Big black dicks inside sluts hot milfs video

Big black dicks inside sluts hot milfs video
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Jamie always was the spunky one of the family, she always was happy and no one ever seemed to mind, then again she was 18, blonde and had blue eyes, so it was common.Me on the other hand i was athletic, lean build with rock muscles, brown hair and sea blue eyes and usually trying to do things to keep busy, well busy enough to not look at her, and being 21 you dont have alot to do after collage.

One day mom and dad got a call from grandma saying grandpa fell down again and they needed help at the house, mom poked her head around the corner and said "guys were headed to your grandparents for the week to help grandma around the house, we'll be back as soon as we can, love you" "love you to mom" Jamie hollered from the bathroom, "yeah see you guys later" I was to busy on the computer talking to friends.

With that they were out and on the road, "hey Jamie if you need me I'll be mowing the lawn, k?", "yeah dont worry, im fine for now" she walked into the kitchen in boy shorts and a tight t-shirt, i tried my best not to stare but had a hard time.

"what the hell are you looking at?" Jamie said standing at the counter, "nothing, thought i saw something" with that i got up and walked out side to mow the lawn.about 15 minutes later it was hot enough i had to remove my shirt, I was finishing up when i saw Jamie walk out in the skimpiest and tightest bikini she could have, now that i had to stare at, i could also feel my cock stur in my pants which wasnt helping.

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"Hey Matt, come rub some lotion on my back please?" she begged with puppy dog eyes, I couldnt help it "fine, let me put the mower away" i rushed to the shack, tossed the mower in ands stood there for a second "cmon Matt thats your sister, what the fuck is wrong with you" yeah great i was talking to myself now, i got myself together and walked as formally as i could back to her, she was laying on the lawn chair face down waiting for me. "what took you so long" she said with a sarcastic smile, "shut up brat, just be lucky im helping you" i sat down next to her and squirted some lotion in my hands rubbing busty ava gets to taste some cum cumshots brunette together, "so how much of your back do you want covered?" "all of it duh, i gotta look good for the guys" she laughed, i loved her laugh.

I started rubbing my hands on her lower back just keeping a safe distance from her ass "ummm, Matt i said my whole back" i moved my hands up and rounded her shoulders "better, sheesh" she began to untie her top and let it fall down, exposing the sides of her breasts.

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"sheesh how much do you want me to get?" i asked with my hands shaking and my pants stirring "well what do you think, i took off the string for a reason, duh no tan lines" i moved my hands along her back from shoulder to right before her bikini bottom, "Matt if you want i can make it easier for you?", "yeah how could you do that?" she started moving down the bottom, exposing her tight ass. "Does this help?", "y-yeah, k-kinda" "Ha Ha Ha why are you studdering?" "n-no reason, just hush" I tickled her ribs making her jump "hey what was that for" she shifted herself causing the bottoms to slide down to her knees -I think she ment to do it- I returned to rubbing the lotion in when i caught a glimpse of her sweet little pussy, as i looked closer i saw she was wet, "Matt, is something wrong?" she opened her legs a little more giving me a better view, i have to say, it was a beautiful sight, i began massaging her legs and moving deep when i got close to her ass "ummm Matt i thought you were rubbing in lotion, not giving me a massage", "s-sorry do you want mylf krissy lynn blows her stepson in the car to stop?" "no keep going, it feels good" i moved my hands deeper making sure they slipped down honey moon sex vedifull sex stories thighs and with every pass i could see her pussy a little more.

"J-Jamie i have to tell you something" "yeah, what?" in one motion, the lust took over, I flipped her over and looked her in the eyes "I Love You Jamie!" she stared at me with wide eyes, all i could think is i made a mistake until i heard her squeal, "OMG Matt you dont know how long I've waited for you to say that!".i was stunned i didnt believe what I heard from her "wait, what do you mean?" "dont play dumb, I've heard you at night when you masturbated, you've called my name more times then i can count" "wait you've listened to me at night?" she sat up and crawled up against me, her hair laying against my chest it felt so good "Matt i know you've wanted me, i've known it ever since i hit puberty.besides I've saved myself for you" she looked up at me with her deep blue eyes, I saw a tears begin as she curled up tighter to me "wow.i dont know what to say" i leaned down and kissed her, it was the best thing I've ever experienced in my life she was sweet and yet had a slight kick to her.

I moved my hands down and started sliding her bikini bottoms down as she kicked them off her feet "well now that thats done" i layed her down and layed on top of her kissing her deeper. I felt her hands trail along my back and find my belt, when she did she moved around and unzipped and unbuckled my pants, my cock was pulling against my boxers, when my pants were off i pulled off my boxers and let my cock burst free, Jamie looked down and was shocked "Holy Shit Matt its huge!" "well 9 inches can have that affect" "so?.where do you wanna put it?" "i think you know where, but first" i started kissing her neck as i heard moans coming from clenched teeth, i moved lower ripping off her top and exposing her breasts "well im not the only one with bigs things, damn sis how big are they?" "he he they're a 38C" she shook her chest and let her tits jiggle, I then clamped my mouth over her right nipple and began sucking while i pinched her left one making her squirm "oh fuck yes Matt, dont stop" i lashed my tongue out and flicked it at her nipples switching from right to left randomly, i felt Jamie's body move faster "oh god please Matt fuck me, I've wanted you for so long" i moved lower kissing her stomach and soon reaching her pussy "well i can tell you want me" i blew some cold air on her clit making her push her hips toward me, Matt stop teasing me you know i hate it" i placed my mouth by her clit and flicked my tongue at it making her jump, "yeesss, god thats what i wanted" she placed a hand on my head and pushed me lower, low enough i clamped my mouth over her pussy and started sucking and lashing my tongue at her clit "oh fuck yes, oh god" she started gyrating her hips grinding into my face making me flick my tongue deeper.

I started to pull my face away and was foced back down.for being her size she was tough "dont stop i want you to make me cum" "ha ha ok" i dove back in and shoved two fingers inside her tickling her g-spot making her jump more "oh god dont stop.dont stop, OH FUCK YEESSSS, IM CUMMMMIINNNGGG" i could feel her pussy tighten up as her juices flooded out and began to flow to the chair, as best as i could i licked her juices up and still licked her clit making more juices flow, her body shook as another orgasm came "AH AH OH FUCK YES MATT I LOVE IT, I LOVE YOU, I LOVE YOU SO MUCH" her body shook again and she then collapsed to the chair, her hand was moving through my hair as she looked down at me."Matt that was better then anything I've ever had" "wait ever had?" "oh shut up, you know what i mean" i crawled up to her and planted another kiss, this time she pulled me in closer and she pushed her tongue into my mouth, i could feel my cock pressing against her pussy.

