Gorgeous babe gets to masturbate with her fingers

Gorgeous babe gets to masturbate with her fingers
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Blackshaft - 01-04 Good Business p2 (Adults Only. [email protected] 2013) Eglin City. Night. Screwed up. There was no other words for it. Things were screwed up, Kacey thought to herself as she banked the sleek motorbike around a corner and straightened up. The countryside was becoming concrete as she entered the city. She'd never seen Alison like this before.

Carl's death had hit her hard. Hit them both hard. Really hard. He'd been more than a butler, he was a father figure. It was a heart attack. Not anyone's fault.

No-one to blame. Was that the reason Alison couldn't handle it? A heart attack? Maybe that was it. Maybe Alison just needed someone to blame. Kacey had sometimes wondered why they did what they did. Why had Alison spent so many years doing this, why bring herself in? Maybe it was time to move on and get a life. Get ride of the leather and the capes and. grow up? She swept around a car and heard the horn blow at her.

Was that what was wrong with Alison, she wondered. Was she thinking the same thing? Carl's death was a sign that bad things just happen. Sometimes there was no-one to put the blame on. And here there was no-one to blame. No freakish villain or street mugger to put the blame on. It was just life. And in life, shit happens. You just have to deal with it. Kacey felt the wind hitting the visor of the helmet and turned the bike around two cars in a row before seeing the sign mikayla mendez lesbian with nina marcidis ahead.

West Eglin one way, East Eglin the other. Kacey needed something to concentrate her mind on things other than death. Right now she was Red Princess, and Red Princess could help with that. She could save someone, anyone. She could do some good for someone. Tribeck Industrial Housing Warehouse.

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Unit 03. Night. "They are animals." Her momma's voice resonated around her head as she looked at them through the external gate. Her mother had told her that when she was 14 and had found the Motown albums. Adelaide Jones had listened to her mother and nodded and said sorry but that didn't stop her from listening to the albums or looking at their pictures.

She been brought up on a farm in east Texas. God's country. Bible-belt. The place where God was American, white, and preached supremacy with a gun in one hand and a confederate flag in the other.

Adelaide had seen the animals breeding. She watched the bull going from cow to cow and mounting each one in turn. "Animals," her momma had told her, a distant look on her face. "That thar bull is no more different from your average male nigger." Her momma's sage advice continued. "And the negresses ain't no different from the cows, either.

They will wait for him to come 'round and pump his seed into them." Adelaide could see that bull now, mounting the cow, thrusting into her with his powerful black muscles and grunting as he filled her with his semen. "Animals." She was 16 when she learned her dear Momma was a hypocrite. No wonder the farmworkers were smiling when she wanted to know where her momma was.

The sight was burned into her brain. Her momma on all fours like that cow as one of the farms' black farmhands was behind her, his hands on her shoulders and. mounting her. She watched her momma getting bred like a cow, groaning and moaning as the black man grunted and thrust then finally hot blonde with a perfect body tits and ass chaturbate and perfeito before he pulled out.

She watched her momma gasp then collapse, her body quivering. As the second naked black man stepped between her momma's pale white legs she saw his cock. It was long and thick. Suddenly there was a third and fourth man around her momma. All naked, all black, all with long and thick and black cocks. She remembered the words they were using to her momma. She remembered the words her momma had said then. "Animals," she muttered as she watched the three of them in the dull, grey security office.

Doctor Adelaide Jones eyed the three black men as they stood talking. They were security for the building. Grey uniforms with high visibility vests. Her momma was talking shit.

Adelaide learned that soon enough when she went to college. All that religious and racist BS she'd spout was plain wrong.

It was like the line from that comedy western. Her momma was one of those plain, simple people.

People who were of the earth. .Morons. Her momma was a moron. And a two-faced one at that. She remembered her momma's face that night. There seemed to be a glow to her as she made dinner and softly hummed to herself, something Adelaide had seen her do so many times before.

The next night she got the 'Animals' speech again. The day after Adelaide saw her momma back in the barn, and on the hay with one of those 'animals' between her open legs and thrusting hard as three more stood by waiting. Adelaide remembered their members. She could see how long and thick and dark they were. The man between her momma's legs yelled out and she watched him rear up, his naked ass pushing down between her thighs and buck and jerk. Her momma suddenly arched her back and said the Lord's name over and over again.

