Mom and son big boob sex stories story xxx sexy xstory ebony audio

Mom and son big boob sex stories story xxx sexy xstory ebony audio
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"Hey Greg, would you mind watching the phones while I go to lunch and run a few errands? Jerry's not coming in today at all apparently," said Veronica as she walked out of the office. An older, petite woman with gray hair and glasses, Veronica was the shop's receptionist and the last of the three company employees. "Sure no problem Veronica," said Greg casually. "I kind of figured Firmbodied babe heidi mayne receives hard pussy drilling from muscled boyfriend wasn't coming in today, not like it would make much difference if he did." Veronica laughed quietly to those words.

"Yeah, I guess you're right. Okay well I'm heading out. I'll back in a few hours," she said with a smile. Two seconds later she was out the door, keys in hand. Greg worked at an auto-body shop as an auto-body technician. Only 18 years old, he was doing well for himself. He already had a career, his bills were paid and he had me; his live-in girlfriend.

He was tall, about 6'2", with blue-green eyes and sandy brown hair. He was about average build with muscular arms that I loved and a tattoo on his right leg. "So now I have no clue what to do while I wait for this paint to dry," said Greg to me as he walked into the larger part of the shop.

"Well why don't we just sit and relax a few minutes while we decide," I said. I guess I should take the time to describe myself. I'm about 5'6" with hazel eyes and bottle blonde hair. I'm petite with a size 34B chest and a flat stomach. All in all I'm not that bad looking, in fact most people find me attractive.

"Sounds good to me.

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Come sit over here with me babe," he said as he patted the bench beside him. As I walked over to the bench I noticed the growing bulge in the front of his brown cargo shorts.

"Sure, but are you sure that's safe?" I joked as I stared at his crotch. In my extremely low rise jeans and skimpy little tank top I loved knowing that I affected my man this way. Before I knew what was happening, Greg had stood up, picked me up, and sat me on top of his tool box.

"You should know you're always safe with me," he said with a growl that caused the dampness between my legs to turn into an all out flood. "Though your tight little pussy may be a little sore after I get done fucking it." And with that he claimed my lips in the most passionate kiss I had ever experienced.

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While we kissed he unbuckled my belt and unfastened the button on my jeans. "God I love how you never ever wear any god-forsaken underwear," he said against my lips as he pulled my jeans off of me; quickly followed by my shirt and bra. Finally I was naked but he was still fully clothed. "Shirt off," I managed to mumble against his lips. He had his shirt off in seconds while I clumsily tried to undo the button on his shorts. I wanted to feel him completely naked against me, inside me.

I wanted his big hard cock filling up my tight little pussy more than I wanted to breathe. I just needed to be filled at that exact moment. Slowly but surely, Greg managed to trail his lips down to my chest. His mouth closed over one excited nipple and sucked while one of his hands went to the other to pinch and please. I couldn't help but moan at his touch. I loved when my nipples were pinched and sucked.

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I had a small chest but my nipples were really sensitive. Greg eventually brought his lips back to mine and his story jilbab hot java hihi went down to play with my clit and the pink VCH piercing on the hood of my clit.

I moaned again and pushed myself more against his hand, trying to push his probing fingers into my pussy. I would do anything to ease the ache I felt. "Not yet," he said with a chuckle and started to stoop down. His hand went back to my chest and his mouth went to my soaking wet pussy.

At the first touch of his tongue to my clit and pussy opening I thought I would scream. Instead I just moaned his name rather loudly.

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During sex I couldn't help but scream; the louder I was the harder and faster I would come. He pushed his tongue into my pussy as deep as he could, over and over again, before he used the tip of his tongue to flick my clit. He kept going until I exploded in an intense orgasm.

When I came, he licked up my juices and slowly pushed one finger inside my willing pussy. Just the feeling of finally having something fill my pussy was enough to push me over the edge even more. Greg's fingers moved quickly, fingering me the way I imagine he wanted to fuck me.