"oh god Matt i want you to fuck me.take me please im all yours" i pressed the head of my cock in and started teasing her, she started to whimper "Matt, dont tease me" she pushed her hips closer making my cock travel a little deeper. with smirk on my face i pushed down her tight pussy until i hit her hymen i paused."you ready for this" all i got from her was a moan and a nod, with that i pulled back and pushed down harder tearing her hymen making her scream and cry a little "im sorry, it'll hurt for a little just give it some time, ok?" "PLEASE MATT IT HURTS" she looked at me with tears falling down her face i leaned down and gave her a kiss "its ok baby just give it a second" i could feel her pussy adjusting to my size as she relaxed, the tears lightened up and i saw a smile come to her face, "ok im ready" i started moving a back and forth slowly."oh god yes" she said through clenched teeth "mmm sis your so tight, its so good" i moved faster and pushed my cock deeper, soon i buried all 9 inches inside her and was grinding down with each lower stroke "oh fuck yes" her pussy tightened around my cock as another orgasm hit "OH FUCK YES MATT YOUR COCK IS SOO BIG" I increased my speed and pushed deeper "oh god Jamie I'm gonna cum" "yes Matt fill me up please i want your cum" with a couple more thrusts i pushed my cock deep as my balls tightened up and globs of cum began shooting deep into her tasting a luscious magic wand hardcore blowjob "OH GOD YES JAMIE YOUR SO TIGHT" my cock kept shooting her full for what seemed like another five minutes, i pulled out and layed next to her holding her close taking in the smell of her "Matt?" "yeah, what is it?" i kissed her neck lightly "i want us to be like this forever" she pushed her hips against my cock, which began to get hard again "i do to.besides we have a week" i pressed my cock against her pussy and started to push it in, she shifted herself and got on all fours wiggling her ass to me "cmon Matt I'm waiting" i slapped her ass making her squeal again, i grabbed her hips and drove my cock deep in her pussy making her moan loud "OH FUCK YES MATT THATS IT" i began pumping away at her thrusting my cock deeper, her hips bucking back at me.i reached around and began pinching her nipples making her let out louder moans and faster thrusts "oh fuck Matt dont stop, dont ever stop" "dont worry baby i wont" i grabbed her hips again and pushed my cock deeper "oh yes I'm gonna cum Jamie" i pumped a few more times, pulled out, turned her over and began shooting my cum all over her body i saw her face light up as my cum was hitting her tits and stomach "Matt, what are you doing?" she giggled and started to gather my cum with her fingers and suck it down her throat, "mmm, Matt you taste so good" I sat down next to her and pulled her tasting a giant male weenie smalltits hardcore "I love you Jamie" "I love you to Matt" she looked up at me and gave me a kiss on giselle rai enjoys a cock after stretching chin, she got down on her knees and took my still hard cock in her mouth, "you sure you can take it all" her only answer was a sexy stare and a giggle, she then swirled her tongue around the head and began taking all 9 inches in her mouth and began moving as slow as she could, "oh god yes" i put my hand on the back pushing her down a little further, she pulled out and looked up at me "well i dont know about you but i want a shower" with that she jumped up, giggled and walked to the bathroom.I was not expecting it "hey what the hell sis, cmon" "hey im all sticky from you and if you want me to finish son friends mom bathroom storys she wiggled her butt and ran off to the bathroom, i got up and chased after her.

by the time i got to the bathroom she was already in the shower with the water pouring over her body, I stood at the door as i saw her move her hands over her body "well that was fast" i laughed, she looked over at me and gave me a wink "well are you getting in" i walked into the shower and pulled her close pressing my cock against her ass "well excited arent we" "what i cant help it your just so stunning "i pressed my cock harder making the head push against her asshole "no Matt please not now im sore from earlier" "ok, ok I'll give you some rest" I pulled away from her and lathered up my body "hey I didnt say to stop" "oh im sorry i didnt know" i pulled her close again and slid my hand down to her clit "mmm Matt, dont stop" i rubbed her faster and slid a finger inside just to give her a tease "Matt, stop teasing me i hate it" "well then if your sore and you dont want me to tease you, what do you want" she turned around, wrapped her hands around my neck and pulled up, i got the hint picked her hips up and redhead babe krystal orchid with braces gets her twat rammed her down on my cock "he he i knew you would get the hint" she pulled her legs around and locked them behind my back, i lifted her up and dropped her back down "oh yes Matt fuck stickyasian petite girl compilation sticky dee amp cherry i started humping her faster making her body shake and my knees lock up "oh god Jamie your so tight" i could feel every move she made as i pounded away at her pussy "Matt I love you" "oh fuck Jamie I love you to" i pushed my cock deeper and shot my cum inside her, filling her up and causing it to flow out and drip to the shower floor, I picked her up and set her down holding her arm for support "i feel like im gonna fall over" "its ok i got ya, cmon lets go to my room" i stepped out of the shower and picked busty yo spoon fucked after outdoor blowjob up in my arms "this better?" she gave me a nod and laid her head on my chest, when we got to my room i laid her down, i knew she was tired it was almost ten and the day was full of excitement, I stood up and walked to the kitchen grabbing something to eat, by the time I got back to my room she was already asleep, i layed next to her pulled her close and drifted off.the dreams that i had were always odd, some were about death, some about weird sexual encounters and when i say weird i mean like aliens or animals, i dont know its just what happened.I woke up the next morning with the sun shining on my face giving me a warm feeling, i opened my eyes to find i was on my back and Jamie wasnt by me, i sat up and found she wasnt in the room either, i got up threw on some shorts (they would be gone once i found her) and headed downstairs, Jamie was in the kitchen cooking a big breakfast and when i say big she had bacon, eggs, pancakes everything a breakfast should be it was all there on the table, i walked up behind her grabbed her hips and pulled her close, she jumped and gave a scream "Holy Shit Matt dont do that" "what its like you hated what we did" "no, I almost burnt myself, now sit down its almost done" "what the feast for a king" she gave me a 'yeah shut up' kinda smile, i sat down and grabbed a plate, filled it with as much as i could and begin eating "wow Jamie i have to say your a better cook then mom" she turned around and gave me a wink, with that she turned off the stove and sat down on my lap picking at things off my plate "hey, hey, hey get your own" i squeezed her ribs making her jump, stiring my cock "no im good" she got up, turned around and stradled me "so what shall we do today" she started kissing my neck "i dont know" i placed my hands on her hips and pushed her down letting her feel how hard I was, she started grinding down onto my cock letting it pull at the shorts "he he excited huh?" with that I picked her up and laid her on the floor, she was giggling through out this whole thing which ment she loved it, I undid the shorts and rammed my cock in her waiting pussy "oh fuck yes Matt please dont stop fuck my pussy" I started pounding away at her pussy, with every thrust I felt my self hitting the back of her puss, "OH FUCK MATT DONT STOP PLEASE DONT I'M GONNA CUUUMMMM" I felt her pussy tighten up again as she came which made me cum, I could feel her pussy milking my cock for all that it had when I got done I flipped her over on all fours and began licking her from pussy to asshole, I could tell she loved this, she was shivering from pleasure, when I felt she was ready I got behind her and placed my cock on her ass, "you ready for this" the answer she gave me was a thrust back causing my cock to drive into her, she let out a scream of pain and pleasure "OH FUCK YES MATT FUCK MY TIGHT ASS PLEASE TEACH ME A LESSON" after hearing that i began ramming my cock deeper till I got it all the way in, when i did i pulled back and rammed it back in her, I slapped her ass making it turn red and making her squeal, after 10 minutes I could feel her body tense up and my balls tighten, after a couple more thrusts i unloaded my cum deep in her ass, she returned the favor by cumming hard and having it trail down her legs and onto the floor, she collapsed to the floor and my cock slid out of her, I picked her up and carried her to the couch, "Matt, i still owe you something" "huh?" she got down on her knees and took my cock in her mouth "oh ok i remember" she started giving me the best blowjob I could think of she not only took all of it in her mouth but after sucking me she swallowed all the cum I shot down her throat and in her mouth she got up and sat next to me lightly stroking my cock just enough to keep me hard for when she wanted more, "Jamie?" "Yeah what?" she increased her speed and looked up at me "I.its nothing dont worry" I leaned down and kissed her hearing a moan escape her mouth, "oh ok" she laid me down and laid on top of me letting my cock rest just below her pussy.