Adelaide took the small aerosol from the pocket of her white coat and sprayed some onto her wrist and behind her ears. They xxxxx story porn 2019 download storys gotten the scent more sweet. The formula had been improved since the first batches had been brought in. The scent was plain but short-lived. She remembered the 'interesting' side-effects of those tests.

The women who had tried it had found themselves more 'aroused'.

One woman couldn't stop masturbating. It had taken a month to bring her down from the sexual high she was experiencing. Her colleague, Doctor Alan Guierre, had wondered about turning into a female viagra.

The scent was meant to be a new kind of perfume though, not a new drug. It was distilled from a synthized base, making it even cheaper to produce that normal perfume, which was saying something. Regular perfumes were made for pennies and sold for fortunes. But this stuff was different. Completely chemical-based and easy to replicate on an industrial scale. After two months testing the team had reasoned it was stable enough and wouldn't damage the skin so the female members had tried it out.

Adelaide had read the reports from the other doctors and was surprised at how they all seemed to report some small differences. The women were each aware of being more sensitive to their surroundings. Their smell was heightened and they found the perfume to be instrumental in improving the wearer's socialisation ability.

One 'test' was where two of the doctors had gone into a bar seperately, one with the scent and one without, and at the end of the night would compare results.

They would have done it that night if the woman wearing the scent could be found. She had turned up the next morning wearing last night's clothes and put down twelve phone numbers to the non-wearers three. Adelaide had to confess if wasn't that scientific but over the next three weekends, in three different bars the result was the same. This stuff not only heightened sensuality but also improved attraction. Maybe it was connected to the pheromones in the body, maybe it was pure placebo, the team weren't sure.

But it didn't turn the wearer into a instant nymphomaniac any more. Either way, this product could make a fortune, Adelaide thought as she tried it and found herself with plenty of male attention in one bar. And that was where her mother had come back to haunt her again. The male attention she got was black and white. Drinks were bought for her, lines were tried out and the most successful ones, or at least the ones she found most attractive, were always black. As she watched the dark-skinned male bodies buzzing around her she couldn't get that image of the bull, mounting the cows, out of her head.

Her score was fourteen phone numbers. Not a good as Christie Verner, who managed to get 19 numbers in one night. Definitely a best seller, she thought, eyeing up those three black men. Adelaide licked her lips and thought about the papers she had naughty nanny layla london getting hammered p tube xvideos back to get.

One of the guards looked up and smiled. "Doc?" he asked. "You forget something?" "Some papers." Adelaide smiled back, brushing a hand through her black hair. She seemed to smell him. it was a dark, musky scent that inflamed her senses. There was that sensitised smell kicking in. "I need to write out a report for the morning." "You science people should learn to relax," the guard told her as he found the keycard.

"All work and no play, you know?" Adelaide looked at his name badge. It read 'Delray'. He opened the gate and stood aside as she stepped inside. "This must get awful boring for you." she said, "Delray." "It's a job." She nodded. The man was right. With the way the economy was, a job was a job. They talked as he walked her to the main building and then let her in. Adelaide stepped through and was surprised when he followed her. "I know the way." she said. "Rules, I'm afraid." the guard told her.

"I got to take you there and take you back again." "Commercial reasons, huh?" Delray shrugged. "Not my department. I just got rules to follow." "You always follow the rules?" she asked. She saw the man shrug again. "Let me guess," Adelaide offered. "A cold night night like this, you keep something special." "I admit nothing." Delray told her and led her down the corridor. Adelaide looked him up and down. His body looked fairly fit. His ass was firm.

The image of that big, black bull, it's cock ready to penetrate, flashed through her head again. She felt the urge to reach out and feel those buttocks. They looked firm. Good for mounting and giving strong thrusts. She could see those black buttocks move and heard her momma's moans and all those words she wasn't allowed to use herself. She remembered how that second black man had finished and how her momma had let her head drop and seem to stay there and just.

quiver. Her body shook as the others laughed and congratulated the second man, still kneeling right behind her. They called her momma a bitch. Adelaide should have been angry, she should have ran in to pull those animals off her momma but something stopped her. Her momma was smiling.

She thought of her momma, on all fours then on her back, panting, like an animal as well. The men standing around her and Adelaide saw their proud black cocks.

