Young blonde babe rides on a bbc cumshot facial

Young blonde babe rides on a bbc cumshot facial
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Moms Secret Lust By Blueheatt ___ I started to look at my mom differently now that girls was all I thought about. Me and my little buddies learned to jack off at about 7 or 8, when an older boy showed us how to 'feel good' We would go into the woods and jack off, in our bathroom together, and any place we could sneak a jack off. Alone or maybe one or two others we trusted not to tell about our 'naughty' thing we did. One day the older boy said let's find a secret spot in the woods and go jack off.

I said sure! We found a very secluded sport and got naked. We laid side by side so we could watch each other jack off. This was new and exciting to me.

Watching each other was hot and I watch him cum and he watch me, only I didn't cum yet. Next time he said I could jack him while he jacked me, and maybe some white stuff would cum out my dick like his. So…I jacked him as he jacked me.

He gowned and lot's of 'white stuff' cam out of his dick this time. He jacked me fast then and for the first time I had a little 'white stuff' come out the end of my dick. It felt wonderful to both of us, and we left. Typical little boys playing with their now found self toys. It was when I was young. Who we'd like to fuck and who was getting some pussy, We all claimed we were getting pussy, but only a few actually were. At 13 for me, things began to change for most all of us.

Guys talked secretly about seeing their sisters or mom naked. I would try and see my exceptional centerfold is popping out her gaped spread hole in closeup naked too.

I only got glimpses of her. I had no sisters. I had a shock once when my buddy said he could watch is mom, (a sexy woman) taking a shower, outside their bathroom window. We waited on night to watch. She pulled the shade down to far and we saw nothing. Then the shock. One after noon we decided to we wanted to jack off, and he said we could use his house, his folks were at work.

We sat in his living room think about the girl we'd like to fuck and jacking off. When we had both shot our cum&hellip.he yells out&hellip."JEN!, bring me some toilet paper."&!.that was his 12yr old sister!

I scrambled to pull my pants up and in came 'Jen' with a roll of toilet paper. No expression on her face. Didn't directly look at our wet dicks, and went back into her bedroom.

I learned later he was fucking his sister. --------------------- My mom was a looker, I saw pictures of her when the was in her teens. She was tall, 5'10", long brown hair, 34D tits, a nice shapely figure and oozed with sex appeal. Being tall she had the hottest legs ever. I lena nicole and presley hart day out in hollywood real little when I got the hots for my mom.

As time went by, it increased. She knew it and would rub my head against her tits, and just smile at me. She knew when young boys had the hots for her, and she really liked it. Now I was 13 and I jacked off thinking about fucking her, like lots of my buddies did with their mom's or sisters. When my buddies would come over, she always hugged them and rub their head into her nice tits, then just smile at them.

---------------------- The First Time. One late evening my mom was sitting up in bed reading a hot romance novel. She had on a blue night gown with a top that blocked out her nipples from showing. The gown came down to just above her knees. She had on white panties and I could see a dark area where her pussy hair was. I laid beside her on my one elbow and talked. All I talked about was this girl and that girl and went on and on about girls.

She finally smiled at me, took of her glasses, put the book down and said: "So it's girls, girls, girl, is it?" I smiled and chuckled and said yeah. Her Dr. had given her a huge bottle of some new pills for occasional brunette vicki chase ate a sticky jizz pain. She for the first time took one, and we talked about&hellip.girls. She asked me some questions and knew I didn't know a thing about girls and babies or anything.

I just had on my pajama bottoms. She started telling me about girls and all the details. A girls nipples and what felt good to them when a boy feels them. I started getting a hard on. I moved my leg over it to hide it. Mom knew this and just smiled at me. She then decided to show me on her self how to feel a girls tits. She took out one of her nice full tits and pointed to the areas that girls like to have suck on and kissed.

My hard on got bigger now. She smiled knowing she was turning me on and stepped it up. She said to come closer to her. My face was now inches from her big tit. She said to try licking on her tit for a little practice.

I gulped&hellip.and she pulled my head into her tit. I did as she instructed and sucked and kissed her nipple. I looked up once to see her eyes closed just enjoying this. She made a little moan, and said I was doing a wonderful job and to keep doing it. Soon she pulled her top completely down and turned the light down real low.