After a while of laying like this the phone rang, I reached up and answered "hello?" "hey Matt its Joe whats up?" "hey Joe, nothing much the parents are out of the house for the week so its just me and Jamie" "dude that is awesome, oh yeah I was wondering if i could come hang out im fucking bored" "yeah dude no problem see ya in a bit" i hung up the phone and looked down at Jamie with a devilish smile in my face "what are you thinking?." "oh nothing dont worry but cmon we gotta get dressed" i laid her down on the other side of the couch and ran upstairs to get dressed.

Joe came over about 15 minutes later "hey man sorry im late I had to bring the dog or mom wouldve killed me" Joe walked in with his husky Blaze "hey man dont worry about it besides I like Blaze" I walked over to Blaze and rubbed behind his ears making his leg twitch, Joe got close to me "so what have you guys done since your parents left" yeah he was my friend but I couldnt tell him what I did, I thought I could show him "ok I'll show you rather then tell you go hide in the closet and give me Blaze" "um extremely sleek toy and tight asshole erotica and movies Joe ran to the closet and hid making sure to look through the slits in the door "Jamie I have a surprise for you!" I heard her running down the stairs as she rounded the corner her eyes lit up "Holy Shit whats Blaze doing here, I thought Joe was coming over?" "he was but he had to go to the store for a second but he left Blaze here, why is that a problem?" she walked over to Blaze and kneeled down to pet him, he started licking her face, "ha ha, no its not a problem" she stood up, walked over to me and whispered in my ear "I was wondering if I could.ya know.fuck him" an evil smile apeared on my face "yeah i think you can just go get ready for him" she walked over to the couch took off her pants, she wasnt wearing any underwear, i think she wanted more of me she then took off her shirt and let her tits fall free, "he he is this ok?" i gave her a nod and led Blaze over to her, she spread her legs and called him over "Blaze cmere boy cmon give me what i want" Blaze looked up at her wagged his tail and walked over to her sniffing at her exposed pussy, "thats it cmon you can do it" Blaze sniffed closer and started lapping at her pussy going from asshole to clit covering everything, hiding it behind a curtain of tongue, "OH FUCK YES HIS TONGUE IS SO GOOD" I sat there and watched as his tongue slid in her pussy and came back out just to flick her clit, she began moaning and squirming wildly "Matt cmere" she pulled me closer unzipped my jeans and took my cock in her mouth, letting out moans with each lick the dog did, suddenly Blaze mounted her, aimed his cock and drove it into her with a quick plunge "oh god yes his cock is almost a big as yours Matt I love it" I looked down and saw blaze start humping away madly and Jamie kept squirming, after about 5 minutes Jamie began to tense up as Blaze shot his cum into her now sore pussy, his knot lodged inside her, she collapsed under the pleasure, Blaze waited for the knot to shrink then lept off her and went to clean himself, she reached down and felt Blazes cum drip down her legs, she looked up at me and began to laugh "ha ha oh god Matt that was amazing.but i have to say you know what to do" she pulled me down to her level and kissed me, i pulled her to the ground and got her on her hands and knees, Blaze looked over and got excited again, he walked over to her and mounted her again, he drove his cock deep into her pussy again making her moan loud, he slid the knot of his cock in after a couple if thrusts, he gripped her waist tighter and jammed his cock deeper in, Jamie came hard and was about to fall when Balze shot another load into her pussy, Blaze began to pull his cock out with the knot still enlarged, "oh fuck it feels like hes ripping my pussy!"his cock fell out and he went to clean himself again "well then we may have to have someone else try you out" wait what are you talking about?" she said with a worried look her eyes darting around the room till they reached the closet "oh mean.oh god Matt what the fuck is with you?" "ha ha calm down I didnt record you and besides the kids had an eye for you ever since you got boobs" i pulled her on top of me and started kissing her neck "well I might want to try it.Oh Joe come on bdsm cum raylin ann is a sexy super hot blond who is so fucking naughty she cant keep i know your there" she called in the sweetest voice ever, I knew Joe couldnt resist it, he opened the door and walked out with his pants down and his cock in his hand "how did you know I was here?" "I knew you were there all along now" she sat up on my cock and pushed her ass out " come get some" Joe walked over, lined himself up and drove his cock into her ass "oh god yes Joe your cock feels so good" she leaned into my ear "but i have to say your way bigger then he will ever be" she leaned up kissed me and began pushing back and forth making our cocks plunge deeper in her, "oh fuck yes boys stuff me full of your cocks" a couple of minutes later both me and Joe both blew our loads inside her filling her up, Joe got huge hooters blonde katy jayne anal banged by fat cock as Jamie turned around and took his cock in her mouth, while i still pounded at her pussy.i could tell by Joes face he couldnt take much more and filled her mouth with more of his cum she leaned up so she was against me still grinding her hips and swallowed his cum with a smlie on her face, "thank you for that Joe" i pushed my cock deeper and filled her up again, she stood up on uneven legs and stumbled to the kitchen, Joe gave me a high five, I looked at him and said "go get her" with that he ran to the kitchen a second later i heard moans from Jamie, i then headed up stairs to the bathroom to take as shower.the water felt great, a couple minutes later Jamie walked in and stood in front of me with a mad look on her face, i pulled her close and kissed her, "whats wrong baby"."well, since Joe just hit me like a little whore as he said, i feel like beating the shit out of him" i pulled her closer and she seemed to calm down, "now why would Joe do that hes to good of a friend" i pulled away and saw she was crying "because he called me his little whore and that i will always be his" she collapsed to the floor and let the water pour over her, i turned the water off picked her up and carried her to my room and laid her on my bed, she cried a little harder and asked me to make it all better, i got between her legs and plunged my cock into her sore pussy "oh god Matt please dont stop" within minutes we both came, she had a massive orgasm, when i looked down at her she was starting to pass out "dont worry baby I'll talk to him" i pulled the cover over her and kissed her watching her drift off to sleep, i walked down the stairs and saw Joe sitting on the couch watching a porno, "oh hey man thanks for letting me nail your sister, i think she liked it" he gave one of his cocky smiles, i walked over to him and stood in his way of the tv "dude what the fuck, why did you treat my sister like your whore?" "what no i didnt" "really cause she told me you hit her and called her your whore" "yeah I did but she loved it i could tell" he gave another cocky smile, i couldnt hold back anymore, I lifted him up with one hand and socked him square in the nose "YOU EVER HIT HER AGAIN, YOU EVER CALL HER YOUR WHORE, YOUR SLUT OR EVEN A BITCH I WILL BEAT THE SHIT OUT OF YOU SO HARD YOU'LL BE HOSPITALIZED FOR LIFE.GOT IT!!!" his nose was bleeding "what the fuck dude you broke my nose?" "SHE CAME TO ME CRYING YOU ASSHOLE" I calmed down "your lucky shes sleeping cause i would let her kick the shit out of you to" i tossed him on the couch, walked to the door and told him to get out or else, he stood up grabbed Blaze and stormed out "your an ass you know that.i hope you guys get busted.maybe I'll tell your mom?" without thinking I punched him again, I made sure i broke his lip open "fine fine i wont jesus fuck man.have fun fucking Jamie" he ran off towards his house holding his mouth and nose with one hand, i slammed the door shut and sat on the couch taking deep breaths to calm my self down, no sooner did i calm down i passed out.i woke up hours later with Jamie laying on top of me looking at the tv "hey babe, how long have I been out?" she looked at me and kissed my cheek, I returned the favor and kissed her on her lips "well.I went to sleep at around noon or so and came down about 6 hours ago.its roughly 10 now so hmm 10 hours" "why didnt you wake me at like 6 or something so i could make dinner?" "dont worry I had a sandwhich and some soda, besides you looked peaceful and did you know you talk in your sleep?" "no i didnt what was i saying?" "he he well you called my name enough times and then i saw your erection and well he he" she shifted herself and i felt her pussy grip onto my cock "wait you fucked me while i was sleeping?" "yeah and you filled me up yet again" she leaned down and kissed me again "well then how bout we go get some actual sleep?" yeah i could do with that" she stood up grabbed my hand and pulled me to my room, she got under the covers and started to finger herself, I stagered to the bath room looked in the mirror and saw my face was a mess, I walked back to the room latina receives a cock in various positions saw Jamie with legs spread and three fingers inside her and a ncie pool of cum under her, I crawled next to her and pulled her close "ok cmon lets get some sleep" i gave her one last kiss and dozed off dreaming off her through most of the night.