Foreskins pulled back. The heads were shining like they were wet. She remembered their size. Big. Big and black She pinay potok sa loob porn sex watching the third black man get behind her momma and the urge that began between her big load of dick satisfies a cute girl. "Dr Jones?" Adelaide looked up with a start.

"Huh?" "We're here. Lab 14, isn't it?" "Oh. Yes. Thanks." she said, quickly and entered the laboratory. She went past the rows of equipment and stopped at the wide desk that took up one end of the room. Her papers were in the top right hand drawer and she found them quickly. "It must get pretty dull, your job?" she asked, putting the papers into her briefcase and forgetting she'd already asked him that. "It has it's moments." Delray said, adjusting his belt.

"Anyone ever try to sneak in?" "Never more than once." he grinned and Adelaide thought she saw him eyeing her up and down. She felt a throb start between her legs. Adelaide turned round and sat against her edge of the desk. "Sounds threatening." she said. "Nah," the black man shrugged. "Just give 'em a scare until the cops arrive." "Just you three, huh?" "There are six of us on the site." Delray told her. "Some nights eight, some nights just a couple." The throb was increasing.

"So," she smiled. "How do you scare them?" He smiled, and took a step towards her. "We just." He thought a bit and Adelaide saw him look her up and down. "We just show them who's boss." Adelaide was getting wet. She could feel herself juicing up as the black man took another step towards her. There was something in the way he looked at her. She felt under his power. Just the two of them alone. This big, black.

"So if I had broken in tonight, and you found me," she asked, licking her lips. "What would you do?" Delray was grinning at her. Eglin Broadcast News. Make Up Room 05. Night.

Jemma Meadows looked at the unlabeled bottle of scent as she got up from the make-up chair. The worst of the TV make-up had gone and she was feeling fresh again. Time to go home after another hard day's talking about meaningless shit like who's screwing who, who's marrying who and that new move/book/album that was being released.

There had to be more. She never went to journalism college to talk about dresses with overpaid walking coat hangers. Jemma looked at herself in the mirror again. The new subtle look was more natural. and more her. "What's that?" Valerie Dawson asked and Jemma looked up to see the fair haired make-up artist pulling her coat. "This? A little present from Adrian Lime." "The rich man no woman has tied down?" Valerie purred.

"Play those cards right and you might be the lucky girl getting access to all that cash." Jemma looked at Valerie. "You are so cynical." she said, thinking about how good his cock felt inside her. "Once they no good in bed, they need something to put a smile on your face." the make-up artist replied. "So what one did he give you?" "This," Jemma held up the unmarked bottle. "This isn't even on the market yet." "He's just removed the label." "I haven't smelled anything like this." Jemma said and held the bottle out.

"Try it." Valerie took the bottle and applied a drop to her wrist. She rubbed it and sniffed. "That is new." She dabbed some more on. "Me and a couple of the girls are going for a drink, you want to come?" "Sure, why not?" Jemma shrugged and took the scent back.

"Good, so what do you know about supposed buy-out?" Jemma grabbed her bag and coat. "What buy-out?" she asked. "Shit," Valerie shook her head. "And you call yourself a gossip queen." Tribeck Industrial Housing. Unit 03. Lab 14. Night. The black guard's eyes were deep, and held her in his gaze.

"First, we catch you." he said, moving up in front Adelaide. She made a weak attempt at moving from side to side than stopped, smiling at the man. "Guess you caught me." she said, leaning back on the desk. "Guess I have." Delray replied as he put his hands on her.

Adelaide shivered as his hands touched hers. "Animals," her momma's voice said. O'Hagen's Bar. Night. ".Packers couldn't score with a ugly, fat hooker." ".at bullshit is." ".or four fujcking weeks they're making a fucking movie down that street. Every fucking morning I got to take a three block detour to get to wor." ".ou've had enough." ".She doesn't know I exist anymore, man." ".You tossed out what!." The bar was filled with people.

Jemma could hear at least six different conversations as she and Valerie entered. The three other women with them were Pamela Greerson, another make-up artist, and Claudia Bourne, who worked in admin. "How can you not know about it?" Pamela said as they found a newly-freed table. "We are now part of the Steffanage Media Group, whatever the fuck that is." Jemma shrugged as she sat down.

