero.

But then when he looked to Dameia for just a moment his smile turned sour and he looked away, continuing on towards the next corridor. Since Ilvar had perished it had seemed they all shared this animosity towards her, leaving her in a depressed isolation. "W-what are we even doing in this place?" Dameia asked timidly, just to break the bleak silence. "Did you not see all those ships outside, Dameia?

There has to be a reason for it, and why this structure was at the center of it all," Alluma responded, yet the empath's tone seemed almost scolding. "What I want to know is why you are even here?" Balon chimed in with a sneer directed at Damiea. "I just want to help!" Damiea snapped back. "Oh, like you helped the Commander? Yeah.

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No thanks," Balon scoffed. "It wasn't my fault, there was nothing I could do! S-something was in the vent with him!" Dameia desperately tried to explain. "That's enough!" Cabren shouted, finally reaching his limit.

They all went silent, Dameia's chin quivered as she tried to swallow down the lump in her throat and blink away the tears welling in the corners of her eyes. "Dameia, go join Quuhod on rear guard, you're no help here," Cabren snapped, voice as cold as deep-space frost. "Bu-" Dameia tried to speak out, but one hard glare from the team leader made her reconsider.

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She turned away before they could see the tears beginning to trickle down her cheeks and started the long walk back down those dark tunnels alone. --- Even though Dameia was truly alone in the winding corridors, she couldn't shake this unsettling feeling that she was being watched.

She was careful to follow the markers they had left on the walls to guide themselves through this maze of passages. They had always disliked her because she was so close to the commander and she knew they believed that the only reason why she was even on this mission was that she and the commander had been so close.

That was why she had left the ship the first place, to try and babe needs anal while masturbating to orgasm with contractions that she was more than just the slut in a uniform they had made her out to be. But now Ilvar was gone, and she could still hear how he had screamed before the rope had been ripped from her hands.

The feeling of such failure crushed her chest with sorrow and stopped to lean against the wall and openly sob in her private moment of grief. She had slumped into and squat and cry until there were no tears left for her to shed for the man and this awful situation she was in.

She wiped away the wet streaks on her cheeks and composed herself before resuming her trek. She still had a job to do. --- Dameia was elated when she recognized the final bend that led to the entrance they had found. Only that moment of relief was crudely dashed when she saw Quuhod face down on the ground in a pool of his own blood, one of his arms abruptly terminating in a ragged stump. A bolt of terror passed through her body with a feeling like her blood turning to ice, she froze for a moment in pure shock at such a horrid sight.

Jolting back into action she scanned the large room quickly before lunging forward and picking up the laser rifle dropped on the ground not far from where she stood. She quickly checked to make sure the weapon was charged and saw that not a single shot had been fired. Whatever had killed this skilled man did so without him ever being able to retaliate. When she stepped in closer her face twisted into an ugly grimace as she saw that his arm had been cut clean off.

His crystal blades had been shattered and scattered all around his corpse, proving that whatever had killed him must have been incredibly powerful. She stepped away from the body, but then the heel of her boot thumped against something on the ground, heavy yet yielding.

With a quick turn, she saw Quuhod's missing arm lying on the ground, the blood-smeared flesh crawling with maggots. They were all over the exposed flesh, chewing into the putrid meat and squirming around beneath the hairy skin it, the most disgusting things she never wanted to see on this planet.

Fumbling with the rifle Dameia blasted wildly at them in a nauseated panic, gagging with disgust as she did her utmost to remove them from her sight. At once arm started to smoke, the hairs shriveling and the maggots writhing in agony as the invisible beam played back and forth across them and their home. Flames covered the limb, the rotten flesh, and the occupants therein quickly charring and crumbling away until nothing was left but a heap of ash and scorched bone.

Still trembling with horror, Dameia turned and ran out the opening and onto the high precipice of the pyramid. --- The view was black as pitch all around with only the lights of their downed ship in the far distance. Dameia pulled out her radio and urgently spoke into it, fearing there was a murderous survivor of whatever battle had strewn the planet with wrecked starships now lurking in the pyramid. Yet there was no response, no matter how many times she attempted to hail the ship.

Her calls became more and more desperate as they were only met with static. She even resorted to trying to hail the others in the alien structure to try and warn them, but those too either went ignored or failed to reach deep enough into the pyramid.

At the end of her tether, in a single moment of blind frustration, she pitched the radio off the edge and watched as it vanished into the blackness below.

There were only two options she could see, return to the ship where there was some measure of safety, or go back inside and watch the backs of the people that hated her so much.

Her face hardened and she took in a deep breath to steady her nerves, before turning and walking back inside with rifle in hand.