The next morning i woke up before her, i slid out of bed and silently crept down the stairs, i walked into the kitchen and started making her a small breakfast of eggs pancakes, toast and juice, i put it all on a tray walked up stairs and set it next to her. the smells got to her the moment i walked in the room she sat up, still sleepy, looked at me and laughed "you didnt have to ya know that right?" i sat next to her "you did it for me yesterday, im returning the favor" i leaned over and kissed her, then i walked to the bath room to take a shower.

the shower felt great i was tense from sleeping on the couch and i need some water to sooth my nerves, thats when i heard the door bell ring, "I'll get it" Jamie called from the room, i then heard her footsteps travel down the steps and then to the door.

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I couldnt tell what was being said or who was there, i got out of the shower wrapped a towel around my waist and walked down stairs, besides the fat Jamie was in a silky teddy and lacy thong, what i saw next was hard to believe, Kelly Summers, head cheer leader, home coming queen, Brunette hair, and Jade eyes horny asian masseuse rides cock massage cowgirl an all over hottie standing in my doorway talking to Jamie like they were friends, when i came into view Kelly's eyes shot strait to me she looked at my muscles and the buldge begining in my pants "hey there Matt, i was in the neighborhood and thought i would stop by, you look great by the way" god i cant believe she was here she had a body shape like Jamie but had D size breasts which complimented her nicely."h-hey Kelly, umm thanks, so whats up" she walked in the door and over to me "nothing much just wondering what you two are doing, i saw your car and not your parents so i wondered" "yeah mom and dad are at my grandparents for the week so its just us two till then" she walked over to Jamie and pulled her close "well thats wonderful, have any fun?" Jamie knew what she ment and became as red as a stop sign "d-depends on what y-you mean by fun?" she turned Jamies head and kissed her square on the lips, i couldnt believe it, my cock instantly sprang to life and was pushing up the towel up, Jamie pulled her closer and the began feeling eachother, i walked over to them just as kelly ripped off my towel, my cock burst out and a smile came on her face "well looks like we'll have to take care of that wont we?" she looked at Jamie who gave her a smile, they both got down on there knees and took turns stroking and sucking my cock, god it felt so good, i looked down and saw their heads bobbing back and forth enjoying my cock, and i was enjoying it to.

i couldnt help it anymore i pulled back and shot my load all over their faces, they both giggled and began licking it off eachother. Kelly stood up and began to strip, first she unbuttoned her blouse and tossed it to the floor, i was standing awestruck as i saw her bra barely stand against the size of her pretty amateur coed gets screwed by horny pawn keeper, her pants came next, she wiggled them off and stood in a lacy thong, i thought i was going to lose it, her bra came next when she got the clasp undone her tits burst out and fell free of their confinment, "well what do you think?" she asked while pulling her thong off, with out saying anything i laid her down on the couch and started sucking on her tits, she let out the loudest moan I've ever heard, Jamie felt left out and climbed on top of Kellys face, Kelly looked up and giggled while lapping at Jamies pussy, Jamie started going crazy and began rubbing her tits, i kissed lower and got to her pussy, i flicked my tongue at her clit causing her to moan and squirm under Jamie, i clamped my mouth over her clit and shoved three fingers indside her, she was so tight i was sure she was a virgin, i lifted my head "Kelly, are you a virgin?" she nodded yes and went back to eating my sister out, i was amazed, i positioned myself and set the tip of my cock at her pussy teasing her, Jamie looked at me and laughed "Matt i dont think she wants to be teased like me ya know", i leaned in and kissed her, "hush babe besides i did it to you to" Kelly shoved her hips up driving my cock in her a little bit more, i took the invite and plunged all of it in her tearing her innocence away from her, she let out a scream and clamped down on Jamies pussy to muffle it, Jamie let out a loud moan, i looked at her and saw she had a smile on her face,a second later she came in Kellys mouth, i waited for a second and then started pumping away, she started squirming under me and began pushing back, about 5 minutes stunning girl enjoys a full on naughty session her pussy tightened up, and she came hard, i shortly followed, i drove the entire length inside her and started filling her up her pussy was milking my cock, i pulled out just as Jamie leaned down and started eating Kelly out, i watched this and felt my cock spring back to life, both Kelly and Jamie let out loud moans as they both came on eachother, i was now feeling left out i sat down and just watched letting the girls have their fun, Jamie looked at me, she stood up and walked over to me, "you feeling left out" she sat on my cock and started riding me, i shook my head yes.