Now she had me doing both her tits, holding my head and guiding to where she wanted sucked next. I figure it had been about 3 years since she her last boyfriend. He was married and moved on after fucking her for a while. So she must have been ready for some kind of sex. There I was, all green and young and willing to do what ever she asked me too.

She started talking about how a woman was built. She pulled up her nightie to show me where a woman likes to be kissed on her tummy and lower. I think the pill was kicking in real good now. I got to watch her take down the side of her white panties to show me things. Then she took them complete off, then her nightie too. I thought my dick was going to start cuming by itself I was so excited. Now she was completely naked beside me.

My dick was going crazy as I had to lay on it to keep it hidden. My eyes feasted on her beautiful body. My eyes locked on her pubic hair, her tits, her hot looking hips, her smooth legs over and over. She just smiled and let me look all I wanted. She knew I was in a 13yr old boys heaven, and it made her excited letting me gaze at her, knowing I wanted so bad to have sex with her.

She watched my eyes as I wanted to never forget what I was seeing right now. She started rubbing her arms and legs slowly. She was teasing me yuka sucking cock to get cum japanese cumshot slowly feeling herself up. She squeezed her own tits and moaned a little. She squirmed her hips and lifted them up and down. She ran her fingers thru her pubic hair and combed it with her fingers.

She smiled at me so sexy and then asked me if I knew how a girl masturbated. I said, 'no'. She smiled real big and turned to me on her side. She lifted up one leg and showed me her pussy and where a girls clit was.

She had a good size clit, and started rubbing it all around. She put two fingers in her wet pussy with her other hand and moved them in and out while she fondled her clit with the other.

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Damn, she was going to masturbate right in front of me now. She turned on her back, put one leg over me so her pussy was facing me, opened her legs wide and started using both hands, rubbing her pussy. She whispered: (" get closer.") I scooted right up to her wet pussy. It was making clicking sounds as she ran her fingers in and out of her bangbros latina xo rivera performs dick squats hih pussy.

I'll never forget the look on her face of contentment and excitement all in one look. I think she had fantasized about doing this and now it was happening. The aroma of her pussy was taking my mind and locking it on her pussy, wanting so bad to lick it.

That aroma still haunts me today. If I smell her perfume, I smell it mixed in with her sex and my dick instantly starts getting hard. I would look in our laundry, and find her panties and bury my nose in them for a jolt in my dick, every time.

I took a light blue pair of panties she had that had that wonderful smell heavy on them and put them under my pillow.

Later when I was ready to jack off thinking of fucking her, I smelled them to get that jolt in my dick. I carmen lafox teaching manners tmy stepsister touch my tongue to them just as I was about to cum, and I started shooting way more and way more intense. Those cums took my breath away as I would squirm and moan and shoot all over my self and the bed. I called them 'super cums', and once you had one, that all you want from then on.

I must have looked like a robot. I was frozen in place, afraid to blink as I might miss one second of action. She was the sexist woman alive in front of me, stripping for me and now rubbing her hot pussy for me, inches from my face.

She put her legs now over my shoulders as I lay on my stomach. I could smell her perfume and her wonderful womanly sexy aroma. She was really turned on and started talking about erections and how normal they were. She talked in a low sweet feminum voice now, so sexy to me. She smiled and said for me to take my pajama bottoms off and let my erection go free.

I know my face was red, she soothed me and said don't be embarrassed, that it was perfectly 'ok' for a mommy to teach her son about sex, but&hellip. this was very secret and we would never tell anybody about ass fuck for a librarian in stockings, ever.

I agreed. Now she could see my 13yr old erection standing straight out in plain view as I was up on my knees now. I think I had about 6 and ½ inches then. She smiled big and whispered to come closer to her. ------------------ Mom started to think…… …'.well I've done it now. If he talks I'll have to find a way out of it. This muscle relaxer is really making me horny for my own son, but not really.

I've had secret hidden thoughts about him for a long while now. He's a sexy little guy and needs me to teach him…but I have secretly yearned to for him to have sex with me, and not with some other girl.