--- This place had already been unsettling to walk through when Dameia thought it was abandoned. Knowing there could be a murderous alien or maybe a crazed survivor lurking in the unpredictably laid-out hallways made every step a monumental challenge. Yet she continued taking those steps even as her heart pummeled in her chest. At every corner, she leveled her laser rifle at the opening and shone the shoulder mounted lights of her backpack down the corridor. After a while of looking over her shoulder all the time and coming up with nothing the stress of being on such high alert rapidly took its toll.

She stole a moment to sigh and catch her breath, letting the weapon hang by the handle with the muzzle nearly touching the floor as it swayed in her loose grip.

It was in that moment she had perceived a presence behind her, the hairs sprung up along the nape of her neck. She reacted on pure impulse and turned around to face this unknown threat, her eyes bulging in horror at what she saw. The teen gia paige gets her tight pussy demolished from her backpack illuminated a glistening wall of purple flesh and from it, twin horizontal rows of thick red tendrils thrashed excitedly in the air.

This massive maggot was reared up before her with circular maw lined with flesh-rending black hooks, gaping and openly drooling for her with an alien intent. She bellowed out a scream of terror and tried to lift her weapon with shock-frozen limbs to fire at it.

One of those crimson ropes of hard segmented muscle acted quicker and lashed the rifle out of her hands, snapping the weapon in two and leaving her defenseless. Scared stiff, Dameia could only watch helplessly as dozens of those crimson ropes of flesh lunged for her attacking her lithe figure with each one having its own objective. Even without her weapon, she battled against the strong tendrils, striking out with her arms and trying to kick her legs free from their clutches.

Dameia could feel them everywhere, grabbing at her legs and waist, sliding under her shirt and into her pants and swiping over her face and lips. It was reeling her in, forcing her against its bloated mass, the putrid reek of rotting flesh filling her nostrils. The maggot began to produce disturbingly loud sucking and gurgling sounds, giving her the distinct impression that it was excited to touch her, extruding thick slime from its body with greater fervor.

The foul substance was smeared all over her body until her clothes were heavy with it. More splattered her face, some getting into her mouth as she screamed and gasped for breath, carrying such a potent flavor that it made her gag and sputter with disgust. It seemed to be focused on her voluptuous figure and left her hands free to beat against its body until the palms ached and her muscles burned. Yet that didn't stop it from tearing off her backpack and stripping her coat away with violent tugs of its many limbs, exposing her to the other exploring tendrils.

She was left in just her white tank top and brown cargo pants, the material of her top looked as though it had been glued to her busty frame by the ooze saturating it. It was clear then she wore no bra over those perky tits, her chubby pink nipples tenting the nearly transparent fabric. Her arms were bound by tentacles, and she desperately pulled at them with a panicked whimper. When she managed to slip loose, all the strength she had been using to free them suddenly became a backward momentum.

She was staggering backward and her boots slipped in the slime. Dameia grunted as her round ass hit the floor, her face contorted into a wince before dropping into a wide-eyed gaze seeing the maggot looming over her.

It was in that brief moment she caught a glimpse of the tall spire of red flesh jutting from the center of its body. The maggots cock was exotic with the head knobby and bloated, the widely flared crown was ringed with scaly warts. The shaft following it was a misshapen length, studded with short fleshy nodes and thick veins wider than her fingers Dameia's eyes went wide and she sucked in a terrified gasp when the creature's vile desires for her became so painfully clear at that moment.

With a wail of denial, its body had smothered her and she old guy hotel old wise gentleman with a youthfull splendid girl her frenzied strikes on its body even as those tendrils pushed under her shirt and into the hem of her pants.

The maggot was pulling apart her clothing like it was unwrapping a present, exposing the generous curves of her knockout figure that every man yearned for. The entirety of her nude figure was covered in thick slime by now, giving her exposed creamy skin a glossy sheen in the light of her discarded backpack.

Her large breasts wobbled as she struggled, their nipples stiff points from the cooling goo, the way they danced had this perverted thing reaching out to them. Her arms and kept her legs tightly closed to prevent this vile creature from violating her further. There was just too much of her mountainous breasts to protect with her hands and could only watch helplessly as those dexterous limbs pushed past her arms to get at her rack.

Those ropes of hard segmented muscle ground against her plush tit flesh, shocking her with electric tingles of pleasure.

She whimpered watching those segmented limbs coiling up her globes to give them this achingly hard squeeze. Again and again, they crushed them like a pair of pythons, her plush flesh bulged between the crimson loops of hard muscle. With a bite of her bottom lip, she attempted to stave off the shocks of pleasure as those slender tips crudely smacked at her sensitive nipples.