Jamie picked up the pace and was grinding down moaning with each thrust, i couldnt help it within minutes i blew a load inside her, Kelly walked over and and started sucking Jamies nipples, i latched onto her right nipple while she rode me harder, she began to squirm and had another intensive orgasm, she stood up and almost fell down, "woah, ha ha i think i need to lie down" she fell over onto the couch and laughed, Kelly looked at me and stradled me, she started to slide my cock in her pussy when she stopped, "what are you doing" she slide back out and lined my cock with her asshole, "he he i wanted to try something" she slid down inch by inch, "OH FUCK YEESSS" i could tell she loved it, she pulled back and drove back down, "oh god Matt I love it" she started going faster, i pulled her close and started rubbing her breasts, she let out a moan, i felt her pussy tighten up, she came with me fucking her ass, it was amazing, she slowed down and fell against me, she was breathing hard, after a while her breathing slowed when i tried to move her i found out she fell asleep, i left her there and looked to Jamie, she fell asleep, i tired to lift Kelly off me but i couldnt, i felt sleepy and passed out, with my cock still in Kellys ass.

i woke up a couple hours later, i expected to find kelly still on me but she wasnt, i looked over at the couch and Jamie wasnt their either, i got out of the chair and heard a moan coming from my room, i knew what was goin on, i walked upstairs walked to my room and found Kelly laying on the bed, and Jamie with a strapon pounding away at her pussy, i stood at the doorway and watched for a little before Kelly looked over at me, "hey Jamie your borthers up" Jamie looked at me and gave a grin, "well cmon, she wants you ya know" Kelly gave me a wink and wiggled her finger, i walked over to her, she grabbed my cock and placed it in her mouth taking it in, i moved my hips back and forth driving my cock to the back of her throat, "oh god Kelly, im gonna cum" i drove my cock all the way in Kellys mouth and started shooting globs of cum deep in her throat, i saw her face light up as she swallowed it all, i pulled my cock out and shot a couple more onto her chest, Jamie leaned down and licked it off her tits, Jamie then pulled out of Kelly and let me take her place, i shoved my cock in her strait to the base, she moaned and squirmed, i picked her up and sat down, she began to ride me when Jamie drove the strapon in Kellys ass, Kelly moaned louder and began pushing back within minutes i blew another load in her, i stood up as Kelly wrapped her legs around my waist and kept humping, Jamie pulled out of Kellys ass and walked off, "hey Jamie where you going?" i asked as Kelly had an intensive orgasm making her whole body shake, "what does it look like i need a shower dammit" she took of the strapon and tossed it on the bed, she walked to the bathroom, i heard the shower running, i picked up Kelly and placed her on the bed, "cmon lets go, shes waiting for us" kelly stood up and held my hand, "i never all internal teen yasmine takes on two guys in creampie scene why i didnt date you" we stood there for a second holding hands, i turned her towards me and we stared into eachothers eyes, i leaned in and got the first real kiss i wanted, she didnt hesitate, i pulled back and asked her "do you wanna go out with me?" she blushed and nodded her head yes, we kissed again, "well Jamie is waiting for us" she took my hand and lead me to the bathroom, Jamie was standing in the shower, "what the hell took you two so long?" i looked down at Kelly and gave a smile "nothing, nothing" Jamie gave us both a stare, "i know what it is" Kelly walked over to her and stepped in the shower, "what do you think it is" i got in behind the both of them, Jamie pulled Kelly close and gave her a hug, "with you two dating now we can have fun alot more often", holy shit shes good, we were dating for no more then a minute and she figured it out, i looked at the two of them as they began to make out, my cock sprung to life and i pulled close to Jamie and pushed my cock into her pussy making a moan escape her mouth, i started pulling her hips back to me, Kelly looked at me and gave a wink, i picked Jamie up and pounded away at her pussy, she started moaning, i reached around and pinched her nipples when kelly kneeled down and started lapping at her clit, i couldnt take it anymore i pushed my cock as far as it would go and shot my cum deep inside her, Kelly grabbed my cock, pulled it out and started sucking down the rest, she stood up and began making out with Jamie again, i put her down and stepped out of the shower, i dried myself off and left them to have some fun.

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I walked down stairs and got some stuff to make us lunch, i had lunch ready by the time the girls got out of the shower, when they got down stairs they were each in nothing but a towell, "wow Matt i didnt know you cooked" Kelly walked over to me wrapped her arms around my neck and gave me a kiss, "well sit down cmon i know your hungry" Jamie came over and gave me a kiss, "thank you matt" she turned to Kelly "and thank you for dating my brother" when she kissed Kelly my cock instantly sprang to life, i sat down, Kelly sat on my lap, "babe you do know i got a chair for you" i pointed next to me "its ok im good here" she leaned back and kissed me, i looked at Jamie, i could see a bit of jelousy on her face, "now hold on sis why are you mad?" "im not mad, just.ok dammit im jelous, i thought you said it would just be us!" i didnt know what to say "Ja-" "no its ok, let Kelly make you feel better" Jamie stood up, began crying and ran to skinny japanese lovely babe fingered and boned room, Kelly looked at me "im sorry i didnt mean anything by being here" "no its ok im glad your here, i dont think we dude is pissing on her after sex got together if you didnt" i placed Kelly in the chair next to me and told her to get something to eat, i walked up to Jamies room, her door was lock, she never locked it, i knocked on the door "Jamie.Jamie open up please i wanna talk" i heard the door click and open up, tears were rolling down her face, i walked in and set her on the bed "now talk to me, im here to listen" she leaned into me and started crying again, "the first time we fucked i said i wanted it to be like this forever and you said you do to and now your giving all your attention to Kelly" "now hold up, if i was giving all my attention to her i wouldnt be here talking to you would i?" "n-no i gues not" "exactly, now i still love you and i will still fuck you when ever you want ok" "yeah" she wiped away her tears "its just shes stunning and im nothing compared to her" "woah woah woah hold on both of you are stunning women and nothing is going to change that ok?" she nodded her head yes, i knew most of it was because she was tired, she usually was like this if she didnt get enough sleep, i laid her down she wrapped her arms around me and pulled me close "i love you Matt" "i love you too, now get some sleep, I'll see you in the morning" i gave her a kiss and walked out of the room with one final nod she dozed off.

i walked down stairs and found Kelly sitting on the couch, "so is she ok?" "yeah she was just cranky, she gets like that when she dosnt get sleep", i sat down next to her and pulled her close, "your sweet you know that?" "yeah" i leaned down and kissed her, she sat on top of me and took of the towell, my cock was pullin at my boxers, "mmm lets get you ready" she placed a hand on my cock and started rubbing, "mmm yes baby" i leaned forward and started sucking her nipples making her moan, she found the opening in my boxers and pulled my cock out, i lifted her up and drove my cock into her pussy, "oh fuck yes Matt, pound my pussy raw" i lifted her up and drove my cock back in her making her whole body shake, she pulled me close as she let out an intensive orgasm, after it subsided she fell against me "oh fuck Matt im light headed" i picked her up off my cock stood up and took her in my arms, "cmon lets go to bed" i walked up the stairs and laid her down on my bed, she looked at me and laughed, "whats so funny" "nothing, i just never thought i would actually go out with you" i climbed up next to her and watched her drift off to sleep.