"You want who's banging who, you come to me. A buy-out is business. Talk to Dick." she replied, referring to Richard Wallis, EBN's business reporter. "Nobody talks to Dick." Claudia said. "Not unless you want to cure a sleep disorder." "Usual, girls?" Valerie asked. "Beer and a gin?" Jemma saw the other two women nod. "Jemma? Don't ask for champagne." "Rum and coke." Jemma said and watched Valerie head to the bar.

"Shit, you were at that champagne party at the new place, weren't you?" Claudia said. Jemma looked at the black woman. "Yeah. Nice place." "All that money, I'll bet." Pamela said, leaning over. "So. Adrian Lime. He as good looking in real life?" "Oh, yeah." Jemma smiled and remembered the feeling of his lips on hers. "Why are you interested in the billionaire Adrian Lime?" Pamela sat back, grinning.

"Honey, it would be pure love." "Sure thing, sister." the black woman nodded, smiling. "So if you need someone to do your make-up at the next interview, just come and ask." "You just want to get yourself a rich man." Claudia said as Valerie came back with a tray of drink. "What rich man?" she asked as hands grabbed their drinks. "Pam's got a thing for the black man." Claudia said. "Excuse me!" Pamela said. "You have to follow your heart." "All the way to his bank balance," adult baby mommies diaper punish you ageplay regression black woman sipped from her gin.

"Stop shit-stirring, you." Valerie told Claudia and took a seat. "Besides, Jemma here is going to tell us how lush a certain available billionaire is and how she's possibly got there before you, Pam." Jemma looked at the three gossip-hungry women and saw their eyebrows raise as they stared right at her. Tribeck Industrial Housing. Unit 03. Lab 14. Night. "You call the cops?" Adelaide said, her breath quickening as she felt him stroking her left hand.

"Depends," Delray said. "You want me to call the cops?" "If I just broke in and you caught me-" "You want me to call them?" he said, cutting her off and Adelaide realised he was moving closer towards her. She knew what she wanted. Dr Adelaide Jones moved her head forward and kissed the black guard suddenly.

She found his responding in kind. His lips moving against hers, she opened her mouth and felt his tongue seek out hers. O'Hagen's Bar. Night. Jemma told them about the Lime Building and the new club/casino. She told them about the expensive-looking furniture and rich-looking carpets and decor. "Yeah, yeah, yeah," Pamela interrupted. "I got one question." "Is he available?" Claudia said. Pamela turned to her. "Fuck you, Claudia." she said and paused, seeming to think.

Claudia just smiled. Pamela looked to Jemma. "Is he sleeping with his secretary?" "Or, in other words, does Pam have a chance to get him if you're not interested?" Valerie smiled. "Piss off, Val." Pamela said. "Like you would say no to him," "I have a husband." Valerie shrugged.

Jemma watched them and smiled. Pamela was right. Not one of them would say no to a man like Adrian Lime. Rich, handsome, and rich. And a cock to die for, she thought to herself. "So, is he?" Pamela's voice said and Jemma sat up. "Is that blonde secretarial slut screwing Pam's future husband?" Valerie asked and Pam sighed.

"Don't know." Jemma shrugged, a smile on her face. The women stared at her. Claudia spoke first. "You know something." she said.

"He is! He's screwing that blonde bitch." Jemma started to feel an itch between her legs. "I don't know anything for certain." "Oooh," Pamela sat back, all dreamy. "He could take me over his desk anytime." Jemma looked at her and the feeling of that big, beautiful black cock inside her came back.

"You are a slut in the making." Claudia said. "But," Pamela grinned and downed the last of her beer. "I would be a rich one. Excuse me," Jemma moved and let Pamela out. "Same again?" Pamela asked. "Sure," Valerie said and finshed her drink. "Although, if a rich billionaire picks you up at the bar, bring us the drinks before you start your new fit chick alexa tomas gets dicked down by neighbor as Her Ladyship." They smiled as Pamela gave them the finger and headed to the bar.

Tribeck Industrial Housing. Unit 03. Lab 14. Night. Delray kissed her hard then broke off. "You never answered my question." he said. Adelaid smiled, staring into the black man's steely eyes. She could play as well. "Don't call them." she purred, girlishly. "I'll do anything but don't call the cops." she grinned and put a hand against his crotch.