When those tentacles wormed between her silken inner thighs, uncensored new zealand bdsm gag ring clenched them tight to prevent this maggot from ravishing her any further. It was a futile effort and bit by bit her quivering legs were being spread open, exposing her pouted seam to it.

The words she had so often heard spoken behind her back came roaring back into her thoughts then, that her only use on the ship was in giving pleasure to her superior.

There she was in that alien monolith, trapped under a terrifying monstrosity, its limbs forcibly exploring the most intimate parts of her. Dameia sobbed while straining against the bondage of those strong tendrils, helpless as it kneaded her tits and gouged slender tips of muscle against her sensitive nipples. A tangle of red tendrils had crowded between her legs, lashing at her tender slit and playing over the wrinkles of the divot of her asshole.

She was being assaulted with waves of unwanted pleasure and she screamed out against it. As much as she attempted to refuse it, her arousal was only rising when those thick and powerful limbs violated her from both ends.

Her eyes snapped tightly shut, lips twisted into a grimace, trying to bite back the urge to moan feeling those tentacles playing inside her. So focused was she in resisting this stimulation that she missed this imposing phallus being lowered between her quaking thighs. Then the tentacles slashing about in her twitching pussy retreaded, but only so she could feel the kiss of this scorching hot dick pressed against the pouting seam.

This sudden contact made her stiffen, her eyes shot open when the horny bug was shoving so eagerly against the satin softness of her slit. Her head lifted off the ground with urgency to look past her chest to see this impossibly sized organ poised right against her sex.

Her mouth gaped and this pitiful whimper spilled out before this alien cock suddenly shoved forward. A sudden pressure burst between her legs, Dameia's head rocked back from the blow against her puffy pussy lips.

Again and again, the maggot attacked her tight seam, her frantic cries were being stuttered by those crude lunges, but its cock was struggling to smoothly bust inside. Over and over the maggot ruthlessly humped at her, slowly spreading the mouth of pussy open until those meaty lips began to swallow such a bulbous cockhead.

With a terribly loud squelch, this stopper of rock stiff flesh was crudely rammed inside. Her head reeled back even further and thumped off the stone floor, her mouth parted wide with the intent to scream.

The only noise that had come forth was a startled gasp when the pain she had anticipated never came. There were only harsh surges of discomfort to be felt fervid girl is gaping tight twat in close up and cumming a rapid-fire when it felt like this huge organ was stuck at the entrance of her pussy.

What distressed her most was those wild aftershocks of pleasure that followed behind every savage push. She whimpered and tossed her head from side to side, humiliated and even frightened to feel anything stimulating while trapped under this beast.

Dameia was drinking in the sight of this disgusting organ being worked so vigorously into her pussy, her vibrant blue eyes wide in shock and horror. Her desperate cries of denial were unable to drown out the profane wet noises as it plundered her sex, forced to hear how wet she had already become for this revolting creature. She needed to hate what this invertebrate was doing to her and tensed up against the hard dick pumping into her tender slot. However, this did not give her the pain she craved to feel, instead, it had this monster gurgling and grunting with an unmistakable delight as it humped powerfully against the resistance of her passage.

The assault of this alien dick and how it was stuffing more thrashing tendrils past the muscled noose of her asshole was unraveling her. Those terrified cries were giving way to something huskier, tainted with this hint of desire behind them. She had lost all control of her urges, her back arched as the first moans of lust spilled forth, her passage eagerly pulsating around the cock pumping inside.

The maggot was beating her pussy up with its fat stopper, the crown harshly scraped at her velvet walls, those fleshy nubs sawing against her swollen cunt lips. At that moment she knew they had all been right about her, she was nothing more than a depraved slut, but she no longer cared. Dameia gave in then and her legs relaxed in the iron grip of the tendrils, but her eyes were tightly scrunched shut against the freak mounted over top her and focused on only this intense pleasure surging from deep in her core.

The maggot was quick to take full advantage of her surrender and shoved her toned thighs back towards her body. The beast spread her wide into a compromising mating press, all so it could better force its throbbing flesh into her supple sleeve. She was compressed under it, her hips lifted high to receive those greedy thrusts it took at her, stuttering her moans as her body jolted under its undulating mass.

That thick cock and the nubs of flesh that studded it had fucked her to climax in only a handful of thrusts once she accepted her role as its sex toy. Her legs shuddered and her toes curled into tight balls in her boots, frantically gasping as her passage spasmed over its pumping girth. Yet as she was being overwhelmed by this orgasmic euphoria, the maggot was mercilessly fucking its cock so much deeper into her gushing pussy.