A couple hours later i woke up to find Kelly laying face up on top of me, "hey babe", i then heard Jamie moan, i looked down and found both Kelly and Jamie were grinding down on my cock, both of there pussys were wrapped around one side of my cock, i couldnt take it any longer and began blowing my load all over them, they laid down beside me and got in a 69 and started licking the cum of eachothers pussys, "ok laides I'll be back" i stood up when Kelly grabbed my hand, "where you going?" "I'm gonna run some errands" i leaned down and kissed her, i went around and kissed Jamie, i got dressed and headed down stairs grabbing my keys then heading outside.

The errands were simple except for the special one i went on, i went to the local sex shop and got a couple things that both the girls would like.

when i got home i found the girls on the couch, Jamie was on top of Kelly, Kelly was wearing the strapon and pounding away at Jamies pussy, i walked into the kitchen and put the groceries down and put the other stuff up in my room, Kelly noticed i had something other then food, "Matt what did you get?" "some food, why are you asking?" "oh no reason", i walked over to Jamie, un zipped my pants as she took my cock in her mouth, i blew my load in Jamies mouth i pulled out and waited for Kelly and Jamie to finish, drilling unfathomable inside messy pussy hardcore and blowjob finished fucking Jamie, who stood up on uneven legs, i walked over and held her up, "cmon girls i have a surprise for you two, close your eyes and I'll lead you" i grabbed there hands, and led them to my room, on the bed were two boxes both labeled, Kelly and Jamie, they each took the box and began to open them, "hold on, hold on let me get out" i stepped out side and waited for them to get ready, i heard and ok from Jamie, i opened the door and was greeted by a sexy nurse and maid, "well it seems like some ones not feeling so well" Kelly walked over to me and put a stephoscope to my chest, "ha ha oh god thats cold" Jamie walked over witha feather duster and started dusting me off, "mmm, it seems hes a dirty boy to" i was pulled to the bed and was told to lay down, i laid down and was given a strip tease, oh it was beautiful, Kelly walked up and began taking off my pants, "well the patient seems to have a hard object in his pants", i gave a smile, Jamie walked up to me and laid down on my chest, "hmm let me see those lips" she leaned down and kissed me, i brought my hands around and began unbuttoning her top, "well it looks like, you really want us huh?" my answer was another kiss, i finally got her top off and started sucking on her tits, "oh fuck Matt", Kelly pulled my boxers off, she took my cock in her hand and started stroking it, Jamie began grinding back to my cock, i couldnt take it anymore, i flipped Jamie around and started nibbling on her clit while they both sucked my cock, Kelly then stood up and dropped on my cock, she let out a moan as Jamie licked at her clit, Jamie pushed her hips closer to me i shoved 3 fingers in her pussy, I could tell Jamie was about to cum she reached a hand back and rubbed her clit, she came hard her juices flowing out, i clamped my mouth over her pussy and sucked her juices out, Kelly came next her pussy griping down on my cock, i couldnt last any longer i began milf and teen sex first time attempted thieft globs of cum inside her, she lifted off my cock and let Jamie suck it, i came inside Jamies mouth, soon enough they were in another 69 i gripped Jamies hips and drove my cock in her pussy, she moaned loud pushing her hips back and biting down on Kellys clit, Kelly squirmed and came hard, Jamies pussy began gripping my cock as i blew another load in her pussy, i pulled my cock out and let them eat eachother, i walked into the bathroom and got a shower going, soon enough Kelly and Jamie were standing in front of me, i had Kelly bent over with my cock in her ass and Jamie being eaten out, Kelly moaned loud as she came hard, i could tell she was about to pass out, Jamie looked like it also, i led them both back to the room and let them take a nap, when they both seemed to be asleep i went down stairs, i didnt bother putting clothes on, no one could see us, and started watching tv.

A couple hours later Kelly came down, saw me sitting on the couch and plopped in my lap, "Matt, I'm still horney" my cock started to get hard again, she noticed and sat up turned around and dropped down on my cock, she fell back and started grinding down pushing my cock deeper in her pussy, "oh fuck yes, Kelly I love you" I reached around and pinched her nipples, she let out a loud moan, "oh god Matt, I love you tooo" she pushed down and came hard, i felt her pussy grip my cock, i couldnt take it any longer, i blew my load deep in her pussy, she started to fall forward, i pulled her back and laid her on the couch, "well lets get some sleep babe" we walked up stairs and laid on the bed, Jamie was sound asleep and curled up against the wall, "shh dont wake her" Kelly looked at me and gave me a smirk, "right like i would wake her up, your the one who talks in his sleep" i let out a little laugh and laid down making enough room for all of us to sleep, Kelly laid next to me and placed my cock in between her legs, i shifted my hips and rubbed against her pussy, she let out a low moan, i slipped my cock in her pussy and slowly fucked her, she pushed back and bit my pillow, i could tell she didnt want to make any noise, she pushed back harder and came, her juices dripping onto the bed, the room went silent, i heard Kelly as she drifted off to sleep, my cock still resting in her, i soon fell asleep dreaming of what i wanted to come next.