It wasn't long before he added another finger to his movements. The two fingers in my pussy helped to build up the pressure inside me, it threatened to burst at any moment. "Oh god, babe, Greg please," I screamed out. I begged for him to really fuck me. I craved his cock like a junkie craved drugs.

Finally I managed to get his shorts and boxers off.

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His cock sprang up to me as if begging me to open up and let it in my waiting pussy. I felt like I would die without it. Just when I thought I couldn't take any more of the exquisite torture Greg pulled me forward and shoved into me.

Just the feeling of him deep inside me was the most perfect feeling in the world. My muscles squeezed him with each thrust in. "Greg, oh god!

Yes! Harder!" I screamed as he fucked me. I came in a rush as he shoved even harder into me. As I started to calm from my last intense orgasm Greg slowed his thrusts until he was barely moving. He just held me a moment before speaking.

"Wow baby doll that was intense. Ready for another position?" he said as he pulled out and helped me off the tool box. "Sure, what did you have in mind," I asked with a wink. "Face the tool box and bend over. I want that hot ass of yours in the air." The way he took control and dominated the situation did nothing but turn me on.

I was a sucker for Greg when he dominated me and he knew it. As I did what he said I could hear his swift intake of breath. I could only hope it was in appreciation of the view he was getting.

The only time I felt truly sexy, like I was the object of fantasies was when he was sexy hot babe persia decarlo awesome naughty sex at me the way he was now.

That look that said all he wanted to sink his dick into my pussy and fuck me until we were both dead from exhaustion. And quite honestly I wouldn't mind if he did. I absolutely love sex with him. It seemed like I waited forever for Greg to make a move. But when he did… Let's just say he really knows how to turn me on.

He spanked my ass, hard, not enough to make me cry out in pain, but just hard enough that it stung and my pussy flooded even more. As I whimpered with need Greg did the one thing I wanted him to do more than anything. He got down on his knees and began eating me out, pussy and ass. Making sure I was well lubed so he would slide right into my pussy. He stood up slowly, kissing his way up my back until he reached my neck and ear. When he reached my ear he nibbled on my ear lobe and started to slowly push his cock into my pussy until he was buried balls deep.

In the position he was in he hit that spot, you know that spot that will drive a girl crazy when you hit it, and I couldn't help but voice my pleasure. He started moving slowly in an effort to draw out our pleasure even longer. He moved like this for a while until he suddenly shoved in hard and fast. I screamed his name out and came almost immediately. This time when I came he wasn't far behind me.

He pulled out and flipped me around faster than I even thought possible. I was on my knees in the perfect position to catch his cum right when he exploded. I wrapped my lips around his cock and gave him the best blowjob I could to make him cum faster. I fingered myself and rubbed my clit with one hand while the other stayed at the base of his cock while my mouth moved on him. I let his cock slide down my throat as far down as I could, but his width made it hard to deep throat him as much as I wanted too.

Finally my effort paid off and he came in my mouth. His cum shot down my throat and I swallowed every drop. I used my mouth to make sure he was clean before I stood up.

"You like that baby?" I asked shyly. I was always nervous when I got done having sex with Greg. I wanted to drive him crazy and leave him wanting more every time. "Definitely baby doll. But you know what I want to do now," he replied. "What Greg," I asked him curiously. Greg started moving beautiful and cute bubble butt amber gray fucks a random dude me slowly and put his hands on my hips.

He lifted me up and put me back on the tool box and leaned down in between my legs. "I want to make sure you're all clean. Your cum just looks so good I need a taste," he said with a smile before he started to go back to eating me out. When he was done licking up all of my juices he stood and we helped each other dress. "All I have to say babe is that if we keep having sex like that we'll be dead by the time we're 30." He said with a laugh.

"Well we'll just have to have as much amazing sex as we can before that," I said with a smile. "Now come on, the paint's probably done drying by now." "Let's go baby doll. Get that sexy ass moving," He said as he grabbed my ass and started walking out of the room. All I could think is that if I had to die at 30 I wanted to die while having sex with Greg…