Her eyes fluttered while obscene sloppy sounds erupted from between her legs, blissfully oblivious to how her flat stomach was being pushed out to take such a massive organ. Groans of dismay were being fucked past Dameia's pouty lips when the maggot began to reshape her fuck hole to take far too much inside. She rocked her head from side to side when the harsh surges of discomfort finally registered in her sex-addled mind, it was taking it too far.

Dameia wanted to beg it to stop, but she just couldn't seem to find the words when those mighty fuck strokes shocked her system. When her passage had nothing left to give, it was forced to offer up the puckered ring of her cervix and this horny invertebrate seemed overjoyed to beat at it with its bloated cockhead. She had finally been gifted the pain she had once sought out from this maggot violating her, son and mother sexi sad sexypunjabi story sex stories and whimpering as it bore down against such a sensitive barrier.

It was not to be denied and her cervix gave way with a shudder, the bulbous head surged into her squishy chamber. Dameia's mouth hung open in surprise, her vibrant eyes bulging in their sockets in a sudden moment of clarity, this freak had broken her pussy with its inhuman desire. Yet all she could do then was hyperventilate as her womb groaned and sloshed loudly when the huge alien dick plundered it again and again with long strokes.of its dick.

All focus had been fucked from her eyes, the lids sagged getting her love tunnel conquer by man over them, her mouth hung slack with a scream suddenly forgotten. For Dameia this maggot's womb wrecker might as well been smashing right into her grey matter as it was slowly fucking all sense out of her.

The halls echoed with the grotesque sounds of the invertebrate fucking the woman trapped under it, yet the only vocalization was its pleasured gurgles and snarls. Only her arms and legs were visible around the creature, spasming with every buck of its bloated mass. This blonde beauty had her head twisted to the side, her tongue hanging from her mouth, gurgling and gasping from such ruinous thrusts.

Her limp body was rocking against the cold floor, those huge tits swaying in broad rotations until the slime slathered globes wetly smacked off one another to the tempo of the maggot's fuck strokes. The stiff nubs on the beast's cock ground into her plush pussy lips until they were swollen and red, the pink meat of her fuck tunnel being tugged past them, clinging to those fleshy protrusions. Just below that brutal fusion, a half dozen tendrils had burrowed between the round cheeks of her back end and had caved in her puckered asshole to choke her bowels with thrashing muscle.

This mentally devastated woman was trapped in this peaked state, cumming explosively from the ruthless use of her slackened holes. She moaned senselessly and her pussy quivered with weakened contractions around his girth with a need to be filled, the maggot was elated to oblige. It hissed with delight as it released inside her with a raw power that could be heard externally and every flex of its dick made her go stiff in response.

A thick brownish yellow slop surged from its tip with the consistency of wet cement and so hot it scorched her insides raw. There was so much pouring from the verile grub, her womb was ballooning to take it all until her midsection was slowly swelling up. Her eyes rolled back completely white as her mind truly came apart when the maggot used her for a cum dumpster. Every potent shot inside her made her midsection shudder and grow a little more round until she looked into an early term pregnancy.

Her fertile chamber was polluted with its foul load, fit to burst with the stuff when it finally stopped and ripped its cock from her used up cunt with a wet pop. She was left sprawled out in a pool of slime, her stomach swollen and flushed pink from such a rapid expansion.

Dameia's once perfect seam of a pussy had been stretched out into this gaping void, the walls fucked red and raw. Then the steaming hot brown muck it had pumped into her flooded into her still winking cavern to erupt in a thick burbling mess of a queef. --- When the others discovered Damia, the men froze in shock and Alluma buried her face into Cabren's chest with a stared gasp. Damiea's stomach was swollen taut and bright crimson, the veins bulging under her paper-thin flesh.

The round sphere that was her midsection was bulging and twisting with what looked like countless serpents infested the catatonic woman, their alien mouths trying to bite through her belly from the inside. All their faces were twisted into an ugly grimace at those grotesque churning and gurgling sounds coming from her, yet none had made a move to help.

Damiea was moaning, her hips writhing in the air, the lips of her pussy flexing in a show that she was indeed cumming as those things battered at her stomach. It was then her bruised pussy lips bulged as something pushed at them from underneath until finally, they gaped wide to the bloated maggot that had burrowed through her birth canal. The purple-hued grub was slathered in pink afterbirth, its toothy maw snapping at the air and dozens of tiny red tendrils slashed from its underbelly.

It was then Balon had stepped forward as this freak pushed further from her ruined sex and aimed his laser rifle at her prone figure. "Fucking slut." He muttered in disdain. Then he squeezed the jayden jaymes lisa ann hot chicks and black cock.