I woke up with my cock still inside Kellys pussy, i kissed her neck and made her stir, "Matt dont, Jamie is still asleep" i looked behind me and found Jamie wasnt laying behind me, "umm babe Jamies not in the room" "where did she go?" the door opened and Jamie walked in wearing the maids outfit, "he he hey lovebirds" Kelly looked at her amazed, "Jamie why are you wearing the maids outfit?" she walked over to the bed and sat down, "i dont know i like it, it feels good" she ripped the front of the baise a en cam direct avec ma copine devant voyeurs francais off and let her breasts fall free, "besides i feel so sexy in this thing" she stood up and walked out of the room, Kelly looked at me, "your sister is weird", i kissed her, "no shes not, shes 15 and besides i have to admit she is sexy in that outfit", Kelly glared at me and stood up, "what do you mean, im no longer sexy or stunning to you, Matt weve been going out for what three days and your already disgusted by me?" i was not expecting that, "wait ok" i turned her on her back and laid between her legs, "you are more to me then i have found in any woman, Jamie is the same, the only difference is shes my sister and you are my girlfriend, i will never change my mind about how i think of you.and besides you pull off the nurses outfit way better then any movie ive watched" she blushed and kissed me, "i think i can forgive you for that" she walked out of the room moving her hips,i put on some clothes, i had some things to do today, i chased her and tackled her on the couch, and turned her over, she giggled and kiss me, "well sir i dont think your healthy enough to be out of bed like this" she flipped me over and pulled my shirt off, "oh no you are not healthy, you seem to have some rigor in your pants" she tugged my jeans down and took my cock in her mouth, "oh god, yes ma'am i dont feel good" a couple minutes later i blew my load she swallowed happily, she stood up, wiped her mouth and kissed me on the cheek, "well sir looks like you can go out for a little while" i started walking to the door when i was turned around, Jamie was standing there looking at me, "hey Matt can we go with you?" Kelly walked up behind her, she was pulling some of Jamies clothes on, how they got changed so fast i dont know, "yeah Matt can we come with you?" i pulled them both closed and kissed them, "yeah cmon girls i have a full day and you two can help me" we all climbed in my car, it isnt much but a titan can get you far, we were soon out on the high way, "Matt how far are we going?" i didnt say anything about where we were going, all i told them was we would get there soon enough, the first stop was the store, i needed to pick up some shirts and pants, the girls tore some of mine up and Jamie stole half of the ones i had left, and now Kelly was starting to hide them, i picked some pants up and walked to the dressing room, Kelly and Jamie were right behind me, we all slipped into the massage rooms young girl has session with blonde lesbian room and Jamie pulled off my pants, she pulled my boxers down and took my cock in her mouth, Kelly laid down and lifted up Jamies skirt, she kissed her pussy, Jamie moaned and squirmed, i blew my load in her mouth, she pulled my cock out of her mouth and jerked me off, i blew another load, she opened her mouth, my cum spalshing against her mouth and falling to her shirt, Jamie came hard, Kelly clamped down on her pussy and sucked harder, i sat down and let the girls have some fun, after a couple of minutes we slipped out of the room, the sales rep looked over at us and smiled, "so did you guys find every thing?" Kelly and Jamie both looked at me and gave me a wink, Kelly leaned close to me enough for just me to hear, "go ahead ya stud, show her what ya got" i walked over to the sales rep and took her hand, "umm miss, i was wondering if you could help me out with something in the dressing room please?" publicagent sexy young babe takes his cum blushed and followed me in the room, i pulled her close and kissed her, her knees went weak, i held her up and ripped off her top, "well public flashing masturbation gym and walked leash stripper wants an upgrade i think you can help me" she giggled and pulled her bra off, i sucked on her nipples, she moaned and pushed me closer, i bit down on them, she gave a small gasp and moaned louder, i pulled her pants down and slid my hand down her thong, she pulled me back up and kissed me muffling a moan, i inserted a finger and rubbed her clit with my thumb, her hands found my zipper, she pulled my pants down and took my cock in her hand, i ripped her thong off and tossed it aside, she looked at me and blushed, "oops, sorry bout that" "dont worry big boy you can repay me now, she wrapped a leg around my waist and drove my cock in her pussy, she was so tight but she wasnt a virgin, i pounded away at her pussy, she kissed my neck and tried to muffle her moans, she hopped up and i want you to cover my body with your cum her other leg around me, we hit the wall making my cock go deeper in her pussy, she moaned loud and i covered her mouth, "shh quiet, other people are around you know" "dont talk just fuck me" i drove my cock deeper making her moan more, she dug her nails into my back and ripped them down, god it stung but it felt so good, she shook a little and came her pussy gripping my cock, i followed and blew a huge load in her pussy, she collapsed against me, i held her there for a second, her pussy milking my cock, i set her down and pulled my pants back up, "well ma'am i want to thank you for helping me with my problem", she pulled her shirt on and blushed, "any time sir, im always here" i walked out of the room and met back up with the girls, they held teen girl got taught how to please to me and kissed my cheeks, "well ladies shall we go" Kelly whispered in my ear, "Matt you dont know how horny i am right now do you" i shook my head, "he he well we heard her moaning and im so wet right now" i pulled her close and palced a hand over her pussy, she was wet it was going through her pants, "damn baby girl you are wet" i took my hoodie off and gave it to her, she slipped it over her it went past her waist, "well lets go home" we got to the house quick, well it didnt help that Kelly kept rubbing my cock keeping me hard, Jamie was in the back fingering herself which didnt help either, when we got inside Kelly pushed me on the couch and stradeld my lap kissing my neck, "oh god baby you are horny" Jamie walked upstairs and came back down with the strapon, Kelly slid my hoddie and her top off, she wasnt wearing a bra which made it all the more better, i nibbled on her nipples and unzipped her pants, she pulled my shirt off and kissed my chest, i sat up and pulled her pants down, her hands ran down my back and hit the marks the clerk made, "wow she did a number on you didnt she.well you did one on her to" she stood up and pulled her pants down, her thong was soaked, it was lacy and see through she pulled it down and got to her knees, Jamie was already naked and pulling the strapon up, she walked over to Kelly and slid the dildo around her mouth, Kelly took it in her mouth and deep throated it, Jamie put her hand on Kellys head and pushed her further down, Kelly moved a hand under and started fingering herself, it was beautiful i stood up and walked over to them, Jamie pushed me back onto the couch and waved a finger, "ah ah ah i get her first you can have asian schoolgirl likes being fucked hard japanese hardcore when im done, Kelly pulled the dildo out of her mouth, "well where do you want to put it?" Jamie pushed her down and slid between her legs, "oh you know where i want it to go" she rammed it into Kellys pussy making her moan loud, Jamie started pounding away at her pussy, Kelly wrapped her legs around her waist and pulled her closer, "thats it baby fuck my pussy" "he he Matt you dont know what your missing" Jamie leaned down and kissed her, Kelly moaned and started rubbing her breasts, "oh fuck yes Jamie pound my pussy, make me cum" Jamie drove the dildo deeper and started grinding down on her, Kelly moaned loud and came, my cock was pulling at my jeans, i started to stand up but was pushed back down, "you just dont learn do you?" Kelly stood up and unzipped my pants, "he he Jamie i think we need to help Matt here" she pulled my cock out and drove it into her pussy, she let out a moan and kissed me, "oh fuck Matt your cock feels so good, she started grinding down on my cock, i pulled her up and slammed her back down, Jamie walked behind her and drove the dildo into her ass, Kelly moaned and came hard, i fucked her pussy harder and drove my cock deeper, she moaned and came again her pussy gripping my cock, i started shooting my cum deep in her pussy, she collapsed against my chest and started breathing hard, "oh fuck Matt you can fuck like a god" she kissed me and started to pass out, "hey hey babe wake up, cmon we still have the rest of the day" "Matt do you know how long we stayed up last night fucking?" "ha ha no how long" "we didnt go to bed till like 5 this morning, im still kinda raw so i can sleep if i want to dammit" fine ill let you sleep" i pulled my cock out of her pussy and took her up to my room, "good nigt baby girl" i kissed her and walked out closing the door, when i got back down to the front room Jamie was laying on the floor spreading her legs, "cmon Matt im waiting for you" i laid between her legs and jammed my cock in her pussy, she moaned loud and ran her hands down my back, "oh fuck Jamie that hurts" "what the clerk leave a mark" i kissed her and drove my cock deeper in her pussy making her squirm, "god Matt fuck me please" i pounded away at her pussy she moaned loud and came hard her pussy gripping my cock hard, i started cumming and filled her pussy up, i pulled my cock out and sat on the couch, "oh fuck im tired" i closed my eyes and fell asleep.