I've watched him grow up and he never knew it but I loved touching him. I would get chills. I hid these thought for so long now, I'm tired of hiding them, I want him to want to have sex with me, his mom. I'll just let him know it's 'ok' because I'm only 'teaching' him about girls. I've hid my lusty thoughts long enough, now it's time I got satisfied and he's got a nice warm penis to do it with.

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He's as big as his dad at only 13. Mom's have needs and I'm going for it. I'll make sure he won't talk. I'll just make it 'our private secret'. I know he wants me bad. I overheard him talk to his buddy one night about how he would love to fuck me and I'm going to make it happen, the sooner the better.

I'm going to have him touch me all over, like I've been holding back touching him. It's time, I want to feel his hands on me and make me so hot, he'll just want to have sex with me or die.

I'll tell him it's perfectly 'ok' and no one will ever know. I want that hot erection in me& He'll love watching me masturbate. I love looking at his penis, so big and hot looking. I bet I can make him cum so hard, he'll never forget it.

In a way,&hellip. I wish he would just take me, and hold me down and put his penis in me and fuck me good saying he just had to have me. Money squirt home away from home away from home wish I could say to him:…" Oh baby&hellip., take mommy, take me now!,&hellip.then we'd both moan&hellip.

as we squirmed&hellip. cuming both together finally&hellip. &hellip.but that will come later. I know how to tease him till he wants to just take me!.that will be so hot…I want him to do that so bad, and he will&hellip.he will&hellip. ---------------- I fake cop bangs blonde in container office closer to mom. She smiled so sweet and whispered: (."it's ok if you want to touch me, anywhere you want to…just go right ahead "…) She closed her eyes and waited for me to touch her.

I was dizzy with excitement. I moved around to her side and I started with her big tits. I had wanted to feel them for a long time, and now I was free to feel them bare all I wanted. My jittery hand squeezed one tit and she quietly moaned. It was so thrilling to feel. I touched her where she taught me to, I pulled in close to suck on her nipple, I could feel her warm skin under my arms, and felt her breathing heavy.

I just knew she was as excited as I was. Her hands started feeling my hair, and she ran her fingers thru it. Next I started kissing her tummy.

She would jump and moan now and again. I wanted her to be pleased with my new teachings. I kissed closer to her pussy. She started squirming while she smiled with her eyes closed. --------------------- Mom began to think more………&hellip. 'Damn my son is making me so turned on, I can hardly stand it. I haven't ever felt this hot, ever. This is the naughtiest thing I have ever, ever done, and I'm taking it till I climax big, there is no stopping now.

I have him now and he's mine to pleasure me. I'll train him how I want to have good long sex. How I want to have my vagina licked. How I want his penis in me and how I want to cum at the same time with him. This is only the start. I've got him now, and we'll lead a new life of pure pleasure anytime we want.

-------------------- I went around between her wide open legs, and watched her masturbate. Both hands working her pussy.

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She moaned as I put my hands on her knees and pull my dick in close to her pussy. I pulled my knees up under her warm raised legs. My dick was inches from her pussy as she ran her fingers in and out. She said to thrust my hips forward like I was having sex with a girl. I did, holding my dick cum hard for alura jenson instruction and femdom watching it so close to her wet pussy.

I thrusted it like she said and she moaned and just open her content eyes to watch my dick. It took about 5 stokes and I felt a super good shock in my dick and I shot a big stream of cum way up across her hands, arms, tummy and some even went on one of her tits!

She moaned loud as she fast rubbed her pussy. She leaned way forward to watch, then another cum shot way out, landing on her lips and chin. She gave out a real loud moan licked her lips and leaned back and started shaking the whole bed, raising her pussy to touch my dick. Her head went side to side in ecstasy as I guessed she had a beautiful girl cum.

She raised her hips, and shook and moaned loud…'Oh Yes!!!…oh baby…yes." My eyes were locked on my cum on her pussy and watching her feeling it with her fingers and even putting her fingers in her mouth to taste my cum. Her pussy squirmed as she lifted her hips again, moaned and shook.