He was growing already. Adelaide could feel the length and girth swelling up under her touch as she, first, stroked then squeezed him. He was grinning at her. "Anything?" he asked.

She squeezed him a little harder. "Anything you want." Adelaide breathed as her mother's voice filled her head again. Animals. O'Hagen's Bar. Night. "Here we go," Pamela said, putting the drinks down. "Courtesy of the camera guys." Jemma looked to the bar and saw some of the crew from behind the cameras. They waved. The women waved back. Jemma had seen one of them earlier. Peter Somebody. She never remembered their names.

He'd been behind one of the camera tonight. He was tall and wore thin glasses and he was black. There was something that interested her in him. The itch between her legs was getting stronger.

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"Need to go to the ladies," she said and got up. Tribeck Industrial Housing. Unit 03. Lab 14. Night. The belt hung open as she pulled down the zip. Adelaide was on her knees in front of him. The bulge looked huge. Slowly she traced a finger around the bulge and gasped at the seeming size of the cock. She eased down the trousers and the shorts together and saw a black cock for the first time since the farm. It was sprang up suddenly, almost hitting her in the face. He was huge, bigger than any white man she'd seen.

He also wasn't cut. the black foreskin was still around the fat head of the cock. "Ooooh." she purred. She looked up at the guard and saw the look of dominance on him. She was close enough to smell him. The throbbing between her legs went into overdrive and Adelaide reached down and rubbed herself. She was so fucking horny right now!

He was smiling down at her. "You gonna suck that, or am I gonna call the cops?" he demanded. Adelaide licked her lips. He was still playing the game. She grasped the shaft in front of her and felt it's warmth, it's hardness and it's length.

Two hands next to each other on the shaft and the was still four inches free. He must have been ten inches! TEN INCHES! Adelaide gasped. and gently pulled the foreskin back, watching the head slowly being revealed. A drip of liquid was forming in the eye. "Mmmm." she moaned. "Yeah, bitch, you kiss that fucker." Delray grinned. Something in Adelaide made her lean forward and gently place her lips on the head of the cock. She tasted the pre-cum.

"Mmmm." she moaned again. "Open your mouth," he ordered and she did as she was told. Slowly she sank her lips over th head and down the shaft. "Now use those pretty lips of yours." he said and started to move her lips up and down the shaft.

She felt a hand on the top of her head as she worked his thick shaft. All the while Adelaide had undone her own belt and trouser zip and was stroking herself, letting her fingers find her clit and rub it, thrilling to the sensations it sent through her. "Mmmmmm." she moaned. The Corissal Building. Night. Princess sat on the gargoyle and looked at the drab, square buildings of the industrial sector.

To the east she saw the docks and the shipping containers. To the west the large expanse of Drummond Park that was there purely to hide the ugliness of the warehouses from the good people of the city. She could go into the park, and see what kind of creeps were hunting in there tonight. A series of rapes had forced the authorities to lock the gates at night some months ago, but that didn't stop things from happening.

Prostitues would take their 'clients' in for business. Babe does an awesome blowjob and footjob would arrange to meet in there. The gates might be locked but the walls and fences around it were easy to break into.

Princess pushed herself off the gargoyle and felt the air fill the cape. The frame connected and she felt the wing form and stiffen. She eyed a section of roof to aim for. A few seconds before landing she shifted her weight and hit the roof in a roll.

The cape crumpled under her and she stopped before the edge. As she stopped Princess found herself staring down into an alleyway. She heard them before she saw them. Grunting. Two voices. Male and female. Princess crept forward and peered over the edge of the roof. The woman was white, her hair a flaming red colour. The man was black. She was against the wall, her legs and arms around the man who's pants were around his ankles.

She looked down and saw the woman seem to be saying something to the man. Princess stood up, took a couple of steps back and jumped over the gap.

Tribeck Industrial Housing. Unit 03. Lab 14. Night. "Nice," Delray nodded as Adelaide slowly licked up the underside of his impressive cock after she'd kissed each of his balls. "But tiny latina reading porn and fingering wet pussy in lingerie ain't gonna save you. Assume the position." he ordered her, shoving Adelaide's head back. She blinked in surprise.