I woke up a couple hours later with Kelly laying on my chest, "good morning babe" she didnt answer, thats when i heard her she was sleeping on me, i laughed a little and dozed back to sleep.

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A couple hours later i was woken up by a kiss on the cheek, i opened my eyes and found Kelly looking down at me, "well good morning baby" "so now your awake?" "what do you expect, i was tired, i didnt fall asleep in you room though i came down here and laid on your chest and tossed a blanket over us" "well thank you.wheres Jamie?" "oh she had a friend call and ask if she could stay the night i said it was ok" "so we can have the house to our selves all tonight and tomorrow" Kelly sat up, "well what do you want to do?" i looked out the back door and saw the pool lights were on, i have an idea go to the back yard ill meet you there, she stood up and walked out back, i got up and ran to the kitchen and got some food, i walked outside and found her sitting in the pool her legs running through the water, i walked up behind her quietly and squeezed her ribs, she jumped and fell in the water, i dove in over her and swam under her, she popped up and looked around, "Matt what the hell you brat" i grabbed her legs and pulled her down to me, i kissed her and pulled her close, i slid my cock in her pussy and humped her a little, she moaned and swam back up, i followed and was splashed with water, "you asshole" she laughed and pulled me close, "so is this what you wanted to do?" i nodded and drove my cock in her pussy, she moaned and wrapped a leg around my waist, "Matt you always know how to get the girl where you want her huh" "is that a problem babe?" "he he no i was just saying it as a compliment" i pounded away at her pussy as we floated at the deep end of the pool, i came hard filling her up, she moaned loud and came her pussy milking my cock, we got out of the pool after a little while of splashing and playing" i grabbed the towells i laid out and tossed one to her, "cmon lets got eat" i made a good chicken dinner, when we finished we walked up to my room and fell asleep.

The next morning Kelly wasnt laying in the bed, i heard a noise coming from the bathroom, i walked in and found her kneeling over the toilet, "baby girl whats wrong?" "i-i dont know im sick" she threw up and sat back, "i dont know whats going on, yesterday i was fine and now im sick, how old was the chicken, "not even old i bought i yesterday" i looked down and saw one of Jamies tampon boxes, the thought hit me like a bullet train, she looked at me, "whats wrong Matt?" "wa-wait when was your last period?" she looked at me horrored, "oh no you dont think im." she started to cry i pulled her close, "its ok baby im here for you, we can get through this.first we need to be sure" i helped her up and get dressed we headed to the store, when we got there Kelly picked three tests and a couple boxes of condoms, i pulled her close she was still crying, "whats wrong baby, i mean i know you might be pregnant but whats wrong" "i-i dont know how to tell my mom and dad they will be pissed at me" "no they wont, they will be ok with it, besides my job can sustain us both and a kid" she looked at me and smiled, "thats my girl now cmon lets get going" i paid for the tests and condoms, we got to the house, she walked into the bathroom and closed the door, i sat outside thinking how my life could get worse or better, she opened the door and looked down at me, she was in tears, i stood up and pulled her close, "so whats the veridct?" she nodded yes, "i-i am" she cried harder and almost collapsed to the ground, i pulled her up in my arms and kissed her holding her for there for as long as i could, " cmon we have to tell your parents" she nodded and cried more, we got to her house in a couple minutes, her crying let up and she held my hand the rest of the way, we walked to her door and walked in, her mom was a beautiful woman for her age, she was sitting on the couch watching tv, "hey mom im back" her mother looked up and walked to us, "hey Kelly, whos your friend?" "im Matt, Kellys boyfriend" her moms eyes lit up, "Hal i think you need to come in here" her dad was a big guy, and when i say big he was bigger then me, he stood by his wife and looked at me, "can i help you son?" "yes sir im Matt Kellys boyfriend" he looked at me like he wanted to hit me, "well come in come in please sit down, lets talk" the talk lasted forever he asked me questions about my faith, job, schooling, all odd end things, we finally came down to what was needed to be said, "so why are you guys here, besides to meet us?" her dad looked at me with a stern look, Kelly cleared her throat and spoke up, " pregnant, and Matts the father" her mom was shocked, her dad looked strait at me with a beeline look, "you got my daughter pregnant, what the fuck were you two thinking?" "wait dad dont yell at him please it was kinda my fault i didnt ask him to wear protection, and i didnt think i was on my period, please dont be mad at him" he calmed down and looked at me, "so how do you plan on supporting my daughter and your child?" i looked at him, "i make over 150,000 a month and i can get our own place and ill even arrange a wedding for us" her dad was in awe, Kelly looked a me with a gleam in her eye, "you really mean it Matt" "i never lie to you do i?" she nodded her head no and looked back at her dad, "please daddy" he was still in awe, "what do you do son and why do you make so much?" "i am a firewall and product programer, i work from home so it will be easy to take care of them both" he nodded, "ok i can allow it to happen then" Kelly squeeled and leaped at her dad, "thank you thank you thank you, i love three guys bang them in the bar dad" her mother walked over to me, "well im happy for the drunk sleeping sister fucked hard by brother of you" the girls went to the kitchen and started talking about the wedding, me and her dad went to play a game of pool and have a few drinks, we got home about a half hour later, i saw my moms car in the drive way, "when did mom and dad get home?" queacute pasa cuando le das un masaje erotico a una chica masturbation and masturbate walked in the door and found my mom sitting on the couch watching tv, "hey mom when did you get home where is dad?" "hey Matt, we just got.Matt?

who is this?" she looked at Kelly who tried to hide behind me, "mom this is Kelly, my girlfriend and the mother of my unborn child", she stepped out from behind me and waved, "hey there" mom looked at me, "what do you mean unborn child?" "well mom, Kellys pregnant" mom stood up and walked over to me pulling me close, "im so happy for you two" i was surprised hot tattooed bombshell sucks and fucks after class wasnt mad or pissed she was happy.

she pulled away from us, "oh i knew you two were going to be a good family" i looked at her witha questionable look, "umm mom what do you mean" "oh dont you remember you and Kelly have been friends for the longest time you two always played together and me and her mother knew there would be something special" "wait, i met her like two years ago, how could i have known her back then?" "we used to be neighbors, you see when you two were growing up Kelly moved into the neighborhood, you remeber the little girl you used to play with right?, well this is her little Kelly Harper" i looked down an Kelly, we both had the same look, "ok explain why i dont remember her then?" "ah that well she moved when you two were 3 and we lost contact with the family, those were the years you were sad all the time you didnt remember her anymore because you had new friends who didnt move, and when she moved back about 3 years ago or so i tried to tell you but you didnt even remember her name" i looked back at Kelly who had a silent look on her face, "wait not confused im just awe struck" (Sorry about the random errors i was kinda in a hurry through it but hope you like it)