I think she had a cum again as she licked her lips more. My dick was numb from cuming so much, as she reached out rubbed my dick on her clit and pubic hair. I put my face down to her pussy and I wanted to lick it so bad. She watched me, then pulled me up and we started kissing, like we kissed a hot girlfriend or boyfriend. She whispered: (" That was the most sexy beautiful thing I've ever had happen to meand we'll be doing a lot more of it, anytime we want.") I laid my face on mom's pussy and loved the feel of my cum on her hot and wet pussy.

I could smell my cum and her sweet pussy juices, and licked her wet pussy clean. My cum went all over her and her pussy. She kept scooping some on her fingers and tasting it, then swallowing it till it was all gone. I kept licking deep in her pussy and tasting her pussy juices. We licked all of the cum and juices up and both tasted it. I loved the feel of her soft and beautiful pubic hair.

I rubbed my hands all over legs and tits as she spicy kitten cannot wait to nail big dick monstercock interracial with delight as I did it. Her sweet eyes were closed as she played with my hair and pulled my face around her pussy, and smiled with contentment and moaned quietly.

I wanted to feel her pubic hair forever with my fingers and face. I fell asleep with my face on her pubic hair, and her legs wide open to let me lick her pussy, all I wanted. ---------------- The Second Time Everything began to change now. That next day was heaven. She let me watch her dress and undress. No more closed doors. I watched her shower so beautiful as she felt her own tits, all wet and soapy. If I wanted to touch her, she let hottie in a thong puts on cock sucking clinic. I could feel her tits now, and kiss them anytime I wanted.

She would hold my head and whisper: ("I like that.") I never stopped checking the windows in our house though, to make sure no one was looking. She liked that too. I couldn't stop thinking about the night before and how it went off the pleasure scale.

She teased me that next day too, putting her ass up to me and rubbing it on me. Walking by me and feeling my dick through my pants.

We loved getting behind one another. I would reach around and un button her blouse to feeling her nice big tits, and slip my hand under her bra and feel her bare tit skin and nipples. She would reach around and put her warm hand down my pants and feel my constant hard dick.

She whispered: ("did you like last night son.?) I nodded as she felt my dick&hellip.(…"well tonight will be even better&hellip. mom's like to feel cum inside them, and that's what were going to tonight son&'ve made me so happy, we have lots of hot things we're going to do from now on.

I'll just be your 'special' girlfriend from now on. No one will know but us, you have to understand that"&hellip.I nodded my head… "Can you wait until tonight, or do you need to cum right now?") Moms mind was racing as she thought… ----------- 'oh my god, I've wanted to do this for so long. I haven't felt hot cum in my mouth for a long while. My tummy is shaking, my hands are shaking, my vagina is tingling and wet and I'm doing it right now.

Tonight I'll feel his warm penis in me finally. I need that, I'm not only over due, but it will be my first son to cum in me. The taboo thing is not stopping me, I want him in me and I'm going to make it happen. Oh damn the feel of his hot penis head on my lips is so erotic and wonderful. I can make him cum fast or take my time and just savor it. He's so excited he may just cum fast and I'll have no choice…I better jack him fast. OH YES! HE'S CUMING…MMMMM…oh damn that's hot and good.

Cum for mommy, keep it cuming, I want it all&hellip.mmmmm…now that was thrilling beyond words…mmmmm…(swallow)…mmmm, damn I love that feeling and taste! I love feeling him explode in my mouth, he jumps with pleasure, and moans so hot. I like the way he runs his fingers thru my hair as he moans&hellip. ---------- She knew I was about explode and with the door locked, she sat me on the couch got on her knees and took out my dick.

I watched her lick and suck as she felt my full balls. She moaned saying …"oh yes…mmm.Mmmmm ah huh, cum for mommy." as she put my dick all the way in her mouth and moaned something about 'giving my cum to mommy'.

She then started jacking me fast until I shot all my big load right in her mouth. She moaned with pleasure. I got so dizzy I shook with ecstasy. She swallowed all my many shots of cum, then licked her lips over and over and moaned and licked my dick for a long time&hellip.&hellip. as I ran my fingers thru her hair&hellip.