"On your feet." he said. "Against the desk and spread 'em!" Adelaide smiled as she got it. Slowly she stood up, letting him see her pull her hand from the front of her own panties. She turned and leaned on the desk. "Oh, please, don't call the cops, mister." she cooed, putting on a little girl lost voice. "I swear I won't do it again." She suddenly gasped as both his hands squeezed her breasts through the blouse. She moaned in pleasure then felt him slide one down her belly until it was pushing down the front of her panties.

"Sure you won't." he grinned, his fingers finding what he wanted. "OOOHH!" Adelaide yelped as she felt his finger push inside her pussy. "You hiding something down there?" he whispered in her ear and added a second finger inside her.

".mmmmmhhhh." She closed her eyes as his fingers felt so thick inside her. Her pussy muscles closed around the probing black intruders.

"Fuck, you are one wet bitch." his voice said in her ear as he started plunging his fingers in and out of her. Adelaide felt her legs go weak as his thumb found her clit. "One. Wet. Horny. Bitch!" he said. "AAAAHHHhhhhh." Adelaide cried out as her pussy exploded in pleasure. She groaned as she pushed against his hand feeling the ripples of joyful ecstacy go through her.

"Horny. Fucking. Bitch!" he breathed in her ear as he increased the pace of his fingerfucking her pussy. "Oh, God." Adelaide gasped. "God.

GOD!" She was cumming! How long had it been since she'd had sex? A month, two months? And that one was lousy, a drunken fumble at the weekend. Right now she had a black man's fingers deep inside her, a stranger too. But she didn't care. She was in the throes of an orgasm, a good one. Her hands had balls into fists as wave after wave rocked her pussy and her legs, her whole body even.

"AAAAaaaaahhhhh." "Yeah, he said. "Good and wet." Adelaide gasped in disappointment as she felt him pull his fingers out just as the orgasm subsided.

But she smiled as she felt her trousers and panties being pulled down. She started to move back but found herself being shoved back down. The guard said nothing as she felt the thick head of his cock push between her thighs and move up till it was buttocks then lying along her dripping pussy lips.

"Ooooh GOD!" she cried out, trying to push back on it. "FUCK ME!" O'Hagen's Bar. Ladies. Night. "Mmmmm." Jemma was biting her lip, trying to keep quiet as she felt the orgasm flood through her body. She was sitting in the cubicle, the door locked, skirt up and her knees spread. ".mmmmm." She rubbed her clit furiously. All she could think off was that black cock pounding into her. Over the desk. On the bed.

Clinging onto him as he thrust into her. Over and over and over again. She could smell his scent. She could taste his cum. She could feel his cock deep inside her. "Mmmm.!" she grunted as she came again. Tribeck Industrial Housing. Night. Princess felt the teeth of the grapple grip and pressed the trigger that pulled her up the wall. She climbed over the roof's edge and stood up. So far the night had been quiet. Princess slipped the micro-grapple in her belt and started walked across the roof of the warehouse.

She looked at the cloudy sky and then at the vent exhausts and skylights. Eeni-Meeni-Minee, she said to herself and turned left. Tribeck Industrial Housing. Unit 03. Lab 14. Night. The black man held his cock against her pussy lips as he leant down on her.

"Fuck me," Adelaide begged. "Fuck me, please. I need it." She felt his breath on her neck. Then heard his voice. Deep. Commanding. Alpha-male. "You're forgetting the game, Doc. " he told her and Adelaide felt herself quiver as she felt his weight on top of her, the cock still pushing along her aching pussy lips.

"Who's the boss here?" the guard asked. "Y. You are." she moaned, eager to feel that hot brunette babe gets her anal fucked by her masseur massage and fantasy black cock inside her. "That's right," Delray said. "I am. You're just a little piece of ass who broke in here and needs to learn what happens." "Yes." Adelaide agreed, "You're the boss." "Yes what?" he asked.

"Yes." "Yes, sir!" he told her. She could hear the dominating tone in his voice. He was the boss here. She was a bad girl who needed punished. outstanding asian teen with delicate pussy enjoys a balls deep action, sir." Adelaide said meekly and moaned softly as he finally gave her what she wanted. The cock pushed at her pussy lips. Adelaide could swear they were opening up for him instinctively. "Now get those trousers and panties off!" Delray told her.

Adelaide could feel her pussy juicing up at the sound of his voice. "Yes, sir." she moaned. "Ooooh, yes, sir." O'Hagen's Bar. Night Feeling alright?" Valerie asked as Jemma got back to the table. Valerie was on her own. Jemma saw Pamela and Claudia were chatting to the camera men. Her eyes caught Pete Somebody's and she felt herself trapped by his stare.

She pulled herself from it and looked at Valerie. "Fine." she said. "You're looking a little flushed." "Feel fine." Jemma said, and sat down. Valerie looked over at the other two women.

Things were getting flirty. "Someone's getting laid tonight." she muttered. "But you've got it on tap," Jemma told her. "Yeah," There was a flat tone in the voice that Jemma heard. She saw Valerie look back to where Claudia and Pamela were.

It had gone from flirty to close. Jemma saw the longing look on her friend's face. Suddenly Valerie stood up. "It's getting late." she said. "I'll leave you single girls to have fun." Jemma watched Valerie get her coat and she said goodbye to them all.

"You were good tonight." the voice said and Jemma looked up. The black face of Pete Somebody was smiling at her. The itch was returning as she smiled back. Tribeck Industrial Housing.

Night. Princess, listened and heard only the sounds of the water and the nearby dock. The moon was bright, shining on the water.

She saw the huge cranes of the nearby docks. Things really had changed lately. Since the deaths of the city's villains, things been quiet. Street crimes were down. It was like the killings had scared even the street criminals. She had trouble thinking of them as murders.

How many people suffered because of them? The truth was they deserved it, each of them. And finally karma had coming looking for them. Princess ran and leapt the gap between the buildings, landing softly on the roof of the next warehouse. Tribeck Industrial Housing.

Unit 03. Lab 14. Night. "You want this big, black cock inside you, fucking your white cunt, Doc?" Delray asked. "Yes, sir." Adelaide begged as he leaned over her. Her trousers and panties were tossed aside. She was naked from the waist down. Her untrimmed pussy ready and willing. "Aaaaaahhhhh." she gasped as he entered her pussy. Adelaide knew just how much she needed it as soon as the head pushed her sex lips aside. She orgasmed again!

The juices flooded her pussy walls as he moved into her. He felt so big inside her. His cock was sliding in sooooo easy. She moved back as the black man pushed forward, filling her up His ands ran up her arms and pinned her to the desk. Her pussy muscles were tightening around the thick shaft inside her. "What do you say, bitch?" he said.

Adelaide moaned. "Please," she gasped. "Fuck my cunt, sir." Delray stood up suddenly and slapped his hands on her hips and started fucking her. Hard. Adelaide heard his grunts on each deep thrust as she felt the orgasm start building again.

Tribeck Industrial Housing. Unit 03. Night. The cloud was gathering above. Princess had covered another two warehouses, easily leaping the gaps between them. She heard nothing and saw nothing as she stopped. It was getting cold but the leather outfit and the cape covered her well enough.

Turning, she looked about. The roof of the warehouse was sloped, sunny leone pressing her boobs story skylights set at intervals in between raised vents that seemed to have some kind of gas mechanism attached to them.

Princess looked closely at on of them and sw it was for opening and closing the vents, nothing more. She stood up and narrowed her eyes as she saw something else. O'Hagen's Bar. Night He sat down and Jemma couldn't take her eyes off him.

She saw the glint of the wedding ring on his finger, and felt disappointed. He was taken. Claudia appeared and grabbed her and Pamela's coats and bags.

"We're going to a club, you want to come?" she asked Jemma. "It getting late, you two on." she smiled. "Tomorrow, babe." the black woman beamed and headed back to the small group. Pete Somebody didn't move. "You not going?" Jemma asked him.

"Nah. As you said, it's getting late." "That and the wife wouldn't like it." He glanced down at the ring. "She's away for the week. Business conference. Another drink?" Jemma felt the itch start again. The word she wanted was 'no'. He was a married man. A week ago she'd have gone to the club.

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Find someone there. But right now the black man was touching her hand. And, what the hell, he wouldn't be the first married man she had. The itch between her legs was getting stronger. "Sure," she said and smiled, letting her finger stroke stroke his hand. TO BE CONTINUED.